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Battling Around Cambrai Pro
ceeds, Generally To the
"Satisfaction of Allies ;
NTCAVVyORK, November 25 (Associated Press) In the Cam
brai sector nf-the Western Front and on the Italian front there
still raged last night battles which
suit rank with any that have been
during the course of the war.
Steady and satisfactory progress in the encircling movement
around Cambrai continued throughout yesterday with the exception
of one partial reverse which resulted in General living's forces tak
ing a position stronger1 than that which they had previously occu
While there was generally heavy fighting along the whole of
the Cambrai front yesterday, the
and alHMit the Iknirlon woods, three miles from Cambrai and lesf
than a mile from Fontaine Notra Dame, where some of the most
fiercely "fought engagements -of the past few days have occurred
Early in the day the British drove
and took full possession of them.
only for the Teutons directed one
employed and drove the Tommies
good order, Byng's men later attacked and established themselves
.n high ground and in a position which seems to effectually com
mand the wood.
In yesterday's fighting the
army was far stronger than in the
fought with desperation and showed a vigor and spirit that had
previously been little in evidence.
energy which the Britons displayed
to eflcctual.y slow down progress.
While full reports of the number of prisoners have not yet teen
forwarded from the British front despatches received yesterday said
that more thau a. hundred guns of larger caliber had been capturec
in addition to smaller field and machine guns.
Losses on both sides have been very high in killed and wound
i'd but the slaughter of the Huns has been enormous.
On the Italian front the fighting continued on into last night
I lie blinding flash of exploding
flash from thousands of rifles illumined various parts of the extended
battle field. High above a brilliant
made possible this night activity.
Kiver the battle went on during the day and into the night wit!
the results still indecisive. .
Between' the Brenta and the
was the heaviest. There the Italians are contesting stubbornly ev
t ry inch of the way. In this sector
ebbed 'and flowed throughout the day, the Huns rushing up tin
dopes only to be thrown back. The carnage has bpen enorniouv
In their stubborn resistance against greatly superior forces .iik
uie miming oi inem in cnecK tne
which looked impossible. The Austro-Hungarians had expected be
fore this to be well on their way to Venice. The splendid defi-ust
of the Latins has won the profound admiration of the Allies au
has increased the respect of the Huns for their prowess.
General Sir Robert Plumer was yesterday named by the Biiiil
war oflice to command the British divisions that have been sent to
the Italian front in support of the hardly pressed ally. At the -.uiu
time announcement was made that Lieutenant-General Sir Y. R.
Marshall had been selected to command the Mesopotamia armic
to fill the vacancy caused by the recent death of General Maud.
Driving back the Turkish army jn Palestine, the British stormed
the town of Mizpah, only 5000 yards west of the Jerusalem-Nalulus
road, and are occupying it firmly.
To the northward, where the British cavalry was scouting, the
Turks pushed forward a considerable number, causing the British
to retire. . .. , .
Bomb" Is Used
Deadly Effect
WASHINGTON", November 21- ( As
hociated ' Areas') Ailieriral Hims tmlnv
reporteil from Kurnpe Hint two Ameri
can destroyers have sunk n German sub
marine' with tt "depth bomb," v.hi,-i
pelietrutod th.11 water and exploded nith
shattering ' force. The submarine at
tucked, but tu soon sunk.
KAV FRANCIKOO. November 21
(Hpeciul to Nippu Jiji) The Japanese
c migi-eaaionul mission to the, I nited
States, now homeward bound, arrived
here from Seattle lust uight. Tliey will
leave soon for Jupan. The party in
cluded K. t'yeluira, . H. Vamane, K.
IklocUixuki, T. Musuo und T. Hhiuiuda.
in Intensity and sanguinary re
fought in any of the war theaters
most severe fighting was in
the Huns out of these, wood?
This continued for a few hour?
of the strongest counters recently
out from the cover. Kettnng it
resistance of the von Iiindenburg
previous days of the battle. They
There was no abatement in th
but the stiffer resistance tender
shells lighted the heavens and tin
half moon flooded a light whicl
On both sides of the Brentii
Piave Kiver the day's fighting
around Monte Penica the battle
Italian soldiers are achieving tha:
HA.V FHANCIMCO, November :'l
(Special to Nippu Jiji) William II.
