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HAWAIIAN GAZETTE,. 'ITfrlinAV, ;T;XEMBER 18, 1917. -SEMI-VVEyiltY. ,
dbead batio;:i;;b
I . I 1 N i
,Use of Home1 Product 1$ Only
Way To Avoid Serioui Short-
afle Administrator jls$erU v
Expects flour Allowance To Be
m Dowaiwenty-tyvft p.erccn
Whj tlcpnsln is Eectiv
Hawaii may yet toiM to bread ra
tioning, according to tatement made
yesterday by J. F, Child, federal food
administrator, unlcsj even : greater!
wheat saving than at present is pot
Into practise. Child recommend two
wheatlesa day weekly on the part of
everyone.-' '' a : : . . ' .;
- Wheat 1 not the only commodity In
which we may face a aerloua hortnge,
within the tieit few '? month,'- any
Child. The taking by the government
of large amonnt Of the ' (hipping
which formerly nerved this port win
ut down all import until U nay be-
itome h-question to get enough ' food
to go around, the food administrator
think. ' '
"Ti ose of hone product U the
only way to avoid thli shortage," aaid
Child. "People should eat more inland
grown food a, more Jlaul bean, more
bland cabbage, more aweet Potatoes.
more baaaaaa, and more island beef.
Theae thinga ahould take the place, of
imported article of food of the name
nature- beans, California vegetable
1 and fruit,, ad imported mutton and
leef. : , ' . - ..'... ,
t ;"Housew(ve abould make It point
in buying vegetable, fryiiU, nod meat
to auk I tbia island growuf and
make plain that their preference if for
Hawaiian product. The retailer only
reflect hi customers, and a demand
on their part (or iland product will
lead to hi buying them in preference
to imported food stuff.',' .
riour mtoatioa arara
There it ao danger of sugar short
age here at any time, Child think, but
the wheat . flour ' actuation . he ' state
ia growing graver daily; .The lieenaing
of baker will make a big decrease in
the use of ugar and fat in bread mak
ing, bod will likewise make a definite
faying of flour in quantities that ean
be easily computed. . ' - .
"The day of the bread ration. will
come," aaid Child yesterday, 'an4 tt
will not be so far oft) a people think;
It i my opinion that we will be- cut
down twenty-five percent in our al
lowance of ' flour when the baker' li
censing (oea' into effect. There will
It no please or by your leave about it.
The government will timply take our
usual flour order and eat them down
one-quarter, and we ' will' be left to
get alonjf as best we many by filling
in with rornmeal and graham flour. "
"The saving that will be made by
the bakers' license i egulatloo can ea
lly bo figured, as they know what tfcev
are using now and can calculate how
much less they will use Wnder the regu
lations, wbirh call for less sugar and
.fats and only skimmed milk? Some
Of the baker now are using' a high
a lx pounds of. ugar to a barrel ?
flour, and under the regulations they
will be allowed only two pounds. Thar
will be no more cream, bread With the
skimmed milk the only milk allowed
Need Two Wheatles ban
' The only remedy or preventative
against bread rationing ia the greater
saving of white flqur," Child continued
'One wnearle.' day la good but we
should have two wheatles day a week
in ordei td stave off the scarcity. Many
j'cople now are having only bno wheat
less meal instead of the full day, and
even though the observance of the
wheatles day i quite general in Ha
waii one duy la not enough.
"This is matter for individual de
rision and effort, and all those who
wast to avoid the issuance of bread
cards and strict limitation on the use
Of white flour will do their part ir
setting their own wheatles day and
observing them faithfully.
"More Hawaiian rice hould also be
usedoeaU.v The entire crop .hould
be ab.orbed in the Territory,, thereby
sav.ng the cargo space on vessel tr
the Cpast for more. sugar. There are
about I2Q.000 beg of rice growa year
lv in Hawaji. . Importation of rice
"' Japan reach 4MiflOQ aacka.
nuuiu oe an easv matte
Commiltea Will Be Appointed To
' Consider Ayailable Material '
, ; V Foj Chief justiceship "V
Attorney who nay" have had . be
bussing In tdeir bonnet yesterday and
tipping to be ftung by the Bar Associ
ation for recommendation to the, vacant
chief Justiceship,' may have been di
appointed yesterday at '' meeting of
I the association for nothing waa done
beyond giving the president of the law
CUt UOVVaiWenty-fjiVft RCrCent 4ier' hui the privilege . of aeleeting a
wrrninnipc or mm 10 aseenam won
material It availablo for thi high office:
. At first there waat a question of
whether or not the 'association ,: waa
meeting legally, Judge' C. Clemon
saying he had not been notified by
h secretary that there wa I- be a
fieeting 'yesterday,' but , the secretary
aid h.e had all member, or thought he
had, notified by telephone and had also
had a notice inserted in a newspaper.
