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. VESTWDArs v, uTnrx W 1 A OV ( y
U. 8. WRATIini BUREAU, I V ' ' I 7
;; ',, OanM Dollars
M Centrifugals H. T. e 1.
Price, Hawaiian tuU... .B0 . 1133.00
Lert previous quota.,
turn .....T.Ot I140.M
!). X, 1!H7 Jst, twenty
fnor , hours' luinnll. .0'.'.
Temperature, liu. 70; lias
71). Weather, clear. . .
vol. x, no. 97 V
? ' Honolulu. Hawaii territory,. kTUesltay, Kdecember : 4, 1917. semi-weekly. "
.1 . ' 1
- - 1 ......
. ii li .O
V J. ' .
Mo pe
Reinforcea fey Divisions Ftom Eastern Front, Get
......... .... . . . . . . - .. ....... . .' .,..,. ; . T- , . .. .,...,.''--...
mans V Llulte Second Big Attempt To Perce
British Position --Bloodily Repulsed gf A
Ponfs On Sx-niic Fronf
' . : e.: ... - ; r ; ,' 1 ' .' '" v, -;
NEW YORK, December 4 ( Associated Press) Heavily reinforced with' divisions from the ,Rus
sian theaters, the army of Crown Prince Rupprecht.was thrown against the British lines yester
day, the Germans making a desperate effort for the second time , within f out days to pierce the new
British front Along a section of six miles the battle raged throughout yesterday, last night finding
the British positions Intact, with the Teutons thrown back at every point, with tremendous losses.
.This battle is described in the official despatches from Field Marchal Haig as one of the greatest
and bloodiest tingle engagement of the war, . '
' Preceding his Infantry attack, by a tremendous haU of shells
from thousands of guns, concentrated along the front from Gonjie
lieu, ten miles southwest of Cambrai, to north of Marcolng, Prince
Rupprecht attacked in fury. Under cover of the intense barrage
the German footmen drove forward against the British.
Anticipating the attack. General Haig had likewise strongly re
inforced his. men on this front and hid .concentrated artillery and
machine guns for the expected blow. The charging German infan
try was thus tnet Vith blast of steel, regiment aftef regimen): being
wfpt ajway,Jbedjpuc
The British held firmly, despite the thousands of shrapnel and
high explosive shells being rained upon: them, and throughout the
day dealt out death to the attackers. When night fell and the German
assault died down, the Tommies were -, standing secure at every
point, while thousands of dead Germans lay thick before the British
positions. v ,
- At one point, the exposed section at Lavacquerie, the British
were temporarily driven back, the Germam securing possession of
the ruins of the village. An immediate counter attack was launched
and the Tommies surged back into their places, imprisoning or kill
ing every German in the attacking party. .
The battle developed shortly after davbreak, when the German
puns began to roar. The infantry" attack wa delivered after two
hours fierce bombardment of the British positions and the struggle
became intense before noon, great forces being engaged on each side.
A report from the battle front at two o'clock announced rliat
t lie German attempt had aparently been already frustrated, the Bri
tish holding strongly and throwing back drive after drive. At that
time, the battle which had commencedmost fiercely opposite Gonne
lieu had extended along a considerable front, the heaviest fighting
then being for the possession of Lavaquerie, which the Germans
had once taken and against which they were still throwing their
regiments fruitlessly but bravely. The fighting was then shitting
to the northward, the troops around Masnicres being engaged in
a. fierce conflict, with the village itself in flames.