Avery, assistant general manager of
the Toyo Kisen Kaisha, who us re
cently appointed advisor to the A an no
syndicate of Japan, will leave tumor
row for Honolulu where he will estab
lish a branch office for the T. K. K
kteaniship line.
The golfer, the foot bull ln.er ami
the all rouud athlete know the value
of Chiuulmilniu's Pain Hiilm. It is
just the thiug for a rub down after a
hard game. All - soreness disappears (
like magic and sprains and swelling;
are cured In one-third Jess time thau
bv any oilier treutmeut. For sale by
nil dealers. Benson, Smith & Co., Ltd.
Agts, for Hawaii. Ad vertiaeuieuU
cai i imp m Diroco
Caucasus Determines To Have
v Independent Government;
Radicals Abuse Confidence -
WASHINGTON. November 2( As
sociated I'ri'Kf) VnrtK.iT evidences of
tha breaking up and disintegration of
what wea formerly the Russian empire
became moiiifi'dt yesterday through
despatches which were received from
I'etrog ad.
Canrnsn hns rteclnred it depura
tion from It'ixMii nml is triklng stepH
for the fin nint ion of nseiisrnte govern
ment of its own. It has formed a par
liament composed of forty members, in
to determine upon the eact nature
of the government which in desired nml
to proceed nt nine ith itn organiza
tion, rrnutc nilMi-f to tin effect
were remitted t. have been received
by Tscrctelli, a former minister in the
nrlicr part if ihe Kercnxky r(giuv.
Correspondence Published
Other n. ; en from IVtrr.ernd tell of
tb first t,,H of the Rnlshe Yikis in
carrying n T its pno"ntn against "se
cret diplomacy ". At tho instigation
of Trotakv the rnutcnt of letter nent
Out by tlir foreign office in the post
to. foreign pnveriiiin'iit and received
from foreign government by the Btiino
office were ) mi 1 it i -i . . I m inded in the
documents n nni ilc public were n num
ber of Secret treaties or secret ngrcn
roentsan.l a large number of tcliv.
A-nthoiity Not Eecogntted
UeoTge lliikhmetetr. ltimZinn ambiiHun
tor to the I'niteil Sinten yi'Hterilay
uititied the ileimrttm nt of Mnte t li tit
he doet not recognize the authority of
the, KuFsiiin extreniinti. in the control
Of the fnreieji oltlie sit IVtrocrnd.
, CouiiHellor C. Onon, Secrotury 800
kine, Second .JSoea-etury ila Nlohren
ichil.lt. the latter li. iny the hunbftnd
if (Secretary McAiIuo'h ilnuhtor, have
rignd from (he Uusniun emlmnsy
in order tu avoid relationH ith the
Bolnhe ikin in lVtroe;rad, whose in
flnence they do not recognise;1 ' Soo
line tiinl de ilolireiischihU have offered
their Hemice to the t'iiited IStflte in
the wnr ntiiimt Germany.
AI.KX AN'DRIA, Virginia, Novembor
.'5 fAnaocihted I'reaa) Back from the
workhouae and into the jail the coif
victed picket in); anfffagets muHt (jo.
They win their controversy on thin
poinjt for the time being nt leaat. Fe.l
-ml Judpe -Waddill yeaterday decided
:hat they had lieen illegally trnnaferred
Thirty-one picketing auffrase work
r were given jail Rentences in lieu of
'he payment of finea on charge of tiia
irderly conduct for parading the
itreetn in the vicinity of the Whit
fTouae carrying nbnoxinu 1 miner, li
wan deemed advinnble to transfer the
vi.men from the Washington city jail
o the workhouan at OerH'quan, Virginia
".n thin was done. The women object
' I and had their cane presented in the
federal court, which held the transfer
liad been improperly made from the
Oiatrict of Colnmbiu to Virginia in the
aae of priaonera reiving a icnteuee for
liaorderly. conduct, a miadeinennor.
