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r;ttr""!: HAWAIIAN GAZETTE" 1 1UDAY. 1 .'DECKMBER l21. 1917. -SEMI-WEEKLY. T
' - .' ,- - 4, N 't .V.v I
Ii .-ilJ.Oil. -iiJ.- -,2. N W V 7
Preliminary Estimate For hip
ping Purposes Show-Eighty,
i, . Thousand Toni Shprtage J
figures Conservative' ;
, vi and may be improved
In Any Event Outturn Will fee Far
Below' That of Last Sea
son and Is Serious :'
Ttaa4 part upon preliminary estimate-
med for shipping purpoee and
part on . inofficial figures, f ha 191
. Hawaiian aacar crop la expected to be
rpproalmately 505,000 loan. This means
a crop ahout 0,OIMJ tona under the 1917
outturn. Heriou draught of last n
bt (in tha inland oi Hawaii an Maui
anil devastation by tha leaf bop per oa
come plantation' are- responsible for
thin serious loss to tha 1918 crop. The
1919. crop will also be found to have
been damaged, bnt to what extent It i
a yet too early to forecast.. 1 -' .
.preliminary figures, prepared by the
l.-ianager of the varioaa plantation of
the Sugar Factor Company, have been
reeeivetl by A. M. Nowell, eeeretary
ami general manager ef that company.
These figure are merely base for ar
ranging for shipping apace for tha crop,
bnt they give a fair approximation.. He
ho not yet received fig-ore from all of
the eatside plantations, no that expect
ed louse for cuch companies, are in port
estimated. . .,' '
Falling Off Sertoli : . '.'''(
' lTeliminary ', eatimatea of the 1918
crop from the Sugar factor planta
tion bring total of 460,500 ton a
against revised eitimate Of 628,352
lattt year for tha same plantations. This
give a decrease in eitimate, thia year
over last, of more than eleven percent.
"The preliminary estimate for 1917 of
the nlantatiana not membera of the
Bugar Faetora Company wn 111,568
tona. , Taking the earn ratio of de
. crease for the a ia fouad among tha
, frtgar Factor ' plantation an estimate
of 97,552 ton for the next crop if ob
tained -Thi give a preliminary esti
. mate for the entire Island crop of GO,
79(1 ton. l --',-"""-. ) ; "
Last ; year, ', however, ' i tha onttura
proved to be materially larger feaa la
rsuraaies. joi production up iq oep
t ember .30 amounted to 644,570 ton,
and to thia must be added the late
; grind of several plantationa oa tha Isl
and ef Hawaii, which were delayed by
the drought into November before com
pleting their grind for tha year. .It i
a) a,aaanj 4. ciiiui an J vjiuw
- . 1Q1A aa KnMff nll il nn. Kaaloa tKa
' actual 1917 crop. . 1 , '; .
Other Ootnparlsoiia "v .
Thia estimate i 25,000 tons under the
1918 crop, 73,000 tons below 1915, and
40,000 Jbelow 1914, but is 20,000 tons in
. excess of the 1913 arop. Again it. Is
5,000 tons below that of 1912, and eon
siilerably larger than the three preced
ing eropa. v .
It must be remembered that these ea-
. timatea were prepared in October, at a
time when the drought had not a yet
been fully broken, aa.l that for thi
reason they incline toward conserva
tism rather than in ahy aenae being op
timistic. There i a strong probability
that, with conditions up to or above the
normal, tha outturn may prove to be
- larger than .thi early estimate..
Monetary loas Large
Viewed in the light of dollars and
cents the e to the sugar industry by
reason of thi shortage 7 perhaps more
rliar. At ilia a ton. the criee fixed
, by the" augar ommision aceording to
Last ojt.QIdv and r
First of New Jx i
Crops Leave Soon ;
Twenty-five Hundred of Seven
Thousand, Ton Cargo Wirt Be
of Coming Year's v Outturn;
Shipments of 1917
i I in).'' -
i Bhipmenta of the new tugar crop will
begin . nex week' when a departing
steamer will take out 2000 tona of the
191". Hawaiian, augar-erop. Tha bal
ance ef the cargo will be 4504 tou of
1917 aogar, the laat af the old crop.
Thi sugar will all go to th Eastern
refiners and will pay the new. freight
rate of 915 a ton,,.. When It arrive
there it will probably be taken at the
price of 5JK) for it i expected that by
soch time the newly fixed price, baaed
on 4.60 and freight from Cul, will be
fully operative, i .
lliorlsion was -reached by the govern
ment n few day aiaee not to take over
for other . use th ' steamer which
broOght coal to the Inland and was
to tahe away the last of tha old aad
the Drat of the bew. sugar crop.- Thia
relieved the shipping situation quite
piaterially - anil permits the departure
of the belated augar. c ',
Vp to the 'present time, it ia learned
from the Sugar Factor Company, ship
ment for the year have been 231,000
tone of raw augarY' The coming ship
ment thus fringe the total up to 635,
500 ton. The remainder of the 1917
erop waa used in home domestic con
sumption, canning of pines for export,
and eoine exported aa' refined sugar
by the Honolulu 'I'lnntation. It ws
estimated early in the year that such
consumption would: amount i to' about
13,000 tons and the appearance is that
it has equaled or exceeded those fig
ure, probably the latter. The total
outturn for' the year is therefore in ex
ecs -of 648,000 tons, or: approximately
650,000. Thia is against an early -tiuiate
of 639,920 tana.
