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Wave, After Wave of Massed
Forces Swu e p s Forward
7 Against Sturdy Defenders and
Meets Terriole Slaughter- :,
Mutual ' Butchery Regarded By
. Experts As Unparalleled In the
History of - the World Gives
- Some German Gains r;v;
VT EW YORK, December 9
, : I (Associated , Press) Bring
ing greater and greater forces to
bear upon the Italian lineuntil
' the effect is now regarded by the
. military experts' as the greatest
Germany has made in all the war,
thfc battle for the possession of
the Asiago plateau has settled
down into a' mutual butchery un
paralleled in history. ,
rusiro-jerman envisions are
being thrown 'agains the Italian
lines in wave after wave, under a
terrific barrage, while the Ital
ians, reinforced by British and
French corps, are fighting dog
gedly, pouringvtons of machine
guri .and . rifle bullets into the
masses of gray coats, . mowing
down line after line, only to have
fresh forces thrown into the fight
' ing front. iv ': '-,
' i, Thousands . are . dying hourly,
the carnage on both sides being
described even in the official bul
letins' from Cadorua's headquar-
; The military interest of the
world has now cehtered in this
ghastly, purging Climax of the
. war being battled out for posses
sion of the gateway to' Northern
Italy. The Asiago plateau,
through a deep valley of which
runs the Brehta River, emptying
into the lagoon of Venice, lies al
most in the center of the Italian
line of defense, half way between
the Adriatic and the Swiss bor
der. On .this plateau were linked
the Italianf orces operating
against Trent and those operat
ing with Triesteas their objec
tive, and against it has been
concentrated the main Teuton
army, reinforced, by divisions
from the army recently menacing
Venice and that'.' concentrated
early in the Austro-German of
fensive to strike south from
The hammering of the Ger
mans regardless of cost in lives
has gained them some ground,
but nowhere in comparison to the
terrific losses they have sustain
ed. It is admitted that the Ital
ians, in- falling back from their
advanced positions, have lost in
the neighborhood of sixteen thou
sand prisoners, but they have lost
few guns and. have , partially
evened the score of prisoners by
capturing isolated groups of Ger
mans and Austrian, following
the repulses of the main attacks.
The German effort is to force
the passage of the Brcnta Valley
and open the way to the Italian
plains. The Italian object is to
hold the passes and make the
German drive so costly that it
cannot be persisted in. Neither
side has as yet indicated the least
intention of wavering and there
1 practically no cessation in the
slaughter. '
There has been little fighting
in any other theater of the war.
At Cambrai there has been wit
nessed practically an ending of
the battle which Crown Prince
Rupprecht had forced in an effort
to shake the hold General Byng
had secured on' this important
Blizzard Prevents Speeding Up
r Until Lull Makes Possible.;
More Effective Aid l
One of Every Seven, In City In
jured and Death List Mounts ;
, , M. Above Four. Thousand
HALIFAX, December .(Associa
ted frees) A -tke work of elearisg
op thn rufns of Thursday' catastrophe
proceeds and a closer check of Ue
dead aad miming ia made possible, the
eitimnte of tbe 1 ounce in dead and ia
jured grown until laet night it wu of
ficially announced that the' dead are
bow believed to number more than four
thou rand, with the injured, including
one out of every seven persons in the
eity at the time of the great explosion.
Oontinu Sal rag Work
Despite the bitter eold and the fall
ing mow, the work of clearing away
the million of tons of debris has beea
systematically ' commenced. Many of
the buildings are yielding many more
bodies than bad beea expected and
every ' block '..ha added to the total
of the known victims.
From the waters of the harbor, where
sailors front warships have been drag
ging for the dead, more than two bun.
areil bodies have so far been reeov1
ered.' There are the bodies of sailors,
soldiers and workmen who had been
along the waterfront and on -ships -In
the harbor when the blast hurled them
dead or unconscious into the water.
Thousands Made Homeless
More than thirty thousand eitixeas
are homeless and destitute and the ca
pacity of every undamaged home and
other buildings is being taxed to shel
ter these noiseless thousands from the
severe weather.
