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JAN 171913
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n. s. wkattir borzao,
Dee. 11, inu t.aH twenty
four -, hours' rtiinfnll, . .00.
Temperature, Min. 67 Mai.
SO,-- Weather, clear. .
J vol. x, ko.l loi : j
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mssed; kihouse
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' ' ' " - . - . 1 . , ' Y
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.. " . .. ' : . r -. , , . i .. v, ''. '
Measure Differs Little From One Adopted
By Senate Which ; Is Expected To
; : H W- Concur Today ; '
.. ' ;::.-v;.;. ' ' ' ' ' ." .x ...
W ASI 1 1 NOTON,' December 18--( As.sociatel 1'ress ) Nationwide
. prolubitton passed the house 6f representatives yesU-rday with a
' ;. handsome margin to spare and Senator Shvppard, author of the resolu
tion, forecast last evening that the senate will toilay concur in the house
.y amendment whcreyi it differs from the resolution - which he introduced
into the senate and which was adopted by tnat body at the session last
, summer. , Only a very slight difference in the measures aspassed by .the
" ' two branches of congress stands in the, way of . submitting to the legisla
v. . tures of the several states the amendment to the constitution of. the
United States whicb will prohibit the manufacture, importation and sale
' and make impossible the, use for beverage puroses of alcohol.
: no.uncertaiu language did the house go on record for the sub
-.mission to the states of nationwide prohibition.- The roM call showed
hip of the house and twenty-six more than a two thirds-majority of
Ihose'present and Voting. ' , ' " ; ' 1" r ' - ; '
. Attempts to amend all fail
. All attempts to emasculate the measure failed in the debate and in
the votes that were taken on proposed amendments before the final roll
call. Efforts were niade, to permit .-the. manufacture and sale of light
wines and the brewing of beer but all of those efforts were defeated
by nearly as large a vote as the one which finally passed the measure.
As passed by the house the resolution differs from the one passed
by the senate only that it gives to the states seven instead of six years
within which to adopt the constitutional amendment which is to be sub
mitted to them under the resolution. Senator Sheppard is confident that
on this point the senate will willingly give way.
The fight for prohibition now is removed from congress to the
several states of the union. Of these it must be adopted in two thirds
to become effective. Already twenty-seven states are on record for pro
hibition by the passage of state constitutional .amendments which
have made them "dry territory". This will mean the centering
of the fight in the half dozen or more states where the sentiment
is most evertly divided although it is certain . that bitter efforts will
be made by the liquor interests in every state in which they may believe
that they have a fighting chance. Efforts will by made to swing states
that are now ranked in the dry column away from national prohibition
even if favoring strict prohibition within their own' borders. It is ex
jccted that the distillers and brewers, leading the saloon element man
aging and engineering the campaigns in each state, will fight to the last
There was gkxm in the camp of the wets last night although
they have seen for days past that the tide had turned against them,
have been practically hopeless since the senate first adopted the
Sheppard resolution.
On the other hand there was rejoicing "in the prohibition camp.
The long struggle for a submission to the states of a constitutional
amendment was all but won and there was no doubt in the minds
of the leaders that it would be won cither today or immediately after
congress reconvenes at the end of the Christmas holidays.
Immediate steps are to be taken for the perfecting of organiza
tions in every state in the Union and such organizations will he
lroug,htT;ifltQ readiness for the campaigns in each as fast as they are
begun.'M.A -period of seven years gives ample time for a continuance
of the spread of the wave that has swept so large a part of the coun
try aiid it is predicted that a much shorter jniriod will bring about
the ultimate defeat of alcohol.
Announcements By War Depart-,
ment Jell of Goethal's Return
WA8niNOTON, December 17 (Ah
iio-)td Pre) Announcement a
nial at the war department today of
au important reorganisation of the war
l ouncll, ., ien. Ei If. Crowder, provoat
marohal Reuerat, la the only member of
the council whobe position ha not been
disturbed. Quarte rmaiiter General
Henry O. Sharp la auceeeded by MaJ.
Uen. fioethala, wbo la brought back in
to active aerriee. Oep. John I), Bar
j-ette miuceeda Oen. K. M. Weaver ah
rhief of coaat artillery. Other t'hangtw
will be announced later.
Administrator Points
Need of Production
WASHINGTON, December 17 (Ah
Laociated Vrenti) Fuel Controller Harry
Gurlield tolay aitked the com I miners
of the country to forego their regulur
('hriMtniuH uod New, Year holiiiuv. It
In estimated that coal production is now
reaching the figure of 2,000,000 tons
daily output and the los of labor dur
ing the holidays will be aorlou in view
of the preseut fuel hortge and the
severe wiuter in inanv parts' of the
I'nited BlHten.
