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. V
dwecei i;
Very Existence of Organization
V to Threatened In Openly Ex-'
, !( ' m pressed Dissatisfaction ;
Charge Program Not - Followed
r ' and Benefits Not Commensu-, ;
" . rate With CosU Involved.. I
' Rerioua disaffection . manifested by
officers ' of . the' Hawaiian National
Guard,' arising rJartVcalarJy from fall
art to cauM strict adherence ' the
schedule .(napped for the aeconj week '
work, .resulted yesterday .in announce
ment by t percentage of offl-
s cern of the command that they, were
reanjr to aanu .in tnew ..resignations,
and only, withheld .the presentation of
tbem to regimental .commanders Jvien
they heard that the matters under Art
were possibly, being' considered la re
porta prepared by, tbe army ,lntructor
' attached to the auard. . .
, tfome resignations . were signed an4l
ware to have been handed la yesterday
while others were contemplated , and
Ulcers . .openly , declared they were
"through with, the guard." . ThU ac
tion waa baaed. on the groanil that the
recent encampment ia believed to have
been a waste of their energy and en'
thnrinsm, a waste of federaland terri
. (oriul money, and a waate of time and
labor to . Which the business ; clement
subscribed freoly so. that the guardsman
could be trained and prepared against
the time whan, they might be called
into, leuerot .service. , -.- ( ;
Allege Filipino Inflation ,
, , Many . officer allege that the guard
ia and hat been .inflated by .Filipino
who did , net some up to the qualinea-
tioaa required under the regulations, ia
height or physique or the' knowledge
to read, write anji apeak the .English
language,' and that thla inflation ' waa
accomplished to bring the gnard to pro
portjona of brigade strength when, as
a matter of fact, ia actual teehnicat
strength aa required by the atmy de
partments, t ia far .below.', , '
Borne officers Who have devoted their
time and services for tears ia an ef
fort to make, 'the guard thorough
. military organization nnd a real factor
in .preparedness fur-the ' Islands, de
' clard yesterday; not altogether pri-(
vately, but generally, that they will
leave tbe guard service.
Allege Proa nun Not Followed
, One of the principal . grievances is!
that the original camp schedule foi"
the' second week is declared not to have
been followed ia any particular but
was allowed to drift from day to (biyl
without any semblance of ojder or at
tempt to cause 'appropriate drills or
instruction, and consisted largely inf
the taking of pictures pf the brigade,
and preparations therefor, and n get-)
iiug iu irun ior .ine eongresaipnai re
view and to haVe the Jsrigade "look1
well." . . i
As a sample pf the charee beiric
made in juurd .circles, oflicers state
that on last week Mouday, the morn)
ins wan devoted to a eontemnlatinn
a rehearsed, plan for eu(isting the at-rl
ox congressmen and ,pave them:
cable (p Washington to have -the guard
uiuuiui.ru hu Rrpif iu cauip ror a long
er period than the specified twa weeks
Practise Jor Review
On Tueaday morning the brigade was
inrmeo 10 practise Tor the congressional,
review lo.be Bel( 0B Thuradoy. The
ufUnoqn waa devoted drills to cor
rect errors in , the "eya right" ma
neuver .for the review.
Wednesday waa a repetition of Tuea-;
day, and .on Thursday moruipg thore
was light drill, and the afternoon waa
taken up by the review in the presence
of the Congressional Party.
Friday morning lroqght only light
drilln again and men were cautioned to
keep clean nnd trim for .the afternoon,
wnen. a puoiograpii or .the entire brig
ade was to be taken, '
In the afternoon the' .reglraenta were
formed, but the commanding officer was
not present. Tho regiments were dis
missed and orders given .for reassem
bling for picture-taking on Saturday
Pictures Are Taken '
Saturday morning was devoted to
.picture-taking and in the afternoon
camp waa broken up and the men slept
that night iu pup tents. Sunday the
First Eegimertt came into .town and
were dismissed after turning in equip
ment at the armory. , .,
The cost per dav for thU schedule. It
is baaerted by officers, waa $14,000 to!
9 in, mm, ana the entire encampment, in
cluding the heavy expense for steamer
transportation .to bring troops from
other Islands and returning them, eost
.in the neighborhood of 22O,OQ0. ,
ilony oflicers deqlare they ot pres
tlgo with tbejr men during the encamp
meiit, no mutter how liard tbey worked
individually, and that the men felt that
ramp life waa play and not work, and
they assert it waa directly apposite the
training In the regular army gorrispua.
No Intensive Instruction
It was nntbii in,ted, say some officers,
lhat 'the brigade . encampment would
give an intensive iqiitruction in work
which would start them on knowl
edge of modern warfare eonditiqna, but
hut the work was largely centered on
the,,uuu company, battalion and regi
mental drills, with some extended Order
skirmishing, but without any iiiHtruc
tiou whnever in trench work, except
thnt obtained by a few officers and men
who were aent to Bcbqficld Barracks on
one oreaxion. "'
The oflicers derlure that battalion
a nd company commanders and subordi
nate officers worked with a' will at what
orders for drill wore given them, and
lived up to all that 'waa laid out for
technical instruction, but that the
schedule interpretation failed to com
prehend tbe critical requirements of the
times and that Mr this reason the camp
result ware far below what tbey should
have been.
