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Tells Ahahui. o ka Maluhia Jhat
Assertion of "Princess",'
. U False ,
: r .- ' : - . r
Is Willing To Go To Jail For'Sake
' - of Prince Kuhio, Rightful
; ' Heirs'of LiIiuokaIanir
Amplifying the confession that he
dld'not algtr the Queen' "new wll"
dated August SO, 1917, and again der-r-l
lag' the hffidavlt.be made to the effect
! that he did sign this dorumegit In the
' Oueen.'s ' presence, Hum up I . K. Kama-
kaia,' whose recent disclosures led the
; attorney a for - the will in question to
repudiate it, has issued a statement
giving his iosition ' in the mnttor and
.telling what part V Frinecss"';,TI,rcBa
,' played la connection with It.- -.-
The gUteoMint . ;- . ,
..f.Tbt etntement aa written by Kama
kale-followst .-, , .. .,-.-, ..
OTo' the -Flesh of My Flesh, the Bones
i of ' My . Bone,' My Brethren of the
Sooiety. of I'eaew'',: from Hawaii to
v Kaaal,' Greetings: ' T ' - , -'
v. Tike,, greatest, talk i. the English
paper of thia City of 'Honolulu these
day, concern to nothing else but to
V. the I.at. Wni'and Testament only of
bor beloved and departed Oueen . Lili
ookatani, decerned. ' .
Thia talk or eoatovery is between
, Mrs. Owaha WSIcox Hollivcau on one
u fide aad the' Uadernluned on the other;
. ao that ia order thnf yon,' my brethren
or tne Horiet Y of"Tee" may kno
and ascertain' which 'tfrttf'.of is Oio
truth, and by eur : being members' nf
the "Ahahui O Maluhia'". I bny do
' te!i' the truth; and before Ood the
1 Father,, God . th'Mi,. God the Holy
Ob out and la. the name of MelAhlae
' deek, that there- la.no truth lo what
Mra. Owana Wjlcox Bellevwau'is saying
" aboot ma, that is, that "I have sign
. ed -the Lant Will and Testament before
and" in th preseece'otf Dur beloved
tueen, LiliuokalBoi. iT ; -- ,
. . I' am now . telling yorj this,-and fce
eauae. we are both ahemWs ef '''Aha
hni O Maluhia"-, but differing in this!
; She is a member that wants thia kind
of -work,' and I am a membor that do
trat -want -this, kind of "-work.
' 1' Emphatic ' ' ' I "
.. It is.tnue that you have seen by siffna
ture to that will which ia now being
, eaid .that it waa signed before and in
(he ' presence "of the Qoeen,' the truth
la Nol Noll Noll! but. in my own
boose .where I am staying and )n the
' presence ' and before the eyea.of my
dear' wife; -. Vj:,r ' ,
-.'Many a times had Mrs. Qwana Wii
'.iVt.jPeilijre(i. tried to turn ma ner
,sig that will at ber home, but I never
consented, and I never went again- bo-fore-h'er
presence eafterwards,' and for
my hot coming to her anymore, ' she
came personully with thot fraudulent
Last Will and Testament made, by said
Owana;' but a. aktor of mine of the
"Ahahui Maluhia", so ia order that
rhe would not bother me again, I sign--ed
then, that fraudulent .instrument on
my -dining, table and in my dining
room, and not before the beloved eyes
-. of Liliuokaloni; and that . signing by
we, that, waa a wrongful act. and that
waa my' first full td the Umptatloo of
the Devit of the pieasest Gross Cheat
through the Coercion of tbia Mrs. J
owana w.ncox ueiuvenn.
; And at the proper time, and by el
dream, I saw the Lord Jnwisx Christ
washing the feet of bis deeiples; I
awoke and turn on the eloctrieligut,
it was S o 'clock 'Friday morning; Svoke
my dear wife up and told her about the
' dream I nan of seeing the Lord wash
ing.the feet of His Peciples. ,
; Look at John' Kplatle 13:4 5.
The only explanation and mottning
of this dream as I view it ia for me
to wash my hands from' Associating
, wyseii lninis worn or cheating the
person who 1 really entitled to the es
tate; and nk.f to help the one who is not
entitled. About 9 o'clock A. M. of thut
Friday morning I denied' aigning that
fraudulent Instrument prepared before
hand; by some hitman biing.
. That was the rent' washing of my
hands from these dirtiest and mew
''at works.- ' .
' Acknowledges Wrong -"jv-' ; ' r
.. And miw my dearest b'rethreiis of the
"Ahahui o Muliiliia", t is true that
: I have really fll in the sin of temple.
, tiou of the Dvil through Owana Uelli
veau, aud I lo acknowledge "of my
wrong before (you, my bretlirena, that
; I have rcully siun'ud, and, humbly ask
your, kiiKluuMi to piinton" me, so Cod
vi)l pardon till ,of jus .Aanea, ,.
' It is also truo tli'ut l buvo answered
Jl What John F. Colburn hoe question
d me before Attoriioyi Andrews and
Lymer eiwl John F. Colburn lsq,Mut
these qu-stios arej.feiustiona thir
anawers .wrt'aftel1y's.-,liiolod bcfor
band, and all ef .those Answers wort)
m4 ,from my ..own niiuJ, but were An.
r swflrs t'iuaveyed to mn by 0ana,.Bolll.
vesu, thut I have to talk so before the
t'ourt. ! This la my first fall in thia kind
of offiinwr of frau.l menn and Coward.