Confusion' Awse" . Because ' of
v Shipment With Such Machin-
try of, Other Waterials
The war trade board has Issues' the
following through. Ua division of .in
formation: , . ; , , i
"Because of the fact that shippers of
'sugar machinery' construed thi gen
eral classification to .include engine,
boilers, electrical, apparatus,, copper,
steel plates, and all sorts of material
requiring 'export licenses.', many ship
ments' have been held up at the ports
'Sugar machinery'. such doe not to
quire 'export licenses' at, present; but
a much of the material , included un
der, that heading does require license)
and in some ease is on the 'Conserva
tion List', the war trade board sug
gests that all.' shippers of ' sugar-mill
apparatua file .application fur Jipenae
on Form A 2 and attach to the applica
tions four lists describing the appara
tus and niaterial which ..they-desire to
ship. If the 'trade expert in charge
of sugar, machinery find that aueh
material require 'export . licenses f the
applications will he given Immediate
attention, and in eases where licenses
are granted, copies of the lists will, be
attaahed te the. licenses, and when the
said licenses ar presented to eolee(or
they will bear soma evidence thai cog
nisance ha been taken of .the charac
ter j of,, the estire equipment., , i-'-i
Bperial ear should be taken by ship
per i all tbipments of repair parts
Ask Laborers To ;
Voibatanlyv i ;
Lengthen Vbrk fiay
Proposal Is Made That Planta
tion Workers' Shall 'Show4 Pa
triotism Id Time of War Stress
By Performing Extra Labor. ',:
Suggestion, that plantation laborers
should voluntarily increase the length
of the Work day during th period of
the war, thereby relieving 4 shortage
of labor which in threatening, the
writer say that la this way! sufficient
extra work could be accomplished to
take the plane of ten thousand laborer,
Thi would be th result, he bcllevei
if a voluntary lengthening of the work
day by two hoars should be patriotical
ly offered by the men. ... .
Explaining the need of more labor
and hia solution of tha prdblem the
writer, sayst ..; : ' ' ' .
'''The plantation worker of Hawaii
have been well treated 'by . their em
ployers, for they have been made co
partners with the planter, in sharing
the Var profits 1y the voluntary pay
ment of an extremely liberal bonus.
The planters are to be eompellcd'to pay
huge ..sums into our national coffer,
to .help pay the eot of the .war, but
the plantation laborer, largely exempt
from such taxation because their indi
vidual income s are ,lea v than 2000
per year, are not called .upon by th
government to do mora than continue
to work at their best pace, to pro
duce more sugar and . other staples, to
feed tbe.woridi . . -i
''When the 4oau system vn first
adopted . it - followed voluntary action
on .the part of the planters, v The labor
era were given a bonus because it seem
ed fair aad . right that they . should
share .the prosperity their hands help
ed to create. -
"As the need of the nation-is very
great it would be a fitting acknowl
dgement of loyalty if the great body
of plantation employes, would now of
fer, voluntarily! aad for. the duration
of the war. to apeed up production by
extending the orking day. . ', --; .
t 'The labor shortage is growing, nd
wiTI .continue to increase rather than
diminish, until well beyond the end, e
the war. In the meantime there la nr
way-of filling -vacancies by the immt
grktion of new laborer. JJo Oriental
country haa laborer to spare, cyec
could transportation for thenl be sup
'pj led., There, are tpo few ship' now
and there are going to be fewer, Imml
gratjoa . from the mainland If utterly
out of the question ;and need not. b(
disenssed. A' j "-i a. .'.'s'; t
! ; "It is therefore apparent that thoee
! who rcrnsl in Hf aii must fake up tbr
task ,of increasing ipdustrinl production
1 pvery acre capable of growing ataplc
crop ,mutbe used and t 00 this
every man .fitted 'fof work , must net
only work, but work harder and lqngei
each and every .day than h ha ever
worked before. By extending the hour
of the working day to ten where eigh'
!i now the rule, to twelve from tn
abd q on, w will virtually Increase the
number of, dsj labqrere by tentbon
sand men,'-. ; , '' '. ' : ". '. , f :( ;
"The war has created an emergency
Let us meet it by Voluntarily npeedinf
tip production a splendid gift to the
nation." ;-y ",. ' ';. . :'
. rV r' v-' t V '.
last rciHirt. the receipts will be 9,440,4?fh " lub.M'. ,tee' fr
0(H) less than thev would . have been
with a c(op equal, in six to that of last
' season., .' .. ' ,s. . . . ; .