'Premier Borden has arrived from
Ottawa, to secure a personal know
ledge of the extent of the disaster in
tin home1 eity, which he "has long rep
resented? in parliament. Sir Robert
brought ' a . . message of sympathy to
the people . of Halifax from King
George announeeing the text of the
King's message at the informal recep
tion tendered him on his arrival. Copies
f : the message have been ' posted
throughout the eity. , . j.
UMaf Work- Organised i. Ur
OrL'Antud . raliaf mark, ia UK wall
under 'Way, TocaJ 'odmmlftre of 'naval'
and military officers and civilians being
i charge, assisted by a number of ex
pert relief 'Workers from the United
Htatcs and other parts , of - Eastern
Canada. A survey of the devastated dis
trict shows that some four thousand
building have been destroyed, includ
ing some of the main structures of the
city, A careful survey is. being made
of those docks and wharves which sur
vived the explosion aud holocaust in
order to determine their fitness, and
safety for immediate use.
The . blizxard which raged through
Friday night grew worse yesterday
morning, but has now died down. For
some : time, however, the icy inform
cut ' the city off from eommunieation
and a number of the relief trains were
stalled. This led to a fear that starva
tion was to be added to the accumula
ted horrors of the past three days, a
fear which the clearing weather of the
afteruoon removed.
WASHINGTON, Docember 9 (As
sociatcd 1'rcss) Students who are tak
ing engineering courses in recognized
schools and colleges will be grouted
virtual exemption from conscription
aud draft, it was determined jresterJa.v
at a conference between, Secretary of
War Baker and Provost Marsha) Crow
der. Ruch virtual exemptions will be
granted only under certain conditions,
Both Secretary Baker and Provost
Marshal C'rowder have hold consulta
tions with representatives of the lead
ing engineering societies of the country.-
The view point now taken is that
such students will later be important
military assets and of far more value
to the country than if tukcu before they
have completed their courses of study.
They are to be greatly preferred iu
the new classification iu order that they
may complete their studies and will be
urged to prepare themselves for a later
sector. It is thought that the
quieting down on this front is
only preparatory to the launch
ing of another great attack by the
Germans, who must either regain
the ground wrested from them or
have their own line broken by the
next British offensive. The de
velopments of the next few days
at Cambrai are certain to have an
important bearing upon the whole
winter campaign in France and
Belgium. " ,
Along the French front there
has been no change. .
May Be Accompany! ng Daughter Across Pacific
Washington. t)MmhM a
Mchoim of Russia has escaped Jnm his
Despatch- from Heaver niftier date of November SO said that the former cur of Bussia had em aped and minht
come to this country. The authority for tha aseertioa waJ Mrs. Margaret Barry Carver who was also authority for
the announcement that Princess Tatiana) Romanoff, secoul daughter of the rar, had oeeaped through the ruse of a
mock ""nag od wes coming to the United Rates where she would participate ia rei.ef woTk. Hhe is reported to
Vau. th PrincM wou,J rriv 8Tite yacht and that perhaps the former eaar would be with her. Hhe
said that s former grand duchess had been for some tlm ia the United ritstew. ......
. varver is setter knowa under ner profeeeiona same of Midi Margaret Barry and has won flattering recoirnl
. ,Ba"1."",.i,?rm'tl 8h ia a damghtef of, Mr. and Mrs. W, II. Buseell of Oakland, "aliforuia
and a sister of Mrs. E. H. Donglae, wife of Payma-ter Iodglas, U. a N., formerly atationed in Honolulu.
Mrs. (arver sats she was in Russia at the outbreak ni ih w. mnA uet a knr. i.. .
A.I1H ftlr ftka Kmmma -
-v " uviii R.'ifinvr(i wii ma unnii iucnwi banana . .
, ;A , -Tatiana speaks perfect Knglish. Bhe has been reared by.her grandmother, the lowager Or-nrina, snl shares the
latter s hatred for the Germans," Mrs. Carver said. "I cannot say that she is estranged from her mother, but. of
course, she is entirely out of sympathy with her mother's pro Oermnn sentimente.