V, That statement by Owana Bellivcau
aboat h 50(X) lot tile 'house ot Koo
lan, and 'the 10,)0 for the-Church
which alie, the said Owwa elliveau is
slating that I demanded that of her,
that, truth is thut it waa Oyvnna Betli
veau herself who spoke to me of thut.
In mf mind it wns only a "Hot Air."
'Hi we woij this suit,' then the above
. suma 'ahall be fulfilled.". ' '
(And s It wuW ho,rt diHtlre fb defraud
so thut to succeed in her intention of
'Vfraudlug she spoke-to me of those
j ainnuuta of money, as aforesaid. '.).'
Thia la the very first meanest act I
did, and is the meanest temptation
whieh I nover did before, since the date
of my birth, and now fully tit years of
my age on the Jtth day of-September
''..' , lust. .-.'-. V,- '. '.'.
.. i 1 'hererore, to my trttbr
f'Ahulilii W Muliiliiu " l.i r
A L believe that this. wa my
'A. ' - l ' ., .":. wit.t.tw.W i...t;
Manager Eckhart of 0!aa Back
:' From Mainland Brings Sam-1 :
pics Plant WTay Go Upr
. Result of-teata in the making ef
bngafine paper which have -been eon
durted for Manager. C. JV Eckhlrt vt
the '.Olna ' Wignr Company ae. "high
ly antinfactory. These teti 'wer
made In Bnaton, Mr.j Efkhart I k
fnir cone there in eonneeHon tthhe
pinna of the Olaa eompan to Install
n hagiinfte . pnper plant on the. planta
tion. The tent having heeft aatlafac-
tory It is etpeeted that the mpaeyJ
will now proceed with the plans which , Wahigton, to be distributed for medi
were announced some weeks since- In leinal ones la the army and navy during
Tfc- .-rtiser, before the departure the war , '
of Mr. Eckhart for the mainland. '. t There are 325 pounds of poppy juice
I'lans thus far announced, by th,Jn the ahlpment, which Is "worth its
Olna Hngar Company do hot go beyoad I weight In gold", nearly, at the prcva'.l
the mnnnfactnre of a heavy! paper inK high prices. Indeed, it Is eohsid
which i ised in flie'mulchlng system 'f red so valuable thnt.it ia bfine- shib-
with which that company hna expert
mented quite extensively and - with
splendid success. The system is. one
which .was , put.' In Operation by.M.
Knkhnrt. . Heretofore the experiment
hnve been wnh" asfihaltum' or felt pa
pers and. ft was to seen re a paper of
lower cost that the -Olna' eempany 'a
plans for bagasse paper plant were de
vised. The manufacture -'of '-"bagasse
paper for other uses and purpose haa
not "heretofore been seriously eoneid
erfLbrVtho Company.'. 'VV " ''
Under-the mulching system as used
by Mr.-Eckhnrt at Olaa the-rows ar
covered 'with the heavy -pnper, - The
young cane is arranger than the weeda
and the Intter Are killed by the lack
of tight and air and extra heat thftt
i-i engendered by the 'brack paper eov
ering. . On the-other hand, the cane Is
strong and sharp -pointed and generally
cuts its-way through. Whre It does
not cut - through, It raises - lump' on
the paper' and these are nut -wifh a
shem point after a certain period of
weeks, thns allowing egress - for the
young enne,
This system has been found .to be
an important labor savins -device ' at
Olna and is to be continued on a larger
av uu intm uj nvn vcuiiuniir,-
ally the directors determined upon the
installing of a plant-aad thia brought
v? I vuP !,i " ro?Jf ! there were any way in'whV one
?lt'J fainlBnd. P- eould trace the ownership of ttfrnajor.
vhlch he haa just.retumed. He jlty of th. .tnMng,A fiet. WVe these
t with him samples of therealiy known it was suggested that tt
from which
mulchine. paper and samples ,6 -other
VF3" pnpur mm went
. .. ,.,
oeja,tc4',1I'ress)TI'e. .Mnterstnte
merce commisjion today anthorlsed the
railroads not to. accept . export ship
ments to Pacific porta unless cargo res
ervations were made in. advance, and
all port and vessel charges paid or guar
anteed. '".' ' . . ' i
with my own Idea f , i humbly boW be
fore you with . my body, my soul and
with my whole' atreagth i and proved
that No. 1.., i '-.''", , i ,"
-- It is true that because I kavreome
but to the public mud deny the truth of
this Instrument, the lawyers are seek
ing a way to put me ia Jail by the tes
timony 1 have sworn in thd Affidavit
I even told them that those state
ments are , net of my own, but tbey-.are
stiitementa taught to. me by Owana to
ni'eirk so, and -not of my own -mind. Bo
llelpujo (aod. - .c . , , x , . : i j . .! -AA
: WHh' these proofs on my side, I do
ask' your ' prayer, brethrens of the
"Ahahui o Muluhia," for my aafety
from the enlangleri)ents of this nature,
throagh my telling the truth, and of
(hat truth, It js hurting them, and are
looking to put me, la trouble by those
testimonies of mine which Owana has
taught nut. : I have sinned gainat God
by my consenting to It, and my guilty
Would have been great if my God bus
not .forbidden., me. And pethaps I
would have really done this thing to ob
tain that amount of $5000 for my house
at Koolau jtnd 15,000 for building a
Church, here in. Honolulu. But, so is
n-t Will of God.- Ha has tbhfday
washed my handt dean.
