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horning Session I Largely Rou
tine and UtipdrUrtjie of Con
. ; ' serving Forests' Disclmed ; :
EicEciiflvE siisidfi hlv,
M ' !. ' - t - - a) Mi ( .ft ' li
Lin v iri cTpo snn HinnTT nn
JVlanagriqiUewjnce At
: , Sessidrt Irf Afterhdort,,,
' E. D, Tenner, president.,,, ,
E. H, Wodehouae, rice president
'. W. O. Smith, secretary and trsa-
,. ,
'-..J JT. Warren, assistant secretary
and . treasurer, . , .; , . ,,'',.',.
T. A. Jkbanfer.,.,, , (
E. I" axofl, Bishop.
J. r, O. Hsgsne , ,
A. W. T. BottomUey. ' i i
7. M. DowtetU y , . ! .. . .
,',.tlor;' their ' ' thlrty-ecventh : annual
. . rnoe ting mcmbe'ra ', at. the Hawaiian
Wugnr Planters' Association assembled
; it ,Ui o'clock yesterday - morning- at
the, Planters' EjpcHment,. Station on
Kcoaumoku Street, . Id the afternoon
there was bold ad executive session of
the managers of the plantation and
the trustees to consider the all-important
questions of wages and bonuses.
'. Following the tailing to order of the
meeting of the Sugar Planters' Assq
ciation yesterday fcr President. E. D.
Tenney the election, of .trustees, e
' named above, waa the moat .important
. business of the morning's session' Af
', ter the selection, of .fte, .trustees they
in.tura named the officers. i. ,t
Besides the reports of officers., and
, the routine business of organization
little clae waa done at (ha morning aea
ion than to discuss the matter of , for
estrstion. and I'he, preservation thereby
of the sources of .the Islsnds', water
supply so necessary to Irrigation,
No Changs m Officer . : ; ,
There were no surprised in the elec
tion of trustees a ad of officers of the
association. It haa beet customary
for the presidency of the association,
to pass along in a certain order. That
Order waa maintained when, at the
tim of the resignation , of Georg fco
du'k na preaident, K. D. Tenney waa
named to succeed him,' and E. H,
Wodehouae succeeded Mr. Tenney , as1
vice-president. As Mr. Tenney had
served but a part of a year it was the
HatusaJ. thing oeaatinua. hln at the
' head, of the organization for the eom-
ing year.
Tenney Bouflds Keynote
, In his address to members of
the Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Associa
tion . Mr. Tenney sounded a real -ani
ratriotic keynote for . this, the irst
meeting of the members alnee te
United Utates declared m state of war
with Ocrmany,. when he said; , "V
must study our business f rom . a war
perspective and remember that we
have patriotie .obligatipna , to per
form." From this ha mad it elear
tnat war conditions . ,and aeceaaities
. will, form a large and the most, impor
tant part of the busineas of , the asso
ciation. Business , conditions have
changed , completely within a few
months, and the (planters must see to
It that Hawaii does not fail short of
its part In supplying the United Htates
with sugar . requirements. . ,
; NJ his speech yesterday morning
. ait. Tenney said; ...
"This is the -thirty-seventh annual
meeting of the organization and the
Urst to be held in its own building.
"The value of these gatherings has
been so clearly demonstrated by past
experience that further, refercooo to
5 this fact would seem superfluous. i
War Conditions t I
"With the world atniini and the en
try of tha United Ht a tea into the wa,
we are and wljl .be confronted .with
new and perpleting problems' which
. wijl be difHcult of, solution and may
call for the exercise of a, high degree
of patriotism and great material aao
, rificc. We must bear these burdens
with a spirit of determination and
without undue criticism of those ofti
ninls upon whom has fallen the duty
of imposing them, upon us, and upon
whose , shoulders rests the responsible
,lty for the successful prosecution of
the wr,,;, .'