"Tatiana dreams of a United Btates of Bussia which will unite the Buimiao people and once sirnin restore law
aad order. - ..-.. . ... f , ,
. ''rJJv'" fitied h"J fh Vmltti State of Bitsaia, as president, is the Grand Puke Nicholaa, who is
adored br the people. The former esar has ao desire te return to power and not even his closest friends dcrire him to
J" ?otiBf rtrt ru' The aristocracy, the intelligence of the world must be aron.et to Hussia's
plight. Under the Boise viki's reign of terror, the people a starving. Under the Little Father, thev were r'wavs sure
tyranny '' ,nUt J of ,'",n propagaada.-. It must b freed of these adventure whose i,xeri.H.vnt is
... J Vve nd th,t of !. " k- N'Mholae daughter, now ia this coontrv." she snld, "are re
poniible for her coming to the United Btates, Her eotuift i so enthusiustie about St York City and the Americans
that she wrote Tatiana soon after her arrival to eome. '
Iter escapef - Oh, it would read like a romanca if a coulj be told. She Is imlcpendent. like all Russian wom
en. W hen f"e Charles of Rumania earns to Bussia t he betrothed to her, she refused to We him hs a husbond.
'"-"""" maoners wnn
such a man.' .
Bhe determined to come to America to tell the American people the truth about Bussia.
ruse to escape failed, her life might be forfeited. 8he is, however, absolutely fearless."
, - Reports received from Toklo made no mention of tke dV.ar being with the Prineose'Tatlsua,' se ssid she hnd been
there keeping well ineoguito and was believed to have irflon a re.:ent steamer which Woold briug her to the United
States about the middle of December. . ... s r ;
-Jl Iltche from Petrograd nn.Ier the date of Friday told of the sending of troops from the Russian rapltal to
Tfbolsk for the purpose of guarding the former ruler. . , ....
Prosecution In Conspiracy Case
. Files Affidavits Showing .
V1 :'; - Plan3 of Witness '
(Associated Press) Affidavits were
yesterdhy filed by the prosecution ia
the Hindu revolution conspirary ease I
dealing with the testimony which it
was expected, would have been adduced
from Jodh Hitfih, one of the first wit
nesses who was. placed on the stand.
The prosecution asserts in these af
fidavits that the witness plotted to
thwart their rasa as a part or a plan
fbich he had t make eertaia his re
maining V' the-, United States. They
hnv iltafr wltan . ka vtaa aallrtjlLa .la.
w JIMW. tajfaow Jwhetker,' 4f - hPaVe
the . testimony which' was desired of
him, ke would be" permitted to remain
in the Tnited States.'.
When told thia would be largely for
the immigration officials to dotermine
and that he eould aot be given any
such isssuranee he declined to testify
and'the prosecution then asked that
be be restored to the list of defendants
and Included among those under joint
prosecution. These affidavits are ia
support of that motion.
Answering affidavits will be C
Monday. -
Clear Statement of War
- Wins Approval
TOKIO, December B (Associated
Press) President Wilson's stirring
message to congress, in whieh be made
plain America's grim determination to
fight until Prussianism ia crushed aad
in which he called for a declaration of
war against Austria, has been pub
lished ia full ia the leading papers of
this country and extensively, comment
ed upon;
Kspec.ial editorial attention has beea
given the state document, which ia al
most universally praised as stating ia
advance the war aims of the United
States and making a complete exposi
tion of the alms and objects of the
war from the standpoint of the En
tente. . '
TOKIO, December 8 (Special to
Nippu Jiji) The Pekiug government
announced today that it would use its
full military power to put down the
uprising in the south. The revolution
ists under the general command of Dr.
Suu Vat Sen have gained a nunifter of
provinces duriug the past few mouths,
aud the Pekiug ofitciuls fear an attack
on the capital if the campaigu is al
lowed to be continued.
The taking of Citing King has giveu
much power to the revolutionists, aud
the general opinion appears to be that
Sze C'bur.n province will go over to the
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and ai it contains no namotie or other
injurious '. substances it is . perfcotly
safe. :. Fot al. by all dealcjs.r Ben
son, Smith s) Co., Ltd., Agts. for Hawaii.-
Advertisement, i.:.
rAuitLi tf..t ru'- ...t
prison residence where be has been kept
tl. ,b. .
mr irom eicgani. vn, te's a Uerman
, . ' j
' ' ... :-1. .' .' ,. ...
All Christiansand Jews Leave
Holy City As British Craw .
