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Rammed Bv
Wo Defai's Given Ouf Is To How
: Or When Sister of Fated
F-t'Met tier End
WASHINGTON, December 1 9 (Delayed) Another of the
F-class submarines, sister of the F-4 which went down off
Honolulu harbor in March of 1915 with the loss of all on board,
.was lost on Sunday as the result of a collision. This was the F-1,
which was ammed by the F-3, going down with nineteen of her
crew. v.; '": . .. ...4;
. No details of the accident, with the exception'of the fact that
- Lieut Alfred E. Montgomery, who was in command of the F-1
. and four of his men were saved. . The others of the crew of twenty
,ihree were drowned when the vessel sank.:
"v v;X'4': " ' ' " rr" '" . ' ''.
i It is not announced where the accident occurred in which an
other of the fated F submarines was lost with her crew, nor had it
been known definitely here that
put Tack into active service. When
Honolulu, leaving the bones of the F-4 in the -ooze at Pearl Harbor,
it was announced that they were to be taken to Mare Island to 1
completely refitted and overhauled.
' It .seems probable that the accident happened at some point fi
the Faiific Coast, inasmuch as ft is known that the F boats were a I
the Marv, Island station as late as April, when war was declared.
The '-3, which sent her sister submarine to -the bottom, accord
ing to th latest available naval list, was commanded by Lieut. V
M. Quigley. ' .. , ' 1 . ,
locally, the F group 'of submarines were known among .the
naval enlisted men as "hoodoo" ships. The four had a series of
accidents wiilc o the Honolulu station, culminating' jii'tlic loss' of
-the t-4 through defective batteries
Babst Protested Against Ruling
' Shutting Him Oi) Hoover
Must Wait Turn
WASHINGTON, Uccenil.or 19 (As
nwintfcl 1'rewi) -Clisrgt-g unci counter
charges art- flyinjf between the fartion
ieh hiv developed us , result of
the efforts of tbe foot adntjuiHtratlon
to regulate the prire and thV distribu
tion of siigiir. The senate committee
n maiifiK'ture is investigating the
arioni allegations made against the
iiltar commisHioV and the sugar admin
intrntor of the food commission, the
main witness before thev committee yes
terday beinif Karl I. Kabst, president
of the American Kugar Keflning Com
inuy, between whom and tome of the.
iildevendeiit refiners there has been
strife Muring the past few weeks.
The: American Sugar Iteflntng Com
finny has been pushing the sale of its
two and five-pound enrton parVatea
of lu.rflr, which bus been attacked aa
unfair by other refiners on the ground
that five pound packages resulted fn
an unecul distriLtitiou wh'en many
grocers were (daring a two and three
found limit upon sales of bulk sugar.
Explained la Secret
Mr. Hubst, in the publie hearing be
fore the ffunmittue, was not permitted
tn make any statement, but was limit
ed to replying to such, questions as
were nuked by the- committeemen. At
the close of the h'eurintr he voiced a
vigorous objection to this, demanding
that he be allowed to mnke a complete
stnteuieut of,the American' position.
The, committee then went into execu
tive session, .when Babst is understood
to have luieo, (il'.oweU to talk us be
would. , , .
FikmI Adiniiiistriitar Hoover wns ys
terdny again denied permission to re
spond from the witness stand to t lie al
legations of iiiifttirnoiH filed by Clnus
Spreekels, which charges were repeat
ed from e lie witness stiind. Mr. Hoover
had explained that be desired to make!
B reply and claimed that it 'was unfair
to him that Mr. Hpreckels' charges and
claims should go out unanswered. trn-
Htor Keod. in refusing t permit Mr.
Hoover to take the stand yerterdoT.
said that he would hnve to wait his
turn and could make bis explanations
when be wi called upon.