Queatlon, of Bonuses
lf ','W muBt .study, our bilsinwis.froni a
. war, perspective,, and remember, hat
we have patriotio. obligations to carry
through M well as those. who joiq the
; rolors and actively, engage in. fighting
upon the battlefields of . .Europe and
tha high seaAt.j, Ths success of, the is
sue resta quite as much upon the; effi
cient manner in which we, who remain
. at bbme perform our allotted tasks as
'' upon those at the front, for unless we,
by our iidustry, supply them with
food, equipment, and material wlh
which. to light, they can only fail., ,t'e
muHt be prepared to m4ke, nnd.mukc
cheerfully, every sacrifice necessary to
win, this war, and these saerifieea will
be many.. .1 am certain that, when the
final accounting is made, this associa
tion, through i its membership, will be
found to be high up in the list of those
who hsve contributed to the utmost es
tent materially and in patriotic effort
townrd the sucoessful , accompnsn
nient of our country's aims.
Crops Are Compared
"The crop of 11)17 is the second Isrg
est lu the history of the industry,
fl owing a total of 644,574 short tons,
as aguiust the largest previous crop,
tlist of 1UI3, which was 040,443 tous.
The crop would have been by far the
lurvext on record: bad not the excessive
drought so delayed operations as to
prevent the completion Of 6ar vesting
before the close or the atatistifat year
This record breaking drought haa dam
aged the l(ts crop to an estimated
total of from 7.1,000 to 100.000 tons.
High prices for sugar have prevailed,
aud substantial protitf huve resulted.
Supply of Labor
ply has bcra . sufli.cient, to mrct tne
needs , of thet plantation ' The large
earnings possible nsilfr th, prevailing
system of jrottipensatloa have attract
e.l to th plantations a large portion
of our. floating population, with the
tesiilt that . the. aggregate number' of '
laborers ia . greater than ', heretofore.
Labdr hAs pevtit, beeft ao Well Tompen
sated, ao prospero0st nor bare the gen
eral conditions surrounding it been 'SO
good., as .during .the,, past fear. The
ponus paid has been ao large (hat, apod
final- settlement, ,,the laborers , are re
ceiving, an amount so groat that many
are. leaving the plantations . to , spend
their, money elsewhere or engage 'in
other, , occupations . which . this capital
cnablos them to do. .No Ineoniitdorable
nujiibor are leaving for the Coast and
the PhiUpplne Islands.
Wage Qaaatloil Bertbfuf - ;
Vhis questioB1 of .corppcnshUoll ( is
the most jmportant matter (whlch .will
some before, you , for consideration,
the bonus system! besca upon .'the
gross, price, of sugar in the Kew.'fbt'k
rasr.lict, was established as a method
under which the kborers would share
In the prosperity of ( the plantations.
Conditions nave,, changed., materially
aine the outbreak .of .war,, bringing
largely iiicrcased sost. of ., production,
ficcssive freight rates, ana cuormoos
tasee. . .,-."'- 1'V ' ..'-
,'As an illustration of. what has hsp
pehed, let us compare the following flg-
uj-es,. showing bpnus and tMosaid byl
ipe fi,w t inaiaiiun company m , rae
last. y cat before, the war, and the Jsonus
paid this year,.. and estimated taxes to
be ,pad as a result of this year's op
erations) . .i a ,
i ; .Befora. ,. Now,.',
Bonus . ....';.13,0J.0Q i 50539.00
Taxes . ...... fi.S0t6.SS 1,10740.00
.Total ..'..72,000.33 1,612,679.00
Per, Ton Hugar, J ?.43 . . 4J.40
"Figures likf these. are so startling
as, to suggest sit least the thought that
Serh&ps, the net gains and final llvj.
ends, to theiowners of the. plantations
will not be so large as the prevailing
hi;fh prices for sugar would seem to
indicate. This radical change in the
conditions to be met. certainly, calls
for very careful conslderntioh ,of. the
question as to' .whether, or . abt some
modification, ahbuld be made ; in the
bohiis, systersi to bring it more nearly
in line to accompli sli th purpose for
which it was originally intended.'
