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Russian Commissioner In Lon
. don Makes Statement and
. -ays the Question Must Soon
Cmsely Considered t' ...
Dukhonin Has Faithful Armies
S and Part of Navy, Rumanians
Will Fight and the - United
'States Might Win Conflict
, 1 ON DON, December 2 (As!
) "V sociatcd Press) Considera
tion of the advisability of send
, ing American forces to th East
ern front to strengthen the forces
of Russia and, Rumania that will
continue to fight in' that theater
of war in any event was urged
yesterday by M. Gavronsky, the
' special commissioner . of the old
' Russian provisional government
' Mho continues here, file declares
there, will always be a Russian
front and. the ; Russians on the
cast and the Rumanians will
Mcver stop .fighting until a gen
eral peace is declared. . .
. . Members of the Russian em-
bassy staff, as well a M. Gavron
. 6ky are continuing at their work
here as before except that since
the overthrow : of the, Kerensky
'' 'government their offices" are
' known as the Dukhonin head
'i1 quarters instead of the , Russian
, -.legation. , They claim that , the
V army of the cast J and a part of
theavy is sjilMoyal To the pld
, provisional regime and to Duk
. .honin ...a comrnander of the
; armies.
In a statement issued by M.
Gavronsky yesterday he dcclaVed
: that there would be no separate
s peaqe between Russia and the
i Central Towers, and that the idea
of it would not be tolerated by
i, an overwhelming majority of his
; countrymen.
r "There will always be a Rus
i sian front," he said. "The armies
. under General Dukhonin will
: continue to fight, they will per
mit no separate peace -and will
. render a truce futile. A part of
the front will surely remain firm.
t ; "The question which will soon
demand close." consideration is
. whether the forces of the United
,' States, or at least a part of them,
' cannot be advantageously em
ployed where the eastern front
" remains firm. I believe that they
' ' could be so employed and that
. "the advantage to be gained there-
' by would be greater than any
that could be obtained oil the
Western front where the Allies
are now on the offensive."
At the' Dukhonin headquarters
: there has always " been a confi
dence that the participation of
Russia would continue and that
cVenhif"nhi4re be' sl collapse on
some' fronts this would not be the
case on the eastern' front.
,Tt: is also pointed out that in
Asia a Russian force is fighting
v which will not yield nor return to
their lioiWes until the Ottoman is
WASHINGTON, December 1-Asso-aociutcd
Press) President Wilson baa
lft it Ih known that he desires the
business of the coining session of eoo-
' res to le couflued almost entirely to
war legislation. lie will make his
opening address In the bouse of repro-
ai-utative on Tuesday,
Fifteen German Craft Destroyed,
Three Driven Back and Infan
try and" Transport . Lines Are
Severely Harrassed v
LONDON, December -2 (Associated
Press) British ' airplane : squadrons
raided far and wide ben oi the Ger
man line on the Cambral sector yester
day, driving bk the Oemian machines
and clearing the air to the discom
fiture of the German artillerymen,
While the British afoot carried oat a
eriea of trench raids, and moved up
loeir neavy gum lor a renewal of the
general attack for the important june
tion uoint. . . .
, The number of air easualtiea were
many oa thii front, the Herman hav
inir fifteen of their f icrhtlno mnA m
inn machine destroyed h h Rrit;.k
aviators, while three other German
plane were- driven down bark of the
German tine. The British," although
the fighting waa altogether over the
rnumj positions, witn tne airmen sub
ject to the fire of tha tntl i
Suns, lost only seven machine., Those
ave been posted as missing, acconllno
iv omciai aeapaTcn.
Do Heavy Damage
.'The aviators who Harriet out the
raining did not restrict their activities
10 aenai enemies, out swooped down
uoon the German trannnnrt i;n Kma.
barding the moving troops with boinhs
no iniurin. xuiecn inousand rovuds
were fired h llii alrmKn fmn ku
machine guns at the German columns
moving rorwaru to reinforce their com
radea in the bombarded trenches.
Envelopment Is Failura . ?
artV in the llV thu rirman In fan
try. wa sent forward in an attempt to
envelon some i.f thr artvana4 .rtinn.
of the Britiith line. The attack was
made in ron e and for a time was par
tislly successful, the British being ob-
liiperl to iluntmv sinlii nt thir eriina AnA
prepare to fall back. Reinforcements
with uurrK-ti m iig inreaienea sections
however, and the Oernisns were beaten
back with very heavy losses. .