a VI KllI VUUlUlMUilti'
of Pedrl lfdrt6r: v
Passes At Redlands
Rear-Admirai Walter 6 Cowles,
Retired, Dies After Week's III
; rcss Did Many - Big . Things
r". il-.. .;!. tt-f .' i
ror nawan 9 . gallon ..;.,
COWLES. U. S. (re
tired), formerly p tommandarit
of the v Honolulu nd r' Pearl
Harbor Nvl Stations. '
Seven ty-five'M eh of the : r ;
mxcsctvc KsTTiccTS r rammQ
Camp Ate CprriiTtissidned
Onhu's first "lleserv'e Officers ' Train
ing Camp came to a close at mid-after
noon yesterdar. and this mornlnif the
seventy ve members who passed 'the
terns ana were commissioned yesterday
aa officers of the army, will report for
duty this morning for duty at Mebofield
Barracks and tort charter. T
The afternoon train and many auto
mobiles brought the students into town
yesterday afternoon and within a few
mi mites the jewelry Arms f Wichmaa
ft Co., and Wall, ft lougherty were
crowded with tfiY. new otticera where
tbey purchased the Insignia of their
rank.. Tbey still wore tbeir old blouses
With the familiar "U. 8. T. C." oa
the, left sleeve, bpt these ill be dis
carded today and new blouses will be
donned with the. marks attached show
ing they are now officers of the great
est army which t'ncl 8nm baa ever
raised. Also, the familiar ted, white
and blue hat eord waa replaced by the
geld and blnek cord of officers', rank.
' The liitt of euccessful candidate of
the tTsiniug camp was made public
at Department Headquarter! yesterday
morning, when an order, issned by the
commanding general waa taken to the
camp' by Captain Tepin and read to
.the assembled student, Considerable
jqy was expressed by those' whe passed
and much gloom by .those .who failed,
but the lutter felt that they had given
all .there was in them nnd they' could
do no more. Immediately on receipt of
the order which' was read to the mem
bers in the presence of Major Leonard,
the. camp commandant, papt.' Thomas
iw, ' npi. rrana niiey, utpr. Alfred
Greenwny and Cnpt. C. P. Mueller, as
sistants to the ; commandant, 'arranse-
.ments were made for the men to leave
the - eamp . after checking . bp their
equipment, r Farewells were said, Major
Leonard ni) it slflff thanked by the men,
and all Married' odt Of the barracks to
start for town,', . S i "
' No time. Is to bo lost by the new,
oflicers In "reporting fur duty and be
ing assigned to tbe routine duty of
garrison life. No, leaves of absence
will be, granted for the present,
' To abow their 'appreciation of the
grit expressed by the men, the employ
oa of many firms in town are preparing
to present former office comrades with
sworda and other personal equipment.
Some of .the, banks and big offices from
whose employ men left for training
eamp aervice will receive their presen
tation, aworda within a day or two.
The order which was issued to the
training eamp men yesterday waa sign
ed by Urig.-tlea. John P. Wisscr, V. .
A., commanding the Hawaiian depart-
,meut. Hixteen of the total of seventy-
Ave had pfeviously been commissioned
as reserve officers but were retained to
complete the full course. There were
rlincty-two men in . ramp yesterday , so
thnt tbe percentage of t bono who were
Successful is large. The ramp started
with 100 men. Kighf were either com
missioned in the army as reserve or
provisional officers or dropped from
anmp many weeks ago. Five of these
were dropped when the course was half
ever. ' One baa been in hospital for
several weeks. -.
"Of the aeventy-flve men commission
ed, twelve become captains, forty-three
(I rat lieutenants,' and twenty second
lieutenants. : Five of these entor .the
National Army direct nnd the (omain
(ng seventy fo Into the reserve albssj
nut nil on active duty.
211 (Associated Press) Rear Admiral
Walter C. Cowles. TJ. 8: N, (retired),
who bad been HI but a week, died here
Admiral Cowles, .who came to Hono
lulu to take command or the Honolulu
naval station ia December. 1910r and
fortunate during hi command to bring
tne cansiruciton wairjt or .tbe ..1'earl
Harbor naval station, .and particularly
the drydock, to the point where it
could be considered - a real factor in
the naval 'plans of the country. :, ' ' ,
. Umini r.i.. k. J !!, j . ..i
to a completion of ibe dock (Turin his
incumbency, dux on tbe. very day that
he' prepared a. cable message notifying
the Navy Department at Washington
that tbe first eaUaon section of tbe
dock had bcea pumped out and the -concrete
flooring would hold permanently,
hydrostatic pressure' crushed .the foun
dations and the work of four years
was crumpled up in four .minutes. Tbe
Hun mi r i m t i n nf Iha .1u.k V. J .a V. a Mn.
dertaken by' an entirely new method
wm was auopiea .wniie lAumira.
Cowles waa on the station, and is now
aiiDroachlniT rnmnletinn. i
trr', " - o 1 - j
Admiral Cowles waa born at Farm -
..... r . .'," T..1 . . t ,i w n .
iuiuu, viuit; iicui, duty n, iouj ami
irrnduntod from the naval aendemv in
M,a.y, 1873, . He bad command of a num-j
Mo. .ui muihwiib iu tim oeuivcrraiiean.l
Atlantic anu i acme A'Ccans, and just)
prior to coining to Hawaii waa, in com
.maud of the .receiving ship Hancock at
New York. On leaving Honolulu be
lfnf in Han Vruni.u.t ...1 n. . . n .m
ea as communucr in enter or toe J'liei
At fleet' of ,the Navy. He (eaves a
widow and a da,vhVcr.
