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ftvfivtbA V MUwvi'i 11WA
VY .teaten out of the Teutonic system and a
ealines4 to recocniie the'ri'trhs ofotheVs is in-
enrcated", with tjie beating so thorough that even
thr "supermehf Pcutsphland are hurnbled. ' '::
tVyr...o va inifh, vagam'st Austral lungary. the
djipe.otGeVman'y atul upon -Bulgaria and Turkey,
the .lools of, Wilhelm, Until 'they 'recognise;' that
right raust'iriurnph ''over miscnccived'(ght. '.'?
'-Iron 'tt'4 beat jdOwn German iron ; blood tomatch
uernjaiooa y iorce to overcome
$lic Is.the Arnerican war policy, as laid down yes
' eday in nwst erly language: by the president: V .
which,' prattically complete, appears irt this issue,
or n,i ipyuy nas, iea to worit ior .an mcoiiciusire
riearr:, .It. should effectually gag those Jike Hearst
inq his lesser followers wno conimue yt play siae-
pt Ufk to.tfte . Kaiser, by, casting suspicion upon
thinMIves; oi 'the: Powers of .the Entente . It
sljoultj effectually- rebuke - those business as
ttBapexr)le; Who see. nothing bigger ir the 'world
than the dollar immediately before them. .
IPepildent; Wilspn..'spoke yesterday for afj true
'Awiricans, and in nothing, has. he better expfess
i ' ed .Wit ; hpeof tne 'station than tn. his, call upon
rorfgrpss to, declare" wafiipon Germany's partners-
, country. tnay be'tleaTed of .tfie
, otTeuton gpies Sod murder.Vyrapathirers.
. rite ': - v r
teutonic vy arnmg
idKlUDENBORG, speakine from the Ger-
ii'idaTieltrhts,- bas thundered
t3Ml;!!,.K-intorrnatlon.' that, the.' .Un?te,d State's, is
etfainipg-every point'tto. rae aod.equip'a ,'great
I'rhiy'antf. tsvmaking;ttre . war .( an excuse 'to : th4t
end.;;As these words' i'tff' uttere'di. we may easily
.'tisnalizethe great 'wooderTi statue crraking' its
hrjid'afQuid inftte difectioh pf apan, .fth,'a.fe.i(v
crtlcrn'n uin'L i of" triej-itrrit eveltd ' Inward Smith
.GerrnqnT.'jast'now ;is ! tnaking . aootler-';oij,- its
tiPi'V boards the
V popfrro"us-warnjpgf of; votV)HtnDurKr 8enout
. V 'iyeel-betogonly' otve.'of.aUVries 'ofsu'ch'.ut-
itro hcJy - Teutonic; $po6en; The effort is
lii-i'rtjo-iii'.lti yfjrpspare'ncy",..Th. i4.tij Q sow
vJItruit vo ''Am'eripa'j irf, the Winds .'ot- America's
; illiel in th;;wsr a , skitg '4,folloy-Hp ;of the
:'' iatl:4merttaiii0tlij .''iUrrledlfpr.arSr.ln
. lanan and the anti-Iinahese and anti-British earn-
1 paigns carried, ori for years throughout the 'Uni-
. ( Kiwxsw , von iicrumg, me. tv?riau pixipicr, ro-
fniy igot ron njt-cnesi' wamtn-r to
Frt'n'ce,n4aly; omewhat:alo'rtg: the bnes
lUrwienbureV dark , and sinister: hints':
' 41. armamept beings prepared': by subterfuge
, wjifc ielvfThfpg feeders at AYashiBgton.',The Bav
afiaiirjaverfed; 'vv"v,:.;i u ili;; ' -..':,
- '.Ttf tk Ojiteote-.wpn wta American 1 kelp. America ,
v-wul stea i&td hglaad l!a Vplaen. 'America against
, .', yiJurepe-tliit ia tTdually- boeomiaff fhe eharalter of
1 STb'e -Wasbiritftori! Post Quotes'
triiiX&M'Xfc Pfiw', Vorkipg of
. z urnwmpi inrrninir iicrnr . nn
erred anrj phiioibpliyr. vytf''w
, i '.C'-Vpi to'UrieX siys -tltc;.rcisC .an absurd attempt
iiu ,rtJn i"n wiwtfn auu lire
.':;' iAi'Ui6tm tniistatfctoejiti : But putting
!ii ; the prompting 'of thai motive, ,hoy truly and
.uniMistalcably Teutonic it ' rihgs'l j Power has and
. 4wyt Aiirhavt but' one ue;r--to enable a nation
,1 q ae wnaf it -covets rpmotocr.: nations. . i hat
J)h.'pP.by that works endlessly at trie bot
tom' of- the Teutrtn-witnrt ' TTiar
' uf'4 oi". ijirtselftsh ends; i; totally inconceKable
'' ai J VWand' their: grasp,' V America, with, her vast
;reii.ifce; nry to.taise- a' treat,
5 ,ied in tliiir' war barttleswill
afingj;apgTes.sjye,'; military staff ; the antagonist of
aft jropvtlie riew bully of the world,, giving up
; fJt"Jw; j)reteWJe4 : sentiments ,'for. ; the . organized
'feaVf'qt iif 'urld-n4 talriiig,'what.''she. waqts by
. bhit e' . force.. V There! is no doubt ,tbat this is the
' sincere- prwentnient ot h the situation , to the vast
s njaorjty .GerrnaiH jnirids. tiThey are incapable
. 4t"jfi jV.in'tffjjintly.; So Jong , h? ve' they, been
''sittiVcttd' tosthe-HnstilVaft6nTbt,'thjsv.,lii(Jflift phil-
dsoiUy,'thal their 'very' fiber partakes of jt. :
. 'tliiilt'-l)ilt the' rhnst' narifir inlrntian 'assorttnor
; . tli,4,.u'npredeiited military, preparation was sim
, rlXji,H,V;& be integrity of their jstateand their
fwpcror ,,'nas'aecjarea. ms innocence beiore uod.
