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t ''''.. i r t l f i
. .' .i:
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: HAWAIIAN'. GA2ETTE,. FRIDAY, NOVfcM 8ER 50,'" 191 7-EMI-WkiV. '"' .
Second Only TO Royal Bird Was
the Cook Yesterday When- -;
ever Soldiers Ar Stationed '
Menus de Luxe the' Rule At All
1 -..'To Bed Stuffed and Happy
! ! 1 tr Iwhit tap er th most im
i ; W l. i lr ipttaat unWaryr keadgear , worn In
' ! W'Ary' fet fnl -Ham ' army post
on Oahu yesterday, for they were th
1 royal tneigni of th army eooka, and
th cooks wre cooking turkey all morn
' tag long a ad then served it at the
ttrota of twelve to about thirteea thou-
k .. aaad soldier. - v. ,- -.
J was aa army of me, who at U
turkey, tml It wae aa amy of turkeys
which wa fnrirlalied to an" !
petite 6f th mi ia khaki, Who; had
been working, up n appf?te for A'lrier
; ica'a moat beaored. bird. auDc just a
year ago yesterday.
CigMy few. soldier stralyed away
" from posts ar barrack jeaterdat. Thev
' Just seemed t ailck around at if antl
lipatiog aa entertainment de luxe, and
if any of them had" beeq allowed in
v the eompanf kitchen they possibly
would wot hive been any wieer, but
' . Juaf. bit mtre Veen than ever ta atty
: ' h ire ret until tha twelv o'clock mesa
'" bntrf-blew .
BoUUart la trie' .','( '.;' . '':'
,.A newspaper reporter, visiting ' the
variod poata Jaat to h6w Uncle
Sam wan really treating fc.ht.bOv on
f hi day of thanks, ascertained that Lf
ttkf men our. earth ahould, offer up
thank tb tbe Almighty on tbia one
day of tbe year appointed by the .Chief
Executive of the Nation on which to
i express appreciation -of the mercies of
the year, and which owea Ita orifcin to
the Pilgrim Fathera aa aet apart . by
Uoreraor Brad f urd. at Plymouth, Maaaa
cfcuaeta. la 1S2V it waa theae' aoldiera.
j Early iq tbe day, kaowiai? full, wll
what ,w4 eoming. if Uiot by prevoua
knowledge, thea: by tt. wonderful
arom of aweetaamelling meat ad. apicea
emanating form tbe kitchen, they, all
agreed with what Napoleoa aald about
n army, and ita ttomaeh, ' Jhty alao
greed that Unele . Ram waa the beat
raterer in the world to hie rma warda.
They. Jike.wiae. .agreed, that the army
thiefa bad. taken time by the forelock
and aecuredS, enough, turkey a all over
the United SUtea to have a aufficlent
fiipply for yeaterday'a djnner ill every
port of (he eoatiaent, over lit France,
down ia the Philippine, away or in
Alaaka and her .ia the ParaMiae.of the
... ; ipaeifiot. and wherever .Columbia! wr
doga are erniaing upon ti Seven Btu.
Hall To it fctuc- ,i t :':.'':
And ao it a tnaf.hen the white
rapped and aproped cook a made their
appearance' early lit the; dny they were
the real kiaga'of.tha day Few officer
had to be obeyed,, for drllla wra poat
poned, and lucky, they were, for in
the' afternoon every aoldier needed a
reat and woe bVtide tb man who had
f walk aentry duty - ,
Never .before .bad aoldier. liked the,
barrack o well or to be in the vicinity
. of the' dining room if.lt happened de
tached. The pool rooma and card room,
the Kbrariea and even the dofmftoriea
Were crowded. The pboriographa, and
rfter were hundred aroaad the poata.
kept up a continuoua grinding out of
fn-trota and. ragtimea. The player
piarioa reeled otl their beat tnnea and
ocraaionally aa ukulele 'e atrnm could
be heafd through the wiadowa. .
The ' meat aergeant ir aim aa et
reedlngtt popular ittanV ia' eacM eompaay
1n(iC hall. Tt wa h whor with the
Connttaaee of the tooka and their aaaiat
auta prepared, the menu; ad While
each men Wie different,-merely ia tbe
printed makeup. It waa nearly all the
fame fi rie, old faahfoaed orkey dinner
iri every haH.-; 'i1 '
fof and Good Feelrnf
It' needed to be a day . of Joy and
good feeling. The newgpapel1 man waa
conducted to each kitchen and ahown
the great plafteraof i turkey I'ega and
wing and the heap of ivhite and black
meat, nicely alieed and garnitthed,. He
wa howa huge.plattejra of potato aalad
aud candied waet 'pcataea, aad cran
berry eauoe. and,., th oyster floating
around iq rich .not, milk. M tbe aoup
was beltig prepared.. ' ,
, 'Stay , and have dinner., with u
you'll aure bav the buliea, dinner of
' jour. life," wa the general rnvitatlon
of the army boye to tbe hurrying scribe
- It waa a temptation. Hf. Anthony never
bad a. greater, but Altera, were many
poata to viait.. : ', .,' f , . .
, Oqe poet after another aeemed all to
have been turned into vaat kitchen
far the day, with everybody elae wait
ing for that turkey. ... .1
... Uncle 8am provided . for all our
boy handsomely eaid Major Per
kin, commanding the Coeat Artillery
rout of Fort Burer, "The army chief
looked' on ,iot thl m loitg way ahead
of ia aad got rnrkev to every poa.
ennngh' fof' all and tkew aome to hold
, Over! for another meal. It 'a goln to bo
' ' reat- Thaitkantving dinner."