L ' ' ---
1, f-- (M
Riot Said To Be Reason Exten
sion o( training Was Not
Granted By Washington
A riot, participated in by M)0 or 700
Filipino members .of tbe Hecond Kegl
ment, .national guard, last Thursday
night, is ascribed by ofttcera of the
gpurd as the real reasqn why a pro
longotiuu of the natiuhul guard eu
tfainpinent and . the' ultimate use of the
aujirdmueo on the, European battle
ront was rejected by . S'aahingtiui.
. With tle return, to tlpiiolulu yester
day ,of 'part pf the Second Regiment,
the facts in regard to .the .riot of last
Thursday night,, following the review
fit the'encampment by the. Congression
al ,1'arty, became public, .
Attacjc SeatriM . '
', .According tp atatementa made by of
ficers . of the First and Becqnd Kegi
ments. between 000 and '700 Filiuinos
of he Bocad Regiment .attacked the
scniries on auiy .;ibarday night, and
but fat' quick and tactful-action on
the past of the, officers of both regi
qionta, muck blood would have been
shed and there might have boeu a lurge
number of fu tali ties.
'. "Tbe action of the Filipinos is a dis
grace to the national guard," regular"
army omcera are .quoted as suyiug,
"and dash, forever any hope the guard
may have had pf going to the front.
.The armv has no use for that kind of
The trouble, according to guard offi
cers, arose in connection, with a moving
picture show. On Wednesday night of
lust week a targe number of Filipinos
of the Hecoud Regiment applied for ad
mission. About twenty of them paid
for admlasioo; the others runhM the
box office and went 'la without paying.
Because of this the Officer of the day
the aaxt day, Cant. Luther K. Kvatis
of .the First iKegiment, stationed sen
trie at the doors of the 'theater the
following sight. A Filipino made trou
ble, there, insulting an officer, and was
placed nnder arrest. . '
Oct Their Bayonet
Instantly a large number of his coun
try men . rushed the guard, with in
tent .to free him. 'There were ,only
feurtecu sentries, but B number of the
Hawaiian guardsmen' cape to their as
sist uuue aud jeuulaed the -Filipino mob.
Seventy five men of the Rmnirve. Oineers Training Camp, nt Behoflebl
Barrarks, all resident of the Hawaiian Islands' Were commiasioued Yesterday' j
; as officers in the National Army, under Infantry Reserve Corps designations,' :
' and ordered to report immediately for'duty with local regiment, with the ex- ,
. eeption of four who are assigned to staff diity aa tbey were lieyond the aire :
limit for line commissions. Beventeed fuflnil to-pass the reipiireil standards.': !
..There were only ninety-two left in the camp, others. having boen either dia- I
qualified Or assigned to command earlier.' In orders Issued by the Department .
Headquarters yesterday the following named mad who had previously .been 1
commissioned in the reserve, but who remained with the camp to complete '
neir rnree monins' training, were oriipren to duty as juiiows:
Kama . '.Bank' "V.' .V
neroen x. uinoni : uantau ,
Captain ". '.'..-'-
.Oaptaitt '.' "
FlrBli I4cutenan
First Lieutenant
Firat Lieutenant , ' '
First Lieutenant
Tint Lieutenant :
First lieutenant ',:
Becondi Lieutenant
Second Identenant
Second Liantenant
Secohd Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant
Second Liantenant
Second Lieutenant
Pursuant to instructions from the1 War Iepart!uon( the following named
candidates having completed the course at ths Oflicers' Training Cauip, arc
commissioned in the Ofllcera'-Reserve Corps or National. Army in the-grailet
specified, are assigned .to active' duty te date from November 27, 1917, am'.
are attached to organizations as infticated
Harold E. Staff ard
Lewis B. Withers
Albert S. Carter
Kalph E. Doty
Rennet W. Emerson
Fred P. Rawson
WlUard O. Boas '
John O. Watklns
Alfred B. Balrd
Hcrrtck C. Brown
Adrian A. Engelhard
Harry Henry
ponald Jd. Ladd
Charle O. Murray
frsorgs M. Thrnah
Attached To:
25th Infantry
, 1st Infantry
2d Infantry '-,
25th Infantry
S2d Infantry
1st Infantry '
2d Infantry
25th Infantry
32d Infantry
32d Infantry
1st Infantry
3 2d Infantry
B5Vh Infantry
1st Infantry
2d -Infantry
2d Infantry
Phil H. conniston
Lewis Abahli
Lewis F. Paget
Wl'Uain L. Warren
Andrew FarreU
Paul V. Kr.ndsea
William H. Young
Hogart, hePettyJ ohn
Albert B. Clark
John S. B. Pratt, Jr.
Cyril F. Daroqn '
Nicholas Manaasey
Oorgs Ti Bettln -Wallace
McK. . Cooper
henry P. 0 -6utllvan :
Bbea r.-Cnahinghiam
. George Hutchinson- ,
Edward W. Cardan
Wllhelm Anderson
Lewis T. Lyman .
Harvey T. Caaaedy "
Abner T. Longlay
Robert X. White ,
Channcey T. CloTcland
Archie W. Brown
Balpn B. Walker t
Frank A. Lufkln '
Mbrrls M. Xorbes '
rad X3i Moors .
John T. MoDevltt
.Ward D. vWaikfti
.Phlip L. Rice
Allen Kenton , '.
