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V .
jperaf Attempts Are Made
,ioDreai lnrouen lomms
: ; And WintieOudrters J
I ON DON, December' 20 (Associated Press) -With I their ave-A-'
titles of communication through "the mountain ' passes behind
1. I . . .. . .- . . . T . ,. ....
inem raptaiy oecommg 'impassable because of the snow, whjerf has
1 been, falling heavily for .some' days, the Austrc-GermansT are1 .now
making a aupreme effort. 'to smash their.;yray' through .the; Italian
' lines and into the Venetian 'plains. 'vrijere.' vvmteV Quarters mav'be
established and where the-invading armies may live' largely 'off. tof
' the country. " Vv I? ,:; f ,,-,;" ';'.", .,'-,;' ; , .)
"At two points of the line furious battles are raging," each side
. 'iiui ui.a.iii.Eijr ui me uiuwicugc mt uic ucicai ox c liner win
have the most serious consequences. At both points, the Teutoi?
; have Vnade'' gfaini,"m neither cae of importance while the German
.. rid Austrian' Idsset have' been very heavy.' ' Z" ', ' '.; V V !
., ,rr,r ,.;.,..,, v. BRIDGED THE.PIAYE
t One series of attacks was launched against the Italians holding
the western bank of the Lower; Piave; this blow being aimed directly
at Venice.;: Under cover of a concentrated deluge of shells' the Teu
tons threw a pontoon bridge acrcss" the" rfver, some three rniles from
hs mouth and just above thatj section; of th district which the Ital
ians had flooded. Across ( this .bridge a strong detachment of the
, enemy poured before the 'Italians could "rush a force to 'hohf the
4 'ground.' ; '".' .' :...' I ;' r'''''''S'r';'V'.V"i.(?..;':;' '; ',
After a desperate- seriei of attacks, the Huns were finally driven
back to the river's edge; where hey are now being held,' with the
. pontoons "Tjebitrd them jsmafehed, by the Italian gups '-' , .'. v'
aV- -.'.i.' .. BATTLE STILL RAGES' " :t-1 -l
; J';;.-: To fescue these. attackersand break the Jtafians; four other attacks
.".were made simultaneous along jthe; same, sector, each being repulsed
with tremendous losses to the Teuton! Other attacks were developing
' late yesterday" and the fighting on thej Lower Piave is still coritintring.
The Italians are holding firmly" however ,! and the situation of ..'the" first
,iarty;6f ihe neniy' which crossed Is desperate. ' - , ' ,: v . ' '
.''' Another great baitle.'of 'even ';j'grea(er;;,intensity''',ithan'iuSat'beii)g
fought before" Venicej' raging on tbe' Asiago plateau. The Austro
, ! liermans i'are making ther greatest effort to seize the San Lorenzo Pass,
-the vital :line leading down into the plains,; while the Italians; with tne
. British and French f orces v in. Italy, fighting- by ; their side," are pounding
, ; the attackers mercilessly and surrendering ground only at Jhebkteresl
. :v cost."1. ',,. ;;;.;. -;y?'Ti'-:, r:;-'--, s-V-t.;,, ;
' v: ' i The Teutons 'along tHis front have evidently concentrated for this
effort and are tiurhrig attack' after attack "upon ''the 'Allies returning
, Again and again as their. regiments fad : away before' the fire of the'en
trenched defenders of the pass..; J i. I; C'-wx. 'rJ ,
i ff (Jeneral von Bulow, in command of the operations for the Teutons,
' is thrusting his whole strength against the' heights' commanding the pass
V of, San .Lorenzo Repeatedly his men have, been repulsed; but; repeated
;ly they have Reformed and returned to the attack with reinforcements
'. of fresh brigades; M'";v '''.'.' ' "
. 'i Despite the loss bf thousands, the Teuton have made some gains
'' and have succeeded In securing One of the heights east bf.the Brehta
' Kiver, this gain forcing the'Italian linevto fall back to new trenches to
- prevent an enfilading fire J '' ' :' ' , if
7 f,v.':":: Far.into the night this battle rageL'with every indfcatioils ..that, it
, V will be renewed by the Teutons this morning. The pass is essential to
the plans of both commanders and the effort 'to; , force it 'will not be
' abandoned by tlie German commaftdqr-in-icnief now. 'witfiotit the; wiping
out of a large part of his army, while the Italians dare not recede frorn
' . ; their positions, without surrendering a large portioh'bf Northern Italy
and many important cities to the headers'. A break ort "tbe'Asiago '
. ; J'lateau will etulangef a large part.'of theMine. holding the ,iave RrVer
- and be as-serious, as was the defeat which threw General Cadorna back
" from Trieste. 1 ; '?'''" '., ' ' '
I'jtrfy. reports from the Frcrtclv headmjarters in Italy yesterday
rtated that the Allies were becoming more and more satisfied with then
. ability td hold the line and to hem the'feutons in "between their front!
