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Mhiiiiiiniv UIIUII
urns AS BIG
Evidence That Supreme Effort
' To Smash Entente On West It
'Now To Be Made Before Uncle
Sam Gets Into War V
Great Offensive -Made Possible
By Russian Defection About
To Be Hurled gainst British
and french 1 . :
XT EW YORK, December 12-
, I i : (Associated Tress) Rush
.ing every available, man to the
western front, with new levies
" drawn from those sections where
winter has released many ' agri
culturalists and . with veterans
from the eastern line where they
-are no longer needed, the Ger
r' mans are evidently preparing for
a series : of ') titanic offensives
against the British and French;
in the hope that .these entente
armies may be smashed before it
is possible' for the United States
to become a factor in the war.:
v Such are the reports that come
from ' Switzerland, Denmark and
Holland, where the correspond
ents are able to secure some in
formation on the present German
activities'. Under orders from the
kigh command at ?. Berlin, Ger
, many is preparing to make her
great effort for victory, realizing
that delay until spring will mean
a large American force on the
v wester front, with a steady
stream ', of .' : nghtjrjf nien from
''across1 tlie -Atlantic. . .s:
. v. .i- i , .
- If;the French and British are
mo oe neia ana aeieatea at an, it
must he now! 'the Htrman D-eneral
staff has decided, and every pos-
sidic enon win DC maae to Dring
about some of the greatest bat
tles of the war, immediately.
ments of German troops and sup
ply trains, according , to a' des
patch to the London Daily News
from its correspondent ' in Am
sterdam, was a collision on Mon
day between two ammunition
trains, the resulting explosion
killing several hundred soldiers.
Full knowledge of the German
plans is said to be in the posses
sion of , the British and French
staffs and nothing is being left
undone that will contribute to the
aaiety oi me entente s western
line and defeat the Teutonic pur
nose. So far there has been no
i csuilijJiujii ui mc vjciiiji. uueir
British drives in Beleium. but the
despatches from the front indi
cate that more than the usual
activity, is apparent along the
Belgian front ' and as far south
into France as Arras. .
Another f!rni9n nlTniiv lias
been launched itrainst the lines
of the Italians on the Julian front
and along the Lower Piave, des
perate efforts being made to re
take Agenzia on the Julian line
and Caposile oil the Piave front.
The latter town had been occu-
. i i . i i . a a; 1 . .1. . i
picu uy i lie .ruisirians in tue earjy
offensive, but Mfas retaken by the
Italians when they flooded the
district northeast of Venice and
cut the Austrian advance forces
off. r
Both attempts were repulsed
with heavy -losses-to the attack
ers and tHej Italian lines are hold
ing steadily at atl point. - The-repulse
of the attacks has been fol
lowed by an intense artillery
bombardment - by the Teuton
guns, evidently in preparation for
:i not her attempt to break through
to Venice
An artillery action of
ttlcsliip Wicn of
Austrian Navy
Sunk By,Torpedo
Attacked Sunday Night By Un
.. seen Submarine Discipline
Good arid Most of Crew Was
Saved, According Jo Officia
Report ; '
- IjONDON, December 12 (Amo
' Claud Prass) The Austrian bat.
tleshlp wien, of RSH tone, was
' tunic by a torpedo attack on Sun
day night, according to an official
' announcement from Vienna, re
coiTod laat night Tho nationality
of tho attacking submarine la ap
parently not known In Vienna at
no reference la mada to It In tho
f official bulletin. -
, The Wlen waa attacked at night,
- the commander baring no warning
of the presence of a hostile; ahlp.
Despite the surprise of the explo-
, tlon and the almost immediate set
tling of the battleship, most of the
. 'crow were eared. Discipline waa
' excellent;
. The destroyed battleship waa of
' an old type, having been laid down
' in 1893. Bhe waa armed with four
9 2 inch and six ft-lnch guns. .Her'
full complement waa 441 men.
i .'