OAI.I.l'P, New Mexico, December IS
( AsNocluted l'renK) Manuel Clevas
and Hilvnrio Hivn, two condemned Mnx-
icnii murderers, Imaged
themselves to-sun.
day ia the county juiL
3, Craft
All Crew
any of -these submarines had been
the F-1, F-2 and P3 sailed from
Orders Investigation of 'Recom
mendations For Solu
tion of Difficulties
WASHINGTON, Decemtmr 10 (As
sociated I'ress) The solut'pn of the
railroad transportation difficulties,
which are greatly hamering the gov
ernment now as wttll as causing im
mense inconvenience to tlie people of
the country, is one of the principal
matters that is before the seuute at
present, and one which that body is
determined to rush through as soon as
On motion of Senator Cummins of
Iowa, the senate yesterday ordered a
thorough investigation to be made of
the recommendations proposed by the
interstate commerce commission for the
solving of the difficulties. The invest
gatlon. according to the terms of Sen
ator Cummins' motion, Is to be wade
tv 'he senate interstate commerce com
mittee. "
i a-f-ii .
WA8HIN0T0N, December 18 (A
sociated l"Tess) la a statement today
Edward Hurley, chairman of the Emer
gency Fleet Corporation, said that Ad
miral Harris, who on December 1 suc
ceeded Admiral Cappa as manager and
who is how retiring wanted to move
the corporation's headquarters to Phil
adelphia and also waited to carry out,
independent of consultation with the
board, plaus for $12,000,000 housing
operations. Hurley suggested that he
consult the directors. Harris fult thati"" w A"uv 1 u,nttm Mprnaop and she
he wns acting with insufficient author-1 now u" "HeetriciaB, tlrst elass," iq
itv and asked for reliuf. The general 1 Hhe ' n"',"bMr ' "'
I lt
maintains, is excel-
. :.. ...i
The- uhip tonnnge either being
or contracted fors 8,:t5t,30ri.
When your child has whooping cough
be" cureful to keep the cough loose
rnd exictoration. cany by giving i
('hamberlnin 's Cough Kemedy
lis mav
Ie required. This remedy wirl also
Uipiify thctaugli mucus and make it
easier to eypectorate. It has been i
used Successfully in many epidemics
anil as it contains no narcotic ur other
j i' i ni'M s nubntaiices it is perfectly
Uufe. Fhr sale lv all dealers. Hen.
Smith ft Co., l td., Agts. for Ha-
w uii, Advcrtisouiuut.
Politician And Boss
Gambler ShotV V
Bf His Divorced Wife
Frank Darour Seriously Wound
' ed By Notorious "Tessie Wall,"
Who Says She Did It Because
He Broke Her and Left. Her
Penniless . . "
N JPKANCIHCO, December l-f-(Asso.
iated PreaaJ--Frank Daroux,
polltii in,-gambUr aad one of the most
antoriniM characters of this elty, was
shot sad dangerously wonnded last
night by his divorced wife, Mra. Teasio
Wail Imron.
Dnronx recently obtained a divorce
from liiniiwlfe, after a long aad bitter
tight in the courts. This wa followed
by another legnl bwttle ia which Mrs.
Dnroux attempted, Unsuccessfully, to
obtain a substantial share of Dnroux's
After the ahooting Mrs. Darous said
ia explanation: "He broke ma and
left me penniless."
Daronx was married to Tessie "Wall
When she was proprietor of the most
notorious house of ill fame ia San Fran
cisco, which she ran or many yearn.
Daroux himself ia notorious as a big
gambler and has for many years bean
recognised as aa important factor in
local politics. ,
Recently, however, he has bad
fallinu' out with those with whom he
formerly worked, and hi political
powei has suffered a serious aet-back,
while his gambling enterprises have to
a Boiisiderahle extent coma under the
disapproval of the police.
- Tli- Dnroux divorce rasa was one of
the most sensational ever tried In a
Hon I'rancisco court, charges and enunt-er-ih.irges
being freely made by both
All Federal Office
Holders Should
Pay Tax On Salaries
House of Representatives Adopts
Resolution That . Would Make
Everybody Fron President To
Port Collector Pungle Up Part
of Pay
WASHINGTON, December 10 (As
sociated I'ress) That all federal office
lolders, from President to port collec
tor, ought to pay irfrome tax upon
their salaries, the same as other salary
earaera, is the a. nse of a resolution
passed in the house yesterday by a
large majority.