1 1 atid the mountains, soon, to be almost impassaWe. ' ' ,
- In the figluing yes'tefday, state the .reports from the. British com
; mander, the British airmen playetl a conspicuous pjirt.' Two hundred
British aviators recently reached' this fighting grpund, flying in a great
' ,'' fleet froni' Fjrance into Italy; reaching their' new. theater without the loss
' ; ;,''; 'of a machine or a man. " . ' -,.'. :
: . f-. t iri .. w
f ,i ' .i' .'' ' ' :
BOHTON", Peiffember 20 jAMociatad
VxetuA reward for the gallaqtrjr
, howi by it overneat force and the
i eiliinilid f Servlcea r.Tndrd in ' ran,
equipment and money that It liaa ren-
. ','dered Itewfouudlond i oflieially de
iuateI 14 a doinlnion, advicei rnculv-
ad. kere jeaterdajr aay. '
la the pat Newfoundland baa btin
dmignated aa a erows provinee. Tbe
dainatloa; of the formrr province aa
a dominion iat ni include it aa a
; lart of the Dominion of Canada,
vote of it Inhabitant would be neces
sary fur thia. Hereafter it will be the
... . ' ' 9 "
R A ! a
(Aaaoeiatnd I'reaa) Captain (7ranzo,
akippt'r of the American achooaer
Churchill, which wag' wrecked on
French ' Friuatd'fhoal.' ; veaterdav 'wae"
v . ,
i'. ... .
ourren.'ered y b!a bondm,en o the fed- which "jf wh held that the publie utlli
era) anthoritlcs. , Captain Orancow is! ties eomnUasion, la. without power. 'to
under indictment eharctnc Mm with-lt8r Pf "Bvigatioir om-
the wreckinif f hi. l,i. llilu.M.ul .
All that Is 'needed h to correct the
bilimifcnes and the hfudnche disap
tieorn. ' Take CbainbrrlaiB 'a Tablets
and you will soon be a weH as ever,
For Hale bv all dealer. Benson, Hinith
ec "Co., -Ltd.; Agta. for Hawaii. Adver
' . '"
ui nil
Secretary ,p( Nijvy frd qt.Way
' Branch of Service ,Has
Met Demands ;
WARIIINOTON, pocember, 19 (Ai
ociated Pre) Flat 'denial 'ttikt Ad
miral fliaa, (ommandinir' the American
flft m European .watera, eag made
oatpUtietBi Raiaet delaya in -aupply
erviee wae made to- the', houaa in
eeatigating , committee .today .by Sec
retary f the Ney Dajilela. . .