Great Demonstration Given Be'
fore Our Embassy Two Na
: tions United For Liberty
ROME, , December 12 (Associated
Press)-Italy offered bore yesterday
striking and dramatic tribute to the
I'nited states as her ally in the cause
of liberty and agnisist autocracy and,
in one of the greatest demonstrations
ever seen in Home, hailed America as
her friend." ' "
Cheering thousands gathered in front
of the American embassy, above which
floated the Htnrs and Stripes. Many of
them bore Italinn flags, while others
waved the American Aug, in honor of
the Nation" that-had eome to their aid.
and the aid of humanity, ia the world
struggle against Prussianism. '
The appearance of Thomas Nelson
Page,. American ambassador, on the
balcony of the embassy building, was
the signal for renewed and prolonged
eneermg, in wbieb the Italian, people
paid ' v; heart felt tribute to their
friends across th water and to the ofti-
xial repeea jativc of ; the- Anxirtfa
people.. .. i . .. V ., . ..-.,
. Prince Colon na, mayor of Rome,
made. an address in which be welcomed
the I'nited 8tates into onrticipation. In
the great war for democracy and ex
pressed, the gratitude and pleasure her
advent into the conflict cave Italy.
'The I'nited States and Italy," ssid
Prince' Colonna. "are today united in
the great war for liberty that is being
waged against autocracy,"
Ambassador Psge replied to the
sDeech of Prince Colonna. savin that
America is in the war to win and that
the 'Nation will not cease its efforts un-
PruHsianism shall have been crush
ed and the evils that it Stands for
wiped from the earth. -.'
t ' i
Unofficial Estimate Is 21,000,-
000,000 Bushels
WASHINGTON, December 12 (As
sociated Press) AH food crops except
wheat will this year exceed all previous
records, it was announced yesterday by
the department of agriculture. Final
crop estimate! sre announced as total
ing tl, 000,000,000 bushels, this being an
unofficial estimate.
This is regarded as unexpectedly
good news, as it had, been feared that
some crops, according to earlier reports,
would fall below the normal. That they
are exoi'ssively large is a matter of
congratulation for the country at large,
as t will greatly simplify the problem
or saving wheat, the grain ehierly
needed to feed the American army in
Kilrope, and the Kuronean allies of this
nation, v
- .
WAKHINGTON, December 11 (As
sociated Press Victor Murdock, Mho
is in charge of the federal trade com
mission's ifiquiry Into food profiteer
ing, said today that profiteers will
be prosecuted vigorously.
violence is aJso under way,, on tlie
Brenta sector, to the north.
Despatches yesterday from
Rome state that the German loss
in tbe effort to break through the
line.s at.Asiago was hundreds of
thousands, comparable to the
slaughter inflicted tupon'the men
of the Crown Prince at Verdun.
Despite their heavy losses, the
Austro - German
positions were
not bettered. '
Survivors of Imo Say Action of
- Mont Blanc Caused Ter
-y . rible Halifax Disaster
HA UFA X, December 12 (AisO
elated fresBIame for the frightful
explosion that wrecked Halifai and
cost more than 2000 lives and the in
Jury of thousands of others wss placed
yesterday upon the French steamer
Mont Blanc, loaded with munitions, by
survivors of the Norwegian steamer
Imo,. which rammed the Mont Blanc.
This charge ws brought out in the in
vestigstion which, is being conducted
here wittfd vie wf nWertninlhW where
the responsibility fur tBe disn iter lies.
Survivors of the Imo. who are now
under arrest pending the conclusion of
the, Investigation, declared that the
Mont Blanc, although loaded with ex
plosives, was not flying a munitions
flag, as Mi the Ihh of the seas, and they
were unaware of the nature of her
The men of Ilie'Imo stated also that
the Most Blanc was approaching the
harbor on the wrong side when the col
lision oceuired, which, accounted for
her being struck liv the Imo.
