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JJrVjfcs Congress To Concent rate On Tasks
Leading )To Victory Cause Is Just
::t'l!and Riaht tlust 'Prevail
.. (Concluded
ri vpiiwimi vm.-i inn ognn win rvmci
' tee, s formerly wan the custom.
If additional lawn should be found Msential for the proper coordination of
j railway systems of tho country for wr purposes, nu b an li now being attempted,-surh
legislation will he asked for later on iu the session, based upon the re
' )$ Pf (f.xperlene,.. i , ... : .. "
. eveey eitobt for was v
General leglslat ion,' bevond routine matters, wilt not be pressed at thin ses-
"The present session," he-said, ''ought to devote its whole energy to such
matter a will lead to the rapid ami successful prosecution of the great tank of
4 winning th war. - ''
-"You ean art with the greater seal
- la one of hitrh nrincinln. debased hv no
. ,W anil Ik. wapIiI knn Ikal mrm mT ttyrmmt (ntn thlm war In mavm ihnum
1 n ( i lul InM a Inu. t rn m .ii.imlini. mil
'Ontral Tower In their cob flirt strike
ritor in. Their method of warfare outrages every principle of humanity and of
.knightly honor. Their intrigue, was already corrupted the thought and spirit
i of many of our people.
' i "Through sinister, secret diplomacy, the governments of these Central
Powers have sought to take out territories and disrupt our Union. Our nation
. al safety wonid have been ended and our honor would have been forever sub
lia.l kail M ml suut Kr ami Ik.Ati rrK lank iiita.vani en na.mitla.l thrti. tpimiMth.
frm mmttmm M.ir.ef litm h.I bSIw Alls' fant-nsM a antrliMMoitt v-nsis.fr )m Jus. sin. I
V s . an irvi "Qk J w ni
tholr likewise, but for this cause and for
until the las gii is fireil.
"I have. spoken plainly that the world may see and know that we have not
, forgotten any of the ideals or the principles for which America hax ever been
, held in honor among the nations.
"Now the supreme moment for the spirit of America ha come. The eye
of our people are open and they ean see. The hand of God fans been laid upon
' this nation. Ho will ehow us favor, I devoutly believe, but only if we rise to the
Th full text of th. President's message waa telegraphed to China, Russia,
Japan and to practically every civilized country of the world, page !y page as
.he vu delivering it.
', ! Following th reading of. the ueasage it was announced by the loaders of
congress that the legislation asked by the ITesident increasing his power over
' th firing of prices for necessities would probably be paused at once'.
For "Our Boys"
:In France Pour :In ;
' . saastainssiaa-anaj -.
Mail Reaches American Front Jn
Incredible 1 Quantities One
: Thousand Pouches ' Consigned
'To Single -Village
i i uci :A3ntuyjAi . i u. i, . t ranee,
December 6 (Associated Press) Th
twenty -fifth of , December i going to
be a real Christmas for "Sammy", even
if be 1 far from hi own fireside. Buck,
at least, is th plain' inference- to - b
waae irom tae bug stacas or vnrist
'ma mail that aria arriving here.
Christmas ; packages, Christmas let
ters, Christmas presents, . are pouring
in at an incredible rate. Not only ar
the soldiers receiving letter and Christ
ina present from the friends they
know, but they are receiving them in
almost Incredible number from people
they never heard of but who-want te
show their appreciation of and desire
to help to brighten the Christmas of the
men who are offering their live for
- As an example of the amount of
Christmas mail being received, it is of
ficially stated that a thousand pouches
haT been sent to one little viUaire in
, Fraac in which are statioued Ameri
can troop.
Emergency War Council
: ' Immediate .Action
WASHINGTON, December 4 (As
sociated Press) The baking industry
bureau, of the Emergency War Council
' today recommended that, an immediate
reduction be carried out in the prices
-of bread wherever it is ossible. The
taker will be liceused beginning No
vember 10, using the standardized loaf
Five Still Af Large But Expect
ed Soon To Be Caught
' JOLIET, fllinois, December S (A
soc.iated Prss) Kight of the thirteen
tiriMtlalPB .flf ttiA fllinnia ftrata nun iitn.