Daaiala declared that . the American
ay ia makine; good. . .. f'l Mm proud
f Ike way nr aary haa.met the teeta
ef war," he told the eongreanmen,. and
riewd eoaditiona generally eince the
fkie wwat te Earepe. He aald that be
ia glad eongreaa ia reviewing what the
blaajaeketa.aad their oflltera have done
and are doiag, and that "taking atock;
of the navy 'a work",, wet bound to
bow 4b mpreveeranta that have bnn
effected and the i.more-efficient work
now being Alone. , ., i. ,i .
i CongreMmaa Britten of Illinoia nak
ed Daaieia what omplaJnU Admiral
-lima had made.. The aareUry anawer.
d vigorooaly thai be did vet thiaMhe
queatioa wma proper oae te aab, nd
went o to aey that Him bad made re
tompluinta.; Ueiaaid that the- adaiiriU
had asked for .the eervieee of parlioirlar
tea but that eerule ef tneee eould tot
keiaent on aceownt of votoe esigeaeiea,
Admiral. McOowan teatifled that the
rnqawetai of Adrolral Mar have been
Immediately fetteaded to- . '('' fV'-t .
Intense , Cold Has Effect of ' In
creasihr illrtesrin Some I'
'tv'-NatlJtaiYyvCamp;; r
WASHINGTON,. December 20-(Ae-eoeiated
jPiva.Gtterl- .improvement
in the health condition of the national
guard Jn, tbe . varioua training , camp
occupied by that branch of the eerviee
ia reported 5 by the- dl virion' of field
Minitation in' ite 'report' for the week
ending December 14. Tbe health, COD -
ditlooa of.theae bodice fcre now reported
very good. '. p-'i . -v'-...'"vwv; . ( '
:.Uu. to ether hand ia the national
array training caaip,' where a ehort
time ego,, the: health' eonditiona were
mneh aupeTior; to: those in . the national
guard corp, J condition r 'now sot
quite to good e then, brlagittg the eoa
liUon el tbe twd divialon of the army
oe more equal term. ..The lee aatigfae-tory-report
e to the nMionnl army ia
the reeult of the . cold weather.' wfiith
kae aet.in.ttpotk.aome of the camp. Thi 1
baeKNrought aAouV more pneumonia ead
a alight increase in. the Bumner of enne
f malaa auLf ' meningitla, though
tot to.ea. ej;nt .that, te eehkidered in
ay wkee'eeripnaj",- ,
ivl '
lailroad Commission" Is i f Not -'f 0
Be Now-Withdravvn -
' WASHINOTON,; Deeember 20-(Ae-lociateiLPrea)
At 'this, time the
t'uited- 8tatea hae o -. .Intention of
withdrawing -from. Russia. Its r-ailroal
ommiasioa s This, information, war
iroogbt out yesterday by the receipt by
rfliciuls .bete ef private mesnages" urg
'ng that the eommissioa BhaU noU be
rithdrawBtf. -)'-'.-,.,,.-... .. : ' i '
Officiate- receiving these messages are
it a ions to understand . whence toit
mted ,th idea- that 1 the government
van planning such withdrawal, they
aid. " No i withdrawal -s at this time
watemplated, .4hey asserted and-
tiUUranv to that' effects wa acnt .'to
t 1", M.t fM tit I ;
; VVA8HINa.TON,'Deeetlker 2fr-(Ae-eieted
Trees) JTH pwlriag .indHntry
will be glvee a hearing befwre the fed'
ral trade board today, t which beads
of the varioae' meati packer will p lie
iven an opportunity te -air the griev
ance which 'they', have been attempt
ing to voioe ever si nee a price was aet
apon their fresh-meat -out pet-by the
federal food administration. ' - '.'
.. ,.,,...., -, ,-.'
(lABY, feeember . 19 ( Associated
P,ress) Two. highwaymen , today -held
up a saloon' on one of the principal
streets of thl city, killed a guard on
duty at the saloon because of the- large
amount -ef money, there, wounded the
saloonkeeper and escaped with l!fl,W)(.
-1,-1- TV "1 ' - t ,
Foll()wln the ruling of the supreme
. e.Aurt-la the 'Tnter-Taland ratee-ase i In
,.pany, Attorney? Wtlt. T.' CaMeu Mid
yeeterday; that the comieslon niay take
the case on up to the Uuited Htates
Supreme. Court or it iua'y be referred
to the federal shipping board. 7: - (
It va stated tlmt no decision in the
matter has yet been reached, but the
artiest Ion- will be one of the important
matter to be presented at ' the . next
nietiig pf theeooiwiasava td be. beld
within a few day.
