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' Ontl . Dollar
ta Oentrlfntal W. T. per la. fr fc
Prlc. Hawaii an fcaala... 6.72 1X34.40
Lest ytevlou e.nota-
UeB........ ....... .....I-M 1138.00
IT. 8. VEATIII.H tot.
le. 1917 t.axt Iwpi,
! four hnr',' rsinfnll,
TempTtHiuW, Win, 67 '
7S. Wpther, pt cloudy.
VOI. ,X, NO. 99;
1 1 J' 1 I 1.1 I I I lf I I I ' II 1 '- If I II I I I I r l I lr fJ K ' El lr
urn uiuuii.
i SEIi.iliE
American . Employers Are Asked
; . To Assist Great Britain and
Canada In Reaching :Those
;. Who Have Kept Out of Warfare
, 'Should Either Be In Ranks of the
Armies of Own Country Or
7 Compelled To "Serve the Uni
I ted States Under Draft ? Law
Y'aO HICACO, December' H
(Associated Press) Amer
7 ican employers of British sub
jeets of, military age who have
asked exemption from The drat
because of their alien citizenship
are to be urged to weed out these
' men from their shops, stores and
' ' office auf in this way assist the
" drive being made throughout the
j-United States byj British recruit-
ing "officers'VJY '' '". '.':', ;'''7
The secretaries of the various
British consulates throughout the
' country, are ..about to launch a
the hundred ; and. veventy thou
, san4 Britisireubjeetof draft age
in the United States who have
expressed themselves a unwill
ing to join the American national
army. These men, declare the Bri
tish secretaries, should either be
in the ranks of-their own army
or willing to be drafted for the
American army, in this time of
the Mother Country's trial.
These Britishers, say the con
sular officers, are now holding
back and replacing those Ameri
cans who have go'ne into active
service. They are slackers from
the call of their own land and tak
ing advantage of the American
draft to better their own condi
tions here. On that account, em
ployers are asked to wee,d these
men out of their employ and force
them either to enlist at home or
in America,
The assistance of American
employers is thusj asked. With
their cooperation, the British re
cruiters expect to praise many
thousands of physically tit men
who would be in. the ranks if they
were living under their own flag.
The drive is- designed to enlist
175,000 men. 7 ;
. '. r . ...
Final Decision Is Reached Fol
lowing Day of Long and Im
portant Conferences
WAfUimq-iW, Deeembf r 1 1 (An
ociated Pre!) Following a couaulta
iion between the Prenldeiit and Hen
tor Newlanda it waa determined lute
ymterday afternoon that Wilnoa will
ooii send a meaaage to eongreaa railing
for unification of the railroad of
the country during, the period of the
The ronferenee ' with Seuator New
land followed an earlier conference
between the Preaident, membera of tho
Intemtate Commerce Commiaaion and
head of a Dumber of the railroada. At
that eonfereneeo way out of the dif
fluultiea that eonfrout the eountrlea
other than through a; general pooling
under toe governmental control could
be found, it is aald. fr 7 i
What the exact purport of the iuoi
age will be i unknown.
.. :
Survivors 'of Norwegian Craft
That Was Abandoned By CreW
. When In Flames Arrested
Rain, SlecU Ice and Third Bliz
zard Increase Misery But Re '
V lief Trains Get Through"
HALIFAX, December 11 (AVancia
ted l'reea) Pending the rennlt of the
eftieial ttivetigatlon which haa been
tar tod td determine the reaponsibilitr
for the initial collision in the harbor
here, tin a result of which came the
erie of exploaiona and the wrecking
of the city, the jjritinh ofKciali yester
day mndn prisoner of all the survivor a
of the' Norwegian ateamer 1 mo, the
eraft which ia reported to hnve, been
allowed to imash into a munition ship,
whlla ablate, her crew having opened
the aeaeocka and then deserted the rea
aoVJn amall boata. , -'
Captuia Lamedoe, of - the French
steamer Mont Itlanc, which ia also-Implicated
in th,e events leading up to
the great disaster, and Pilot Mackay,
who kail the Mont Blane in ehargf
at the time, are also being held pend
ing the inquiry. ....
