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V. H. WKUlIi ... ur
''. , j;n 7 i.B-t t.M,tv
four sour' Painfull, J..l');
Tomp. .Alia,- f,Hj ilal. 7,1.
Weather, cloudy. '
f itttt rirtr cvi
Oentrifeirala N. T. T la. j-w ton
Mo, Hawaiian kuU.., S.72 $134.40
Xst trrerleau uota- ' ' -
tloa. g.M 1131.00
7 . 'V
1 1
' J . . - - . , . . -1. , ' Vi
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93 '..:....
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ill) IT?
1 1
HALIFAX HARBOR with City of Halifax i background. ;This ia
Canadian seaport presented yesterday' prior! to (the collision of tw
subsequent explosions which rent and fired city and shipping.
the appearance which the I
two munition ships and the!
Vessels Carrying Munitions
ivo Tiiousand
HALIFAX. Nova Scotia, December 7( Associated Press) Two
thousand dead; many thousands injured and property destruc
tion amounting to many. millions are the result of a series of tremen
dous explosions! due' icr the collision of two munition ships 'in the
harbor here yesterday morning. ; " ' ( , ' .- '. .' ,v,
-.The force of the blast when' the two tnuriitioH' carriers were
Llorn in tijtnUnl
iiiiuicuitiicij iqjiuvyriix oy tuners as me munmqn storea. in great
' I
quantities in the waterfront warehouses ore wt-'off-
, - inc iwipitung o an eycjiainax was turned irom its usual
- ordfrly quiet into a great inferno.' Buildings rocked and collapsed,
' - burying their occupants in tons, of stone and bricks';.' school's crashed
in "and hundreds pf fhi)4ren were crushed and mutilated out of all
v-' humin semblance; the great Arena rink, being used as, a military
"; ; depot,' fell in "M scofes were' killed; the union depot' swayed from
the force of the shock to such an extent that its tower toppled, bring-
ing down wfth it tfie heary roof of the building; church steeples
crashed into the streets, where terrified crowds stood petrified, with
. . the sudden terror.' The military gymnasium was destroyed, with
. hundreds of the structures lining the harbor, including grain eleva-
"i aim me iHgii iciuinjr, V'.,--. v '; .. r .' .
.-v !:.'V- CHILDREN 'AND WOMEnVdie.'-':;
' r " 1 Children on tbe streets were dashed by' the explosion against
. fences and telpranh fv-tc'an1 Vilffwl Uv th immf
O I'" f r"- ' " J i i . j-l . 1IUIUVII ni i v
;;: tosseq aooui anq streaming with hroken limbs. In the harbor
ings ?r hurled oyerboa,rd stunned, to drown helpless in lh icy
-'waters.':1 . 1 .' .".. .
v. : ' Trains waiting on the yard switches along a line of two miles
v wenp thrown ott the rails and rolled about - Everywhere throughout
, the city he telephone,-light and power wires went down. Docks
-y. - and, wharves were smashed and shaken. , y ;:
V - -'l FIRE ADDS TO DISASTER' k-.v'. ;
' ; Immediately following the explosions, fire broke out in a num-1
. ber of places throughout the wrecked sections of. the 'city and '.the
.- flames 'a went over two sauare mile hfnr ihov lir1 rahri v.c
. 1 r - , -" - hum V.VIIVU I1UF-
t sections where an v effort to check' them rnuld h attcmnti.,1
.f . v : . - T wa 11 H
" buildings through the damacrd ncrtinn hait
o . ' w. ; O v i .i . v u v ivi kv v
the explosions were destroyed by the. fire. ' . '.
, , , i n? most aesperate ettorts were.madejjy the military, and the
citizens to effect rescues througK the milerof blocked streets. , All
, imuujir wiv dihvkii wvuuii iut nc vr,c ii me wounaea, praying
. that they might not be left to the flames. . From, the debris crawled
' thousands of injured ones, who Jay in the open waiting for assist
: :nce, being unable to crawl over the great piles of wreckage, that
blocked every avenue. Thousands of rescues were 'made, but many
.v. . iiuuuicu.-i ui iiiiuicu uucs pcnsncu jii me nrc. Aimtarv natrnla nerc
; t at work all last 'night bringing the' charred bodies from' the ruins.
Tht stimflti ff t rhlpf rtf rti- of mtAlU u.MBa l a. at.
Known aeaa numbered upwards "of two thousand.; . ,
: : Last night the agony of the city reached its climax! , From the
. wasted districts a continuous line of vehicle's' broutrht iniared ones
to the temporary hospitals and the bodies of the dead to the teni-
, r,.v ,v.j.Vo. .,i,ini nit, njoji.ai3 mm iiiurues ; nieu ptner
thousands, searching for relatives and friends. The .rooijt ' pitifjif
V sights were about those morgues where the bodies of Jhe. fire victims
were being laid out IjV long lines. Many of the c-n-pses ihid been
burned beyond any possible hope of recognition, but each' charred
fragment rt hnnunil' ai 'cnitin!..4 . . . u - -a . v i r .
