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.mwxtTAW. Gazette. 'Ttrr-mv. TftEent. f.tm-mm.
Senate -and 'House Act On Wll
: son'. Recommendations . Wjth
P0t"Delay'6rrrf'),reiIdeht jma
mediately Affixes Signature
V .. Ant NlfJ Itl
Machinery Is , Weil Oiled and
Ready To .fie Put Into Opera
tion TO Protect, and Conserve
Interests Against Enemies : i
8 i (Associated Press)
AVar between the United States
and Austria became officially
recognized at five o'clock yester
day afternoon when President
'Wilson put his signature in ap
proval upon the concurrent reso
lution which ' both houses had
passed. There had been little de
lof the. foreign relations commit
tee Senator Stone of Missouri
presented the resolution to the
senate. Two hours of debate suf-
: ficeA and St wai niKftl Trt th
house the resolution was pre
sented on Thursday by Represen
tative Flood.' j . ;
'With the adoption of the eon-
ery irom, me engrossing clerics it
was .transmitted to the President
who at once signed the resolution
f of which he had asked, in his
message which he tirsnnallv A&.
a - 4
livered to the joint session of the
two branches of ' congress on
:. Tuesday.
Congressional procedure in de
claring1 a state of war with Aus-
tna was in direct1 and striking
tuuuasi wiin inn ui last pni.
It took only about fifty hours to
pass the resolutions against Aus
'tria after receipt of the Presi
1 dent's message while the proee-
me 01 ust spring seemed inter
minable, to a waiting and impa-
Tin ' nifKli Tfii-n tti- umo
heated debate which yesterday
1 1 1 . ..
was nuLicciiuiy aoseni. nven me
. congressional pacifists had little
4t ck. '
'All .machinery for action against
Austrian enemy aliens was ready
.to be put into operation for the
protection of the United States.
, ino aeiay in procedure is neces-
safeguarding of the country's in
terests were being taken last
evening' and nlans rnmnletert tne
- p , 1 1 -
"further and ' more drastic action
i louay,
: : The resolutions declare war
against Austria only and not
against the other Central Powers.
. ii is cLFiisiucrcu tinciy mar, similar
resolutions against Bulgaria and
'Turkey will , be introduced and
. adopted in the near future.
- . Some special legislation to cov
er the Austrian situation will be
required of congress but the in
clusion of Austria with Germany
in a state of war .will not neces
sitate a renewal of legislation al
ready passed, most of which auto-1
matically operates against Aus
tria and the subjects of the Dual
Monarchy, ;
j JNAWIXGTOX, December 7 (At-
emaUd 1 ..Vie) -In- rJlroaj presi
dents', war. board yenterday told Sena
tor wiand,. chairman, of the seuato
JuJUrslate commerce .eoniniittee, ft f
restrictions en railroad trafluv are , r:
moved luuflvaiioa 'xilli be unnecessary.!
11 - -:f I - ! .. . 4 -.. ;
Ahair. fiuavcwl iMn and make. 'tat-
un rmnruuu uiiu ikuuiuh .aw kiiiurvv
liumt Mrept. lBOllicjuliy , it . 1. pftli!
tllPjr will Dg Kiuiuguu iiviawi ui
a VillioB dollars. ,
Blfl Is Designed To Conserve Food Sfuffs
WAPHINOTOIf, P-embr 8 (ioc(atvl Ween) oimtor fcWreth of
Calorado has UtrdufCl maore railing nr roniplote national 'prohibition
durintf.tb pariod of. the rar. , Hia till la tiiaril oa te Biyemiitr of ronncrr
tag tha. food aup4y and particularly that Krtion pf th raia and inolasr
upply whica rutera into tht Krparina of br. The bill hai bren referred to
the ronimittea oa agriculture and will be trtated food ronaervation mca:
ur rather than a a atraight prohibition bill.
, , .... ..i u.i m .'i. 4, ; .
Increases Over Contract . Price
Are Offered To California
Beet Growers
1.08 ANGELES, December 8 (Ah.
elated Treaa) Aa ft result of tha pub
licity which hat beea given to tha beet
mi gar industry of Southern California,
beet sugar makers are ready to offer
eoaoesaiona and are .offering indue-!
menta to speed up the (rowing of beeta
and to bring tha acreage up to higher
figures than it had beea show a was
planned. :.