The resolution which .carried said
that members of congress, judges on
the federal bench and all other federal
employes skoulaV -have , their yUr-
taxed. This resolution will tie taken
up ia consideration of amendments to
the income tax and war revenue -measures
when these are reported out for
amendment. ' -
- . ;
Senate Excludes California
Lands From Provisions of
Mineralland Leasing Bill
WASHINGTON, Decemler Iff (As
sociated I'ress) The senate, sitting as
committee of the whole, adopt) ye
iernay amendments to the oil and laud
leasing bill, which amendments exclude
California naval fuel reserve lands
from the provisions of the bill. Kinnl
vote on the bill was deferred to Jan
uary i. I
The Walsh oil and land leasing bill
projioaed give claimants to lands in
the naval fuel reserve lands twenty
year leases on payment of one-eiglith
royalty. The navy department, how
ever, strongly opposed including the oil
lands of the California reserve in the
provisions of this measure, : on the
ground that it would be inimicale to
the best interests of the navy, par
ticularly now that. the country is at
An amendment was accordingly in
troduced excluding the California lands
from the provisions of the bill, and
this amendment has now been adopted
Another, amendment which wa
adopted by. the senate committee of
the whole provides for the condemna
tion of all existing claims, within the
California naval oil reserve.'
, t i ' '.':
The first woman to enlist in the nuvv
as an electrician baa joined the Colors.
(Wireless class Tor women, of wlm-h
Mrs. Herbert Sumner Owen is the
founder and director. Divisions of
this class are detailed to Hunter Col
lege, the Marconi Kudio Kcbool and to '
the Young Men's Christiau Assoc in
tiou. ,
1 .
V.'ASiMIN'GTON. December IS (As
sociated Press) Senator Sterlin of
South Dakota today introduced a joint
resolution authorixiug the President to
appoint a director of freight trnttis
for the I'liiied States, under the rail
road uuifl'ation iilau.
Essex Coast and'Kent Visited By
Hostile Airmen a Few of r
Whdm. Reach Capital . ;
no reports"mTde of
. deaths or damage
Italians Throw Back Heavy In
fantry Drives Against North
Salient Germany Losing .
'.London, 'nwmW n (Asaocia-
ted I'ress) Aa air raid, in which a
Inriie number of German machines par
ticipated,, wa carried out against the
Essex coast, a number, of Kentish
town and Iondoa last jiight. -The
machines were greeted nfr soon as they
hnd crossed the coast line with a heavy
Are,' despite which a number of the
raiders penetrated some of tha outer
districts of I-ondonj1 dropping bombs.
. The city anti aircraft defenses drove
(h raiders off before any serious dans
age ia believed to have been dona, but
no official reports of casualties or dam
age have been as yet received. Thar
are no details of the dnms,'es in Essex
or. Kent, if any w as inflicted, nor hava
any announcements of tho destruction
of -any of -the (lerman planes been
made, if any . were bought down. ;
Italian Repulaa Hung ,
Despatches from Rome report the re
pulse of heavy. A imtro German attacks
against Monto Holnrolo salient, on the
Asiaga front, yesterday. The Teutons
launched therr Infantry under a heavy
barrage, followiDg a bombardment of
the Italian lines, liut(n no Instance did
the attacking infantry. reach .the Italian
trenches. Tha Hun loss is reported to
have been heavy.
Weather eonditiona are unfavorable
to Infantry actions along the French.
nd British fronts and there' was ns
fighting on' the west yesterday exrrp;
with the artillery.
Brigadier Generals Assigned. To
uortcnands one Made,
Major General h . Vt
WASHINGTON, December 19--(Aa-socinted
Press). Important assign
ments of high army officers were an
nounced by the war department Tester
day. It was also announced that on
brigadier general had tn promoted to
ins ior general. , , .,
Brig. On. Hetniann Bull Is kaalgaed
to tho commend of the Eightieth In
fantry Brigade of the Fortieth Divis
ion, which is stationed at Fort Kear
ney, about fifteen miles north of Ban
Diego. . i,. "
Brig. Of n. George H. Cameron, who
only a rew months ago wax a colonel of
cavalry, ia promoted to major general
and assigned .to command a new divis
ion of the Regular Army.'
Brig. Gen. Bernard,". D. Irwin, who
had heea retired but who mas called
liHck into active service on account of
the war, is assigned to (ha command f
the First Field Artillery Brigade of the
Forty-first Division,, relieving General
lervey, who is ordered to Washington
for duty.