FOitMALilY begun:
Cavite Sent Conaratulations of
;(,'Admiral Knight To; Secretary
.w., ,.a . I.,. u a-.u,
K.Saa.'Djctjo Cavite. Plant Oup
..licajte Naval .Radio Here . . i
wifeleee chain 'eoonettlng
A a a . 1 .l.t 1 - YiLflr I
aemnoara wivn m pinppine.,
on in to or AeiKj naa oeen- eompiei; naerei lomiere wao And bee hie pria
ed with 'the' formal onenins of tlie'oneni to the aonth but biad euceceded in
great naval redid atatlon at Cavtte yea-
tei-day-v. I . ' ' . i
Panning hrongh Pearl Harbor .yeater
iy enornitag eame wireleM greetim
dar wrornitair eame a wireleee ereetinir
4 a 1 1 r.vA . 11 .1.
v.ik. .-
I run i r i nniunL. om mmnii i n ir i nn
Anlntio aoundroa. eent from bin flat-
and related on to the office of
the eeeretarj of the navy,
' Traverilitg be eame route, via Pearl
Harbor, waraent the formal congratula
tion of Heeretary Daniel 'to the' ad
miral commending In the Far East, end
the exchange marked the completion of
the wireleae nyitem that, new makea
the navy independent of every - other
eyatem ef quick communication but ita
eww ehaUt of radio towers, from whirb
hnth tJ.. AtlentU. nrf the V.clflc m.v
bei'tweptJa their .eniirety. -
Kd Crnble OnttlBg Hurte ' '
-"'re'-hn1 weV Aow . cent thrnnh thft
capture of Oaliu or the naval base at -Cavite,
will It be- pomible for an enemy '
to sever the communication hetween
the navy department and America
naval ommanler af loot or anhnr.
The greeting, of the Aaiatie aqua
dree to- Heeretary Daniel were wire
lessed from the Admiral' flagship to
the Cavite , atatioa. v. here 1'onlss'n
nlaat.vhigh powered like that at Pearl
Harbor, received it. and flashed it on to
fearl Harbor. There it wa relayed to
the. naval radie plant at Pan Diego
end from there on to Arlington, from
whence the message was telephoned to
the eeeretary. .
' The -response of the eeeretary, ex-
fiNlsaing his appreciation of the p-rect.
Rgt and the siffnifieence of its' t' re
mission, was relayed bnck to theThilip
pine over the same rftrte.
Captain Clark, commandant at Tenrl
Harbor; stated last ni rht-thot he hnd'
bo ometai Knowledge et tne exrnsngn nr.
message between Admiral Knight' and
Beeretary .-Danlela, bnt ihe- bnd known
of the offioiel epeniag ef the Pearl Har-ber-Cavite
radloranrvirii. f
Yesterday afternoon he filed mes
sage' of congratulation to Admiral
iKaight.-bufcnn to tea o'clock be had re
eelved so rjeply. ' . , V1'1
V; -: ' ' W V fa T-'-',a'
Head of American Company .Tef
''.:' - ; Jifies c Before'v Cqm
V4 k initteet-n '..'.' ' -
WASHINOTok, Deeembor' '20 ( A I-what-it
ordinarily wts alle to Cecuro,
to the' ahVage 'of the sugar Supply
President Babst of the American Sugar
defining Company' wa before the com;
mitt'ee' durinf-he entire session'. He
told ' eMefly" of, Ihe eitoHs which his
Company bad1 made to secure sugar in
krge quantities from Louisiana, of tbe
agreement - which he entered into -in
.Nest Orleans te take a hundred thou
sand tons of raw cane-sugBr at a price
above the ory5 fixed by the sugar eom
misaion and of the contention on the
part of the' American Sugar Company
that tbe price ruling of the commissions
was not applicable to American grown
sugar., - .''