I - 1
' nary nera wno escaped late Alomtay
-night have been captured. Large posse
. of men are searching for the other five,
and th prison authorities are confident
that tbey will all be behind prison wall
again within a short time-
EiGHwli'iicis .
' LONDON, December 6 ( Associated
Press) Eighty passengers of the
British steamer Apspa perished wlieu
the vessel 'was torpedoed by the ler
'uan aubmariue, according to a report
made public here last night. One
hundred and twenty ef the passengers
were wred from Ueruiun 4'kultur."
from Pag B)
un irrupi ibiiuiii in n nuiit1 cuiiiuiit-
an. I enthusiasm in this because the war
ambition of con ones t or of smiliation.
f .Am tit at r f inn ... Tha mimnid C lh
straight at the heart of everything we he
- wa " v w i-u - am a hi nnwi k 'J J n 14
this just settlement we will fight on
Italy Confident As
To Outcome
of the -Great War
Crisis Is Past and Nation Is Now
Sure of Victory, Says. Premier
. Orlando : Participation of
America Hailed With Joy
. kPABS,j' pecember ( 5 -7 (Associated
Presa)r')1ie crisis iii Italy' i past and
the nation i now filled with the utmost
confidence as to the outcome of the
war. Hui h is the tenor of u message
to the American people worded yester
day by Premier Orlando.
Italy, said the, premier, has lived re
cently . through days of sadness and
grief. But the most alarming crisis
since the beginning of the war is now
past and Italy feels secure in her own
resources and the help of her .Allies.
"It is with the utmost joy," said.
i'remier Orlando, "that Italy notes the
participation of the United States in
the Supreme War Council."
Armistice Calling For Cessation
of Hostilities For Forty-eight
Hours Is Agreed Upon
liOXriflN, December 4 (Associated
Press) Representatives of the Bouthe-Viki-Hocialist
cabinet iu Petrograd and
of Germany have signed an armistice
railing for cessation of hostilities for
forty-eight hours, according to a des
patch from AiiiNterduin today. '
Pfw details of the siguiug of the
armistice are given. The agreement
was reached in the .headquarters of
Prince Leopold, roinniauding the Ger
man forces on one sector of the Kast
The Petrograd correspondent of the
Times has cabled that the establish
ment of h Tii r tar republic in the Cri
mea has been announced. No details
of this movement to give independent
govern men t to one of the smaller na
tionalities hitherto under the Busaian
rule cuu be learned.
TOKIO, December 4 (Special to
the JUwaii Hoehi) 10 meet the con
tingency of a possible separate peace
between Hussia and the Central pow
ers as a result of which the Par East
will become the theater of (Jermao ac
tivities, our government has opened
uegotiutiou with the allied govern
ment h with a view to sending a con
tingent of the Japanese urmy to Si
beria for the protection of Japanese
properties. .
The Japanese rnnideuts of Harbin,
numbering i.'.OO, having linked for pro
tection through their resilient conusul,
Hut o, the Japanese government or
dered eleven member of the police de
partment iu Maivlniria to the city yes
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lurgext selling cough medicine in the
world today becnuM it dues exactly
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ers. He nun 11, Hmitli k Co., Ltd., Agts.
for Hawaii. - AUvei tibcinent. ' .
Exhausted By Failure of Oesper
ate Assaults, Troops, of Prince j
Rupprecht ficmain iQuict
r NEWTORK, December S (Assocla
ed Pres) Utterly exhausted and dis
heartened by the failure, of their des
perate assault on the-British line i
the. Cambrai sector, la which the c
many thousands of killed , and -,(ny
more thounanda of wonded, ftd all fof
l-otking, the troops of Prince Ruppreeht
remained quiet yesterday, nllowinjt the
British to consolidate their gain and
prepare for further assaults which they
know to be inevitable. ."'.
The British knqw. that the German
will , not remain, jussive tufider th
blow that was dealt them, and the Tom
mies, nnder Vneral Haig, sre all read
for a renewal of the attack which tbey
know the1 Huna will make in a wild ef
fort to regain their losses.
But Hsig's men are ready. Tbey
have gone "over the top" and take
the land that was their objective. ' Now
they are prepared to bold it, at no matter-
what. coat.