German attacks southwest of Wend
huile were repulsed toilay, and three
stiff ennmv attacks south of I-n. Bssma
failed. -
Two succesMful raids were made bv
the British in the Warneton region.
, -
Wou Chen Is Premier and
;7' Mfnisteof War '
TOKIO,' December 1 (Special to
Nippu Jijl)r The organizition of ' tlie
new Chinese cabinet was perfected to
day when Wang Chou chcn, the new
premier, announced the following mem
bers: .Wang Chou-chen, premier and
minister of war;, l.u Cheiig-hsiang, min
ister of foreign affairs; Hun. Bo Che,
minister of the interior; Wang Ke-min,
minister of the treasury; Liu Tsug-yu,
minister of agriculture and forestry;
Chiang Yong, minister of justice; Yuan
Kee-tung, minister of education; Cbou
Ou Mial, minister of communications;
Lu Chung-min, minister of the navy.
The new premier was formerly pre
mier under tho late Yuan Bhih-kai. and
1st the time Yuan was making an effort
to establish a monarchy waa one of the
strongest supporters of the ilanchus.
Tuan Chl-jui, former premier, resigned
on account of friction with President
Feng (juock Clo, who took a mild atti
tude in the relations with Bun Yat Sen
and other southern leaders. 1
CI.KVKI.AND, December 2 (Asso
eiated Press) Following the' adoption
of demands for a higher wage by the
brotherhoods, of nouductors and of
trainmen, practically every railroad in
the United States was served with
copies of the terms of the demands.
These, generally shaking, approximate
nn addition to present wagea of about
forty percent. .
Repeatedly railroad beads have de
clared that it is impossible to yield to
these demands and that to yay the
advances would mean disaster to the
roads, that not asily dividends but ad
ditions to -rolling stock and equipment
would be halted.
Government eoutrol of the raitroads
as a possible outcome is considered.
WASHINGTON, December 8--(Abm
eiated Press) The nroioad m,r..
crease to the anthracite miners is to
be met by an Increase in the pi ire of
eoal, this being agreed to by the Presi
dent yesterdny. The increase, which
will amount to thirty-five cents net per
ton at the mine, will cover the est
cost of production aud allow the miu
ers the new scale demanded.
There is no danger whatever from
lock jaw or blood poison resulting
from a wonud when t'haiiiberluin
Pain Balm is promptly applied. It in
an antiseptic aud destroys the germs
which cause these diseases. It nlno
ruuses wounds to heal without matura
tion aud in one third the time required
by the usual treatmeut. For sale by
all dealers. Hennon, Bmith Co., Ltd.,
Agts, for Jlawail.-Advcrtisement.
Those Who Have Sought Exemp
tion Under False Pretenses
Will Take the Consequence
- WXftHINGTOX, December 2 (Asso
ciated Press) Eligible! who may at
tempt to enter false pleas for exemp
tion right before the vartons draft
boards of the jonntry and who are de
tected are not to be permitted to serve
jail sentences in lieu of entering the
iraming rnnps una eventually going
overseas to.flht. Instead, they will
get the very first chances to serve
and will stay in jnil only until wanted
for service.
. This was announced by Prnvost Mar
shal Crowder Inxt night, who stated
that draft avaders, after being sen
tenced, will hnve their nnmes placed
at the to of the No. t lists of eligible
in their district mid will be Bret called.
Slayer ; of HusbandrOnce Yale
' Football Star, Permitted .
'. To Go Free For Act -
MINKOLA, .New York, December 2
(Assoi-latcd PreH) After less than
two hours deliberntion Sirs. Ilinnea Ie
Saullrs was acquitted yestenlny after
noon of the nn rder of her husband,
Johnny De ShiiMp, wealthy clubman
and one time tnr of the Yale footbnll
team. , . "
Hr. DeHaull H nnd her husband were
divorced, on bei petition and the cus
tody of their cue child was a matter
of contention bet weep, them constant
ly. ; Several times the rulings of the
court on this acre cbnnged by their
own arrangements. -
Sirs.. De Hnulles was moving to her
summer home near here and (lermitted
the child to go with its futhei
for P time. 8he desirml the tww '
back and was told by De Maulles thai
It was the sienned period when he
waa to hiive the cuMody. , Khe hurried
to the lodge of her former husband and
hot him down in the presence of his
father, sister uad other members of his
KiHotionnl iiinanitv wus the defense
which wn successfully employed.
