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. i .
AY, NOVEMBER .27, 1917. SEMI-WEEKLY. '' -- - 0'
To Men of Service With Stir
; "V, 1 ring Speeches
. James Wakefield Says This Is
Not Kaiser's War But War of
the Whole German People
' . I - a ' 4 1 . V ,. r. tkn
Vnited Htates of America In striving
it utmost t( provide that which is
best fur tli men in uniform, the dedi
tatory cervices ushering in the formal
opening of the Army and Navy Young
Men "a Christisn Association held yee
tcrday afternoon, commencing at three
V tt tan SN-uiciAtion 's bullditiff.
250 Hotel Htreet, will live long in the
memory of Hnnoluluui a one of the
tnnat noteworthy events ja the annals
of Mus eity's history.
Thrilling sidelights on the splendid
work that I being accomplished by
the Y. M. C. AH not only among the
men of the army and navy in the I'ni
ted Htates, but nnrong the American
and Allied soldiers on the gory fields
of battle, were vividly described by
Fred B. Smith of New York City, and
James Wakefield, chairman of the com
mittee of management, in words that
were veritable word pictures. To such
tense pitch of enthusiasm did the
.iw.k.M WArb thai .njlinnKa . Vi . t tin
add reuses were broken time and again
by vigorous hand-clapping.
A Thooaand Present
The audience waa seated in chairs
uport the lawn and driveways, while ,
: many occupied seats placed on the
- spacious lanais adjacent to the speak
ers' platform. The platform itself
was directly in front of the " Y" build
ing, just between the two Outer stair-
were - used for the decorations and
these lent a color to the scene which
imbned those present with aa unprece
dented feeling of patriotism." Army
ad Navy people as well aa the general
. -aaa.fc.1:.. . 1 U - . 1. . .. I a. .uwl
jtuvue iu iu nuuiwr o& pitniVBb 1WV
' AftAflM1
Under the able baton of Charles E.
Douglas the Cnited (States Navy band
rendered number of pleasing selec
tions, winding up with the National An
them. With George A. Andrus as eon-
' .La . . 1 1 "-l .. L A 1 3
eral vocal Items that pleased, while the
solos of Mrs. Charles L. Hall and
1M.IM A - RfAWII hnn.tlla . a, n
- - The pastors who took part in the ded
icatory services Were the Rev. David C.
. Peters, who gave the invocation; Rev.
Leon L. Loofbourow, scripture reading.
. mua ivev. xi. v imams, u.u., prayer
of i .dedication. . Benediction, which
brought the exercises to close, was
given by the Bt, Bev. Henry Bond Bes-
lanca. xtisnoD or iionuiuiu.
WiUBe Bert Olub
In his address of welcome James
Wakefield, who presided yeterdny af-
people of Honolulu, and particularly to
the Ad Club, who backed the move
ment, for their services in making pos
sible the establishment of the Army
and Navy Y. M. C A. "And to show
yon that we were in earnest when we
naked for the money," he said, "we
have planned and we pledge ourselves '
to make thi. th, finest and best equip-1
ped of any clubs, either here or on the
mainland. This is our object, for we I
feel that the best is none too good for
the men in unifor
ilr. Wahefield mid, in reviewing the
Iteaeral activities of the American Y.
M: C A., that the Honolulu Army end
Navv "Y" is a branch of the central
Committee which has its headquarters
ia New York. He told of the generosity
flf ttlal AniMPiBII ftatmilai ill MlllklU'ri tii HIT
to the several campaigns thnt have been
: launched, empbai.ing partirulurly the
unbounded liberality dinplayed when in
tkai" .a.an t i. tr. . ik i . M f,.. Hm h i i . . f
lkiW.ivjl millw.,1 .la.lll.l'a tllll M.ll.Ma.lil..
tion lists finally cloiei with a iiraud
total of forty-nine milium.
. And, ladies and gentlemen, you can
Test assured that this money will be
. sent with the sumo efficiency aud rare
as are the funds of America's biggest
.'Corporation," ho said. "The money
is vitally needed to finance thtt Chris
tian work that is bein IT curried on
ainonir the ntcn who aro fiL'htinz our
' battlo.