The Forty first Di virion is at Camp
Fremont, near Charlotte,. North Caro
lina. Maj. Oen. George W.' Goethals, who
resigned a few months ago aa executive
head of the federal shipping board fol
lowing his controversy with William
Denman, is agr.in called into active
service and detailed aa acting quarter
master general of the army,
New Contingents Will Help Drive
Hun.Bacfc . .Jr,
HOMK December !&-( Associated
i'resH )--Tho Italian government ves
tenliiy issued a -call for new. contin
gents to join the Colors. - The govern
ment has decided that Jtaly muxt put
all her available oian power into the
field to stem the tide of the llmt d
vnnce, and the call for new contingent
i u purt of the program that has been
mapted out by which Italy hopes to
hurl the Austrians back off Jlarliin
soil.. ' ' t i v .( '
( Aiociated
Montana, December VS
Press) Continuing ua its
ay, the Hhrincrs' bag of
triumphal w
Hour which
has traveled to Houolulu
ffun, was laxt.nllit sold
and back p
bv Bagdad
temple, humc, rgr iiiuo.
records for a single sale
at of the Red Cross. The
breakiug all
for the bent
pack of flou
r has now raised 15.038,
From IWitte
it goes o KuwUus, Wyom-
AMSTKHDAM, December 1l (Aa
Kociated I'resa) Two American sailors
of the diwt rover Jacob Jones, sunk
ldht week by n Hun subinarine, were
saved by the (ierman uiulersen craft,
neeording tn mi ofliciul uiuiouiicenioiit
made yewtcrduy.
nnnnnrn mnminnn;
Deposed Premier of Russia Re
' ported Leading An Army -Against
'( il'KNIIA(iKN. Decent!, c lt-(As
sociated: I'resn - Konrrer V-emier ami
Minister of War Kcreiink of Kumia,
who dropped from sight when he was
driven from power by' the Itolnhevikis.
has again appeared, this time tn a com
batant In Husxia, according tj a diw
patch todny from ilaparamln, Hweden.
Kerensky is reported to be h. the
Vicinity of I'etrograd with some thou
saada of trmips at his back, and to bv
attacking thn liolsheviki forces, winch
ara making counter attacks upon his
Meantime, actual peace negotiations
hava been launched bv Teuton diplo
mats, according to a delayed despatch
from Tetrograd.
Foreign Minister von Kuehlinann of
Germany and Foreign Minister Count
; The enemy papers say that Trotxky
meet at RreitaeiUvsk, on the eastern
front on Tuesday for the 'pnrjiose of ne
gotiating a general European peace.
Czernin of Austria )ava notified l'ra
mier Trotxkv of ltniwia that they will
has notified the ambassadors of the
Allied eonntriea that aa armistice has
bqpn arranged and that peace negotia'
tions are Intended to follow Immediate
ly. .Trot zky asked the Allied ambas
sador whether they would participate in
thia conference. The ambassador say
they hava ri-i eived no such communica
tion. They have- met Informally with
out decision aa tov what their action
will be.
No Clue Found To Those Who
Blew Up Executive's Home
.PACBAMENTO, Cal., Dec. IS (Aa
sociated Press) Investigation by many
officials and detectives, public and pri
vate, of the explosion which last night
wrecked the' executive mansion, occu
pied by Governor Btephens and family,'
has so far failed to uncover a single
Vlue to the perpetrators. .
Conditions in which the wrecked
building was left indicate that the job
was done, with loose dynamite, to which
a short fuse outside the wall was at
tached, the fuse being lighted outside
and carrying a train of sparks to the
explosive inside.
Governor Pteiiheqs calmly inspected
the .damage, after the terrible explo
sion, his courage unshnken, anil re
mained on the premises for the balanre
of the? night. The explosion occurred
shortly after uid night and is believed
to be part of a pluu to assassinate the
goveruoT. , .
'.';"n ;
Tho Islands .have been unusually
prosperous during the last year, sayi
the Governor in his report to tha sec
retary of the interior. He also hopes
there will be no friction between the
laborers, and the plantations,, aa the
bonus system tends to serve all fairly.