. - ,
Miscarriage of Justice In Bomb
Trials Claimed
Hl'FFAI.O, November 25 ( Assoeia
'ed Press) Resolutions si-uthlngly
! itici.ing the federal courts in Cnlifiir
iia for alleged miscarriage of justice
Hid demiinillng that new trials be given
'o Moonov and Ilillingi for nlle -ed coin
olicity in the Preparedness Duv parade
bomb outrage, were passed by Mo Fed
eration of Labor yesterday. The sc
ion fidlowed the report of the "silent
ury" which had been named by Inbot
organizations to attend the trials nod
it as an unsworn jurv, n-iulerisg their
report on their opinion from the testi
Samuel (lomperT was reelected presi
lent with utmost nil opposition.
WAHUINOTON, November l' (As
sociuteil I'ressl Aunouncenieiit was
made by the shipping board to. lav of
the nrst launching in the long series
t tt it t will mark the upbuilding of the
new merchant fleet for I'm-ln r4n.ni
The lirst steamer is nn MriOO-tun st"el
vessel and was luiiiK-lted successfully
at a Pacific Coast shipyard,
SKATTI.K, November LTi ( Associa
ted Press) Hesidents of Nome, Alns
ka, are planiving to hhip reindeer meal 1
to the "outside" iu large quuutities
next year as food, according to S. .1 '
Hakke, former ninvor of Nome, who
arrived here recently. It is said there
are over -12,000 head of reindeer herded
by hskimos, 111 the vicinity of Nome,
One Nome company shipped a cur
and a half of reindeer meat to Health'
i'l November. One car will be sent
Unit nml the other will bo sold m
M meat
I'AUVMi) bar
Ruling of Food Administration
Affects Fresh Meets Only and
Othen Products Will Be Con
sidered At Later Time
CHirUMl. ,em!. 1
ciated I'ream- 'I'wo tel n
profit on the nle of all 1
the lint't whirli the fooil :
Iird ptneed upon the p:i 1
t ii 1 1 rertion. The tulit ;r ;
the lieetikinf; v1enl ii
operntimi Novi mlipr 1. an
fee five nf onee.
The -I'lNinn ol' i: two i. n
cent profit on fnvh nn 1
HffcetH the peneiitajje .i
11: 11 v be exHOd 00 oti. 1
the (real pnckiny i'Kt:n.'
L'ii -(AHO-
I- ill n--cent
.'h im-ntu !
mi n iit rut inn
1 Ihhimm of
in:ide un"kr
li went into
is to lie ef
1 n hnlf per
11 no way
profit which
1'iod'ict of
-'illll ntn. It
take's into ollr i'leration
rl li CfT tlie live miilil;il-.
ah. I w nste. On the Ml
ruling dhow" that ' tin-
jiroducts corn to nuke m
profits of the puckers.
('(Hiked ami ciinneil n.
otl er meat wl. conkii u
moi pn and other Himilni I.
t of linn
MiniiltferitljJ 1 lniTid, the
M.fit on by
.! nddvd
(J, lard and
lr. ;.'i 1 at ions.
1 ro !uc; nri
.t reling but
in. h in to be
not flrecred l v the pn 1,
l I be covercil in one i
Incle MibHeqtientlv.
It i pointed out tlm 'in
Covei'iiinent for militate 1
of the public eonuw fir 1 ;
fits mutt be curtailed I :
peime of eariiif; for the :n
itte the ('Out of living :
11 -I'll of the
iipmiea find
11. 1 that pro
.inee the ex
iv nml alle
t u- general
FARIS, November 25 (Asso
ciated Press) Under the caption,
"J' accuse M. Fallen x," G'.stave
llcrret charges the former premier
with being the center of a cam-
aign which is being conducted to
I ring about a peace which would
le dishonorable and ruinous to the
nation an'd to the Allies.
The charges of M. Kervet have
rreated a great sencatlon In Parts,
reeling against the former premier
runs high and tilttet expressions
rre heard every where. His friends
Ceny the charge, but no proof has
yet been adduced by them of his
innocence of the accusations.
Ties Placsd On Lins Believed To
Be Deliberate Attempt
To Derail Motor
Nothing I. ut the iliarerument of Mo
Ionium Hun A.iiiu prevented n si ri iu.s
(i.-i idetit t ' 1 lie Hum uii Unilrond t'o
1 11 n v s nio'oi fiir on I inlay lust, siivs
11 a a
. HertiM of November
i left liilo on time,
or Keaa n it h An m .1 ,
tor Manuel Cubrialia
' 11s u fan number ot
hing 1111 usual, was noti.
had untie libllUt three
I he cur
I'.llul, Ise
10; Mild
iilWII'll, .1
until tl.
a. half n
several o
Hie liii.:
.low II.