In Closer for Capture
IINOON, December Associated
Press -The evacuation of Jerusalem by
all Christians and Jews, under orders
of the commander of the Turkish gar-
rison, hi proceeding, .according to word
received ty the Keuter agency, here.
The Jews were forcibly removed from
the capital of the ancient Jewish king
dom some days ago. The Christians kre
now bring sent out of the city. All
the American resident of the' Holy
City have left, poing to the northeast,
where the roads are. stilt, open. . The
British forces are- slowly drawing closer
f t the. ctty to tarasrv bt the Britisk
commanaer is leaving toe way open ror
a Turkish retreat, evidently, oudesirons
of forcing a battle in the course of
which damage, to the eity and lts,his
toric sections might be damaged.
Honolulu Young Men Will Serve
Country In Gas and Flame
Brigade Facing Hazards t
-. Four Island boys were yesterday ac
cepted for service in the Flame and
Gas Corps,ajd will ieave this week
direct for Washington for a few weeks'
training after whV'h they will be sent
to France. :.
George ft. Pwinht, son of Mrs. Ellen
Dwight, of Makiki Street, and Alfred
William Bush, both of whom have long
been employed by I.ewers A Cooke are
the first young men to sever their con
neetion with that firm to get into active
service. Dwight has been employed in
the office and Bush in the lumber yard.
The former is a brother of Miss Ber
nice Dwight and Mrs. Ellen Dwight
At the same time James K. Makin
ney and Herbert Mclnerny were ac
cepted and the quartet will travel to
gether. Mskiuney is a son of F. W.
r .. v t -(.... . titl. t it..
llnf on Diamond Head oad, and Mc
lnerny is s son of Edward Mclnerny,
of Mclnerny. Ltd.
The Flame and Gas Corps, is one of
the dangerous occupations which, the
Allied armies have adopted as a "mod
ern "warfare " method to combat the
gas and flume . methods first brought
into active use by the Germans. The
training is of a special nature aad is
not yet taught in the army posts. The
students are required to study chemio
a Is and combination of same, ahd their,
special use at the front.
, - ' , .
Russian Radicals Would Ignore
Nation VDebts i
LONDON, December 0( Associate 1
Press) Repudiation has now been add'
ed to the program of 'the Bolshe-viki
government, as a natural sequence to
the assassination and ' eonficatioa of
the radical regime, aocording to Beuter
Despatch from Petrograd which has
reached here. '
The Keuter correspondent wires thn?
the Bollie-vlki leaders are now prepar
ing a resolution to be presented to the
governing eouncl! in which all the for
eign debts of Bussia are ia be. repudi
ated and all bonds held outside of tke
country and all foreign debts of thn
roverninvnt arc void. ., .
fi-.. n...:.
that ex-Czar
by the revolution
Ava Amt
boor,' she exclHinn-d. 'I'll not
''., St
Hhe knew that if her
Mercury Settles Far Below Zero
Mark and Traffic Conges
. tion Is Made Tighter ,
, DULVTIf, Miuiie-ofa, IWemher 8
(Assocbitedv Press i The severe cold
spell which has settled dowu through
this district is coritinuiiig and thermom
eters tonight registered 2 degrees be
low roro in this city.
Throulinut Nebraska nnd the Ia
kotas this first cold snap of the season
l making itself felt and thermometers
in those states are registering between
12 and SO degrees below zero.. y
Throughout tlieorth western states
there . are reports that extscme cold
aad snow are causing congestion' ' of
Dinner Is Meatless and Wheat
less But Patriotism 'and Fun
' Rule At Festive Board
WASHINGTON, . Deeember : B (As
soclsted ; Press) President Wilson,
Vice-President Msrshall, a majority of
the members of the. eabinet, many of
the leaders of congress, scores of promi
nent men of the nation now' resident
here and liberal representations from
the various embassies and legations at
tended the annual dinner of the Grid
iron Club last night, at whinh a meat
less, wbeatless menu was served. .
The affair , was marked by patriotic
titteranous, with, Americanism and
Democricy las the keynote of all the
spcechis, songs , and skits.
CHICAGO, December 9 (Associated
Press) The government medical ware
house here was destroyed by fire yes
terday, with a loss of :.'00,ooo. In,
vestiatlon pluces the blame upon toe
carelessness of a government employe,
according to an official statement made
last night. This employe, an electric
ian, confesses that he aocidentlly up
set the blow-torch which he wits using
in his work, the blaring tool dropping
in the midst of some shavings.
