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1 1 ' . i , ii ,
I, I 'l AT
in.itr.vtn t tw v
Chinese Question
In 'Abeyance At ;
Meeting of Chamber
Suggestion of Action , So That
Representative! COuld! ArisVeri
, ; Questions From Congressmen
Meets Small Favor .. V
VlTntil tout intimation tomM front
Waahiagton that congress will consider
tha .proposal to permit Chinese to coma
Inter Hawaii ai laborer! under special
provisos, or George MeK. MeClellan,
th recently appointed ' representative
ttka Jlrinolulu Chamber j of , Com
Bif.ro at the national capital, aaka
what attitude the local chamber stay
assume, on th natter, the chamber wiU
take a action. ; '
. The- aoblect waa ' introduced at a
meeting of the board of dire tort yea
terday, W. H. Melaeray declaring that
tha" matter of having thoaaaada of Chi-
. aeaa coma here from Chiaa to under
tske agricultural work waa favorably
considered by tha Uawaiiaa legisla
ture la at session, when' both houaea
passed a "Joint resolution favoring such
; action. Mr. Melneray aaid ho waa act
ing -for no one, but ai a member of
lk .Lnk,KA mmmmmm L .
. .thnt the subject waa'oaa of community
interest, he felt it wine to present tha
subject to ths chamber for considers
' tioa. ,' ', , ' ',
Mlfbi Query McCleUaa v
"Our representative in Wnshlngton,
' Mrv MrClellan, may be queried about
this joint reaolutioa and also have tba
subject called to his atteatioa by eon-
nresamea In view af the fai-t that lie.
itinion oi noooiuiu la now taere to
preaa this Matter upon congress," ex
plainedMr. Mrlserny. '"Now, sup
pose Mr, . MeCtellnn has no advices
concerning the chamber's, attitude,
bow will ne answer sue B questions T 1
belie-a that this chamber should con
sider this matter and take aurh action
that- it may acquaint Mr. MeClellan
wKh the chamber 'a attituda in order
to five tin ground upon which to re
ply lo such queries, providing they are
put to him. Without such information
or instructions ' from . the chamber ha
may be put in an awkward position,
and so will this chamber.' .
Patey Z ocfc-oatad ' '
' President J. F. C. Havens, in com
'., menting on Mr. Mclnerny's proposal,
said the question arose aa to whether
or.: not it was a matter .withi a the
province of . the directors or . of the
chamber as a whole. ';'.'
- E.'A. Berndt said that from informa
tion he. had this question of Chinese
laborers waa already beyond Hawaii,
or any action that might be 'taken
locall.' He stated that natil rartaia
international conditions had . been re
moved, intimating tkat these had to
do -with tha Par, Eastern Question.' no
action 'could ba taken.
. -'It was . suggested that .thia might,
however, be considered at a special
Ineetiag pf 'the ekamber, ahould occa-
' aion ariae. 1 . -.
The president aaid that the question
bad already, been considered before a J
aomminea or the chamber and aa ad
' verso repor rendered, but aaid for. the
present the matter would be dropped
.' until some nation, caused it ,to be ne
cessary for special consideration.
1 After tha meeting Mr. Melneray
aaid hw was of the opinion the com
mittee bad not rendered aa adverse
report,' but that it had bee a dropped
Without action one way or another.
I .' . w ,
Nothing Doing Y t
In Hawaii
Iii Selective Draft
Contain Green Practically llark
lng Time Because of Lack of
' Materials To Work With, But
, Is Ready For Emergencies
- Allen Clyde Smith, residing in the
anow-awept towa of Whitehall, Mon
tana, "has' Jut come across a Honolulu
newspaper in which he found his name
among those given a draft registration
He Immediately wrote a cablegram
ddreaaaft'to Captain Francis Green, se
lective bead for Hawaii, and aaid in it
that he did not' claim exemption and
-A i...i.Hinn. mm wli. Il m
sbonld do, apparently a to what pro
'. csdura w necessary for hiin to get in
to tha service right away, although he
did not so atata in his meuge.