In .'
have 1
a s
a-. it
hi 11
beyond Wniakea.
1 - nek l.y the fin t
e papai-.i trees which
triu t had been In
this VMVlIll not p."
I'll to mi'-li but "lis
me f Vtlll'vitlg oil the
f t Hn i III i'll'llts w e e
lu'iny a distl iet V ho
iite I bv unvone.
not 'u
id 1
he tie
he nil-. I -.Ml
Slower' DT.V t
1 ,-,,' - - ...
lire, lie s!
-. Pte-- Ht 1
I VI lll'-l I
t in v fled
the t rise I
w ed ilii' 1
so ha
st t in t
Mil- .'
'o In1
r 1!
Mother mi!
lie suw an
uiien I., li
.-too the err without eii
. the obst 'net '"m which proved
a ;. il'in.l tie laid cross the rniU
li,- .'i--11 tie ahead ivus anoflu r It.
tdl fiitther on ens n. third. Had
in st'll'l. these ties it'wnul'l cer
1 have Thrown if off the truck
iieitit'.' tin- fnet of the ties, on
1 its with the breaking down of
1-,.,'i ni.d the two men on the feel,
revei---,! the innt-r Slid bu'ke.t
the t' H'k. The t'vo men w ere
, I on the tie sti I but V.hs i f'ev
the c:r re'urnino they t ok I"
1 II i ' 1 1
( 'a.
Hie r
he l
A sail
I.,-. ,
--a '1
he t-
rrMll' -1 t'o "nl wl,.f
,1 ,-. t..t 1--. 11. Ollbri Il'i'l mil
'.' I ! follow one of thioi
'V in eliiine
.Vie. ei'ilin" thr ."-l'-ll. tll'-v a
1 t', , -".li.-- .'iit'iiii e a'';"id si. ' ' '
1 I en ndi "eig fi'-tl er tl'ov i 'l ' -'
1 ...a n 1 ' He " ool l n,it -'.-.
s I i-j. tie ' i".o. hi - '
' --id a t.istid. t ok a pot shot lit him,
' ..it tl mr (iiniej 10 run nnd t
,.', I," t Mi. I.t , f
H, alii'ii'.' rbnt It Vr usidess t, -t
len-pt to ..1'1'h the fll'titive, who ha I
t 10 inn. !i of u start, lot 'I As'i-i a'
I'lil.rifhii "' -rued t" Ibn too'...
aa, pn.i.eiled 011 to (dan. rlenrin tl..-trio-k
'I'he ." I iiri e-iee i:h '' iioft ."t to '.
1 nUii-e. thence to tf e not'. 1
li. -ntv hi"i'f Merti'i an.' iinothc -.'
I'.-ei were tnl en to the M'et'e in '
the coiiiii'iiM' 'w track cars. No m;m -.
the wii'ited men vtin 1" be sei
have tin v been located einre. rt
t-ueh nn altcmtit should have Iteon m-. 1 -
hard to iinderstatid : that it
made permits of no doubt.
turruK mm
Sscretary of Labor Says I. W.
S W. Heads and Others Were
Subjected To Treatment Which
Constitution Forbids
November 2.1 (A-
aoclarod l'ie
frrm the 3c t 1 .
in aeored l s- 1
in report m I... !
dent. He lui 1 .
large Ari.omi
.feronifl, to nn
in the eoppe. n
which. Decline .; 1
which lit n nn 1.
cd, He w iik to I.
l. pmtntion of 'miners
I per enmpa of Arizona
eiaiy of l.nbnr Wilaon
I" lendered the I'reai-i-it
1 visited all of the
. ppi-r dintriKta except
..ate labor condition
nn v nml the di mirde rt
1 the prolonged Utrikua
I-- ancea have Jnat end
. " none to Jerome but
I'.eific Conat to aeek
wna called to tlo
to improve the
labor eontrov 1 r
.'uation in neveral
t hi re.