TIko, -naivelyi by- sucli: prophecy
t . . . i. .Uj'i .iJ'C,..-i-!...
r' . ' . w r"r'Hr'c'.ua "7 pointing
jhtvAftef of aicuftatioii and'. BfipicioiViin al di-
tectums: f ltKbAW rcvealetl,.' the: true soufL . -f; t:
.. ; Af pie .Mrnn Ut t4 laid bare;
.i:Varyjefled0ds of alt rtieu . to,
rirrVint rn ratrli-renair-nf h
of tbel.streeU'Ot ..Honolulu is only continuing, to
p.aif.taxpayersrntoney'iuto the same old rat
down which mUbon.ttve already passed. ' id
. uuUkSo fai.as treet work is concerned, has
-af'li parting- qf,Vbe way.-; Vne
. labelled "Ciood business Meails to cttyhood in fact
as:vvH- arf. in tiapie. VTJhe, other, labelled "The
Political Vay" leads' Q Joss' of prestige and muni-c-iraH''Ir
Will we
prprtss. or Uip back?.We cannot
DfiCEMBER 7r 1917.
NotHmg As Usual : ;
! A "Hetjn just issued by the Chamber of Con-A--
merce o he X'nited State9 champion the
recommendations that have been made from vari
ous quarters ' that no niw industries lioulj be
created at this tim unless they are Such as wilt
contribute directly and effectively to the Miccess
ful prosecution of the -war..". There is a warning
joined o the effect that the'time is coming wbert
existing industrhr;nut calculated tohat end. will
be? restricted nd tBrwe tlietn piiy b$ ,,"??7f
natd altogether. ' ' v J V - -'
'The sooner the entire country sets its song Of
industrial patriotism to this tune the better. It is
bound to become popular , eventually : why not
how? In no other way will the war be won with
so .much expedition and so little ultimate loss. The
recognition of this fact alone, should enhance and
advance the popularity of the doctrine.
At the beginning of the war good people: .of" all
classes in this country talked about "business as
usual." It had a right stable and sensible ring in
the ears. Soon,, hovtevcrythe more,, wise began to
see things in another light. '.'.The new doctrine is
that the one business of the nation is war-..' This
mighty rod of Aaron, converted into a serpent; in
continently swallows up all the little contestants.
The wizard with their private pursuits have one
course left. "That is to Jjecotne patriots, heart and
soul. It will be better Tor the country and better
for them, v: , '.'.'.. ;. t. ', ...,
.'vThis applies as well to the individual in his .ev
ery "capacity and acty'ity. With him jierhap rests
the solution of the problem. - When he Begins to
cut out-nonessentials, not iiian ascetic spirit be
yond war's requirements, but in the spirit of true
service which will not permit an ounce of construc
tive effort to be distracted; the nonessentials will
promptly respond to the law, of supply and de
mand. .' ' .. r Vr j: ' ' '." ".,-.
lV Great Britain Went against the "business as
Usual" slogan and paid the penalty. Under stress
there came a right-about-face. The result has been
that. Great Britain is stronger, than ever, .while
business is doing wonders, although not at the old
stand. ' ;' 4''V- ''V.'";'. ' s V v;;.
War arid Tourists: -
THE war, instead of reducing tourist travel on
.the mainland towards the Southern . resorts
appears to have increased it. ,. A despatch, ffQfn
Miami, Florida, dated November 17; announces:
' 'A new factor baa ntrrml into the ooothward .marth
' , reratioBiata this 7rT-th war. Iantoad of 'de--,
terrin( tbelr arrival, it aeema to bav. playad aa im- '
" portaot part in foatarinf an earlier Maaoa than Florida.,
r kaa avar kaown. Before th world conflict tha aumber . '
4t Caaadiaaa wintrring ia the south waa airllKible,
but laat aeaaon Caaadiaaa were aa thidk in Miami aa
8etniaola Indiana.