On' th Italian front, alo, th Hun
attack ha been .stayed. In the Vene
tian . sector yesterday the Austro-Ger-man
force were) quiescent. Tho force
of their great drive has apparently been
spent, and they are now devoting them
selves chiefly to trying to bend off
counter attack on the part of the. re
inforced Italian that will in the end
send-them hurtling back through "the
snowy gorge through whicn tbey navo
recently won their way.
Berlin officially anqounces a small vic
tory. The war odice states that Beden
troops yesterday stormed Hielacqueri)
and took five hundred prisoners.
w in 1 if m'iniB 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1
JLU uli uuniL 1
No Discrimination Against Thera
Says Secretary Baker
WASHINGTON, December 5 (A
aociated Press) Negroes ia th Na
tional Army a re "get ting a square deal,
according to a statement mad late
yesterday by Secretary of Wtr Baker.
.Mr. Baker issued an official state
ment that there ia absolutely no dis
crimination in the National Army
against men of negro blood. , Neither,
snid Secretary Baker, are tbey being
given more ..than their, fair share, of
menial labor.
New York Supreme Court' Rules
They Are Ineligible
NEW. YORK; December 5 (Asocia
ted Press) Subject of the emperor of
Austria cannot obtain full citizenship
in the United States, according to a
ruling made yesterday by the supreme
court of the State of New' York.'
The matter came before the eourt in
the form of a petition signed by vari
ous AustriaHT subjects asking to be
eourt ruled that tbey could not be
granted their final papers a citizen
of the United States. ' The supreme
granted full citizenship, notwithstand
ing that the United States ha not yet
declared war on Austria.
WASHINGTON, December 6 (Ae
Miciated Press) The federal govern'
mi nt lias at last taken definite action
t put a stop to the treasonable trans
niHion of communications across the
various borders. The collector of ens
toms of the several United States porta
weie today ordered to prevent th
tnuiHniissiou of such message, except
through tho mails by travelers, except
ii li rs are going to England, France,
Italy or Canada. Traveler going; to
the countries above mentioned must
ill', lure that they carry no message
intended for the enemy. ,
. . ;
LONDON, December 6 (Associated
I'i ens) Neutrality is proving expen
ic to Norway, according to an oQicial
report mole public here today by tb
Norwegian legation. The legation re
ports that daring th mouth of Novem
ber thirteen steamers were sunk; and
furty one Norwegians lost this live
tliiuiigh war .-apses. ;
niKIO, December 4 (HpecUl to Ha
nii biupo) War taxes ar ii go Into
eflcct in Japan. To meet gowirnnunt
11 1 it has been fouad aeedS'inr to
raise prices of ome goverpment e'li
trolled article and imports en others
11- well as to increase jiostal rat). '
A niioniicenient of raises in the price
r tnliacco was inn 1 li yesterday by. the
am ei niiierit. It was further announced
tliut the tux uion wine; sake and other
nli nliolie beverages was to be Increased
iih the tax . upun , sugar, v Hate of
1 imiagu are also to be iuoreastd. ,
Wrs. i C.(?M Hyde r Dies. AtlOld
fHon'eJri'.MassachuseUs; .
i-y Former; Honolulan v -'
I . MRS. C. M. HYDE . I
S " ' L 1 '!
A cable message received in Hono
lulu yesterday announced th death of
tin, C M. Myde,.widW.of.the late
Eev. Dr, C. M. Hyde. Mr. Hyd b
ed.away yesterday at her late home
In Ware, . Massachusetts. ; ti - ' "
Mrs. Hyde, who was Mary P. Knight
before her marriage, was born in Brim
fleld, Massachusetts, on August 0, J 840.
fcthe waa married to th late Be v. Dr.
Hyde, who was then pastor of the Con
gregational ' Church at Brimfleld, on
October 9, 1S66.
r The couple came,1 to th Island
twelve year later, in 18T7, and in the
various position of trust which' Doe
tor Hyde held under-the Hawaiian
Board, Mr. Hyde was hi able, assist
ant. :
Hhe wa teacher In the local theo
logical institute, president of th Free
Kindergarten 4 Children' Aid Associ
ation, vice-president of the Portuguese
Charitable Association, and for twelve
year a nnnst efficient president of th
Women 'a Board - of ; Mission for , th
Pacific Island. . .