Judge Clemon' pressed hi point, how
ever, on the ground that it wh estab
lishing a very bad precedent not to fol
low strictly the' constitution and by
law to thf letter.' .'; ' . , v
'. Finally,, after half an hour had been
consumed, I a talking about the legality
of the session and other aspects, rres
ident John W. Catheart suggested, that
a newspaper be ''procured? 'Attorney
Oreenwell hustled around the Judd
hoilding'tod returned In triumph' With
a copy which bore on it firstpage the
statement 'that'-' the' bar association
would meet yesterday at four 6 'clock
to consider recommendation for ' ap
pointment to th vacant chief justice
ship. Judge Clemons went to the pres
ident' desk, ed if Is need over the no
tice, but evea then hfld ta his ground
that the- notice lad not been properly
given. ' The chair ruled against the pro-
tost a t. whnrewpoa' he appealed from
the ruling ! the chair, but fh thirty
or more lawyer present fustaiaed' tbe
ehair, aad it waa finally decided the
njitanglera of legal tangles were aitting
quite, legally, v ' : v
( 8ralth then presented motion
for the appointment of a committee of
three to bring in recommendation to
the association for the latter 'a reeom
meodaUon to Washington covering the
ehief justiceship and for ,any other
vacsnciep that might occur on the su
preme bench of the Territory. Thi was
seconded, by Judge demons aind car
ried.' "'';' v' - v . .1 ,:
President Catheart said be would
name the committee thi morning.
D. h. Withington, ipeaking for a spe
cial committee appointed recently to
Onsidei; the request of President Wil
son who asked for leaat advisers to as
sist tbe selective draff and local boards
in solving knotty questions concerning
tie Questionnaire).' rettorted' that a'eon
sulation, had been' had 'with Captaisi
Francis J. Green, ' selective draft of
teer, and when the. service of lawyers
irere required, eertarn one -would be
recommended. Tt Was 'proposed (b-V the
lawyers work In relay. " '
A far a the outside districts were
concerned, it was stated that Captain
Green felt that the plantation managers
and lunaa could do verv effective Work
in re.vsrd to helping Filipinos and otbors
In making proper answer.
Clubs; May Expel
Members Who
P?j Ip Lciylty
panger of expulsion from tbe clubs
to whifk he belonged in Honolulu uvw
faces Gvorg Bqdivk, th fomicr Gor
mao consul for Hawaii who has just
pleaded guilty ia fan Francisco, to a
charge of, eonspiruey to violate the
neutrality of the United states. Charg
es have been made to the board of gov
ernors of the Commercial Club already
with a request that Rodick. be expell
ed. It ia said that a similar course
may bo followed at the PaciUc Club
with both Mr. Bodiek and F. W. Kir
babn, the latter1 having been more or
less prominent in the conspiracy ebrou
icles of Captain Oraashof, of the for
mer Uernian cruiser Ueier, aud now
held at Kan Francisco a a witnesK in
the case against Kodiek and others.
Drawing Formal Cfeargea
Formal t barges are being prrpareil
from th? suggestion made to the Com
mercial Club by Capt. James T. Phil
lips, l.r. H. K., who is also a member of
the club, the grounds for the request
being that Rociiek has' pleaded guilty
In a, United Btatet court to a charge
which 'provide for a prlaou sentouce.
Want Member Loyal
t There have been murmur for sev
eral month by loyal America mem
ber of club that it is 'time to call
to account biembers " of such club
whose loyalty, to the Vnited State
in questioned, and in' some eases, such
as the ease of Kodiek whose disloyalty
ia confessed. '
The present Pacific Club was orig
inally tbe- British Club and as unn
flourished for many years duriug the
last day of the Kamehamehq dynasty,
but later merged with other fjub and
became known. ,as the Pae'lflo dub.
Mr., toduk i one of many German
who are member of thi oldest and
most exclusive club M the Pacific.
TOKIO,' Herein ber 17-(8peeial to
Hawaii '8hinpo)--Janan will b repro
seutod on the Inter-Allied Naval Coun
cil at Paris. Rear Admiral Funagoshl
as U(Uy appointed a Japan' repre
si'utatiYe 'uiq4 tbe council and ordered
tg proceed nt onco to Pari.
TOKIO; December 17 (Special to
---.M mu munj matter to use tbe
whole output of, Hawaiian rice locally,
ami the aavtng would fulfil two objects
i uh iooo conservation prograniu-
- proauct and aavino- ir...
'. .
portation. '
WASHINGTON, December 17 (As
sortated Pre) Intcatlona are that
the Presidept will make no ' further
move toward unifying or federalicing
the railroad until after Christmas!