I nasiuiu-h "as no draft nuota has been
called froiir Hawaii, young Mniith in no
werse and no better off regnrdiug his
ehanrea for active "service thaa the
topmost man on the registration list.
Smith will be advised by the selective
draft officer that positively nothing, has
been dene in the Territory about its'
young- men and their shoulilenag rifles
agaiitDt tlie (ierwsna. Even oa lc
eamber 15, the date set aia by 1'ro
' vost Marshal General Crowder (or tk
lag' the new census ot draft registrants.
Captain Qreen will not be able to start
ion this 'work, because be has not even
received the neressarjr blanks from
fWssbiugtou necessary to carry out-1 hi
jtniKtrtaut function.
' 'Captain Oreen is practically marking
iuMr tiwing to lack of materials to
work with, but he has prepared for any
emergencies, whether, luoy Muuia .by
cable or muiU- He ha brought his staff
or Clrrss logeiner a(Mia auv u rn
thing iu readiunsa to start the ball roll
Joe; the 'umlaut the materials are .placed
In hi' burnt. v
. For some roason or otter (he Wash
iiiUtoii Authorities failed to seuil the
'('ni'taio even a ailvauca copy of the
sjaesriuiitiaire outline and waly a day or
-two iito he secured copy which had
lHa. eeut .to down town busiuess
eiiii-e.'. .;. ' ' : !'
A mull eipevtti.l today, or not later
than tomorrow, will probably briug him
II wore of sacka of second rlasa mail
rxliitia to the new program for draft
roi'ljf 'ants rluifliatiou.
Dctcrmmtica Of
Wanted By Kubio
delegate Denies Any Resoonsibil
. ily ,i.For, ilon-MobilizatiQn And,
? Says He- Will Seek An lnves:
tigation When In Washington
Determination .of tha responsibility
for the BOB-mebilisatio of the Hawaii
a National Guard; thia year will be
demanded by Deientsi Knlaniaaaola
when he returns to Washington this
winter, for 'ho Intends askfag for a
congressional investigation Into the
rensons why the guard was aot ealied
into active eerviee :; ,t j J , t
The Delegate Verv mi,iticHe W
MWa!.hki VU -oeli'e(Ublulkt Uo part
in the campaign to prevent tha guard
from being called out, and ha waa
greatly surprised when ha learned that
the movement to call tba ganrd had
been blocked, lie states that aa evi
dence ef hie awn desire to have the
militia erve on active daty, ha appear
ed personally before tha secretary of
war. ad before Brig. Gen. William A.
Mann, chief, of tha bureau of militia
affairs, to favor the calllag out of the
fcuard. '.. .. . t ,
Over DelagaU'f Eaa4
He aaya h baa had difficulty in aa
certslnitog just who really did block
the movement. At Washington he did not
ascertain tha facta owing to the pres
sure of direct war business in nil da
partments. He is certain" that it was
all "dona Jvfr his head." and be
lieve that some one in Washington
waa responsible to some extent. Wheth
er thia person is an agent of local
bodies, be does aot yet know, he anya.
- 8o far as ha eaa remember there was
no correspondence on the subject be
tween himself)' and- the Governor; 'He
aaya . h had a letter aad cablegram
regarding .the matter from the terri
torial food commission. The cable
gram requested him to take action to
cut .down the. strength of the. guard,
because of: agriculture and food pro
duction conditions. -He conferred upon
this, matter with -Bri$idier General
Mann,, immediately pq , receipt of the
cablegram. The. Delegate says ha car
ried out the; iiyit ructions of tha com
mission but also continued to carry on
his campaign to have the guard mobil
ised. General Mann told him ha could
see no reason v-hy the guard strength
could , not be cut dowa. Kuhio had
had ao. word at that time from tha
Governor on this aubjeet. The next
day the Delegate waa informed by
General Mann that the guard strength
would res 11 r-be reduced.