Although there are still hiindrels, if
not thousand, of pi-rwin minsinir.
search for the ilrn.l and injured has vir
tually been nlmmloned on account of
the tcrrifle blir.:-nrd, whloh hns ren
dered further work along that line
practically inipcjilf. it is not be
lieved possible thnf nnv of the in in red
who have not yet been found could
hay survived the sufferings rniiHcj by
their-in.turies mul exposure to tho ter
rible eol'L.
Relief work for the rescued and the
many . thousands of persons who were
rendered homeless by "the great Explo
sion went nh.nd steadily yeterday,
however.- Tminloads of provisions and
clothing are being rushed from other
parts of the Dominion and from then
I nited States, and many doctors and
nurse' have arrived to help in, raring
for. the injured ami those, who have suf
fered .from exposure and shock. The
bliunrd Still continues.
(. V
Senate Will Probe
of Sugar jnd Coal
House Commerce Committee
, Chairman Says President Will
Probably Have To Take Over
Railroads For- Period-of the
in. . ..
WASHINGTON, IVceiuber It (As
soeiated Press) The sennte today or
dered a committee to make an investi
gation of (be widespread shortage 'of
sugar and coal, with a view to effecting
an early improvement in conditions.
Probability that the Nation's rail
roads will be taken over by the national
government as a war roeusiuo enine
uearer todav, when t huirnianf xdamson
of the house commerce committee de
clared that President Wilson will prob
ably have to take over the roads and
retain them until after the war If con
gress will provide a plan for efficient
maniigement. .
Die railroad Vnr board has asked
President Wilson for a conference to-
B R 1
FOR WEEK 23,356
Of Total, 541 1 Were Killed and
17,945 Wounded
LONDON. December 12 (Associuted
Cress) British war casualties for tho
week ending last Saturday night
totaled 23;.1.rtl, according to the official
statement lust night of the war ffice.
Of this tots!, 5411 were killed and
17.9-45 wounded. Of the killed, 3.10
were officers and (5052 epllstcd men ; of
the wouuded, 078 were officers and
IH,IMt7 enlisted men. v
to the red cross
CHUJSiTIANJA, Norway, December
12 (Associated Press) The ' Nobel
peace prixe for this year has been voted
by the trustees to the International
Ked Cross at Oeneva, while the 191(1
pence prize, which was not awarded,
hud also, by unanimous vote, been add
ed to the funds nt the disposal of the
International Kttd Cross committee.
The prise farria'i-tb,000. ' ' '
WASHINGTON, December 12 (As
Soe.inted Press) 1. W. Cook of Ban
rVi.nclxeo was named yesterday as di
rector of onernlions on the' Pacific
Coast for the shipping board. He will
be in charge of the building operations
uhicli the bourd is carrying on.
Chamlieiluin 's Cough Kcnicdy is the
largest selling cough medicine ill the1
world toduy because it docs exactly
shut a cough medicine is supposed to
do. It stops coul'Ii and colds snecililv
rnVctunlly. Fi.r sale ty all deal
era. Benson, Smith t Co., Ltd., Agts.
for llnw'uii AdvertisCtuent,' ' ei
All Beer Must Be
Near-Beer After
First of thii Year
President Wilson' WilMssu'e Proo-
lamation Soon,1 Effective Jan
uary 1, Reducing Alcoholic
Content ; To 1m and . Three
quarters Percent
WASHINGTON1, Drcember 12 (As
sociated Tress) -No Yccr may be sold
anywhere Is the United Htates after
January 1 which costsins more than
two and three-quarters percent of al
cohol. A proclamation to this effect is
to be issued by President! Wilson soon,
it was officially. announced here vester
dftv. - . , .,....' , .
Beer sold in the United States con
tains now on the average' X4'2 ncrc.ni
of alrchnl. Ia some brews the i.hnlie
content is slightly higher, irt some rath
er lower. But under the new regula
tion to he Imposed by' presidential proc
lamation, two and 'three-quarters per
cent is to be the maximum allewed.
How this proclamation will affect
brewers' stocks on hand rs not announ
ced. Beer is usually stored from four
o eluht weeks, sometimes longer, be
fore being sold, and itisny of the big
brew-iag companies of ithe country have
stocks on hand whiehf normallv' would
not be disposed Of by January 1.