At midnight, London received an official despatch from General
Haig, tersely announcing the defeat of the enemy. His despatch
said : " ' . . i - f W
"Yesterday the enemy in heavy force delivered a series of at
tacks of great strength along the front from Gonnclieu to Marcoiug.
lie was everywhere repulsed with great losses." ,
In the fighting on Sunday along, this front thevBritish made
headway, a summary of the situation as it existed up until midnight
saying: -
"General Byng, commanding the British troops on the Cambrai
sector, is slowly regaining the ground which the (jermans took last
Friday. His efforts a, re now centered on the rectification of the
lines southwest of Cambrai. Last night the liritish rty ed the vil
lages of Villiers and Guisian. They have held Lavacquerie, repuls
ing several attacks. The high ground southwest of Bourlon village
las been reoccupled.
evidence of the desperat:c of the German military 'command in the
offensive attempted on tj Western front, which commenced on Fri
day. In his review of war situation, covering the week ending
on Saturday,' Secretary . ikeruggest3 that the Germans are jiow
attempting to secure a decision on the French front and are staking
great thuigs on the battle being fought in the Cambrai sector.
Thej secretary's summary says that it seems that such a decision
is being sought by the Germans because they realize that they can
not endure much longer the strain of trench warfare, in which they
have been systematically beaten by both the French and the British.
An official despatch received yesterday from Rome says that
Austro-German attacks on the Italian front have ceased entirely,
nqne having been made in the last twenty-four hours. The (ier
martji allege that adverse weather conditions are preventing activity,
but the fact is that the Italians are holding the line. '
Hurls his Regiments
. V
3 Secretary of War Baker set.
Turks? Drive Jews;"
From Jerusalem
As British Appeaf
Moslem Garrison, Clears Holy
' City of Residents, Making Van-t
. dalism. Easier if It Be Decided
AM3TESDAM, Dcmber 4 (As
ocisUd PrM)ni Jewlab rl
denta t Jcrtit &lem been forced
to itwuiU that city by the itul
Turkish ntlera, ccordlng to an an
nouncement glren out yeaterday by
the Austrian correepondent bnrean
at The Hacne, on authority of de
spatches received by way of Buda
pest. The cloae Approach of the British
and the prohabulty that the Holy
City will eoon be wreeted from the
Turks la regarded a a reason for
the action , of the Turkish garrison.
!WA81IirOTON, bwember 4 Af
sofiated I'reiw) Men are urgently
ncedl-d for ncrvire in ' the medical
corps, not merely physicians but men
bo ran serve as nurses and drive am
bulances. This need la the greater
since tbe United (States has taken over
tlie ambulance service heretofore per
formed by Americans under tbe
Freueh. .
jSurgeoit General O'orgns yesterday
issued an urgent call for men between
the ages of eighteen and forty Tears
to enlist and thus join the enlisted
personnel of the regular army medical
V Candidates are directed to apply be
fore the fifteenth of tbe mouth.
vWA8HIXOTO.V,. December 4 (As
sociated ' Press)- Lower prices for
meats, milk and other ranch and dairy
commodities may be looked for, not
ijot later than January 13, according
to a forecast Issued bv tbe food ad
ministration board tart night. .This
foreeast is based on the final crop re-
'porta, which show an enormous gain in
ijivi ii vvovuuu .ant jrnr VI curu. . .
It ii declared that this extraordi
nary crop is certain to remedy tbe sit
uation 1rought about by the high
price of meat and dairy products. ' .The
corn crop is now reaching the market
and its effect is certain to be felt with
in six weeks. . .
convictTbreak from
illinois penitentiary
.10UKT, Illinois, December 4 (As
socluieil I'roHi.) Tlilrteeu couvicts lasi
uight eseapeil from the Illinois atatc
penitentiary here by sawing the barn
and overcoming the keepers in the cor
ridor. , ,
J'ossea were ininiediiely organized
and heavily armed aud a thorough huut
of the surrounding country was start
ed forthwith, Little, doubt of their
(?rjy capture is entertained.
PRECHT;? of Bavaria,
making last desperate effort to
item British advance on the
west . ,
Last Colony Gone. When Teutons
In East Africa Abandon Ef--,
fort To Escape; the British
LONDON.' December 4 (Associated
Vre(w)--Th Inst enimn armed fore
J .Oi'.t'iCJait.ilr fii'Vr....rJaa hOi
uiprd ut. and .ths' Herman flag waves
ii nn flare outstrle of 4 ho ring of steel
r.i central Kumpe. . I bin whs nn
nounned offluinlly yeatenlay ju stnte
ment ef the final surrender of the com
mander of the latit-Oermnn force in
East Africa, which took place on Sun
day. For ninny mmitlir the British hHve
been utentlily foruing the Germans in
what was (lerman Kast Afrioa buck
into the hinlerlamlN, euttiiix ,0lf their
Hii'ilifn and wearU'ir them out.