Nothing ha been announced as a re
sult of tbe eonfereoce iietwoen the
rresident, the railroad war board and
the railway brotberbood loaders. .
A man, ' who is booted"' under the
name of T. O. Bray, waa Interrogated
bv' intelligence officer ' and t'niled
(States Mnrhhfl J. J. Wmiddy bn hia ar
rival in Honolulu . yesterday, because
it was' asserted that the man waa a
fnimer member of tbe crew of the 0cr
inn ra gunboat Geier. A thorough, in
vestigation of Bray's paper wa made,
b,ut hh nothing wun fouud o aubstnp
iutu th( statement b wu permit U I
to continue hi travel. "''' . ,.
Biny said he was a Hwls stamp eol
lector bound for Australia wider en
gugeiueut to u firm iu that country.
Hawaii Mhinrio) ' Kecular service bv
airship between 'Khimohoseklj Japan,
nd Shnnp))al U pl.i'ined by a com pa 0
Attempts To Shift Blame For
' Failure To Mobilize 'Guard
: From His Own ShouldCrs
DlfclosHres concerning the failure of
the Hawaiian National Guard to be
called into the federal service that
Were brought out In a erle of communication-
with Washington that
Governor P nkham recently made pub
lic, with the exception of the Mann
letter which he suppressed are followed,
by an. attach on local capitalist in
the Governor' annual report just is
sued. ,
The .charge in question is one of in
ference as the report snys ' merely,
"Pjlvate local capital undertook to
have their interest- take precedence
over the army requirement, but will
be eompellc.l to give way."
' The statement is one of a number
made nmler the heading, "National
OUard of Hawaii". Thfc rest of tbe
statement concerning the national
guard fpllown; ' , ".',.. .. . '.'.J,
In accor.l with'the vlewa of the
comtomlers of "tin Hawaiian Depart
ment taining before th United
States contemplated " sharing In the
European war the National Guard of
Hawaii wan brought in number and
plan of organization to about the max
imum obtainable under voluntary ser
vice. Tbe organization wa brought to
a minimum legal limit of a regiment
each on the three outride islands, Ha
waii, Maui and Kauai, officered In due
form. On Oahu a regiment of relative
ly maximum number and other . de
tached units were organized.
'"Tbue provision waa made to police
every Island, relieving the United
State regular army of that duty and
also prepared to intercept any landing
enemy until the navy could get' into
.action. . . .
'The orders requiring a maximum
number' of men tp each regiment com-
?elled the National Guard of Hawaii
o 'b cut down to two regiments with
auxiliary units. Thus the guard will
number about 4700 men, against 0500
a previously organised." ;
r-.l.'.!'.: .. ..t .'
Colonel Hathaway To Be Install
' ' ed By Agent Anderson
Transfer of the affairs of the office
of internal revenue collector will b
made to Col. Howard Hathaway; the
newly appointed collector, by Revenue
Agent W. W. Anderson of Ran Fran
eisco, in charge of the western division.
H Is expected that Revenue Agent An
derson will accompany the' new collec
tor to Honolulu and that the transfer
of the office will be made next Satur-
' when the appointment was an
nounced Acting Collector Ralph 8.
Johnstone was notified that the trans
fer would be made by E. R. Cameron,
'who was Income tax agent here. Came
ron at that time, however, had resigned
to take Up private wptk. Apparently
the ha n go waa directed at Washing
ton when Cameron ' resignation 1 was
formally acceptod. . ,
The new collector hails from Everett,
Washington, where he was a member
of the firm of attorneys,' Hathaway,
Bee be k Hathaway. According to the
Kverett Tribune, wfcicb recently print
ed an article concerning the appoint
ment, Colonel Hathaway is a native of
White toue, Lancaster County, Vir
ginia. At one time he represented
Richmond anil Lancaster counties in
the Virginia legislature and from 1880
until 1001, when he removed to Kverett,
he practised law ' in Virginia. Tbe
Everett firm of 'which he was senior
member and hia sou, ' Howard Hatha
way, the junior member became brokei
up shortly after the United Htutes en
tereil the war. Yyuug Hathaway en
listed In tbe navy and is now aboard
the South Dakota. ' Later the othet
partner, Gene Beebe, heard the call t
arms, and he too entered the navy.'
Concerning the appointment the Eve
rett Trjbune says:'
"Four or Ave weeks ago a request
came to John B. Fogarty, chairman
of the Democratic state central com
mittee, from Washington, D. (-'., to
recommend a man for the position of
internal revenue collector for the dis
trict of Hawaii.' Mr.' Fosartv summon-
frA several nicn to a conference iu
Kverett aud askea for their combined
judgment as to wl)oin they should rec
ommend, to colonel . Hathaway fell
tbe unanimous choice. " '. 4
Colonel Hathaway is quoted in the
Kverett paper as saying, "My office Is
shot to pieces and I have no' tiea here
that eaunot be broken. I do not want
to Jose my Ideutity here. ' I will turn
my office over to some one and when the
war is over Howard and Beebe and.
will all come back and resume the work
where we broke off." ' :
t .T, ' . ' ..