Bllxtartl' Follow Rain
' On Hundny nlrfht a fifty-mile gnle
awept over the' city, accompanied, by
torrential rain, which turned. ,' the
streets into ice and coated the ruins
over with sleoty glaae. The element
added greatly to the suffering through
out the wight. Ther were a few hour
of respite from the storm during yen
terday, bat, with the coming of late
afternoon another blixrard atruek the
city," thia being the third ainco the
cntimtropbe of Thuraday, v ;
This storm baa brought to another
check. the recovery' of the' dead froaa
tb 'vulua Jand Itaa oace7more put' the
extemptn'iaed lighting avstem out, of
Between th ' storms, Bandreda " of
worker were busy buryinir the bodies
of the unidentified, dead, of-which there
are several . hundred.. It waa feared
that to keep these bodies lonscr for
ideatilicatiou waa to run the danger ot
pestilence adding to the other hor
rors uf the week. " . "
Belief Traini ArriTO
Kelicf trnina from, a number of
point arrived yesterday and the food
shortage bus been relieved, while from
all over the Dominion offer of aid are
pouring In. It has been ' decided to
launch a campaign for a twenty mil-
lion-unur relief fund In Canada, and
an appeal for this amount wiU be i
sued to the people of the Provinces by
fir Hubert Borden, the Premier. In
the nitme of the government, the Pre
mier announced yesterday that he
would ask parliament for a preliminary
relief fund of a million;
A revised list of casualties issued by
the emergency relief organization
pluces the known dead at 1200. There
are still .'100 doad who. have not been
ideutilied, and the probability of a
much larger death roll ia aeen in the
announcement that there are "000 still
miaking. The injured number 8000,
and 25.000 are homeless, their bouse
burned to the ground or shattered by
tho terrific, explosions of last week.
Deed of Daring Told
A report of deed of daring that pre
vented another great .explosion was
made public yesterday, tybe deck car
go of the British steamer Pietoa, load
ed with munitions, caught Are on Hun
day night. The quick and courageous
work of Huiiux riflemen, preveuted an
explosion, They boarded the steamer
and threw overboard tha Jiuming cargo.
It ia officially announced that danger
of further explosions is t an end.
t f r -
Editor Publishes Announcement
He Will Give Whole Heart
ed Support To Country
CIKAKD, Kunsut, December II (Ah
koeiated Press) The Appeal to Feasii'i
the radical organ of Hocialism and or
ganised laborwhich hua been strongly
anti-war in it attitude, announced yes
terday, over the signature'of ita editor,
Louis Kopelin, that it would be found
wholly supporting the United Htate
nnd tv Allies in the r against I'rus
vlaulsm from now on. ,
The eon version of the Appeal, the
statement eiplaina, has been brought
about by the . recent message to con
gress of President Wilson,1 in which ho
outlines the war aim of this country.
BEHUN, December U--( Associated
Press) Announcement of the marriage
t Count Chrlstiaa von Bernstorff to
Mr. Warguerlte Thomason, formerly of
Burliugton, New Jersey, ia announced
in the paper this morning.
' '
DESTROYER JACOB JONES, premier VesVel lot her claw under the Flg. destroyed off the
British coast oiv Thursday night, going down! with fifty or more men after a German torpedo
had truck. The Jacob Jones it
forth their smoke screen.
Announcement Made To House of
Commons Will Bring Joy To All
Christendom and Carry Splen
did Moral Effect
LONDON, December 11 (Associated I
Press) Jerusalem has fulleu. The goal
of the old Crusader baa been reached
ufter it ha been in the possession of
the Moslem for more than seven cen
turies. . It was surrendered by the
Turk to tleneral Allenby and the Brit
ish force under bim have entered the
city and taken over ita possession. An
nouncement of the capture of the Holy
City was made by Bonar Law to the
house of common yesterday. -
Britain' movement against Jerusa
lem was the direct answer to the move
ment 4t the Central Powers agaiust the
Hue canaj. The Teutons and Turk
have failed of their objective but the
Britinh have won.