Vor'a Mouth Watered
Tha major ,wan 't gofnlr ,f.o altf down
'at on of the eompao table, but h
knew eXActlr wfit a aplndid feaaf we
to' be placed befort the , hnndler of
ike ' bis gun, and. maybe h wi a
bit jealou. At any r!te he wa pleaaed.
Then the bugle blew at npon at Fort
Kuger, Fort De Ruaay, Fort Xrmatrong,
Fort Itumehamehft, Fort Bhafter and
Hchofleld Barracka; yer, and even in
the placet n'bere' gnard ' detachment
bav been placed on duty, flier wa
" mighty ruah. Tb 1 ule aergeant
wbiatled them down, into thoir eatn.
Tn.moat of the company dining room
V tb " re eonfronted with aouveuir
neau Uookleta of tb day, with cover
ahowiug turkey ia Color, and emboaaed,
nd old tyl printing. Some of tb
Eager To Get ;
Good: Siartands : : ;
' piilUJ, November S3 Oet Iw'd nnn.
dred application bve already been
made for participation rn in drawing
for aeveneen land lot which la. to
take place on February 7 neit and
'Which . 'Will, diapoae : of three kundred
acrea of land, the. leaae of which ha
expired and which I located at llono
bitia, near Hakalau. r.-'
. The tract of land la thre hundred
acre ia extent and la now under cane,
aem yo.ing ratoon and aom big can
which la to be cut very noon. The
bomeatead lota are divided into arcaa
ranging from eight to aixteen acrea. of
land and the Cropa raised upon them in
the peat have been very heavy. ,
! .the value of the lot yarlra from
Mgbty to one hundred and tfty dollara
per aere and. the whole tract, ia to be
di)oaed of, for homestead purpeaoa.
The opening up of the tract waa ap
proved of by Governor Pinkbam on
November 40 nd application for lot
will be received an ti(l January SI.. Tbe
election day will be February 7 and
the tot will be dispoied of at tb Hilo
eourtbouae. ' ' . . "
... . . r-W .".".ai -"I:
Completion of - Program - Will
.Make Fort On of Largest Big
V Gun Stations Iri Islands
- Conntrnctlon work on new bbildings
at Fort Ruiror. which waa commenced
about t free weeka 'ago, ia progreaaing
rapidly, 'the atablea and wagon abed
having been completed. The, founda
tion ia already laid for the.guardhouRe,
which la. being erected .oq a ait.e near
the government road between the main
barrack on the Kaimuki ide and tbe
battery poaition no tbe Diamond Head
aide.. The headquarter building, will
b placed clone to the barrack division.
1 When the new guardnauae i com
pleted, the old one, will.be tora down
to make room for a.larg9. two-atory
frame barracka building. , Thi will
house a company which la now occupy
ing tent in ffont of, the 13th Company
barrack. . '. , ,
, p'pon th high ground back of ihe
DarracKa ana many or ine oia-time or
fioer'. Quarter, tbe new act of officer
quartera re being erected. Theae will
top 'the bigheat ground of the poet
When these building are all completed
Fort Buger will, he one of the largeat
big gun poat and probably the moat
picturesque, beeauae of the numeroua
h Us and high ground occupied by the
MAMinn AawniA tit tfVi arm ' mmaiim.
,-'.1 - -jj'' V i.'. ar.J
IXiNDON, November 30 (Aaociateil
I'reaa) Rcporta received here yester
day tell of the loaa of a Oerman de
atroyer from contact with, a mine. Only
two of tbe crew were aaved a the abip
aank almost immediately and .the of
fleer Ad crew could not keep a flout
long in the cold water. 1
; . ..- . ..
f'ii i, !.. jt '
MEXICO CITT, November 27-(A. -ociated
Preaa) Oen. Venuatiauo Car
ranza, president of Mexico, ha immed
decreea iuereaaing. from E5 to 5t) per
cent the import dutiepon certain clutwe
of merchuodiae, to 75 ou wine and uluo
holic dutiea, and, tes 80. an .foreign )eer.
Tbe iaereaaed ratea will be effective
January 1. . . ,
printer abowed real ingenuity, fr the
cnt on the menu- of Company H, Hecond
Infantry showed a big turkey with a
loi around ita ueck just to show the
boy', aloha far heir beat Thanksgiv
ing Day friend. Company. 1., N-coud
Infantry, had fatter looking turkey
for H cover than othera, aud nhove
U wa the. American eagle boldrug
eroaaed Ainorican .tjuga. . , .
But whether it wa Company I. or
Company B f the Second Inf:intry, or
he 13th Com 1 .any, Coast Artillery) out
at Fort Sugar, or cavalry, troop, or
field artillery company, the coi'iposito
menu for all ran about like this:
M-u-m m m! , , , .
Oyster Soup with Crackers
Boaet Young Turkey with Fruit
.v" . t , Dressing '
Cranberry auce , Oiblet Oravy
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Cold Poiled Ham
Roast Veal Boast Pork and Snore
Mashed Potatoes, 8weot Qorn, Creamed
. Peas, Railiab
Hhrimp Ralail, Potato Halnd, Fruit Salad
Chocolate I yr Cake, Coc.oanut
.. -. .flak .,
Apple Pie. Pumpkin Pie, I.emon Pie
Oraugea, Rannna. Pineapples, vn-ti rtcd
Nuts, Miyed Candies
1 Strawberry Ie .Cream, Yanil 1 Ice
; .' ; , .Cream,. Coffee ,
Cmrt .. Cigarettes
, There wa musi also (n aome of the
tompaniea, and "Over There" was pop.
olar.with, a lot pf tU boy, Company
B, of the fteoond Infantry, printing
the ong on it menu.. Mot of tbe (ut
ter booklet carried the roster of the
eompnnv. and oniotlnu cut of Pre
ideiit Wilson, ri '.,. ., j
It waa a, greai day..