' Not the Kaiser' War
"An unlimited supply of money is
'necessary successfully to combat the
daaturdlv foe with whom we are con
.... . -. - it
. tesliug. , ror wo are naming nu ciicmv
whd is as resourceful as ho is brutal.
W , are fighting an enemy thHt,f will
atop at nothing that is mean and cow
erdJy. It ia hardly uecesnary for me
to dwell on the problem that is facing
the whole Nation. We all are aware
. of the hardship and suffurins that
moot be endured before the Hun is
- whipped into submission:
. . ' In iirwp tn tt Mur the minilM nr those
that may not be aware of the fart,"
added Mr. Wakefield, "I will say, and
say it deliberately, that this is not the
Kaiser's war alone. It is the war of
the infamous German people as much
A it is his. lie could not hsve started
it U be aid not nave me eouu uacaiug
' "It i. ih.refore. essential that the
a hu riAnnlii. Ihi iiuna.
.whoe Uerman nation be w tupped be
, fore a lasting peace ran be made. It
is the only way to drive into the
. . : . . . .
thick heads of the Huns the fact that
the God of might which they worship
i not the Ood they tliiuk be is."
. . ii... I...H..I 1 1... . at.. ..I.
'1 Air. -n asriiviu i.-umoiuicu iit h iuiiii
,. er brief reference to the objects and
aim of th management of the Army
and INavy I. im. ( . a. ami mhki mat
so long as 1'iu'le sm thinks it ueces-
sary to bate enlu.re.1 men .lutinuol
wn,Oabu, just i long u ill this building
lie at their disposii I
.. 1 1
Dedicatory AdilreM
,t- Fred H. hiiiith, ..I Sc'w
Voik City,
nliO ws ivv'u th J i:ioi of iiiaiking the
dedicatory " tddresa, "' opened with a'
snnn account ni ins cany activities 01
the Young Men's Christian Associa
lion. II spoke of the splendid work
done during the Hpaniah-Americaa war, j
which he salt) km really the beginning
of organized effort among the uni
formed vim by Y. M. C. A. official.
' "That work waa rrat hi added.
but th present day eiTorta ara eve
i nit tm ii rig wmcb we aedt-
cste today t a boom and a blessing to
the men on Oahn, It was greatly need
ed and the people of Honolulu who sub
scribed to the' fand for its purchase
did a plain and praiseworthy duty.
"I do not think that any former
l(l(i,0O0 spent in Honolulu will do as
much good as will the $100,000 spent
for this building,'.', said Mr. Kmith.
"The Y. M. C. A. ia a a' orgaaiaatien
without which our armies in the Held
and at home can never hope to attain
any great degree of efficiency.. The
minds of our soldiers must be kept
elenn and free from bad thoughts and
the religions work of the Y. M. C. A.
will see that this Is done.
"But we do aot dedicate the build
ing here today aa a memorial or be
cause the grounda are beautiful. We
dedicate it to a great work, to the far
renehlng power of religion. The Y.
M. C. A. cannot - live without the
breath of God in it, an1 take it from
me thnt if ever the soft-pedal is put
on religion in the Y, M. C. A. then
the organisation ., will die a natural
death. .
'We are in a period" of organisa
tions de lue," continued Mrrmrfh.
"During all my travela I have never
visited a city that can claim as many
societies as can Honolulu. - Many are
necessary, but many are hot. In sptie
of these organisations, however, the
Y. M. C. A. can lay claim to being the
most needful. . .
"Mv greatest hope Is, as tlie Army
and Navy Y. M. C. A. is this dny dedi
cated, that the men who have given
themselves to the services of their
eountry will trot up and down the
steps of this building so often that
they will wear the building out and
make it necessary for Honolulu to
build another one.
"But I want the men here today
to understand that the Y. M. C. A. is
the child of the church. Aad the church
is pot ia the business of running play
houses. Recreation. ' education and
physical culture are necessary, but
tier all are a secondary 'consideration
to the need of keeping God and hi
cosiel forever in mind. . To this end
the Y. If. C. A. la striving, spurred on
by the belief that the only way to win
the war ia to keep the soldiers enheart
ened. :'- ' , : , ...
A War Worth Winning 1 .
"This is the hour of new patriotism.
If there was ever a War worth win
ning, it is this war, and if there was
v.f mru9 itiaft will Main 41iaa tnalrlnrr I
of supreme sacrifices before we are
throogh, this one will mean that. ,
"It is my Arm belief that if the Y.