. Aa b of then nut it, "I am mora than, ready to do -"l.
bit bit, but raa work' more effeotiyely after a brief',!
getaway from tke aubject." One elderly Toroato citi-
' sea remarked laat winter, "Travel reduce Worry to ita .
loweit tetma." He knew, because he had flve'boya in
'' the trenehes ".over there." Americans are discover-.
' lng the logic of this philosophy, and aa Uncle Bum's ,
army in 'France increases, just as steadily will tourists -
pou into our reserta. 1 ; '
. There is mateiiat for.action in this fprTlawaii
lit !'
uermaa lorce.'
whole viper breed
to thefwotld the
Tof von
about ' the
and addUional
this as an illus-
tbe Teuton mindr
ouristi who may
i iiinnampnTa
greater linn ever
nnwr mirht he
may ' yet be-that
i It has always
army! that will be
before the dawn.
erfterg a dorru-
as a base from
'intrigue The
if was hoped, that
'able to clear himsdf of the ugly allegation.' 'Th?
uerman. pwt to
spot wnere iqe iieimpns nopeu to. assassinate mm.
It likewise included the, wholesale murder of Bri;
tisp officials in InUa and the turning over of Bri
tish, and other white women to the abuse of na
tive aoldiers " whom the Germans hoped would
turni traitor, We still iaye: h6pcs that the conV
of America s fu-
tinuance of the trial will, clear Rodiek of any, fure
knowledge of ".the murders and the rapines eon
Mnolated by his associates. . ., ' ,.s; ' ,
I '
and its philosophy D'aVV Rave no
see., ;
Holt is not &bly
park 'superintendent. At the same tiine,rwt Tiave
no reason to suppose that he is, nor has anyone
orrcalcr mllxacr
else. - Nominating
which might work
out poorly. If the
by one who has
path betort us,
jected to, ' But
make room for
stand still,
it be a certainty
reason why every effort: should be
bent toward securing all possible passenger- ac
commodations for Western Coast and ' Canadian
be looking Islandrward, Ifuh
ships now calling at Honolulu were made "avail
able for passenger traffic between "the , Coast and
this port, the available accommodations would'be
i.' .l! u-r ..' t.: lJL -
ijciuic in inc cny nisiury. j..r;
Avery of the T.'K. K. has an-
nounced hat'his company will do what i possible
to step intp fhe breach ind replace the lieretofort
available Tiners taken lor war purposes.. He should
be given evtry possible encouragement.' ' If the
T. K K.-boat8 can be brought into use for US," it
this.winter will set a tourist
. " "
been darkest for the Islands. just
Ceorg Rodiek and H. A. Schroeder have pleaded
guiljy to a charge of conspiracy to use Honolulu
wluch"to promote German plot and
plea comes as no surpri, although
Mr. Rodiek, at least, would be
lomeni revolution in inaia, in
eluded; the murder f Doctor Cook, the explorer,
wlum,.Kodiebe,njtertainnd.whifi,pii jiayto the
. , .
reason to suppose. Hiat Valentine
capable of handling the job 01
him would be an experiment
out well or which might work
position wercnot already filled
made good, who has most satis
factorily demonstrated his ability and his .indus
try, the appointment .of Mr. Holt.Tould not be ob
why turn but a proven man to
an unproven one? Why remove
Vierra, who has made good, unless
that his successor will do better?
Uenrral ' Johnson, of , the NaHonnl
lOusrd, ha apjtoiated First I.ieuK Alea
fender , May, rirst Hswaiyia Infantry,
as his' tonrsonsi aide, i '
. IJeot. Vineeat Oeoirham, (tia-nal Re
serve Corps, hae been failed to active
duty and is ordered to report for duty
as signal supply oftlcer.' ' , , . '.
Presideatl'. Wilson has accepted the
restirnntina f frevlsioiial Second Llen
tetiaat MelVord Hhermsn, : one Of the
numerona appointees from' the ranks
made a few months agA front loeal regi
ments. . -,' ;'.. .
Advices' from Hllo state that aui
for axOOO datoiafres has bee a filed there
against Walter V. Kolb, deputy collect
or of customs, by A. H.: Moon who
alleged that Kolb eomnUfted trespass
while acting oa a aearch, warraat.; ,.,t
I Hfne Hrawaf5an',Allii 'Vfari"1tfnet
Auiililry requests that any knitted
garments that stay be flaished be turn
ed into the Beretania Street rooms be
fore the'trst of the week, aa they wish
to ship a bo i as' soon as possible, f-
' Promotion to a eaptainey has eo.no
to first "fjentcaant fan! Wlthington.
son of D. LkWithingtoa of this city. Cap
raia Withingtoa is 'now a member of
General Scott's staff at' Camp i'unston
Kansas. ' He is diiionsI athletia ia
strmtor -of the 80th army division at'
that pin re, v ' ;. : ' .. ' ', .-.