ExpeHiaental Work ;,
! "the excellent. service performed oy
our experiment , station . ooutinues , to
be demonstrated,, sndc will be ,. folly
Covered .In. the able report submitted
which contains a full review Of the ac
complishments of the- past year, . Teh
of -the employee of the statipa .have
left-for war service., This leaves the
station ehort banded, but this is.'M
condition to be expected in times like
these, and must be met as best it es'fi.:
'jThe departure, of Mr, Mulr is a
mbst serious lossj and .we, trust bis life
will be spared and that be will in due
time return to cjor eervlew
TrfbuU To Bwanjry ! 1, ',
."During the year, past we , have lost
by death .Francis Mills Bwnnr.y, ond
of our oldest members,. He, .was, an
tivily connected with the devetopmeht
6f .the sugar industry since, his arrival
here in .1881, and, has seen, it, grow
froni .small beginnings to its present
commanding position,, , He was first
elected a trustee of the Planters' La
bor Jb tiupply Co. on October 29, 1SH9.
He filled the ,. offices of auditor and
treasurer for severs! terms, and WS4
elected president, November 2(1, 1$9.j,
upon the . reorganisation of this asso
ciation, when, the Planters '., Labor, t,
Mupply Company, s corporation,.: was
succeeded by . the .. Hawaiian . Hugt
Planters' Association, and has . since
rved in this capacity for two terms.
Appropriate resolutions . were adopted
by . the trustees and spread upon the
records. , .
Trantrbortatioti Ptoblemi
"Arhona tho problems ivhlclt will
confront u during .the new yesr, tlint
of the. transportation of Our sugars to
market wilj ,not bethe least. As yoi
all know,, tne, tieots.or, tne Amcrinan
llawaiian fsteamHbip vompany and Mat
son Htoam Navigation Company have
licen requisitioned by. the United States,
and several of, the rvcsscla which have
been regular .callers in, our ports nnvc
bcei) diverted, tq, other, business. Th"
ahsociation has )reentel its cse lcr
ly to the United states shipping board,
f ml assurances are givpn tht our nocji
will be,, cared f(jr. The rate, of freight
whloh we .will be called upon ip pay, is
jet to.bq determined, bt wc.'nn rest a
sprcd that it iJl he a material inci ease
over, tha previously enjoyed bjr, us. The
investigation made by,.tq,, aasoclatioi:
Af to transportation needs of , this, terri
tory revealed, the fact tit. d urine th
13 months ending October 31, J917, the
freight epsce,. . used . per cfpU, pf our
population was upwards pf( aevn ton.
without taking into account tho im
BsSrts of erintsA march indise.
ruing of. Prices , . , , ,
.'.Tha price of .aogar wil) also be
fixed .by the .government, and will
probably , be materially , .lower,.,, than
would prevail if trade, were allowtd to
proceed without governmental (regu
lation. ,, .. -- i w ,v. -i , .
"The - enormous increase, p taxes.
sad.it ia by ao meana certain , that
further Increases will pot, be . made,
the high price of, supplies .which have
In msny cases doubled and , trebled,
the advance la freight ratop aad cost
df labor and of .every itenl entering
into tbe cost of production, the ahrink
age in . crops .Incident to, the drought
recently experienced, bring . many of
ue face to. face with a condition which
calls for tbe exercise of the most care
ful supervision and maaapernc nt, or
many of the estates, will face .s de
ficit InsteSd of a profit; .T' believe,
however, that the difficulties with
which we r confronted will be over
comend that out Indtry will flour:
ish,,and be th jn.insta.r of . Hawaiian
proierltyfpr injny yijari to co'm "
fief r'etary Beporti , , k 4. ,v ,
In bla report BocreUry, W. Ov Smith
told of the election of aevem new piin
Ixsrs .lurlsg the year,. Prank N. Ander
son. W, Ri.BfUrd, Uharlea T.. Jacobson,
(irk A. Kuudmm. R. 8. Peek, .Willinm
Williamson ami H. : Woltera, , He meu
tloua.1 the Jcath since the last meeting
of V. M. rlwauzy and Jt. W, Thomas
and included resolutions of sympathy
for tbe adoption, by the meinbers. .