. From the light of the nation 'a need
onil the world's need, the situation la
even more nnantisfaetory.1, It mean a
les to .the world's crop of 100,000,000
pounds, of (ugar, ' and that just that
' much more economy in the use of ugar
will have to be practised during the
year. . ..' ' r '''
ilnilrtl lit itin rlil t
Cfeeutly it WM reported in the Vlt
dn Island paers that Messrs. lch;
nana A Horeucen of rit. Oroix were in
cw York negotiating a 42,000,000 deal
lor the sale of Ht. Croix sugar propes.
ties to a Honolulu syndieatc A locJ
iiten said to be in the know any that
the deal ia all off, as some of the inter
ested proprietor residing in Denmark
have become convinced that ugar prop
erties under the American flag ar bet
tor than money in tha bank at home, i
: In A recent laeu the Mew World edi
torially attack the sugar planter of
Cuba, alleging that they are showing
tha rankest kind pf ingratitude, after
all that the I'nited Htates has don for
them, to bold up 300,000 tons of augar
' when it is roost needed ia America just
to line their pockets with United rMatci
Isold. Already, the World i says, thai
American Mwveramrnt ha, an eye on
the productive fiokli la the Virgin Jl
nnds and on the still undeveloped re
source of Hauto Domingo and will nut
likely again be placed in a position to
let the greedy Cuban Causa her such
euibarruwmieut. 1'. B. Progress.
other eoaaerved material; -Collectors In
every, case . will , require licenses for
Shipments of that sort, regardless as to
wnetner . tue commodity is described
as 'sugar machinery' or not.
; Collectors haVe boca instructed tat
complete sugar mUl machines, euch as
filter presses, centrifugal and other
machinery which eonld not be classed
as anything but 'engar machinery',
will be rleared freely without licence,
and it, therefore, will be unnecessary
to apply -'for export licenses at th
present time. In all ease of doubt
Shipper af sugar - machinery will be
ablo to get quick rulings on any given
machine if they will sand a description
of the Apparel u tp the wyjade hoard.
' Jhat enormous sums are paid OVer by
bet sugar compaoles js again .Corrobo
rated is-the stateihent-of some Colo
ade factories -)hat have just paid out
check to farmers for, beets. Grower
at l.ongmont received ll,;50,000 for
their beets. ' At Fort Collin $,000,000
will be paid out. These sums go way
beyond aaytblng that these factories
have ever paid out. At Longmont ha
exchange report that eighty-two Jtcr
cent of. the rop ws harvsated, by the
end of, October, ; Fort Celllu report
thaf beet tested 16.8 peroent, which is
ahead of the average in the' United
Btates. (fni . ; , .v,
The Chamber of Commerce of Parts
reports that . Bunsia.reiported 573.9WS
poods pi bet seed, while 6fl0,000 ijioedi
Wer rt-taiiied at homa. Of the export
ed aniounts Aturies, got 39-1,500 poqd,
France . ,129,3r.O poods, , Italy 43,80
poods, whilo other Allies received, 10,
OoO pood. . Aincrioa got 33,QOO pood
more. than, Jn 1915 19. - , , ,,. ,
:'';'. '"' ;;;'.',-;. ; ,. (. , ' .
' KN0XVJU.K, jTeiinesaee, Decemlwr
() ( Assiicisted Press) tleven miner
were killed today a ben a big explosion
occurred in the Dour mine, near J'e
mour. i
SHiPsniranis ,
r A H! 1 -j i V
BbttomsTo r 1 Be Furnished Al
though Most Vessels Will Be
Slow and Some Only Sailers r
;; i, . ,' . )! ' -".'. -I ; U''
Indications that the Sugar shipping
situation iq gradually rounding nto
shape are now to be found. It is true
that the vessels which are to be. placed
t .the disposal 'fit .the, pngar industry
are not wbat would be aked, nothing
like what i desired, but they . will snf
flr.f'to move the; crop. . They . will, bo
alow, craft and in some Instances sail
ing vessel. Two that uriU.'arry; car
goes ip the, early future are the Star
of Busida and' the Htar of Finland.
Kh. of theee. will take, between. 2000
and 3000 too. .v. ; ; t: ,M
.Etcept for the securing of early., re
turns - fgr shipment made and sale
there ; la not .the necessity for : ery
shipmeuu on the yart of the shipper
Is not so great aa in V ' farmer , years'
though the necessity fqr . keeping the
crop moving continue owing to. lack
of .storage facilitice in the IslaodV t
la not now a case of get the sugar to
market to got the price. That Is fixed.