And it' an wonder that aiipner lust
evening wa just about like this:
Ovater Ktew, , ,,.., ,. . Cold, Meat
Olive , Plc.lflea ,,,Celerv 1 J.ettuea
, Plo t Cake . Candio . .. ,.
u i. .-Tonr.:!; -,': . ;
Macedonia, October '3d (Associated
Preaa)- Thia little Turkish own marks
the farthest point north of thi Army
of the Orient, where General Jerome,
commander-in-chief of Hie FreaCh-Oreek
divisions, haa established his general
headquarters. The- . double line of
trenehea are near bv. and one heara
the low rumble of gutia aad get aa oc
casional whiff of go. , To the rtiK the
Vardnl' river vlnds bet-ween high monn
taln. It ia the junction of the British-
trench forces, with Oeneral Milne
British divisions running east of th
Vardar, lutl miles to the ea, and Oen
pral Jerome 'a French and Allied divi
sion stretrhlng et Of tb Vardar to
ward Monnstlr.
With C.iptaln Petain, of peneral .Te
rbme stnfr find, Captain I.angenhngrn
from general headnnrters, we ha
come to one Of the highest point, to
get a panoramic View of the opposinp
Raea, with the batterle a work. It
WR in tin old Turkish cemetery, and
we looked out from among these strung
Turkish gravestones. For axrme renaon
it had been christened "BoeratesObser-
vntory. The acene ahead waa sing
ularly beautiful On tbia clear October
day, with the Vardnr on the right, threi
borob-ewent and deserted villages In
front, and successive range of moun
tains from which little cotton-bnlls of
amok marked the, liatteric in action.
CtUe Ar Deserted
Directly in front we looked down on
tb Bulgnr City of Ouevuli, an import-
Laat 1 lace of 40,000 population, now de
serted becniisa of the havoc of the
French, guna. It bns Inrge ilk factor
ip, find the tall chimneys, and, what
ia known as the Depvo tower, stood
Out pluinly oove Jhe ailent city. 1 To
tbe west were . three Turkish villages
alao deserted, East Alcnk, West Aleak
and nudzi Bnri. The lines pf trenches
were plainly visible, r.ig-xngging across
the. plain, but there was no movement
Of, infantry visible and only the blotch
a of smoke' and rumble of gun to mar
the calm of theae fertile foothill .and
valleys. t , ,
Orreat Engineering Feat
Coming north from (Salonika' th rail
way slop- at. Kilometer S7 and here
begins the gigantic work which French
engineers are accomplishing, in build
ing bridges on mountain roads. A net
work of 500 miles of this road ha been
built, keeping the whole Macedonian
front in touch with long linen of sup
ply trucks moving the munitions and
stores to the front. It i all stone-road,
su h aa the old Komona built, aud be
aidea this 500 miles for auto-trucks
there are 400 miles more for pack
mules. , ., . . ,
At one point a, sandy plain spread
out, with a colossal structure in the
distance which looked like one of the
pyramid of lugypt. It waa mounted
on, a hewn-atone. ten-ac half a mile
long, and then above rose the monstrous
dome with tbe apex rounded. This is
the reputed tnmt) of Alexander . the.
Qraat, tbe noted hero of old Macedonia,
who exclaimed' " Give' me more worlds
to conquer," Captain Langeuhagen
said it was not dear whether the tomb
wa a tradition or a reality, but excaa
tiona were being made to aee if the in
terior, of the vast pile .would disclose
some authentic clues.
Jerome Hammers Steadily""
Oeneral Jerome is known a the
"fighting general,"-by 'virtue of tho
steady hammering he is doing on this
front. IfO ia of the Phil Sheridan type,
short and thick, with a ruddy face and
thin grey hair. Hi staff include aome
of the beat known, men. la France, in
aluding the head man of tho Paris
Figaro. The; general 'a report on the
day 'a oporationa had just come lit.
"It is comparatively ealm," be said.
"Moat of the attack are at night jii.it
now, as tlie darknesa give cover, and
there is no hot sua tq wear the men
Ut neral Jerome wa greatly 'inter
ested in the arrival of American troops
in France. H wanted to ee Major
Davis, the United Mates military at
tache in these part, to talk with him
of the deai rabilfty of having Americun
vigor added to what ia .already .here.
Something may eonie of this later on.
Headquarter Oa Cliff
: At Uagadny we, w Oeneral Colin,
Pre noli brigade comuuuider. Hi head
quarters, are at one of the moat ex
posed point of thia front. One aide of
the town baa bain blown to: pieces, aud
the kousea are masses of debris and
jagged walls. On attacks are, also fre
cnent. Tbe general's headquarters are
on tho side of a high cliff, reached by
winding walk. He -bus a garden on a
ledge of the ' cliff, and everything Is
bright and luftny jn his cliff house.
Oreek Army I Real
A glimpse of what the Oreek are
doing on thia front was obtained at
the Ureek; headquarters, where Colonel
Hpilimle is In eommnnd of tbe divis
ion of Crete, those heroic ixtuuder who
OHHenihled at Venezclos ' call when
King Cuustuntiue was keeping the roy
alist army immobile. Reports have
reached tbe United Btates that this
Venexelo army was a thing on paper.
But it is a reullty. The camp atretch
ed nwny for f utile and was a bewilder
ing scene of auiniatiio. , Pack mules
v;er just bfiiiging Jn stock .of .refrig
erated,' quarter of meat, the covers
showing it rain from America. .A file
of w 011 u iled men also passed, each njnn
lashed to a large panler oil the' side
of a donkey.