For aeveral week past the fall of Je
rusalem has been deemed imminent.
British forces from the iuterior bad
draw iij in toward it and at the oppor
tune timtt a landing was made at Jaffa,
its senporr, aud another British force
proceeded up the railroad. Recently
the exoilus of Jews ami Christians from
the city showed that the end waa at
hand. Cut off from its seaport, thirty.
three mile away, almost surrounded by
the Christian forces which drew ever
nearer, the Turks hnd no alternative
but to yield- to the oucomiiig British
army. i1
Once Rich Province
Palestine ha an area only u little
mora than the state of Massachusetts.
There, vii I time when, even from a
material , point of view, Syria eould
.(Continued on Pag 3, Column 1)
". '"-M '
here shown leading-a 'line of destroyer, with her stack belching
' r,: -V
';,' : -t
.'I' .
': K 5 .
- W
WASHINGTON, December 11 (Associated Press) The Ameri.an destroy
er Jacob Jones, commanded by Lieut, ronnlr. Duvid V. rtugley, one of the latest
destroyers of the American tleet, was torpedoed auil sunk on the uiiilit of Thar
day last, it is officially reported. . One officer and probably fifty warrunt officer
and men were lost, the known aurvivors being forty-four, one of whom . was
taken iiriHiiner aboard the German submarine, beinir rescued by the t' boat a he
"'"PY'1 h wtM.
The otlieer auioni the dead ia Knsiirn
explosion of the torpedo nd died after being brought ashore. The survivor
were picked up from tlieyfe raft which they had managed to launch in the
few minute between, the striking of the ship and her sinking, a majority of
these being sent ashore from British patrol boats in their motor iHuiu-hes, being
hmtleu on the Hcuiy isles on tne uoruisn
flicted its blow. ,
. The Jacob Jones, which was-the largest destroyer carryiug tlic Star and
Stripes, was of 11 5o tons. . 81m waa laid down two year ago ami develoiied a
peed of twenty-nine knots in ber trials.
calibre guns aud fitted with eight twenty
ment was ninety-eight men.
David W, Bagley, tho commander of the Jui-ob Jones, who is among he
saved, is a brother-in-law of Secretary of the Navy Daniels. The other officers
aveil are Lieut, it. K. Richards, Washington; Lieut. Norman Scott, St. Louis;
rKnsign N. N Out us, Bay City, Michigan;
. .'7 ' " . ;o:
WASHINGTON, December 11 (As
soi iiifed Press) Higher rates must be
pniii for farm loan., The farm lnun
lionnl determined upon this yesterday
in iew of the fact that interest rates
gencnilly luive shonu material is
ci'i'uts iu nearly all parts of the cuuu-
The new rate fld for farm loans
is five and a half insteud of flu per
cent. ,
- -
Htanton Palk. He was wounded in the
coast, near wnere tno suiimnrine in
She was armed with four 4-iuch, 00
- one inch Ioredo tubes. Her eoinple
' -
Assistant Sucgcon L. L. Adnmkiewica,
! -.
MADRID, December 11 (Anaociat
ed Pres) An attack by a Oerman
submarine upon a SpaiiisliNeteainer off
the Spanish Const was made yester
day, it 1 officially reported, tho sub
mit r in e shelling the merchantman and
hilling nine member of her crew, Tho
Claude, the steamer attacked, arrived
at Balliva under her own steam last
night, bringing in He bodies of the
dead seamen. The incident baa creat
ed an unusual resentment against
Germany. t.
Employers Have Right of Con
ducting Own Business Ac
cording To Their Own Ideas
Rights of the Employed To Or
ganize For Own Projection
Again Stated By Court
Vf AHHINOTON. December 11 (Aa
oeinted Press) Defining i . general
terms the rights of both orgnniiied
lnlxir and of the employer a decision
of fur reaching imf .'rtnnce was hand
ed down by the t'mtod States H.
preme Court yesterday. Since, while
recognizing the riylit of lnbur to or
ganise tt also recognizee the right of
the vmplnyer to mnintfiiti an "open
shop" it will be found objectionable
by the organized labor interesta of
the rountry. 7.