The house .yesterday unanimously
agreed to consider on "Monday the con.
stitutionnl amesdmenl celling for nation-wide
prohibition. The suffrage
amendment was reported out from com
mittee without:' recommendation.
' .
Confidential Communications To
Wolf von Igd Identified In
Hindu Plot, Trial
SAN FBANCISOO, ' December 12
(Associated ; Press f Con Aden tin I mes
sages sent , by Doctor Zimmermann,
"lermnn roreign secrefarv, to Wolf von
. L. i : -
k-i, me iiuiinnus ueiman spy, were
Kteiitilled heie yesteday' in the Hindu
plot trial by John Grfc'urcvieh, a cov
einnu iit agent, r I
tlignre ic h seid .il) the course of his
testimony that von Il'I lis id nionev t.i
v niiKievnniy, one or tbe Hindu defend
ants in the case, to be used in foment
.!.., .... .... . " i:. . . y
Ing a rel.elliou in India against thi
British government. . j
Wolf von Igel was arrested in Ne
York by I'nited . .States scernt service
agents nearly two Jgrs .ao. Many
documents' in -his Viise wcre iJefsed. at
l bo time. Couot von Hernstorff, Ger
man nmbnssiidor, characterized the
raiding of von Igol's ottice as nn out
vngeiiint demanded of tho I'nited
States government tlmt it return un
opened and unread nil the documents
This the government refused to do,
but their contents were not made pub
lic until long after Captain Boy-Kd
and von riipeu,' fellow spies of Von
Igel, hud been kicked out of the coun
try and Count von Ileinstorff had fol
lowed them upon the severance of dip
lomatic relations with Germany.-
Since that time the contents of many
ef the documents has been made pub
lice by Weeretnry Lansing and have
gone to show the extent of the duplic-'
Ity of Germany.
Doctor Zimmeririnnn, the German 'for
eign secretury, whose confldeutial mes
sages to von Ijel were identified by
Grgnrevich yesterday, is the official
who tried to create an alliance be
tween Mexico and .(span and induce
those two countries to make war on
the I'nited States. i
Fitness For Service Abroad Ob
ject of Examination
WASHINGTON. December 12 (Al
soeiated Press) All general officers of
the army are being examined by iued
ical efficiency boards with a view of
ascertaining the advisability or other
wise of detniling them for service
abroad with the United States expe
(ditiouary forces. Announcement to
this effect was made yesterday by. the
war department.
It Is expected that the generals of
the army who successfully pass the
tests will immediately be assigned to
commands in Vrnnce or wherever else
American troops may be sent.
LONDON, December 1 1( Associated
Press i - News renrlied here late yester
day t hut the revolution in Portugal did
not iiuseut tbe president.
AMsTKltDAM; December 12 (Asso
elated Press) Attempts on the part of
the Gorman govern men t , to' effect a
Strict enforcement of the drastic food
legiilatioiis huve resulted in many thou
sands of arrests and convictions. Ac
cording lo the North German Gazette
of Berlin the number of arrests for eat
ing more than permitted under the reg-
uliilinni has now passed the forty thou
soiul murk. . ..
Katharine Stinson Flies From San
Diego To San Francisco, Distance
of Six Hundred arid Ten Miles i
(Associated Press) Kutheiin Stinson,
the famous aviatrix sno Liis'otTered he;
services to the government for the war,
established yesterday a new American
nonstop record Mr u flight of 010
The avir-tris left Nnh Island, where
ia situated the armv aviutim it it inn
at seven thirty-one yesterday morning
and arrived at the Pi, idio here nt four-
forty-one in the afternoon, a total
elapsed time in the nil of nine hours
and ten minutes.
In the ennrse of In r remnrkiKI
flight Miss Htinson reached an altitude
of iXWO feet, while crossing the Telia
rhnpl mountains. It is the crossing of
this natural division b't'teei northern
t.ONDON, December 12 (Associ
hted Press) irrinauy nns rctdy to
enter Into peace negotiations with
Orent Hritain last September, Arth
ur Balfour, foreign secretary, told
the members of the house of com
mons yesterday.