WASHINGTON, December 17 ( As
sociated Prss) The house wn.v and
means, committee " today agreed upon
legislation which will subject ll fed
eral officials to the operations of the ex
cess profit tax, excepting only th pres
ident and the members of th-j supreme
EUlitSr;,' Oregon, l)ci ember 11
(Associated Press) -One hundred nod
sixty f)ve mob?, whose skins were
wqrtb a total of were caught ii)
tjlaps by Glpou Bailey a fourteen year
olt boy Jiving' east of this city. Only
four traps were used- ahd the catch
was made Iu a single sCiihoii. Hoiui
firni are pa vmir from :v to 40 cents
o K ill
Schools For Officers and Soldiers
; To Be ' Opened Td Teadh
Technica) Mil'tarjf Work
. 'i ' " f
Intense training for both officers and
men of the national guard will b in
angurated on and- after January 1,
101R, now that the report on the na
tional guard ramp have been finished
and some of their contents known. It
ia understood that the reports dealt,
in part, with the necessity for more In
tensive instruction ' for both commis
sioned and enlisted personnel of the
guard and the order for the new sys
tem will be issued nt once.
Oyer forty pereent of' the officer
are comparatively 'new men to their
positions, and the same fact applies to
tbe enlisted men. Mince July 1, thi
year, more than 900 men have been en
listed 'in ' tbe First Regiment alone.
The large - number of recruit is ac
counted for by the fact that early last
summer a large 'majority of the mar
ried men ia the guard were dropped
a a war measure, and their place
were taken by unmarried Ones.
From the time of their enlistment to
the opening of the ' guard camp at
Kawalloa Inst month, most of them
had bad but twenty-four hours actual
drill, eonating all of the nights they
put in at the armory drilling with
their companies. ' All the time spent in
drilling at nights, added together,
makes up a total. of only twenty-four
hour. Owing to' the large number of
eompanle in the guard, aad the size of
the armory it is not possible to carry
6a intensive drill work for each com
pany more than once a week.
'-'A school for officer if to be opened
and various school for soldiers will
be opened, so that every method of in.
traction necessary to train the guards
men in the technical side of military
work will be given.
which is orqanlKlOg h.'re. It is claim-1 for, male licit now, H is declured. The
ed that the ' fonripany baa ample flnau-1 lemaod for tliem is greuter than over
- ' ' ' ... r . ..,.,
Base Rate Is Raised Four Dollars
' a Ton To Coast
Effective immediately a base freight
rate of $8 a ton between' Honolulu and
the mainland ha been announced by
the shipping board. Bananas will go
at fifty cents a bunch. ' Previously the
ate on augar "wrer"lxef'aad-. an
nounced a $7 ton, thu belug given
a preference of a dollar a ton'over com
modities that are less needed on the
Castle A Cooke was yesterday noti
fied by ckble by the San 'Francisco
office of the Matson Navigation , Com
pany of the new rates announced by
the shipping board which the 'message
said had been made immediately ef
fective: , .,
The announcement of the amount of
increase of base rate is about what was
expected following the announcement
of the increase in sugar 'rates. .. It is,
however, of much interest to local mer
chants and businessmen. Naturally it
affects more vitally the heavier goods
than the lighter as, for instauce, ce
ment, building materials and machin
ery. On Hour the raise is twenty cents
a hundred p.oun.K Generally the in
crease is two-tenths of one cent a pound
on what Hawaii imports so It in seen
that there ia no occasion for a raising
of prices on lighter weight goods.
WASHINGTON, Decembe 17 (As
aociuted l'rcis) Royal Johnson, con
Urcaxman from Mouth Dukota, bus i'ii
listed in the army ns'a private and
been assigned to Camp Meade, Mary
bind. He has not resigned hi seat in
the houtu'.
Itepresrntative Johnson Is thirtv.
five years old and a Republican, lie
has a wife und two children.
PKTROGKAD, December IS (As
sociated Press) The commissary ' of
foreign affairs of the Bolshevflii ad
qiiniHrntWui has notified the foreign
embassies here that tbey must qn re-
2uest vise the passports of couriert
cting under authority of th. Bolshe
vik!. Otherwise, the passports of tjb
embassy couriers will not be viseod by
the foreign department.,.