Au important suggestion ' made in
i n
thoOsS of.Dreislhgs .Have
Been Turner! Out By . Nine
; Units Which Me'e't Weekly
The women of MHul have teen taking
a great deal of interest recently In tted
Cross, work, and have formed several
new nalta and increased the member
ship of the old. Mrs. Harold Bice and
Mrs. ,!!. D. Mloggett, w ho are at present
visiting In Honolulu, are the treasurer
iand secretary of the Maul auiiliary
, f'We iave about 150 womeri working
each week now," said Mrs. feloggntt
yesterday. "There is not a day in the
week tiat one or maybe two of the
Maui nnns are not doing Ked Uroas .
work, either making surgical dressings
or Hospital garments, or knitting. ,
.."There are now . about pine units,
each' of which works at least one day
each week. There are two units at Wi
luka and. one each at I-abalna, Piiii
nene, Kahului, l'aia, Makawao, Kola,
Hasa, and Haiku. ., The women of Ha
m.akuapoke ere ipcliulcd in the l'ala
unit. . One of the Wailuku. ,inits is
composed .fit ITawaSlan women.
.,:"We sent seven. easfJi of articles to
the Red Cross in Honolulu last month,
and we, are very proud of the fact that
our eases are now sent right through
te New fork without, beirig Inspected
in, Honolulu. We Inspect them .befofo
they leave Mnul. A trained nurse is
nt .the hcsd of pir surgical dressing
work., We hav- made about 10,000 repa
rate dressings since starting the units
several months ago.
r"Jost lately we have been able to
interest the Japanese, Hawaiian' and
Chinese. women in .the Red, Cross work.
TJiefe.are a number of Japanese Wom
en assisting us and they do beautiful
work. They are remarkably heat and
The gauze for all the surgical dress
ings is cut in, the printing plant of the
Mai News by, th$ cotter which la, em
ployed for the cutting ef the paper.
A great deal of time and labor Is saved
by tjijs, as. the cutting of dressings is
sr iask, requiring skill, and a consider
able amount of strength.
Tile Man! women wear the white
rape with the Red Cross on the fore
head when making the dressings as ti e
Honolulu women do In the throne room.
Red Cross work Is done by the pupils
in all the schools. Those ia the lower
rooms cut, old cloth and mSke fracture
pillows and Knit washcloths and muf
flers, while the High School girls do
other knitting end sewing. The Maul
headquarters are at Wailuku, and tbe
cases are shipped from there,
,.TOKIO, December 3 (Special to
Hawaii Shlnpo) War taxes are to go
into effect in Japan. To meet govern
ment needs it has been found necessary
to raise prices' of some government con
trolled articles and imports on' others
as well as to Increase postal rates. ..
Announcement of raises in the price
of tobacco, was made yesterday, by the
f' overnmeni. It was f urther announced
but the tax upon wine, sake and other
alcoholic. beverages was to bo increased
as is .the, tax; upon sugar. Rates of
pustage are also to be increased... .
lliii report is' that hereafter commit
tecs shall render their reports not latnr
than Sepeiuber ,14 to provide ample
time for afrpngcnicnt ami .printing.
lie reviewed the buaiuesi of the lupt
mooting and events subsequently to
tl)o t.Mne of this meeting.
Report On Labor
The report of R. D. Mead, head of
the. labor bureau gave figures for the
crop pf the year as 044,091 sliort tons.
Kef erring, to. labor conditions lie said
that wages had never before been ao
high uor plantation, laborers more pros
pcrdus or better satisfied.
It was proposed to take up the mat
ter of labor, wages arid bonuses at
yesterday morning's session but It was
agreed that tho subject waa entirely
too lu'rgo for a proper consideration
during the short remaining time of the
morning pension. It. went over' to .a
later time; and tf was determined, to
hold the executive session en this sub-jt-ut
yesterday afternoon.. Further con
sideration may be expected later in the
sessions. . . ,..:'..