It is probable that it is not yet gen
erally rcqogpixed that the' aw ofj sup
ply and deinan( ia no longer operative
in the' sugar iadustrv ja thia eeantry.
It is hard for people here to realice
that, the eomUt(opj of the Cuban crop,
ite exceesi over, p shortage from the
normal, ileea not afact the pries of Ha
waiian augar, but aueh ia the case. The
sugar committee has made a price and
is to take aU that is. offered at that
price - for ' the ' supply of the United
Bute and its allies. It needs all that
it can get, - Tha situation for Hawaii
an' shipper i therefor, different than
heretofore. . . ' .
It Is the evident intent of the "Unitr
ed States to move the sugar from here
e,eaf!y end aa rapidly a 'pottsible
since the nation and1 it alHoind the
augar, .I'roduivpre 'reaognixe that Uie
Uurted Htates ha' the diflicalUie te
snm-t or. iUeif and that, ite needs are
quite a great as the need of the 41a-weiian-eoinpanies.'f;
. if .: .!,. vi;
Bepresentativan-pf the sugar indus
tries said early this week that shipping
natters appeared to be working nroand
to a ceuclusioa that would have to be
satisfactory, . . ; ,' . .,;
Belief Pfcvatlaf Thai 'Arrangements Will Be Made" So That Cuban
Supply Will At' No Time Flood Market and Tend To Cause
Declines As Has Occurred In the Past
More stability of price for Hawaiian to throw some light on the eontrover
sugar, -rrobability of At maintained y that has been partially aired within
price .and aa absence of fluctuation " the last few day before th senate
arising1 from Cuban arrival in execs 'special committee which is investigate
of demsfad.aa hit oftea happened In ing the sugar shortage. That letter
the past and -a general easier feeling . ay! ''"' ' ' '
In. the eugar market and among pro-1 "All uncertainty with regard t the
ducere are indicated in twb letter , Cuban basl for next year' erop was
which a local agency ha received from believed to be removed yerterday when
its New York-representative, - " it wa announced that on returning to
Under-the price fixing arrangements Havana the delegation, which, bad been
the indicated figure for Hawaiian eu-. in conference . with the food eommia
gar are 0.90 but th auestfoa of Cntiin elon here, reported to their conferees
freights remained to be disposed of by with the result that the compromise
th shipping bosrd. If. the price be' offer of 4.60 cents F. O. B, Cuba was
fixed, ef a ton It will maintain the 1 accepted. Based on this figure the duty
5.90 figure ibut if a higher rat Is paid price In New Yrk for Cuba will
named Hawaiian sugar will b eorre- be approximately 6.90 cents provided
spondingry higher. Ho, If there-shall "teamer freight ar fixed at 30 cents
be any variation in Cuban freight rate ' tr 100 pound. -. . , , ,
lfttef the price for Hawaiian sugar will I "For some Centrals la Cuba thi
vary proportionately. may not be a very remunerative prie
,Th letter of December 1 refer t'tut for those efficiently managed and
th tm written on November 24 iid equipped with p to date machinery
both are .herewith published. . The lat- .' we think, more than .atisfactory.
est letter wa a -follow ' Whether this -price will be maintained
Mnouncome&t By Qommlaalon ;. . ' , right through the rop will, w pre
Confilatorv ofTrbelief. ' and mV circumstance .till
surmises e erprcaaed in our report of, V,., . ', M
November 24 ultimo, the following an
nouncemcnt was issued bv the Interna
tional Sngar Committee late yesterday
afternoon: a .',.'v v ... . " ' '. "
' ' ' ' ' '
. ' f At a meeting of the Cuban eoro
' mission appointed' by President '
Ieaoei, of Cuba,' and headed by
Kenoc Carlo Manuel de Cespedes, 1
"It is hoped that th unusually early
start mad by two Central, 'Palma"
in Santiago d Cuba district and "Man
ati" also in the Orient Provinse'wlll
be followed by others so that the scarc
ity of sugar in Eastera territory may
be relieved a soon aa possible... We
do not think, however,-that grinding
With th international sugar eom-k will . become general until tha end ef
' ....... ... T L - T A .A- . ru.1 - -
it tee, held this afternoon, at the
offiee ef the eommittee at 111 Wall '
Street agreetieat in regard o .
- the patchae and sale basis prioe
' of -Cuban ugar for th coming,
crop Was arrived at, th figure be-,
ing 4.90 aeata ot and freight New
Tork, bed,on a 80 rent freight
rate, which re flee aa equivalent of .
about 4.60 -cent f j.b. Cuba. The
act"' price of .?! srr at New
T'.york'canr nly be determined after
-," the : United Hates chipping board ,
; ha fixed the .rat of freight, which '
-point it 1 hoped Will be settled
! within a very, few days,', " . ' , ' .
".The eommltree adjimrned . to
'""worlt ont. Important detnlbi in con-
"'nection 'vflth thi immcase trans-
'iiction.',';. ; -,
Rate $sA PjUcea. ';. .'' r .