' lu Ma repoit
icmlered veaterdar the
coretary dw ell . i M.e. iallv on the forci
ble deportation of -trikera from Biabee
and the Win-ren Mining District in
which HherilT llanv WhiTler took an
important part nml the aulmequent pN
ing of cuurdx. in some iiiHtnneea sher
l(TV'deputie ho prevented any of the
ueported men n ('lining to their former
home and nimle all new comers account
for tliemaelvex 1 inftictorilv before en
tering the dixti ii-t.
Mining Compp.ny Directed ,
Wilaon llnds tli-.it the action was
taken under the direction of the Cop.
per ytieen CotiKolidnted Mining Com
iianyk a siibaiilin ry of the I'heljia Dodge
Intel cata, or c-f ofticinla of the ronv
pany. . Cleveliiini II. Dmlge, a clone
friend of the President and one of the
large ' eontribntoi m to his campaign
fiinda, is a huge stockholder in the
company but in in no way connected
with the deportation or n even having
lii-en ntfvmerl of it, in the labor aecre.
tary 'fTeport.
Citlaens Sct I. W. W,
The people of H'mbee insisted that
they were moved to expcll the strikers
by ' patriotic " reasons, that the strike
was seriously handicapping the produc:
tiou of copper, a war necessity of the
I mted Htatep an I had reduced the out
put of the mines there from 20,000,000
pounds a month to about a fourth of
that amount. They insist that those
deported were sent away as I. W. W
members and hence undesirable resi
dents. :
Secretary Wilson finds that the con
stitutional rights of those deported
were deliberately and seriously inter
fered with, that the action was with
out the law and was unwarranted and
that step to adequately handle the
situatiuu under the law were not taken,
I ' 'A.'
Arrested Italian With Black Box
Wrecks Police Station and
Leaves Mystery Behind ;
MILWAUKEE, November 25 (Aa
so inted Press)--When a black bot
w hlch .belonged to an Itulian expldded
nt the police station here last night at
least ten persons were killed. Whether
there is a connection between the 4U-ai-ter
and some enemy plot, or whether
it grew out of a ".bluck hand" or
mn fin outrage, has not yet been deter
Noticing the Italian, w lit carried the
Ida. k box and wna acting in a auspic
ious manner, u member of the detective
force placed the man under arrest and
took him to the police stution for in
ventigiition. He was taken into the of
fice of the lieutenant of detective and
submitted to a questioning which
brotij'lit no satisfactory answers, the
man either holding silence or be'ng
10.11 eoniinital i.s to oil questions asked.
lu the co-.irse of the examination one
i f the detectives picked up the box and
-rlirted to examine the label upon it.
As he sought to remove the label which
I... anil down the strings around the box
tin re w ns nn explosion which Wrecked
the police rtation building and shook
the neighboring buildings for blocks
in. .1111. 1. As the detective took ap the
.iix the Italian made his escape from
tic room and is now missing. -. .
As 1: result of the explosion all the
oiinpants of the lieutenant's room and
.nine of those in the outside Office are
.lend. From thit'luins ten bodiea have
been taken and several detectives nnd
patrolmen are still to be accounted for.
I ni'ed States Marshal .1. .1. Hiniddy
on lYiduy served Kichnrd I., Halsev,
inspector in charge of the' United
States immigration statiou, with 11
wnt of habeas corpus on behalf of
laku 1 nn, a .tiipanese woman wan 1.
being 1 1 etui tied us nn alleged improper
person to be ill the Territory.
The eireumstunees connected witn
the 1 11-e, ui repurted are that the worn
an was married in Japan several veins
ae.ii I y certificate and later 011 divorce I
l. cert i tietite, this being a regular Jap
anij-e 1 nstom. Afier the divorce In 1
ha-l'iiinl was iigliiu uiarried, but he
a Uii divorced his second wife and en no
to live in Honolulu. It is saidr how
ever, thul this divorce was uot record
cd a. cording to law.
TaUa Ota is suid to have cuiiiiiiuih
. ated with her former liusbaud alter
hi niria) 111 the Territory, and
. veutmillv lie decided to come here
an I iiguin be uiarried. When
'.lohed II0110I11I11, it was alleged thai
-I..- was uot u picture bride and 11
1 oiiscipieiiee vus ref lined uduilssiull.