Allen B. ParmabM ,
Joseph A, Oilman, Jr.
Alfred L. Marka
John B. Eos ton .-..
William J. jHampton
Herbert ja.Weacott
Alatan L. C. Atkinson
Homer O. Da lea '
Fay . McCaU
Tbeo, B. Marshall
Bobert D, King
Alexander B. Bobertson
Homer P. McDanlel
Edward J, MoUnlff
Arthur Q. Bstts , t
W- A- Simpson
.Klnlchl Sakai ' ;
Fred H. Austin
William H.' Keller "
Allen 8. Saris
Oscar W, otbaon
Samuel W. darter
Edgar Anderson
Adington L. Wise
'Alvin IC'Eoblnson
Benjamin H. Watson
Captain, Inf. B. C.
Captain, Inf. B. C.
Captain, Inf. B. 0.
Captain, Jatx B. C.
1st Lieut., Inf. B. C.
1st Wont, Inf. B. C.
1st Uut., Inf. B. 0. ,
lot Lieut., Inf. B. C ,,w
1st Lieut., Inf. B. 0. .
1st Lieut., Jnf. B..C.
1st Hent., Inf. B. 0.
1st LieuU, Inf. B. 0.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. 0.
1st Lieut., Inf. B. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. 0.
1st Lieut., Inf. B. 0. '
1st Lieut, Jnf . R 0.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. C.
1st Lieut., Jnf. B. C.
1st Lieut.. Inf. R. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. 0.
1st Lieut, Inf. R. 0.
1st Lieut., Inf. R. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. R. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. R. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. R. 0,
1st Lieut., Inf. R C.
1st Lieut, Inf. ft. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. 0.
1st Lieut, Inf. R. C.
1st Lieut., Inf. R. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. R. C.
2d Llent, Inf. R. C.
Sd Lieut, Inf. R. C.
2d Lieut, Inf. R. 0.
2d Lieut, Inf. R. C.
Captain, Inf. N. A.
Captain, Inf. N. A.
Captain, Inf. N. A.
Captain, Inf. N. A.
Captain, Slg. B. C.
1st Lieut, Slg. B. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. a
1st Lieut, Inf. B. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. B. C.
1st Lieut, Inf. R. C.
1st Llent, Inf. B. a
1st Lieut, Inf. B. O,
2d Lieut, Inf. B. C. '
2d Lieut, Inf. B. C.
2d Lieut, Inf. B. C.
2d Lieut, Inf. B. 0, 7
2d Lieut, Inf. B. C. '
2d Lieut, Inf. B. 0.
2d Lieut, Inf. B. 0. .
2d Lieut, Inf. K. O.
Attached To:
1st Infantry
2d Infantry
26th Infantry
32d Infantry
1st Infantry
1st Infantry
1st Infantry
1st Infantry
1st Infantry
1st Infantry
1st Infantry
1st Infantry
1st Infantry
2d Infantry
2d Infantry
2d Infantry
2d Infantry
2d Infantry
2d (Infantry
2d Infantry
'24 Infantry
25th Infantry
25tk Infantry
25tk Infantry
25 th Infantry
25th Infantry
S5tn tnfantry
25tn Infantry
2Ttn Infantry
25th Infantry
25th Infantry
2Gth Infantry
1st Infantry
Sd Infantry
29th' Infantry
32d Infantry
25th Infantry
2d Infantry
Q. M- Corps
Q. tL Corps
Signal Corps
Signal Corps
1st Infantry
Sd Infantry
S2d Infantry
26th Infantry
1st Infantry
2d Infantry
25th Infantry
S2d Infantry
S2d Infantry
25th Infantry
32d Infantry
24 Infantry
1st Infantry
2d .Infantry
32d Infantry
1st Infantry
25th Infantry
Big Volcano-to-Sea 'Relay '.Event
Will Take Place On v "
January 7
' HII.O, November ' 23 A f f or? all,-
change hnn been ainde as regard the
date opon which the relay running rare
from the Vnliiimi House to Mnoheau
Park is to be run. The date hit been
switched frmn iMimlny, January fl, to
Mondav. .liimi.irv 7. and it was caused
rthrough the Hmiuclinntion of some ath
letes to compete on the. Hnbbflth.
'' The race, in nil other respects, will
be "run, nci-oidiug to schedule. The
visiting rutin "i nil) come to Hilo on
the Monday mi'i-ning lxint, will run in
tbe rare on Mundny and then rotors
to Honolulu the unme afternoon, ar
riving back in the Capital City on
Tuesday morniii(;. - ;
' ,lt was found (lint athletes from cer
tain institiitinns in Honolulu ennld not
gut any support for a race trt be run
on a Buntlsy. Then, to run the race
on that day wnuld mean that the me
would have to iiimn to Hilo' a weel
LaheSd of time, or clue just jump off.
the steamer onto the rood for the race.
J. W. Bnins. hn has charge ef most
of the arrangement, celled a meeting
yesterday morning and it. was 'decided i
to change the dnte of the nice to please
the Oahnans.
. All arrangcmcnti! for carrying the
runners to their respective posts have
been made by the committee In charga
of the event. The vjxitiug runners
will also be fed while they are here
and that will nut he much of a' drag,
as they will only be on the island from
seven o'clock on Huuday morning un
j'til four o'clock on Monday afternoon.