,Tho Delegate now, believes that the
guard may1 not be mobilised early in
1018, and if it ahould be, it will be only
for home defense, and not for service
abroad. . ,
Caetie Hake DervUl '
A. L. Castle, to whom' tha Governor
has referred aa oae responsibla for the
guard "Inertia' nnd who, aa aa at
toraey for the food commission, was
responsible for letters aad cablegrams
forwarded to Washington concerning
the guard and its strengths redaction,
aaid yesterday that tha food commis
sion did not at any time take any ae
tion adverae to the guard interests or
against what the Hawaiian Department
believed to be military policy.
"It is a fact," said Mr. Castle, "that
on May Z8 General Mann cabled Gen
eral Johnson that the guard would not
be mobilised. Hinca my letter to Dele
gate Kuhio waa dated May 10 it is ap
parent thnt this letter eould not have
reached Washipgton br May 23 and
therefore could have', had no bearing
on tha non mobilization of tha guard."
From the look of tkings it seems as
if the Freshmen basketball teams ef
Mills aod Ht. Louis will never come to
gether. A game between these two
teama waa scheduled for Monday but
the rain butted in. Yesterday the post
poned contest was to be settled but ai
no satisfactory time for the gaarva
eould be reached it waa once mora
pushed off. Whether the two quintets
will ever meet is a question.
MIX), Hawaii, December 8 Tha
present season of the year is a quiet
one from the sporting point of view
in Hilo, the only item which is at
tracting n great deal of nttention at
present moment being the Kilaues
Hilo relay race. However, with the
approach of the "New Year, sporting
events will liven up, basketball in par
ticular being staged to recommence by
the flfth of January. Tbeq there are
prospects of baseball reviving again
for a ahort spell, anyway. If the Fourth
Cavalry boys from Honolulu make tha
trip over.
. :
CHICAGO, November 1 -Pooling
of both gut receipts aud players iu
the American league next season may
become necessary in order to avoid
shortening the schedule and . reducing
salaries to a five months' basis, ac
cording to President Charles A. Comis
key of the Chicago White Hox.
Oowiskey said, today thai he did not
favor that course, but tbst he would be
willing PrTrbiise"evii that "mily
'"Mh"""'''''!1" "f " her-4hn
see the1 niajAr lruuern reduce their
Following meetings of the delinquent
tax commissions of the islands of Ha
waii and Maui, which w ere at tended by
Charles J. McCarthy, territorial treas
urer, and Mauley (). K. Hopkins, ter
ritorisl auditor, the officials feport that
several thousands of dollars in delin
quent texes have beeu wjfied off of
the books as uucollectable. Tha delin
quent tax commission of Osbu will
meet here iu the Capitol building hast
Taesday. 1
Agent of Toyo Kisen Kaisha Will Place Before Washington Terri-
tory's Needs As Regards Transportation Be :
, - tween Islands and the Mainland
To urge definite action in securing
tbe granting of six-months'' permits to
steamers of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha liae
for the purpose of carrying paeaeagera
betweenrlonolulu' and 8nn Francisco,
W. H. Avery, 'an official of the com
pany, who Is now In Honolulu, will
leave presently for Washington 'to lay
rne neena or tne snipping situation with
reference to travel In the raciflo and
jiartlcnlarly lietween' the Coast and Ha
waii, before ' the Federal Whipping
Hoard, and will hpW) eionferenreswitb
tha':heads of the noard to clnriry the
tonnage aituation in of.ler to bring re
lief to the travelling puiilie. - .
This was stated at meeting of the
board of directors of the llouolulu
Chamber of Commerce yesterday, where
the statement wna nlao made by T. H.
Petrlc, secretary of , Castle ' Cooke,
local rrprexentstive of the T. 'K K,
line, that in a recent conversation with
Mr. Avery on thia anhjert, Mr. Avery,
had atated that unless all reetrictioas
were removed, his line could not enter
intq ..the .coastwise trade with Hawaii
at all. , .
Steamship Accommodations ' ' , ,
. The steamship aceommoilations re
quired for Hawaii, as .outlined . in a'
letter from the promotion, committee
to George McK. MeOllan, the.cham
ber'a representatlro at . Wnshington, ,
were considered nt the mo-ting, aad
the chamber voted to have McClcllan
immediately take up at W'anhington as
a feature of Ote utmost ritnl import
ance to the Islands, the necessity for
giving Hawaii adequate sea tonnage
for travel purposes. s ,.