Telia of Attempts
'The agreement with the Louisiana
Plasters, Bahet laid, did not briug the
amount of jagar desired -and required
and his company had secured less than
what la ordinarily, was. able to secure,
in all less than a -third tf tue
000 tons. In-prior years ithe company
had purchased a much as 190,000 ton
fof , Lstiisiana'-angar be said. (
ftpeaking of the testimony that Clam
Rpreekels bad (riven before tab commit
tee Babst eaid that he considered it
lust "small talk" and minimized the"
importance ef suck testimony;.- ' '(
Saved Weateni 'Oonaumen "
Upholding' the aetibn taken f the
Hoover food control officials as justi-
! fed by pubKe policy; many1 sugar dual-
er of tbe West end Middle West hnve
telegraphed to Herbert " Hoover - and
Oeot M. Bolph, the bead of the suitar
bureau, ' that - if the California Ha
waiian Sugar Refining Company bad
not been n-evided with raw sugar for
Terming during October, ' there would
have been a war famine in their aee-
Ltions of tbe country.
' Thie answers the' charge made in the
Investigation before the senate sub
committee that Mr. Rolih. who left
the managership , of .the California re
finery to.sarve"Uder Mr. Hoover, used
hi official power to hold raw sugar on
the Coast. . ' . i '
" The charpe arose during the hearing
In which Clans Hpreekols gave testi
mony,' '" '
Mav Oloae Tonight '
. It le boned to call Hoover nnd Bolph
before the committee todnv and to
rinse th hearlsT with their testimnnv
all'Jf by-tonirht no thnt the commit
tee y tart its investigation of the
euat whortage (UMerrtMr, ;. .
' -I' M.- : r ' ',
.1 '
, Owing to the retwirted rr.ndiena of
the Russia . nntiona) debt bv the
Rnlekevihl pnvernmeit th" qnotnt'on
for"BussUn gve sad' a half rvrrent
bonds -oa the mainland hnx fnllen to
Md. The nar vlue of tliene rmnds l
a thousand rubles or approiimstelv
.1 14.60. Nei of- the d'or wm rnceiv
sd by ths Bishop Tr"it rnmrnnvi
. No Quotation on ths eir-end a bulf
pereest bonds has bees received.
,. .. 4-:- ,;" '
v. y ',:'..'; '.;').- -,
mini) noouuiLuui
Mexican ; Revolutionary : Bandit
Reported To Have Chanoed "
f.Name But Not Method.',).'
; EL PASO; Tee. December 20-fAa-
tooJateiV Prefa) Frenelaee raacho"
Villa ia going under an aaaumed name
end ae "HeTrerino Qonzalee!' if c'ontin-
il if T kiti wn.lik'ii ArvAMriAna tm iVa 'm.
. . ' .
port thti ,BB htlt,n oytg to Jut'ret
making their eiteape and working their
way op from the interior to1 the ordar
pori or nmry.' i nwy report that- he. t
o"iM"g4- guenua warfare much
' be'e hie former prnct ine. except
f? .,lr" 1? kimaelf m large
!""" - .rL,7" "- r"'n w
: im . ah . fTT. m .A,
H bif!y in raid upon rnpehee end
amalt towna. . . ' -
i Another revolution ia Mexico ia re
ported. It ia eaid that F.ulalio Gutier
. rea, formerly provisional prnatdent ef
(Mexico, appointed at the Villa eonvea
tton, hne tuken the field, in the etate ef
i Unnbnila on en independent move.' Af-
I ter ihe etavention he rebellnd at Villa
dictation end left' the capital and ha
; i.. i.k
I .. . 7 " 7
Officers. Are . Securing TurKeys
1 For Unit, Mince Meat TheFe
: and Alt Will Have Gifts . i
. t ' 4-' .-tt'-i'!. .