,Will?sil Akans, a ol)' offender, was
sent ned to six; months imprisonment
Ky Judge Irwin yesterday on' a' charge
nt larceny. Be was also ordered to pay
rorta amounting to Akaaa dinitf
ted tltat' he' entered the home of Mrs.
John Hilo on November 8 last and
took the num of S.15. -
- What Vill be done with the property
on which the Honolulu Hale stood, nesr
the postoftice on Merchant Street, Jia
not yet been decided by the territerlal
land eommissioner. The property is
Thlued at about S50.00Q aad contains
4712 square feet. No proposal has
been made for purchase by the Terri
tory.- ..V ;. ; - .'.". ', .i.
. AVerner Roehl, superintendent of . the
Queen's Hospitnl, is one of those sum
moned to testify, before the territorial
gTafcd jury at a special meeting of the
inquisitorial body.. It is believed that
he has been sailed to tell the juror
about eirenmetancea stirrooadiitg the
death of Miss Florence Berj, a nurse,
following, a. criminal operation.';
-Tkere were J30 births, 118" death
and eighty-sine marriagea in Honolulu
daring the month of November, accord
idg to 'the' report issued at. the bureau
of vital atatistiea yesterday. . Of the
deaths' therV were seventy-three males
and rorty:ve females. Thirty-two
children under Ave years of age were
included ia the number of .deaths.
ArtSrtea 'of incorporation have been
iled ' with 'the registrar, of public ac
counts Dy'rae Balawn Soda Works, dis
trict" of Kohafa,' Hawaii. The capital
stock ia'aald to be 1720 divided into
sixty-nine Wares at 2S each. The bt
neera 'areH'1 President. W. Ah Chonr-
vice-president, 'A. fihlni secretary, l.tike
Ngwak ; treasurer, Kong King;, auditor,
vr. ouamoio.
"Little tin tags on the enclosure at
the too at Kspiolani Park will gtye
the common' and scientific names of the
animals there' aa well as their original
habitats. ' These tags are now.-being
prepared andwill be in 'place by next
Hundsy. The namea were supplied to
Supervisor Ben Hollinger by Prof. M
M. Scott,' principal of the MeKinley
Hign Hc-booL
' Lettera containing lists of different
articles of food have been sent out
by.J. F. Child to loeal wholesalera and
retail dealers. .. fcaoh firm' ia asked to
fill out the lists with the wholesale and
'retail prices paid or asked by them
ror ine article, named. As soon as
the aaswersVe received the daily nub
Ueation.ot both, wholesale and retail
prices will be commenced by the food
administrator. . . '
Stanley 'Healanl Ashford. eldest son
Of . Circuit Judge C. W.'. Ashford, hat
joined an artillery battalion at Ldmon
ton, Alberta, according to new reaching
.here recently' Ashford was graduate
of 1'unahau: achoo- and spent about
three year at the United State Naval
Aeademy. where he gained much ex
perience as a gunner. "He expects to
leave for Fraac soon, while hi wife
will'' eater' the hospital service.
- A Somiiliutnil rtAAliit ' liMiilnan
a been ranted to Xleorge Armitage,
formerly witb the reportonal ataff of
the Htar-Bulletin, at tbo Presidio Train
ing Camp.) He left here- on board one
r the German .vessels seixed here by
the United States aad despatched to
Saa Franuiseo, and secured entrance to
the training' camp at' tha Presidio.
Among other successful candidate was
jFred , Wk-tman, son of H. F. Wicb-
mau, the jeweler, of this city, who also
aeeured first lieutenancy.
'A Japanese youth who waa commit
ted to tke boy' industrial school yes
terduy by ' Circuit ' Judge William
Been Wha' the last ijof thV' forfjr-fbur
inmate of the institution who escaped
in itovetnDer, ihs-i, lo oe acoouniea lor
It is stated that the boy was on of the
riug leader, of the affair' and among
-einor ining m sougbt to stir up
general revolt at . the aehoot.i Letters
bo .wrote to other, boys telling' them
how to esvape, were discovered. The
boy wa captured thla week by Proba
tion Officer Leal . , .. ;, ..