Ana it my testimonies which Owana
has tnught me. Not of my own mlnil, ie
the foundation they - will put me In
trouble, I do accept to borne .those trou
bles, and give my aged body to be put
In the Jail ( ''Kawa" for the bene
fit f the Delegate, Prince Kuhio, the
rightful heirs, of Liliuokalanl his
Auuty. Ami not for any other, much
less for Owana whose mouth is talking
to the wind; the thing obtains is whirl
wind. ' " ' ' '
. In closing my thought on this, sad
not being able to press down, here is a"
question to the reader; What was the
real idusf of bringing to my house by
Owaua and .Ahin . Chinaiuun a black
suit of clothes and also a black hntt
Nut only to- me but to J. N. Kealoba
ulsO, and what la the" idea of thief And
as we. were not members of the Queen's
Kahili b"y, perhaps it waa for the love
to Royalist waa the supposed Idea, and
yet,.. to the rightful heir "Kalania
naole" of Liliuokalanl, Is very much
against, " , ;
I now close with the hope that God
will Watch and help His servant-sin the
name of .Melchizedech, Amen. '
Kxplauntion:- The Prisoner which
the Advertiser is speaking of,' is called
h(ntnio. He Is the Vin-Prraident of
the "Ahabul.o Maluhia," whose mem
bership exceeds Four, Tbousanirs all
over the group of Hawaii nei; aud was
the one riom whom 1 rflneived some ad-,
vices.. -Kvil is Evil", lastraetif
that I received aud Kept, and 'observed
Dy WO. ' . . " i- . - I , .1 y . ; In,. . i
With these few rsmsfks . V.. ,
I remuiii' Vour 8rvanty .
- . ' , . 2tOU.LilUia Ktreetl'uonul.1
Honolulu, Deo. 1. 1U17. .t. V . '
Instead of Burning the Drug It
;iWill Be Saved For Medioin- : J
t al Use of Army and" Navy
' . Where in the past opiuiiy .ii Jjiaa
Wft aelaed htre by.'tlie-loeat;rntbm
offleiala ha made th nucleiii for- i
hue bond re aomewhere i ft the vicin
ity tit the'waterfront, new pree'ecTure
' l the handling of the .'whiV amoKe1"
! nM oeen. tnaugnratea. A larsre
jtity of tlfo at u AY valued at 7S,000,all
or which haa been eonnaeaten from
trnffiekert-here, haa been neat' raeed
and will be forwarded to the ttircpon
general of the pnblie health eerviee at
pe to wnsnmgton By express. .
Smuggling Opium ; .
-While there haa been ' a noticeable
decrease In the amount of opium Hhlch
has been smuggled Into the Islands dur
ing the last few years, there are a num
ber of sampans which are said to be
doing nothing but meet incoming and
outgoing Japanese liners for the pur
pose of picking up the contraband as
it is thrown over the aide of the ves
sel, attaches? to a, light buoy.. Osten
sibly the era ft are fishing- vessels but
many are known to have left the hai-
bof shortly after the departure pt
Oriental steamers, overtaken them,
picked up a package thrown frora. the
deck of the ship, and proceeded around
Din mond Head, where, it is presumed,
the stuff was aent ashore. vNot a few
of these sampans have returned with
in a couple, of hours without a single
flsh aboard, and yet they never leave
the harbor, it la aaid, until the arrival
of another Orientnl vessel." ' .
The owners of the majority of those
aaaipana are not on- record, and now as
in 'the past, there .'has been . muck
speculation amonir -those interested in-
I the alleged t high prioe - of - fish, as to
whom: these owners might be. . .. ; . i.
WOO UWBS DJurtuBril V -T- .
The ttuss'1' - asked yesterday
might be possible to learn 'the names
of -those wbo evideatly are reaping so
rich, ar harvest in- the drug with the
price .far beyond the reach of the aver
age poor . man. - "It waa also suggested
that if it were possible to Jearn the
namea of those Controliinir these smaller
.eraf t, it would onUU but little effort to
eonnect some of them with the. numer
ous opium dens which ore apparently
flourishing so openly.' , : '
' ' - - mi. i, f ' x
''GENEVA. Switiar1and" TJocnmhp i
(Associated Press) Living proofs of
the terrible economic conditions that
prevail' throughout Austria were f ur
nishea yesterday in the arrival at a
frontier point, of severtl hundred ehil
drcn, suffering irqm hunger and weakly
and, emaciated,, the .children having
been gathered Up in Vienna and other
Austrian towns. Boms of these chil
dren had .not tasted milk for months.
They will be fed by the'Swla Interuu
tional Bed Croat funds. : ,
' ' '.'
an Atlantic fort, December sa
(Associated l,reas)-.Majo" General
Bcott, former -chief of : staff, disem
barked today,; . reaching: the ,- United
states after a eonsi.lerable visit in Eu
rope, conferring with- various AlHed
ounciU and. commanders;' He has also
been studying conditions at the front
and will be assigned s chief instructor
of the national anifes. , ';...
