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ITAwAtfAN ' n 7irrrPrr " FRIDAY,' DECMB.ER.21. 1917. -SEM?-VEER!,Y.
Provisions of War Measure Are
Designed.To Prevent Qet v
v etriirtinn nf lnrfiitrlf " "
i - . -
deparaie foremen , Licenses
" nvijuucu. untie .iiiipiu'ta
. .Handle Such Materials '
flcial to hsmll that elausa of a war
nraHr tiaMAMl h 'the last paiffrnu
making it an offense for any-person
in the United Btntes to be. la posses
sio of explosive an ami after Nevsm
ber 15, unless a special license i se
cured from the , federal overamenl
showing the purpose for which the ex
plosive are to. bs used, firm, eontrne
tori and others in .Honolulu need only
keep an , inventory pf their' atocka ' of
explosives, which, must be ope for in
nection at anr time, according to a
Stato Attorney B. C. Huber.-.
Mr. Huber eould, not eay when the
official would be appointed, . "but ex
pressed the opinion that instructions
vnnld ha - rwutireit from Washing-ton
' within a very ahort time. , Possibly the
t'.UI OlmtM .aa.I.aI Will K IllHlM
ized to ijue the permit a required by
law, wan said ry a reueeai omcer yes
terdar. -'''-,;' ;.
Any who deal in explosives and who
. do not aeeure permit when , the local
official is appointed, will be at oBee
arrested a an may be subjected to a
a no np to $5000 or-seat to prison' fot
vn yosr. ' ji cireunwK "
rant, th person may be lined I50O0
aad, In addition, -given a one year sea
tence to prison. The police are not
only to look after the enforcement of
the law but are also t wake thorougt
1 A.1 ' - - 4 J 1 . M.Ahjbu
and llres in factories and warehouses.
according to the law. ,...'.
Persons apprehended in plots to blow
up factories and bridges will be -turaed
over to tae authorities ror prosecution
under federal -or state laws, i ns pen
alty provided in this federal war meat
ore inerely to cover the illegal poa
uMn. a t AvnlnfliVM.
" xisensaa To Be Restricts
Onlv ekitens of the United States
or of countries friendly to tne united
Btatea and the aUies may so obtait
licenses. ' Contractors, minion .. .earn
uanies. ousrrvmen. ' and - others using
. large quantities, of expbaalve' which
are handled by employee may issoa ex
plosives to their employee only through
those employee aoiumg a license tmwi
. a foreman's license. " 7 "'' " '
With tha strict' enforcement of thli
l.w id. . uUmI AntliAriHiM knfia : td
prevent explosives falling into th
. hsmls of evillv disuosed oeraona and
to pat a stop to all further dynaniitt
wilnt a i . "' ' '. . A J
' ., ' Following ,' the ; announcement thai
twelve new teachers are to be brought
; from the mainland td . take ; poeitiont
IB acnOQM OI vne itrniurj mi mo un
. o-innins of the new year, changes in
tha teaching fores were announced 'bj
the board ot school commissioners ai
' followai i
. . Miss Bern ice flmitb, .' resigned : at
.1 ....L.. . Vf.K mIav hi trl
scheol. rlaea to be filled by main
lander. ' L' ' v :. '
Miss nn: Iv. daughter of C. J
Pay appointed liogUsh teax-her at the
Norninl ar.hooL to tsKe the place OI
Mr. l'aul AlacCauirher. resigned.
' Miss Minnie Fuknda. former teach
.er at Wahiawa, traasferred to Kaulu
1 w.la sutilitional teacher.
Misa SilvJna.P.AUomes, transferred
, Miss Hannah (hanir. transferred
'from Kaneohe to Wahiawa.
Miss Fannie Ttowe. appointed to Ka
' hnku. to taae tne piaee oi juts, auhw
' Wilcox, -resigned.
'.: Wan Emma Weaver, transferred
. frnnt .Kahllkll SO WimUIo.
Miss Lorraine" Fowles, transferred
from I.ihue to JLieeie.
: iJise Mariea P. htorrill, transferred
f mm Uhue to Waiskea kai.'
. EMl-.altk fc!niuL armliinted as
aistant at Houokawai, Maui.
Mrs. O. W. HenniK. appointed as
: Blatant at Pukolii.
. 1 Mrs. Emma Welsh, transferred
Klimhulu from Nahika. '
LRruAull A ilnrsnn. transferred from
Kinahulu tn Waiakeainka.
Uabriel At- 0i, appwiii "
William Laeha, traasferred from He
' eia' v Ookala,
Mrs. .-Gladys Wpatherbv, traiisfcrrc
. front Moontain r to uiaa.
. . v " , t- ; ' " '
a . a. ,mnr-M VA AAIIIT
DLNU II U r I w wwiiia.
'. oAbfi rnuiw rnMiiiy
,' Mono. Blv 'onsn'rly a watcbmslor
" with the Wichman t'jinpany, jewelers,
wii went to Fran-e in 1914, on a visit,
' hope so return to Honolulu in a few
months,. I' be it able t. lea v France
and get ba b to Hawaii he will resume
his old plae at the watchmaker's desk.