With a force of blacks and a few
Get moo ottirers and artillerymen, the
German eommnnder lias been trying to
cut his way out nf the ring the British
have been drawing closer and closer
about , him. Finding escape ImposMihle,
the Teuton, after destroying their last
remaining mores, capitulated on un
dsy. . . v
i he benuun colony in fcifath Africa
wait taken liy the Koers early in the
war and the capture of German West
Africa wnx i nucluded a year ago. The
first few nciks of the war found the
Ocmienp niped out in the Pacific 1h1
uuds and the fall of Tsingtao to the
Jupanese loxt the only possession in
Kustern .ia. With the capture of the
: forces reiuiiiiiing In (erman Kant Afri
ca ' the l.i-t hold or the Kaiser upon
any pin turn of the glube outside of Ku
ropo is j;iiii".
Princess Tatiana Believed To
Have Left Japan On Last T.
K. K. Liner (To Depart
TOKIO. December 3 (Special to
Hawaii Kliinpo) 1'rineeaa Tatiana, sec
ond duughter of the former Czar of
RusHiii, is believed to have sailed from
here recently '! io a T. K. fit. liner.
Aboard this liner there are large num
bers of refugees from Hussin who are
going to the United Mates to make
their living or,- where they are of the
wealthier classes, to reside until such
time hm political alTiiirs of Kussia may
become stabilized.
I'rinceHM Tatiana Koinanoff is known
to have been in Japan since ber escape
from Siberia but she has songbt to
carefully conceal her identity. If- she
is, hm is believed, aboard the T. K. K.
liner, slic is traveling incognito.
i Associated Press1! The California
Committe for Relief in Belgium is urg
ing all hu send, packages to that
oiintiy not to wrap their bundles in
new ((paper. Word hue been received
that the Germans will not. permit such
:uckagci through their lines, because
Mm papers used . msy eoutain state
aicnts against tbem.
Tbe paper must be of the wrapping
variety or of any other sort that doe
not contain printing or writing of any
kind. i
e -4
. r
coins TIL
Legislators Will Have Mass of
: Business Before Them At Reg
ular. Session Not Permitted
.' Consideration During Summer
Lithicum Will Introduce'.; Joint
Resolution To Permit Men In
Service-Wearing HonorsSuf
frage and Prohibition Urged
'-'. "' ' ,v-:V
VAr!HINOTt)N', December ' 4 (A
socluted Press) lAfter receiving ' the
IVenident and listening to- the mexsage
wh,lch he will deliver to- a joint ses
sion 'of the. senate and house of repre
sentatives early this '. afternoon, the
members of both hipise and senate will
he ready to ignrotmly ' attack ' the
tremeadous mans of legislation which
awnits them. This was evidenced yea
tcrday despite the fact' that only' a
smal: amount of routine biminejjji eouM
be trausoiuted before both houses took
fca adjonrament until today in respect
to the memory of the twe member who
died during the short recess. ;
Accumulate! Bunineaa e ' - .
. At the 'citraordinary session of last
summer the policy of pcrmirting noth
ing, but war legislation to be consid
ered piled up a vast amnnnt of business-
which would other wine have had
consideration in committee ft, least.
This and scores of other, bins - which
are to be speedily .Introduced means-' a
bnt will 1 nearly as streauou
and ariluoua os was the great' Var ses
sion. . . , ';.