This wsp amended to include, also,
the carrying of perishable goods from '
San Francisco to Honolulu, and vice
-versa. ' It was agreed that tha through
l! .L t7fLVr KhrJH!n" !MU' I
as a sava-a . xrii f ax 'a u ts7 ffff-irt, VU W
Iflrlv. Ill 4a1.0Ii un ilmnit PCfliifti vpIv Iti
X,'..v-t irJ I
" v ' '
t. T . . .
Based upon the promotion committee
letter, which included a compilation of
passenger accommodations' -actually
used in foreign vessels calling at Ho
nolulu, nnd the accommodations .that
could be used between San Fraaelseo
and Honolulu, provided permits were
granted by the shipping board to sty-h
steamers, the directors,' by unanimous
vote, decided to cnble Mr. lcClcllan,
now in Ran Frsnciseo, to commence a
campaign to have permit privileges is
sued. The ' message . forwarded last
night byWecretary BroWn, follows:
Hnar.1 nt .1 i rmj. tn.. innrAt, urn.
motion committee plan), use- every I
endeavor Shipping Hoard secure Toyo
Kisen Kaisha coastwise trade, both paa-
sensers and Derisbable freishta.'.'
" Mr.'McClellan will confer Uxlny with
Cnptain Pillsbury, representative of
the shijiping board ' at Ban Franelaco.
wbo haa frequently visited Hawaii and
ia conversant with Island shipping con
ditions and requirements, and who may
be able to assist Mr. MeClellan In se
curing the permits. - . ,
Unused Boom
The promotion ' committee letter,
which was addressed to Mr. MeClellan
before he left the Islands en rout to
Washington, elaborated on trnvel sta
tistics between San Francisco aod Ho
nolulu. The data showed that -it-was
realised, locally, that tonnage was be
ing taken out of the Pacific for good
and sufficient war reasons,, but at tha
same time mainland people atill planned
to apend their vacations . away from
home and, being unable to come to Ha
waii because of the disturbance of
steamer conditions, wr4 now traveling
to Florida and other competitive points.
The committee said, also, that many
foreign steamers were passing through
Honolulu, to and from the Coast, with
a. rommodntious for passengers, but un
filed from here. Hevrral steamers were
mentioned as traveling with light lists
of passengers and large passeuger .ac
commodations untakeu, as for instance,
the Hiberin Maru with room for eighty
additional persons; Nipou Maru, sixty
six; Venezuela, seventy nine; Colombia,
fifty six; Niagara, one hundred eight.
The total of these untakeu accommoda
tions indicated that about 5110 persous
could have beeu accommodated out. of
here, cant bound, and 400, westbound.
Six Month Permits - ,
It was pointed out thnt under the
!iroviioiis of the shipping board regu
atiuns, permits are given for single
voyages, but often without sufficient
How to Economize in
Home Baiting
Royal Baking Powder
in Place . of Eggs
In many recipes you will need only half as
many eggs, in some none at all, if you use an
additional quantity of Royal Baking Powder,
about a teaspoon, in place of each egg omitted.
The following tested recipe for rice bread is a
practical illustration. 4
I sac
Hi sups milk
I cups earn mast
4 teaspoons Rorsl Baking Powsaf
I teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon shortening
Si cup bollea rlcs -
The old method c&lled for 2 eggs
New book of recipe which eoonomlze In eggs and
other expensive Ingredients mailed free. Address
Royal Baking Powder Co.. 1S5 William street, New
York, U. 8. A. . v- - ;Y
previous time In which the shipping
Companies eaa advertise . that they
have accommodations from Xan Fran
cisco to Honolulu. The committee sug
gested, to. obviate thia difficulty, that
permits V be given for six ' months'
periods. It waa even suggested that
the CanadianrAnstralian liners be giv
en coastwise permits to call at Seattle
on both the Inward aad outward bound
voyages to land and take on passengers
at mainland domestic port. ... -
Mr: Berndt said that within the hour
Mr.. Avery had told him thnt unless ac
tion takeni' by the shipping board was
favorable Mo the suggestion for per-
mits for longer periods, his company
could ' not, very .well engage In the
coastwise btiishess. If such favorable
action were taken it would be up to the
T. K. K. and other foreign lines to re
arrange their affairs to meet the privi
lege given under the permits. ; .