,"Thia ia ground formerly hel(J by. he
Biilgura,',' said' Colonel Kpiliudea, and
Captain I.nngeuhngen adiled: "Ifea.tbe
Greeks found the Bulbars ber and
wept them ..back ten miles. It was
one of the hottest fights in. this sec
tion, and showed tha splendid fighting
qualities, of tb Ureeka1.'' '
Home of the youug trpops, recently
mobiiixed by Veneielos, are beginning
to arrive. They are' a line looking loi
of young fellows, like th new'Ameri
can army. t
At O10 Oek Bed Cross Hospital
near by'H Mme, Argiropoulis, Wuu o.
a Oreek cabinet minister, came forwtiid
to' greet us. At Athens she iya, Jeadi r
of vocioty, but horg at the jrout she
were th liit cap pad aniform-of A
nurse, and 4h her daughter ia doing
heroic work'rn earing for the aick and
wounded. It is hospital of tent,
with long double liAea of wounded' in
each 'teat. -i ' ' '
Opportunity For American Women
"There i an ojiportunity for Ameri
can womea on thia front,'' said Mme.
Argiropouli. 'W greatly need mar's
help and would welcome America worn
n.",V..; ,f
iThe"' tamp! fj Chinese Anntmite
wa pnaaed next 'to the Greek. It
showed the strange mixture of race
fighting here. ; These Chinese a r from
the Vrench colony of Annam in Ind-i
China. They are diminutive men, with
sharp black, eyes. But they are goo
figbtera and good work era.
. At .tfie . airplane station, six tiue
aerodrome Were filled with machine,
end on the plain the flyers were soaring
about a they arrived and departed Aa
their reeoRbixaner. ".'
Altogether, thi dy along the Va
rlnr front, had hfmn the tboTonjrrine
of equipment . of the French-Allied
foreea, the" enormon construction of
roads, bridiree and camp qnarter. tho
firm grip Oenernl Jer.ime's forea hve
on the present line and the steady push
they ar exerting on the enemy. There
waa no evidence that the Army of th
Orient I foing to wlhdrw, but every
evidence that It I going to stay. -
Smaller Firms "Also Under Scrtf
. tiny of Food Managers. Says .'
. Food Administrator Child . ;
Now that th licenaing of local firma
dealing in food-staffs is actually being
done, Food Administrator J. F.' Child
any that the administration will find
it easy to control the prices charged by
the dealers if. they should prove exor
bitant. The license makes thia possible.
.Under the term by which they ar
licensed the firms are required to make
a periodical report giving the price
Allied Ambassadors '
Speak-Of Need For
Food Pledge Week
The Allies of the' United fltale ar
Vitally interested in the success of th
family enrollment campaign which be
gan all over the United Htates a few
week t ago. If the food administration
ia rueceasfut in its effort to gain the
pledge of the 2i.'.lMHI,0ti0 home in the
country to observe ita directions and
advie In food economy it will mean
that th United .states will "be able to
export all the wheat, meat, fata nd
sugar which its Allies ia Kurope sorely
need to enable them to maintain their
fighting ktrength.
Aimaro Hat", the Japanese ambassa
dor to. the Unite, I Htates, mnkea the
following statement endorsing the food
pledge wees campaign, now in progress
under the direction of the United Htate
food administration and designed to
enroll the . Ameciean families in the
cause of food eoiwrvatio
'"Ia thia the fourth year of the great
world war, the fortune . of onr
eaemieit are decidedly on the wan and
victory seems assured for the allied
cause. Too evidently, however, it is
not th part of wisdom not to realixe
the Immense efforts ami sacrifices which
must yet be mnde. Tb gnllnnt and
heroic way in which our Kuropenn Al
lies bav so far borne the brunt of thi
dire war command our admiration and
gratitude. They have every right to
expect of America, of Japan and every
other member of th great coalition
against barbarism to do what they have
done and to suffer what they have suf
fered! Japn&eM Prepared
'-"Japan . for one has and will put
forth every effort to the best of ber
power and resources. Her people are
prepared for a full measure of contri
bution and sacrifice.
"If is, however, from the United
States paf excellence that the world la
looking for a decisive blow which will
onee and for nil establish peace and
freedom' on ' earth. Our enontica ari
greatly , deceived if they flatter them
selves that the American army which
i in the making will not prove equal
t tho task expected of it. But it l
on the efforts and the willingues for
sacrifice on the part of the people at
Urge that ao much must depend after
"It 1 tbe wise and proper ordination
of the vaat American resources that
must in a great measure decide' the
tremeudoua issue of humanity. Thua It
KawailOa Will
Return Again'
Last of Guardsmen Leave tbday
At Encampment and Wilt Be
Returned To HaWail On Mai
una Kea Tomorrow- ' "
With the arrival In town tndav nf the
H1I0 companies of th national guard, I Haw. V. H. t'o. ,
Camp Mltuokalanl at Kawailoa will be '" ! ';. '
a thing of th past, fof the quartern..- ftVltaSr '!. H'.'.
Hnitntultir Roremtxv 5ft. 1017.
Ale.-A ftaMwIn,
O. Brewer as Co,
F! fnaniatton ty.
Ilslku Humr Cn .
HawalbiR' Ar. Co.
pttJ!',v.f0u th6ir 8?U nMtheTPTi!e oomea the prime duty of every Amor
which they are being aold. Prefita are
calculated, on,, pre-war baaia, and no
denier I to be allowed to eharge t) price
which will give him greater profits
than he obtained on the aame line of
goods before the war. If it is proved
that, he is doing this, his license will
be revoked, thus putting an end to hla
business at once.