One of the first bills' to be lntt-
duced yesterday was a measure to pro
hibit the manufacture of apeobulie
Suffrage and Prohibition
The 'judiciary committee will meet
today and many of its members 'are
anxious to take immediate action on
the prohibition and suffrage . bills
which are in its hands. Large numbers
nf the representatives are urging upon
the' members of the eommittee the
earliest possible reporting out of sluch
Dentures. , .
. Secretary Daniels him suggested to
members of both houses the advisabil
ity of largely increasing the next en
tering rlass at Annapolis, and believes
that each member should appoint five
young men to bring up a class that
will meet requirements. It is expect
ed tlmt a bill to permit such 'nereases
will he one of those introduced early
in the session.
Mf ke Congressmen Pay
In answer to the deoiuuds that have
been voiced from all sections of the
country, that senators and representa
tives should bear the income tax,
as must the people whom they rep re
sent, aud the loud criticism that iiuh
been offered because of the action
taken in exempting the salaries, of the
euple'i representatives in Washing
ton from bearing their shnra of the
war's cost financially, a bill is to be
introduced amending the Income Tax
Law proviaioua -by the repeal of that
Permit Wearing Honors
Legislation to permit brave Ameri
cons who have served with' the Allies
prior to the entry nf the L'nited State
to wear the medals and decoration
which have been won by and onf erred
upon them if they enter the service
of their own country and to permit men
of all branches of the l'nited ttte
Service to receive and wear similar hon
ors will be introduced by Representa
tive Llithicuui, be. announced yesterday.
This will be in the form of a joint ren'o
Affecta Enlistments
Members of the French aviation
corps especially protested against the
regulations which prohibited ' their
wearing the decorations which they
had been awarded if they enlisted in
the service of the United- r-tates, now
in the war, as they desired. -
Kecent expressions of the -wish of
(treat Hritaiu to recognize especial ser;
vices of officers and men In the destroy
er fleet and on the part of France to
award medals of honor, have added
to the demand for such legislation.
Following the ('resident's addrci-.
when the two houses reassemble la their
separate chumbers the clerks of both
houses are likely to be buried under
the mass of bills which may be
Power For Ship Board
One of the importnut departmental
requests for legislation came from the
shipping board which has filed t re
quest askiug that greater powers may
be conferred upon it in order to pre
vent the chargiug of extortionate
freight rates and also to facilitate the
transfer to American registration ves
hcIb of foreign registration which have
i recently been licensed to -carry eoast
wise freight and passengers only trip
I by trip. ,
nounced that he will resign
and retire from congress De
cember 31. He hat performed
splendid services on the appro
priations committee. ;
WASHIXOTOX, I Deesnibe. 4 (As
sociated , Press) Representative Joha
J. Fitzgerald of New York City, ebair
man of the house committee on appro
priations,' announced yenterday that he
would resign his seat in congress on
December 31 and would resume the
practise of tuw. Hwsirar Shirley, of
Keatacky, will' probably succeed him
as atiairman of tbe appropriation com
mittee. j- "
Representative s Fitscgorald Is : well
known and .exceedingly well liked ia
Hawaii. He was a wcmW of the first
congressional party. , v
: lu his long aerviee to1 eongrena Judge
yrtKsi J . Wr?- Kft.. on
of the Unit n the houet) advoAte
the adoption of the budget -system aal
it was-largely through' his efforts that'
this system was Hnaliy put into opera-!
tion. On the appropriations eommittee
and, as a matter ef fact,- throughout
bis entire congressional career ha has
stood firmly for nn economic govern
ment stid raidefs upon the "pork bar
rel" have fou ud it , hard' to get; im
proper inesAiires ' past bis careful
watchfulness of the public treasury. .
It was his strong stand against
"pork barrel" leilsion which
brought upon him the .wrath and op
position of Tammany Hall. Despite
such opposition he was reelected tri
umphantly for the ninth time. At tbe
Inst, muni, ipnl election in New York
Representative Fitzgerald . came out
openly in his support of Mayor Mitchel
thus further arousing tbe enmity of
TiimniMuy Hall. The victory of the ti
ger at the November election is under
stood to be his reason for retiring from
Waxliington public life. He represent
ed the second congressional district of
New York from lHIrO to U'OH and has
ince continuously represented the sev
enth congreseionul district which is
in the Borough of Brooklyn of the
greater city of New "York.