vThe speaker said that Mr. Aver waa
fnt in full poesessiwn of statistics re
garding travel to and from tha Islands,
or the imssibitlties included in making
use of tbe coastwise privilege, auu
was astonnded that he had had to coma
all the way to Honolulu to obtnin this
information. ;;
, Mr; Berndt ndded that Mr. Avery
had been summoned to Washington aad
would be there before the end of Jan
usry, and while there would be able
to bring together much valuable In
formation' concerning California-He
waiian steamer uae.
He also' presented a motion thai the
directors endorse tbe plan outlined in
the promotion letter mid that Mr, Mc
Clcllan be directed, immediately, to
get to work on that bnma.
Banana Exportation
-. Mr. Melnerny moved, also, that Mr.
McClella be instructed to carry oa a
campaign in favor of securing nccom-
r'Ylniodationn for terishnlUe freight i
Prtntioa. ' He called attention to the
frt ,b" th Hhiy Maru'waa leaving
here. with epe.ee aufficicpt to earry all
uere, with pece
the bananaa now ready for ahipment
to the Coast, provided a permit bad
been possessed by the T. K. K. com
pany for the tShinyo tu perform this
service., '
' It waa agreed that there waa a favor
able trend to the movement under dis
cussion, whifh, if taken advantage of
by the chamber and handled vigorous
ly by McClcllan, would bring tbe re
lief to Hawaii sought for.
' The -ehamber alio discussed a pro
gram of action which would guide Mr.
McClcllan, generally, at Washington
concerning other matters of interest
not on,v t the chamber but to the Is-
anas generally. It waa decided to
leave the routine mattera to the con
sideration of the president and secre
tary in connection with the committee
of the chamber which haa jurisdiction.
AhJ'thing'cf speeisl moment will be
brought before the board of directors.
Mr. MeClellan, who waa here during
the ..visit of the Congressional Party,
was engaged to represent the chamber
at Washington at a very large aalary.
,-HII.O, jHawaii, December 10 Ollie
T. Nhipman, of the local tax office, is
planning the issuing of challenge to
either the federal or territorial officials
employed in the federal building or to
the couuty employes, ' whichever may
be able' to provide the better team, to
a baseball game against tbe tax officii
employes. The object of the challenge
will be to schedule a game during tbe
holiday sesson, to be played on Moo
beau Park, the proceeds therefrom to
be devoted to the local Red Cross
funds. x
The tax office bus a number of ex
ball pluyera, who are confident of be
ing able to put up a worthy contest
sguiust the opponents they ere singling
out. As they state tbey are unbeaten,
so far, nud further they claim to.be
able to inn in tain their record. Among
thqse who will probably be found in
the lineup for the tax office' nine will
bet Ham Woods, Walter Ackerman,
Moses Kiiki, Harry I.ainaholi, George
Mnndou, B. C. Stewart, D. Brnnco, J..
Man. G. I). Hupe and K. Gillespie.
Further details are experteo to b
announced tomorrow, when definite ar
rangements will no doubt be arrived at.
DIRKCTIONt-Beat eaa until
, verv Merit; add milk lowly; mis
. well. Add eorn meal which liae
been slrttd with baking powder
andeah. Mis well end add melted
eoartenlag and the rice whleh has
been preeaed through a sieve.
.Bake in greased shallow pan In
hot ovea 30 minute. Serve hot
wtth plenty al batter.
Sergeant Raymond Proposes
Barn-storming Tour For
His Baseball Team , 7
I1II.0, . Hawaii, December 8 From
Hjrt. Nelson W. Raymond, of Troon B,
Fourth Cavalry, atationed at ftchollald
Barracks, Honolulu, comes 'a ' request
for. arrangements to. J), made to have
Hilo'a best baseball thine linej up to
fucet 'hrt lirvaslon of the troopers.