;!,'The freight rate named in thia an--tounaement
may not work ut in prao-
Is as it may have to be increased In exhaustion and except the refiner get-
the year. In most part of Cuba the
cane is green and watery aad it will
require a prolonged cold spell to ripe a
it sufficiently to make grinding profit
able. , " , ;- r;
"It is thought that thi unusually
early start ia being. made for th pur
pose of holding labor which is, In Cuba,
an uncommonly liquid commodity and
very difficult to ., control, , especially
when planters begin biddipg ngalnst
one another as they Invariably do.
There have- Wen disquieting -rumor
from- time to time indicating that the
condition oi laat .year ar liable to be
repeated,' ',, '
' "The international committee, made
further purchase mf Cubas, Denser ras,
Venexiielas, . . I'crti an Brasil -.thia
week all on the-established basis of
6.90 cent for 96-centrif duty paid,
but In no-case wa there any 'large
quantity available. .. ;
"Stocks of sugar her ar very near
A-hieh ease the cost and freight price
Walca the basis for. -Hawaiian u
;ars te fixed -may be-corriispondingly
higher. W think it probable that the
im of the oommisaioper ; will be. to
waintaiA a stable price all through the
yoara and that they will discourage in
Tortsnt fluctuations either way. - If, by
iny ehanoa, sugar arrived here in die
'res from Cuba the reialtant price will
tot af feet, tb Hawaiian basis. . ;
' "The tonnage qnestion; as the fore
going announcement indicate, i likely
give more trouble than anything
else, It i bnp'ed that shipments from
Cuba will ba so controlled that an equal
proportion of the -whole crop will be
hipped each month for about elevea
months of . the . erop . year, and every
mean "will, be availed of to give the
promptest despatch possible. -Grinding
Ie Underway- '
'.There .ar now five eentrala operating-ia
Cuba and' th near augar i be-s-ioninB-
to anneax at tha-Dsrt. ., ,
"In Fort Ble Gumaiea central
started up .last .weet and haa already
old abont unoo.tona ef it product for
prompt shipment, th price to be baaed
oa whatever may be the C. k F. price
fof Cuba. .W think that th most
prominent pf th Cuban organisation
have al auld a very considerable por
tion -of; their output for January .to
March shipment - oa . the .m ; nnder-1
tandind, . Of oure, ithej only buyer
is the international commission who will
distribute' the sugar either-here or to
Europ,, - mey .seem, mosf advantage-oiis-"j.
-;i-v'. - ; : '-".' '. ,. t t,'
Wsather la.. Favorable -., '-..! '
: (' The weather ha for th past week
or two been very favorable to the ripen;
(ng ef . the . cane ed an.pbservantr in
divlduul last back, frqm an extended
visit: to Cuba. ay that .be ha never
aecn .the cane looking better. '.The only
fliee U the ointment ar the political
uojrest and ecarclty of. labor.,. "If favor
able weather conditions continue quite
a -number , of central will start soon,
hot It -ha to-be remembered that there
U ae-premium offered for early, ugar
tb year and consequently the grinding
of can will wait for th proper eueron
eooteot. Ob tbe'other head there will
b litti chano f abnormal decline
in price du to excess shipments at cer-
tie eaon and the Cuban seller w ill
not hav the fear before him of bis
sugar being slaughtered to make a re
finer's holiday. .:; .
r "Th only sales reported this week
re-som Surinam and PUillppiae
Afloat a the 11.90 eeat basis. The
Philippine were sold to the Warner
Sugar BefTiring Company by permission
of the international sugar committee.
"In refined auger,'. there ,i a slight
iuiDrjvf ment .ln t,he aitatloa a con
siderable ouantltiee, of' cugar shlpnad
for export hav beea retrieved and dis
tributed rher the need wa most urg-nt--,Xt
ia expected that th beet uf"
no the .wav from California , will
by permission pf th international var
mm mitt be sold at the usual differ
ence, under granulated 8.15 cent. Ipsa
tw efnts," -. -i-ii. - i-'., ': 'i
In the earlier letter, written Kovein
ber 24. the wrltcrMuentiou a contro
versy between an ludependent refiner
and tha American Bugor Refinery over
th sale of package sugar which tends
ting Hawaiian sugar and the Jersey
City refinery of the American Sugar
iaai-m r. L ' V 1 . I
"uuinuji v.uuijiio, rwmci ja - woraiag
on-Peruvian sugar for the use of tha
army and navy, the refining industry
ia at a itandstilL - v
"Louisiana report indicate that In
pite of ideal harvesting weather th
yield ar very disappointing. . - .