, ' . ' , ', ' - - - - ' " '
I " i ' - , . - I ' ........
CHADO, former presi
dent of Portugal (on left) and
Alfonso Costa, his former pre
mier,.'(on right), deposed by
Portuguese revolutionists! '
Pbrturjuese Premier Still Held As
-Pjrionerjf Revolutionists -r
' Now In Power .
WASHINGTON, December 18
(Aaoclatf4 Press) Dr. Bernar
dino MacTiirto, former president of
the Republic of Portugal, who wst
forcibly remoTed from hts high or- '
flee a result of the revolution of
last week led by Major Paea, has.
been escorted to the Spanish border
and aent te Paris, via, Madrid, an
exile. He has beea forbidden to
return to Portugal .
Dr. Alfonso Oosta. former pre
mier nd minister of foreign af
fairs, who was arrested by officers
of the revolutionary government
on his return from Paris, where he
had been attending the Interallied
conference, is still held In the
Portuguese capital .
It has been announced by Major
Pae the revolutionary leader, that
the outcome of the revolution
against the Ooeta administration
will in. no wise affect Portugal's
. share In the war on the side of the
Entente. Portugal will respect
her treaties, whatever her govern
ment, ba says.
HOME, December lit (Associated
Press) The .Mesmiggero, the mouth
piece, of the Vatican, in its Imhuo of
yesterday announces that Tope Bene
dict has sent a circular letter to all ths
binhops of nil the belligerent Powers,
notifying tbem that any Cbritiaii stnti
which may give aid to the Turks in any
nttcrjint to retake .TruMilnm ind rn.
store it to the rule of Islam will be
comleuiDcd by the Holy See.
for japan delivered
TOKIO, December 17 (tfpecihl to
Hawaii Wiinpo) Japan 's latest and
greKteat battleship wr todiy delivered
to the government by the builders.
This new super-dreadnought was to
rently completed at ths Kawnraki Khip
yards in Kobe ami is named tho Ise.
The delivery toik place at K'ire.
The Ie Is of 31,00 tons, has a main
battery -of twelve fourteen inch guns,
has a speed of twenty-three knots and
is (iS.- feet in Icnuth with a beam of
ninety four feet.
TOKIO, December 17 (Special to
Ilawail h!npo K. Yamashita, well
known shipping man and business man,
who haa made a. fortune - during the
period Of the war. tod a v annnumuxi
that he bad contributed a million yea
to the government for the purpose of
entniiliNtnng au aeroplaoe fund.
' f - Ty r. , . :
r r
Sanguinary Conflict Continues To
Rage -With Efforts Chiefly .
Against New. Stand
Steps For Separate Peace , Be
tween Germany and Russia
Proceed With jSmoothness
NKV TORIf, leeemlnr l (Asso
elated i J'ress') All . attempts f the
Austro-Gerniana -te- plrre the Italian
lvnitwn dofeated :' ycnterdny.- At
Cabilie Hilt the Hrrerat thrusts were
directed and on -the ftroata and I'iave
f ron Is tk -S: htinjt vontinued to rage
furiomly .All il"' tie Ibilian front
was a Aceeq of grraVr.or lens activity
and en seveml sectors there were san
guinary battles. , ' x ; i
Attempting to follsw np their gains
nf jcRtcr.lar the Anstro Germans at
tacked the aew Italian pOKitions at the
head tf the. ban .ltrenKO Valley with
fury yesterday morning and throughout
the dy there was 710' abatement ia
the sanguinary "engagement. They
fouud the new position stronger, and
better fortilied than they had expect
ed aid every attack' was beaten, back
with yrcat slaughter, No gain wero
rond nl none eVere' Vdaitued jtj .the,
offlcblaeVpateheirSWir emansti-i from
Berl.n ltit niifht which told only of
gains on fiundny.
Quiet On West
On the Western frout a period of
comparative inactivity appears to have
net in. Ilotb in Vrunce and in Flanders
actiit4 consisted only of mutual
bomhnrdmf nts and rnids, none of which
nppcuri'd to be of major importance.
Krom the Kast it wis reported tliut
tlie Turin had occupied the islands of
Mesainisi and IM.-ika off the coast of
Xhiii Minor.
Peace Goes Torward
Hteps toward a separate peace be
tween (iermany and Kusaia continued
to go forward. It was reported from
Amsterdam that von Kuehlmaun was
proceeding from Brest to l.itovuki to
take part in the negotiations which are
to lie conducted there. .'