. Mrs. . Hyd 'feft tho : Islands about
twelve years ago. Two aona survive
ber, Henry Clay . Hyda and Charier K.
Hyde,' both of whom well known i
the Islands, they' having resided ,hore
many years.'. Charles K. Hyde, wa also
resident of Hilo for a long- timo and
will, be well remembered there.
Creation of Supreme Inter-Allied
Naval Committee Is Also
.Agreed Upon In Paris
PARIS, December 6 (Associated
Press) A ' eonfplete understanding
among the Allies,' and a close under
standing for the solution of questions
in which they have a common interest
as regards tb conduct of the war has
been arrived at , nt the couferencs of
the Allies, including the United (States,
according to an official announcement
made here today by (he French foreign
office. t
Of equal importance Is the announce,
ment made yesterday that the Allies
have agreed upon the creation of a su
preme inter allied naval, committee, to
which shall be submitted all matters
concerning the naval com) act of the
Princess Abigail Kawananakoa, who
is now living ia New York City, is ex-
?eoted back in Honolulu about January
9, to remain here for a few weeks,
and possibly months.
hhe will arrive on the Dutch liner
Ecuador, , which now ha a permit to
carry passengers between Han Fran
cisco and Honolulu. ; Herj friends are
already planning a aerie of welcome
entertainment for brr.
The Princess ha been away from the
Islands since November,, ltflfl, imme
diately after the brilliant eelebratioa
and ball of Kin, J KaJakaua's birthday,
at the armory. '.Hhe went to New York
this spring1 in order to be near ber aon
who is attending school In New Eug
lnnd. .
HAN FBANCISCO, December 4 (As
sociated 1 Press) The phrase 'some
where in America" is being given con
siderable strength through orders re
garding railroad ticket for soldiers
uud , sailor which wore , recently put
into effect '. here. The ticket rend
".destiuition withheld", in order
that they will furn(h o information
of troop" destinations if they should
hup)en to fall into improper bands.
' Hereafter all .troofv movement from
coast to coast or intermediate points
will be effected through the use of such
tickets; according, to advice receive
from the. war. department by th west
ern department of the army here.
Because of Its semis sod laxative sfltct.
bsUetthaaovdloarrOulniac. Does not mum
nervousness, not rlaaiaa1 la lb fcL -
,.acmbct,hef .Stanly one "Broata Quijln."
Tb flaaatur ol K. V.'. Cre- s t "".
PunaiHiloy Hamakua i and Kohala
: , ; Schools All Take Big
-;' yy. Interest . f
HItX, Hawaii, November 80 At a
meeting of the committee on the prize
garden contest, Wednesday afternoon,
plan were practically completed nd
about everything is -in readiness to be
gin operations. , Moesrs.' Moir and E11
gen Horner .were added to th com
mitted. . : ... ' ,," fr
-' The eoramltte bat charge of the dis
trict .from ' Waimea to tb Volcano,
embracing : thirty-on nchools in all.
After considerable discussion - it wa
decided to divide the schools into five
section", making six r schools in each
with , th exception of one, and that
this exception should be the Hilo divi
sion. ' - ' ' . -1 .
It was thought that inasmuch a th
schools, ar more or less interested in
gardening, that the plan should include
the naming of the, principal of each
school in the district,. as a sub commit
tee. ;Tbi' will allow for six sub-committees
In' each division, and a a
means of facilitating matters, 1t -was
decided that inasmuch a there will be
but three prir.es given, first, second and
third that th six principals Of their
section, Inspect all tho garden in their
jurisdiction, finally settling upon the
three best,, the object being to save
much time in the final judging of th
Tb Prises'
', There will be five first prises, and
one tipeclal prize for the best garden
of all. 1 The first prise ar to bo bi
cycles, the second prises are to "be
medals,'; and .th. third ar to be left
to th option of later developments.