UU.O, November ?i When the long
distance runners to the number of thirty-six
or forty-two face the Judos to
receive ' their instructions as to the
thirty-one-mile relay race that is to b1
pulled off on January 7 next, there wijl.
without '-doubt, be a most interesting
ceremony before the men are despatch
ed to take up their positions at the
different live mile posts along the road
from the Volcano House to within five
miles of Mooheau Park. . i .
' The men will be fully instructed as
to what they will have to do in order
to keep within the letter of the ath
letic law and as to how they shall each'
take his part in the relay ace. . 1 1
The big event is sure to be written
of all over the mainland and when the
first race is over there should be every
prospeet of attracting mainland .run
ners for the 1019 race. The advertise
ment that the Islands will get through
tht athletic event should be enormous,
although aomevhat less than .would
have been obtained in peace time. .
Down in Honolulu, the runners be
longing to the various athletic iorgani
nations are training bard for the. race
and tbe report, comes from private
sources 'that the'. Oohiinhs' taint thcy
have the race cinched already.
The Hilo runners are doin good
work ami there are rumors going the
rounds to tbe effeot that the live
mile sections are being covered in
line time and that the bunch that
boats Hilo in the actual race will have
to bent all existing records for .live
miles, of road rneing.
Mooheau Park . should not be able
to accommodate the thousands pf peo
ple who will wish to see the finish
of (he great race. That finish ia ex
pected to be a Ctase one and should
representatives of the Ave of, six
teams 'be' on' the track at the- same
time there will surely b a scene of
itiriuinii mvug tue uracil 11 juuu
beau. ' -"
i iroriolnlu, 4.oVemwer A. ml
stock . ; t ' j :
n .. S ' ;
; . ' ' ' '" ' I4 ' I f . '
2d Lieut, Inf. B. C. 1
The above-named officers of the line will report to thoir rewiHictive rctri
mental commanders for duty and Aasigniuent to a company.
Cuptuiua Weacott and Atkinson, QiiurtermuHter Oilicers' Beiferve Corps,
will report to the Department Cjuarternmstcr for duty. ' '
Captain H. O. Davies, Signal Ofliccr' Reserve Corps, for duty with Wire
Compauy "B," 3d Field Battalion; hlgnal Corps, Kort Kaniehameha, II T..
relieving Captain-William T. -Peyton, Kinnl Olllters' Reserve Corps; snd First
Lieut." Kay K.'McCall, Hignal Oflicers' Reserve Corps, to Company S.'trd
Telegraph Battalion, Signal Corps,-Fort Hhafter, for duty. ' ' ' ' '
The names a listed above do not indicate the order in which' the cnmli
dates passoil, but are arranged merely by rank and the numerical order of the
regiments on duty here.
The Filinlnoa retired tn thnlr nmrlrn
and armed themselves with bayonets.
men returneu to ins scene or troubir-.
In the -meantime', howeyer,- their of
fleers, who had been attending an in
struct ion 'class, beard of the trouble
and rushed to the scene. Aided by
men of the First Regiment,, they suc
ceeded la forcing tbeir belligerent sub
brilinates :hjLuk ' to nimn. sin.t lk Inm
iile came to ait end temporarily.
ana next flay, however; and even
wheu they earn into town yesterday.
the trouble -making Filipinos were
closely guarded by regular army men
and every precaution was taken to (ire
vent any further outbreak, of the trmi-
Army ofticers are reported to have
mi id that this illustration of the snl
dierly iua!ities of the "little brown
brothers" was reported to regular
army authorities, with the result that
the National Guard of Hawaii gut a
black eye which will be Jong in reyuin
inj its normal color, ,
rT ,tr; Manna Kes. Nuvejuber 2.
KK6M HAV 'All-i-l'. V. Mflimlrtt. V
KHUC, Mr anil lr. F, II. Huiltll, tr. ami
Mrs. A. Vaii'terwsrt.. It. J. WertT. W. .1.
Colimr. II. H., Kolierts'Hi. J. 1. Miller. W.
Iievcrsim, Miss 11. Martin. Mtss K. Kalni
luol.i. Mrs. T. la'siwsliL Miss lusraslil. II.
K. Lee. t'. I.uiurouii. (iixngo K. . l.ln. Hun
l lnuiic Kii. Murakami. Heniatie. -Miss K.
Napoleon. Mrs. K. linesviier, W. II, Ijilh
am. It. II. H.K.tli. Mrs. M. W. Mitchell.
TlieKliire ChIUiiIi, tleorue MI-bpulos. C.
l Ijifler. Mrs.,'. Tts-..lt. 1( ; Tnt
si-olt..C. ,K. 1'eiolterton. '. s'. H'lille. Miss
M. J. .Mol.l.s. Mrs. H. t. Iiesba. Miss M.
HwlTt. H. Ksnuiils. T. lllnilkl, M. IkiihiIo.
ArnkuM. (ilms. Master Arnkskt, ' 'J'. Va
mlkl. H. Kswssabt. Mr. ami Mr. Clinrlm
A. UU'e. Mr. aiu Mrs. M. M-4,. MV il.SI
man Yminit. p, Hanfitnl. l"-isti'ht. ll.-n
l'aleekm. K. t. Hiss. ArakL Ktshlhnni.
c. Mlmiitu. K. Hiitiulnsl K. Moroiiil-Mii.i.
K. CI.Iiib. Mrs. sin. Miss rhlnu'.
Kaneiniira. Khlnslia. I. K. Vmi, Mr. l
Mrs. It Ka..l.. iwl '. elillilren. Mr. nu.t
Mrs. Illi-a. Mtw Iseuara. NoMhImLI. Vnp
Kee. Mrs. Ininff knl snil four ijillilrcn.