Hundred In Hawaii
There are about a hundred firma in
the Territory to be lieenaed, aome of
which are wholeaale and aome retail.
The smaller retailing firma' will be al
to under the control of the food ad
ministration, even if unlicensed. If it
can be proved that any of them are
charging excessive prices, the food ad
ministration wilt order the 'licensed
firms to stop selling their goods until
they have so mo surety of their per
manent discontinuance of the practise.
In thi way both small and large deal
era will bo subject to control by the ad
ministration. Wholesaler's Profit
The wholesaler's profit ia war time,
at least' on non-perishable foods, should
be governed by the price h actually
pays for the good be sells, and not by
prevailing market condition. This ia
the principle established by the Food
Administration in special regulations
r hich were put into effect November
1 with respect to large number of
commodities. ,
The rule is one of , large number
which are now being completed for the
guidance of the food dealer who will
be placed under license by the food
Administration. , '. j '
. It provides that n0 dealer ia certain
sjH-citied commodities shall sell "at
more than a reasonable advance over
the actual purchase price of tbe par
ticular gimds sold, without regard to
the market or replacement value at the
time of Hueh aule,"
The cominoditito covered Iy the rule
includes heef, pork and mutton, ayrups
and ni'ila.HHi'H, cleaned rice' and rice
flour, oleomargarine, lord and ,lard sub
stitutes, oleo oil, cooking fat, con
densed milk and various canned goods
and dried fruits, " .'
Refined Sugar1 Dealers
Wholesale dealers .in retfned sugnr
aro required by a ahnilnr rule to sell
"at an advance over the 'refiners' list
price at which he purchased such sugar
greater than the normal margin charg
ed by wholesale dealer in refined sugar
In the same locality. or such margin as
may hereafter ixi established by the
Food Administration," -
With regard to perishable food, the
Food Administration" announced today
that it will make a prompt and full
examination of any localities in which
rises ia price occur, and will deal in
dividually by administrative orders
with dealer charging excessive prices.
A general rule covering all licensed
foods provided, that they shall not be
handled anywher la' th Unified States
on ao "unjust, exorbitant, ; unreason
able, discriminatory or unfair commis
sion, profit or. storage charge."
Kcgular and special report will be
culled for by tb Food Administration
from each licenaee. i - "V
The Food Administration empjfuslr.es
that no busiues man will be expected
to forego his normal reasonable; profits.
The object is to prevent tb acquisition
nf speculative profits resulting; from
n rising market.
ter department will then clear up the
remnant of tbe camp and com Into
town, leaving the field a barren a U
wa before the guardsmen took posses
sion. The Hilo men will go out on s special
steamer today and also on the Matna
Kea tomorrow. Maui guardsmen eame
in yeaterday and left last evening for
Companies are being paid off rapidly,
except In a few instances where the
question of whether the -men were to
receive territorial or, federal pay bad
to be adjusted, This depends on the
rtrength of tbe company. If it is up to
1 requirements of tbe United Htates
i.V' ecclvrs federal pay, which ia about
tw o as much as that allowed by th
territory, M Company, Filipinos, of
th First Regiment, will be paid off
thia morning, while Other units Will be
paid off on Monday.
1 '-.1
lean and every foreigner who live in
thia fair land of liberty to help carry
out the food conservation plan of the
American government so tnat ne may
deserve well of thia mighty common
wealth to which he owes so much.
" (Signed) . AIMARO SATO."
No country haa a keener realixation
of what American support in furnishing
food mean than Belgium, c,. de Car-
tier, tbe Belgirfb miuister in Washing
ton, has expressed the feeling of his
nation in .-statement he prepared. ror
the American people. Thi atatement
la aa follows:
Food Fof Belalans
"America for1 many months haa kept
Belgium from starvation. My country
haa depended for Ha very life upon the
great heart and the marvelous initia
tive and executive ability of -America
The food without which we could not
have persisted has come to us through
American citizens, stirred by humani
tarian instincts even before they joined
us aa Allies Jn a war which to us Bel
gtana means our very existence as a
mation,. Mow the American government
ha asaured us of . the money to buy
'food, and the Commission for Relief in
Belgium has more ships than ever be
fore t but all wijl be or no avail it tnerr,
s no food to purchase with thi money
or to send to ua in these ships.
"This food must be obtained in
America, and I am sure I need not at
tempt to fiieture the tense anxiety witH
which the people of Belgium, hovering
on the very brink of starvation, look
to America for the final decision as to
whether they shall lKlfor die. W are
confident that America will assure us
of life. Moreover, the nation has made
itself an ally of thoae which in Kurope
are fighting to crush Prussian autocracy
forever. The effort in which every na
tion allied' against Germany i stretc h
ing every nerVe and expending1 every
Inst ounce of strength will succeed or
will fail according as to whether these
people and their armies' have the, food
needed to maintain their strength aud
their spirit.
"America must supply by far tho
greatest portion of this food. It is a
gruud conception, worthy of th ideals
and tradition of the greutest republic,
that this food shall be supplied by the
voluntury effort, of the individual citi
zens. We nations lu Europe, relying
on the ability of America to accomplish
wbut she seta ror herrelr, are confident
that during the week you have set
"The decision of the board of $gr
cultur and forestry" ha ' adt been al
tered Jn any respect," said C. 8. Jadd
lnat evening. "The retail department
of the Territorial Marketing Division
will elose on Saturday, a haa been an
nounced. '
"Wo will hold a special meeting
s6te day next Week, aa yet undecided
upon, but whether the question of re
opening the retail department will come
up or not I could hot say at thi time."