Refined Bugaj Short
: "Befined sugar is being doled eat by
the .various refiner with stock on
hand on th 8.85 sent basis. : It is re
ported that a considerable quantity
of beet sugar is on the way East, soma
of it coming by way of Galveston and
New Orleans thence by steamer, and
some by rail' consigned to New Eng
land, quit a marry war Is on between
one of our refiners aad the American
Hngar Kefining Company over the ques
tion of package or bulk sugar and on
Df our aggressive broker is acting a
spokesman for th independent refiner,
It looks like the old atury about Cpdlln
being the friend, not Bhort. Whether
or not, there i a great deal of camou
flage and poison gaa being disseminated
and in timee like these a good many
people are going to lose their sense of
direction," ,, . , , , .-,
'i. ..'
, ' ,. (Oonclnded, from Fag 1)
tocol with the 'Argentine gbvero
ment in accordance with this.,?' :
' "If, however the' above pledge1
front Argentina cannot be obtain
ed, you" may declare 'to the Presi
dent lerbally thai (he imperial
government entertains a well
founded confidence .that no inci
dents producti'vt of .harm to' At
gentine shipping will occur 'K in
future.:' . t,? ;m'V ; y
"As'very secret information fir
your personal use I 'might state
that the Argentine shipping will
be treated with forbearance be
cause, the Argentine is organized
and in a position , ta,'tate steps
tBMMVus." $ v-.r -.'!'
' Twelve other ' messages from
tbe , Cerman , foreign office'
Count' von Luxburg are publish
ed, in full in the statement of the
state department.' . ', - ' j "
,1 Tress, despatches received, last
night from Boenos 'Aires, after
Ambassador 'Stijnsbn had : made
pttblic; the message .from Secre
tary Uinsing,1 state ibu the na
ture of the -new disclosures re
garding Count von ; Luxburg ias
caused both' pessimism as; to' the
failure of the gqycr'rirnent.'tQ take
a more decided stand agaiiiit Ger
rharty 'andesurprise at the charges
made against the Argentine pres
idenf,' -despite the oflicfal note of
the Argentine government .that
accompanied the published rries.
sage'there' that the Luxburg 'des
patches contained a targe number
of deliberate untruths. ; ' ,
f ,'. n i ui.e'.,n;;:.,' 1 : .
r'y.'C )',5') tH' , f ' t ' 'i - ,','
MONrt0$E, Colradcf 9eeyWrbcrr 80
--(Associated Pim Mrs, J". H.,Bush,
aged seventy-two, today confessed'; tp
the murder ol! her son, ohn, a' farmer
of this section, whilo he was 'sleeping!
tlh declared that ber aoa had ..killed
hia - owe .on. .her grandson a. boy: of
eleven, and ilianicmbered th body, then
forcing her te assist in boiling It ia
the- ly of a-sop , vat . until 4.bc body
was destroyed, - Later,-. she- said, an
killed John and disposed -of bis body
th mom way.. 8he said sb did, tn"
fearing he would kin her, ! . , ' ' , ,',
'Officer are searching th farm seek
ing corroboration, of. her etorjr, -' ,
Ilunolulil, Iccente( SO, 1017.
, I MKBCAfT't-
Alei. ft Bldvrt . .,....
C. Brewer A Co. .........
Y.-y i'auoAa-,: :
Bwa' rtnntt .
HaUi. VUnttln to.-...
liust. '. ft . !o. .. .....
Iln. Km. Cu, ,,.....,..
ii'in'isiu , Hmrr 'o. .....
iliMM.iim .HiiirHr t'n
Hut-u I awn Miliar P. tic.
hlMin I'lsnt. Co. ,.
Keksh Husar Co, .......
Kul.ia Mug. i'n, . ,
Mi llrrili .Mn. 'Cd. . ....
ku H(is) I'O. ,
t.i. xiq, ivMfl.,.,-..-
Fssuhaw HiiaaC Plant. Co.
I'sctflc ftugar HUt
ala riant, dp.
Ivpaekao Hiisr Co.
I'loueer Ml)l C". '. ......
Ban I'srlOH Mllllnc Co. ..
VsUlua .A act I. jfir. . ..
W0,uku bugar Co. .....
Bndaa fVveloninent Co, ,
1ft Isao Awwss 70 rd.
- :5ui ixsut.i'siii L'p
to la a K, ft -I. Co. Ffd..
HHlka .F, ft T. l N com.
lis- -nn. Bjr. 7 A ...
ljw. Con. Kr. ,,B ....
Hawaiian Electric Cw ...
Haw. I'liwwpule '. . N.
Itoa. R. ft il. Co., Ltd. .
Hna. Uas Co., Ltd. .. i . ..
Hon. R, T. ft U Co.
ntr.Hnd . N. Co. ...
ihu' R. ft L. t'o. . .....
I -shiny Riilihcr t'n. , ...
Selsina Ilnlln(C I'd. . .
aini tan-it I'd).
Taaws Olak liifliber t'o-
Beach Walk t. D. Bu.
nHianiia imrsr o -Haw.
t-au. Itr ....