Mrs. Wslsils. Mrs. NnUnlshL fni lliinir
Slk. Wtmv Kee Khsw. Klilinalmku. Mlrs
snkl. II. M 'Mtai, Krll.-Uilio.' James Tun
kt-a. Mr. ami Mrs. Uatsta. Nakasuue. Te
slilina, V. II. Ilonir. K. II. iek. V. II
lna n. F. Cnrrette, V. Itels, Naksmlul. K
II. Jiimu. Illiinra. Vnluits. Itei-einte. .1.
N'mes, Mrs. Nukayama, Mlrauioto, Ten
riil.il, Mrs.- Mlrauioto. Mlilro, MimmIii.
Mulsuoks.- Vleturlim. ll.-.ioli,r. K. Carrenlii.
('lenient. F'lnanlo, Mr. and Mrs, Malsinn
ms ami I'lillil. Nliioinlys, Mr; anil Mrs. iikl
inula slid two Hi IM roil. Ntshlyet. Knklva.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hamsun ami
kilren. Mrs. I,. (Ilela and chllit'. Mannicy.
l-eoro ani's. a. JMUIlne. A. I avis. Illra
slil. Kanakltil. Mliw Kewal. II Ik.i,i -c
Kaknl. 8 Nlslilinnra, A. ('. Powsett. 1-ouls
"iiiioi. .i rw. ,-n.in, ,Yirs. .,i. iisji, ,
KIII1M MAI I P.. Iliiniieherir, R, N. New
"tail. J. Ilomla, H. Niiualnfil, Jlnrlta. Mi s.
Komlo anil w i-lillili-rii, T. T. SVoim K
Mlvnlie. Ir. Hurumara. .Mrs. . tnlt r li
l.iifkln. (. II. Kli-lil. It. r. J'r.itu K. Wn
kaluiTashl. r. V. ftoseeraii'. Ir. Pimu-o.-k.
!V J'.'"""''. Theislore Wolff, Ur uud
Mrs. B. KihiInIiIch. Mr. and Mrs. lii'inne
fraejaml ami i-lilM. 1. K. Nolfrt4m.
Ity sir. Manna Kea for f.alialna and Mil".
Notemlier 'li H K. McMlllsu. W. It I ..i.
I. v. W. II. Hill. K. T. IttHlmnilA. Miss
Karnes. Mr. and Mrs. Hailrii'ld. Mr uu.l
Mrs. II. ,T. I.ynisii, . v. (Irnves. Il M
Hilliple. II Klllltll. Miss MclHlltlHlll. Mi
ll ml Mrs. Walter Itvcroft, A. K. Ilnl.- I-"
C Correa. Mrs. . Kail llnal. 0. li. Vaiin tn.
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. nenson aad clill.l. '
II. fisike. I... Ilerrist. II. I.. Harris r
W. Ahrens. II. 8. Dana, Mrs. W, It. Hiullli
Mrs It. M. I.luilsay. Mr. took,- II !
Churchill, Uenrne Ijnmhlon. K II. i hnn.l
lor. i'. tt. Kc vein iii. 1'. ,f. Iinffeiy. To-..'.li
i'- i.ewis .ir., Aiexaiuler Moiirc
n. K. honit, Mrs. ieore -IW. ,
Mrs. Anloiie Vierni. .Miss (1. Cnwan. I'.
Kclimiitser. Jack livsha. Mr. anil Mrs. John
Areus. Mr. and lrs. .1. A. Hisitt. Mr inol
sirs, .ion n l,oa. Hiss .VI r. Hliort.' Mhs
II. MikhIv. Kvan ila Sllva, Jmlae ifulnu
Miss White. Mrs. Koorh. Miss Ctirltlnn-n
Miss King. It. 'I'IiiiibIou. Join Maxain Mr
ami Mm IIoIiiIIiik. Mr. anil Mrs, C i
.iliuns. W II. Ilnees. A. M. Ki hlnl.lt I
W. Trisr. Ilruce II. Kiinilera, Mr. and Mr
W. (I. Matllioas. Mrs. .1. IV Hnnto" II r
lly(.lil.-n iir .Xorxsanl. K. U (.nlllcrni
II. W Walker. W. II llradler. Mr an. I
Mrs. M. ttuarcs, V, Murauka, ' Tliia.
Kahuku 'Plantation Company
' May Add Greatly To Supply.
;, Needed For Home
Consumers of Refined Article Are
; Now Paying Three Profits
That Are Unnecessary
Adder) supplies of sugar for the Isl-
a rids, sugar that has not been shipped
to .the mainland, there refined and
then shipped back and therefore had
the freight cost of two ocean trips add-!
ed tn its cost and price, may be ex
pected from the HUH crop. At least
one plantation cinnny will tfbdertnke
Jho pjoject and others may.
: ror tne peat several nays reports
ve been heard to tho effect that the
Kuhukn Hnntaiion Company would
make a white sugar next year for the
supply of the Hawaii market. Inquiry
at the agency of the company brought
he information thnt the company bod
been considering the matter very fa
vorubty .but was not yet ready to 'an
nounce definitely that It woui.l do so
nor what quantities wonld be used here
and what quantities would be shipped
away until Inter. Experiments have'
been highly satisfactory ia the labora
tory and are to be made In the fac
tory. If Oipse experiments prove to
be also satisfactory the company ex
pent tp put a simply on thefliarket.
