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i OenU Dollar
IW OentxtfaaL M. T. par lb to
Prlca, Hawaiian baals... 6.92 1118.40
tit vraTlou (toot- '
ttoa , 6.73 1134.40
I'ce. J.i,- ilT T,r twenty
four bourn' Rainfall, T; Tem
perature Min. 73; Mm. 80.
v earner,
VOL X,-'NO. 100
LOSSESTwo Austrian
or j l v n
RESULTS Battleship
Efforts of Rupprecht Are Check
yJ.ed By British Fire Almost As
; Soon As Massed Troops Begin
Effort To Rush Trenches; "v.
German Crown Prince Launches
-y Unavailing Attack Against
French Italians, Continue To
Hold Austro-Germans Back ;
vi EW YORK, December IU-
lyl (Associated Press') Rein-
. i ... .
,u, "3, '"any , new . regiments
, iL. ri... ' r . ...
iiwiii inc tvussian iront,.. witn
, drawn since the. signing v( the
armistice. Crown' Prince Rup
precht vesterday again attempted
to pierce the British line on the
Oimbrai front, between Queant
, "id Bullecourt. The attempt was
teuppt pf , ednesday, 1 although
on a somewhat smaller scale and
delivered with Jess determination.
The' German; infantry under
cover of a 'heavy bombardment,
attemttcd';to - rush" thfi : RritUb
A '" . - t a . a r i . a . i '.
ircncjies., immediately theiuer-
inans emerged rrorrr their under
rr rr 1 1 . I laMUAd' t-'. T5 Ti t . .
.ivuuu II1C uiiusii guns
began to play upon them, having
the range to a yard, while the
British trenches burst into a line
of spitting flames from rifles and
machine guns,- The Huns rushed
forward, broke and dashed back
for shelter, being utterly unable
. to advance in the face of the hur
ricane of death which greeted
This assault, as was that on
Wednesday, was a complete fail
' ure.
Equally unsuccessful was the
German Crown P r i n ce, who
launched an assault with fresh
troops from the eastern front
against the French lines in the
Caurieres Wood, on the Verdun
sector. This assault was repuls
ed and the only result of the bat
tle was a large number of Ger
man dead.
The German artUerying is be
ing maintained along the whole
rf tho upitpm tin ami it is ot.
cn for granted that many more
efforts to break through at some
point and force a British and
French retirement witl be made
while the weather permits of in
fantry movements.
The Italian line is holding sat
isfactorily andjip- progress what
ever is being 'made by the Aus-
, drives at first one sector and then
another from the Adriutic to the
Asiago Plateau. The assault of
Wednesday, the despatches yes
t i .
iviu.i; 4IU1U xumc .announce,
broke down without any Teuton
gains. '
Despatches from Russia are fragmen
tary aud contradictory, agreeing only
in the statement that the KornilolT
counter-revolutionists and -the troopa
supporting the flolshe-vikl administ ra
tion are engaged In a erie of battle
for the mastery. The fighting Ih in
progress niur Biulgorod, close to. the
The outcome of the battle ia not es
tablished. The Petrograd correspond
ent of the London Daily Mall report
tbut KornilolT hai been defeated and
wounded and that hi Capture ii e
. pected: The Poat Vcorreipondent aya
that KornilolT haa routed the Bolahe
viki. The Poat alao aaya that KornU
loff had .1000 ia hit force, including the
Wild Divlaion" and the "Death Bat
tujlvu" of women, and wat auppllod
Italian; Submarines Enter
Trieste Harbor and Tor
pedo Vessels At Moorings
NEW VOSK, Decembar 14 (Aa-.
aoclated. Prosi) Two Anatrlan bat-,
' tleshlpa were destroy ad aa they lar
at their moormga In tha Austrian
caval baaa at Trieste on Sunday
' Tsnlng. Ks porta - from . Iondon
Wednaaday morning told of the
' dcBtmctlon of on and af tha ad
masaton from Vienna of tha loaa
f rom .'orpedolng by aoma rTtael of
' unknown nationality. '
At tha Italian embaasy In Waah
lngtoa yesterday the report of tha
commander of tha Italian navy waa
received tailing of tha entering of
. tha harbor of Triesta by Italian
aabmarlnea last Sunday night and
of tha successful attack npon two
of them with torpedoas. Tha dee-,
patch doea not glva tha name of tha .