The report says total commercial
bank deposits as of December 31, 19)6,
were 22,4Hrt,524..1l, and savings bank
deposits as of June 30, 117, tl0,20n,
illO.70 showing a substantial increase
Over preceding years. The legal limit
of the . territorial indebtedness ia $lri,-
House Amendment To Resolution
Overwhelmingly Adapted
WASHINGTON, December 18 CAs
sociated Press) By a vote of forty
three to eight and without a rollcall.
tho senate accepted the house, amend
ment to the prohibition resolution and
thus assured its immediate. ''passage
Seven years ia placed as the limit for
adoption of the constitutional amend
meut by the 1 state legislatures.
sociated l'rehs) The rules cimmitti-e
of the houne today agreed to bring the
suffrage resolution before the house
for n vote on January 10,
MAN FHANC1SO), December in -.Vnrniuit
Ross, Hwimming champion and
late private in Vnrle Sana's military
xilice at. Camp Lewis, is here to learn
the. rudiments of flying. Norman want
ed to be a flyer all ulong, but as
drafted and ordered to Cuinp Lewis.
M ei n the northern camp that Nor
man finally 'completed his arrange
ments for a transfer, cud he linn heen
ordered to report at Berkeley today.
After six neeks of theoretical n'mlv
he will be ordered either to the South
ern California school or "over tc.c "
Ross is louking particularly
Attempt To Oust District Attor
ney Fails At End of Hotly
Contested Campaign ' '
Official Asserted His Conviction
of Bomb ' Murderers Was
Cause To Unseat Him
(Associated I'ress) Charles M.FIekert,
district attorney of Han. Francisco
County, came out victorious yesterday
in the election held under a petition
for his recall. He won by a blglaajor
itv, snowing under his opponents,
Charles A. Sweigert and Frank P.
Hoyea. ' '
Tha attempt to recall Fickert had as
sanied nntioaal interest, partly on ac
count of the nature of the' defense
made of him'by hia friends, but more
largely because of the fact that For
mer President Roosevelt came to his
aid and in an open letter denounced
thove who were attempting to recall
him, ' i . . it .
Speciic Charges
The sjiecific charges against Fickert.
as contained in the recall petitions
were that "he has failed to appreciate
the duties and responsibilities of his
office; and has been guilty of violating
the standard of- conduct demMnded of
him by the Supreme Court of Califor
nia" and that "he ia not conducting
the office of district attorney in the in
terest of justice and to the satisfac
tion of the people of Han Francisco."
District Attorney Fickert has recent
ly attained national prominence aa the
prosecutor of the alleged,, bomb plot
murderers. Of thost accusi-5 ef causing
the death of ten persona on July 22,
min, during a preparednesa parade,
Fickert has secured tha conviction of
two, including Thomas Mooney, who is
now under sentence of death.. -
Mooney was aa I. W. W. and known
throughout California as a labor agita
tor. He ad previously been charged
with dynamiting. . '
Said Mooney ' ' Eaitroadad' '
. Mooney 'a friend) charged that he
waa "railroaded" by (Fickert. the
labor unions of Ssn Francisco 'aided
tha- bomb plot defehsd financially.. It
waa after the conviction of Mooney
that petitions for the recall of the
district attorney were circulated.
Fickert hotly denied that he was
-actuated by any other motives than
. L a J. ' . ; i ...i r
iuuhp at juniiro ia pruiwvuiiug juwarr
and hia alleged confederates. The con
test that ensued quickly passed beyond
local t bounds. Newspapers throughout
the country, and magaaines as. well,
took the matter up and the eontroveTsy
became national in ita xtent.
Several persons wore indicted by the
grand jury in connection with the sign
ing of the recall, petitiona..' They were
latef, released.'", ...J. V
Roosevelt Letter ' .-1 ')' ;4 t',,
For several years, almost ever since
he assumed office, llckert ha buen un.
der .fire, bnt unti-th circulation . of
tho recall petition no definite, rharges
were published . agaiimt bim, When
ever he has' rnn for office he has won
by handsome majorities.
The Injection of the Roosevelt let
ter into the recall campaign added fire
to it and served to call the attention
of the whole country o the controversy,
Roosevelt warmly , championed Fick
ert 'a cause andT charged that pro Oer
nanism was back, of the attempt . to
have him removed from office.