Thia ia tbe only anawer mad to th
number, of protest which have been
voiced by houeewive and other at th
closing of- tb marketing department,
by which they say they have profited
largrdy in tb past year. It ia possible
that, If public seatiment is sufficiently
aroused the board, may take up th
question at the special meeting. . -',
. . .
Rv str. M.nn Ke. November 2T:
FltOM MAWA1I Repremutstlve. B. R.
Mudit. K. K. Mod ire. Miss HlfTermao, Mtsa
White, 'apL and sirs. Masruder and three
ehUdren, ft. A. Yonii-. h. T. Redmond. L.
W. da Vis Norton, Miss B. jUnKCTln. Mrs.
Younx. Mrs. tteorir (iihti. Miss Cbiistra
sen. Miss Macftieruild, Mr. and Mrs. C. I.
Adams. I). K. Walker. W. Bellinger, N
. Chandler, H. f. Harris, Noah Prrj,
Ixn (tNtrow, J. W. i'rUr. B. .11. Handera.
Mrs. Lain, MU atato, Ulss Karnes, JV
Suva. H. llrowa, U. C. Walser. T, 4.
litiirwy, bee Mia Look. I(. W, Walker, 8.
Nakamura. Joe l.nnx (lien. Mr. Cbenen, A.
Maker, Mrs. Nlshliisga. Mrs, Hliluirakl. 8.
I. McVItllna. C. II. Vailtrln. Miss Klaic
iMIss K. Vivas, Mr. and, Mrs. W. K. -Al-Lrtrl.-h.
A. H. nice. II. Kotsnl. Paul Perry.
i . ii. iiiert. c. II. - Mitcneii, James
Cruse. C. ('. Oraves. It. H. nana. Mrs. J.
T. Marr. Mrs. II. T. tiuard. Mis M o.
Hliort. Miss A. K-Htoody. Ur, and Mrs. K,
M. Beqwm and child, Mrs. K. W'olR.. Mini
Uximls. H. Ilsyakawa. lleerss Meltoril. Mr.
aud Mrs. P. C. Ilotalfac, Mr. aad Mm. II.
I.. Terwlll(ter.-Mrs. Muse Clark, Mrs. J.
Heluliarilt, Mr. Sad Mrs. M -A- remandes
ami child. H. Hpltser, J. A. A. Vlesra, lir.
V. A. NorirssrrJ. II. C. Churchill. - W. C.
Avery. A. Murrs, HcAry J-el. Mr. and
Mrs. John Jj-s, 11. Clisrniu. W. (Inuies.
A. I. Marjluley, C, W, Carpenter; W. F.
l-'ellx. K. Mlrauiiira, 8. KawatHut, H. ftisl
Hiikt, P. Ie IJrto. J.'fUntUan. Mrs. It.
Alvares. J.. ItitdrlKiies, J. H. I'ortrln. Mr.
and Nfi-s. It. Ioniinln, Mrs. 8. Naksniiira,
Henry RellaKun. Tom Peres. K, YaMUda,
K. Ihara. . Kurisn, K. Huimuclil.
KUOM MAI I-Mr. and Mrs. fias. Mr.
AiiulHrn. O. J. Msnaln, It. V. fielnert. It.
T. Ha.VHeldFO. W. It.. IloM4. J. K. N
rue. II. J. KiiJIomM. R. TenimU'. W. Hts
wn. H. Ojrsma. T. Osaki, 8. Unit 4. N. Taka
kuwa. K. Illnikswa. 11. ,Mlviiwtn, J. lt.
Mn. . Mr. and Mrs. Jwrir WUIxir. Mr.
mill Mrs. J. Herps aud two fhlldren. Miss
K. Kopke, H. H. 1'rck. Kawanara, Tokui.a,
Kawasaki, U. Hem. A. I.loyd.
My str. Kins a from KsiihI, Noreuiler 38
V. Correa. Tlionws Oaokaa. U. II. Hcrf.
trim. It. Mclean, Mr. and Mrs! B Croiip.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I . Hills an InsUI. Bn
Vlckers, Mra. Mumloa aud-three clillilrwu.
C. Afoni. SI. K. He. O. Tim. M. tt. Ita-
Mso. K. Wstauetie. Mlsa W'atanali Mr.
Hut'-hlason Huasr P. Co..
Ksimsn rtsntstion Co.
Kekaha Husar Co. ....
Mcliryde Ousst to. t t
"still ritisar l it,
5laa Hnsiir Co., Ltd. 7.
uuuira, Miisax Cff. ...
sime ftuitar lntat.iC'4
r-s.-ine Huar Min ,
1'iU riautstlita Co.
Iteeke fns.r ;o. ....
Phrneer MUI Co.
n Carlos M. Co., Ltd.,
W.lnlna Al.ctl. V. ...
WaUuka Huasr Co. . .,
Endan Derel. Co.. Ltd ..
1st Isane Asmfsm. Turi TO
innu I SKI ID ....i
Halkn V. at V. Co.. Pfd
llslka V. P. (., Com.
iiaw. on. ity. a ...
Ilaw. Con. Hy. nr B ..
flaw. Cen. Hjr. Com. ..
Hswallan Kli-ctrie Co. ,.
nnw. I'lueniinle Co. . ,
lion. B. M. Co.. Ltd.
Hon. las. 'o., I.tfl.
Hon. K. T. A L. Ce,
Inter-lslsnd M. N. Co....
Oslia Hallway I land" Co.
I'snsns Kuiiiter Co.
SWsina Mnclhiis, I'O
Ham Mfl, I 'ill ...
Taajong Disk HuliU-r Co
Beach Walk I. Mst, U
iiBma.ua iirca o., us..
Hawaiian Irr. Co., ft ...