!law. Irr. '..
taw. 'rer. -Cjfe Kef. 11HT0
Haw Ter. pql.. Isjiihi.
tw. TcCr.b. Imp. 4
(seriea 10U 1013 ......
Haw. Terri 8M,..,,
UUo i;h "-. Ltd. fj...
nonnxna r. v ..
il.xt.Udln Oa Co., LtiL S
Kauai H.. 6a .......
Manna Imp. Ulnt., oW7e
McBrrde migar Co., 0 ..
Niitiiai T, Oa ........
Oaliu n. ft L. Co.. &c.,
pah Kn. ,C.,i 0 ....
. ' nuanr ..... fr, .......
PaclAo (Jnkns ft V. Co.; 6a
Paclflc r.sr Mill Co.. 6
ta carlo mui. vo.,
al Ka.
, .. .
HO ;
.'',-''' ' ::'BeTWKM BOARDS ''
.. Walalua, 10. Zt:J.m; II. V. ft H. fo.Hio.
40.0O: (K R. ft L. Co.. rA. Itfl.OO; Olsa. .'HS1,
4.7.1: I'luamr, JO, U8.00; U.- B. ft M., Co.,
Vft, 1T.0O. -.- .-. . ' -' ' .'
t ' : BO ABD IAf.ES
rinneer. 50, 10, 1.1, IC, 10, 2.1. 2S, 40, 28.00:
Watalu. VO. 10. -Jtt.2ft: llaWa l'luea, S, S.
4.i; 6, 44.01); Kwa, 1H, 'M.M. r ...
:".' i '"..f ; i-a;, . Dee. IX, J017.
. fM analyala beet (n advices),
Parity- .. .
. 00' Cent: tFias Hawaiian) Snaara ...5.0-J
ft -; . KGBBEB gCOXAliONB ,
' .' ' ' ' -'' s Pwymber 18, IliiT. -
Hlaaapore . .,.....
New Vork .' ........ OiOO
.: v ' ' . December 80. M)1T.
A.-'ft -H. . .v. .81.00
onoawa . ..'. l.oo
II; A. Co. 40
Hawallaa Kbu-tric . .................. 1.00"
I'ahsHf KuhheT Co. - .10 i
Taajoag Olak . ..................... ..0
a I
? NKTT YORK, , Decemlier "21-HB.v '
dated Prawi e'ollnwlnf are the opening
nil VTiuniua liM.mii.'i.M ... h v
New Tork market yesteruaji
' r- ' . , , I Oneu- Clo.
''....": . ; .'''. ' ', . .' 1 j" '
i i r
After allowing fur the preferred divi
dends, the South Porto Rico Sugar Com
pany in the year ending rVptember .10,
last, had a balauce applicable to th
common stock of 120.71 a share, durr
ing. the previous year th company
arned 800.65 a share ou its romuiun
stork. Tha earning statement for the
past year compare a follow;
9It . ilI
Oro. receipt
Ksp., tx. lnt,
Kesurve . . .
Balance , . , .
Dividends . ,
Hurplus , . ,
$10,600,741 8,.106,362
8,073,783 4,l09,.m
l,:in,e i, in 1,34:1
1,21, 90 8,305,937
1,136,6) .2,284,067
J 1 4,670 . , 221,800
Some man has figured out that the
person, who ;live : te .be seventy-five
year of age consumes fifty-four tons
of food and fifty-three ton of water.
That is about .1300 times . his owe
weight. The average' person will. eat
vegetables "which if put in a train
would make a stretch of ears three
miles long, - Tb person consume 1500
pound of suit and 10,000 pounds of
Br. '. ,,, ,-. :
. ', t ; ' . . '-...
. A soldier write from France on this
wiae to hi mother! , " I want ome
candy; heavens what an aching hunger
we get for something sweet. Gum
drops, milk chocolate, glare nut, fruits,
raisin and slultad: daten there i
choice for you, : tvery week or o
couldn't you send somet If any of my
friend ask what to send tell them
CANDY!" ' .
AlIEBfCAN FRONT, Peeamber 21
(Associated Prc)-r-PrepratioD for
a morr Christmas in Franc' are go
ing ahead. .Word -was received here
last ' evening tnVt - twenty thousand
saoks Of, mail for the American oU
dier hod reached a French Dort and
that a large part of the mail was- of
th parcels poet variety, ;
It will not b all receiving so -far
as the ' American soldier ar concerned
(or they have determined ta spread
the Joy of .Cbriatma tint and a pre
paring hundreds of Jbristma troes,
htdened with gift for tha French chil
dren of the immediate neighborhoods
where theyj wipy be1 qnartered. - '. " '. .
' ; '..in ? 'toar)diu,'lcsmitr so, mT
. . . .i.tsjjj-j.a' i'i I .
". , ; t 2 1 t- r
-"' ",..