Fickert is a graduate of Berkeley
and was a famous football man while
in the university. .
WASHINGTON, December 18 (As
sociated Press) It ia announced that
former I'nited States soldiers between
forty and sixty years of age are ac
ceptable for membership in the pro
nosed "United Htate Guard" for borne
defense. ,''
Hard to Shake Off
That Backache
The daily grind is .made ten times
worne when afflicted with lame back,
sharp, darting pains, headache, dizj.i
less mid annoying kidney difficulties.
If you want to shake it off, before
there's danger of gravel, dropsv, or
Bright 's disease use Dean's Backache
Kidney I'ills. They are piaised the
noi Id over by thousands who have had
relief from those exact troubles.
'When Your Back is. l.ame Eemem
ber the Name." (Don't simply ask for
a kidnev remedy ns't ilix' inctly for
Doan's Backache Kidney Tills and tike
no other). Down's Backache Kidnev
I'ills aie Hold by all druggists ami store,
keepers, or will be mailed on -receipt of'
price by the Hollister Drug Co., or j
MeiiMon Nnvtli A Co., agents for the
Hawaiitiu Islands, (Advertisement)
1 , -
Secret Treaty Whereby : Bferfin
Guaranteed China Against
Japanese Aggression Attempt
ed According To Evidence In
Plot Trial . - : ;
CHINESE Wee"""t0 "
Scheme Disclosed In Code Mes
sages Which Passed Between
Hindu Leader and Berlin Com
mitteeDeciphered Telegrams
Presented ' .
19 (Associated Press)
That Germany was scheming to
secure Chinese help in her plan
to foment a revolution , in India, '
the details of which were being
worked out in the United States
nd 'the Philippines, was brought
out in the evidence at the trial
the alleged neutrality : clatters
yesterday. 1
'..- The evidence disclosing thia
alleged plot showed that one Is
sue was to effect a secret treaty
between Peking and Berlin, based
on which Germany was to guar
antee China against any Japanese
or other aggression for a . period
of five yeafs from the termination
of the war. .' ,',:' : ' ,(.' '.
In return, China was to furnish
a large number of Chinese.to.be
sent into India, these "to rise when
the signal for revolt was given
and to join forces with the Hindu
revolutionists.1 Arms for .'these.
Chinese were to be smuggled into
India and distributed. .; ' V'
The details of this secret treaty
were disclosed 'tn; a '; 'number qf"
code messages, presented in' evi
dence by ' the prosecution, which
messages are1 alleged to , have
passed between Chakravarty, ne
of the defendants, and a commit
tee of German officials in Bertiri.'
, Testifying for- the government
yesterday, Harcharan Das declar
ed that a. number of Hindus in,
1915 went in the steamship Mav
erick td - Socorro island where
they were to await, another vessel
for transshipment'to India. This
vessel never arrived, so they re
turned and burned their revolu
tionary literature, fearine search-
by the British. : :;
The mate of the Maverick res
cued fragments of the literature
and these were today introduced
as evidence.
Sixteen Million Bushels of Wheat '
. Ill'll M . M a I
win oe aavea ; . :
NKW-YOllK, IWrwiirr I0As :
eiuted I'reas) Tli milling division nt
the food administration has announced .
a striea nf new regulations . alTtM-tin , .
(lie milling industry, ireserib nic whnt ..
degree tlir output of flour must beir in
relation to tlm amount of whpat
uroiind. 'The outpnt will lie loss fine,
hut there will lie aiipreelatdy lesa
waste prodnet from tlio millinir. with
lli flour approxiuiattnf; to a alight ex-'
tent tlie wliule wheat product. '' -
It is ealeulated that th new retri- . ,
tions will mean a saviuii jiriiijr tha '
present crop year of sixteeu million )
liushels of wheat. - ;?''!
OTTAWA, Cuiuidti. Deeemlier IS
(' AssiM-iuted- -1'iesK) Tle lldlnill jjll jfov .
eriiient in the yi'iieni! eKiit'ons yes
terdu.v hH vin the snfe mnioritf of
fort) eipbt seiits with three rloulitf nl.
The votes of the xoldirra overseas Sti'l
to tie reeeiwd cannot uUer tlie gen ara I

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