A German communication, present
ed at the British foreign oltlee by a
diplomat of a nentral Tower in Sep
tember, he snid, stated that Berlin,
in effect, would be clad to communi
cate directly with London in a dis
cussion of terms of peace, The of
fer, snid Mr. Half our, was declined.
' LONDON. December 12 (Associated
Press) The recent announcement by
Arthur Inlfonr, the foreign secretary,
that the British intended to turn Pal
estine over to the Jews of the world,
for, tha. recreation", of ,a, Je wish, jat Ion.
living in its, own land, is not to be at
tempted at once, according to-an ex
planation made yesterday. The cap
ture of Jerusalem; to be the capital of
the restored Jewish republic, does not
moan the immediate restoratioa of tha
city to its original owners.. Ttd dis
position of Palestine must be settled
ultimately at the general peace Con
ference, when the terms of settlement
with Germany and her allies) are to be
drawn up. In the meanwhile, the Holy
City will remain in British hand and
given a military government.
spain IoTrIsT
Bombarding of Steamer By Sub
marine Arouses Anger
MADRID, December 1 1 ( Associated
Press) The Hjianish government is
preparing a vigorous protest to the
German government against the action
of the German submarine which bom
l:inled the Hpanish steamer Claudio,
killing eight persons.
. -. ,
WASHINGTON, Deeembei ll-r-(Aa-
fociated Press) The senate committee
on military affairs decided today to
make a general inquiry into the arm
ing and equipping of the American
army forces, (secretary of War Baker
and others will be required to explain
the action taken. It Is emphasized
that the purpose of the inquiry is not
to criticise, put to secure information
which tho committee feels sliould be U
possession of congress.
WASHINGTON, December 11 (As
sociated Press) The food adminis
trative board today authorised an In
crease of ten cents a I Oil pounds in the
ivnoiosaio price or beet sugar. This
equuli.e the price for Cuban sugar.
It is not expected to have auy effect
on the retail price.
WASHINGTON, December 11 (As
soc. in toil Press) Bricklayers are now
wanted to enlist in the .I'nited States
army. They ore to be sent to Prance
to work one the aeroplane Imscs, ac
cording to announcement here. ,'
and Southern California which has in
the past baffled other flyers and caused
them to abandon attempts to negotiate
the distance between San Diego and
San Francisco. , ,
Miss 81inson, however, crossed the
barrier without great trouble and ar
rived in this city without accident of
any kind. Kbe appeared slightly nerv
ous when she landed, as the result of
her long period in tha sir, but other
ise she was well nnd she appeared
The flight was Omci.
Miss Ntisson recently expressed the
hop that her offer to vehmteer for
war son-ice would be accepted by the
government, and she has at various
times expressed the wish to flv over
the battle lines of France,
WASHINGTON, December 12 (A
soeiated Press) The bill increasing tbe
number of midshipmen at the Annapolis
uaval academy, to n maximum of .1128
was favorably reported yesterday by
the military affairs committee of the
house. It is expected that the measure
will pass both houses without serious
opposition, as the necessity for more
naval officers as soon as nossibl e. on lie.
count of the war, Is clearly rccugnixed
' . .' '
Issues Proclamation Asking Help
In Membership Drive
WASHINGTON, December 12 (As
sociated Press) President Wilson Is
sued yesterday a proclamation urging
tne people of . the Nation to aid. the
membership in, the Red Cross.-
, in,- ,ti rnnrr ni ine nrive airT anx
ious to have every man and every wom
an In the l'nitedSttee join the great
humanitarian orgnnlrntion. Already
many thousands of persons hove enlist
ed in the work of adding to the mem
bership of the Rod Cross, and now the
President calls upon all others who can
to get out and do tholr share.
