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Big Game,1 With Liquid Accom
paniments, Run By Officers
, .. At Kawailoa, 'It Report
Whole Matter of Lack of disci
pline and Falling Down of Com-
missary ,WiH Be Investigated
Not fell the gambling earned on al
' Paitin l.tllnokalanl M' m tnnw bv the
Vilininoa. . Bnr was il eoallned to the
- enlisted men, according to the tl'f
' no bring to) J out of school. Tbe b'n
game, hick ) Mid to hsv ran fei
into th night molt vry night, with
liquid accompaniments, wa on whl
tv nickname at the rimn "War
Street.', Thi game i said to havi
' been a fast -and heavy one, in which
three of kind kad the edge over any
two. pair.
. ' The whole natter of camp disriplim
and the falling down or the commissari
i department of the Second Hegiment it
in for at rigorous investigation, accord
ing to report in guard circles venter
day. It is understood that Oenera
Johnson has called an officer' meeting
at which there W4II be some very plnii
speaking, with an effort to place thr
blame for moving pfrtur show riot:
. and food pilikias.
The feeding of the Kanai battalion
or the lack of such -feeding, which re
tilted in the Filipino of th Uardei
A .11 - .... .... J:.-:
pnae on lueaoay, rimt cioao to uiipn
eating yesterday when the men fron
jKnhala boarded their boat for home
"Ttvc minute before the boat sailed
.Captain Freeman of the Manna Kea
was attempting to ind out from aom
militia officer in authority whether it
had been arranged for the eteamshif
company to. feed tbe men or whethei
the company commander had made oth
er . arrangements. None appeared t
Jmow, the militra officer appealed t
stating that ha did not know what the
arrangement! were. 1 '
.jXbero was great deal of street talk
yesterday concerning the guard ant
: the failure it appears to be with iti
preponderance of Filipino enlistments
It stated by one federal official
' that am. investigation was being made
,' Into allegations that the Filipinos wew
ordered to join the guard by the plan
4 . t II,. .wnH.. ..,... - .k
ing regiments that would not be eallet
' eot but which would supply the show
. ing that would obviate the application
vi ine oniii 41a w n.
. rlnkham Is Blamed
""Governor Pinkbam has always in
'' fllatcil si the nndlviHl aroHit fnr thi
guard," said a prominent businessman
v ester dev. "He cannot now. in vie
of fell tbat he has laid himself about
rlinfc 1. . L.l Jnk. A Ika .l. ,. A
r -ww mmm w v.- . u. .. . ......p, v
the' regiment and in view of wha'
U. l.. .11. ..1 1...- . ... ... k:
, mmm ru viun . v mmj nil ujw
and to him ia the matter, escape th
tiamt ror toe rinpino naseo. it wc
his guard, pure and simple; now le
him shoulder tho responsibility for it.'
, Pedro M. fcsqueras, editor of thi
Filipino newspaper Ana Abvan, came
, forward in defense - of the Filipins
guardsmen yesterday, stating that it
avae sname to brand all the rihpinor
'as "riotous and Insubordinate and iusti
Jjv& la part, the rioting and mutiny
which did take place.
mtntiuia rwandxt
1 TTb mea were"not altoirether t
, Uls,me, he says. Blame must be place
.upon ; those supposed to be charged
wrtb. providing subsistence to the Kao
ai' guardsmen. From earlv morninir
;fcen tbey bad breakfast, until thr
41.w kw,L. f mm .U. V.
claim they had not been fed, nor did
. there appear to be any provision, made
'for feeding them at all. Hunger and
tb prospect of further hunger, accord
I . 1. r:i:.i.. 11.... 1 1 . j
' w III k iiiuiuu ruiiui. CUIUUCJ1VU
1 IhHHI an IM timnluifflinitit
The blame for tho failure to urovid
the eotnmlseariat is to be probed and
- the responsibility pliiced. Had the till
piaoa at Kawailoa previously dieilye.
a,, spirit to recognize military law and
regulations Instead of utilising brute
loTce to meet tneir denmiids, such as
the riot a week airo tonivht. when thev
, tore dowa a motioa picture tent and re
' fused to bt cowed for a period by thi-
guard, tbe "hunger riot" of Tuesday
would probably have brought the rili
Cos sympathy. And in all, it ha
n taken as an indication of the re
fusal or the fillplnos to take orde.ri
' Vhea they don't wuut to, or to curb
their paasiona.