There .will also be boaorable mention
certificates for those who have don
exceptional good- work, but yet miss
winning' a prise. The prise for the
very best garden of all will consist of
a handsome eup. - t
The division of schools , was mad
by beginning at th Volcano, counting
off six schools, and on through to the
limit along tho' Kohala border. At tb
teachers' meeting to be held brre to.
day, th ; matter . will be discussed,
and immediately following the meet
lag there will be a consultation be
tween tb committee and principal
presj-nt. '
Hew- Schools ar Divided
, Puna--V Alcana, Mountain ViewKa
poho,"; Opihikao,' Pa boa, Kalapana. '
- Hilo-rKurtistown, Olaa, . Waiakea
(3), Union, Hilo High, Catholic '
(South .; Hilof -Kaumana, Piihonua,
Haaheoi Kaiwiki, . l'Spaikou, ' pepee
keo, Honomu.' ; ' '
North Hilo and Hsmakna Hskalau,
Ninole, Kap4hu, Laupahoehoe, Ookala,
Paauilo, Pohokea. ' .
-Hamakua and Houth Kohala Pasu
hait, Honokaa, Kukuihaele, Waipio,
Ahualoa, Waimea.
. "
Maui Schools Given
Medals Won
In RecentjContests ' ;
Maui ; County Fair and Racing
Association Awards : Medals
. Offered By It
WAII.UKU, Maui, November 30
Commissioner , D. C. Lindsay has re
ceived the medals won by the differ
ent schools in the eontest inaugurated
by the Maui County 'Fair k Bacing
Association. The first rizes are silver
and the second bronze, all neatly en.
graved. They will - bo delivered as
. Keulul 10U School, first prise, vege
tables and fruits.
St. Anthony's School, first prise,
boys' grammar grade; second, boy'
book binding.
Waihee, first prize, plain sewing.
, 'Hamakuapoko, first prize, book bind
ing. Puukolii, first prize, flowers, trees,
IjCamelianielia III, first prise, Cook
ing; first, fancy needle work; first,
lauhala weaving; first, cabinet work;
first, loom weaving; second, live stock;
second, plainsewiiiK; second, carpentry.
Keoltea, second, flower, tree, etcet
era. Kaupo,' second.; lauhala weaving. ,-
M.A. Co.'s Pais Kindergarten, first,
primary work. " '
Puunene, i first, live stock; second,
primary work; second, cooking.
" Paia, , first, printing; first, esrpen
try; second, vegetables and. fruits. ,
Wiiiluku, second, grammar grade
work; seeoud, fancy needle work, ee
ond, cabinet work.
11 1 .... '
School Notes
W. (J. Avery, .Insiiector ireueral . of
schools, left in the Kilsuea yesterday
t noon for West Hawaii, where he will
inspect the schools of that, side f the
Big Islnud. Mr. Avery will be. joined
by Kugene Horner, supervising princi
pal of Kast Hawaii, and will go to'
Hilo, from where he will take the Man
na Kcs for Honolulu, returning to th
city probably a Week from next Sat
urday. ;
The Christmas school vacation will
begin week from next Friday, De
cember .14, the schools reopening for
the second term of the year on .Wed
111 hi lay, January 8.
A meeting-of th school commission
t i will be. held, in this. city, in the of-fii-e
of the superintendent of publie in-i-i
ruction, on Monday, December 17.
'I'ln- comiiilHsioners are W. II. Smith of
II1I0 and Mrs. J, A. Maguire of Koua,
'fur the InIuihI of Hawaii; 1. I!, I.iml
hiiv of I Kahului, for Maui; t'upt. - Ii.
1 lil....t 1 mi. , ri' 1.
iiai-siiiitii ami air. epouorc iiicn
urilM ti Honolulu uml Oiilin .un.l f
lUuudt for Kauui. ' ' '
Intcr-I:lT.d Tickets
Will Be I
At Main Office Only .
Aliens ' Will Save Considerable
'Time arid 'Trouble To All Con
cernedBy Carrying Such Pa
pers As Will Properly Identify
vThem To All Who MightUues
tion Citizenship v ?
, Four porsoD have. been refused tick
ets at the Inter-Island office since the
ew order, requiring a Presidential per
mit for all alien enemies '. to travel
among the, islands , of tk group, west
into effect last Saturday. Many per
sons who still bold the old permit la
sued by. Marshal J. J. Smlddy asd ap
proved by District (Attorney 8. O.