' -i v.'.:. ,
;. 'rebuild congress
,'SAN FBANC.'IHCO, December 4 (A
soviated Press) Announcement is mailt
here that the ateamer Congress, whu-'i
aa burned to ' a hollow shell off
Marahfteld. Oregon, in September, 1B1
is rapidly being made seaworthy again,
and will be put oa regular run earlv
next year.'. Her new name 1 the Nan
king, alt having been taken over by a
Inncsw shipping concern. - '
PAZO OINTMENT ia guaranteed tt
cure blind, bleeding, itching or pro
truding PILES iu 6 to 14 day or
money tefunded. Manofactured by
U.. A. : -
William Cummin )rs left oa. the Clan
dine for Maui to be gonads week. ,',
Wrm. C. Hodges, Jr, has departed for
the mainland for the holidays, expect
ing to return la January
Sidney R. Jordan, msfinjjor ofthe Ha"
Ir. Ooorge B. Tuttle, of feelaw
among deporting passenser for Hits
in the Steamer Klnau yesterday. ' .
. Dr.-Irstw Pi Sorenson sailed (or 4h
Big IslSnff yesterday in the Manna Jfea.
It 14 not known When he will return.,
Herbert A. Truslow, of the People'
Bank of Hilo, returned home yester
day, after having sppnt several day U
the eity.'-' . ' c--
Misa Bedwig rlolfieiV, of 2 iWon
Road, Whr1iiVrirt'ctirnrVtrerir-
M..oa atJh QueenV HoepitaY yester
day. She waa reported last night to
be doing nicely.
Ernest J. Morgan, manager of the
Honolulu Drug Company, ha arrived
from San Fraaclseo, following- a thret
months' trip throughout tha taainland:
Mr. M or can ha fullr recovered . from
his recent illness. -.
" Fred W. Mllverton, recently of the
firm of Thompson, Milverton and Oath
curt, has sent announcements to Hono
lulu that heHas engaged ia the prae
tif of law. in Han Fraqcisco, and has
opened office at room 868 -ftB7,. Mills
Kllilding. .:. ;', 1 . ,' (:
. Anonn r...n .r.l.l. V. .T.
land ma Dr. A. W. Palmer, who bat
come to take, the position as pastor of
Central Union ChuroU. Poetor Palmer
Is- a member of tha Oakland Botary
Club. He was met ou his arrival her
by .Holla K. Thomas f-tk Y. M. C.
A. and C. B. Gage, members of the
Honolulu breach of the Rotary Club. -.'
. .
Colombia Ecuador '. and . Vene
zuela May Be Commandeered
A rumor tbat the United State Ship
ping Board contemplated commandeer'
ion the Pacific Mll. Steamship Com
pany's three transpacific ateamer Col
ombia;,'; Ecuador and Venexuela, ba
caused a storm of protest on the Paci
fic. Coast, according (o tha Daily Com
mercial News of November ,2it -which
report that the protest ia because of
the slowness of tha vessels and their
unsuitability for service a transports,
and that were they taken over it would
mean the practical removal of the Stars
and Stripes front tbo transpacific trade.
f'A a result of .the strong feeling
against the' commandeering of ith
ships, Frederick J..Koster, president of
the San Franeiaeo Chamber of Com
merce, ha sent -wireless telegram to
Washington requesting the United
Btate Shipping Board not to take
over tke vessels unless tt ia absolutely
necessary. Koster 'xplalo4d in hi
telegram that the vessels of tb Pad fie
Mail ' Steamship Company . were not
speedy and that their ait and passen
ger accommodations were such a to
render them of little value as trans
ports, and that they ware doing a valu
able service for the government by
carrying produeta from the Orient' ,to
the mainland. " V ,'.-''.
. . - " '.. i '" ;-.'
Opportunity to subscfibe for Cana
dian War Bonds, known a the vietory
loan, is afforded' to residents of the
Territory by the Bishop Trust Company
which, after having received a number
of inquiries from resident of the Isl
ands, has made arraugemeeta to receive
such subscriptions although the issue
is a purely domestic oue . for, Canada
ul no efforts Are made to secure sub
scriottons without the Dominion.
. These bonds are in denomination of
IGO, $100, and S00 and of three dif
ferent periods of maturity, five, ten and
twenty years, a-d bear interest at 6Vj
percent.- lnstalnieoU' are ' to be paid
ten percent, with subscription, ten per
cent Januarv 1, twenty percent Febru
ry I, Msrch 1, and April J respective
ly ana interest lor the. six months will
be paid oa .June 1 on the full amount
although principal was not paid In full
for the whole period..--
HILO, Iec 5 Ugai, murderer of '.'
Japanese man and a Japanese woman
last Suudsy near Olaa, was found dead
today. He. bad shot himself.
7 :
By' sir. Manns line' for Kons snd'ksu:
ltM-4-mler 4 Ijiytou Hlu.l. Hsruld OIITard,
Mr. l.tt Suilitj. II. K. llawaM, Mi. sad
Mr. 4'. - Henrique. MUs rioetnils l-sw.