: The Filipino editor said tbat the
' length of time they were kept aboard
: .the vessel and the sight of eatables
. ....... V .J ..1 .l.u.K.A .
. any governme.ut. rations, cauaud tbem
.to make; the break for the shore.
.riliplnM Mbh Only Disorderlies
.4, He further asys that tbe Filipinos
. were not repohHibl.for becoming mem
bers of the guard. They were appealed
to. he aaid, to enter the guard service
. aid they reapooded readily. He also
e Bargee mat an ine iaca or uiseipnne
at Kawailoa was not anioug tue 'Ui
' viooa. '
the national guard, will call for rpei-ial
reports from officers to determine the
e.tMr.naiaii.iiiii' riir rim ikik fir yotiti
among the Kauai Filipino guardsmen
He will a ait this report before com
irtnw nt'ui the r."M-. The general.
1 thia time, will not discuss the rumor
of diesatisfactlon among officers of the
': guard, pr the rumors of proposed resig
utitions. It is likely bV will await tbe
1. .1. . . m .L. I.,;. ...1
fweuil 'Or. file repori ui inr nnri
Htates Army officers attached to the
(.ur-'d before niakini; a "tateuvnt.
' . Bjor rfonu . nunri is in cuarr ui
tae nimrieruiaue" oepsriiueut, noicn
. ..blaULw Kit k. m.mvm tiM
was ai jvhwuuvb wuen me ivuaurit iu
, i,i(.nt aiiooened. no sisys he cannot be
. blnraed nr the Inek of fufeslght of
someone el-w. juiMiililv' tbe , roinpaay
cvuiniHudjia. '
' . ti i L . i
Young Belgians Sent Back By
German Captort Are Under
Care of American Red Cross
Belgian orphans who were Carried
by their captors into Germany and who
tre beginning to be released are being
-ared for by tbe American Red Cross
in France. ' The first grdups, consisting
of ROO children each, have been' receiv
ed hack into the Allies' territory.
The return of the first liberated
orphan prisoner! in Belgium is report
ed in a cablegram from the American
Red ( roes Commission to Frnnee. These
homeless, children, sick and nndrr-nnur-
h(, nil between four fend thirteen
rears of nge, will receive the best pos
sible care from the American Red Cross,
which recognixes in tbem Belgium's
hope for its coming generation. The
able save:
"The Red Cross la aiding the work
if the yueen of the Belgians for the
bildren of her country. Thousands of
inder-nourislied, nick and orphaned
hildren are In Belgium todav, and a
Some and care munt be provided for
hom. Tbe German! are. willing to al
ow some of these children to be sent
ut of tbe country. '
"Twenty miles from Mmoges in the
louthern center of France, on a hill out-
ude of a little town .called Troche,
itands the famous monastery of la
lraude Chartreuse, unoccupied at pres-
nt. The climate there ia wonderful.
Boses bloom all tbe year round. There
a plenty of fresh running water. The
tuildings are auperblr placed and
itrongly built, including all kinds of
ont ructions adapted to housing, feed
ng and providing . for more than a
bousand people. Permission, was uiven
vo use this plsee for the Belgian hil-
iren, and It was rented from the gov
ernment by the Bed Cross, which sup
plies the funds for the work, while the
personnel and management are provid
ed oy the Belgian committee.
'Do October 15, the first 500 little
3elgian boya and girls between four
md thirteen yeara old arrived after
heir long trip through Germany, and a
week later 500 more, fell collected by
he Committee da recoirs National de
3clgique. In thia wonderfnl old mon-
istery the Red Cross hopes to bring
lack to lire and vigor then children,
n whom lies tbe hope of Belgium."
T-. ,
lost of Construction Permitted
Is Less Than a Third of
Same Month Last Year
November will be the smallest month
for the starting of new building eon
truction work, outside of army work
hat Honolulu has known in many
nonths. While generally the bbilding
rade baa held up splendidly and for
he two preceding mouths new con
tracts had been larger tbao was ex
oeeted there whs a sudden and great
falling off this month. With only one
nore business day for the issuance ol
wrmits, this is a certainty unless
tome exceptionally large permit shal
be issued on Fridnv.