The deeisiiin of the highest court
clearly and dixtinetly renlTirnK-d the
rights of labor to organize for Its own
protection but holds that, equnl right
remain with the employer who may
operate hi" business either a a union
or an open shop aud may )nke all
adequate and necessary .steps to cir
cumvent any and all conspiracies to
bring their non-union employes Into
the rank of organized labor.
Oomper Bay "Unwarranted",
Commenting on th decision last
night, . Hum u el (tempers, .head of the
federation of labor 'expressed the opin
ion that the decision nun, not only fnr
reaching but was' not warranted by
the evidence before the. court. De
spite this decision,'' . 'bf . snid, 'we
shall continue organising , the work
men of the country in, order that' 'w
may -reach our soal in, order ' that the
country may rencJi better ,eonceptun
got only f nolitinul but -of iaduetriul
democracy as Well, i ,.;.'. '
J.CKHlity of orgaiuzatioa end opera-
tioe of the I'nitrd'" Mine-. Workers,
eomprmhtg !tK),0O() mem)nrs, was at
Laikert is suit of the Hitchman, Coal
Coke Co.. of Wheeling West Vir
ginin. i It sonant to permanently en-
loin lTurldeiit John 1. Mhitw, former
President John Mitchell, . former aec
rVtary William B. Wilson, now secre
tary of Jabor, nnd other post and prea
nnt union . officers uud member from
unioiiing its coal miner. .
In eaother suit, the Lagle OIhss k
Maiiuftictiiiiiig Co., ' cf Wellsbnrg.
W.-t Virginia, aoked permanent 1m
innetioas ngninst President Thomas
L liowe sud other officers and mem
bers, of the Ameriuaa - Flint UIrhs
Worker 'Union from soliciting it em
ployes to join the union. 7,
Kre(lom of contract and lubor
nninns' riuhts peareubly to "picket"
nnd prrsuudo workmen to join unions
when such workmen are under specific
ftontruct with their employer not to
join, were the principal question In
volved. In neither ease was there a
striku solely the question of union
recognition. Both cases were argued
iu Murrli, IflKi. before the supreme
court, but it reached no decision and
they were reargued before a full
liench by special order of the follow
ing December.
Union Called Conspiracies
In both cases, Federal Judge Alston
(i. Dayton of Wst Virginia held the
unions illegsl organization under the
common law and West Virginia stat
utes. L'nder the Sherman Law, he de
clined them secret conspiracies in re
straint of trade, autLissued broad in
junction prohibiting any and all
union solicitation, by "picketing"
peaceable argument and persuasion or
otlierwie, of tho corporation ' work
men. The fourth circuit court of appeal
overruled Judge Dayton in both
cases. It unheld legality of the
unions organization and . activities,
and dismissed the injunction and the
companies suita. It also declared the
Hheriaan Law inapplicable, holding
t ii iit only the government and not pri
vate individual might secure injunc
tions under it. ' : ' V. I I
Another ground upon which the cir
cuit court over-ruled Judge Dayton
was for lack of jurisdiction. It held
tlmt union officers may not lie brought
iuto court by the service of summons
merely upon individual union members
and also held them not chargeable,
without personal knowledge, with re
sponsibility for their nutionul officers'
urts. . y ' j
Constitutional Bight
Briefly, the employers' contentions,
sunt ainud by Judge Dayton and re
jected by the circuit court, were "that
employers and employes have contract
uul freedom guaranteed uuder' the
fifth clause of the constitution to mu
tuully contract that the workmen
shall not join a union. Solicitation
by union members among such work
men, the companies insisted, should be
enjoined us violative of the liberty of
contract. The plaintiffs also contend
ed, in that respect, that labor has
beeu decided by the supreme court to
be projerty, notwithstanding the
v lou act declaration that it is, not
to be so considered.