. yeaaeL , .. '
Wednesday morning ' despatchaa
from London told of tha destruc
tion of tha Austrian battleship
WIen of 6500 tons and with a com
plement af 441 men. most of whom
were reported to hare been aavad,
In a Sunday night attack. Tha
desnatch also told of tha admission
of the loss of the vessel by Vienna
ofllclala who failed to mention tha
nationality of tha attacking vassal
. or vessels.
;.; .:.'' '. ' '' -
Effort In Correction With Land
Offensives Explains Increas
ed Toll Demanded
NEW YORK, December 14 (Aaaori
attd Press) Eiplanation of the ia
erounMd toll of British shipping taken
by Ciernina submarinea for the paat
thn-e- wecka la . found ia deapatchea
whili amtort that the Teutoua have
epetniod up their submarine campaign in
roniiertion with the drives that have
been directed against the Italian and
the Cumbral fronts and more recently
agninnt the French in the Verdun sec
tor. According to .a bigh naval authority
in Iindon tlwi much vaunted eam-
fin I g ii of ruthloaaness baa failed signal
y. He nMerta that tha American navy,
and eNprcially the destroyer fleet has
beru largely rcnponsible for this. They
have reinforced the Allies In petroling
and convoying and bava made poaniblu
sucrcaoful countera against the under
sea craft.
French aea loiisea were again small
luHt " week, Paris reported yesterday.
Onl one esM-l of mora than 1600 ton
waa octroyed. This, in connection
nith the anuiU loaaea of the two pre
ceding weeks, indicates that tlve
marine drive ia directed chiefly agaiunt
Britir.li ohlpping.
Fuiirhal, Madeira,, waa shelved by a
Submarine, according to deapatehc re
ceived from I.iHbon yesterday which
aald that forty shell were thrown into.
the town before the U-boat fled before
the attuck of the patrol fleet.
December. 14 ( Associated Tre)
Membera of the United Btatea Railway
engineers contingent were killed in a
tdVn back of the Britiah lines, accord
ing to reports received here yesterday.
Whilo- marching through ' the streets
of the town the engineers were attack
ed from above by German aircraft
which fshotvured bombs upon them for
several inlnuten. .
The railroad engineer contingents
am j roving of great value to the Al-1'i-s
back of the British and French
lines. Especially was this so following
the drive upon Cambrai since which
time they have been busy in railroad
corstruc'ion work bringing the rails
clone up to the new British front. Their
value was recognized by the Gorman
who Iihc thua sought them out with
with artillery. This report also de
clares that KorutlprT had surrounded
the HoUh-viki force, vrbich would be
"dealt with very drastically."
In reviewing the Russian situation
the l'OBt correspondent sava that aa
Iron band will, force a decisive future
and that peaceful adjustments are im
possible. Eventually Russia will eon
front Germany and, he adds, nothing
which may develop, should surprise the
MAP of the Cambrai Front, Northern" France, knowing the upper elbow of the British line
against which the Crown Prince Rupprecht oVove hit masted attack on Wednesday and yea
terday, resulting in heavy German losses and a complete failure to win back any ground from
GeneraLByog. '! t ':-'.'- '. v ' ':.-..'.'
Tens of Thousands of Young Men
of Draft Age Make Virtue
of Probable Necessity
WAHHlOTOX. December it (Aa
sociated Iress) In tlioir desire to
"beat the draft to it" tens of thou
sands are enlistiug. fiuce they faeo
the probability of going into the war
in any event these ypung men desire
to go in voluntarily rather thau to wait
until they are called. Many of them
look upon tha course as more courageoua
and manly and feel that by offering
their services they become heroes with
relative and friends and are regarded
as more patriotic than if they awaited
for selection and call.
The eleventh hour rush is on for en
listment of those of draft . ace are
to cease except in certain specified in
stances after Saturday. On Wednesday
more than eleven thousand enlisted.