Vp to last evening there had been
ssued this month sixty-eight building
permits and none of these provided foi
loy large or important business build
ings which tended to keep the totals
down low. The aggregate cost of the
york authorized came to only $74,931
the largest being a IJ."50 icxidenci
for Mrs. K. II. Livingston, of whicl
mention has already been inude in
these columns.
Ia contraid tu this hiuhII month are
the figures of a vear ngo when th
ost of the const ruction work provided
for in tbe permits wax l,.'U.2.'t.V But
tbe indication ure that this "slump"
is but temporary in cuuse and in char
:tcter and tlint ti resumption of activ
ity will be npeediiy seen, prpbnbly ii
toe month of Deceuilier.
Buildings Worth More Than
When Constructed
There is bevoiuing apparent a point
of divergence between improved and
unimproved properties in the real es
tats market upnu which Irwin H. Bea
die of the Trent Trout Company real
estate department commented voter
"The point of divergence iu prices
and in increuxing values, is becoming
more apparent recently, said Mr. Bou
(lie. "The otcnuion for this is evident
enough," he continued. "All biiildiiis
materiHla have advanced in cost. .If
one builds lie muxt pay those increnser
cost. It is now becoming recoguiiied
that the run l1 1 11 already erected if t
is a good and substantial one and still
fit tor a long eriod 01 uiu-, lias aiv
increased in value. A few months age
this wan not noticed iin it now is, but
owners and l.uyers ure alike nwalien
ing to it. Thi occHHioii an apparent
greater and more iNpid ndvunre i
values of improved property."
If the hortage of building material
becomes none iieute or if prices of new
11atcri.il mount higher, thia divergence
in prices will le all the mure noticeable,
it is not that ouiiunrox ed property is
not more tliun holding its own fend
(rainiprr. but that investnieuts made
in building materials in the pust will
be found to have been highly profit
able. What it would cost to replace
is considered.
Cupid As Well As Mars Is Gen
erous In Dealings With
Lieutenant Bettin
It took but two days after, the Cwt
Hawaii Cllcors Keeerva Trnining
Camp came to a close for roinnm-e to
succeed it, , for yesterdav one if ih'1
new officers took unto himself a wife.
Borne of the other officer cannot 1 1 - I
ify now, for they had attended to this
important ' problem before Ruing into
ramp. There are a number of eliil'les,
however, available and addition:)
ding are looked for.
i.ieut. George T. Ilettin, former
teacher 'at Mills Hchool, lnno:i, mid
Miss Helen Kennant, a Califorum girl
who has also tnught in "Manoa ut the
Kawaiahao Seminnry,' were nmrrie.1 last
night by ttev.. J. H. William, acting
minister of Central Cnion Chinch, the
witueswHi being' Robert Wtone and Mrs
Robert 1. Wiiiiams.
Wedding PerforoiBd Outdoor!
The wedding ceremony was perform
ed outdoors 011 the grounds of the rcsi
lence of Vt. K. I). Willinins, prim ipal
of the Mid Pacific Institute,' which em
braces Mill Hchool and tbe Knnainhao
Heminary, Manoa. Following the wed
ling a reception wan held iu lioii-r 01
ne newiy-niarrioti coupie, niunic ocihk
urninlied by the Kawniahao (lee MUD.
The pupils of the two school, headed
y the members of liotn facultieN, paiu
heir rcspet-ts to Lieut, and Mrn. Bet
in. ' ' - ' . .-' '"
Mrs; Net tiri waa teacher st Ka
wsioh-o Inst year, following which she
went to her liiHinlnnd home on 11 visit,
returning to Honolulu in the IukI Maui.
Real School Romance
Tue young couple had not met until
they found themselvea teaching in the
dg Mauoa schools. . Bebool m-ttvities
ami social brought, them together and
mere passing ' , aviiunintnceliip
brought' eventually tbe union which
was consummated loot night.
The bridegroom, vua one ot the one
huudred and one ntodent nt the Re
serve Officers' Training Camp at rVho
lield Barracks nud on Mommy, after the
hree months military schooling came
to a close, be was coinmiHioued a first
teutenant and attached to tho nrst
nfantrv, the American Army's oldest
unit, now stationed at Ivhofield Bar
racks, tbia island. .