ML C. A. had bees a active in Russia
during the past three year as it baa
in England, France and America, the
Germans would be finding plenty to
occupy their attention on the eastern
front. But it is no wonder that the
Russian soldiers became disheartened.
For two year they were doing noth
ing but fighting, without - even the
faintest knowledge of what waa hap
pening in other parte of the world.
"In Vladivostok there are for two
miles huge supplies of guns, ammuni
tion an'd equipment which waa sent
to Russia, by America more than two
years ago. These supplies have never
been used. But had the Y. M. C. A.
been organised among the men, they
would be fighting today with as much
vigor a the British, French and Amer
icans." ; -1 - ,
.iuriiiiz mr cuiirM or Dis auuress Air.
d i . , , ,t " ,
Smith recounted a n""ber of personal this month for the war fund has been
experiences, which held the undivided L, ,. , ... ......
-Mention of the large audience. He
eoMcluded by expressing the hope that
,n Army and Navy Y. M. C. A. build-
inK ould become the spiritual birth-
P'f uf .'nl,d1 mn d,,the J0
of the salvation of the Hon of God.
Feature of Building
' , . r " '
and there were many who took advan-1
ioge 01 rne opportunity to look over
the building. The structure, which was
formerly the Royal Hawaiian Hotel,
Laa undergone extensive alteratioifs and
iniprovenient, that pluce it on a par
with the best equipped elub room in Ho-
1 .. I a.
wtiiPvm lira n ruir i 1 nA nmimv mr-tiijsk ba
a piano, phonograph, billiard, poog,,!, (. Hal.tcad
chess, dominoes, papers and magaxines. j ADlljl. H Lackland
Other accommodations are a laundry, Arthur M. Hodgina
locker r.Kim und showers. Later on it High H. hool Alumni
" I - m hjiuiik.iuui,
bowling alleys and swimming pool.
lectures, Hible and educatioual
classes are held at regular periods, and
other urlstisn work is earned out by 0. K. l!lemoiis
the eommittee. No membership fee is.Wade Warren Thaver! '. '.
charged. Antonio Perrv .
IHe eommittee of munscemeiit is as
follows: James Wakefield, chairman;
F. D. Lowrey, treasurer; K, A. Berndt,
' Arthur (1 14... 1 1 1, II, T., k lfn...a.
" -. ... vi -.i.
. i John Waterliouse, committee. Ex-
ecuuve orocers: w. A. Horn, supervis
ing secretary; Howard N. Mosher, asso
ciate secretary; George A. Andrus and
Thomas A. Fisher, assistant secretaries.
Plan, are now being prepared for the
ll((lird of UBrbor commissioners for the
i ...
Bo"- r"Be -ytem and other fea-
...... ... 1... I..I.J .1: ... ....... al. V.
"r la" "
base and piers already built for Piers
H, and 1". at the foot of Kurt Htreet
to be constructed at uu extiiuated cost
uf sTS.oon.
I rhairniHii liobliv of the harbor coin-
.1... i. 1 1 .
iuishiuu mi. iuni wurn iihh nfun rv-
mimed proceeding at the tripl-mer site
and the base structure will soon be
reauy ror ine next siage or construe-
tion. The final work, the wharf sheds
will come last at an ot minted coat or
1. mk. 1..... 1. ... -..u . a u . 1 .-1
I Ob
The brick warehouse uf
the old
ceillilc wlisrt, which has been left
standing, will probably be raised when
the shed work approaches that site
Hawaii Asked To Contribute To
ward Nursery For Our
Brave Little Ally ,v
Novel features the sale ef curios,
souvenirs and of beautiful (lowers from
the Moanalua gafdena-will mark the
holding of Belgian Day on December
Iff, according to Mra.' Dorothea Emer
son who is in charge of the functions
which Kill take place on that day. Of
the schedule of Itema te take place
on that day Mrs. Emerson hss written
to Ine Auvetiiser, as follows:
"In addition to the usual sale of
tags, curios and souvenirs from the
trenches, there will be a sale of beau
tiful flowers from the Moanalua gar
dens. Miss Helen Alexander hniug
most ' kindly promised the use of her
theater at l.aulakea, the sale will take
place there but will be helped by t
tew groups of pretty little girls who
will take basket of cut flowers to
dispose of on the streets. There will
also be a generous Collection of potted
plants, poinsettias, rooted heliotrope,
plumbago, ferns, and palms for sale
such as will make appropriate retnem-
braneea at a time when expensive'
Christmas present are to be omitted.