. ,i i i. - -v- . . .;,
WASHINGTON,' Pe.ember, go (As
sociated . Press) Thatf the - company
operating the stockyards at " Chicago
bad offered a bonus to Ogden Armour
if the big Armour plant were retained
In Chicago waa told to . the federal
trade eoinuiissiou by F. It. Hart today.
Hurt said that the stockvards Coiniiaiiv
had agreed to pay Armour ia excess of
niue-Mrcet of its earnings to prevent
a proposed removal of the plant to the
west , ' . .. . ,'..
' , .. ..
" ATHENS, December Jl (Associated
Press French,, destroyers ipet enemy
submarines yesterday ami iu the en
gagement' whjnb followed two of the
enemy undersea craft wereHunk. None
of the destroyer .was seriously dam
aged..' .. ' '''.
There Is 'ao" danger 'whatever from
lockV jaw- or - blood - poison reHultiug
from a" wound when C'huniberlniii 's,
I'aLa Halm iat promptly applied. It is
an ' antiseptic and destroys the yeriiiH
which eause these diseases. -. lr ulso
cause wouuds to heal without matura
tion au4 in one-third the time required
by the usual treatntoht. For sale l(y
all iliwilers.- Benson, Hinith A Co., Ltd.,
Agts,"for Hawaii. Advonisomi'iit,
t,' i"
Chief Deputy Collector; Resigns
Position To Go Into Busi- V
- i. ness With E. R. Cameron .
ladling Crnleci( lr Isternal Eevenne
tsAJ Chief Bepuiy Hslph . Johnstone,
whd hat behn ,ln the Internal revenue
sc'rvlce iu Honalulu for , the past fif
teen years, yrsterday- terminated his
en necio .with-, the service when he
presented hit resignation to the newly
appointed' tolleetoY, ' Colonel Howard
Hathaway of ' Virginia and V Everett,
Washington. -In' future he is to be
associated with E. R. Cameron under
the name, Cameron eV Johnstone, tax
experts. ' ; -' ;i
As acting collector, Johnstone be
came the real head of the department
on the tlenth of the former collector,
John F. Haley, several months ago. It
Is stated that ' throughout 'the entire
Nation he is the only .Republican who
was retained in an executive position
in this branch of the revenue service.
It ia frankly admitted that ha held this
Unique "p't'on through abeer . merit.
His long service snd intirnate. connec
tion with all the ramifications of reve
nue collections ia the Territory, as well
as close study of laws and rulings of
ids treasury department, equipped him
with qualifications possessed probably
I by no other man in the Territory.
Although Johnstone haa fuTlv auali
fled in every particular la the evea ot
officialdom at Washington and in his
ueaiings -.t with individuals nd - flrnrs
aere, his. tenure of office in the ser
vice In any capacity Was frankly' f e-
Kuj-uru as a noooiiui tnmg. , xonples
are not lacking in UonoJulo that urei
sure of politics takfs no. accovfit of
man's qualifications or record. ;
' Reluctantly Johnstone yejrterday ad
mitted that this considers! ion was as
important factor in determining him to
leave the- service.- Shortly after the
death of the former collector, indivi
duals who had long had dealing with
the office -of the 'internal-revenue col
lector, recognising. Johnstone's merits,
sought to-set ia motion a movement to
nave nun:. appointed collector..' It was
taea thought that 'his, peculiar quali
fications for the office aad the
in which' he was held generally through-
vm ne aormory. would furnish suffici
ent basis upon which to place a request
wuu. me -jiowers mat be at Washing
ton foe his appointment,' j .
Discouraged More-. . t
' More dbsmailt 6f he trend of affair
in the matter of governmental appoint-1M-
th!an those, yvko appertd this
purpose, Johnstone discouraged it. Al
though it was arged. that hia, appoint
ment here would satisfy all degrees of
poJiticalv.bcM, : that. Democrats, as
well as Republicans. V nfiwintr lh. mam.
would approve-. auchr an appointment'
Johnstone" himself ; smilingly said no.
"They -Wt do, thUg,: that Way at
Washington,'' he told.a friehd at the
Wany whq had taken no particulai
i.-ri in ine movement at that time
held to the belief that' Johnstone would
be- ohosen anyway on merit -alone, that
Washington would have to recognize
his abilities and give him-the appoint
ment, .whter hia political faith. Thii
ueuei grewi stronger as the months pass
' u successor lor ilaiey - wrai
named. ,. ' .. , ....-.'., . ; ,t r-.iW . t
The appointment of Colonel Hath
away, announced a, week- ago by. The
Aavertiser, came s a -real shock to
many, but . Johnstone Vwaa. not among
that number. Whether-.! the
of evehta he. would have, retained the
place he has.hald ao long, that of chief
ui-puiy.-n inp omce, could never at any
time be resarded as more than a nn.
tion of doubt. Itv followed naturally
l"M "B quit,. ,
Tells Experiences
(Wrthlii the -fifteen years I have
worked" for the eovernmeat I have de
clined a number of -openings that have
presented themselves from, i time, to
Umi,'' Johnstone-eaiT yesterday. H
sisneu .rerieeuveiy.r sou seo I war
a good .deal younser their: I had dif
feient ideas abont how faithful scrvu-.e
might be rewarded, ,' . Ithouirht- the
thing I held eventually must work out-
better tnan tpe tniaga pfferedt - . , , .