' -.
Real Estate Demand Reported
As Improving and Market
Not Far From Normal
Kafily the most impr(ant transac
tion in real estate that has occurred
within the St week was the sale
h rough F. E. Steele of the Wuterhouse
Trust Company of premises at the cor
ner of Uueen and Kirhnrds (streets, 'the
deed from l'utrick F. Ryan to Robert
Horner was recorded yesterday and the
coiiNiderntion of the snle was 21,000.
The premises contain ()70 square feet
and the improvements are old. It Is
mdi stood 1 but it is the intention or
Mr. Horner to improve the prbperty in
the early future.
As shown by the instruments left for
record iu the office of the bureau of
nveyance intercut in real estate is
men-using throughout the islands.
Deeds for the week, exclusive of land
nt and trust deeds' were sixty-one
wnh expressed consideration of 7tl,-
:iud a large number of the ex
pressed considerations being manifest
h nominal. Mortgages showed a de-
ise. there being only sixteen and
th- :i mounts secured amounting to !33,-
t7u There were nineteen releases.
1 r.;t compaiiie and other realty
agent report the maiket not far from
tbe 1,1 omul althoii -li ,-i little under and
the .rent bulk of transactions being
foi Moderate to low priced homes. The
ul of l'uuoa nllcv lots last Hatur-
dii nent excellentlv and six or eight
nere disponed of at prices that
perfectly Hiitihtaetory.
t Tmt ' rn j un y reports de
I almost up to normal. This com
1.1 n 1 .1
ml -com
111 CM
pa 11
11 tlie pat week liu made five
the largci-r tT.Viii mid tbe total
; to between I l,(HMI and 15,()OU.
e of these haxe the papers been
hut in prin t ieally all substantial
ntn liae paso.l to bind the bar
r ngeiiei
s report business a!
to tl
sbcj . '
ofti. .
I Hi: I
vi-. .
1(1 I
V !''
of i,
rri .
cih of aiitomoliiles or other li
vehicles muni, iu future, bow
dictates of the sheriff, deputy
or even the ordinary police
ns to the place where tbey max
it Inndino. steamer dock o
her place. i'ln- board of supei
decreed lust night that to dis
' order of any member of tbt
force in thi connection wil
itc u inindeuieiinor and the gui!
' or .arties will be subject U
mutioii on thi Mue.stion was iu
I by Supervisor W. H. Mellillf
object, a exilnined by bim
.lating truffie to a greuter de
e'licie.n , limn nt pie-ent. Tin
us ii.iroviil of 1 1n. board was
"o the regulation.
. II" ireful of the colds vou tuke at
tlu 1 1. .,f of the year. Thcv are parti
nil. ii U dangerou. A ueglected cold
inn' 'I'i'Bii a winter long cold. Take
( hiimlii rluirj ' Cough Heinedv at once,
For s.-,!i- ,v all dealers. lk'noii, Smith
o Ltd. Agts. for Hawaii. Adver
ItBcinea'. '
Acting Head of Auxiliary Will Vis
it Red Cross Depots and
Mre. Henry V.taad,' wlfe-haaVeeil
acting executive bead of , the Red VjrjMnj
sntiliary, left yesterdny fof the.tfeat
where sho wilt, remain' until feftor the
Christma! holldaya. Bha- will b fet
her children, who are la 'school ootside
of ..New York, fend will felso familiarle
herself with tbe Red Orosa fectivltiet
n tbt Kast. . ' ' '
Mi Beatric Castl, the eteeatlv
head of the auxiUary, -tetora to
ilonolulw tieit -week and take op hei
work for the Red Crosl hert. Bhe .hj
been In the tst for "'br
.nontha. and haa vlaltef the Bed Cross
ncadquartcra i' Washington fend othei
Kastern eities, beside keeping touch
with Honolulu by maiU Hhe ha! lent
nome maay helpful, aoggestiona from
;ime to time which havo been embodied
a tbe work of the local unite. '
puring her etay ! the East Mr!