. (Conferences were hold yesterday b
tweea the .beet sugar nakera and tia
state food adminiatratloa which brought
promises of bonuses from tha sugar
makers. Following this eouferenea the
offer ot t bonuaea . waa uMe. - Fifty
cents a ton above the rontt.et price
for 1918 beeta la the first offer and oa
top fit tila cornea the offer of aa addi
tional fifty eeats a ton provided the
1018 acreage shall be brought tip to
within eighty percent of the acreage
of this year.
Beet growers ralso attended before
tha food administration and told of tha
coat of prodnetioa to them. .. They aaid
that, in addition lo euch rental as waa
paid the actual eoat to them waa $78
aa acre.'
Witness Tells ot Transportation
of Revolutionists and Iden
tifies Defendants
(Associated Press) How Hindu revo
lutionists were, transported from the
United fetatea.ta India and smuggled
into that country to act a agents of
the German plotter was related on the
witness stand in the Hindu eennpiracy
trial yesterday by Tehl 8inghr a Hindu
witness for the government, who en
tered the conspiracy to protect the In
terests of the British. . Tehl . Kingh
identified three of the defendants) n
German named NieUea, and two Hin
dart at the three Men who met hn
Hindu revolutionists en rout at Whang
hai and who supplied them there with
funds with which to continue their
Tbre different parties of revolution
Inciter were sent by the Germane from
the United Htates, including one hun
dred and eighty-five men in all. Their
expenses from Pacific Coast ports to
Shanghai were paid to . tbem in tho
United Htatea. At Shanghai they were
given money for the rest of the trip.
TOKIO, December 7 (Special to
Nippu Jiji) Following a fierce bom
bardment of two weeks, revolutionary
troops entered the city of, Chang King
in Hzc Chuen province yesterday. The
Peking troops made a stubborn . de
fense, , but troops from Yunnan and
Kweirhau came to the assistance of the
southern troops and the aoldiera of the
garrison ' were forced to retreat to
Tching tu, the capital of the province.
Chang King occupies a strategical
position on the . Yangtse Kiang . river
and is the gateway to the entire pro
vince. It is estimated that thousands
of live were lost during the two
wkt' siege. The Japanese cruiser
Tuba sent marines to protect the Jap
anese consulate.
WASHINGTON, December 8 (As
sociated Press) Alameda wa recom
mended as th site for the proposed ad
ditional navy yard for th Pacific
Coast in the report of the navy de
partment . sent to congress yesterday.
The approximate eot is estimated at
!ij,000,000 and that is the appropria
tion, which ia sought.
One of the advantages which Ala
meda presented over other rival claim
ants, in addition to the splendid har
bor, was the fact that no purchase of
land will be required.
- . .
Why wants words aud advertising
(pare in denrribing the many poiuU
ut merit hi Chamberlain ' Cough Kem
l t The nuiat fastidious are aati.a
fle.l wbeu we utattt that it cures coMh
aud eoughit from nay rauiu, and that
it rsutaius almoJulely no uareotlt's or
4jurioua .aubstaucH. For sale , by all
dealer. For sate by lientou, Smith
Co., Ltd., Agts. for llawcii-Advvr
: : , ' - (
Declaration of War Against Their
Country Places Them , In
Same Class As Germans
Austriana in Honolulu will find their
tnovcineats tampered to the same ex
tent a that of alien German, or even,
further, now that the I'nited States
has declared war on. Austria-Hungary,
in th opinion of federal officials. It
is also probable, according to the same
authority, that many will find, them-'
skives lodged in internment camp
within a shnrt'spac of time. " .'
VTiea informed last night that th
resolntioa daclarirfg war on Austria had
passed both houses and had been sign
ed by tb President, United States At
torney 8. C. Buber expressed the view
that alien Austrian might be sub
jected to.taraher "restriction tha
those Impose if tn alien German.
11 Regulation governing th move
ment of Germaas bave not been severe
in the' past," aaid Mr. Huber, "and
now that w are engaged In. open war
with Austria, the condition under
which enemy . aliens live in these Is
land may possibly be restricted to ft
greater degree than heretofore.'