, . 1
r I i . i ., '--
;TOKfO, December 1 (wial to Nip
pa Jiji) The province of Cht-kiang ha
declared its independence of the Peking
government, and yesterday afternoon
the entire garrison went over to the
Dr. 'Hun Yet Sen forces, Chi-kiang
province is directly south of Shanghai,
and lias always been active In the revo
lutionary propagandas.
Dr. Sun Yet Hen hns guthered to
gether representatives of many of the
southern provinces and formed a unio.i
to protest against the attitude of the
Peking government in refusing to allow
l.i Yuan Hunir to take the presidenrr.
It is reported that other provinces in
south China will declare their inde
Scores of Protests Unheeded and
Decision Carried Out
The retail department of the Terri
torial Mnrketiug Division" ' closed its
loors yesterdny and there ia no assur
ance that it will be resumed at auv
future time, although scores of pro
tests SKHinst its closinir bave been re
ceived since the announcement of its
lisc.outiuiiance was mads.,
Loe Todd, bead of the retail meat
department, offered to continue the
iteration of the retail ante of the mar
ket on his own responsibility, but his
propositi was turned down by the board
of agriculture aud forestry, in whose
narge mo market is. ,
Todd says that the closius of the
retail eud will mean that a lot of the
poorer people will go without, meat.
They would eome in and buy five or
ten cents' worth of dog ineatfor their
own consumption, be says, but if they
have to go to the higher-priced markets
even this morsel will be denied them.
A clear profit of tlH was made by
the retail department lust mouth, ac
cording to Todd, with a total expendi
ture of .)70.17. The sales ou the luat
Saturday of the market were $200.
- , - .
rsinvnTfiv iwan.Lr ? a.-.
cited Press) -Five brigadier gener
als, who were colonels only a few
mouths ago, were yesterday nominated
as major generals and their nomina
tions made ready for senatorial con
sideration this week. Three of, tha
new major genpruU are Infantry "ofli
cers, two are from the cavalry branches
and oue is a Held nrtillery man. The
promotions are of Brig. Gen. George
H. Camerou, Brig. Uen. Weorge W. Kead,
Brig. Oen, Charles T. Menoher, Brig.
Andre V. Brewster aud Brig. Hen.
Charles H. Muir.
Tfi II f I r ill i invl
iujitfluntvLi5i Outskirts
Fighting On
Jerusalem On
British Raiders Take Moslem
. Prisoners: End Near Iq "
East Africa
LONDON,' jDeceniber' 2 (Aseo
c Lata d Press) righting was in pro
gress yesterday la tha outskirts of
Jerusalem. - Raiding parti oe draw
eloser each day and tha encircling
movement continue to go ateadily
forward. - 1 - ,
In tha fighting about Jerusalem
yesterday 150 Torka were mada
prtsonera, official report received
last night aald: ,
Locally there Is anxiety express
ed as to tha condition In which tha
sacred ralica of the Holy City will
ba found wharf tha victorious army'
ahull enter In- tha near ' future.
Thar Is fear expressed that the
Tanda:ism of tha. Moslanu will .
break forth when they e there
' long held poasasalon clipping from
them. - -.. -. .
In east Africa th end 1 near at
hand for the Germans. There re
main only one German - force of
about 3000 and preparations are
being made by the British force
for the final drive against this
body. '.-;' ".ir... ..
; r:-... " ,,r'e'i , ," .
Meeting Is Behind Closed Doors;
No Meetings Vol Confer ;
; ence of Allies Held
PA RIM. l)ecmnler , 2 -f Assm iated
Press) No session-of the Inter Allied
confereni-e was" held yesterday but of
great imports no Was the firs't session
of Supreme AVaif Council of the Allies
which met instead.
' Wbert . the conference Ofiened the
premiers ef Great Britain, France am!
Italy and Colonel . lloase fi.r the I'nit
ed . Htntes were in attendance. Later
ihey were jolued by AVilson, Bliss, Foeh
nnd TniHorne nnd it was then Hint the
realeeion hegnn. It was held behind
closed doors and no announcements fol
lo-"d th session.