Damoa will viait the lupply depot id
New York through which all the ease
from Hawaii are forwarded. Many l
the eaaea are repacked at thi! dmtrt
buting center, and Mr. Damofe hopei
.0 see the content! of boiei from
many parte of the eoaatry fend eonv
,,are them with the hoepiul aupplie
ind surgical dressing! !nt by Hw"'
both ia the quality of work and etb
mla of paokiug. ?. . '
The fta-l from Hawaii have been
highlv prfeised in lettera received here
and It ia thought that they will torn
pare favorably with those sent from
tnv part of the country, but if there
; "any room for improvement, Mr!
Damoa wanU Hawaii to know where
it. lie no that the betterment mj
be made." Hawaii ! workera .w.at to
eel that tire work seat from here eould
lot be better in aay respect..
May VUlt Wfefehinftott ' ,' .
. .7 r - . iu hnnmi to 6nd time
. i .v. N.tinrisl Red Croac
tor a oii iw - - rv
headquarter! . ia .' Waahington, D. L
During aer penoa ot --
the local auxiliary ahe ha! grown to
feel great iutereat in the aatioaal or
nlMtion and wish to anderatand
.t more thoroughly. '
Tba Bed Crosi work among women
in Honolulu has grown ' enormouslt
since it cam under Mrs. Damon 'a di
rectioo a number f moathn ago. Lp
0 the time that JJiai wwue
was very Uttla call 'Tor tha droeaingt
ind auppllea compared to the acad..t
lay... ' ' , . ml,mrm
. Hooa arter iri. ,uih" -
l. ..;- enr a mdi-h a-renter out:
lie " .
v kiitame kunarent. me
. . . . 1 I .nflH.lin,
wOTk bejore ina ou u" , U ,
ork taken op In leisure a"i -
t became necessary td maka it rei
work done at atated houra and atated
t. At the volume of'output wai to
b increased and kept Wipi ' '
jTaw unita- xonnoa- - - - -.
. u hr wn enthusiasm
Bira.. "1 . .
and unremitting effort aroused the In-
rercst at otbera anew, Tnm
that the work commenced to grow , by
j ntd nnlta trained
'Caps mua iwumm. -
new memben and adopted mora regulai
honn of wora, no 7.,'
. 1 i M.lirkhrtrhooda fettd 10
ealitiei, notably on Kanai Hawaii, and
Maui, and at isi ' . L.a
Tha army otncnrc-wivea "u.. "
. . 1. tiA Ampriean
'een doing worw , 1;
army were penuadef by Mri. Damon
to join with the local auxiliary ia aend
inii-their work through Red Cromehan-
oels, aud tne un at -
three units at BchofleU Barraeka add
, ,..!.. thna of the or jaa
Wed svomen of Honoluhl for the re
lief of the wounded. ,
.... . , ii ,i . Mtii in. rmiBii m .
vrun an . .
1 viilUr Ktrcets. which
. 1 1 nrknMllll. SUDtrlT
iaa iH'en iiniu - - -
depot, and shipping room, became
much too smau ior
u,. n.mnn knew that govern
mcnt buildioga alaewhera were j being
tor nea vrow 1. VJl.i
tuxiliarv to b teeogniaed nd given
1 L 1 l. mmmwnmA ta Mtt
in omciai numv, -- .
that the throne room of tbe lapuor
waa the proper, place. -
Tt Aiwn WonLara
mvwmm - ' ,
With this request !he went to thr
Governor, and arver aomo w-
At privilege of tising the throne room
was granted to the Bod Crosa workers,
r.. .v.. w. ainHths thia hai been
tur luc mm ...
their home. The lupply room! are atiii
v- tti a M.k.ntr of muraitaX areM
logs, their packing and ahipplng la all
attended to in the Capitol. ' .
Mra. Damon haa been a eaaeless
worker for the interest! Of aa
wy and she has imbued al) her help
i:..,i...ri. m-lth the nam! en
thusiasm and euergy which ahe has
. . -war.. L .1. Im Hi la hpff
bOWQ daily. MUCO priw
- fa. abi -.;; t anal far thtB aieellent re-
suits of her effort! in increniiag the
quantity and aeope of the work, and
in keeping up the Increaea once jai nod.