FRANC'K,. December 20 ( Associated
Pnuw) Preparation for the- observ
nnce of ChriHtaiae day by the- American
soldiers in. France are going merrily
foTwnrdj For tbe eenond time within
' irg the country round about and pur-
chasing thousands of pounds of turkeys.
needed for the supplying of the varies
unua.. - -.. . , :,.'.'., ,
Mince pie ia to be nerved for dessert
since a- large consignment , of mince
meat which arrived too late for the
Thanksgiving dinner will be eooked up
ond used for pie. -,' ,
Every man is to have bi gift.. This
the Y. H. O. A, and the Bed Cross are
looking -after and whether or not any
thing hssi arrived --from home for aa
individual afildier he will not feel for
gotten for there ' are te be individual
gifts for all which will include tobieeo
ana .eanay. . -.-
Business Man Selected By Gov
' . ft-nment ' To ' Conduct ' War ' ;
Sayings Campaign Here c ,
8H' F8ANCISCO, ; December' 20
(AssocinffciJ' Pree) Robert W.: Shingle
of Honolulu wa yesterday appointed
director in Hawaii for the war savings
campaign now being launched. " '
- The organization, work for this cam
paign was begun early in the month
and the war savings committee, consist
ing of Frank A. Vanderlip, New York,
chairman; Mrs. George Bus, Chicago;
Frederick A. Delano, Chicago; Henry
Ford, Detroit; Kugene Meyer, jr., New
York, and Charles L. Baine of Boston
has been selecting and appointing State
and territorial directors. . .
RAN JllAN, Porto Rico, December
20 (Associated ' Press Viscount Bal
bns, etlitor of Rdvita de las AotiUaa,
a new publication, who-ha been -eon.
v'u tod of sedition because. of a number
of onti-American .articles published ia
his paper, was yesterday sentenced. to
snrve eight years ia tbe federal peui.
tentinjv at Atluuta ana to par a One
of 4
NORrOLK, December 10 (Associat
ed Press) The Colgate Company wae
Indii-ted today by a fednrnl grnml jury,
the I'uited Xtates alleging thn it ha
eugngnd in illegal price fixing.
LONDON December 10 ( Associated
Press) The biggest airraid dug-out in
r.iiulnwl ban just peee opened to 'tbe
public for use during air raids. It wiH
accommodate 20,000 persona. The dug
put is renlly an unfinished railway
tunnel, 100 feet underground, on which)
work vhs discontinued at the; begin
uing of the war. , It ia electric lighted
i"v ueen (voviueu ioi suvu
move tbe cause. Used tbe world over
to cm. s cold in one-d.yV The algna
turef K.'W. CROVl on each bos.
Manufactured ly tbe VMUS MBDI
. . V-
lyitKKY btiKldlnlAo
InnnAT rArpn)iirn"
ll I I I'M I I I I III 111! .
a Ltaa trrtb vt
Losses' of British, and- French
Craft.Smaller Naval Effl
t i ciency ls Apparent
. NfcW . YORKi December ' 20 (Asso
ciated Press) Smaller degree' of uc
eess in. the German campaign of sub
marine rathlessnese ia. shown by tlie
official report that were last night re
ceived from London and Paris tilling
ef the losses of those two nations dur
ing the Jweek ,' ending ' last Saturday
night, v '.'. ' . ' ' '
British' losses for the week,' the "ad
miraltv' reported' totaled eltrhteen vos-
ds of all descriptions as against
twenty-one each week for the two p re
ading weeks. Of these eighteen,
there were fourteen that were ofiJ400
ton or more, three under that rating
ana one. fisherman.
French ' Lom Small
"From Paris' the ministry of marine
reported the lose of one smaller 'craft
and ne vessel pf 1400 or more tons
Arthur Pollen, the British naval ex
pert, now here, last evening, after hav
ag been shows the reports, issued the
following statement!
"Tbe campaign of the allied navfe
tgainet tlie submarine-of te.aemy
hna at .last resulted in keeping the
orld 's tonnage of shipping from show
ing a monthly decrease, or if.it has adt
ictually done thia K soon wilk't y
3ivea America Credit . ' "
Mr. Pollen give tbe credit for this
to the participation of the American
savy and the efficient service which it
is rendering aiL the change 4a the chief
of command of the British' navy.:.,".