"- ov.. uuinatu uiiu ui tr again uy icar-
; filled ones', dreadim? that thev should fint.u-hat tii ca
. . , 1 Around the' wrecked school buildings,' far into the night, crowd
y ed wailing mothers anj stricken fathers, while searchers among the
ruins brought out the mangled forms of the children and teachers.
;.;' -"l ':' ALt BUSINESS CEASES V , .
;.-.'. All busines$viit the citv was susnended at (nee wllPIl ih nvhln.
.v.,unVu ult kichi me. .irccivar service was tmpos
ible ahdthe greater number of the available vehicles werecom
niandeered b .llt-eTmiliUr authorities,' v. ho 'assumed , cliaree-tf the
V ; i Patmc Island Folk
B'.aUment ppe4rin la tbi Chlcaeo uresi and wldalv eirenlata
meat protesting against meatless and wheatleaa Atjn aa no-'
.. wAuunuTUK, December e "0atmen
from parties Interested In exploiting the sale oft
necesaary aacrtncea bf tie American public are either-malicious or emanate from penonal Interest obvious-
M 'WiewmlU from meattass days, have for the first Ume create K aufflclent visible enpply ef meat W ; '
allow na partially to comply with the demand we face and tend overaeaahe tnautltlea the Allies have.'
asked ns to ship in the month of Docember. , . r-v'
' L ' ln f0"!- fc mtu ' U-"lon to the eftlre American people that throutrh their devoUon In ;
sarlng food and through their personal sacrifices the United States is enabled to meet thia present demand. '
Our endeavors should in no instance be relaxed. 1 '''-'...
', . ..' OTHEa SHIPMENTS DEPEND ON SA VINOS 'i ? V; ' .'''
. VTVwWh0!? 5f ,urplu tt 1917 avrt over and above the normal demands of our own popn- v
lation for the period op to the Ume when the tflis harvest will be gathered has already been shipped over- . '
aeaa, .These shipments have been so heary that It has been necessary for the food adnunistraUoiTto re-
trlct further exports of whokt so a to retain In the United States auflUent suppUaj to carry our own peo
ple until the next harvest, -j i- r . . , ' '
' '", "?or teM Ports of wheat from now on until the next harvest are limited entirely to the ' ; '
volume of saving made by the American people la their consumption of wheat and wheat product. Every V
loaf aaved la the household and every bushel will mean that by that much may exports to the Aulas bo In-
creased la the period between now and the next harveit'. -. ' . .
"w continuing wheat ahlpmenU for December cs far as our situation allows, bnt even with all
the eonserration that has bean practlwd, fraatei sacrifices should be made. Greater saving of food is the
urgent .present need, for with all grain mad Mailable through the savins of the nation the supply needed
falls i short aad we are itiU unable to provide the four hundred thousand tons of foodstuffs for which the calf
has boon sent and, which; are most urgently required by the Allies daring the mouth of December. '
t . "Statements calculated to spread the belief that meatleas and wheatlssa days mesa ad unnecessary
aacriflce and propaganda designed to hamper or check the sailng of food are false and dangerous. Such h
augments given out for personal lntereat or profit are la MtUe accord with the spirit being shown la mllU "
VJtJt0",la, BfttM ta whlcn srtou Patriotic endeavor is being made to hold up thebands "
of the food admlnlstrauoa la its taak of feeding our soldiers abroad as weU aa our Allies and in the task of
Stabilising prices to our own people. , . ; i , f ,;,..-. . " '
' "- more foollah or unpatriotle utterance could be made than to aay that meatleas and wheaUees '
days are nnnaxjOBaary at this time. ' Ia the ertUcal situation of the world's food supply today opposition to v . v
the government's conservation meaeuros is an action comparable only to opposition to the draft because any
failure la saving food now means the direct and Immediate inc. f r. .V " " - 7 -
,- once with our war senrlce la the feeding of the Aule7' . , rwimm.
4 , . .. , , , - 1 , y4 - '
' '?M!SFW,U!' '"Hbert ?..' Hoover, food administrator' of be. United tste, was lit'.t as a wlrele
n.e,.sgo to J. Child . Terntorisl food a, .niuistrator, aD. re,-eiyed lat sight. The mess.,, inske. eleSr what is
ifilaud and what may tie acvonutliiilied bv eurnaHt an.) f.lkf..i
situation and instituted the work
of fighting the, fire 'and that of
rescuing; survivors. : ; ; V-
When night ( fell the city was
plunged in, darkness adding' to
the, jnisery,, nf) confusipn, while
thousands tramped the streets,
homeless and suffering from cold,
despite every effort to make the
tempoVtry jelief work cover the
situation. : ...''". .
v . . , , .......