Hhe will have the welfarn of thn lecal
l i. ikonihts while away
K Ul .1.1 . sh r. ,,, ,
and will aend back hint! that will be
useful to them ia their work whenever
she learns of any such in her Lostera
t ir v i lucnl Japanese
plumber, who, on Novembe B last, wa!
sentenced py JUUgo rf. a. .----in
the federal court to Imprisonment
for twelve months and ordered to-pay
a fine of $2000 in addition to court
costs amouniug to ifll.JO, ou a charge
of trading in opium, is unable to se
cure bondsmen by Monday or Tuesday
of next' week for, i appeal which h
. ! . I. . . . . 1 : n I L lrauit
orsirvs diiiki iv ,is ,
eoort of Ban Francisco, be will ba de
nied further privilege! aud compelled
to Buffer his punishment, aceordisvg to
federal official. 1 ' 'i .( V-.J .
11ESSi.il SMI-
Covered With Leis, They Bid
Farewell To Many Friends :
" Made During Their Visit
' ' nil .1 .-
Ladek with lela and inrrounded by
imnay friends the members of the Con
greasional Party aaid their farewell!
oa the dock yesterday morning jnst be
fore leaving for Han : Frnnelaeo, and
wore given a genuine Hnwaiiaa aend off
with plenty of Alohaa ahouted to tbem.
The dock waa rtawded with neanle
who Went thero not only to see personal
friend off an their journey, but to be
certain . that tbe congressmen had a
real "steamer day" demonstration. By
nine o'clock tbe wharf waa filled. In
the efowd which waa on hand particu
lar! v to bid adien to tbe MiiuLn nt
'oongresa -were members of the leglsla-J
tore, various reception committee! and
business men. Aa ; tbe congressmen I
went aboard they were given rolls of!
serpentina paper and seon tha air was.
ullod with tha kaleidoscopic colon of
the streamers which temporarily con
nected them with their Island friends
on the dock. ' ,:
The band played its most allorinu
Hawaliaa melodies and when Aloha e
waa played there waa a momentary
hush, for thentionnl lawmaker! knew
then that but a few minutes remained
until they would be, apeedin away
from the shores of Hawaii a el baek to
the Gulden Gate. Home of the congress
men fairly etaggered beneath the ihow
er of floral offering! fend many looked
lit., t i -
iixe ounraa Bjaravna. f. ....
Not all tka friends ashore were offl-
clal, for many there were women and
some of the farewells were quite ead.
A tvansas senator arter getting aboard,
felt impelled once more to return to the
dock and bid farewell again to a Ha
waiian lady. ; y . ..
When the congressmen sailed away
they left one member of their party
ashore who will remain here about a
week. Thia waa Angus Lrly, mem
ber of tha "Third House." secretary
of Delegate , Kalanianaole, who waa
their pilot, counsellor nnd courier-general,
for it was Erly who arranged their
entire trip to and from the Island.
Just before Bailing tha delegation
adopted .the ' following - rosolutlou fend
passed it to their Island friends: V
Whereas, the members of th Con
gress of th i United Htafea now visit
ing the Hawaii Islands are on the
eve of their departure for the main
land and,, ,
v Whereas, tha congressional delegation
hfe! beea received with snch marked
th6ughtfulnesa. fend hospitality a . to
create a sense of deep obligation, v
Therefore, be it resolved that we
expresa to those ia i air aority and to
the people of the isianoi our sincere
appreciation of tha. courtesy and kind
ly consideration shown ua and which
have contributed toward making, our
visit one or nousuai pleasure ana
profit, i i . ,.
Aloha! si
' Approximately 1500 special postal
cards, depicting attractive Hawaiian
scenes, were Bent by each member of
the Congressional Party to friends and
relative! baek home, shortly after their
arrival in Honolulu early tb.il month,
according to Fred Halton, atcretary of
tbe promotion committee.
. In addition to this, me various eon'
ereiamen left behind them the name
of more than 8.000 persons on the main
land who would probably visit tha Is
land if they knew- or toe many at
tractions, said Mr. Halton yeaterday.
To theae have been sent parcel of ad
vertising data, and should a definite
shipping schedule be arranged at an
early datp, there is expected to be
large Influx of tourists to Hawaii dur
ing; the winter months.