MIhh Katherlna McKenslv. W. Avery,
A. I'. hV-titt, Ir. snd Mrs. II. 1.. Hose, Mr.
sud Mm.' K. K. Ksualil, ltv. Hsimiel Ks
iuuloilll. ' M. Oomns, Mrs. Jobu'HUIs. 1.
('. I.eftVHs. O. M. Cooke -Jr..- flnir'
Mfut I Ulc .Mr. and Mr.. Isbkls, ooriuiia,
ssws. II. K. Kausulello. '
Hf Mr. Mauus Kea for Lubntss sud Hllo;
lieeendier .V-Msatet Kutldle. Air. Mnddle,
Slduer H. Jurdau, Iver Uomm, M)m 11.. Jor
dan. Mrs. t. A. Jurdsu, Ir. 1.. V. Horvu
n, H. A. Truslow, ft, JT. HiOnrthy, -M.
UcpHnH, Miss Vsrrell, . W'.. A, lMly.u,
Krel K. 4 Hriu. Iw. WlllunuR'. Kramer,
J. Hsrliour. K. r". Bsldwln, H.-'0. Vt eller,
Mrs, Nakaiuurs. II. A. Bsldwln, Mlaa M.
Tiuioteo, MIhs Tluiotfto sud Infant, Mr. sud
Harry Haldsln, Mrs. Lansevln. Msster
Hawwiii. K. W. ElUs, Ms. end Mrs. t'rsnk
Wood. H, M. JVslter. Mr. snd Mrs. O. M.
Vlcsrs, 1. Hviitt. H. W. Jolinwn, Mr. and
Mrs. II. W. Itl.-en. Lester fetiie. KI-ota,
il. P. fienulHon, Ks-a. . I.. Burton.
Br sir. Klnuu for Ksuul. Hweinliur 5
II. Woltera,' 1'. M. fle, O. K. IJaddui-k,
Kred Patterson,' Mr. a lid Mrs. V. f'ropp,
K. Mural. I. K. I.ee Toms. V. II te. Ir.
i. B. Tuttle. II, H. Rolwitwm. P. Wehttr,
Mrs, It. Keruandes. Mr. snd Mr. H. Tsks
aws, M. Itaposa Jr., H. Ilsrsxhl, i. W'sta
iali, H.. Iiuafull, l. '. Chans. I. Imsmurs,
Mr. sud Mrs. Kopks and elilld, Miss W'U
us, Mrs. A. Holilnxnu. Mi K. Holdnson,
James f. Taylor, Willlsin Pnek, Miss C.
Hdwn, Mrs. K. f. Moler, C, A. rrans,
W. H. Ho.hf, Or. Norssrd, A. K. Hall.
Midi, A. Alrasnder, B. D. Bsldwlu.
Miss Best rice Ako, ,
Who,, Registered -Under
itfve Draft 'Act' To : Be -
MU Into Five,' Classes' ;
"With less than two1 week fer preps r
arte' Caytalflr Ftanai J Qtenk Na
tional Army,' had of the selective
draft ia Hawaii, ItT eesnmenee tabu-
latlng the .five classes of eligible for
army service tn the f stands, December
IS being the date set by Frovost Mar'
(hat Crowder, Cartain Ores a return
ed Tuesday from Mni, where he ar-4
ranged xor tne medical and interpreter
end of the questionsire la that island.
I 'Cnhtalit OreJi tit- the' errinine. hM.
eve', "thar he"Tl W UdabM to "kavi
the entire quentionaire in and bv De
cember 15,' aa tha supply of blank baa
aot yet come to hand. .-.These. hv t
be rebaeged : and ' forwarded to the
other ' Islands and by the sheriffs of
each island distributed among the men
between the ge of -twenty-one, aad
thirty-one whq registered; on July SI,
aad who' also Were niven-registration
numbers 1 in October, - Tki :will take
time. ' '' - - -., V
Medical OonMttM -C: '-'
"On' each Inland I am snppoeed to
frtrtu a central-committee of doctors,"
said -Captain Oreen yesterday, "but
on an liHaad such as Maui, where tke
work of civilian - doctors i localised
and must be daily attended te, it would
he impossible to form a committee of
Nil character to visit each district.' I
have, - however,' formed , cumulative
or'rotation committer consisting of
two doctor of Wailnkn. They will
visit a distrlcty nay at Lahalaa, and
there will meet the floetot of that see
tioB. ' They will form the committee
there,(and make the physical exsmina-
this - questional, y The' two Wailukl
d,octors will visit ovei in H"Tna, and
with 'tbo doctor there, ihe three, will
lorm another committee." .