"Alt proceeds from the sales will gu
towards th Creche d 'Hawaii, which
we have been asked to give. Differ
ent localities ia the United Hates are
being asked to present these nurserha
and ours will be porobably the firs:
to be established.
'Is it not our duty besides being
our privilege to help the poor littli
thildrrn of those .who stood between
the foe and usf
"Children of the, Territory are al
ready helping the good work, the
school of twa Plantation and that at
Hanamaulu voted to give up their
Christmas eatertaiamenta and have the
money sent to help these little brothers
and sisters. ' Other schools have also
contributed, l.iliuokalaul, the Sunday
school of the Church of 1-ntter Day
Haiata, one on Makawao and a Japan-
ese Huudsy school on Kauai.
I have every hope that the public
will again stretch out its hsnd to our
brave little ally and enable me to send
the money as . we have been asked.
"I have already spoken of the three
adult beds to be ia the Nursery to be
named 'Queen Elizabeth,' 'Edith Ca
veil ' and 'Mary Morris.'
"Any contributions for 'Queen Elix-,
abeth' (to be given by Elisabeths, or!
"v privative of the name--Elsa, Lily,
5'.M,f' '' ,,n,r u Mt ,w,th M,
El"beth Wall. 830 Luoahlo Btreet,
ho kindly consented to collect
for u- 1 koping that 'Edith Cavell,'
will be jrlven by the trained nurses of
the Territory and that the different
Oodmothors' will contribute to the
one named In honor of one, whose beau
tiful work for the soldiers of Belgium
Is beyond praise. '
Although the Bed Cross gifts for the
we?K were smaii. ine sum mven so isr
I " "' ' , ' u j
ui tu Htuty, November 24, was $11
in the
and there are jet six more day
month. A large contribution in
I the coming week will make n record of
which the Hod Crow can be iiroud.
The donations to the war fond for
the week .dlog November 24 were a.
- follows:
, 10.OO
j,-r;... i.
i.n "!
" " '
rallH'i Pi.yers
j ,. ' ;;
xiur,: ...i.-.,,
I " " "
Cluss of
M rs. Tom
I . .
Members of the 11. H. Alumni
J, T. Warren
Geo H. !nrrv
8mith, Warren & Wbituey . . . .
IFrank Andrale
Andrews A Pi ft 1110 11
II. Kiliuondson
Howard L. Grace
M, H. Ilenshaw
Alexaniler 1), I.Srnuch
Leon M. Htraus
C. II. OU011
T. Wills.....
Tbouipitoii tc t'athcart
O. K. French
Antony He to
lloon Wo Wong
J. H. I'oiudexter ,
W. H. Lymer
W. T. Kawlins
I E. A. Mutt Hmitb.
iViu.Il&w' by' Puuahou
Tea-licrs biI Pupils at the
. I'. Kui
'A. M. Hi own
A- tl. M. Kobertnuu.
A. I. ('antic
Mri. A. I.. Castle. . .
Ton. I
UnUMPi ncil I AL
"n I liursdajr eveuiug, Ducember (1, at
eijnt (1 clock, win occur the third pro-
grmn m the Christian Church winter
sei iex of organ recitals. This reeital
will be
' it 1 . ... ... .
given by Mix Alice Harrison,
orunm-l of (Antral I'liinn t'huri-.li. an.1
will be a nroirraui of aiodoru urcaa
Soldiers Use Fists When Officers
Descend On " Beretania
' ' Street Illicit Joint .
, One Chinese man and One Hawaiian,
whose nn mot are not yet known, were
arrested late last . mflit for r., selling
liquor to soldiers, after officers M. C.