It may be remembered that ia Sen-
tern ber last most of the cavalry boys
were in nuo on a visit to the Volcano
and thnt while here they made an ex
cellent reputation for themselves. They
were also much taken with the island
as a whole, consequently they are de
sirous of making another trip across,
or at least the ball players are, hence
this letter. r , - .
In bis communication Sergeant Ray
mond asks whether we in- Hilo would
be iaterested In series of ball fcnmea
In the near future between tha cham
pions of Hilo and picked team of
all-stars from the Fourth Cavalry. The
BKregation be la massing Is not, in
n sporting eenhe, a "bunch.of dubs"
but, on the contrary, a live snappy
team whtcb he ia sure would play
Hilo's representatives a very interest
ing series. ; -
Further, ' Serpen nt , Raymond soys
that they are not figuring on making
this a money-making proposition but
would like to have their expenses met.
The proposition haa been, referred to
President Charlie Oreen, of the Hilo
Lenguc, and be is warmly in favor of
having the cavalry boya make the trip
but no gunrantea as to expenses rnn
be made off-band. .
A reply to Hergeant ..Raymond 'a in
quiry is Wing made,' ia which the
amount required to meet -expenses it
being asked and it may be that ar
rangementa will be made to have the
team brought - along. Baseball has
been dend. in Hilo for some time" past
but that does not mean that .there is
no interest taken in tba game. - If the
amount requisite to par the expenses
of tbe visiting team, which ahould not
be very high, ia obtained by public
subscription the visit will undoubted
ly be mnde. . . ..
-.'. " . '
I.IHl'K, Kauai, December 11 J. B.
Farnandes, Kauai 'a premier athlete, has
Issued the following manifesto that is
It is proposed to have two games of
rattling good baseball at the l.lhue
Park on New Year'a Day, the first at
ten o'clock in the morning and the-second
at two o'clock in the afternoon.
All Kauai vs. MeBryde will be the
attraction in the morning and should
prove a snappy game that will draw
out the fans.
At two o'clock in the afternoon an.
All-Portuguese team will play against
an All-Japanese team.
Both gamea will be played in aid of
the Red Croaa and a charge of one dol
lar will be collected from each auto in
line; general admission-for the publia
will not lie charged but it ia intended
to have a bevy of young ladiea tag- aa
many of tbe spectators aa possible, the
nominal aum of twenty-live eenta being
act as the price of a tag.
It Is hoped a generous crowd 'will re
spond and contribute willingly to the
good cause.
Two fine gamea are assured, the boya
being very euthusisstic about it, Please
come and make a success of the boys'
HIM), Huwaii, December 8 Why
Hilo has not an aquarium, la a topic
which Supervisor Kugene H. Lyman
brought before the board of supervis
ors yesterday. He claims that there is
a strong sentiment locally ia favor of
the establishment of such a structure,
similar to that erected In Honolulu and
asked for tbe appoiutment, of a com
mittee of three to take the question un
der discussion. He considered thnt
Moohenu I'ark would be a suitable place
for the establishment of such an at
traction and so advised the board. The
committee will report at the next meet
ing of the Imard regarding their recom
mendations iu the matter. '
Don H. Bowman, A. M. Cubrinha, Ku
gene II. Lyman, D. Forbes and R. W.
Killer have been appointed by Chair
man rani Kauhaune to serve oa
committee: 'I' ' i
WKHT lOIMT, New York, Novem
ber 17 The Army met little opposition
from Lebanon Valley today, vanquish
ing the rollegmna by fifty to nothing1,
(iliphant led In the cadet's scoring,
nuking thirty-two of tbe Army'i points.
He scored four touchdowns. Ova goals
after touchdowns and . one goal from
placement from the forty-yard line; L
He was ably, assisteunpy .Wiaswiu
Walker in the attack 'on I.ebauon Val
ley 's goal line. 8tok.es, Knight and
March excelled among the Army for
wards, lluines and Morrison played
best for the Lebanon Valley.