Saws Eggs
In recipes for cake, muffins, corn bread, etc.,
fewer eggs may be used and excellent results
and healthful, appetizing food obtained by using -'
an additional quantity of Royal Baking Powder,
about a teaspoon, in place of each egg omitted.
t Baps loar 4 teaspoons Roral Baking Powder
M taaapaoa salt ' ' 1 taalaapooat sherlanlna;
t tahlMoaens lajii M u milk w
DIRECTION M1 aa sift drr in(rdlat. Add mahsd ahortanlac
an! SDough milk to make vary stiff battar. aproa! W Inch thick la nraasoa
pan, a4 top mlatura an bake about M hear In modarata evaa.
The old method called for 2 eggs
a , . . a.u.
1 tahlsappan Binaamon
ftl.Lf.1.1. . n mt rf..K kJlu
r.TD vrr iriKi ui a i-. 11
New book of recipe which economise In egg-sand other
expensive Ingredients mailed fra. Address Royal Baking
Powder Co., 13S WlllUm Street, New York, U. S. A.
Royal Baking Powder is made from Cream of
Tartar derived from grapes, and adds none but
healthful qualities to the food.
No Alum
Custom Appraiser Says Storage
of Cargo Was Authorized By .
Federal .Government
. Whenever the Australian consigns!
of the former German steamship Elsass
want their cargo, now stored in the
twilel warehouse rented by the eostoa
house official, tha latter, on payment
of the accrued charges, will essay to
dig it Out and deliver.it at the door,
whence it will have to be 'Carted tt
the dock' at a tost to the consignee of
fifty cents a toh, according to Raymat
Hharp,"' general appraiser of the cus
tom! department.
' Mr. Hharp laid yeaterday that when
th fclsas arrived-here from Hamoa and
was taken over by the United Htate
Shipping Bonrd, tbe cargo waa removed
from ita holda and placed on pier 16
and guarded .by. th juwy.tho navy
department later turning the cargo ovei
to the custom department. Consider
able cable correspondence developed be
t ween Honolulu's custom!' representa
tives and tha treasury department at
Washington, resulting in Hecretary Me
Adoo directing the, customs house to
take the cargo over under the usual
requirements of the , customs regula
tiona, charging the usual,. amount on
argi.es held for consignees, which- hap
pena to dc fifty cent a ton.
Warehons Rented - . ., ... v,'. .
Having no place in which to atorf
the rargoi authority wa received by
cable from Washington to rent a ware
house, which -arrangement Waa perfect
ed' with K. P. Fogarty at monthly
rental of loO. Out of the origin'
1730 ton there still remain 1200 tonr
on which fifty cent per ton "charger
are assessed each month, fell going t
th credit of the United Htate govern
ment, the latter paying out of anothei
f nnd the $130 warehouse rental cost
Mr. Hharp state! that when it cam
t! storing the goods, ' tha warebouai
waa too small, and therefore it wa al
placed in the house In tbe only tnannei
possible under the circumstance, Irre
speetive of consignees' mark. As thr
custom house will have to take thr
merchandise out aa . wanted, th cue
tome bouse is the department hurt in
thi transaction, says Mr. Hharp, ar
this ia to be done without Cost to. the
consignee. . . ',. " ;
Ho far only 2ol.f0 in cash has been
paid to the rustoms house for storage
(barges, amounts being paid only When
good are removed. However, as thr
merchandise has now bee atored about
three months, each ton represent e
storage charge of al.50. To thi will
be added, fifty .cent a ton cartage
charge, and then the ship's cost per
tea from Honolulu to Australian port
Canro Mora Valuable
:. Much of tho cargo haa gone up In
value since the war began .in 1914
particularly the structural , steel and
iron, sira.fr uoara, eic. :
As tbe matter atands, tbe govern
mcnt is making out of the cargo fifty
cents per ton per month, or nt present
about trWO tier month. Furthermore, !
I asserted that owing to war-refugee
conditions and the ioor facilities for
freight handling at I'ago Pago, the" ear
go could not easily be transferred there
for reshipment to Australia, and that
the audden determination of tbe Federal
Shipping Board to load tbe vessel with
sugar and aend it to the Coast caused
tbe removal of the cargo and a eonso
qtient charge for storage to consignee!
tbousanda of miles away, for which
thev were not in any way responsible.