Madeima and Assistant Liquor License
Inspector Jack Roberts had . spent the
early part of the night in watching a
place thnt had long been suspected of
dealing illicitly ia booee,- Beretania
8treet, between River aad Mauna Kea
btreets. ' ' '
.The Chinese was seen pssslng booze
to a soldier and when, the officer at'
tempted to make the arrest, weven sol
diers who were in the building at the
time, attacked them. : Roberta was hit
a powerful blow on the ja'w, but Ma
dsiros aie out of the - fray .an
scathed. Oftor a hurried consultation
outside for several minutes, they both
entered the boose joint prepared for
action, Several of th soldier were
beaten with clubs by the officers, and
the Hawaiian, who had interfered with
Madeiros, waa placed under arrest, as
waa the Chinaman, who is supposed to
be running the place for hljherup.
One hundred empty beer bottles and
two dosen bottles or beer were taken
as evidence.. The.' patrol wagon was
called and one of the provost guard de
spatched to the seene recognized two'
ef the men. - He said they were Henry
B. Cilt. r Company, first Infantry, and
J. B. Ourtln, B Battery; First Field Ar
tillery, - - , '- ' . .
A warrant will be'iworn out for the
matt who is supposed .to. be the owner
of the place tomorrow morning. Mean
while the Chinese and the Hawaiian,
who were- hrrested are booked, for in
vestigation r The soldiers who made
their eeeap are known to be from the
Second Infantry, and it is expected that
the two men whose names are known
will divulge the names of the other
when given a bearing' before the police
magistrate.'-'';'.' i, .
, ''''.'
"Peanuts" Captures
Auto Thieves :
By a' Clever Ruse
Men Who Later Confess To
Stealing Ford CarAre Found
By ; Advertiser Paper Car
. Driver and Turned !0ver To the
Police ' - -
: Tony Ognn, otherwi" and better
known Ba "Peanuts'4, captured yester
day morning two 'automobile thieves
who had stolen a ear, according to their
reported confession, and" wrecked it -on
the Waialua road. "Peanuts"-brought
the men into town, i through a
clever ruse, and turned them over to
the police. .Ona at WM a Ha
waiian, the other a janmrese: "res
wi assisted oynvate cuaries
Connors, Company l. 25th Infantry,
who patched up the damaged ear and
drove it into tne city.
While Henry Wiiiiame'owner of n
Ford ear, was eajoyln' be dance at
rt. t u.n - t..-j-.- u:-
riiuriiii xi mil vo rimiu' )ui, ui
machine waa stolen from the curb on
M,t .!.. I h.d hn left
.taking 7rly in the
evanintr. After
J .k. i.nL.l I. nt
hi, ... a thail reDorte1 hu i0M to
the notice station.
- Yelterday morning "Peanuts", who
I chauffeur of The Advertier'a paper
lHvory ear for Bchofleld Barracks nd
, WW. ..l.g down the Wain
iu nui wnea ne saw an
Ford ear. With him t tl
t ora ear. VYiin mm at ine lime was
00. 00 "Tnte (jonnor. Tney toppea ana
s!s0 ' looked the car over and reached the
10.00 conclusion it eould be driven agaia, if
130.00 righted. They worked for-aometime
25.00 nnd got the ear safely back on its
5.00 wheels, when. 'Peanut" drove on to
100.00 Camp Jiliuokalanl, leaving Connors to
( pnt the steering apparatua In order.
10.00 Offor Lift
50.00 I Both remembered that while driving
25.00 from town toward Waikakalaua Gulch
23.00 , they had seea tno men, a Japanese
' and a Hawaiian, walking toward Hon-
1. V0f!olu!n and one seemed to have n, dam-
lageu knee, iney ngurea in
m.. kail amiia fnrmitp .iniBMnan Wltb
10.00 the wrecked ear. When "Peanuta"
5.00 i returned from Kawailoa, Connors bad
IO.Oii' the car In working order and both drove
5.00 toward town.
5.00 I Near the junction of the Bchofleld
50.00 Wsipabu road they, saw the two men
5.00 .ahead. "Peanuts" drove on leaving
6.00 Connors behind. "Peanut" aym
l.OO pathinod with the men and offered to
l.OO take them in bis ear and help tbem to
2.00 tow u. The - Invitation wu accepted.
2.50 Connors followed. Before reaching the
5.00 eity "Peanut" waa sure the men were
10.00 those who bad damaged the ear.