; Instead of taking . up liibor matters
at the morning session forestratiou and
reforest rutiou were ; considered.. Its
importance in conserving the water
supply, was dwelt upon aud serious ep-
'. - .... . a m l J a . -
pofiViva o mo. sv vi xurrn uihis lur
grazing jMjrposes to the detriment of
the. forests was voiced by K. Faxon
Bishop. aud ptbere. , , ., , . ......
Sesaioas are to be continued nioru
Inga, and afternoons until, the business
before the meetincr is ended which will
probably be Friday or Saturday.
wages ana jBonuses .
Following the executive session no In
formation, was given, to the. poldjc ai
to ahnt if any conclusions were reached
at. the -session. .The attendance of the
jilantatiba managers makes it evident
hat there was a general survey of the
situation made, labor conditions oo ; the
various plaututlons reported ; together
with the managers', opluioiis pu the
tone ami sentimeht of the laborers on
the r wage quest iou whk'h has been ag
itatCd br llonolulu .Japauese Interests
In no v,ay eonuevted with, the laborers.
It is believed that the plautattfm n
agers were also asked ft o the . lli
tv of the Plantations to meet the add
ed eostf of production and at the same
time pay the' rate of bonus which has
lieen paid t0s yenr, , ; . ,
, It is known, that. several plantations
declare that for them this is imiitisslble
and that if au agreement for such Con
tinuance is made by - the association
those plantations would have to go out
or business, v
! M a 1 1 1 vnr.iFf j nri
III IUI II Wlllfc.1
GWOiUtt .
Full Pubficrty Will Be Given To
Findings Upoii i Conclu
; slon of Work
1 Consideration of the pllikln and dif
ficulties concerning the Hawaiian Na
tional Guurd held 'He, attention last
night of .the board of inquiry appoint
ed last week, but its deliberations'
will not be made public until the in
vestigation is completed. J t is said by
an .officer of the gniird 'that following
the conclusion' of the work full pub
licity would be given to the findings.
.The hoard . consists ef Col. W. R.
Blley, First Regiment, N. O. H., presi-
dent; Captain D, U Mackaye, adju-
tant, recorder; , Major J-awrence Juflil
and Major M. . M. Johnson. The board
sat for. three hours last night and will
hold meetings frequently during the
remainder of the. week,,;
Whatever allegations have been
made concerning the-. work of the
guard, leek of discipline at the Kawal
loa Camp, failure to keep to the origi
nal schedule, arid possibly the Filipino
phases, will be probed thoroughly. I)
is understood ' that this is not a
"whitewash "board," 'but one which
will Investigate and give complete at
tention to evfcry detail which has so
far beea made public concerning the
Alleged shortcomings of the guard as a
whole. ; , - - '
Aside f roW ' the board sessions, an
other matter haa been., worrying the
officers and enlisted men of the guard.
Some hate not yet been paid off, al
though the ramp was broken up, as
far as. the First Regiment is concerned,
a week agt last Sunday, The amount
of pay tinges upon the interpretation
of the requirements ' for guard
strength, as well as for length of in
dividual service and number of drills
attended. Originally, the pay wae de
cided on the, basis that whatever the
federal pay might be territorial, pay
weuld.be added sufficient to bring
each man's pay while in, camp up to
at leant two dollars a day. This, ap-
fiarentty, hns been changed, for the
isy haa qeetv very far short of this
amodnt., One of the .ligher ranking
non-commissioned ' offioera, instead of
receiving Hie ' psiy ' eonaidered proper
for Jhnt rknk, received pay at the. rate
of seventy cents per day. , .
. A number of officers are stilt wait-
ng for their pay, and with the pros
pect of receiving a very much lower
amount than they aatlclpated. their
enthusiasm has - undergone a decided
changs. Many Ilawaiiaas who expect
ed their pay about the, first ot the
month have been .. extremely . disap
pointed, as they had banked upon the
guard pay to aettia,mattj'.of their bills.