Announcement was made at F'etro
grnd of the terms of the Russo Oerman
armistice whereby all active fighting
is stopped between the Teutons nud
so much f the Iiussian armies as Is un
der control of the Rolshviki govorrocnt.
The terms of the armistice obligate
Inifli sides to make no tran&ferrence of
troops until January 14, at which time
the nrmiittice expires. Nor can the be I
liferents increase the troopn on any of
the fronts or on the islanda of Moon
Hound, now one of the battlegrounds.
Furthermore, regrouping of forcea for
strategic reasons is not permitted.
The Oermuim agree to concentrste no
troops from the Black Kea to the Baltic.
Fraternizing of the men hitherto bit
terly belligerent In officially allowed,
though . ith some restriction. During
daylight hours only the troops may visit
back ami forth, and the groups en
gaged in such fraternising are limited
to twenty-live persons each. They will
be allow c.l to exchange newspapers and
articles of Vecessity, and earry on
The naval armistice section makes
011 agreement that there ahall be no
activity of forces in the Black Kea er
the Raltic during the period to January
14. IftlX.
Expect New Offer
Neutral diplomats have, learned that
Oerniany is considering another peace
It ix announced from London that on
Pec. 11, German destroyers sunk two
neutral vessels and a trawler oft the
river Tvne.
W AHIIIXOTON. December 18 (As
sociated Press) Reduction of salaries
of senutors and representative is pro
potted as a war measure by 8enator
Kciiyon in a resolution which he pre
ociited to the senate yesterday.
The resolution for lower salaries
provides for 50(i0 per annum during
the period of the war, points out the
great expenses under which the uu
tinn is laboring and the need of rV
tri'iiclimciit in every possible direction.
The senator saya that if legislation
i to cast burdens on all the people the
legislators should be willing to help
bear those burdens to the fullest ex
tent and urges passage of the resolu
tion for patriotic reasons If for none
18, v 1917. SEMI-WEEKLY.
who has been returned to
power Ind his conscription
policy endorsed by the Cana
dian voters at the election in
Canada. '
- ,, . Mi)
Borden Returned To Power f
General Election Yesterday;
French For Laurier
OTTAWA, December 1 (Associa
ted FresiO The ,penp!o of ' Caasdn,
speaking through the ballot boa at
their general election yesterday, have
approved of the Conscription Act by
reelecting a majority of members t
parliament pledged to support Sir Bob
crt Borden nnd his eonlition cabinet.
While the returns nre ,mit conijilete,
it is evident thst Kir ItoWt has been
given the mandate to govern as pre
mier for another hve year. Ontario
and the grenter part of the West poll
ed heavily for Borden, while' Quebo
, n nl Nome portions of the Kastern
! Provinces supported Hir Wilfrid I.aor-
icr. 1 he opposition leader campaigned
ou a platform that pledged every sup
port to the Untcnte of which Canada
nas capable but which demanded that
there ahnnld be no conscription ef man
power without a referendum and that
there should be a coimcription of
wealth as well. t-
The French vote, almoiit entirely,
was given to I.aurier.
Conscription Thin Week
t'lider a recent order in council, the
Conscription Act is already in effect
and the first drawing of cimsurint is
to be made on Saturday. Recruits for
the Canadian overseas forces are now
badly needed, the voluntary enlist
ments during the past six week hav-
I ing failed to equal the Cnnadlnn losses
: j Tk -1
111 r rnni-e riiu neigium.
During the recent advance upon
Cnmbrni by Oeneral Byng, it was a
forco of Canudiun cavalry, from' Fort
Onrry. which rode two miles into the
Oerman lines, capturing a gun batterv
and sHbering all the gunners. The tale
cf this achievement whs blusoned
throughout Cnnnda during the .' past
week, with the conscription . advocates
urging the voters not to let men like
that suffer through any failure to send
all the reinforcement required.
The main domond for conscription
in Canailu hus been to permit a proper
selection of new recruits, with thoso
sent to the front who are the most ens
ily spared from necessary industries.
WASHINGTON, December lft (
sociated I'ress) Admiral Harris, gen
eral manager of the shipping board's
emergency licet corporation, has asked
I to be relieved from the further duties
in that rapacity and to be returned
I to hia naval post. His request will be
: granted, it was learned lust night.
manes ne, a prominent Chicago
engineer, now vice president of the
emergency fleet corporation, is to suc
ceed Admiral Harris it Is reported.
It is understood that the retiring
manager found the work uncongenial
and gave that as the r canon for hia re
quest to be relieved.