5.00 Turned Ovor to Folic s
50.00 At the corner of Liliha aad King
.Streets . he . saw Motorcycle Offleer
htuplebeen, '.and swung over to. him
ud announced that the two men with
5.00 him were the auto thieves of the Mil
10.00 liams car. Ktuplebeen took barge of
10.00 them, rang for the wagon and " Pea
10.00 nuts" drove on to the station; follow
0.00 d by Connors. At the station tb Ha
I wniisu, who was carrying an nkule
le, admitted that he aad the Japanese
10.00 had taken the ear and driven out for
2.00 a joy ride, and had t been . unlucky
5.00 . enough to wrerk the machine, compell
5.00 ing them to walk to town. They gave
20.00 their name aa Clement iKeakahiwa and
23.00 Hifashi Mukid. .1
' Connor once before figured in the
recapture of a stolen car. belonging
1 to a, man named Anderson. Connors
noticed the car at Kd Hill, with the
number snieared with mud. In town
be beard of the theft, looked up the
owner and with his own ear took the
owaer and police down the BalelWa
road. They came upon the ear, at the
moment it waa driven into a tree, the,
..' . - . .
m-nunfliits rananinor 1 tr bnwever.
thev. were cai.turvd and iiroved to be
Weiv Congress To
(MU pedal to The Advertiser)!
,; WASHINGTON,' November 10 The
shutter ef congress 1U no sooner' be
down, it now seems, than revenue talk
and discussion of governmental where
withal will be rampant, Mea there
were ia senate. and house but a few
short week ago were boosting . the
mammoth revenue bill through it final
Stage. witL predictions- and aighs ef
relief that there t would, be no. . more
revenue legislation for quite a while.
Nevertheless th big law is hardly in
operation before .congressional plans
are under way for even further re
visioa.wtth the purpose of much higher
taxes. . And there seems not the slight
est doubt but by mid-winter this newer
revenue law will be in immediate pros
pect. -''' '' V ' '. ..' '.. ' , ' ''
. . 'ike alarum is Bounded ' out of the
treasury department into legislative
circles,' for treasury official see the
money dumped in there by ' hundreds
of million vt dollars and even by bil
lion pf dollars but . more speedily
checked out. Humaa vision eould not
foresee how the war enterprises expand
and multiply. - It Is a standing require
ment up and down through the offices
of several department having to do
directly or indireetly . with, the war,
that old timers and new comers alike,
hand ia suggestion of things that
eould well be done to further efficient
war making. Maay of these Sugges
tions yield good result in preparedness
but everything calls for monrv and
money ia allowed unsparingly for ev
ery uudertakin f of iny promise,
Take Off the limit
And by the same token representa
tive of way and mean will opn be
eagerly ' eir.ihjr ' upon all ' auggestions
for revenue: raising. Income taxes will
undoubtedly be revised again and it
may' soon be thnt every man will be
ealied upon to pay a stipend. In other
words, the $1000 limit will be entirely
taken off and every man aad family
he required to drop at least a few dol
lars annually directly Into the federal
till. Very many who are, or who have
been, ia the public service would hail
such a statnte as a further step toward
better government. ' For it is evident
that when any man put even a $10
bill in aa a direct contribution to a
cause,' whether it be governmental or
non-governmental, ' eye and ear' and
individual interest become' tenser for
its weal. The federal spirit will." be
quickened and strengthened. -. , -'
And Secretary of the Treanry Me
Adoo, in ranging up and down th land
for the sale of , Liberty Bonds, i etn
phaeixing only one of the notable war
activities .of hia department.' Tax col
lecting aud tax administration .rf
became a colossal task. It bears lest
heavily as to customs, because customs
tariffs -have not been greatly increased.
The yield of funds comes more largely
from internal revenue and the internal
revenue bureau is already ,the ,. one
great bureau of - the government.. Fed
eral officials, who intend well aud stand
the test of satisfactory performance,
must sef ahead. . They must iav th
equipment and personnel leady. Ae
eurdinglv there was significance some
.w . r 1, TA
v h a ' i vi Tm rnii ravaniin itii rmm 11 . niMLiNn
are now said to have been placed upon
a far more aatisfactory basis. ... An J
lo. passing, it may be remarked
. that official impntienee with incapacity
umni IKK ui pcriurwimcc inonv. xmjm
growing. A realisation or war worn
hss reached the stage where 'out Xoa
to" i" a quicker dictum to the iucom
I ntnt in hiuh nlac.es.