Output of Plantation
' Kahuku Plantation this year hits had
an outturn of tons of raw sugnr on
n estimate of 7.100 tons. It is there
fore, w if it be fourtd desirable, in a
posit iono furnish large supplies to the
local , market and still ship mneh raw.
to the mainland. ' What process it will
qse for whitening the officials of the
hptnpany have not yet disclosed but it
is .understood that it Sot .only whitens
but rmrinea..' . . "
'. There t have been numerous experi
ments made with whitening processes
by various Hawaiian plantations. Those
procssae included the Norritt process
in .the use of mhich perhaps more ex-
tensiyc Experiments have been mad)
than witn any others. Jn some tn
ktaacx some highly aatiiifactpry resolts
were secured but the reason for the
abandonment of the project that was
being then seriously .considered has
never been made public.
New .Processes Announced
' Recently thor' have beca reported a
somber of TCw whitening processes,
especially from Ixmbrisna where it is
planned to whiten and aell without re
fining large quantities , of "the present
crop and .where that plan is already
being carried out.- One of these late
processes utilize 1 a char' made from
rice hulls for whitening instead pf us
ing bono char. ,
.With a price for raw sugar fixed
which the Louisiana planters consider
unsatisfactory, southern plartntions sri
troing in more and more for wbiterlinr;
processes and hereby getting a consid
erably higher retnra for their crop than
h" otherwise would.-:
From the Territory of Hawaii the sn
gar ia shipped to the mainland for
whitening and refining and the refined
product is-then shipped back. .The con-,
sumer pays for this augar a price which
is made up of value of the raw sugar
at tho factory here, freight rate to tho
rofinery, rytining eost and refiners' pro
fit and freight,' rate back. The sugar
thus shipped and ' returned takes up
valuable , cargo space going both Way.
It tenda .to hamper and delav the
bringing bf other necessaries from the
mainland here and 1 to that extent re
sppnsibje ' for congestion In $an Fran
cisco, .The main : point, however, to
most consuttera is that by nsing a sii
car washed and whitened at home there
is a money saving on every pound used
ns compared with, refined sugar prices.
The color of the washed migar is
said to be greatly '.improved bv other
processes and it la also aid that it is
nossible'.to practica-lly, eliminate the1
slight molasses flavor :of which some
complain when iising washed sugar and
which tbe refined article dees not con
tain. . ' .. ; "
- :;,'-' . ,
Word to the effect that the MaJsonia
had boen senhj.to the Atlantic was re
ceived by Castlo, k Cooke yeBterduy
morning. ' It. is aaid .that the .Alutaon
vesael, which was recently commandeer
ed with many others by the government
will atop at a Chiloaa port -on the voy
age to the Atlantic for a nitrate cargo
for eastern delivery. '
A messago was also received bv tbe
local Mataon agents stating that two
of the Alaska Packers'- saijlng veaaels
IiimI been turned ever to tho company
and would probably depart soon on
the run to the Island. . '
Iloiioliiln. nveuilr hut.
Alex. A.- Bsklwln,
C. Iirewer Co.
400 ,
Rt'O Art,
(:wn Itnntatlon Co.
IfHka Huxnr I . .
naw. r. ii. tn,-.
I lw. C. s). i;.
Ila. tua. 4'; . .;..,,
Jloiu.kaa Kuxar Co,
Ilonojinl Hiifar -o. 1 1 t-.
MiiK IiIiisiii Hnxar p. ('a.
Kahuku I'lamsilon (a. .
Kekaha Humir Iki
Koloa Huasr C. ,
Mcllrj-iln Hiiif. fu, ,
Oalm Hnirsr Co.
KIsa.Mna. I'o. Mil. . ,.,
Iliioiiim iliitf i'ti
I'nnillisil Hncsr I'IdI. Co.
rscinc KiiKar Mill
inn Miuuuon i.o.
IVeekeii Hnuar Co
f-ioueer Mill t o.
Kim Carlos Mlllliur Co.
U'mIhI.im l.h.il . 'jt
a II ilk il tiiiiiar Co.
Endan Iievel. Co.. t.M ...
1st Issue Asses. 70 I'd
41 issue i-iiti in
Jlnlkn v. l. Co., 1'fd.
Hnlku . tc V. Co., !oin
llaw. Con. Jty. T' A ...
Haw. Con. Hy. "', B ...
llaw. Con. Hy. f:m. ....
Hawaiian Klm-trlc Co. ...
Haw. I'lueaiiiile t;o, .
lion. II. ft M. i'(l.
llou. lias Co.. l.td
Hon. M. TVA; I.. Co
Inter Island K. N, fo. ...
Mutual Tel. Co. . ,
On lilt KalU a.T ft Ind Co.
i-ananx uui Lir l a. , ,
Kelama IMndliiKs, I'd, .
Hame llr, I'iIi .......
Tanjonic Olnk Ituhlier ..
Bench Walk I. O. Sk't
aniaxna lMteli Co., Us..
i taw. ion. Itv. r. ....
Hawaiian Irr. Co., its ...
llasTer. 1, IMih. Imps.
Uaw. Ter. I'uli, Imp. i
(series HUi H:i, ,
llaw. Terri tV,'-.
Hilo flas Co., Y.td. ir-;.
Ilrtnnb.. U .... . J
"S. 1fj ..