TOKIO. Dcember l7(Wpeclal to
Hawaii Hhinpo) At a' meeting Which
was held at the Imperial Hotel this
afternoon In honor of Viscount Ishlij
head of the recently returned mission
to tbe Vnited Utate Roland 8. Mor
ris, the I'nited States ambassador to
the court of Tokio was one of tbe chief
such Kern: Hia tone was especially
friendly and he made a highly' favor
able impression on his hearers.
Mrs. liana K. A hi, wife of C. 11. W.
Alii, died at nine thirty yesterday
uiorniug ft her lute home, 49 Hchool
Htr-et, following an . illuvss . of two
weeks. Hhe wa operated at the
(Queen's Hospital last Tuesday and wa
moved to her home early yesterduy.
Mr. Ahi was born in llaaaleij Kun
ai, and was forty years, ulu uiuuths
and mcvhu days old. fche was a teacher
ur tlie'Aieu Hchool, this Island.' la ad
dition to the husbaud, live cliildicg
sun ive her.
Denominations of S50 and $500
Received From Department
: and Ready For Distribution '
.' : ".' : -. ; -,
Peeond Liberty Loan bonds of deno
minations of 10 and f.,00 were receiv
ed, frpm the treasury ilepnrtment at
Washington by the Hank of Hawaii
yesterday, and are now ready for dis
trlbntlon. Liberty Honds of denomina
tion of flOfl nnd f 10(10 have not yet
come to hand.
"It Would appear that Washington
1 abort of these denominations," said
Krnest G. Clark, assistant cashier of
the Hank of Hawaii, last night In mak
ing this announcement. "I hav re
ceived o information as to tbe cause
of the delay," he added, "and those
who have bought f 100 and tlMIQ bonds,
will, Unfortunately, have to wait for
tbem Until after Christmas."
Mr. Clark said that all who have paid
la full for the 50 or .M)0 bonds of tbe
Second Liberty Loan can hav them by
making application. They will be ready
for distribution from ten o'clock tb!i
morning on.
. It wa also announced last night by
Mr. Clark that tbe Conversion Four
Bonds bonds of the first three and a
half percent loan which were exchange
able for those of the second four per
eent loan bad not reached 8a a Frn
eiseo up to December A, under which
date he had received a letter from the
Federal Reserve Bank of Han Fran
cisco, mentioning the fact.
The', also, hav apparently been de
layed by the authorities at Washington,
laid Mr. Clark, but they are expected
to be received at any time now.
: It is not known how many local
banks, other than the Bank of Hawaii,
received bond of the Peeond Liberty
Loan by yesterday's mail. At a late
hour last night Rudolph Buchly, cash
ier of the First National Hank of Ha
waii, said he has not received any
bond of the econd loan, and was sur
prised to learn that tbe Bank of Ha
waii had.
- ''
,W. C. Avery ws yesterday appoint
ed statistician of the department of
education at the semi-annual meeting
of the Territorial board of achool com
missioners. The post which he ia to
assume is a new one created by the
legislature of 1917 and carriwa wotk
ly salary of fiOO. He will continue to
'bold tbe position Of inspector ' general
of f he department, but will erve with
out pay a the legislature, while it did
not abolish the position of inspector
general, failed to make any' appropria
tion with which to pay the salary. '
At tbe board meeting a petition, to
establish a new school at, Wailua
homestead, Island of Kauai, was
brought up, but action on the project
wa deferred until the next meeting of
the board.
In connection with a proposed school
at Kahaluu, Kuperinteadent Henry W.
Kinney stated that twelve additional
teacher are to be brought from tbe
mainland. ; They will be chosen from
California Normal schools, be stated.
WASHINGTON. December 18 (As
sociated Press) Further denial of the
reports that any Japanese troops have
been lauded in Vladivostok are con
tained in olBcinl despatches from Tokio
wburh the state department received
last night. Whether i is the purpose
of Japan to semi troops in -ase of an
emergency bnn not been announced. '
WASHINGTON, December 18 (As
soclated Press) Promise of safe eon
duct for the Dutch steamer Nieuw Am
sterdam from Halifax to a Nether
lands port is promised by Germany.
Mie ha a cargo consigned to Rotter
dam far the relief of tbe Belgians.
Hy Inter lilunri iiUamwr Uauna Kea from
I lawn II and Maul. uoi1h, leretnlii- l.Y
FROM HAWAII Ml-s F. Want, f, H.
Ward. Ursnt 'Usil.v., allss lllnlseye. Mr.
ami Mrs. K. I'. ilerrttt, Mrs. Imddl and
i MM, V, MatHUinoto, K. Wstaualm. ). Ha
Hakl. M. Kattakl. 4'bsrlra Travis, il. Hnilth.