Captain Green believe this will work
out well and with the interpreter used
during the regis! fation work on July
31, the questioamire blank will be fill
ed in-without much. diffiruKy. . ' - ,
From these blank1 the five lsiflfa
tions for the draft reentrants will be
Usted. . The first class are eligible for
immediate active ; i kervice unmarried
men and men who may be married but
with sufficient means Tor the support
of their families to enablothem to en
ter the army ' Next earn " agrieultnr
ists, srxt skilled ' men and men iwith
families ' absolutely . dependent upon
them and .lastly men engaged in quak
ing munitions or essential aeceaaaii
for carrying on tho war; v . k .-.ir f
' The only atumbllng block-In Hawaii
will probably b the agriculturist etss4
owing to the large number of men en
gaged In the sugar and pineapple field,
in developing 'industries wbick are es
sential to the Nation's food. uppli.
partlcularlyi tb.-.. of augar. Just I jaij, iv IniJi . ' "i
Low much thin is to bo dioturbed C.n.J j7 ; "will bo interested . g,Ti
t.i. ri... 4... i. -i.-.T' t" UMI "B are reeeivlaar. - Wla
tala Oreen kaa no Ihformatioa what
aver from, Washington. -- , v '..-
Captain Oreea received hi commis
sion yesterday from - Washington ' as-a
captedn in the .National Atmy. Thia
give him absolute xeilitaYy at at as., Us
reported at Department Headquarter
yesterday aad waa detailed to the draft
work in tha Territory., Be wan jfomv
erly m major, appointed by the Gov
ernor aa aide, aad had a atatu in tha
territorial militia.; . ., ; J., , . ,
-. ,'. 1 r-4- iii - . ",-.
Char Bun, a CbJnese laborer liviar
on Kiver ntreet, committed suicide At
the home of hi daughter in Kaimnki
yesterday. morning, after having at
tempted, to take the life of hie wife.
Mrs. Baa i at the emergeaey hospital
suffering from two 'bullet wounds, onfcj
la tJie breast and the other ia the right
arm, -as well a several cut about the
body. She is expected to recover, ac
cording to Dr. B. O. Ayer. ,
'' According to statement mad b
member of the family, Bun andihis
wire had frequently quarreled during
recent months. Yesterday fhev went
on a visit to their daughter, Mrs. Ho
Kee, former, wife of tha late Supervisor
James Quinn, bshose bom in oa Thir
teenth ; Avenue, Ksimuki and shottlj
after their arrival began to quarrel;
Bun, it i aaid, wanted to aell his
dauKhter in marriage, aeooriUnp t an
cient Chinese custom, but the wife ob
iecteit? An argument ensued in Which
Bun became engry and drawing k knif.
he slashed his wife about 'the ' bod v.
He then drew a revolver snq' after fij
ing two allots at Mrs. Bus -turtied on
Ma. daughter. She. however; managed
to escape and gave the alarm, -
'. Wen the police arrived,' Char Bun
waa found lying dead on the floor la
th. kitchen with- bulh-t. tbrouirV Mi
bra'iof.1' 1irr1o Kew ybwqbeiitly' told
tha police that she beard another shot
fired.' after fleeing from the. house. ' ,
It was 'learned lust sight tbat Bun
bad been before tke eourt on a previous
occasion, charged with .truth) freutm'ent
towards bis wife, but was .discharged
when hi wl f pleaded for h la reltxs. '
, David C. Bulck, wko- fai being held
at police, headquarter pending further
lnvestwMien.ini tho hooting ad rob
birSrM.w S; lto,-a Japanese, at Bed
Hiiflnf rfundi-nUbtnatt. jwtU M W
fended by. Attorney W;T. .Carden to
the event of a charge being made
against him, it waa learned yesterday.
Beport from tbo Queen's Hospital
laat night ex pressed hope for. Ito'a r
eovery, although tt -waa raid he may be
aa invalid for life. ' One of the bullets
ba Injured the spinal. i -jrd, completely-
paralysing the lower portion of Ito'a
body, and while he may live, tha pos
sibility of hi ever being able walk
Bgnin ti alight, ' ' '
. According to friend of Buick, who
are understood to havo retained the
service of Attorney Carden. aa at
tempt will be made,, when tha charge
is preferred, to show ease of mistaksa
Identity. , . , ; , , . , ;,
.. i ,
C" 'Cf, Rennert Which.
I Were Considered Last Year
Have teen Met Th! Year '
Ci.icussion .tore Technical Than
Dyrinj Previous Sessions; -1
. (,'-!j BY-Product$ Told '
flerer . report were given consider'
drtba'df-.the Hawaiian Sugar Planters'
Association In. the two session of the
thlrty-seveath' annual J meeting which
were-held yesterday. The subject un
der v discussion ' in 1b (morning were
'.Mill Data' V'Cuttlvation;' FertilU-alien-
and ' Irrigation of Irrigated
PlaBtatlons'and. Cultivation aad
hndertilianrion.of fnirrlgated Plan!
tat ions." At the afternoon session
four subjects-were taken up aa is many
report. These wero '.'Sugar -Machln.
rjl',.". ' f ugar, Manufacture", . fB
product of Sugar" and' Labor Saviag .