' . i i .-
I.OS ANGELK8, December (Asso
ciated Press) Judge Henshaw of the
state supreme court resigned today to
become a "dollar a year" man -in the
patriotic service of the United States.
. '
GUATAQUIi;, Ecunder, December S
(Associated Press) Ecuador today
severed diplomatic re'.atious with Ger
many. ;
OTTAWA, December 8 (Associated
I'ress The operation of the first Cana
dian draft is set for January. 3.
, "- 1 m
WASHINGTON, Deeember (Aso
elated Prees)i President . Wilson hat
not yet determined upon a policy, for
bundling the railroad question wbetV
er the government hall take them un
der control or leave' them in private
hands, giving federal aid instead , , ,
m v- ... miv uin riMviuiiun.
Naval Vessel Is
Lost Off Cornish
Coast Yesterday
Sixty-four Lives Probably Gone;
Cable Received Here Contains
Only Fragmentary News;
Name of Ship and Cause of
Loss "Deleted By the Censor"
Somewhere Between Wash
ington and San Francisco
A vessel of the t'nited States Navy,
either a larg dctrnrer or a light
cruiser, has been lost in British wa
ters, off the Cornish coast, with sixty-four
men missing.
Ruh is the .Dtornmtion contained
in a csldo received by The Advertiser
arl.v this aiorning, the message re
ferring to a previous despsteh which
failed to reach this pnjier, ia which,
evidently, the nnme of the lost vessel
nnd the cause of the disaster were re
lated. The mossaire has probably
failed to pass censorship at San Fran
cisco. The despatch which did resch The Ad
vertiser any, Under the Washington
date line:
"The destroyer fcnglcy reports that
Lieut. Norman S.-oif, two warrant ofli
cers and two enlisted men have been
snveil. in addition to the list previously
renred, nnnonm-es a cable from Ad
miral Hints.
"The Bngley reports that the others
who had escaped from their sinking
ship in a ntotorhont were picked up
and landed an the Scilly Isles, unin
jured. "It is now established that five line
offieers have been saved.
"Gunner Harry Hood and sixty-th-ee
men are missing."
, Reports of lessee of American naval
vessels have not barn allowed to reach
Honolulu by either wireless or cable,
in some i lists n i'cs. The Oflicuil Bulle
tin of November V, which on I v renehed
Honolulu in the Inst mail from the Const,
reports the sinking by a torpedo of the
American patrol ship Alcedn, with the
loss of one officer and twenty men. No
report of this loss was contained in the
news despatches received here. ' .
"It is believed." says the Official
Bulletin,' ia reference to the deaths
in the los of the A Iced o, "that most
of the missing men were killod by the
explosion of the torjiedo. " -
FivT Arrtericans Reported - fi
Have Suffered Terrible Ago-'
nies At Captors' Hands ,
NOGAI.E8, Arizona, December 9
(Associated Press) Five Americans,
one German and three Chinese are re
ported to have been tortured te death
by Yaquis in the vicinity of Ksperanaa,
according to passengers who passed
through here last night from the south..
They also reported thnt forty Hermaus
who were employed on a plantation a
few miles below Ksperanza were unac
counted for when they left.
. Kcperanza is a town on the northerly
bank of the Yaqui river where the
Southern Paeifie pf Mexico Railway
eroHses that river and is the headquar
ters of the Richardson irrigation pro.
ject and of other agricultural and com
mercial projects which had for their
purposes the settlement of the Yaqui
River Valley and delta by Americans.
It was formerly the site pf a Yaqui set
tlement which was destroyed and near
by wns the ranch of Bule, the former
chief. a
, From a few miles above Esperanzs
to several miles below the country has
been made an agricultural- colony with
a fen- Mexicans resident there, but
some employed as farm laborers. Fears
for: these white settlers arc gravely
entertained.- Most of them have all
their belongings invested in their
marhes and during the revolutionary
troubles were generally impoverished.
It is that particular section of the
Yaqui country for whieh the former oc
cupants hnve fought for years, for the
lands are rich and fertile.