Mrs. It. A. JiirrlsO. Miss Jonlao, P. T. t'nll
lllis. A. I.l'lxnle. W. II. Hinuli. t bsrlmt J.
JeliMin. t'ulit. slid Mrs. 4. M. Itlitil. Oeo.
Otsnl. I.. Win l.ok. U. It. ItilHjjell, M. Kii
niHiiud. Mrn, ore Hum. MsMter - TIiiih.
My.- I. Kcmt.le. c T. Lewis 4'atnllno
AMwtH.- Alfouxt HantM. M. MsCurUi, Mlxs
K. Italtldiis. Mrs. K. ThriK-kiiinrtoo, Miss
MHKKle Yoiiiik. Mrs. K. II. Knijll-h. JsmeS
WakcHelil. Miss I.. Huw, MIhs K. Farley.
Mrs. H. Broun. MImi K. K.lllot. Mr. and
Mrs. Manuel Iteseuta. K. W. UIK U. L.
IIIikI MIhs M. Cu'timlugs. 'ln Yee Kee,
Ah Hlim, Or. 41.. Mlto.
FROM MAI 1 Manuel l'wt. Ja. k Mr
Veluli. MIms Kawalnul.' MIhs Kekaa. MUs I..
Welirlit. K. T. MscMlllau, Master L,
Welulit. Ilr. Kysn. ('hsrmau. Felix. Angus
tln. Kawalw, Kslextowe, B. Iwliu. J.
HHlrt-iie. i. HsNiuuimeu. U. II. (l.illwr,
II. J. Jordan. Jwlije K, B. Kemp. A. V
lloaan. , I.srseu. II. Keiinler. A. V. l'e
ters. K. I). Ijilrtlsw, Vlss L. CbMinberlalu.
F. O. Kraum. i J. KiUHel), tir, N. Joxex,
MIhs A. Kaone. V. Van lllu. W. Tin
I'liouxT. R. A. iKiliniuoud. MIhm 1.11 Clt.
MIhs A. B. 4,hiir. MUS A. Ill, M1h Kalel
KuimiI. . OpuMnl, Klkoua, K. lumive. V.
Mnrliiioto. Nuksius. If. IJamsiiioto. 4. Iwa
UM.tn. Sll'i ' Peters, Miss Walkslos, Ml
Ah Kl. Mr, and Mrs. K. oer. MIhs M.
nikol. I. Itlkoi; 1C. Mundiy. A. Muruhr.
II. Leippke. K, Htauae. I'. IIhkcIsiiu. It,
ItoHHles. M. Bines. H Xl. Hn, Kim IMux.
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nil, Hmiifaelo, FaMo. Mr. and Mi-s. Barnes.
K h walnut. 4. Half I. I'. IMutnmlier, i.
Miiriiyania. I'nauariil. J. HIiUs AoloNn
k mm. W.' Wells. Ulmomlaelo. B. t'nlsnisiv
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mi ui kuiii
Court Hands Down Decision Up
holding Commission In Refuse
1ng To Reappoint PrincfpaP
-, -. t . . V ii
Henry1 ft. Brown, former principal of
the school at Waiinea, lose his. hard
fought struggle for reappointment and
Important question concerning the em
ployment of school teacher ia the Ter
ritory are nettled in a decision In
Brown' ease banded down yesterday
by the supreme court. AH of th jus
tices agree in the decision given, which
reverse tbe ruling of Judge L. A.
Dickey of the fifth circuit. :
The part of the decision which fixe
the status of teacher is probably its
most important element and ia a fol
lows: "Where one who ha been appointed
a school teacher by the depantoeai af
public instruction enters '.Into, a eon
traet , with the Territory to serve a
such teacher for a periled time, th
department it iiiumv ao legal obliga
tion to reapiolnt him at th expiration
of the contract, or to assign a reason
for not reappointing hio. or to give
bim a hearing in connection with its
decision nbt to reappoint him." ' ,
History of Can
Brown had held the post of principal
of the school at Walmea for five year
befora he wa glvca one of the one-year
contract thai are now used by. the' de
partment of education. .Before .the
time of tbe expiration of the contract,
August 31, ll(l, the' hoard of achool
commissioner notified BrWn that . he
would not be reappointed to the posi
tion. Ia the ease a presented to the
supreme court reason; for the decision
is not gone into, but. when the an
aouneemenr was made, and later in tbe
proceed lag before the lower court it
waa couteoded that Browu bad neglect
ed to carry out instruction of the de
partment. It waa alleged that Mrs.