"My-idea then Was that.mise waa a
high duty I was' performing, for the
taxpayers. I waa fairly certain that
hard work and ' study and all those
things that make a man master of a
particular klnd'of jvork waa the thing
that meant success. I guess, too, that's
true -enough in the business world. But
business is npt poljtjes I began to un
derstand, that fact-after time.
"It's the way Die. gam is played.
I've heard' a surprising number of peo
ple express their views about the mattel
o this office. I really didn't J-ealUc
how many -were concerned about it aad
expected what I never did expect, that
I weulil 'go in as collector. : One thisg
sure,", and Johnstone grinned broadly
a he said it, " it suits me from the
ground up the way it has fallen out.
fr I'm trow sure- that I'm eatsrlngis
bigger and broader field, of service, d
will be more valuable to th ommunity
and It will pay me better aa well, )
"I want to state, this, however," he
nsjded. "I am leaving the- office with
the best feeling in th world fer those
I leave there -and tor my new, friend,
('wlonel Hathaway,. Probaldy.it is -needless
for cue i to say that I aliall be at
hi service at all timsa in straighteniag
out the. snarls that are bound to-come
up for a now man. Any information
that I possess is to be at his service
at any time and I shall keep In elos
touch -with the -office, unoifaciuily, 1 ar
loag a the need xiata," -
"Not 'on of the hundreds of tax
.returns that have been sent into this
office," he declareil, "are correct,"
.While this ia true in eon action with
luw that have leen, In .eperaUon. for
some time, under, th multitude of pro
visions of the new. war revenue act it
is expected that the number of tax pay
ert -will be more than quadrupled and
the'amnuut of taxes to be eollecred Will
iu mi from something over a million an
nually to mor'. than seven millions a
ypar- .s.,',s:-;.i,. . . ..
. . ':' -:r'' ,:- r -
'-. ... (. ;,'.:-,-;....' , '.' .
1917. . -SEMI WEER-tY. . : 1
One ftepubiTcan and One .Demo
crat Receive Bar Associa- v
.; lion's Approval v " ;
r- u-r-r-',-;; -.: .
David I- Withingtott, Republican,
and Judge S." B.Kcmp, Omocrat, werl
th choice of the Bar Association yes
terday for recommendation- to Presi'
Ident Wilson for. selection to succeed
Chief Justice. A. 0. Robertson on
the" Hawaiian sulirenv) ' court bench,
thenawies being" 'cabled to Washington.
test night.-' . , -' .-.'-:
Four vUme were presented to the
bar for cHkideration by a special com
mittee apiHiinted on-Tuesday by Fresi--Jent'Jefin
Catheart, "Jndge W. F.
Freer giving the result of the commit
tee' interviews with ' atrorneya -who
bad '.consented' to permit their names
being nsed. ' The quartette included
D. L. WSthlngtrtK t"lrcu It Judge C. W.
Ash ford, former Judge John T. DeBolt
and Circuit Judge 8. B. Kemp. '
.-It' was si Bounced, also,, that Judgo
Withingtsu bad consented to have his
name uivd only for the chief justiceship
snd not for any vacancy that
might', occur in the associate justice-thil-a.
There was considerable discussion as
to-the manner in which a recommends
tloa or recommendations should be
made fur forwarding to Washinctoo.
Uleorge A. Davis moved to vote upon
e eanqinates, th highest to be recom
mended for the- chief justice vacancy
and the. next highest name to accom
pany; it. Cornell Franklin snggested
fceoommendihgtwo name, one Democrat
and one Republican. He said that if
it ia the policy of the administration
to have three Democrats on the su
preme : bench-, ': one- Democrat would"
have been recommended. If it was the
administration's policy -to have two
Democrats and one Republican on the
bench then one Republican would have
been- recommended, for eonsideratioa.
Thia plan wns endorsed by R. W. Breck-ona.-:
Bobbins Anderson moved to pre
eod to ballot, recommending those re
ceiving a majority of votes.,
!,W, W. Thayer believed on concen
trating en only one man. Be believed
in the apportionment on the bench of
two Democrats and a Republican, and
s- a Democrat. believed in endorsing a
Republieaa for the vacancy on the
lench. This was opposed by W, O.
Smith, who adhered to the Davis ploa.
tt was finally decided to vote, on the
Da-vis-Anderson plan.' On the first bal
lot D. L. Withington received thirteen
.rotes, which was a majority,' . ';
'-On the -second ballot Judge Kemp
received ten ot'es, Judge Ashferd ev
im and Judge DeBolt, two, ' '. r '
D. L. Withington and Judge Kemp
were' thent declared the unanimous
Jhoice of the i association and the
president cud secretary were given' au
thority to cable the namea tt Presidant
Wilson, the Attorney-Genefal of ,the
Tnited Htatea and the chairman of
(he- judiciary committee of the Cni
.ed States senate.'- '" ' ; '
:, -t . '" ' , ' ' "
' ' . : . ,
tt i '.' ?' J"'''-' '
In a decision handed down yesterday
y the supreme court in the matter of
he estate of David P. Kaiona ques
tion raised in the circuit court where
the -will waa presented, for probate are
utswered. The. i supreme oourt . rules
hat the law giving oireuit judgos juris
iiction "to deter ib. aa the heirs at law
)f deceased persons and to decree the
1 distribution of intestate estates." does
tot extend to eases where the defendant
'eft a. witl though there may be a par
tial intestaney. .'