Yesterday the total was larger but full
reports will not be in until today show
ing the total. Indications lead to the
expectation that today will he even
larger and Saturday the largest' day of
all. .. . i
There i an impression among many
of those who are volunteering that by
this course they will get to the front
more speedily and avoid a -long period
of training In an American camp. - -.
Arrestejd Man May Have Worked
For Halifax Explosion
HALIFAX, December 14 (Associat
ed Preas) Suspected of being a Ger
man spy and a such perhaps in a way
responsible for the explosion and sub
sequent disasters to this city John
Joanen Uilnian, a member of the crew
of the burning Norwegian vcshoI which
crashed into tho niuuition ship h'uj
been detained. .,
What evidence . the oQlc.ial have
agaiunt htm thev have not divulged.
. ... - - .
WASHINGTON, December 13 (As
sociated Press) Fuel Controller Harry
Garfield today telegraphed to Governor
Cox that Cox would not he permitted
to interfere with fuel distribution in
his state, Ohio.
Garfield tav that anv pressiug need
for coal in Ohio will be. met us soon
as Governor Cox show,
HKATTLE, December 14 (Associated Press) Mayor Hi Gill may face im
peachment charges as a result of action which will be determined at a meeting
of the rity rouueil today. Ho iuaixtnnt have become the deuinnda for hia re
moval that it is felt the council cnunot du otherwine than entertain the charge
tbut have been preferred aguinst the once- recalled mayor aud act favorably up
on the demand for impeachment proceedings.
Citixem generally are fully aroused against Mayor Gill for the alleged stig
ma which they say hn permits to rest upon the imnie and fame of the city in not
yielding to the demands of Major General II. A. Greene that he clenn up the city
' and the resulting order of that oMii-er
Lewi snail lie permitted to visit tins i?.
Mayor Gill at first alleged that there was, not existent vice in proportion to
the complaints voiced by the army ullicer unci later that he would not be dio
tatnd to by the army as to how the city should be governed under his rule, lie
is reported to have threateued to tnke up the action of Major Genernl Greene
with the war department and this lie iwt invited to do. Major Generul Greene
insued a statement to the press of the reasons for his artion. He declared that be
was not discriminating aguinst Seattle but that Tucoma was comparatively clean
morally and was trying to become a thoroughly clean city and that Seattle was
neither clean nor were the mayor and those under him willing to undertake to
niake it so. I Utii Seattle was cleaned up, he said, his order would stand. ,
Businessmen of Heattle immediately went to the maor for redress and as
sert they could not get it. They complained of the loss of business the immo
rality of the i-ity was causing by reu-uii of the orders forbidding soldier at the
training cump to visit the city.
Church members, women' societies, civic organizations all joined in the de
in h ml for the cleuu-up the refusal of whu-b brings about the present crisit for
Gil!. . ..
Mayor (till was ou a former occasion recalled us a result of charges in con
nection with vice conditions k'"l later won a 'vindication" by being agaiu
elected to tho office from which be hud been removed by a popular vote.
AMSTERDAM, December 14 (Asso
ciuted Press) Official denial that Ger
many has entered npon negotiations
for peace with Russia was mada in Ber
lin yesterday. It is an armistice and
not a peace pact that Is being con
sidered, it i insisted. The bulletin de
clare that uo condition precedent to
a peace have been presented to the
Russians and all the negotiation have
boeu In the direction of a general arm
istice along the Russian and the Ruma
nian front.
HALIFAX, December 13 (Asso
riated Press) The second Boston relief
hip, the Northlander, arrived here to
day. Conditions in the city are begin
ning to approuch normal except for the
So numerous and severe ar th cases
of injured eyesight caused by tbo ex
plosion that it i announced expert oc
ulists are needed to prevent a great
deal of threatened blindness.
tbut no oflicers or soldiers from Camp
AM8TKRDAM, December It (Asso
ciated Pres)-No attempt ou the part
of the Turk to retake Jerusalem at
this time is likely in the opinion of
General Hteiner, the Austrian war min
ister, despatches from Vieuua received
last night relate. '
Tho war minister was called upon by
the army committee to reply to ' the
question nod while his answer waa not
direct and positive it indicated that the
Turk would not launch an attack
against the Holy City.
sociated Pres) A "I'nited States
Guard" tu supplement police details
during the national emergency wa u
thorized today. It will be ' filled by
voluntary enlistment of men from thirty-one
to thirty-five or by tha assign
ment of drafted men who are unfit f6r
general service. The uniform will be
army iilue and Krag-Jorgensen .rifles
will be the arms.