- --
WASHINGTON, December 11 (As
sociated Press) Atl points east of the
Reekie today report that the tempera
ture ia from twenty to forty degrees
below the normal temperature for the
season. There is much suffering. Cin
cinnati reports that the thermometer is
thirteen degrees below, the coldest for
forty years at this time of the winter.
, -
WASHINGTON, December 12 (As
soeiated Press) The war and navy de
partments, it was ofiicially announced
yesterday, have just advanced on gov
ernment contracts to the Bethlehem
Steel Corporation two million dollars.
The steel company has large munition
contracts with the government and re
quired funds to carry these through.
Because of the difficultjrin securing the
needed amount from private sources,
tbe government hns paid a portion of
the contract in advance. '
Worrying Along
In Same Old Rut?
Are you lame everv morninir. tired all
dny, tortured with dull backache or
sharp, stabbing painsf Don't drag
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Pills mo sold by all druggists and store
keepers, or will be mailed on receipt of
price by the Hollister Drug Co., or
Benson Smith A Co., agents for the
Uuwunnu Islands. ( Advcrtissmeut)
Leaders of Many Parties Cooper
ating With Cossacks To Over
throw Lenine and His Radicals;
Change Expected Shortly ; '
Russian Embassy In London Es
tablishing Direct, Communica
tion With Kaladines and Op?
timism Appears Once More
December 12
(Associated Press) - The
overthrow of the -Bolshe-Viki
government and the restoration
of affairs in Russia "from the anar
chists under Nicolai Lenine is ex
pected to be realized "tdiortly."
according to the reports" received.
by officials of the Russian embas
sy here direct from a number of
the leaders of sane thought in
Russia. ' '
According to the Russian offi
cials here,, not On ly are the Cos
sacks under Kaladines oooosinrr
Lenine and his radicals but many
of . the leaders of the other fac
tions, all of whom appear ready
to unite under HheMeadership of
rCorniloff to regain power for the
duma and reorganize the Russian
war party against the Germans.
The Russian embassy now
establishing direct communica
tion with Kaladines and the other
democratic organization heads,
and a decidedly more optimistic
feeling is evident, in local Rus
sian official circles, " ""' : r rr
loff are, naw. .threatening .Moscow
and that city may toon. be taken
from the Bolshe-Vikis. Tlie gar
rison, under radical leadership, is
preparing to defend itself -and
machine guns have been placed at ' ,
various vantage points through
out the city jn anticipation of '
rising of the citizens against the
Maximilists.. , The soldiers of tho
garrison are not to, be depended
upon to oppose any such a rising,
however, nor to resist an advance
by Korniloff. Indications that
they may revolt, and join the at
tackers are not wanting. ,i ,. V ,
Despatches yesterday make , it
plain that the famous1 "Battalion
of Death," recruited from Women -only,
is opposing the radical ele
ment. A detachment of ' these
Amazons, which marched from
Staffka recently, Ss reported to
have battled with and defeated a
Bolshe-Viki regiment on- Sunday '.
at Shlobin. v - V .0 '
The Maximilists, from Fetra
grad, are attempting to put into ,
effect some of . their extreme
socialist ideas; of government and
are transmitting througltfiut the
country by wireless copies of a
proclamation signed by Kolega
lev on behalf of - the "People's
Comm'"sary of Agriculture."
No Private Ownership
This proclamation declares that
all lands, all living or slaughtered
tock,.--all buildings atid all pro
luce shall henceforth he- n.-itionil
property and under the manage-,
ment of the new land committee.
AH private property pertaining
to land is abolished ami the
houses arc to be used in many
cases as schools. -All hosnitals.
shelter homes and theaters are to
be usel as tiublic institution.
11 1 c nroclamation annniinrsi
that instructions will shortly be
issued Mr transferring the prop
erty to public control,
..I. . . .
AVASHINQTON, December 11 (A-iMM-lated
Press) Senator Wads worth of
New York introduced a bill today
which would reauire the nltril..n e
all males in America aiinitiliar
th,y each the age, JI tf eutv ou year.

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