, ...V Title t real estate," the ruliag
lonttmies, ''vests at once on the death
of the owner in. his heirs or devisees,
and: without aff order of court. An
executor takes no title to the real es
tate of hia testator nor power over the
same except under special cireumstan
oes for a certain limited purpose."
, ' . -
A. 0. Curtis has transferred his store
and a part of his interests e'.even miles
from llilo on the VoK-ano road, known
us Kurtistown, to T. Dranga, Crescent
City business man. The sum iuvolved
in the transfer is said to be 10.000.
The district was named after Curtis,
Who waa one of the early day coffee
riluaterst He has retained much of. hia
valuable cane land, freui which he has
already made a fortune. The buyer of
Kurtistown "was formerly . engaged in
the plumbing business in Hilo aud re
cently conducted a second hand store
there.' ' -
, JUr. Curtis will luav shortly for the
mainlund, where he intends to open a
purchasing agency for Island putrons.
WASHINGTON, December 21 (As
oiated . Press) The shipping board
has announced thut it would do nothing
to discourage the construction of wood
fin shipsHn American yard on private
coutracts whare the work upon thrso
vesstds would not interfere with the
"arrying out of the government con
itrpction work, - ; . t
Thornton Hardy has resigned from
the Public Works Defisrtnient of the
Territory, to assuino the editor-liip of
the llilo Tribune, ami will leuve for
the Big Islnud next Knturday to take
up his new work. Mr. lliy-dv is a
trainod newspaper man and for some
time was a member of the Advertiser
reportorinl stall.
Shipping Board yvill , See .Thai
-Territory Is' Supplied Wtlr"
Vessels Avery Thinks " -
,. . :,.;
Hawaii will get 'what It needs In the
way of shipping tonnage to care for Its
eommerje,' despite whatever the L'sited
State (government requires on the At
lantic, in the opinion of W. H. Avery,
an official of the Toyo Kisen Kaisha
line, who is now in Honolulu in con
nection with the' business of his com
pany. Also, he is strongly of the opin
ion that the federal shipping board, at
Washington, ia very much concerned
about Hawaii, and will do it justice,
tempered by. other war necessities.
Mr. Avery is inclined to the belief
that the federal shipping board, with
the vast responsibilities placed upon it
and the urgent demand by the govern
ment for tonnage for government pur
poses on the Atlantic; is in the position
of a housewife just moving into a new
house with her new and old furniture
and because of many demands upon
her attention, is attending to the out
ride matters before getting - her own
" -us in order. Mr.. Avery, savs that
len the shipping board's own house
is put in order, some one will mske a
inquiry 'about Hawaii, among it per
sonnel, and the entire matter will be
settled at once..' '-..''' :
Also, some one will probably ask
"Why wasn't tbia dona . before f'.' an
indication' that even now 'Hawaii'
shipping problems could be settled. ' '
' The Japanese steamship company
representative leaves here early in Jan
nary for Haa Francisco" and Washing
ton and will appear before- the shipping
board to discuss matters affectinir his
own company, and the question of per
mits being given by the united Mates
Shipping Board to vessels of the T. K.
K. line to do business between Hawaii
and California. ; ' ' ' '' .
. His company does' not earn to re
ceive single permits for single trips,
but wants them for at least six months'
periods, in order that th proper and
adequate results may accrue, which, in
volves the opportunity a advertise
properly the fact that Jts boats are
carrying passengers and freight be
tween Honolulu and San Francisco un
der the .coastwise law suspension act.
- t ' I. i i
,;Says;-; ;;
In Resigning
Quits Board of Regents As Pro
test Against : Retention : of m
: structors Who, .He"Says, Are
; NotPatrioiic;
.. Fred L. Walditntr. tendered his res
ignation yesterday as- a -regent' of th
College of Hawaii as a protest against
the action of the majority of the board
of regents In keeping as a teacher Misa
Maria Heuer, a German citiaen .who,
Mr. Waldron says, has. In, writing ax
pressed her disloyalty to the, Vited
States. v '- '- - '' "-'' .r -.'. - '
"I refuse to accept responsibility for
keeping' disloyal teacher in the col
lege faculty,", said Mr., Waldron last
nigit. - "There 'is at -least one teacher,
and perhaps two, who are disloyal to
the United State. We have the record
in writing over their own signatures.
I have insisted that Miss Heuer, who is
a German citisen, should be dismissed
from the faculty. - She has not been
dismissed and I can no longer remain
a member of the-board of regent.
"I consider thatf the influence of
pro-German' teachers add teachers who
express disloyalty to. the United Statea
cannot but be detrimental to the. pupils.
They are paid with federal mouejr aad
are federal employes,' and they should
be dismissed,. . ; r . -'
"Dr. Dean was quoted yesterday aa
saying that all the. members of the
faculty 6f the College of Hawaii are
loyal to the United States of . 'America.