A. nambet of guardsmen- were paid
off last night at the) armory, among
these being many grnupsj of Filipinos.
Firsi Step, Toward Obtaining lia
vviliwifi Breakwater
., ,is a step toward obtaining a federal
appropriation for the proposed break
water, in, Nawiliwili harbor on. the Isl
and of Kauai, a plan that may shortly
be iuid, before the harbor commission
content pistes tl'c copd imsatio.n of these
shore lunda tliut would serve, as tlm
site for a.whirf and railroad after tlij
Completion of the breakwater. ''
Ia support of the plan, it is urged
that, the request to congress for' the
r prnpristif ii needed can be made with
better grace if the shore lands are
qwqcd by the Territory than if they
were held by private owners who
would be in ii position to reap huge
benefits from the improvement.
Members of the party of eoogres
men who recently visited the island
tquched on this point in discussing pro
posed improvements for whic.h nppro
pristiona sre wanted. It whs stated
t,hat congre.HK was not likely to extend
much sympathy to improvement pro
ierfs that Would enrich a few indivi
duals. , What shore lnnfls are considered n
the plan and its general datails have
not yet been made public,
Rapid Transit Wilt ; Begirt King
Street Improvements
i - ' . ' ,
A start will be made by the Honolulu
Rapid Transit AV Land Co.. within a
few days on the work of double track
ing King Street from ; the Kahauiki
boundary of the military reservation at
Fort Shaffer to McCully Street, two
(docks Waikiki of I'awha Junction, ac
rprdiug to an announcement made yes
terday. .'.''-.
- It is prixised to commence laying
the double lines , from . Kawaiabao
Street, where the present double track
ends, to Alapai Street, toward the lat
ter part or tins ween, ana tne balance
of the work will be undertaken as
quickly as the necessary equipment is
received from the mainland. ....
The teu new cara which wore orderwd
from the Coast a few months back to
relieve the congestion on King Street
are due to arrive here in April. When
these arrive some of the cars now on
King Street will be removed to Hotel
Street. ,
TOKIO, December 3 -(Special to
Nippu .lijii The new .pier ut. Voko
huma bus been completed and repre
sents one of tho largest investments
iu that city. ,
Sliot Twice,
Japanese Not
Expected To Live
D: C. Buick, Weil-Known Athlete
and Member of Healahi Yacht
Clilb, t Held At Pofice Station1
On Suspicion of Being CulpVit
-W' ft. Ito, a Jspniiese employed ns
aisalemart by the Hchumnn Cnrriage Co.,
Is lying ia the Queen's Hospital hover
jng between life nn.l death as a result'
Of being shot nenr Moimalua early Sun
day ; morning. lie has two bullet
wounds In his client. ;,hd his condition
lit inch that sum II ) .(.o is entertained
for: his recovery. It was reported at
the' hospital Inst niht that Ito Is
Completely paralyze!.
Pending further enquiries regarding
the shooting, O. '. Ituick, well known
local athlete and a former employe of
the Lbrd Toung Engineering Co., is Imp'
ing held at polli-e headquarters. . No
Charge has yet been listed against
Buick, butt Is said liy the police that
he was Identified by Ito, shortly after
the Shooting, as his assailant. ,
v Up to ten o'clock lut night no state
ment had been mnde l.y Buick., When
spoken, to) 'Iky officers of the detective
force be. refused to talk of the shoot
ing, apparently preferring to wait un
til. Ito 's condition is definitely known.
He was nioroee and visibly showed
aligns of nervousness.
. . Yesterday afternoon a number of
Buh'k'a friends cnlled at the police
station,' 'hilt they were refused permis
sion to speak to him. .,
The story as told by Ito, afte,r his
arrival at the emergency hospital, was
that. at eleven o'clock Saturday ' night
he picked up a passenger at Hotel and
River streets and received instructions
to proceed to Aiea. As the machine
approached the water tank at Bed Hill,
tha Japanese aid his fare ordered him
to atop..' Ito did so, audathe next thing
he knew lie bad been knocked over tne
heml with tbe butt of a revolver and
then immediately shot twice.