LOS ANGKLK8, December ft (As
sociated Press) Representing . them
selves as "movie" actors two. men to
day robbed the bauk at Culver City of
IIO.IHIO. In the excitement which fol
lowed the robbery the men- escaped.
Culver City is a few miles from l.os
An&cles ou the road to the beach. '
TOKIO, December M 8ecial tt
Nippu Jiji) Emperor Yoabihito, the
emprcHs and B number of members of
the tovhI family were present at a din
ner given by the Kmperor and Empress
to Mr. and Mrs. Roland H. Morris last
cveuing. Mr. Morris is the nfw ambas
sador to JHpau from the T'nited Hates.
, .
HAVKK, December 8( Associated
I'lcss) The Belgian steamer Ambioriv
has been sunk in collision with th
Norwegian steamer Prima in the Kng
lish channel.
(Yublm). Druggists refund money it
it laiU to cure. The signature ol
.Iv '. GROVE is ou each box. Man
ufuiUired by tbe PARIS MEDICINE
CO.. St. L"U. V. S. A.
EltllilllT OF
Officials Resign and Former Pre-.
mier. Assisted By Former Min
ister To Germany, Will Form
Provisional Government
Day of Violence and Disorder In
Lisbon and In Oporto. Results
In Complete Victory For Those
In Revolt :
W MADRID, December 9(As-
AT JL sociated Press) Follow
ing1 a successful revolution in Lis
bon yesterday a new government
is to be formed, said : reports
which were received here from
Oporto. It will be headed by Dr.
Alfonso Costa, a former premier
of the Republic of Portugal. .
, Disorder broke out violently in
Lisbon yesterday and early ' re
ports of this came from Oporto.
Last night it was announced that
the troubles seemed to be ended
witjh the revolutionists complete
ly successful. The government
had resigned and a provisional
government was in process of
formation. Quiet had been re--,
stored in Lisbon and in Oporto
where there had been similar dis
turbances in connection with
those at the capital. '
Following a day of disorder, '
despatches said, (he- government ,
announced its resignation. ' Dr.
Alfonso Costa; then undertooksthe .
formation of a provisional gov- ,
5XQfttejitnd apptstf4.Jt?y.rfJ-
confidence of the " reyolutionists"
ahd of large fiumbers of tti'eTfac
t(on that supported the. former
government. . iXS ; ',''' L -
I lit announced that he would be
assisted in bis task by Dr. Bido
niojPaes wlio'was formerly the
minister 'from' Portugal at Berlin, K
y Resignation of the govern- ;
mental heads was the . first de
rnands of the revolutionists . and .'
their success was achieved with t
small amount of bloodshed,
', .. ' . ; 7 .. - - - .
- ' v '' ' ;' V "
. yr ASM IN GTON, December 0 (Asso.
ciatcd Press) Lender ta (ongrtss
yesterday said that it wUl M several
weeks before any hearings will be held
for the purpose of enabling legislation
deHlned'; to correct alleged inequities
In the War Tax Law. Huch hearias,
have beea .insistently , urged by busi
ness interests from all parts of the
country si ure enngress roussembled'and
upon individual members daring the re
ress. Complaints have been voiced ever
since the-passage of. the bill at the
extraordinary session and demands for
revision have grown constantly louder. .
Before congress begins any remedial
legislation, leaders said yesterday, aa
interpretation by the treasury depart
ment and its legal advisers of the dis
puted part pf the, ,1a, w, must be awaited.
.When interpretations are at hand and .'
fter essential legislation baa beea dis
posed of it is probable that full com
mittee hearing will be had to deter
in iue what amendments to the present
Inw may be required. "
Uncertainty ' as- to the meaning of
some of the provisions is th most aem
mot source of complaint. . . V."
Bl'ENisJ AYRES, December 9 (As
soc m tod I'ress) tesh outbreaks of;
lubor troubles, resulting in violent
.rioting and) demonstrations, which are .
I supposed td be incited by pro-Germans,
may rorce ie government 10 adopt ex
trt'ou'ly setere measures to eontrol th
Lsityution apd fore a knowledge upon .
me tuDor agiiaiont mat toeir work I
looked upon as bordering upon treason. '
A concentration of troops in and
around this capital fcaa beea ordered
anil th eity may b placed under mar.
tial law. V
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