I, cannot allow that statement to go
uncontradicted. 1 They .are not .all loyal.
"As for Dr. Dean himself,' he ap
parently is a pacifist. He does not he
lieve in .war,, and he place the. work
of the college above the interests of
the United tte-; .
"MUs Heuer ha stated, over her
own signature, and we have the .state
ment, that she is loyal to no country
that is, at war. .Th United State is
at war. Furthermore, ah i a German
citizen. . -,
t My reeignation was placed in the
mail, directed to 'the Governor, thia
afternoon." . .' , , . ',..( . , ...
. v, ' n". ; ... - ;
John ,Awa; part-Hawaiian,, aid: an
employe of the! Mutual Telephose. Com
pany, W as seriously burned on the left
leg by eoming in eontaet with a live
wire while working i I wilai .yester
day afternoon. ' The most remarkable
part of ft all was that Jie waa working
about twenty feet from the ground at
the. time of the accident and although
he fell from this height, he sustained
uuly a few slight bruises. He was
t routed at the emergency hospital aad
was later removed to his home . at
Eighth Avenue and Palolo.
While it Is believed by the hospital
stewards that it will require a consid
erable time for the burn to heal en-
tirt.1v thuv n r 1 m .,,.11 ........iu
gaiu the use. of the Injured member.
" I'reuse- eons-TV sugur," Is'a sign
thut appears on sugar . bowls, iu: the
mainland, is the report that Guy II.
Ituttulph of the brokerage firm of Wll
liamsuu 4 Buttolph brings bark from
the Htates. He say that conservation
days are being generally observed and
the. sugar shortage was specially acute,
; - HAVECorsr.iAiiD of
mil uuni
i-, 't,.:t; y l.:.r-: s v
Commandant and Corps of In
structors For Sthool Which
i PPen? Next Month Named
Selections f rofn . Regular ' Arny
Announced But Guard List
Not Yet Completed
' 1 rt- .M ' ::
Major Robertt ff. -yon, Twenty-fif' I.
Infantry, J.'M.' A.,1 is been seb-cf . 'I
by General John P. Wisser, departiin i i
commander, aa commanding officer
the second' Reserve. Officers ' Train i .j
Camp, at SchofieLI Barracks,' a h . i.
will be opened on January 5, 191H.
The roiiiniandant'is a mnn of v.i.1--military
cxperieni-e and will tie a logi
eal successor -to-the first training eatm.
eoniniandants Major Klvld Hunt iii.i
Major Leonard, who had one hundred
men to .instruct in the rudiments - I'
military science, Including intensive
nirxlern warfare, boildisg them pro. t.
rally, from the ground, up.. ..
Task Not Easy
: Major Lyon's task will be no I.- .
difficult, oven though every . man l"
joins the camp will have bad nnl.ii u
training, ranging from a year to -;,-
and ten year, as all are connected wi !.
the regular army la the enlisted p. t
sonnet, or from the Hawaiian Nut 101.
at' Udanl. ? :,: .-
lieutenant Oilman Named
Of ' deep interest to-Islanders is ti.--fact
-that Second Lieutenant Jo-., t ;
Athertoa Oilman, Jr., Tweaty-flftli j'.i
fantry, R .C.,' has also been apiniu i
as an instructor on Major Lyon's hi;
Lieutenant Gilmnn waa a nieinlx r
the -first B. O. T. ramp, receiving I.,.,
commission November JJtJ. Having j..
finished ,u intensive three moi.il'
course in the , hard work which
given the ramp students, be -will 1- u
valuable addition, to the eorp of in
structors. ".'' . ' ...
The full list of, mea selected follows:-
" ' '."''''.: r. i- '
First Infantry Regimental Serur,:,t
Major Melvln L. Crisp; Color Ser
Beaat Mack Evans; Corporals ( Iim ! v.
K. Bouvhan, Paul Kellam; S,.rv...i.,;
Sy.lnor H. Elmore; Privates Jhku". s.
Polhemis, Carl hchreiber,' Paul '., tirn
retson, -Harold J. Kilty, Sergennt . -e.
phen Tammaay, Corporal Giles i ait. r
son,' Sergeant Hie! Van Cam-x-u. for
poral Charlie Blake, Sergwint Jos. I.
Kilroy, CpK Elmer J. Hurlev, SKt. A I
axan-ler J. 81owitzky, Cpl. George ll.ul
but, Sgt.-Edward B, Gunter, t'-4. Will
tarn Jackson,; Cpl. 'Frank J. Butler.
Cpl. Raymond P. Jones, - Sgt.. Allien
Ishn, ITivate William, J. Suthcilinid.
Fourth Cavalr)- First Sgt.
Smoek, Sgt, J. Haley, HorsosUoer "j-nrv
Esters, Opl -MeClala S. Coop r, rrt.
Clair H. Lonsdale, CpL Albert 1m-I..),
Bgt. Blaine Webb, Sgt. Edward Kr.-n
per, SgtCharle Kubin, Cpl. Wiifred '.
Ditto, Pvt. Edward. T. Kellogg, Pvt.
Wade Rippee, Cpl. Samuel J.,Watkiii,
Cpl. Leonard H. Miramoates, Sgt. L I
ward J. - Mi-Intyre, Sgt Herbert 1'.