- Details ef the silking of ' Oermaa
undersea boat! . ;by. a French - transport
whieb wae itself - sank,- Were teeeived
.'ront Parte yesterday.' ' r V
Inbmartne fa Destroyed 1
'. The old FreticV cruiser Chateau Be
lault, now in, the French transport ser
vice, wae torpedoed, and sunk in. the
Mediterranean -'Xea oa December 14,
according to aa official statement -given
out today. Tbe submarine attacking
the transport waa attacked ia turn by
the Chateau Renault, the ' French, ves
sel destroying. 4he submarine- before it
in tura went dowa. ; . , - ,
All -passengera oa the traasport were
saved, .bat .the ere w . went do wb with
the shlp ' .,. , '.(. i. i.y.'x -civ
Ihe Hpanish steamer Noviembre has
been sunk by a sebsiarine. - Thirty of
he crew were saved. ', . 1 '.' s, , . J--
) v .v.-, . va y t-.r 'v -
WASHINGTON,, pecember 20
socisted Press) The strength' of' the
German armiea ia France at tbe preaent
time l " officially ' placed St' one bun"-
lred end fifty-four division of all ser
vices, ' or . approsimatety . three s'nd S
piarter millkiB fighting mea. '('.
This is one division mue thsa tbe
lermans hsd, ia the leld in Franne last
July, . when tbe maximum ' effort to
rt-ueh the French .was niade. r . .
' It fs understood that the Alltea con
tinue to maintain - considerable an
fkeriortty in man" powersover: Derma ny
m ths wet front,. . , ,. ., ' ..:., ,
Vosecution's Case Against Con
spirators Is Made Stronger '
..ill (t l .,!,, ': i mt - i'
'Associated'. Press WMore-sevelations
if Hiadn plotting in snspirsey -with
Jermaay '-were made todays. Nawab
vann, : a - nindu, took ths - atand 1 and
restifled that' be attended a meeting
here iB.lOU organised td disseminoU
revolutionary propaganda. - '' ' "
Tbe .testimony-of Har Charan Pas,
rieen yesterday, oa the voyage of the
Maverick ana plana of 4be onsmra
tors busdM-benouU.jut be ehsken
bv.tae- defense- oa -cross examinatkin.
i .... '.'.," t V!' ,- , , i .,,y ,
SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts, De
-ember 19 (Associated Press)-r-In br
ier to save, sugwe'sn appeal has been
iient out by tke state food commlaaion
a the ' saloons asking" that the' pop.
star Soliday e.?g-sogg ' be . not served
this 'year; ths concoction requiring
adnslderable amount bi sugar. .
Advices from Newport saidthat the
teareh made by federal authorities ef
''he homes of wealthy summer residents
-if that-seaside 'resort failed to find
'he store of sugar which the tip they
hnef received said were being boarded.
inerenre in tne eamtni ctocK or uieiir. a hiu .
UswsHan '. Pineaptds Company from
1,000.000 to UOO.OOO msy be enpect-
ed to be the result of s meeting of the
stockholders ef the eonipsny to be beld
next Baturdny, .according to reports
tkat w.r eurrent in theHinanelal di-1
1 trUst yesterday.- This would .. explain
Itbe,desisBd in wmek tne atock. wsa held -
yesterday snd the sharp, advance in ' WASHINGTON, Deeembelf 19 (Aa
pric.es.. The report ears that the stock soriated"PtessVThe' K denartment a
J of the company is to be increused 10,.