Representative Nwagar Hlfirley, who
in expected to suceoed Representative
Kit .gem Id on the appropriations com
mittee, is also well known in Hawaii
for he wan here with the congrejnional
party which viititad-the Islands in 1915
and on that visit established many
warm friendships among those who
were fortunate enough to make his ac
quaintance. BILL pSIlff L
WASHINGTON, December 4
(Associated Press) Absolute pro
hibition of the manufacture of al
coholic beverages except for cer
tain restricted purposes ia contain
ed lu one of tbe first bill Intro
duced In the house of representa
tives yesterday. It was sect np to
the clerk by Representative Ohar
lea K. Randall of the ninth Cali
fornia district. Lost Angelas.
While the rood Control Law pro
hibits - the manufacture of dis
tilled liquor during the wax, Repre
sentative Randall's bill makes no
distinction between, whisky, win
and beer, prohibiting the manufac
ture of all of them and of all other
beverages containing alcohol, not
only for the period of the war but
Some surprisa was expressed that
this measure should have been In
troduced by a representative of the.
grape growing Stat of California.
breadTrice lowered
CHICAGO, December 3--( Associated
TickiO The retail price of bread all
over the city was reduced hne celt to
il uv.
Truces Are Arranged Division By
Division and Corps By Corps
Instead of By Single Negotia-,
tion At Capitals , - -
Official Announcements of Prog
ress Being Made Are Issued
' From Headquarters In Both
, Berlin and Vienna ' '
(Associated Press)
Armistices are'already in opera
tion in, several sections Of the
Austrian," Germarr' and Russian
fighting fronts. .Announcements
to this effect were yestercfay offi
cially made from both Berlin and
Vienna. .Instead of negotiating
between, capital and capital pro
ceeding the direct course of ar
ranging truces along the fronts
section ' by- section is being pur
sued. Military representatives of
the Russian government, officers
;and men, are b i n g passed
through the German, and Aus
trian lines land conferences simi
lar to the one at Czernowttz last
jv cck a rehc un gjtlfJ.-: f :ZU
.through a bulletin posted be
lore the great - headquarters in
Berlin yesterday, ' the German
public was informed: of the prog- . .
ress being made in the arrange- .
ment pf a truce and cessation of
hostilities, along - the Russian
fronts generally- .This bulletin
said that numbers of such; truces
were already in operation and
that fighting , had . .accordingly
ceased in several sections. ;
In an official statement issued
by: the war bureau in Vienna
more definite details' were given.
This statement -said -''During
I the past few days an armistice
has been announced on many sec
tors of the Russian front, nego-
tiations proceeding and arrange- (
ments being completed section by
section. In the Pripet region, the
Russians have concluded an jpffi- .
cial armistice with' the opposite
Teutonic rommand.'V ; 4 '
While peace or truce negtla- .
lions are proceeding rapidly andy
steadily at the fronts, accepting
the Teutonic official reports, mat
ters are not going so smoothly for
the Dolshc-Vikis and Maximilists
and other pro-neace factious at ' :
Petrograd, according to the des
patches which were received' in
London yesterday. ' ,
These despatches 'said flinV'ihe
Kcreiisky faction was once more
in evidence in Petrograd and in '
Moscow. Leaders .of the former
regime are said to be fieeking to .,
organize the people ' against, the "
Soi-ialist cabinet and the Radical ,
government and urging that the
authority of the Bolshe-Vikis nd;
Maximilists be not recognized.
It is said that 'the provisional V
government forces are attempt-',
ing to maintain certain 1 depart
ments, including the war, and fi
nance departments.' In retalia
tion, the ' Bolshe-Vikis' have sup
pressed the papers which have
printed the Kerensky manifestos
and have taken charge of plants
where such papers were printed.

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