Blaesing 1st Bgt. William E. Heist, Cpl.
John E. Crosby, flgt. Rheinhart Smith,
Sgt,! Honry Adams, Crdi i Howard
Zimmer, Bugle gt.- Bolert A. Brewer,
Sgt. Raymond M. Heckert, Sgt. Kov
Dry son, Sgt. Harry H. Martin, Sgt. Otto
& Messenger, F.vt Frederick H. Hock
ert. ,.,,, , ... .. v,. ,
Thlrty-Sceond Infantry 1st Sgt. Wil
liam' Shirley, 1st Sgt., William F. F.i:
ell 1st Bg. Louie Norris, Hgt. WjlliMn
K, Dean, Sgf. John Lee, Sgt. Edwir.l
F. BreananSgt. Joseph, L. Hogwood,
Sgt. I4twrene D. Butler, Sgt. Gussie i..
Pickett,( Sgt., Auton Engcbretson, H-,r.
Joseph O. Zimmerman,. Sgt. . William
Vylasek, Sgt' Emil Olson, .Sgt. Benju
min, Fleishmftli, Sgt. James F. Boyle n.
Sgt. Gusta .Park-May, -CpL Stanley
Wiugus, Cd.,Ful N. Wilkersoa, Cpl.
Tavi.'M. Fik. . ' ' .- -.
Coast lArtillery lt Sgt Frank A.
Zimmerman, 10th Co.- 1st Sgt. Felix M.
Alexhuder, 5th' Co.? Cpl. Herbert 1.
Tilgner, 7th Co,- Sgt. Neil van Overeu,
2nd- Co,- Sgt. Frank Mureskie, 10th Co. ;
Sgt. Johq E. Anderson, 0th Co.; Mew
Hgt. Watson' B. Copeland,.llth Co.; Sj-t.
James N. Stewart, 1st Co.- Sgt. Thonia-i
F.I Melody. OtiI..; Det-,' O, D. O.f r-fct.
Charlie E.Tape,' 8th Co.- Sgtw Erri- jt
E: Neice, 8tb Co.; Supply Sgt. Wilbur
D. Feather, 13th Co.; - Sgt. Earl 11.
Harnbergr, I2h Co,; Sgt..Timothy A.
Mr.CJollau, Mh.Co.; Fireman Alex under
Rollo, N. C. 8 Fort Buger, H. T.; lnt
Sgt.: George R., Taylor, 4th Co.- 1st Syt.
Thomas-C, Brant, 13th Co.. ' . .
' ' Kocond . Infantry Sgt. ' 'Albert !.
He's, 1st Sgt. Robert A- Kemp, Sgt. Ed
ward Leoney, CpL Walter JV Davis, H.
S, hgt, Charlea )L tjoita, Sgt..Rulili li.
Black, Sgt. .Jasper L. Harrington, lt
SgtGuy 'M. Bartlett, Ctl. Frnnit W.
Beebe, Hgt. Wm. E. Hoover, Cpl- J-nne-i
J.-Quiun, Cni(Fred A..Fenn, Pvt. si
CI. Roy Bedford, Sgt. Rowland Pr. -s-ton,
Cpl. Walter L. Ueacker, Sgt. Vat
the-v- N. Wroght, Jr., . Pvt. Glenn h..
Hoover, 1st Sgt. Bit-bard E. Jarvlt.. Hut .
Grant C. CnrtRr, 1st , Sgt. James A.
Scott, Sgt. Bert Scales, Sgt, pidnev It.
Fergutoa, Sgt, Emory L. Bias, Cpl. j.l.
ert E. Lee, Pvt. Harrold K. Kerry, Cpl.
Arthur C, Hale, Sgt. Gust Magnus.m.
. : Twenty-fif th. lufantry-r-Hattl. IJert..
Maj. Jesse Colemanr Cook Perclval (l.
Carter, Sgt. Charles Mason, Hgt. Ja.-oh
Sounders, Sgt.- Alton Williams, I pi.
Walter - P.. Bentley, Sgt. Albert . J.
Priggs, Sgt. Jesse E. Armstead, H-t.
Obie Johnson, Cpl. Arthur Colenuin,
Cpl. Clyde Alston, Sgt. Thoina Carrol',
Cpl. Wilbur G. Perkins, Pvt. 1st f ,.
Gsrnett G. Overby, Sgt.-Thomas IV -ger,
Cpl. Denver Frasier, Cpl. H-ilx-rl.
A. Holmes, 1st Sgt. Eugene M. Lee, S-:t.
Harry M. Johnson, Sgt. Haley Mniiu.
Cpl. Henry Golden, Old. John II tit. t,'.(.
Stuart O. Thomas, Sgt. WUi;:im K.
Kicks, Cpl. Ck'inmle W. Lad.l, ' l.
FrHiik L. Thomas, Sgt. William 1
velle, Cpl. Wemlt-H D. Seolt, t'pl. W,l
liam Ballatt, V Cpl. Boell W1U.,m, S -1 .
Andrew McAdauis, Cpl. Robert W na.-i -i,
Cpl, William Wilson. . .
' Medical Department Sgt. 1st C'l;is3
John A. Brush. . . ,

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