Secretary Tells of Results
Achieved - Omitting Details
That Might Help Enemy
Ships and Sea Fighters Are First
, Line of Defense and Must
y Be Well Kept Up
'WASHINGTON. December 14 A
roclated Press) fa a young officer,
nominimding the lirst flotilla of Amer
ican destroyers to reach the war one
when the United State entered the
world wnr, Secretary Daniel turn in
his annual report, made public today, to
fiud the war tlognu of the naval serv
ice. Asked by the British admiral to
whom he reported when his ship would
be ready for work against the subma
rine after the long voyage, the ottirer
replied: ,i
We are readv non." t
"That was not the language of
boasting," Mr. Daniels says, iu desttib
ing the incident. "It was the prophecy
and pledge of our 'service with those
fijhting iu -a common cause.
"During peaceful years the navy ha
oeen quietly uut steadily perfecting it-
self to meet the time of war. Now tha
hour for which it has been preparing
haa arrived. Our sword is drawn, and
no one will dispute that the blade is
keen and free from rust and its temper
"While I nioy not speak in detail of
the greater naval operations, it may be
stated that the record is one of increas
ing iower, of developing resourceful
ness and of noaperntivte achievement
which the American- people may well
survey with national pride. While tha
detuils of what we have dqae and haw
we have dose it must . wai until it is
permissible to spread them aion pablic
record, this summary may be. given to
oar people: y, ,,. ....li.4-4A.v1.
Ready Ta Go Ahead .
'"'In the navy we hava prepared for,
and have met the duties of the p reseat;
w ate preparing for and are confident
we wi:l be able to meet any call for
grenter duties, for more exacting re
sponsibilities. The best way to secure
enduring peace is to prepare unceasing
ly, night and day, for -the winning of
the war, whether it be long or short.
This we have done; this we are doing,
und this we will continue to do."
For the eoming year Mr. Daniel pro
pose a naval budget of A 1,030, 6(50,302,
which is not Itemised In his report. In
Various ways, h says, it will be neces
sary to ask. for additional fupd as the
session of congress proceeds. He point
Out. however, that appropriation' for
the lust fiscal year totalled 1,d42,732,
HSU for the navy and for a thirteen
month period, 1.IO5,41O,03O. Congress
provided liberally, he ay, and legis
lated for the unvy with vision and wis
dom. Broad Spirit Ii Shown
"This was done, too," he adQs, "in
the blondest spirit of naliaunl patriot
ism Ii v members of all political par
ties." ' :
Striking figures contained in the re
port showing the war expansion of the
nuvy include the following:
Since Jau. I, 1917, the naval forvs
has increased from 4,.r") oftivers ami
(i.s.000 men to l'i,0J0 officer and 2.14,1)110
men, the uuml.er of stations of all kinds
operated by the Navy has increased
from IIKI to '10.1; the number of civil
employes trom - S1;0(I0 to 00,000; the
streuglh of the Naval Reserve from a
few hundred to 49,240 men; the nver
ii ue monthly expenditure from fN.OOO,
uoo to $00,000,000; tbo number of ships
in commission from a little more flian
::iiO to more than 1,000; the hospital
corps from 1.B00 to 7,000, the Nation
al Naval Volunteers from rero to Ifi.OOO
men; the Marine Corps from 344 offi
cers and 0,921 uieu to 1,197 officer and
:0,000 men. la addition to this and to
tiie vast orders for material placed, the
expansion jf the air service and to
mauy wholly new activities developing
from war conditions, training facilities
have been irovided for 113,050 men ex
clusive of the Naval Academy and
other regular service schools.