" Apparently frightened at what he
had (lone; tha passenger, is believed to
have run to the rear of the water tank!
The Holt boys were said to be passing
at the time and the headlights on their
machine played on the man as he ran
from the machine In which the Japanese,
lay; The condition of Ito was then
seen to be serious, snd without looking
for the man, tbe Holt boys are believed
to have rushed the Japanese into town.
He was treated at the emergency hos
pital and later on taken to the Queen 'a
Hospital. .' .
Following Ito's version of the affair
Motorcycle . OfDeer Sisemore went jn
search of tbe assailant, and . at two
thirty . Sunday morning Buick waa
brought to the station as th person
alleged to .have done the shooting. Nd
motive has been ascertained for the
It was stated yesterday by friends
of Buick that since he severed his con
nection with the Lord-Young Engineer
ing Co., about five weeks ago, he had
been ' in, straightened,, circumstances.
Offers of assistance were refused, al
though Buick,-is said to have continued
to live a pretty fast life. It was also
stated on authority that he was in line
for a position at the local internal rev
enue oflice. -.- ..
., Buick. who was a member of the Ilea
)ani Boat aud Yfceht Club, came to the
Islands about three years ago. He in
terested himself .in sport, aud for a
time was a member of the Y. M. 4J.- A;
basketball association,. In 1910, (When
tha llealaul crew scored a victory, at
Hilo, Buick was a member of the crew,
and he again rowed ' to Success with
them iu the recent regatta here.
, , .
A U MY IN FRANCJi, December 3r
(Associated Press) Officers from the
first American contingent to receive
uctual training in the trv thes here
have been transferred to retiments of
men newly arriving, in the cspaoity of
instructors. Transfers of eulisted men
for tbo same purposes will bo made
The Americana are . gainiiig their
training rapidly, There are fear gear
developments to report., Suow ia fall
ing along the American Section.' . .The
American engineers enguged IS toad
construction recently were. under bom
bnrdiueut, but escaued without casual
, , ',-
STOCKHOLM, December 3(Assb
elated Preea)-7Thn Associated Press
hns learned that Vladimir Hchneur, the
jlolsho Vikl party 's prime peace repre
sentative, was arrested, n Petrogtad a
fortnight before the big revolutipi) in
March under charge of being a German
"l,y- H'
Lowers lodge's plan
' .; ' 'lawaswaaaawa
WASHINGTON, December s ir-i'k:
Mociutod Pronsl Senator Lodje of Mas
Hitchusetts today made i statement de
claring that he favora a declsratioa of
war by theflTnited States against those
countries which are allied with Ger
WASHINGTON,, December 4rr-(Asso
i iste.1 I'ress) General l'ershiug yester
day reported six deaths in the Amerl
run cnutiiigeiit in France a a result of
I naturul causes. '.
Treasury Department Asks Con
gress. To. Appropriate An Addi
tlonaLQuarfer of a Million
iYulIion and t Quarter iSollars Pre
viously S?t Aside F8r Struc-1
ture Is Still Available
. Honolulu's long deferred federal
building came a step nesrer yesterday
when, at the opening of the new ses
sion of songTess, hn estimate was sub
mitted by the . treasury department
which iricinded an additionsl appropri
ation of L'.1(),000 for a public building
iO this City,. Advices were received by
Tbe Advertiser from its Washington
correspondent, Krnest Walker, to this.
enact.-1 ......
No details as to the proposed appro
priution were received.. The contents
of the cab'e message were Imparted to
Collector of Customa Malcolm Frauk
lin, who is custodian for Hawaii bf
tbe publij buildings and lands for put)
lie' buildings of the- treasury depart
thehtL and he snld that he was not
certain whether the appropriation waa
intended .for the. federal building, or
partly for the proposed war department
building. .