Hou'. Con pit . ..... 8.80 t.00 4.40-
i ,;, M".'ifo . ;:;l:-'-7;..'
Kliaels ("iiipe'r, . .... 4.00 4.25 4.40 ,
Jdtannal I'tulik;6i . . . .11 .11 ;
Mountain Klna . ... ' .UH .OH ,UO ,'
Sloauna ' BlnauaoJ T.88"" '
Madura Mlulug .Ul
Auerli-aa Kuaar Co. .
Ainerlcaa Bwt 1.' ............
isaoclated Oil .
Uaka. (iold . ..... .....
American lifumtlve
Aaierltfan Tel. ft TeL .
Auierlcan Hiuelter
Ainertuau Kteel ITilrjr. . . ...
tua. -nulla oier . ........
tubleuu Hail may . ........
Kaidwlu Luc-Miiotlr .......
altuibuw ft (llilii ,
Itetjili-hnui-Htcnl "B" . ....
California, petroleum . ....'.
Central Leather,....,..,...
Cauaillaa I'arlttr '. '...,..,
P, M. ft Kt. I'aul
Cofo. Fuel ft I run . ........
CraWI-la iiteel
uuba Huaar Cane . ' ,
Krte eoiuinon .
Ovneral KUntrti-i .. .
Oeimral Motors (new)
Sraat. NuHhern fil :.
iternatlonoi Nli klc ...... .
Kaiiuaiitt CoiiiMtf . .'
iuduati-iul Alcohiil . .......
tnternktlonal Pailer , ......
Lehigb Valley llailruad
sr ,or ICUlral . ..
PcuiiMilvaiilii a , .......
Bay Cunaullitated . ...
RrlllllK tlollMUOII . ....
HeilillilU.- Iron cumuioa
Southern Paclflc . ..
Texan Oil,. . .uw...-. . .
0U4 Status Buldjcr ,
IJnloii Pacini- . .......
lliiHad Mtatrs tei , . .
I'tah .',.......-,,,..,'..
Vi eatcrn Vlllou , .....
WeatlwgUouae, , .......
. . ,i ; .- "
-."I '
101 Vi
2 :
. 784
M -'' ' BALM ; v. , ' '
Madera Cold, 8.100, 8O1-; Montana ' Bfng-
hai, 700, yoo too, 'i Honolulu ou. aOo,
. " -airf .Vir(
:.8AM rRAKCIK(M;.Jwrabe(' 31-isao-elated
Press) following are th nnaolng
and cloalnff nonution of sugar and atbar
v (a tua Ban V ranelac amarket 1 y
terdayt . - ,
upen- 1 cioa-
.: ' .' I Mlg ing
nsw'a 1'ooi fur' . M..
a walla a Pngar Co. . ....
Ilonokaa Hiioat.. ....',,..,
Iliitchlpann Hugar Co, . ...
Kllauea . .
Oabn engar Co. .
ilna HiiKnr Co ...........
. Oiimiiea Hugar t o
I (-aa.il.au R.i.r Co. , ......
) KiiKla" Cvf.pt-T ,
llouoliilu Oil ,.
UoniHiUu Plantation . ....
Bid. ' ftU-DlTklene4.
4. (SI '
lu '
45 ,
';Q .:-. ;,- .;t, 1.11 .11 litHMl . I''. ; , ''
'.Quotation a the following New Tork
euro storks, at wlrdemiew tu I'll Adver
tlsar b Mtoaabaia Co.. art .1
cV''.:'"l V . ,
Culedoula . ..........
Kpuna Couper. ,
inxav. llliiHMiia ,.,..
eroine 'erile - .... .
Jim UaUer... .........
Muthey tMu 1,.., .,
(y ller.ulea .. ......
Rlwnie Kill . i.
ex Coila. 1 , . , ,.
HUver KI11 ('mm. ....
Tonopah Kkteiudon . .
Tiolinaue .
WUIiert . '.'.. w.t...
Ulvlinioud Cuiiuer . ,,
Kerr Lakev,
llacla . ...,..,,.,,...,
raaaoii OiHd .' .....',
M..lrilug . ...... i.
oaiunvot n , 1 wm i.'a
-, . t- - -
WeilnC- Th 11 ra
ils r
(I I-'
' -
Im v
.... hi)
. .... .47
. . . , ' .OH
.... .11
.... a.50
.... t.tkll't
.... 1,12
.... .15
.... v.y
.... 4.K7U,
. . . . 4 50
, .
1 r ,
rETaoURAU, Uei-enibcr . 'ei.( Aaso-'ciated-
l'rcs)-T-lUpurta that Japanese
troop had occupied Vladivostok were
'denied br Trotsky tart night. He said
that no Japaneie had been landed ther
and that & .renueat vrill hm ma1 a fur
the withdrawal of all foreign force
from Unrbia. gmtfti

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