NKW YORK, December 13 ( As
sociated) Hon. John K. Tener, rx
tinvernor of Pennsylvania, waa re
elected on Tuesday as president of
the Nations"! .J-esgue. . ,
4 r. i1
q t
Cubs Buy Alexander:
anil Killifer
Fifty Thousand Dollars Said To
Have Been Paid For -
NEW YORK," December Asso
ciated Press) Tha Philadelphia Club
of the National Iagne yesterday sold
drover .Cleveland Ales-under and Wil
liam Killifer -to the Chicago Club of
the same league.. The price paid by
lh"Cnb"fof' the "two 'men '4s aaid to
have beet la excess 6ffty thousand
dollara. -. ,.
x f ' ' ' . :' t-
Grover Alexander baa been tha fore
most pitcher of the Phillies the paat
two years at least and with him la the
box tha Philadelphia "Nationals invari
ably won.' William Killifer has bees
Alexander's catcher' all along and is
also tha Phillies best bet ia the back
stop station. .'Alexander and Killifer
form a strong bnttery, one of the best
ia the major leagues.- V-',' -.-
Alexander and Killifer wera tioth in
Honolulu a few years back, when Na
tional and. American League ' teams
played a aeriea of games at Moiliili
Field. They are well liked here and
local fans consider them In the light of
kamaaiaaa. ", " '
; i '
Hilo Supervisors Name Commit
tee Tq Study Project
, " .: .-v.- ;
, HH.(y TJawail, December . 10 The
present conditlen of tlooluiu Park is
such that it has practically past out of
existence as a' rendervoaa for the gen
eral public, and thia Situation haa been
brought to the attention of tha board
of supervisors by Supervisor ugene H.
Lymun.. - .-. -
In a resdlutlon which he introduced
yesterday afternoon, Mr. Lyman called
attention to the fact that Hoolulu Park
had been aet aside aa a public park,
that it was necessary that it ahould be
cleared of Weeds nnd brush, nnd that
it waa quite likely that It might be
found necessary to enlarge - the park
if it were to meet the grdwiog require
ments of tbe city," . -. .',';.,
' Accordingly, Mupervjsor ' Lyman nak
ed for the appointment. of a committee
of three to investigate the "aituation
and -report to the meat meeting of the
board, tha application . I lag. granted
at once.
In apeaking with regard t tha pro
ject Jie has in- mind, Hupervisor I.ymnn
aaid he considered thnt the time had
come when something-should be dona
to provide the people of Hilo with
greater facilities for amusement in the
He pointed to the congested condi
tion of Moobeau Park as a Ale, re,
ferred to the inability, to stage nay
outdoor eventa requiring anything like
a apacious area, and naked what waa to
be doue with the next County Fair
In this respex-t he haa the support of
the other members of the board and
the report of tbe committee will bo
awaited with interest. . ' I
Don 8. Bowman, A. M. Cahriaha, Eu
gene H. Lyman, D. Forbea and B. Wt
Filler have been appointed to the com
HILO, Hawaii, December 7 At the
meeting of the directors of the-HilQ
Basketball League on Tuesday even:
ing, it was decided to discontinue the
junior teams from playing in tha league
competition," tbe play of the juniora be
ing unsatisfactory. A great deal of
dissatisfaction haa prevailed of late,
but that has now been eradicated, the
removal of the junior teama being one
of the most important atepa taken. Tbe
five senior teams will recommence play
on Jsnnnry 0 next in the nrmory nnd
games will be played weekly as hera
D. Forbes haa resigned as a director,
his place being filled, by the election
of K. D. Ayres.
HILO, December 3 Moobeau Park
presented a lively nppearanes yester
day -afternoon, "no- 'doubt owing fro the
One weather. ' The llile Band gave
one of their pleasing programs, and
quite a large concours of spectators
were on hand to watch the- two gamea
of baseball played. Tha Kainbowa put
n team up against the Crescent City
club teanvand got away with the game
to the tune of sixteen, to one.- Follow
ing them came tha Hinodc's nine to try
conclusions with a team frpm Waiukea.