Much interest was evoked from the
delegates of the Various allied coun
tries aver the threat of the Bolsbe-'
Viki governtueiir in Petrograd to punv
sh the Bnsnia' nrabnssndor -to France
for attendance ;'at tho first session of
the roufeiienca.' od) Thursday. It was
pointed out tknt he- was sent to Paris
as the representative of the Kerensky
.' ,
President Notified of Big Earn
ings In One Year
I.O.N A.NOEI.KS. December l (As
soeiated Press) I'. S. Dihtrict Attor
dent Wilnnn nnd ?'ood Administratoi
noover that the gnuid jury mvestiga
tlnn here hns ftiMclniin.l tha fn.e kul
one beet sngar refinery in Houthern
vuiiioniia ciesien nenriy fHim,uuu on
an investment nl $5UO,00u in 1910.
Farmers of the district are refusing
to plunt the sugnr lieeta onleKS they re
eeive better puv from the refiners and
the situation is 'iollS. with prim nrn.
' i i - -
duutiou threiitening to be cut down.
WAHllI.NOTON, Novomber 7 The
first dependent of au American Soldier
killed in trench warfare to receive com
pensation under the government ayatem
will be, Mrs. Alice Podil, or Kvanaville,
Indiana, widow edinother of Pvt. James
B.' Ureshaiu, one of the victim of the
German raid on Americau trenches iu
r"ranoe, ov enilier .V: She will receive
at least $t. u month, $20 of which is
the regufiir allowance and t'iS the in
surance puvintut provided by the gov
ernment for every soldier.. Tbia ia in
addition to the voluntary government
life lusuruiic-e, fur which Private Uresh
aiu may have applied. ,.
. r- .
AMNTKHDAM. December & fAsso
eiated 1'iess) The pay of privates in
the German army is to be inrreaaed by
cue third, according to- an announce
ment made at a meeting of tho maiu
committee of the reichstag yesterday in
Berlin. The new pay seal will go Into
effect shortly.
COl'IMIAGKX, November SI (As
sociated Press) It Is rejHirted from
ChriNtinniu that the explorer, Rosld
AmiinilHcn, has been informed that the
restrictions imposed by tnglund aud
America on neutral exports, will not
apply to thu equipment of bis ship
Maud, dvntiued fur a Polur expedition.
Transportation Is Thrown Into Confusion
.''Four more Matsun steamer have
beea requisitioned by the government
for at least one trip between Hie Is
lands and Ban Francisco, and possibly
longer. These are the Mnnoa, Hyadea,
Enterprise 'and President, the latter
having beea chartered to the Mstson
company by the I'nited States Ship
ping Board to replace the larger
steamers Which bave gone to the At
lantis for eerviee. The Mnnoa will be
the first t pass into the hands of the
jtovernment, but it is practically
snred that she will be returned to the
Island run after making one trip to
the Coast.
Former Bookings Cancelled
Tbt Teqiiisitioning of the steamers
for government use na msde puWie'
by C'Mstle A Cooke, local Mstson agents,
yesterday morning and nil former book
ings for passage were cancelled. As it
t not known how long the government
will require the ships no assurance
ould be given for future liookinc and
patrona were advised to try and serur
accommodations on vensels of other
lines calling here from foreign ports.
lounn Travel nn
TThe few touriats now in the Island
are "up in tbe air" so to pcak, as to
bow they will be able to engage return
oassnge . to the mainland. Not only
will the disai rangement of steamer
schedule affect those tourists in tb
Islands,- but it is also rnnsidered the
irst real blow to tourist traffic gener
ally that Hawaii hns ever had.
One man and his wife nho have been
touring the several Island for the past
ew-weeks, were person led to eancel
heir reservation on the Inst outgoing
VlAtson liner, and tnke a trip to tha
volcano, whWh i reported as unusually
ctive. 'Before "-'departing forlHilo.
passage was booked to son Francisco
n the fatson vessel scheduled to sail
this week. On their return from Hie
Big Island on the Manna Kea yestsr
lay morning, they were informed by
the local Alatson agents that all book
ings for passage would have to be enn
elled. owing to the rentiisitloninz of
the steamers by the government.
Dther Bookings Vncertain
An attempt waamade yesterday af
ternoon to engage passage on a trans
pacific liner, due here from the Orient
won, but up to late in the day, they
liad byea unable to lurste the loeal
agents. While they said they guesa-
Jd Hty were "the gostn" in the mat
rer. It wa their iutention to camo oa
the trail of the. agent all night if nee-
'.ssary, tojltenmne whether aeconi--nodiitions
could be obtained on that
particular steamer, which is said to be
Hoked to capacity . now.
loliday Plan TTpaet
The tourists are not the. only ones
'ho will suffer from - tbe temnorarv
hortage of passenger steamers, for the
mns or many local" folk who had
Both Offense and Defense
Poitus Hold Advantage
In Verdun Sector ; .