Brown, hi wife, waa th real head, of
the achool and that method that arre
put into "practise were generally aub
versive pf discipline. 1 ,
Brown attacked the school board by
seeking a writ of mafilamua before
Judge Dickey and after a hearing, on
January 8 of tbe present year an al
ternative writ waa issued directing the
scnooi toard rounwitn to reappoint
Brown. The ease, was then brou8t
into the ureme court on writ of
In its decision tbe supreme court
goes fully Sato matter pertaining to
the employment of teacbera under th
contract form now used. . 4 Prt tht
ruling in thi connection says:
Pepartnent'f Power -
V Tb department undoubtedly ha
the power to obtain th services oi
teacher . upon an appoiotmeat for a
definite , and bmiteX period i l -;tim,
The period for which such services my
be contracted for is within the discre
tion of the department acting for tbe
Territory, and beyoad the control of
any court. It is clear, therefore that
the department had authority to hp
point Mr- Brown to teach , tor a year
whether be had previously bees em
ployed or not, and entirely irrespec
tive of how1 many uch contract had
been, made with hiin frosn year - to
year." ,
A contention advanced by Brown wa
that a 'contract waa understood.. . Thi
wax based on a statute, of )9J3, an act
to establish a retiring fund for pen
sioning retired teacher.' It was con
tended that the provision of thi act
fchow an understanding on the part ol
the legislature that teacher are not
employed and re employed on short
term contracts, hut have a much more
1ermanent tenure Thif ' contention, ia
not admitted by the ' upremfl court
which says: "It ia by no mean certain
that the legislature coustruedi the law
with reference to the teuure of achool
teachers.'' "
. ' .
The six first prize winners of the
children's garden contest which ha
been conducted on the Valley Isle un
der the auspices of the hfaui County
Fair and Baciug Association will arrive
in Honolulu on December 7 and. will
devote five day to tightaeeing and, in
spection of various industrial plants.
Trip around the inland will probably
be arranged bv tbe civic .organization
of the city aud, a moat of the children
have never seen the Hawaiian metrop
olis, it is believed that visit to the
leading store a well a other Indus
trial establishment will bo of nnusual
interest iu tbem. '. - .
DKS MOINES, Iowa, December
17 - (Associated- Pre) Frank
(Votclt, tlte well knowa wrestler,
died here yesterday, uraemio poUoa
ing being given as the cause of
death, liotch was probably the
greatest man on the mat game and
tbe "toe hold" wbi-h he invented
became famous throughout the world
where tbe wrestling game ha been
performed. Gotou waa, toty-oaa
year old. ' '
Itunnlula, teeehilar IT. HII. .
... '.v. K I
!'' ITOCat , :' v t f;
Alex, ft Bsldwta .
C. Brewer to.
Kw Flsata. fo. L
llalkn an, t'o. .
Haw. Afrctl.. I'o. . .....
Haw. l a.
Haw. Una.
Ilnka Mnasr .
Ilouomo ao. t. .....
Itntihinsna inicar F. Ca..
Kslinku tiaai' a'o., .....
Keiaha Knjsr'Co. ' ;. '., ...
Kolna Wu. .,,,.
MeHrrits Mna. t' Ltd..
Oahw Una.. Co.
Olaa uif 1., Ltd, r.'.
Onvmea Huxar Co. ......
Paiikaa Knar Plant. C.
j'arlle a.,r itUJ . .....
Tepeekeo Knaar Vo. .....
linueer au, Co. . 1
Han Carlos MtlUnf Co. ..
wslaluA ixrvU. Cn, .
Wfflrtu 6ur t'. .....
Cadaf 'DeTalnpmeat Co. .
It Issue aens TO I'd.
Ilsila V. i. T Vfd..
IUli.ii V, V. V. Vua.
Mow. Cva. Jijr. 1 A
llV. t oil. Icy. 4V
(Iar- Kr- luiu......
tlawallan rHeetrtc Co. ...
Uaw.' I'lneajiiile (. ....
Hon. B. M. Co., Ltd...
ll..o. K. T. 1 L. t'o-
rnteM-lsad ti. N. Co. ...
Oaten K. A I.. (
t'sbana niildier Co. . ,
-lams I 'inning. l'U. ,
Ha me 0Z Ml
lot ,
Kelsrtix ninOln
- Ham 0ri
Taojonf (m Qublwe Ce,
-k Walk. 5it.
Haiuakua tMteh Co., is..
ft:: tVrc.:-::
BsW. .Terr'l SW40, '......
II Uo n l-..tb. B"! ..
Reuoksa fiiif. Co., ar ..
Jln. JQss t'o.' Ltd., 5 .
Slano ."U. STt
MoBrrde H,1ar t'j., (a ..
Mutual, Tl ;i ..
Oahu It. L. Co.. 5C......
uas a wng. i o., wt .
Olaa Bus. CO.. ..