Huber are presenting these at th Inter-Island
office, but it wa stated yes
terday by company official that these
permits will so' longer be honored.
All passengers were notified yester
day that, cabin ticket for porta in. the
Territory will In future be sold St hc
main office of the company only. This
action is taken, merely as a precaution
ary . measure, for it is believed that
the men in the main office will become
better acquainted with . the Island
travelers of both foreign and Ameri
can' birth.- No. longer -will on be able
to rusk t th boat at the last minute
and purchase a ticket at the wharf, for
the sale .of all .steamer -ticket wil
cease thirty minute before the sched
uled aaUing time. .". ' . t
, It -was announced at the main offie
of the company yesterday that all alien
enemies must present a, permit tot be
transported ; which is Issued snly by
the President, together with a. permit
to travel which must be signed by th
United States District-Attorney foe Ha
waii. ,1 Both-, are necessary to obtaia
tickets. -,
Those aliens who ar now America
citlsen will save considerable trouble
and; inconvenience-both, to themselves
and, others, by carrying such, papers. a
will properly identify them to all who
might question- their citisenship,. There
are saaay purser and agents throughout
tb Territory who-have . been .give
strict orders to ' follow ' the latest order-
to: the. letter,- and properly' signed
papers will- preclude the, possibility, of
those not aWn enemies beipg- held up.
.: ' ' ..'. ''.
The children of ' the Kona-waena
School, Kealakekua, West Hawaii, gav
a most ereditable aad enjoyable enter
tainment for the benefit of the Ken a
unit of the Red Cross last Saturday
The Akana hall had been most taste
fully decorated . for the occasion, and
was filled to overflowing 'with a most
appreciative audience, representative
of most of . the families of Kona, of all
nationalities , . .';
Jhe program consisted of singing, and
folk dancing.. The singing, under the
direction of 8. K. Toomey, was render
ed in a manner which showed, not only
that the children Of this school posses
much musical talent ' but that much
work and energy was used in ; their
training. )
The folk dancing was most admirably
performed and reflects, great credit on
ine pupus and tneir instructors.
During the evening two brief: ad
dresses were made; the first on the
general work and organization of the
American lied Cross Association, and
the second giving in. detail what is
being done and has been done by the
iwons unit.
The whole affair, waa thoroughly .en
joyed by the audience and mnny ex
pressions of approval were beard, that
the principal and hi able staff of as
sistants . were adding to their .general
school work instruction in the, great
principles of the Bed Cross Associa
. WASHINGTON,. December : '(As
sociated Press) General Pershing yes
terday reported six deaths in the Amer
ican contingent ia Franoe as a result
of natural causes.
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keepers, or will be mailed on receipt Of
orice ; by the llollister Drug Co.,' or
Benson ' Hniiib 4 Co., agents ' for - tb
UawiUsa Islands. Advcrtitqinent)
C 0 qi tjtutiona) -u ; Amendment
Cpmes Up Before Judiciary ,'
torfim'jrtee spf House Today
W C. ,T, l), nd' Anti-Saloon
n.Leflnilf Irr rnnupntinrV'Rparlv
l-'-'itrMaPcV.lfi PA r
1 . , - w . -t
1 -;f .- . 1
Nation-wide prohibition will be be
fortt thn-Indle.iarv ' .citntmlttMi ttt tha
t : --.-j ,- - - -
house, at W ashington, today, when ac
tion will b' taken on the constitutional
amendment which" ha alreadv named .
in the ente,;s. ' !'. '' t
1 iir HuiiMf iii 1 1 c iarv rummniPsi win
likewise vote on the report to be made
t the honiw, the constitutional
amendment providing for woman' suf-
rKo. '....'-...'.'
Acsording i to - report v that hnv
reached Th Advertiser, based on th
Opinions expressed by prohibition lead-,
r at Washington,' in and out of con
gress, the vote on the 'prohibition
amendment ..will b favorable, and th
resolution-for the amendment of the
Constitution and the submission of th
matter of . pat ion-wide - prohibitloa to
the several Ktates for ratification will
be before the) honse a Whole on Fri
day, the fourteenth. ' . ',
Big Demonstration Planned '
Great preparations have been under
way in 'Washington .by, the prohibition
force for the drive which open today
and which reaches its climax on the
fourteenth,: when, the resolution will.be
brought before the house by Beprcscn
tstive Webb.