IS IiHRi AFFAIR ptinifi) o nttf
Aloha Temple Presents Fine Ap
pearance and Crowd Has Fun
. At Expense of Novitiates
Dressel in grotesque costumes and
performing all manner of odd stunts,
twenty two novitiates . paraded the
streets of Honolulu yesterday after
noon to the amusement of hundreds of
persons who lined the main thorough
fares to witness what was to them a
miiiiiiture circus, all of which was
merely a preliminary to a hat came
later when tliey uthered at the old
rink on upper Fort Street, where they
were made to walk over the blistering
a nds to Shrineili m.
Leaving the Masonic Temple at one
thirty five o clock the procession pro
ceeded up Alakea Street to Beretnnia,
Kwa on Beretanis to Fort and down
Fort to King, where they turned Wii
kiki and proceeded to the Capitol
Mercy Pleas Ignored
It was at the Cupitol that A. H. Tres
cott, garbed in red tights which were
partly hidden by a short ballet skirt,
balancing himself on a huge juggernnut
drawn lv several other novitiates,
pleaded with his tormentors for a sin
gle minute's rest. His entreaties fell
on deaf eurs, and merciless laughs told
him that if he sua showing signs of
weakness then, he had but little chanc
to survive the afternoon. He mustered
up courage when informed by a suffer
lag brother novitiate who had over
heart the plans for the line of march
that rest would be given them wheu the
Army and Navy 1. M. C. A. wa
reached. There they would be photo
graphed that their likenesses might be
recorded, in case they should ever de
sert their Arab captors.
Upon the back of the mat -n the
juggernaut was hung a large sign which
read: "Show me the man who .aid 1
had cold feet. Oily Prescott."
Others Do Stnitta .
In a large cage drawn by an old ex
press horse were J. Brooks Brown and
E. R. Cameron. - A placard attached to
Cameron's end of .the cage, read.
"Dont monkey with me.--Vnule Ham's
tax expert. Brown's side of the cage
was labeled "The Oriuinat J. Brooks
Brown." ,
J. H. Grainger was keeping an ever
watchful ev. on a miniature mill on
which was a card bearing the words
"The Original Koloa Mill. Designed
by Kopke ia 1843."
C. O. Heiser led the parade, being
dressed in a boloku with a dab of red
paint on each eheek, and pulling a bag
unite truck on whicn reclined E. Todd,
dressed in baby clothes. A sign at the
foot Of the truck read: "My head
weak. Waimanalo Todd." "Grandma
Heiser,, specialist in. unlisted aecuri
ties," waa conspicuously pinned to the
bock of the Trent Trust Company rep
rcseittattve. Just as the truck on wh eh
Todd had beea. " resting , so - easily
throughout the parade reached the
skating rink he 'was pulled over the
curbs three or four times, taxing bin
greatly to hang on. They finally ended
up by running the iron-wheeled vehicle
into a telephone pole, throwing the oc
ennant to the pavement. It wasn't all
a bed of rosea for him after all.
Many Amusing Signs ,
Some of the . placards w hich were
pisued to the backs of the various no
vitiates were as follows: "Mercy
bovs; mercy, boys.' I'm friend of
diet Irwin's. W. B. McKee"r "Care
f ul with me, boys. Drydoek Smith eau
afford to lose me. A. A. Hartman '
"Holbart won't do a thing to me when
he gets me on tha hot sands. A.
Randall"; "Grandma Heiser, specialist
in infants"! "Tender. with me, boys
I'm sick before I start. J. Francis
Berry, Jr.'.'j ?J wish my' brother THE
ADMIRAL waa litre. Ned Madden"
"I'll be a bigger man when I get my
uromotion. Cant. M.. K. - tiinn":
financial genius a la feeling good. H
Harry Hulpeya"; "I'll take anything
thev give me. Capt. E, w. Ely."
When the parade arrived at the skat
ing rink the novitiates were greeted by
the sound of exploding fiiecruckers
and all were informed they were only
nearing the first line trenches, but that
they would soon be in the thick of the
The twenty-two victims entered the
rear door of the hall of terror, the front
doors were closed and the erowd lis
persed, wondering what the unfortu
nutes would lok like two or three
hours later. ...