People Are In fearnest
The country took the Inst Liberty
I Loan so readily aad so cheerfully a to
cheor congress for the unwelcome. taK
of laying more taxea. The forthcoming
re-revision will be a long and tedious
task of nesessity. But subject Of the
new taxation are accepting the law
in such good part aa to constitute a
noteworthy Incident ef loyalty. Usual
ly a new revenue bill drawa oat wide
spread protests and demonstration of
ill temper. Protest there were in
plenty while the Inw was in formation
but the operations thus far have been
attended with exceptional acquiescence.
This is another evidence of the earn
estness with which the people finally
are coming to regard the war. -
Another session of congress ia now
only fonr weeks away. While the mem
bership ia now widely scattered, a few
Weing in the trenches in Flan
. "
ders and few others on ft trip to the
Mid Paeifie, the gathering of senators
aud representatives here for the win
ter will soon be on apace. It promise
to be r serious problem, possibly for
the first time in American history, a
to where congress shall lay it bead.
There are 435 representatives and ninety-six
senators, with their families and
employes. Hardly twenty-five percent
of these have their own domicile In
Washington and hotels and boarding
houses are -already overflowing into
Alexandria, Hyattsville and other near
Acta Hke Cterm la
the Only peeifle In ,'
The only Falltatto In NBUHAUIIA. OOVT, KHIUMATIftM.
i (n Bnnl, br sll OmmUis.
fnucs ia fe-taUad, 1JL lit.
Seek Revenues
by Virginia and Marylaad town. ' V
Speaker Clark, faring forth far into
the Wiest, is talking about a session of
a year 'a duration. ' Chairman Fitxger.
alcf, of House Appropriations, ha re
eeatly been discussing appropriation
prospects, for, chiefly under his vise
eontrress vote the billion of fond
I mad"e availnble" for war purposes.
Chairinta Kitchin, of Ways and Means,
is presumably among the hardly Tar
heels of Hcotland! Neck. These three
will be conspicuous mea of the forth
coming session.- '
Department Catch War Stride
1'iitonn the. departments have cer
tainly caught the war stride. Thev
are making good to a degree not real
ized heretofore.' ; The momentum of
preparation hss become sufficient there,
so that congress will be of very see
ondary import. . Ill other term the
moving spirits of the army ami the
navy will watch congress only out Of
the tall of the eye.' The funds will be
supplied. Revenue will be raised a
plenty. Ex-Heeretary of the Treasury
khaw, who dwell now, in Washing
ton, remarked the other day, a ha
stood at a local postofflee' window pur-
chasing a supply of I cent stamps, that
"the ..country, if need be, eould raise
a loan of $200,000,000,000 and then
some more." ; ' . r.
But officialdom and the government
at Washington - are already braeing
against a mighty prospective flow of
yawp. It will issue much from the
Republican side, where there are no
well defined policies and where eandi-.
datea for federal places are largely
making their own issues. One may
rest assured . that those senators and
represents tives, who v have . gone to
Europe, although they went unofficially,
will demand to be heard. 1 They have
a topic in which the people are inter
ested. They have been filling ,reper
torinl ears in Europe to the very brim
and getting much more attention than
they possibly could have had iq Wash
ington' where their measure was long
ago taken by colleagues. And, of
necessity, they will vex the air when
agnia they act foot o home soiL
No Tim for Economy
-' Presumably internal affaire will have
scant consideration, even . though con
gress may be in n spending mood. Old
Congressional Parsimony has a seat
way back in the scheme of things these
days. One erics 'for economy only in
a mighty din, where cars function in
distinctly. - But-, the money demands
are so enormous that waterways and
railway and public buildings and all
that must wait on war and war 'a en
terprises. And soon certain solona
there, will be who will fill in the time
scrutinizing and analyzing the course
of expenditures for war. Although
the. eountry ,will abound . in coming
moatbs with loyalty and patriotism,
tbefe will be many soon to tell bow
thing could have been better J done.
That promises' to be something of a
feature fbis winter. It will not be on
the program in the big tent but there
are politicians who will make it some
. :
Bonds in the sum of $50,000 have
been purchased from Territorial Treas
urer McCarthy, ou behalf of the Tert.
rltory, which will now enable the
board of harbor commiiwioner to pro
ceed with the surveys and preparation
of plansi for the construction of the
new wharf at Hana, Maui.