Ilonoliilil Uaa Co., Ltd. BV
nanai kj. io Os
Manoa I. O. SV4 ....
McHrynV Sursr Co., oa
Wntiuil Tel. ;.s . .....
Oabu it. 1.. Cn . 5t.
Osliu Hu. Co.,
tllaa Miur. Cn. fill. '
Pit.'InV Cos nn v c. al
I'aclllc 8uvar iljll fo.. ua
nau varios will. i., e
H .
1JO ,
77 A
. . . -
40 -
'in" '
'anJi m"
loo .....
..... ..'.
01 100
Has .luo:
Hal 102
KM lua
l ..... w .
100 100 .s.
10 ........,.
ipiinii. in. ars: n. c. ft H. Co., B. 4AOO
twa, an, 7.1, "75; Haw's Pluea, loo, aa.oo!
BOARD 8AI.es , v -Olaa,
100. ,5.(UJi.. . i ' . ' ,. ' ,
BUIJAH QUOTATIONS '.'.-. 1, .-.'
, . . 8lemlr 14, 1M7.
analyshi beets (uo advices).- . . '
I'srlty r . j ' i , .,
W tnt. (for Ilawallsn sugars) .... 0.00
Ul'UUEll gUOTATlOXS v . 1
November si, wiT ,
muiraiKire . 47.87V4 ,
a . ' .. j i 1 1 i . .
NKW YOK. NoreuilHjr 20iBy Asso- ,
elated I'reas) Kullaiw'liis are the opeulnc
aurt closluit quotations ot stocks u tbe
1SW i f rauja setjreKifriia :
Amei'lvan .Huitar Kef. .
Aiiieiusu Beet ,
Associated Oil
Alaska Hold .
Amerh'Sn Irfvmmtlrs .
Auivrlean Tel. ft Tel. .
American Muclter
Aiuerksin Kiwi h'.ir
Ausioiiila Copiier
AtvUlsoa Ballway . ....
KaldwJu l.iMsiiiiotlve . .
Baltliilor ft I lUlo . .....
Bethlehem Hteel "B" .
I'alitorula I'etrofeom ,
Ceutral I-.eatlier ....
Canadian ls Irtc .
C. H. ft Hi. !ul .
CoVi. Fuel ft Iron . ...
cnit-tlfle Hteel
Ciilw.Kuxsr faue . ...
Krle coiiniion ;
Heueral i:ie-trlc . ....
(enernl Mwtors (new)';
lireat Kurt Item pfd. .
Iiilernatli.ua I Taper , ,
Industrial Al-liil .
Keimeeott Ooppfr . ,.
Lclllah Taller 'BStlruait
New York I'eutj-al . .,
rruiM.vlvanla . .
Bay CoHsollilateii ,
Headline -oiniuo
IteimUllc Irou romuion ,
Southern I'aHrle . ....
Ptiulehaker' , ,i. ......
Teias (ill : .........
VuMnfl titalea- Itulilier .
Inloo I'aclllc .
I hltod aisle. Hteel . .
'ah . ix.
Western. I'nh.n . ......
WasUunbmliMi .
, :
Open-1 Clo.
Ia I las
Ki '.;
M .
IT "
7S4 -
HO .
15 . ',.
TS-Xi '
R'l4' .
- aa '".'
lion. Coi. Oil . ;,
Cupels pner . . ,
Milt. -nil I'nsliiets .
M"iinlalii KluK , .
Montana jtliiKliam
Muilera Mllilns . .
a.l3 UK) !t,1
4.!a1 .'on .l.im
.11 .ok ON
.0'. .mi .no
..Ml M ..HI
its: :m .:iii
tlaer by -tiaras Cr?:!'.
'-v.. Katur- Mod-
pi riM . ? , ?.;?u ; -
Kini.ia fniHr".' ;4ii . V4.1
liirarayes . .. V .r
Iroin Itlossoni . 'no ja
tr-.:r::::;:;:; '
Hay lleri alea . S.JS- - a;i7ii '
llesene Kola . .'. Vi ' .
Itea Cas. . - Ti'- uit'
Nllvea Klna- fna.'., '. R ':l7i2
Tonopah Kxteiisln J.,10 ' iAKtZ ' '.
Iticliuionii fopar . -.'...'.'.'.", l'lt -'"r44 '
Kerr Lake 6.2.1 . siis'l
"e'la 4.K1U 4.H1V1.- '. -
cresson ioid i Js7 '
Mlildsalug . ....... ......... T.7a - T7$
RAM KRANCIHCO, Norvinlier U1 .
cuiteu I ress) ColUm lu are the oMnlu -
and closing quotations of sugar ami otber V
stinks lu the Hu Frauclo market res- v
terday: ,
f llMh-'
Uontiina Blu-liaiu, CkIOO, Uki lluuolulu
Oil, 100, 3 00.
Ilsw n ( onii Munsr ,
llunallan Nn-ar Co. ,
lloiiokaa HiiiNtr . ...
Ilnl. lilusnu Snnar fo.
fliahu Kimar 'fo! '! " ' !
I . at... , i-
.'..in r-iiKnr i v. ....
Uuoiuen (ui;ar fo. ,
Titanium Mnuar Cu. ,
I''ii4;els I'ouiair ....
Honolulu (ill
lloUolulu Ttantatlita .
: Oiieu-
.. 21
... (
.. Ms.
.. is4
t. .4H
Bid. tE OlvWcncd. l'at)uotd.
i '

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