Drill Team Marches Well
Incidentally members of the Aloha
Temple of the. Mystle Shrine marched
with the novitiates. In the line was
the police patrol, followed by the Ha
wsiian band. . .Coming next In order
were the ofiUoers of. the temple, nobles
and the Arab . patrol. Following the
patrol were the novitiates, and bringing
up the rear were tne otuer members or
Aloha temple wearing their red fexes
Uniformed men of the United States
Aniiv marched with the tuxedo-dressc
Sliriners. and other than their fezes,
the order that no army men shall t
near in the streets in other than urn
form was emphatically obeyed.
. m ,
FORT YATES North Dakota, Nov
1 in tier 1-t Mrs. Red Tomihnwk, wife of
the Indian policeman who enjoys the
distinction of having killed the famous
Sioux chief, Sitting Hull, danced her
self to death- oa the Standing Rock
Inditin reservation, near Cunnon Hall,
according to word received here to
day. ReKrts indicated that Mr. Toma
hawk, about sixty years of age, over
exerted herself in an Indian diii'ce Inst
Sunday. ' ' '
(Tablets). Druggists refund money il
it (ails to cure. The signutuie ol
I. V. CUOVE Is on each box. Man
matured by the PAU1S MLD1C1NU
CO.. 61. IrfK'is, V, S. A.
War Board Takes Most Drastic
Steps For Control of Railroads
That Has Been Made In All
Nation's History
Some of Greatest Transportation
Corporations Are Included. In
Control Which Is Necessary
For the War
25 (Associated Press)
he most iintinrtant anil drastic
move whicli the Uniteu Mateu
has ever ni;nlc in connection With
control of the operations of rail
roads was made yesterday by the
war hoard, with the two fold
purpose of relieving the present
congested trafhc and insuring a '
continued operation ot transpor- .
tation lines, thus insuring sup- .
plies for the camps, the forces in
France, the navy, the people at
home anl the Allies. It followed
a conference which was" held by
government officials' and railroad
heads at whicli the agreement '
was reached that was preliniin-' i ; "
. ' ' ' . ' - - . . , V .' : il
ary to the action taken. ..', , ...'",.,
All railroad lines fast ot Chi- , ,;.
cago are to be operated . as ,,a
single railroad syste.m by the ;
war board, in accordance .with -.'
the decision ' reached yesterday .'....
and announced early last evening.
The trackage, the rolling ,tock,
locomotives, freight and passen- ..
ger cars, are all to fre pooled re
gardless of their ownership. This
vast system will bt operated by .;'
a, commission composed of the
vice presidents of all of the rail-' ;,
roads that are so pooled but un-
der the supervision of . the war
board. '' -r", '.;."' .v
Among the transportation lines
so taken over are some of the .
largest and strongest railroad
corporations in the United States
such as the New York Central,
Pennsylvania and Baltimore and
Ohio systems. '
Since the mobilization of the
national army commenced the
congestion that had already ex
isted for the Eastern railroads
has continued to grow steadily
worse. There were complaints of
car shortages. "Railroads blamed
this to other roads not returning
their "empties" from jniint ,of
destination as fast as they were
unloaded, or delaying in the un
loading of the delivered cars. -A
lack of unity of effort was' -apparent
despite the desire of the
various roads to keep their traf
fic moving and their roads: open.
On top of this serious situation
there have been Increasingly loud
demands from the, brotherhoods
of trainworkers for increased pay.
This situation the direct govern
mental control is expected to
speedily clarify. 1 ,
In the operation of the pooled
system, cars are to be hurried to
points where freight is accumu
lating or has already piled up. ' A
single systerp will thus supplant
the many headed transportation
service that has heretofore pre
vailed. '.'' '
The United States shipping
Iniard has requisitioned 1500 rail
road cars to move fir for , ship
timbers from the west to eastern
yards. ' .-:,.: ', ,. '
',,'. ,,, -, ,
TOKfO, Japan, November 23--(Sp-ial
to Nippu .lijil According to des
patches received here a new forest of
tropical hardwood has been discovered'
011 the isluud of Formosa.
WASHINGTON, November i.4 -(As.
sociated 1 ress) Announcement was
1 mndo at the treasury department tlivt
the next national bank call Is to bo as
of No,vmbor JO.. . ,1 1 .
'.' 4' '
"' .

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