The Japanese team .polished off their
Opponents w ith a Score 'of sixteen ta
one. . ' -.
s'oI'boWIiMwI '
HILO, Hawaii, December A Intense
eutuusiusin is being displayed itt Hono
lulu relative to. the Kllauea Hilo Relay
Race, according to information which
reached town this morning. "Tbe boys
of the Twenty fifth Infantry have, a
splend'l team," remarked a returning
reside.:, "and they are favorltjia for
the race down there, though Joe Htick
nev's team has a lot of supporters."
Hilu's lads are traiulug well, and are
bound to give a good account of thotd;
selves on January 7 next.
Prcndcrgast and
Dilkocfer Go To
at . e
National rinUics
Part of Deal Whereby Moran Dii
posed of Alexander and ,
Killifer To Cubs
- NEW YORK, December 13 fAssocL
ated . Press) Further details of tha
deal Whereby Manager Mitchell of the
Chicago Cuba of the National Leaguo.
secured Pitcher Orover Cleveland Alex
ander and Catcher William Killifer, Jr,
from the Philadelphia Club of tha ssmi
league,' were given Sut today. '
la addition to receiving s'h,000 fronx
ths Cubs for Alexander and Killifer,
Manager d. J Moran of the Phillies
geta Miks Trendergast, one of the best
OperatorsO'lH the Cub nitchlnir etrlnc
and Dilhoefer, a catcher whom Manage.
Mltahell seen red recently from the MiU
wankee Club nt the American Associa
tion. IMIhnefer -ta a ennJ mm-t
haa bee roeriving for Prendergast right
long. - ', : . ,-' . -.'
- In the deal bet wee w the two clubs
Prendergast and Dilhoefer were thrown
Mt wun tne ririv thousand dollars lltaid
by the Cnba to the Philliea for Alexan
der and Killifer. ... . ;
.'The acquisition of the best battery
the Philliea had will go far to strength
en the Chicago Cubs in the race next
year for the oennant of the-National
league.- ' , - j...:-'.- :
- .. r n n n v a - .
vvnsusajvn auittUHANIR
Ewa Plantation Compaor . ' 1
: Wailukn Agrlenltnral Co., Ltd. '
Apokaa Sugar Co., Ltd. ..
, f . Kohala Sugar Company
Wnhlawn Water Company, Ltd.
, Fulton Iron Works, of St. Louis
Babeoek Wilcox Company
'. Green's Fuel Economizer Connany
('has. C. Moors t Co., Bngineera
mnkna happy homes and sound na
tion. Insttlt It deepN
Oaorgn Washington.
We pay 4 Interest on time de
Merchant and Fort Sta., Honolulu
from Montreal to Liverpool,
London nnd Glasgow via tha
and It Lavrrence Route
By the popular "Princess"
Bteamers from Vancouver,
. Victoria or Seattle. '
For full Information apply to
Theo. H Davies & a Ltd
Genl Agents, Canadian-Pacillc Ry. Co.
'Commission Merchants
" ' ejSWawasPJaaaaa, '
Sugar Factors
Ewa Plantation Co. . f
'':' Wnlalua Agricultural Co., Ltd. V
Aposau ougsr vo., J.ta.
Fulton Irou Works of SU Louis
Hlake Steam Pumis
M- 4 ' . ! . 1
, nnicrn vvoiriiuguia t
, Babsock Wilcox BoiUrs
Green's Fuel Kconomiser J
Marsh Steam Pumps
. Mat sa Navigation Co,'
Planters' Line Bhlppiug Co.
- Kohala Sugar Co.
chinery of every desurijition ma do te
order. ,
Issued Tussdsys nnd Fridays
(Entered nt the Postofllce of Honolulu,
T. H., as second class matter )
Par Tsar uoo
Par Ysar (foreign) 3.00
' " Pa vablrf Invariably b 44 rnesj.
CHARLES S. CKAMU 1 , Mnnacst
Castle &Cooke,

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