Massage la Cleir . , t .-, '
The measagn, however, clearly stated
that .it was the treasury, department
which i submitted the estimate, there
fore It- was the . conclusion: of Av N.
Campbell, , of the WaterhoUse Trust
Company, which handled some matters'
eonneetcd. with the original purchase
of tbe Manuka site, .that the estimate
is entirely for the federal building,,
"1 cannot atate definitely what tie
amount: mentioned ia your cablegram'
refers . to, ' ' said Collector Franklin,
but I suppose, it is lor the jeaerai
building .to be erected oft the Irwin
sits. , I aaw the plana while I waa East
and tbey certainly propose a .beautiful
bailding, which will be a credit, to Ho
ftoluJu. The architects are York and
Sawyer, of New York, and that alone
is sufficient guarantee for, a. uuding
of architectural beauty. I have baa
no advices at all concerning these pro
posed estimates. , .,,,,.-''
. 'The original appropriation, ,tr. 1
remember it correctly, was 1,250,000,
and that still standa to th credit -of
the proposed building.. ' The Jrwin eitf
Is all paid foi The Mahuka aite was
disposed af sometime ago, so I presamel
this is to be applied to the cohstrue
tion expense necessary to carrying out
the- architects' plans." . y .
Mr. Campbell said that -an matters
connected with the sale .of tbe MnhukA
Site, the first one selected for tbe fed
eral building, until public oplnidn
aauaed its withdrawal in favor of the
Irwin -site, facing the Capitol building)
have .been settled . with, the exception
or .o,i
up tor the banding or tae extension
of Bishop Street from King1 to Queen
Street. Following, the transfer of the
federal building site, an agreement
was concluded for the return ot this
amount, pro rata,, to, tbe subscribe re.
Site for War Building'
. In the rear of the federal building
is the newly selected sits; for the wet
department building. It will face
partly on Richard Street.' It will be
a convenient location .for such a
building, being fairly close to the busi
ness section of town, and not far dis
tant from the army's new qtihrtermas
ter warehouses and. allied Offices.
Tho hoie of Honolulu for the, past
ten years that, it might hive a federal
building for the bousing -of the United
Stutos courts, marshala. department.
internal revenue, lighthouse. v bureau
costoms aud other federal offices may
now bn realized, for it appears that
cpngress msy be , in earnest this seseioa
to give tbe city a building that is bad
ly needed.
u e--
VlClilTA, Kansas, December i ik'
sociated Press) A giant army balloon
has broken loose . from 'its, .moorings
nere unu is careering over the country
with destruction in its wake. ; .
The balloon esckped yesterday anil
Is sailing south ever Oklahoma, drive"
by a strong wind. It has a Vtail"
lidOil feet in lengthf two-Inch steel
cable, which bsd auuhored 4t to .terra
firms. This tail is bow dragging, the
ground and wrecking telephone, tcje
graph and power wires kt the big bal
loon moves south.
ST. PAUL, MinneaoU, December 3
(Associated Prfss) The, Governor has
removed Sheriff John' Wagner, alleging
that Wagner would not act to prevent
the recent car riqt.. t
Honolulu, lreniter S. JhlT.
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Mcnryue Kuitnr Co., oa .
Mittnai Tel, . -i
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Mr Cent (for HawaHan-wntarsl V4f. C.UO
J2 t- waresabar 27, mi ; .
Hlnltapore IH.R7V4
xora .. 07.00 ,
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kud cloalug .jwUtiosn .et stocks iu Us
maw lura market yssterday:
Auierkwa Muirsr Her.
Auioricao Bert . . , .
AsMX-lated Mil-. ....
Alaska VoWl ,,
American lsolnotlte
AiMcrtian Tel.. ft Tel.
Aiuoriaaa Huteller ,
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t'olo. Fuel' ft Jrun . ,..
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Iteneral Motors (new) ,
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OuoUtloas oa the foUow-tof New Tork
rnrb stex-ks, as wirelessed to Tb Adver
tlaar J Stonebam ft Co., are:
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