The, principal charge against the
nine worker were that their union la
a secret conspiracy to dominate and
control coul mining in thi ouatry.
(Continued on Pag 3, Oolumn 3)
Petrograd Learns and Announces
It Need,Expect No Food From
Asia Lest It Reach the Ger
mans and, Austrians 7
news bringTcomfort ', :
. to allied diplomats
Further Signs of , Disintegration
of Old Country Seen But Hope
1 Exists Strong Mali May Yet v
Reunite Fragments y . '; ;
W.A51 1 1 NGT ON, December v
11 (Associated Press) -
Provisions, 'munitions, supplies
and railroad j equipment , will not
be' permitted , to fall Into, the
hands of Germany as a result of 7
at! armistice or peace between the
Petrograd government and , the
Central Powers.' Tire 'Siberian.-''
have formed a provisional gov .
ernment w'liich is, evidently loyal
to the Allies and has already tak
en steps to prevent aid and com-t "
fort going to the ' enemy. yn
nouncement was "made in -Pctrj- .7 ..
grad yesterday that the Sibcrjan : '.J
provisional r government had or-. ,,
deredthe stoppage ipt-alutiii.',;
tha? "was designed for European, '
Russia on the ground ..Uiatit
might fall into the-hands .of : the 7 "
tiermans and tliat steps would be
taken to. prevent aid from Siberia y
reaching the enemy; ..; ' - ' ''
.'. Establishment of a irovisional
government, in Siberia marks yet . i
jnother stcp in the disintegration '
of what had been the Empire of
Russia since anarchistic radicals
ecured control in Petrograd and
Moscow. It is-admitted that it V
will take a strong man to again:
weld logether the fragments tiut '
hope is expressed that this will . '
yet.be achieved. 7 .. s-
' The combination of Kalidincs ...
and Korniloff, backed by the Im-
penalistic and -Constitutionalist
Democrats is ( looked ttpim ; with '
favor and hope in diplomatic cir-
cles. It is known that Kalidines .
has money, stores and provision 'J- ' :
V well as some supplies of am- ,A
munition and arms. - . With these 7
things, which it is said are want-' '; 7
ing to the Bolshe-Vikia and be- ,
cause of the demands that are ; 7
made by Germany in the negotia- . ; '
tkns fcr an armistice, a hope for
a new Russia, which will not be '
pro-German is entertained. 1 '
Revolt Reported, Spreading 7 7.' J f. ' ,
New has reached here front Bumia . ;
that counter-revolt to the. government
of the Kolshe-Vikl I spreading fast.
Tl.. II..I.1..1TIL1 LJ.l t T -
Mdhwnatlou decMiiji 4 fcget 4'M?I i
he districts whuVaro id IJvolutionJ It '
has also ordered the local ffarrieoua in
tho districts not to await specific' er- ,
tier, but to act against the revolution
ih1. Negotiations for mediation be
tween government agent and the ro-
volters are forbidden, and the leader '
of the. revolution are declared outlaws. :
Menitwhile General Koruiloff, who .
hn jolued with (lenera) Kalediuea, la
atteiiiptiug to: bait food, from or to
Hiberta, according to the Bolsbe-ViVt v
proclamation, and Oeueral Kalediuea '
is menm-ing Moscow. -
In the province of Orenburg Gen-'
eral IutoS ha overthrown the TJol-she-Viki
goveruiuent. .-.'
On the other hand, now from Ru
mauia routiuues to forecast cessation
of hostilities against the Teuton. "A
despatch from Jassy, Rumania, aay It
I iinilcrMtootl that a . threa mouth' .
armistice has been arranged, and that
the Kuiuauiau condition of armistice
were accepted,, except that which
would prohibit the transfer of Oerman
troops elsewhere, pending settlement of .
negotiation.,'.';' ; i'
True la Announced ' 77 j .
' It i officially anuouueed that ah ar
mistice ha been agreed upon between
Romania and Oernianv extending over
the . front . between the Puu'.ster aud
tho Panubo river,
''... . , "
, V
( 4

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