Haw. Ter. B.f. info
Haw Ter. 4 Pnh. Imps.
HaW. Ter, Pnh. Imp. if.
..(series 12 lttl.li
flaw. Terrl 3i .......
Hilo () '., ttd., ..
Ilonnksa Hue. ( i . . .
Hunolulil Oa. Co., Ltd, 5a
rvniisi nj. t a. us ....
Msn I. I. ft ....
McMryde Hu-sr Co., fta
Mutual Tel. 5a ., .....
Oshn H. I.. Co.. B
ahu Su. Co.. Wf
n.a niimtr o., o,
1's.mc Oils no a r. Co.,
PsclHc Bmrar MUI Co..
Ran Carlo Mill. Co., 0
. -
100 vt
ZTI M ' '
..... o
..... 40 " . ,
a -
(IM j.l .
, -.
"i" "au
9 6
sihi 'aa'"'
' ' x
....., (
'Aivi '"
18W lVfc
..... .....
Mliloyuehl, Urn. Huiral. Mra. L. C. Hmltli,
K. l.liidners. Miss H. Wilson. K. A. Qa.n
son, M. 1. Hantos. K. Tlti-oinh, 1J. Toshluia.
J. luutuiura. K. YamasiH-bl, M,ru, Yanisxa
i hl. Mr. and Mra. Mlkel uU two children!
Ry str. Mwuna Kea for Lalislna ami
Novemlier Mrs. H K.i Wjsrd, Mrs.
Wlllliiin -Keunii. K.tP. KlnnchstM, 1. Bu:
ker. W. K. l.iilllliiirsoi'tll, Mr, and Mr. I.
I,. Hesha. K. Parker, (). ftoreuwin, 8. P.
WimiiIs, (leorire II..' WasUlinrn. 0. : V.
Kh.sles, Mrs. A. C. Betts. Mrn. V, W. Mer
rill, O. Mailer, tt. K. hotcrtelil. Mini M.
Km tft. - Mra. CoimliiKluim. 4lrit Ruch-
ilolis. K. Madden ii. lledemana, Meiit. A
C. Metts. J. M, Keysolda, 4- W. 8ilcUiui.
Cat.t. Warren Alston. A. C. Baker, Mr. and
.firs. . Ysiuairm-liL V. I.. Ovilllmt K H
aside to enroll yourselves a. iuilivl.luals Jr, ' Sf" MJt
nun Mrs. A. mcimmikbU, F.. A.. Uifkln, .
T. Hktort. l.leut. K. ttakat, Ir K I, Cbun,
BOAUD BALKS '...'..'.
,'.Jo Mies., -.i. ... . .- - ,' ,
' . "' ' Reptemlier 14, 101T.
m analysis beeta (no advlcsja). i
' Parity '
Ml Cent, (for Hawaiian .aufaret .... t.OO
November ZJ, WIT . ' '
-...,...,,,., 54.8714 ''
.....'...' 67.00
. ' notice
a tmorrW--ThaakaBlTlaf Day.
. -T
NeW York
Ne i
NEW YORK stocks
KfJW itOBKi' Kerember 2ft (By Ammo
elated ' Press) Pollowiiif are tbe opening
and cloning uotatton of. stocks la the
New York market yawterdar: .
Ainorican Kuinr Itef. . ..
American Beet ,
AsKoetatetf OU . .........
Alaska Uoiil .
Aiuerli'su I.iH-omotlv , , .
American Tel. Tel. , , .
Amei'U-au Kmelter . . .....
American ttteet t'dry
Auai-uiMla "ir . ......
Atchison IU11 way . ......
Baldwin Luvomotive . ...
Bsitliuore it Ohio . ......
Bethlctieiu Hteel "B" . .',
( slliorula Petroleum , ...
Ceulml iM-Htlier
I suMillilu Paclnc- . ......
c. . et.-i'aui
Colli. Fuel i Iron
CrauUil 8tec
Cults 8UKur Cu . .......
Kvle i-oiiiiuon .
tleiiaral tltrh- .
letters! Mutorue) , ..
tirest Nortlieip prd. , ...
International raier . , ...
liMfiiatrlat. AlciluS ,
Keigiecott CooiM-r ,
LehutU Vairey" H It res d ..
New ..York l entral ,
renbsy Ivatifa -v ,
rtsy Vniwilldsted .
Kesdliiir common .
lieimjillc In.a towiuou ,' ,
Hmitrwrn l'm-lrtc . ,..',;.,
Ktuillakw .
Texaa Oil ,..!'..... . .
I qlted Htstaa Huldter . ,.
rnlon- Pnclrtf
United Ktstes 8reel .
I tab. ,
western Cnlou .,;
Weatlugboua . ..........
, . . , . I .
nt 78
: 3v)
pleilged to save tho world for demo-
craoy, you will assure victory la. the
" (Signed) E. de CABTIER."
British Statement
Lord Northeliffe, . chairman of the
British war mission to the United
Htutes, who is thoroughly conversant
with the food situation of the world,
places that situation before th Amer
ican people iu tho following torse state
ment: :
"The greatest food experts on both
sides of the Atlantic say that there is
a world shortage of food. The boys
who are enduring the hell of the
trenehea for' our suke cannot hold out
if ill fed. The eituation which we have
to fuce right now, iu this food pledge
week, is obvious. Kither th stay at
homes must save so that th soldiers
may got their vital needs, or th sol
dier must go tihort so that tb stay at
homes may fatten. You cannot have it
both wavs, ami must make your choice
" (.Signed) NOKTlICUr'FJS."