Dovlee.' " During the day the dlseu
ioBw rather more technical than
at the three preceding, session. . : '
Omdo Muck Improvod .' ; ; ,
The report tt, B. B. Korrl on "Sugar'
Mill Data" wa one of the important'
one of tjhe session, showing the 1m-'
provement mad, in grade of which ao
much complaint had previously 4eea
made and which was dwelt upon at
length during the session of a year ago.
Relative to anck improvement his re
port said' in pnrtt - :'.. '-., , ' ( 'I
"That the refiner are -pleased witlj
tkeimprbVement . that has, been, made
oir. ia the' sugars is ahown by the
comment they have made about them
f.uI&aCUlfc Vofi, ome of wklck fol-'
iow; : : ' '' - '"'
.V",J Hwy , IJenau," uperintendnt
National. Sugar. Beflning Co., April 6,
fa) "J. h"ereiiaB been trjuch improve
ment In the grain . of your' eugara thia
-iTennsylvanUNSugar Co., July IT.
9U;l wish to aay that tho Hawaii.
an, sugar received thin year, taken aa
a' whole, baVe been of very good qual- ,
ity aad w art vary much pleated with
tkoni . ...- .L. .-,.' .. . '..
' ;UT BToodieaa auporintendet,
reansyrvaaia-fiugar Co., August 13. '
are -very much pleased with them in
,'PrrateommunIeation from Kow '
Yoffc.'Mayi 18, 1917s 'Mr. Uennu and :
kfr. Hoodies laltt particular strew on
eho."- Improvement in tho grain, aad
"' quauuc oc nawauan angar .
vt.i a. ircri.ra isiri year, ana DOtB
wtjrfc quite nthiatie oa this feature,'
Kow Equal Boat''' k '
tiii'. -.''.. i '-.'
, .. ssuisiuuin oil n targe number
of sample of Cuban augar, of tho
1917' Sflasoa, at tho Experiment Sta
tion haa' shown that Hawaiian aagara .
are. now equal to them ia grain. Witk
the experience gained during tha past '
"fon. iBd. ,tho increased boiling t
house' equipment of many of tho facto
ries, there should be no difficulty in' ' ,
aminoainUgtho grain, of our augar at
a higher standard than that of Cuban
jjugtr:!': . -.
'" Not much' improvement kaa been
mado- in the.otber objectionable qual-itity-Jof
our. augara--their high sulfate :
"'"." w -suKgesuons ana some
onpermBt bay been undo that .will
"ffeet a partial improvemeat, but there
dtsaoT feem to be muek ehaneo at'
tb present time of our being able to :
reduce the sulfate a, low as they aro
in- Cuban ougars. Ikawaiiaa eugara
average ever 0.10 percent sulfate, , '
wbilo Cuban augara contain about 0.04' -percent,
. '' , , . , ",,! . ;-...,.',-.
,'Aa tker are, therefore, certain
qualiti In the Cuban auesrs which ' -
will probably continue to be superior
to the Hawtiiaa. It is evidentl
to bo to the. interest of Hawaiian plan- ,
tationa tp maintain a grin auperior to
that of the Cuban.' ; . -
By-Producui plscussod . '".',r ,'" '
.'-Tki report on by-product, considered
at tn afternoon session said in nrt
Tb last item dealt with' In the re-
port by the oommitte i on- the utiii-
cation of by-products .hiek followat
"Although there are no detail of
"i""" i"vm o report in toe sub- .
Jeot of utillcatlon of by-product, thia '
season ba witnessed the beginning of
project that are of more importance
to the by-produeta end of the InBuetry ' '
than anything tbat has yet been under- '
taken. Olaa plantation is contemplat
ing; the maaufaetnre nf nam. ... t... .
gasse, and the Maui Agricultural Com- . '
pany intenda Jo utiltxo some o It v
final i : molasses for , the production of ;
alcohol. Te experiment : station 1
. aF Vltenerar investigation
ui re j vv vi i nt3 nOMIll bill t IAS Of l.arr.
frtrtif'IiTBilfcc,lu iwuree of
.Paper baa been made from ITawa
Han bagas and alcohol from Hawa
iilq molisesj.but not on a plantation.
ifga'.3uC'Mso two processes on
pracfical scale- U1 furnish- more valu
able Information a to their posiblll
tie locally, than any deductions from".
dnta: gath)rd elsewhere could possibly '
do. " - - ' .
SBBXe . ..'..
bo wasta "words ,and advertising ;
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of metit in C'bamberlaiB ' Cough Kem
elyt The most, fastidious are cutis-;
fled Vhen state that it cures cold .
and coughs from any cutien, and that
it eontnjoii absolutely no narcotlna or
injurious substahees. For sale bv all
ktirswrs. t for aaieny
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I "'.
. i t y

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