From nearby Canadian and
The anos.t pitiCun American cities relief trains have
nqeih started out carrying sup
plies and, clothes and bearing
many doctors and nurses.' 'The
towns in the immediate neighbor
hood .. have already been able to
reach here with help, which' was
sorely needed. , . ' ; ;;.
It is 'the northern end, of the
city which has puffercd the great
est damage The destruction ;zone
centers on , Richmond Street and
covers an, area of two square
IMUCS. , '
' f".
' It has ln-en imppssp)le ito se
cure any complete; statement of
the inimediatie cause of -the dis
aster. The first reports state that
vessels laden witlv high explo
sives! collided, one7 ramming the
other, broadside as it emerged
from its slip. ' , - f . .v
; The detonations were so terri
fic that they were plainly felt
throughout a circle ; of .v thirty
miles, while at . Truro, sixty-one
miles away, the noise of the ex
plosion was heard..'vi ' ' V.''
Halifax, which has civilian
population of nearly sixty thou
sand, is the capital of Sfova Sco
tia nndhe-principal: seaport 'of
the Province,, It is noted for it
fine harbor on ' Chcbucto . Bay,
which, .in peace time, has been
the winter headquarters , for the
British Nonth Atlantic squadron.
IThe British navy inaintains; dry-
ducks and repair and coaling' sta.-
tions there, while the only regu
lar British tripsin Canada, prior
to the war, were garrisoned in
this citv. - ': '' T"'.,
, " i ' .
Th? city is--thi-Atfiftic; termi
nus of the Intercolomal'Railroad
and of ., the . Canadian Pacific.
From the outbreak of the. War,
Halifax has been the great, ship
ping port for; tmops from Can
ada and. India for ' Europe, while
a large-part of the exports from
Canada and American points for
England and France have'beeh
sent from this port. A recent, is
sue pfv Collier's Weekly stated
that American' troops were also
being put aboard transport here
for overseas service. '. ;
' aa
PARIS, December 7- (Asooclnted
PrP!.()--Ki veasela of all deaertptions
were det roved by ennmr aubmariae
warfare (hiring the week whieh eoded
December 1.. Two were of more than
J600 ton burden, two smaller merrbant
craft and two were flnhiug boats.
Prosecution At San Francisco
Produces Witness Who Tells
of Part He Played ; ;
Moslems - Were To Be Incited
Through Priests To Bring -
; About Serious Slaughter
SAK FBANafrO, DeVH)ber,7-As-elate1
JTm) O.-riD-n and pro Ger
man -eonnplrators did not atop at si-ek-loir
to Incite fanatical Hindu to rebel
lion rnini and plunder, but their
plana estemplatel bli ody maaaaeres of
all Cbrictian- io tho Britieh snd French
province wa ulioww by the pro-edition
1m evidence which was adduced
ifitrd8T In tlie proaecntion of the
cs SKainat tbt remaining lef adnnts
In, tlie eon-plrucV-eane now on trial ia
tae federal eourf, , ; 't '
New line Opened .
New llnea of proof, eve more sUrt
llng time' those hih have been need
Irl rctnforo in the pro? cution of the al
h'jjetl. eonaf.iratora to violate the Sen
trality of thf United Ktstea, were
iipened by 'the prnaeention- yesterday
nod ;the: iuveatiirntion of .the rharcea
enmf I o raunh broader acope. ..The al
leged conspiracy wan approached from
s e' ,!". tew avtrle. V' .- , ,
Siaugjiter of Christians ' ,' ':
IX.nwes EeV.ker, called as a witaees
for the prosecution, told of thf part
bich;:-be had played to bring about
"holy war" by tW Xoalem upon the,
Cbri iaaa. ' He testified that it Has
agreed that he akimld select a. Moham
medan prient ad of his choice of Jive
who was ta be seat to Berlin. ' From
Rcrlia this prieit was, he said, to pro-eeed-on
, to Conetaatlaople, where he
was to confer with' the besds of the
,1ohaoimdgn oh'hrek ia a effort to per
trou.de them to incite tlieMelem who
wer tn ' British or French' (Wvawaiiions
ts wery wo tiini Vbo-Crf
iiMv':.'.-:'.. . .::';.";
Seek Inside Information ,
KfTortS made on behalf of the defense
to aeamre Information as to what teati
mony a to be given by the witnesses
for the proaeeution wa aleo disclosed
yeaterdsy. A telephone operator waa
put on the witneea atand by the prone
uitiQR. Bhc testified that attempta bad
teen made to use her to secure infor
mation, especially t lie names f wit
neee of the proaeeution, "whet their
testimony was to be and what the gov
ernment waa seeking to prove. :
,:y .:' . . ; r ;..