T.tCOMA, Waekington, November
.'Ml (Associated Press) The greut re
lav race between Olympia aud Camp
I.eHis has beea celled off, owing to the
fact that the men at th training camp
have gone into intensive training and
cannot be granted leave- of absence to
eiigayo in tbe tlussic,
(I.KVKI.AND, Ohio, November SO
(Associated I'reaa) Jimmy WilHiin,
pugilist, is deiid here as the result of
his bout with Otto Weuzel, which had
been Htaged for the middleweight
championship of the United State.
- ' ;.
QaotaHoa on the following New Tork
curb stock, as wlretessed to Tb Adver
tiser by Stonebam Co., are:
-, Tuea. Wednes- ;
Mr. said Mr. R. Kawada. W. Urmrr. K.
Kaiichi. Iwamurn. Mr. anil Mrs hililima
.1. K. Ilevett, Miss r). Wajtii. Mr. aud
Mrs. W. W. Crlnk.hank. Mr. Jones. Major
Krsni'ls Ureen. l.leut, anil Mrs. 5 H, K.
Kaiilinllua and hifant. l.leut. Kdm-ard A.
campliell. B. ilailerg, K. MUllifW. O. II.
Wolff. A. H. italru-k, (Isora-e K. Mm rues.
Mr. and Mra. Iluiruraa Yonnff. Mr. and
Mrs. 1.. B. 8 sner. W. D. Walker. A. B.
Clark. R. R. Walker. Mr ftakal. Nomura.
Henry Macblds, Niiadda. Mr. Kakada. Mr.
Iniiinmra. Manuel ile Mattoa Jr., Manuel
de Msttos 8r.. Mrs. WDltsm Manplng, Mrs.
I. nkslknlul. Miss Minnie MsDiilna. J: Mlv
iniito. Yonim Vo. Yanaua, y. Yaiaaiuoto
sad wire. Master Yauiaiiioto, Mr. aud Mr.
.1. J. Van Keslun. Mr. and Mrs. K. K
helaert. K. Wada. Ueorge Ikeda., Paul
Riililwln. Ce1rlc MnMwIn, Alice Manners.
II. I.. Molstelu. 8tnhen Hesha. Mr. sml
Mrs. Iliirlm. 8. Klnoshlta. II, Khioshlta.
Mr. and Mra. Ilialilinura. Mr. . aud Mrs.
Mli I ml i" 11. T. Ysinnsldro, Msster lkla. Mr.
Nehara. Mr. Nisla. Mr. Yaniashlru. T. 8a
knl. Mrs. 811 kill. T. Ono. 8. 8iiHlinoto. ,KI
uokIiIih. 8. Ksuoysiiia, Mra. IkhiiIuko gisl-
rlt-iii-. Mr. Ciiia ro. lrs. Kspallsna and
son. T. Mucks. Mrs. M.' Correa. Mr. Iiv
111 in ir . ctnh)no. Jo Ijils, -T. 8uks. L.
1 inlds. M. Mliiashlro. T. Y. JN'ons
My str. Kluan for Knual, Nnveiulier 28
Mr. nud Mrs. I'lillllii It lie, I.. Cnaradt. O.
f Wlli-ox, (. W, (HIiMin. W. ... 8lisw.
Cniivr 8sn, L. Ahny. Mrs. Allivo. Mrs.
I-' 111 nk Cox. Joia Ah Cboiiji. M. Heurloues.
W 1-llkliiuJou. C Oerth, KntsTsinn. II.
Nhliios. Mr. and Mrs. I'. Mii(-b..i.s. Mr.
h ml Mrs. Iwak. Y. Oils. Mr. Ml and
Hunt-liter, fi. N. WII.mix. B. ff. Knnlleiilierit.
Mr llniielierr. II. Hcliulta.. O. F, ltnnkln,
1 n.i (I. J.. (Iniwir. .Tudae I. J Ranks. I,.
I). Lsrsen. ('. W. Ilssiulond. Mrs. 8eliul,
Mr lloniHir. MIns C. Ijiw, Mrs. 8nkoila,
MIm 1 kl. Mrs. I .lux Fat, Cant. H. A.
Kniytlia, Lieut. T. I., Hjorth, Mr. I, AIhiI
BHt Ledire . .........
Kniina Copper , ....
iliirsravra . .,
Imiu Blossom , .....
Jeroaie Verde . .....
Jim Butler . ........
Mother Lou . ......
Bay Han-idea , .... .
KiMCtle Kill .
Hex 4'on. ,
81lver Kluif (Uiu: v ,
'rmiopah Kxteustoa ,
Wllnert . ..........
Ulchiuond CopiMir . ,.
Kerr Itke .
Hecla .
Creswm Oold
Niiplsslng . ........
81 ii
.07 ,.
.11 i
Bl 4.87U
4 7.1 4.81 Z
1100 tiAUi
8-liH .12Mj
clatetl Press) Fislowlng are tb ooiilii(
and cliMluf qixitutlons of sugar and other
atoi-ks la tbe 8a Frauclaoe market r
Open- ('list-. . .
' ing In
llaw'a Coin'l Hugar , . t..,..
Hnwallan 8ugr Co. 8.V 33
llouokaa Huusr , 5 S
lliiti-lilusou Huaar Co. 21 81 '
Kllaue , j...,.., t '
Onhu Kiiasr Co. . 1 S7
Olsa Riigiir Co. . Z U
Onoiiiea 8usar Co. . hiu Bl2
INiauhau 8nur Co. -. 18 18 -
F.nitels Coj.iHir , .1.M H.ttS "''-'
Honolulu IMl . ....... f t-.--.. t....
Houolulu Plantation . .H ,4U
Old. tBi-tlvk)ead. . tUnquoUd. . -

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