PARIS. December 2 (Associated
I'ress) Heavy fighting! aloug the
French front yesterdny brought success'
o the French, both in offense nnd de
lenoe. A heavy German ' attack was
l.-veloped againt the French positions
north of Verdun, on that front marked
ley the graves of thousands bf the Crown
I'riuce 's men who fell in tb.e llrst Ver
dun oft'eusive, where half a milliou Oer
minis perished in a fruitless assault.
Yesterday, the Germans advanced along
thr path of their predecessors a year
ago, meeting the same fate. The Ger
man dead are reported to be thousands.
To the west, before Uheinta and at ht.
Marie Appy, the poilua were the a
lesors, raiding in tbe former sector
iihI gaining ground In the latter, soia
iiijj and consolidating a trench system.
PKTROUUAD, Pecember 1 (Asso
ciated Press) Another political up
heaval is imminent - In tbe hocialist
cabinet which bas succeeded tbe lnine
government. . ' v
Premier Trot.ky baa stirred up .the
situation by dismissing M, Maklakoff,
the Kussiau ambassador to France.
Muklukolf incurred Trotsky's enmity
by participating in the great war con
ference of the Allies ia Pari. Thi is
considered by the TroUky government
hs a stute olTenoe and it is stated that
a heavy penulty will be imposed on
the offending minister.
WArililNOTON.' December 1 (Aso
iatcd Press) Congressional - leader
tathrring here for the near session any
hey believe the country will be asked
or another big loan soon. It is ex
pected that the United States will be
askeii to adsorb s,oiH),(nm,(iO" of bond
between the first of February and July,
If the preaeut rate of loans to tha)
Allies continues the seven billions of
nuthorised credits to lie extended to
tho Allies will be eahaosted by July, ,
.hoped to depart for the mainland for
the holiday season within the nett two
week, hav been hopelessly upset.
Kcvcral hnndrod rata L -a
steamer acheduleil to depart in tbe
nrer lurure, one vessel aloae having ae
eonmodatlhns tnr 'nn. lu. k.3..j
j . v nuumni.
Now that all ef the Mstson liner have
Deen taken ever by the government,
the question arises as to whether or not
tbe transpacific steamers which ar li
censed to carry passengers between the
Islands aad the mainland, will be able
to accommodate this number of per
sons who have been disappointed in
their original intentions.
Thore are only a few of these ves
tels due to arrive before Christmas
and unless the Dutch and- Japanese
liners, which are among the best ply
injr the Pacific, arc issued permits to
serve the Iidaods by the Const repr
eentatlve bf . the Federal Hhippin,
Board, the outlook for residents and
tourists is Indeed a gloomy one.
It was said yesterdny that the taking
over of tbe . Matsnn fleet and theii
chartered vessels for transport aerviec
would be widely advertised in tht
mainland, thus undoing tbe greatest
part or what Has lieen done in the tour
ist campaign of the psst two months.
Effect Already Felt
The effect of the commandeering of
the Matsonia and the Wsui. which art
populer with the wealthier class of
tourists, has already been felt, manj
bookings of loan standing having been
cancelled upon receipt of the news ot
their' change of service. The drop ia
the tourist business can be rendily seen
by 'a comparison between the trave.
at this time last year and that of thi
present. .
Whether these steamers will be re
turned :to their former service and
schedule after the completion f thr
one voyage is not known at this time
The Vitipiuo from Kauai who are
alleged to have participated ia a 'hun
ger riot while waiting to embark foi
Kauai lat week, had plenty of food
when they left .Kawailoa camp," said
Major Will Wayne, assistant to the ad
jutant general of the national guard,
yesterday. ,
"They had sandwiches and other, food
in their haversnc k," said the -major,
"anil if they didn't have anv ou board
the steamer, they must hare eaten it
all eoming. up oa the train, . The coin
Iniiaaary waa all right.' They also had
fond served at ten minutes past four.
Another barrier has been placed il
tte way of enemy aliens who hereto
fore have boon ia tbe habit of travel
lug among the various' islands of tht
group at will, for a new. ruling wai
yesterdny made effective at -the offi
ces of the Inter Inland Hteam and Navi
gat ion Company, which require that
every pciaon desiring to purchase a
ticket from Honolulu to any other port
in the Territory will present evidence
to the company's agent that he is not
an enemy alien, or else be required t
exhibit a traveling permit signed b
the President or the local United
Htates attorney.