. The question of whether or not the
chaniber of commerce should be a fac
tor in grappling with the peculiar situ
ation that has arisen out of the war.
to aid consignees nt distant points, aud
attempt to relieve fortune-costing
charge, Is still one which has ita pro
ponents and Us opponents among the
chamber's memliership. -
At the next meeting of the chamber
of commerce the question will be con
sidered in all its phases, and the pure
letter of the law, as interpreted try the
customs officials, will form a part of
4 tabloopoona Baser
.4 tablsspoona shortonlng
. ... i. iM th. d,,Min. .(
No Phosphate
Handed Down In Case of
John Ferrage y
A "decision In favor of th Honolulu .
Kapia iransii aoa tina vompany was
handed down vesterdav Ik the anhremW" -
T .
.AMrt 111 lh 4.MBITA ..ill 1. . Alfl IUU1
filed fegalnst the company by John
Ferrage. The-court action crew out
if a collision between - an. automobile '
1 riven by Ferrage and a street ear at "'
Fort and Merchant Street on the
tight of March A. The automobile waa- -
leraolishcd and Ferrage alleged tbat he :
luffered aeveie injuries..
After th evidence for the pltuntlfT .
Sad been heard In the circuit court bc-
?or Judge C. W. Ashford, a motioa was ' ,
nade by the defendant. company to die1
nils the rase. -' This was sustained and
Ferrage then appealed from tha ruling
o tne supreme court wmrn veaterday . -
affirmed it.-',. ',(';'-. .V
In it decision the court ruled tbnt
in antomohiln driver most entleiimte '
the pnsaibility of meeting pedestrians
or other vehicles at street corner and
lave hi machine under such control as
may be necessary te avoid collisions.
The mere blowing of a born, the Murt
holds, Is , notj ,fc snfHcient precaution '
hon cireumstonee demnnd thnt speed . :
S slaokened. Tb accident, the court .
found, wa due in part to contributory
negligence of Terra go. J .
!w Tlantation Compaay y .
Wailukn Aencultwral Co., Ldd.
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd.; . '.
Knhala 8ugr Company . 1 . '
Wahlawa Water Company, Ltd. .
I'ulton Iron Work, of St. Lout ,
Btbcock ft Wilcox. Company ,.
' Oren'! Fuel Kcouomiier Comiany
Chat. C. Vloore A Co., Engineer! .
- ' .. ' m 1
will not buy murh these war day.
When normal times Toturn, it pro
bably 'will Jhujr. S0;-'i VlOO more
thau it doea now. '
"'t" ' e''lW-s.v '-- ' '
8ave these present-day cheap
dollars, against tb time they'll be
wirth a lot nioro.
, . - Wa pay 4 Interest
Merchant and Tort BU ' Honolula
from Hontroal to liverpool,
London and Glasgow via the
and St. Lawrenc Rout
end (
By th popular "Prince"
bteanier front Vancouver,
Victoria or Ueattle.
For full information apply to
Theo. H- Dvics & Co. Ltd
Oenl Agents,. Canadiun-raeitio By. Co.
CASTLE & .dOOKE Co., Ltd
ComiiTlfsioa Merchants
Sugar! Factors f
Bw rjantation Co
Waiaiu AgricDltiiral Co., Ltd,
Apokaa Hugar Co., Ltd. . -l-NiltoB'
Iron Work of bt Lowl
Blake i$team Pump . . . ,
Western Centrifugal :
Babcoek 4 Wilcox Boiler
Oreen' Kuel- Keonomiser
Marsh Steam Pump
Mat son Navigation Co. , ,
'Planters-Line Hliippiag Co.
Jtbaia nugar co. v .
. , . ,1. i, i , ii...
L.;i.BU8INE58 CABD8.
nut tjiv inpN, W(
ehlnefy of every den
description mndo t
laautdf Tuesday aud Friday!
(Entered at tha Ppitoffice of Uonolu'u,
. T. H., a BPrnnd-cUts! roatUr )
Pr Tear .....v... aOti v
Per Year foreign) ..... 1.00
' Pavable Invariably it. A4 ranea.
P1IARLE8 8 CBAWM 1 i, Mn
Castle &Cooke

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