A Good ft Interned
Marshal J. J. Smiddy aaid last night
that alien German residing is the Ter
ritory are a good as interned her as,
under the trading with the enemy law,
they cannot leave the Island, , or
travel without special permit issued
with the approval of the President.
Alien Austriana will .find themselves
facing a like condition at the least,
Marshal Smiddy said.
Many Honolulu firm that have been
employing alien German a traveling
sulrsmea were forced to secure th ser
vices of citiien for such position be
cause of these restrictions, and those
employing Austriana in ft like capacity
will be placed in ft similar dilemma.
Advices received here from Wash
ington, point out that under a .recent
presidential proclamation, th provi
sion of hick are to, be enforced by
the department of justice and it
agents, no . alien enemy . will be al
lowed to jener or . remain within
following restricted places: r
Barred to Alien Enemies
Piers along the ocean front or water
front where a 500-ton vessel may an
chor. '
On board any ship at sea within
three miles of land.
In the Panama Canal none,.
tn (he District of Columbia..
This meana that no alien enemy, man
or youth over fourteen year of age,
not naturalised American, will pa
permitted to lrv in these restricted
areas. In the first place, naturalization
paper will not do; second paper most
have been taken out before male eiti
aess of any enemy country are safe.
Authority to enforce theae provi
sions of the proclamation in Hawaii
have not been received by U. 8. At
torney Huber, but new Austria is of
ficially an enemy of the United States,
the nccesHsry authority will probably
be received at once.
The second of the restricted place
has already been observed by the Inter.
Iitland Steam Navigation Co., which
has announced that no alien enemy
may travel on its ship without ft perr
mit signed by the President, and with
out a special traveling permit issued,
by the local U. S. attorney.
No Exception
There are not likely to be a ay exJ
nations to the ultimate enforcement
of these regulations. Any alien enemy,
even clerks, experts, skilled mechanics
und draughtsmen, working in United
Mates government offices, must resign.
A it stands at present the proclama
tion excludes women, but there is ft
possibility that they also" may be in
cluded now. ', 1
Local federal official are anxiously
waiting the authority to enforce the
provision .of this law so that those
who come within the scope of the proc
lamation may be dealt with in a
proper manner.. " .
a , r. 1
Marine and fire .insurance business
done in Honolulu with . German com
panies before the Trading. With the
Knemy Act became effective under tho
decision of Secretary, of the Treasury
McAdoq has been transferred , largely
if American companies. . f our uerman
companies, were operating in .Hawaii
up to the time of the war and the vol
ume of busineag reported ia the last
)i'tir in wmcn tbey were active amount
el to a total of 105.000 as follow;
Alliuu Berlin, (Marine),, , $55,S7Q.IO
juaguenurg (fire) $785.10; Prussian
-National (Stettin, Germany, fir)
l (l.lU..0; Hamburg Bremen (flre)
MATsnw hfir ri nr
- w w s sa I B VbVWIs) j
AHitoriated PresH) The hir of tUej
uie i.api.i wiin Httwi Have, set
tied the will eontrovenry' without eourt
"mhi. iue Terms or settlement nave
nut been aunouueed.
nilnnr : !n nr i . nr mm j o
u i '.i if '.-.-1 Ml: I -." 1
Venetian ISeclor Intact ; Last
Wight :. After; Day of Treraen
' doui ' iBattllrit When Austro
, Germans Make Some Gains
PRICE AID BY Tdjfols -.