The action taken by the compan)
eomes directly under the provisions ot
tbe trading nitli-t he enemy law whicl
pro ides that no transportation com
pauy slinll carry aa enemy alien with
out the permission of the Presideut
As tbe new ruling did not go into effect
at the Inter-Inland office until noor
yesterday, no permits huve -been re
quired from Island patrons who are sub
jects of the enemy country, most ol
the tickets for the outgoing voyage ot
the Mnunu Kea yesterday afternooii
having been sold before that time.
WASHINGTON, December 1 (Asso
eiated Press) Word has reached Wash
iKtoii that the reaodinaviau countries
Norway, Denmark and Kweden, are e-
peeled to refuse to agree to the war
trade board's terms for controlling
rooii exports, i ne reeling in diplomatic
circles is that curtailing of export to
the desired point would force war with
the Scandinavian.
WASHINGTON1, December 1 (Asso
eiated Press) President Wilson ha
sent a message to the Japanese omperoi
expressing the pleasure it gave the I'ni
ted states to entertain the Ishil ini
siou. He has also seut to the king ot
Rmunuiu a messai(e declaring "Th
I'nited States will continue to assist
Rinnania. "
moves the cause. Used tbe world over
to cure a cold In one day. Tbe signa
ture of K. W. GROVE i on each bos.
Manufactured by the PARIS MEDI
CJNa CO., St. Uule, U. 8. A.
Officers and' Soldiers Pass
Through To Czernowitr and .
Are Weil Received By Aus
trian and Grm5r.a There
Sentiment Is For Separate Peace
Alone But Recent; Results Ap
pear To Have Added Confi
dence As To Final Results
V T EW YORK,' December 2 i
(Associated. Tress) Rus
sian envoys, officers and roldiers, ,
are withitj the German lines beat'.
tng with them proposals for a
truce. They were welcomed and ..
their speeches .received with
rheers. v(;erman sentiment strong
ly favors a trufe and ncare with
- . t i - - - . ; , .
Russia butv there is a sentiment
imong the Tan-German element
igainst a general truce such ' as
was outlined in, the platform bi
the, Tetrograd radicals. ,
Yesterday a deputation of Rus
sian omcers and soldiers was
Missed through the Austfo-Ger
man line and proceeded , to the '
headquarters at Czernowitz
where they were, received. They
presented their : proposals and
poke in favor of them and their
speeches were, received .with
:heers by the Austrian andGer-
man. ofliccrs present. ''This - in-
i'ormation was contained in re
ports received iv London. I fT, f -
hentiment in Germany fr. i
separate peace with (tussia is, it
.leckcd in the, remark attribit,'' '
to von Kuehlman in a Cenj. .
News : pespitch ; to' London, h . ,
is rejiorted to "have 'said:
absurd to imagine that Russia
would enter upon peace negotia
tions with a presentation of large
claims. Teace with Russia now
is of more importance tha it
would be, later. . ;
Opposition to' the Tetrograd ,
propaganda for ihe new submis
sion of war aims, for a' truce be-
tween ail of the warring nations
pending a general peace confer- v;
ence controlled by delegates
elected by the people from Other
than diplomatic circles' is shown '
ly the action of the Fatherland
party which, Stockholm reports '
aid, had memorialized the reich
stag warning against a general '
truce. The memorial , requested '
the reichstag to declare that in-,
the light of subsequent events '
the former peace resolutions were,
no longer consonant with the sit
uation. ; ' ' ;
It is learned that schools have
Seen started among the soldiers1!
of the German army - to teach '-'
them a propaganda to be used in
iOnnection with all dealings with
Russian soldiers for the bringing
about of a separate peace and in
Teasing the sentiment for it.
A complication ar,w'et i". Tetro
Trad yesterday when Trotsky re
fused permission for any British
subjects to depart He ' stated
that this order was made pend
ing a full investigation of the
charges that Russian , subjects
were now being interned in Eng
land. ' : ' ! .
WAMUNGTON, Det-nabar S (Auo
.iat. Irss) Representative Bailball
of California auuounces that hs la pre
pariDg a bill for latroduetioa whea the
bouse conveov on Wednesday nader
which heavy, exec taxes will be im
posed upon every aere of arable land
which is not under cultivation or being
put to such use aa will beat serve the
uatioual Interest. It I his contention
that everv aere capable of rodulug
food should be to vtd.
J h

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