. WASHINGTON, December, 7 (Asao
elntcd Treas) Buaineaa It generally
f?ood throughout the country, ia the re
port that was iaeued yeaterday by the
feilcrnl reaerve banking board. An ex
fleption to this 'rule, however, ia to be
found iu building and eouatruetion
work in voriona parts of the country.
Tliig ii dull beaauae materiala are
ecurce, diflicuH to obtain and high, and
labor ia abort, with wages at abnor
mally Isrjfe figures. , ii-
WASHINOTON, December 7
tAaaociated Treaa) Plans of tlw
I'nited states for the Immediate' re
lief of the stricken city of Halifax
are to go forward without waiting
for any call for aawiatance tq be ia-
oiied. These were started . tnime-i
diately upon the receipt of advices
of the diaaster and have grown in
m ope aa the magnitude of the eata
Vlvnm baa become more fully known.
The belief prevaila that aid should
be snd will be rushed at once and
not be held pending thf Uauapce of
a formal call. ',... :a "
' ;: .
WASHINGTON. December 7 tAa
sociated Presa) The number of kiQed
In Halifax is unknown said advices re
ceived early this morning from the
naval commander aboard the U, B. S.
The navy department said that the
figures mentioned la earlier despatches
had been found Impossible) of verifica
tion by the commander who waa a wit
ness to the explosion. He proceeded
Into the harbor at once and has rend
ered all possible aid.
His despatch said that all of North
Halifax la destroyed and that a num
ber of Wps had been sunk axv". many
others damaged. .Vf
Austro Germans Redouble Ef
- forts and Violent Battles Ra:
From Dawn Until Dark With
:: Appalling Bloodshed .
t f
General Byng Withdraws V.'ith
, out Discovery From Sorn8
; Points In Cambra Sector To ,
: Straighten and Strengthen Line
NEW. YORK. December 7
(Associated " Press From '
, : . . ' ,
dawn ,to dark r yesterday there
waged upon the Asiagtk Plateau
a series of battles that were tita
nic in ;4heir .violence; and the" '
tremendous forces that were'
thrown forward by " the Austro-
Hungarians agaitjst tliseHalian
defenders. These attacks the Itat-
:ans niet with a defense that was
all but. impregnable. ' At a' terri-'
ble cost a few small advantages '
were gained by the enemy',' f
general results in this sector, w
undecisive. '':
.Preceded by a barage of.et -
more- intense .violence than tl
orU'edn1csd"ay,"ihe"'attacks,of t.
Austro-German forces were itat i-
u just after daylight 'Massed
forces so." large as to make the '
former engagements in this sec-'
tor seem fcisignificant'fusheeJ out ';
and up toward the Italian lines.
Their advance was'met by a ter- '
rible metal ' hail from big gunS."
machine guns and rifles that tore
great holes in the serried ranks'
of the advancers. . Th'ese holes ''' , j.
were filled by others who follow- I
ed on and soon a; hand to han ,
engagement was , on. . ' .
After appalling los'sea the Aiis-
tro-Gle r m a n s fell hack but 1
throughout the day other similar '
attacks followed, ow on one Sec
tor and now on another. Some ;
slight advances were made in this :r
way and Berlin1 official Ireporta :; J
claimed the taking' of UXX) pris- ' :
oners'. Italian official reports as
serted that the gain made were
not of an importance to warrant '
the loss of man power that was
inflicted upon the. enemy. ?' '" ;
the result on the Asiago pla-'
teau was indecisive - or decisive
only in .smalt Teuton gains in the
upper valley of the Brerrta such'
was not the case. In that' sector s
a strong massed assault was .l
launched by the Teutons an(J this. ''
the Italians met successfully and
rcpulscd with the infliction of ter
rible siaugjiter. ,' ,:'
On the Western "front 'in the -Cambrai
sector. General Byng
withdrew from some points, re- 1
tiring in perfect order and with- .
out the knowledge of Rupprecht's .':
forces. This movement, it is ex-"
plained, was made necessary as ,
result of some of the wedge like .
advances which the Germans sue- .
cecded in making last ' week in
their turning movement and was
for the purpose of straightening
and strengthening the British
lines of defense and offense. . ' - '
la this sector Bupprecbt continued .
his heavy bombardment and long after
the British had left some of the post-
tsoua f ro wfckh-i was dot mad at
(OotUnued on Pais 9, Column? I)

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