Enemy Excells In Number of til en
'arid ' In .PoWer tf Guhs ; Btit
'.Courage of La 1 1 n ' Forces
Seems Dauntless ; When At
tacked VJ EVV YORK, Dexernber fr
f (Associate Press) .Out
numbered is vastly by the enemy
the Italians continued their stub-i
born resistance against the Aus-tro-German
forces all day yester
day and while the Teutons made
some gains on the Asiago Plains
the road .Venice -continues" to
be effectually blocked. It seems
imposslbfe - that 'forces' which
have suffered such losses as were
sustained by the army during the
engagements of the day can long
persist in their assaults. . j
Superior in numbers and ini
gun power the Austro-Germans
continued .the violent assaults
that' had been so costly to them
on Thursday The Italians stood
in the breach and repeatedly
drove them back. This was in
the face of a furious barrage that
was almost incessant -. ;
. On Friday; as on Thursday
the heaviest fighting occurred on
the . Asiago Plateau. Massed
forces were repeatedly hurled
forward !and lltnost as often sent
h u r 1 1 i rt g '' back ,( Only to ' ' be
strengthened and .reinforced and
again :senyto the attack. Some
positions were taken by the Teu-j
tons but at night fall the Vene-;
tian sector .was intact.1 ;
Berlin claimed ta victory iri its
official ! reports ? of last evening
and asserted that a total of 15,
0O0 "prisoners fia'd been taken in
the past two days. ,
Such gains f as the ; Teutons
have made havJ been secured at
a price that is terrifying to con
template. The hurling of massed
forces against we.ll directed ma
chine gun and rifle fire resulted
in men being mowed down like
grain in the harvest field.. 1
rttttPTPo nv 'witct
On the Western front 'there
was less violence in the attacks
Of the Germans m the Cambrai
sectors and in other sectors the
chief engagements were of the1
artillery with some raids of mi
nor importance. I -- --v!' "'
vBcriin":' announced f1' yesterday
that a ten day truce had beenar
ranged and was in . operation.
along the whole of the Russian'
front. This ' was .to ' date from;
noon yesterday.: ' . ,
Petrograd despatches said that;
the text of 'She armistice had
been made public" and that the
Bolshe Vikis ..would use the
troops elsewhere, r ' '
Despatches ' from ' - Petrograd
late, last night said that Korniloff
had, joined forces with Kaldines.:
A detachment 6f troops 'was sent
to Tolwlsk to guard the former
WASHINGTON, December 7 (As
sne.iated rrern) The Bethlehem Bteel
!qinpny today asleep advance from
the government on account .of muni
tion te be delivered. The ,eoropaay
infurmed Heerttle Baker end lsn
M that it is unable te finance the
work through the bank.
Big Fighter" Leaves For Sibcriarl
fort Wliere Are VaTuabfe Sup
plies and - Materials arid Will
: Gjuard Japan's Interests
an, ..Decembet '(Special to Hawaii
HochI) For the protection of Japanel
residents and their Interests at Vlsd'.i
vostok, and also a a precautionary
measure made necessary by the rei
ported dlaorders at that seaport and
because of the progress of armistice ot
peace negotiations between Russia and
the Central Towers, tne Japanese bat-;
tleship. Iwamikan, 13,616 tons, wa to
day despatched to Vladivostok.
! : 11 . .' .
One of the railroad engineer ,wbd
wa recently , in Honolulu, a master
mechanic of-one of the great trans
continental railroad .of the United
States, made aome statement while
here which ahow added reasons for the
sending of a battleship to th Siberian
port.. This official said that to hi
knowledge 0o steel freight earn, of 1
hundred ton capacity each, of a si
Ineb wider gage than those used in the:
United Htates and far superior to tha
ear .used . there, had paased over the:
line , of the road with which be was
connected, : shipped , to Vladivostok.
Tmmi ears, h said, were shipped knock
ed down - and he waa . Informed that
they had nevtr been put to Use but
were atill at Vladivostok. 1
, The same official said that many
large locomotives had also been shipped
and that there were thousands of tons
of munitions and supplies, be had been
informed, lying in and about Vladi
vostok that had never been moved. . 1
Teat Motor Boat , . .
. It ha also been ' reported here on
good authority that In Vladivostok bar
bor there ar at least J0O0 motor boat
with, a apeed of forty mile an hour. .
Know lodge of these matter has un
doubtedly reached the Japanese and
even were, there not .the. necessity for
the protection of Japanese reaidentl
and their propertr at Vladivostok, euch
.knowledge would furnish good cause
cor the Japanexe to take such action
as they are taking for the protection
of themselves and the bert interest of
their aJlie. ' . .'
: n "t n 1 i. 1 " in 11 . ..