For the first time, the secretary doe
not make public, the report of the gene
ral board of tho navy. His synopsis
of the board's work show that It has
been of a most confidential character
und the reiort is withheld for that rea
son, Mr. Daniels says. This report is
the usual source of tho future building
program of the Navy, The secretary
contents himself this year, however,
with recommcudipg that the remainder
of the three-year program already ap
proved be authorized, including thjec
battleships, one battle cruiser, three
scout cruisers, nine fleet submarines and
a uuinlier of auxiliary craft.
More Men Required
The secretary asks that the perms
neut eulisted personnel be increased tu
120,000 blue jackets, 10,000 apprentice
s. 'umen, 7,000 men lu the trade schools
und 4,000 for the air sorvice. For wnr
purposes he asks that the figure be
1 ho, OHO blue jackets, 54,000 apprentices,
1 1.000 iii trade schools aud 10,000 in avi
ation. Mr. Daniels agaiji emphasizes his
feeling- that promotion should be made
on the basis of merit throughout the
Navy aud that the "fettish" of se-
(Continued, on Paga 2, Column 6)
Unrest Becomes . Mbre Notice
able, There Are Few Russian
Troops and Those; Expected .V
From Japan Had Not Arrived
Absence of , Sufficient Armed
Guards To Control May Result
. In Consequences Which Would
WAS! U N GTON, December
( 14--(Associatcd Prcss) -Unreatyis
becoming more and
more manifest in Vladivostok and
the presence of troop9 " there to
prevent threatened disorders and
possibly serious 'trouble is desir-
ntilo ' f r -l Vi j t a. 1 ltv tV
state department from ' the Uni
ted States consul at that port yes
terday said." The expected, Japa
nese, troops had not yet arrived
when the despatches were sent.
from the '.consular advices
whirh ,u-prs rfrMCrt from VrlaH-
vostok tate department officials ,
are inclined to consider toe con-
growing,, alarming although the.
messages were moderate, ia' their
tone. The consul, tola of grow
ing feelings "of unrest 'that are ,
manifesting themselves. .There
are few Russian troona there, he
foreign troops to handle the sit-"
uation in case it becomes more
complicated he consider desira
ble.. ,;''.x ;';'' ' ".'.''. ',.::.
That Japanese troops to look .
primarily, after the interests" and
safety of the Japanese residents
had been expected his despatches
indicated fur' he reported that
none had reached there up to the
time lie seiit'lii niear which
was December 12, yesterday. ;
nespatcnea reccivea dj oe ioeai Ja
panese paper during the past week or
two have told of disorder at Harbin
i -1.. j : . i. .i ,l. s . . j
sending Japanese soldiers to look after
the interest of the Japanese and tha '
Allies, was told. One of - these de- .
spatches said' that the governmeat of
Japan bad privately determined to send
armed forces to Vladivostok. It I nn- '
doubtedly such force .that tha United
Htntea Cfinaiil refers in KBlimvlniy aa vafc
failed to arrive. - , . v ; ' ' '
Report Warship Bent . ,;.
A luter despatch from Japan told of
the despatching of a. Japanese warship
to Vladivostok, The failure - on the
part of the consul to mention any aucb
vessel ludicate that it, also, had not
yet arrived. . '. . ' '
The impression prevail' her that
Japan ha for several days past reeog-
maou ius Brnuimnvns vi cunuiuum ia :
the riiberiua' seaports and that vessels
carrying troop and at least one war-' .
ship are' now oa their way to either
Vladivostok or Harbin, or both. .
. . - .. . . .
XKW VOBK, DeceiuW 13 (Assa-,
Cited 1'ress) Oue company operating '.
140 apartment houses in New York '
city announce that it will not keep
tip mo nt.-niii ui-iK iwinwo it, sou a 1
during the day, ou account of, tha fuel
W AH H I N O TON, December 13 (Aa
sue ia ted Vre) John 8. Drum of Baa
Francisco will direct tha war-savinga
cumpaign in Hawaii. ,
.. r . . ..';;
TOKIO. Deeember 13 Boaclal Ca.
bla to Nippu Jiji) The Japanese par.
liamentsry delegation to tha United
States, headed by T. Masao, returned
to Japan thla morning. Tha delega
tion arrived on tha Canada Maru of '
the O. 8. K. line, -. " .

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