I'.Olfto Nuaaa r. Co.. 0 1
tmlOe Boxar MIU Co.. WJi
ea lariof miu. io., w.
floneer, SU. 11. -JM OUa. C5, 10, 4-yO:
rttM, a , -f & 4.0j; Vjalaloa, 5R, fCk
" '.it 0OA QUOTATION B ' ' '
. ' Dee. U, I01T.
. aaalysla beetf (ao a4)as).
IKf,rtHTt. (or Hawaiian) Hnar'l.-.:S.0S "
fUnsapor n .
NcW Tork . in.'
-; ; L4-t
a" -
B4 i
13 "
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sr ,
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M. '
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"lit ' '
'is, '
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I.V .
ri-Mtl i ,j.'i,'
I mww $m
'. KKV YORK. Iiiscetuuer 1 Dr Ao
ctated Presaj Vollotu are U eienlu(
S4 doidna aaotatVnns ot stocks la tbe
ye.W York BiaTket yestenlsy; T '
u. 1 Pne-1 Clo
Amertcaa JJuasr. Co.. n .
Aiaerbao Beet
AsaociaU4 yllt . .......
AlitxkS 'Ool4 .
imericta Locomutlr .
uifrl. au Tel. Tel,
Aiuricsa stmeUer
taivrtcsn Heel ?drr .
pscouda. oilieP .. ....
AlchUou kallrsr . . ...
Baldwin Let-omoUr .' .
Baltluiore Ohio
Detiiletaau ateel "11" .
California petrifltuu) ,
Central Leatjier. . .....'.
i:uailan Vaclnr". .....
C. M- t Paul
Cok7 roel Iron . ....
Crucilile, Jttel ..........
Cnli Huxsr Cane . ....
Krle eoioirton .
Oeueral " KlVtriC1
Kleaeral atyjurs I new) . .
Urtrst aiortbern pld. ...
latiuraattoatl "Nlrkla . .
acnuccoU. I'ovoer . ...
ludiuttriaT Alcobot . ...
International Paper . ..
LetilKh Valley Usuruau
Sea- tot Cratsai;; ....
I'chnnrlvsntu . ........
kajr Cohsolldie4 ...
Iuad1us common '. ....
Ueputilu Iron cowutpu .
Tew PU . v..
( Blted Mtatea Ituliber .
I'ulop I'aeinc . ,,
I sited KUtes ateel . . .
rtahj ,Z -
wentem fnloa .
Wsatmthousn ?. '.......
' a
ion n
3W '
. 'MS
tuf "
54 -V!H
1 . . -";'.;,"
Uonolulu, ptcemlwr IN, 1117,
UK'S KRAKCI8C1) Uecember 18 (As
cUUd PwssJ Kollowlna are the 0isnln
snit (IosIdjc quotations ut sossr and otiiec
fTOCK ? i
? t
: i f
I Ion. lull oil flu 1. 05 t.Vi
I niteU t'ojijier 4.::i) 4,40 4.l'1
Moiiiitalu Kill . M .10 (VI
Mineral rriHliu-ts . . .11 .11 n'
Mi iiIhus lllnxlinui . .W A H
Mndeva Mluln :?2 3h ....
r.liinlniiii. eHoo. 44c: oil. 4,i: ;
' ': I''"' ' Knails, UO, 4.15; Ml. tJ
liliik-baui, WW, Ilk.-. i .
Hiii'i Pf.ni't Hn..f
Flawsllsa MiiKsr Co,
Honoka Kunr ..
Hulchluipn Hyaar Co
KUau(-s . ' ,',
Osba susr t'o. . ..
Olsa Huaar Co . ...
Pnomea Huaar Co , ,
Pssohtu Hotar Co. .
t'.niceU Conner , , ..
Ilonoluhl OH . .....
Uuitutulv Plantation
S .
10 VI
at i
Bid. tKs-MTMeaed. traqooUd.
!v. " . ll:"tj." ,"-,' V '',
i . i ,
Quota Una a th fiWIowlna New York
cort) stocks, a wlrsUiwad tu Tk Adrsc
tbwr o HM C. ar:
fstur- loo-
Bla l-.ediie
CMlettouls . ,
Emm Copper . ......
HncrT- . ...
Irout Blossom , , . . . ,
Je.ome . Vent .
Jim Hutler ,
Marnl .'. .
Mother Lod . , ,
Ky IleK-ula .
Mhw-u Kula
Cona, .
klivec Kins t'ni. . , .
T0m4.sk k,VtUHlou . ,
Tuoliimhi ,
Wlllrt V
ttleliuiolld, C'obpsr '. ,,
Uri4a i"l.l i
MmlHUia .
Mltraull OU, vouiuion
. .4.1
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1 :m
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4 N
. ',' t:.'.
'v ' ..' w i y v , v
" i :;. V '
0 a yak aw m-f

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