Snow a ?FooS Deep and Still Fall
ing With Mercury Down Be
low Zero Mark In Places
TOPEKA, Kansas, December 8 (As
sociated Press) Throughout central
and southwestern Kansas a bliicard is
raging and a cold wind and driving
snow has reached the eastern portion of
the State. It is the flrst real blizzard
of the winter of 1917-1918.
Throughout this Htate snowfalls
ranging from an inch to a foot are re
ported with the snow still falling.. ,
At Concordia the lowest temperature,
four below, aero, vas reported last night.
- ' ' -.. ' r. .. .
. WASHINGTON, December 8 (As
sociated Press) Representative of the
express companion of the United Htates
appeared before the interstate com
merce commission yesterday , to apply
for permission to increase express ratea
a flat ten percent. The spokesmen for
tli companies stated that such an in
ereaae i necessary because of the in
creased cost of labor. The act that,
such an increase was to be asked for
baa beeu kaown among shipper for
ome (tine, tbey aaid, ana no protests
against it have bean made by the
License for waters In the Haiku dis
trict of Maui will be sold at public
auction by, the government Monday
at noon from iUe front steps of the
cspitol building. The upset prioe has
been fixed at 1.1,500. The lease to
be .disponed of will-have, a, term of
tweaty-ene year from the date Decem
ber 19. i The former lease expired Hep
tember 30. 1
Worries Bring
Ufa todav brlno-a . .:' ' '
many worries ftpd Q
worrvlng bring on O
kidney troubles, to
the medical 1 men
ay. Kidney weak
ness reveal itself
in backache, pain
when stooping or
lifting, diary head
ache and .urinary
disorders. Be
cheerful. Stop wor
rying. Let the
world ge on, aad, to strengthen weak
ened kidney, use Doan's ) Backache
hUdpey Pills, the kidney remedy that la
known, used and recommended the
world over. " . , .
."When Your' Back 1 Lame Bemem
ber th Name." Don't simply ask fer
a kidney remedy ask. ; distinctly for
Uuan,' Backache Kidney Pill and take
no other. Doan's Backache. Kidney
Pill are sold by all druggist and turi
keeper at 50c, a box (six boxe 3.50)
or will be mailed on receipt of prie by
tn Koiuster urug 10., or wenson-Hinrtni were made homeless, ills reputation
fc Co., afoote for th Hawaiian Island. 'was established at that time, o much
iiMM m
MSMj to
Icy , Winds and
nope oi Mving.iiijufea
Front Deb
nai t w- wi n w w r
HALIFAX, oya Scotia, December 8 (Associated Press) r:
' That the residents of this stricken city might run the full
frifnt rtt 'hr.ff'rr-- a K1i77arrt civrit
"1 . V ....v.y ' ,
tcrday, as a result of which all
th ruins had to be abandoned. The storm was severe and the cold
Intense, rnaking it certain that whatever injured. "ones may, have
survived the first ay in the traps resulting from crashing stone and
brick have perished' irom cold, and hunger. ' . .
irrrrp muMtrrwr tm uniTC T7C
Throughout the city and '
brought Untold suffering in its train. Not a building left standing
has a window with a whole pane of glass in it and the temporary
barricades which had been built across the open window proved of
little use tn Verninc nut the
posure have already been reported
. Practically all Jhe extra bedding and clothing in the city had
been commandeered for hospiUl use and this lack of extra means
f keeping warm adds "to the general 'distress. The city was in dark-,
ness through last night and the streets were almost impassable be
cause 01 inc sicci. : . inc siurin is
relief traino ann malcinir it mnst
...... .. T ' " ----o . ...
lie sunnlies from those trains which have reached the citv limits.
Thus a food shortage came last night and hunger added its pangs to
tfiss rrnra1 en fT artn or
rl .