'0 ehnres.. Males yesterday were 478'
t "."'.!' UB0 , ' . .'
that the wholeiuile price Is te be raised,
It is known that ths eoinpsuy has bad
s very prosperous yesflr
II' l" iv-
UI UUuullullu d
After Important- Victory Xaledin
Offers Terms For Cessation of
Civil Strife ; To Bolshevik! Gov- '
eriiment At Petrograd , ' v
British Conduct Successful Air
- Raid Back of German Lines In
? Flanders v and .Destroy Air
: dome--Losses In London y
T; O N D O N, December 20-
f-4 (Associated Press) After
winning si -decisive vlctorjr with
bis' Cossacks -' Kaledi'iV' has jSro-
claimetl' the independence of the
Cossack territory and has made
in 'offer to the Bolsheviki govern
ment .that strife shall cese ton
the ,l)asis which he: name This
Waft the news contained in a despatch-
recefved by" thft .Po'st from
Tt 'PetrogTad correspondent last
night., v;. .
On Mopday th Cossacks final-,
ly'OCcupied Rostov, the Post, say A .
this Worhlng. The. tnfa'ntfyhAt
f'errialndd there Joined forces With
the' Cossacks,' the 'redf 'guard.' F.ur- '
rerj(cring.to the combined forced.
''FoTlowIhg this Kaledin 6rop'os
ed - the Botsh'evikr gbvoriihient
that civil ttt'iiH Shaft Steal te In
this prpposal lie 'expres' s'tipu
lated that the territory "occupied .
by; the Cossacks 'shouWy bV Jnde-
penaent ot tne reirojra govern
ment and free from, ayjiyf: interfer
ence; ot"' intervention on the part
of the' MaximUists. ',;:-- .
Reute'rs Agency M ' despatch
received ; hert' says '-Ahat 'a decree
was, issued' in PetWgrad turning
over, the. entire administration" ol
the fleets to the Central commit--'
tees,!v,v! j.;rv:.i'??
Other Petrograd despatches"told'
of the preparing of k decree by
the commissioner of justice rciiir
stating the AtiiH penalty 'against
ijll " enetnes of, the; nation, and
that TrotskjF had decreed that all
consuls to foreign governments
iihall be eiected- by the RuVsian
colonies' in . the tlties in, which
they reside while the ambassa
ilprs shall 'ctfntlnue to be named
ty the government. Y
, Disorder ia t'etrograd continue seri
ous. ' This is showiyby S 'deere of 'the
executive' council whirh declares that
S rtnte of eiefre, equivalent to mSrtial
law," in order to repress the disorders
that have beeoms ' Common following
the looting of the sine eellara'by the
popiibice, . ' ": .' ''--,. .
Airdoms ill' Destroyed v
" DetSlla"of sneecssful sir raid by
British svistors upon the - Knucl sir- ,
dnv back f ' the t .Oermse i lines ni
Ftswddrii 'Were 'given, set .last night by
the admiralty. -One .OermaS aircraft
wsa aeeato fujh; V mass 'ef, (lames snd
leaving a fiery-trail-while all -ef ..the
Biitish airships returned to their ws
line is aufftty. !- 'i r' -:- ,r.
Bstd -oa Iiondoa ."-.': , . . -. ; - '
T 'TVnr persons were billed ' Tuesday
nl(rbt and seventy injured ia London,
with Ave ethers -outside London hurt,
In sir -raidsr of-the Oermana, V
: The machines made s raid oo the
en stern counties in force, set lesa than
twenty-- nsohine -. trying ' to - break
through the cordon -Sfcicb ' . surround
Ihoodoa -with anti-aircraft , defense.
Only tve of the tweaty setually reach
ed the city, ths others being driven off
by English patrol machines i sad : by
the aterat'-of (ploaives sent up) from
tbe anti-aircraft jruns oa - the ground.
One ef the- rsiders waa destroyed ss
It flew ever the city dropping, bomba.
Another was shot down just outside
the elty. v . . . . -
' The eity anti-aircraft defense. drove
the rsider off before any serious dm-
Thers arc no. details Of thsdsmsRe
Kes or Kent, if any was iulieted.
v .. .... , . n t f rt .. -
agriculture forecast for the winter
wheat yield, made pubie todsy gives
WO.OOO.OOO lmsheU. The
ed but the yield pel sere sversges ths
lowest on record, the conditios being
due largely to droughts.
a l
1 . i
" Ji :' ,' , .
' f

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