H Ut.m 1131UK . un'l inn wv-'. l , . -i-?
ington, and the tiity is fillejvit.! ,(pi..
gates from all over the t'nl'., ..' A', ,4-r
ss this convention has adj'lrt.T. osi."-"
niemung pn-Monday next, tlieOi'ni-Ssl-
poa League of America hold it ol
conference in Convention Hall, the con
ference to conclude on Thursday. ',
Wadman, Is ProinfiMnt : .; ' .
On 'Friday,, the day the prohibition
resolution is presented ia the house,
thousands .of prohibitionists .will .par'
ado. ta the' Capitol ta give backing to
the effort ' made by' Bepresentativ
Webb on th floor."
Hawaii 'will be represented . in th
stirring event in favor of national pro
hibition at th Capital by Bcv. John W.
Wadman, representative of the local
Anti-8aloon League,; He will be the
principal speaker on tho closing day of
the Antl-Baloon. League conference and
will also represent-the. Islands in th
demonstration to be made at the Capi-
101 on (ae roiiowjing anernoon.
Carl Myers, a water tender, on the
Inter-Island ateamcr Kilauea, was kill
ed by (an electric shock received from
a portable incandescent, while, working ,
in the boiler room of the vessel on. the
, . r 1 - a .1 i L. . . 1. .. auIvAm
Uivr-jsiaou orjuocn,. iure-mntj
yesterday afternoon. Although he was
apparently dead by th finje the emer
gency ambulanc arrived ou the scene,,
he was given artificial respiration by
Hospital Bteward V. I. Btevenson for
nearly a half hour before a sling was
prepared 011 -which to lower him from
the deck to the drydock floor fifty feot
Upon arrival at the. emergency hos
pital Dr. K. O. Ayer continued tho arti
ficial respiration for more than an hour,
but to no avail for. tbe man was dead.
Although it is thought that no n. e
than 110 volts passed through his body,
it is believed: that hi death waa caus
ed by cardian fibrillation produced by
the low- tension currents, which is said
to be fatal despite all kuown methods
of treatment. '
The Kilauea had gone on drydock for
a general overhauling and Myers was
... ..l ln .,.: nrl in ihm hmler
room, from early -morning. H was ctr
rying a portable light and the floor of
the engine room was covered more or
less it is said, with small - pools of
water. - The shock is said to have come
from', the -socket -which he held in his
hand, the damp floor oq which he was
standing, greatly Increasing the voltage.
A soon a he was removed to th deck,
the portable light wa tested, and the
socket (nsulationV waa fouud to be damp, .
wator . evidently having seeped in
through the neck. 1 '
X '. . L . 1 1. f u L...I. t ba! a,., 1.11 r M .
i.lUBllir M 11 1 n mil icr, wiiw
a. I ami 1 1. u ,a waa k.. u .1 1 u m. Mlirn tit
mill jmlllK "(ICO IIID . ll-LIUI. U BU 7,w
trie shock. Nor' did theixampere fuse
show the slightest indication, of having
, 1 1 1 ,1.. s .1...
been' burned. 'His fellow worker are'
at loss to account for his death, many
of them saying tbey had received 110
.volts aud more on several occasions.
'Myers was twenty-four years old anl
single, and resided at the-Mid-Pacifln
rooming house on Alakea Street, . lie
waa of German and Chinese extraction
and came to th Island from ffiina on
a German merchant, vessel about three
yara ago.
He was badly burned some mouths
ago as a resuir or n gnnonue cspumiuu
on the same steamer. He was working
at the time with Engineer Jack Dev-.
ereaux, who lost hi life us tbe rcsuli,
of tb accldeut.
I.cocailio, an insane Filiniuo, commit
ted suicliie by. banging bimsolf to a
tree in the grounds at the- immigration
statiou at live-thirty o'clock yesterday
morning. The victim strangled himself
by the une of a burlap bug. l.eoerdio
was sent to the immigration station
from Hawaii some time ago to be do
ported to th Philippine because of uu
souud tuiud.

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