Authorities here fear that there will be a,n epidemic of pneu
monia.' , ("; . ... ' '
Searchefs yesterday found hundreds bfWdi.es in. the ruins, more
than had been, expected, and the estimates made twenty-four hours ,
'go of two thousand deaths and three thousand persons injured ap
pears to be well within the mark: In many cases' the searchers, found
hat death had come to every occupant of some of the buildings,
vhile the Protestant Orphanage ruins, yielded a terrible harvest.'. In
this building it has been found that, the matron and every orphan
except two had been killed. '
Many women nave been crazed by tne shock ot tne explosion
and fire and are In the hospitals, unable to tell their names. . T
A mass .meeting of citizens was called yesterday afternoon by
the mayor, at which a committee of prominent women was formed
for home relief and the leading citizens' of the city organized them-
elves into an emergency council.
dolences and sympathy and offers of aid from many sections of the
United States and Canada were read, including a message of con
dolence from President Wilson. '
Investigation yesterday showed that four thousand tons of the
highest explosive .had been set off in the series of explosions, with
other explosives of lesser force. A quantity of shrapnel shells burst
during the fire which followed, the initial, blasts, pieces of the shells
eing found three miles from1 Ihe waterfront.
Relief trains have arrived from nearby cities, iiicliiling Truro,
Moncton and Yyinds'orf all of'Nova Scotia. Advices have been re
ceived that other relief trains are on the way from Washington, New
ork, Boston land Montreal, bringing doctors and nurses, with hos
pital supplies and food.'
' Business throughout the city has been suspended indefinitely
and all schools suspended until New Year's. .
Many thousands afe helping in the relief work. Sailors and
marines are patrolling the city rigidly and there is no looting in the
wrecked districts.
Wireless communication has, been established with outside
oints and the stunned city, rising from its disaster, is working with
renewed energy to make the best' of the situation. Today both wire
.uytv 0I1IVV ' V. IVlll IbVaiaiuailbUi, .
It is now reported that the cause of the Halifax explosion was
the collision of a Norwegian food freighter which set fire to a muni
tion ship, The seacocks of the Norwegian ship were opened and
the crew, took to boats. It is possible they escaped.
BOSTON, December 7 Aociated
Press) Governor McCall of .Massachu
setts ha delegated . A. C. Batshesky,'
chairman of the, Massaehuantt state
board of charity and a proniiuent bank-'
er Of boston, a bead of the. relief ea-J
pedjtiou cent from Boston to the atrlck-'
en city of Halifax. The relief itrain;
bearing the helper from here wached!
Halifax early yesterday, in time for'
Mr. Uatshesky to obtain' an idea ef
the extent of the disaster. : ,
Yesterday he telegraphed to Govern
or McCsll that the first report of the!
explosion and its result .. stated -lea
than the fucts and that condition were'
desperate. There were not doctor and
nurse enough,' he reported, to attend
to the injured, buudred of whom bave
died unattended. .
Mr. Katsheaky will undoubtedly take
a prominent part in the work of bring
ing order eut of chaos, having bad two
previous experience in widespread dis
asters. . He headed the emergency
committee of citizen wkioh took hold
of th situation brought about by. the
Treat Chelsea fire, whun mile of build-i
log were destroyed, and thousand
Snow Remove
w n m -w-a t w-m t w-a, t w-
rbia crtirkn rtt tb rnnntrv v-a
" ' v -' ' . .W fc V. V v' " ' ' J J J
attempts at further rescue work in
the nearby country the blizzard
ire-larten blast. . Manv death from ex
of. old people and infants.
aisu uciaying inc arrival 01 uie
niffinilt tn hrmcr in ann (lmtrilintn
At the meeting messages of con
so 1 that when Bulem was destroyed by
fire , he lt despatched at tha head.
of a relief party and later headed the
committee which planned the rebuild
ing of the city, . . , . , . .
FBANCE, December 7 (Anna-luted
Press) A geuerul acbool for the Anier
Uibu army in France has been iuaugu
rated a sd Is now in full operation with
mora than 1000 stuilents. The school
pcialise in warfare. It is to prepare
nohooms to replace coiiiiniHsioued dfli
cers in the .event -of casualties. The
majority of the i untrue torn are Krcn-h
aud llritish, but soiue of them aie
Americaus. : 1
nine men Injured in
unexplained accident
HAH Pvdro, California, iVeemlicr 7
.(Associated Press) Nino men were
1 . . . . 1 in . 1 1
uuft yesieruuy wuue at wora id iue
hold of a ship under construction when
an air rivetor pipe which in some way
not -yet explained was 'attached to m
gal jet Ignited when the machinery
was eut at work upou a but rivet.

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