' Chairman W. K. Hobby, of the har
bor commission, left yesterday after
noon on the steamer Mauna Kea for
Labaina and Kahului, and will return
on Tuesday, after making an investiga
tion of a few projects concerning his
His principal reason for going to
Maui at this time is to confer with
the Maui loan fund commissioners with
reference to the Alcna reservoir pro
ject. This reservoir is to be completed
under loau fund appropriations author
ixid by the legislature.
' Ho will not hae opportunity to visit
Hana Bay, but his oflic.e will imme
diately prepare to make the surveys
and as soon as these are completed the
plan for the wharf will be made and
construction work will be under way
ia the early part of the coining year.
The new wharf will occupy a location
some distance from the present struc
; TICKING, November 24 (Associated
Pressi-A group of Japanese batiks
have loaned China five million yen for
the period of one year. This group
will have first opportunity to make any
subsequent similar loans that may be
sought. ' .
Checks and arrests '
Th Beet Xemedy known for
I ftsle MuufMurm,
. J. T. DvasoT, U4, Leadoa, .. ,
Farmer Killecf In Fall While Rid
J Y !:-nfl With Son ; ,.
i,: ..I i. S '...' . ' ; -
, MatoVa Kawamoto, farmer; of Kula,
was thrown or fell from his horse Bur
Punnnne Saturday last, November 17,
and killed; ay the Maul New.
: Deceased, together with hia ion and -another
Japanese named Osmnra, came
down from Kula to Kahului, bad lunch
at aoen, supper in the evening and
more or less sake. They started off for
home at seven-thirty, - When about a"
quarter or a tniie from runnene tbe-oid
man called, but tn' the others to snnpd
up, and he himself started Off at a live
ly gallop, soon disappearing down the.
road. After the other two had picked
up a hundred 'yard or more, they found
the old roan lying on the road with
blood ooxing from hia mouth aud ear.
He waa also unconscious. '
The. son rushed back fes quickly a
possible to Kahului and informed the'
police. The latter went out, found the
old man where he had been left and
took him to the -Paunene hospital.
There it waa found that he had sus
tained a fracture of the skull a welt
as being injured internally, v
. Kawamoto lingered , in the hospital
until .Wednesday afternoon when he
u 1 ,- irnm lot? . urn- mrr, wss ci- .
tremely little hope for hi reeovery. '
.1 ' 1 1 . . 1 St I 1 L . -
- j, ''
Ewa Plsntailoa Compsnv '
Wailuku Aericultural Co., Ltd.
' Apokaa Pngar Co., Ltd. ,
KohaU Sugar Company :
. Wabiawa Water Company, Ltd.
Fulton Iron Work, of St. Looii
', Babeock Wilcox Company
Oreen' Fuet Economixer Ootn tany
jC'ha. C. Moor A Co.; Engineer
will not buy much these. war days.
When norma) times roturn, it . pro
bably will buy 60 to 100 more
than it doe nOw '
Save these present-day 1 cheap
dollars, against tb time- tbey '11 be
worth a lot" moro. : ','--'.
. V'
We pay 4 interest
Msrchant and Fort BU
from .Montreal to Liverpool,
Loudon and Glasgow via the
and Bt. Lawrence Route
' . ?' end .
By the popular 'Princf"
bteamera from- Vancouver, '
Victoria er Seattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. H. Davies &Co. Ltd
Gen'l Agents, Canadian-Paelfle By. Co.
Commission Merchants
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co.
' Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
Fulton Irou Work of St. Loul
' Wake Steam Pumps -Western
Centrifugal '
Babeock & Wilcoa Boiler
Oreen 'a Fuel Economiaer
Marsh 8team Pumps
Matsoo Navigation Co.
Planters Line Whipping Co.
Kohala Sugar Co.
chincry of every description -made te
order. .-
Issued .Tneadaya and Friday
(Entered at the Postofflee of Honolulu,
T. H., aa eceod-elai matter.)
Per Year .............. 92.09
Per Year (foreign) ..... M0
Pavstilo Invariably U. Advance
Castle &Cooke,
'.' '. - " LIMITtO ' '. ;
l '..".': )', ,v . ' .: . .
.' .. 1

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