' 1
. - . k . :
Executive Mansion Is
Wrecked by Bomb But
Inmates Escape Injury
Rear of B wlding in Which G over nor
and Wife Slep t Torn A wayTwo
Men Seen Fleeing From Scene
Police and Specials Searching For
Perpetrators of Latest Outrage
q ACRAMENTO, December 18-- (Associated
O Press) -Shortly after midnight .this morning a
desperate attempt was made by parties unknown to
assassinate William Stephens, Governor of California.
A high explosive bomb was exploded under the
Executive Mansion, completely wrecking the building
and tearing the entire rear end off the slnicturer The
force of the explosion was terrific.
The Governor, Mrs. Stephens and the household
J servants were all asleep in the house and had no warn-.
"y f .1 rr '. t : i-n .1 -11
I ;ing 01 ine enon peing; maae to Kin or maim them. .. u
j ! mough thrownTrom iheir beds by the force-of the ex
plosion, none was in any way seriously injured.
Two men were seen fleeing from ' the neighbor
hood immediately following the explosion, ut there
lire no direct suspicions against any particular indi
viduals. I The regular police are searching the city for sus
pects and special police have been sworn on in large
numbers to assist in the search for the bombers . and
any accomplices they may have. v1 '
Viscount Asserts He Would Not
If He Could Modify Anything
He Said On His Visit
TOKIO. December 17 Associated
1'resn) Viscount Inhii, who was guest
of honor at a bauquet given last night
to welcome him back., fVom Amcricu,
took advantuge of this first opportun
ity which has been given him to speak
in public since tits return to express
hi sincere belief in the gonl faith of
lln- I'nited Htntes toward Japan.
"I would not, if I were able, with
draw or modify anything that I have
in id iu America," he said, Mlt there
be no doubt about the sincerity of the
ichsagc of goodwill which I bring back
to Japan from the United Htates, or
for the connummatinn of the personal
agreement I was able to make with
Secretary of Htate Lansing.
"To President Wilson and to fcecre
t.iry I.nrsiug I stand personally indebt
rii for the unusual courtesies they ac
inrded me and frr the great considers
tion vt ith which they received my mis
sion and the subjects which we ere
empowered to discuss.''
KHANTK Deceinbor' 17 ( Associated
1'reaH) General Torsliing, conniHinder
of the American forces in France, is
sued orders today dealing with the
schools for soldiers already established.
( 'oniinuuilers are authorised to recom
mend noiiconiniUsionel oflicers who
may attend these schools iu the hopo
nl' winning commissions, and those who
Income proficient will be Hwdiuiuii to
'replacement units" to till up the
wastage causcti iiy war, ami thus keep
the supply of high clasa, skilled oflicers
at the maximum possible.
Vacancies later will be Oiled one
third by promotions and the balance
under this replacement plan.
latest cabled sugar csotaticm
Ooqta Donart
M OentrlTngaH N. T. for lb. r tea
Fttce, Hawaiian basis... 5.82, 1118.40
Left arsrlous a.aotaV
tloa......t 1.73 (13110
State Department Asks Refer
ence To Cuban Situation 6c
Dropped In Inquiry.
swiated Press) All efforts of the food
administration to tell its aide of the "
story of Cuban sugar contracts and
the whole of tho eastern sugar situa
tion which resulted from the compli
cations that there arose, wore (bloked
in tho bearing before, thn senate oom- :
mittee yesterday by an announcement
made by the state department that It
was deemed advisable that! this nat
ter should not be further diseussed. -
This announcement, followed by the
favorable ruling ef the committee oa .
the request ' of the state department
thwarted the efforts of Attorney Lead
ley for the food administration in his
efforts to cross-examine Clous Upreck
els. , , ;' ; , . .,'.
Administrator Hoover" has' lata' l&e
whole situation before the President
aud explained to him tho unfavorable
light In which he is left by having one
side of the story only, and that side
the ene ef disgruntled sugar -refiners,
before the public. - He asks for sn op
porttaity to make the whole situation
clear and to bring out the trutlof tho
entire controversy, , , 'V
unideImEDiTead; ;i
HALIFAX. December 18 (Associat
ed l'ress) Thousands marched to the
cemeteries yesterday to ; attend tho
burial of two hundred of the dead from
the explosion and subsequent disasters
that overwhelmed this city. They wero
the bodies of thoso so badly crushed
and mangled or ao badly scorched and
burned that identification was impos
sible. -. rv. .
The funeral was attended by. all of
those who nave lost relatives whosa
bodies wero not fqund and identified
and the number several thousand. :
) i
!. $
r ;
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