' , The little, Frenchman W6nt to France
In tha sunnier of 101 1 to got married
'Two days a'ter the mnmago war broke
i nut ani Wv-ry Freuchmau Was hulted
by the govcrnnient, and.be was nol
permitted to leave France. The watrh
maker did. not wlh to rome bnck then.
but secured aa appointment a an In
terpreter, as soon as ths ttritish rams
across the banaei ami ne nas eeu run
ected with T',r 'hewlquartera ever
since. " .' -sklatst
roved They Were From Hono
. lulu By Referring Inquirer To
..'Mr. Paul Isenberg
Further details of ths visit to the
Cook . Islands Of some of the member
of -the 8ea Adlef ere'w are eontaiaed
In a letter received la the recent mail
fronr tbe south by a Honolulan, tha
writer being Thomas Duncan, British
Resident at Aitutakl. The raiders made
strong' effort to make good their
claim that they had sailed from Hono
lulu in their, mffr boat, and, talked
about Honolnlans n a way that alm.wl
persuaded the Britishers to take thim
at their face value.
The letter, dated September 3, whVi
has just reashed Its addressee, says t
"Dear Mr. :-On the
list of August we had a most mys
terious visit - from six foreigners fn an
pen motor boat They came right up
o the wharf tn their' boat, flying no
flag. On my interrogating them, a Mr.
Van Hoatea Informed me that tne boat
was named the .'Cecelia, and that
he had. left Honolulu on the 28th of
July last la consequence of a bet made
in the Dutch auk in Frisco. That he
tad Mr. Sonthart, his navigating of
leer, had some dowa from Saa Francis
eo to Honolulu in a steamer called
the Vancouver ', where he had engagei
crew of four three or them bemp
Norwegians and the fourth a Dutch
nan. - That he himself waa a Norwe
iaa but an American eitUen, and that
Mr. fkiuthart was aa American,
"Thibet waa for x.100 Stg. that they
would aot go to the Cook islands id ar
men boat, and that he was writing an
teeount of the trip for ' Harrod 's Maga
line'. That ther and hired the boat
Cecelie from H. Hackfeld 4 Co., s
Toll known firm in Honolulu. That
hev called at Papeete and were taker
'a by a French torpedo boat. Some of
heir erew being able to talk rreocn
ther had conversed in French and werr
well received aad well treated.
"Said thev called at Maupiti Island
lose to Borabora, then proceeded to
Harotong. arriving at, dark. Baw
vbeamsr close inshore' without light
presumably the 'Matai' on the reef1
and aeeing ao lights ia tha town decid
ed not to go ia. .;
"Visited Atiu islanfl, well received
here aad left same day. 27th of Aug
ast for Aitutakl. arriving here at 11
v m. on illst. of August. They left the
.same dav at 4:30 p. nt. for Honolulu
via Maiden aad Fanning Island for
Their Credentials .
'fWhen asked by me to produce ere-
leatials showing that Honolulu had
been their .first port of departure, thev
ieuld produce none. Neither eould they
nrodune aa American flag, log book
Honolulu newspapers or passports from
ither Honolulu or Papeete. Thev
stated they - bad a flag but eould not
'jad it, same aa regards a log book, but
hev produced a log book of the achoon
r H. C.' Blade,' Captain Smith, dated
from 91st of May, 1917 to 2nd of June.
'BIT, voyage from Eureka, California
to Bydney, K. 8. W.
"Viaev aeia. mis log was given io
hem at Honolulu by H. Hackfeld A'
Co. as a guide.; Thev referred to Mr.
Hackfeld as Consul Hackfeld, and when
tsked of which country he waa eon
ul. said . Oermanv. They made very
'jttle inquiry as to the war and did
not ask for any newspapera.
' They also referred, to Mr. Paul
Isenberg, who I understand is another
well known German in your eity, -All
this appeared most extraordinary, if .it
Is correct.
Boat Small and Wet
."The boat was only twenty-seven
feet long, eighteen inches free-board,
aot. decked in, hut simplv new looking
eanvai that laced up. Everything ia
the boat waa verv wet and she lura-
Uwred right up. They told me that two
o-atehad while the other rour slept.
Thev all looked in good health. I had
Mr. Bouthart and one seaman to lunch
w Hi 1st Mi Van Houten had lunch
with one of the traders. They bought
i few necessaries before proceeding on
their journey.
'tAeconnts by last mail afe to hand
of the German Corpse Factory where
glycerine, soap, margarine, pigs' food
tnd .manure i made. Oh how horrible
and ooe would think it incredible, still
I have in my possession a copy of the
dvrtiement that spneared in the
rthemleher Zeinnjr of 18th November
1B16. which calls, for an engineer free.
from military obligations, to. direct
technically and commercially, our fie
tory for the destruction and utiliza
'loa of dead bodie. 'Amt'v Thermo
them(rhe Vern. Eskbolsheim, Ktras
"Olad to sec Mist America has
'n on te sides of the Allies. Yours
' : . . . , i
wicked-looking knife whirh n
el Fil'ninn bolo. was bmnqht Kn Ha
waiian Headquarters yesterday for de
'ivery to the judge advonae as fvid""e
'n p cutting case et Hchof'eld Barracks
n Deeember 0. when a Chinaman was
o bndlv cut that he had to be taken to
th tOft brtl)'i''
The commanding ofticer's attention
r as called to a fight in the constan t
'rt ntirterniBstr ''amri of workers.
:n which three Cliinemen had nf p I
' a sc'n and Kon Wa Ho wss s'ashed
across the face an 1 shoulders. The
other participant wer 'I to .be
Charles II. Lee and Ahn Chu Won.
, r
All United Mate government olfl-
'! are exer"4"d fro- navment of
the war tax while on duty, according
to Instructions received at the federal
tffices veaterdrr. Freight rut". trans
portation, telegram ond telephone
ehr,ea ill he at the old rsie mi fer
aa I'nited Htates government crticiuls
are concerned, mys the order,
Sympathetic. Encouraging Atti- f
tucje On Part of Community
Needed For Success
; The essentials needed for, shnreasful
homesteading were pointed out by F.
(1. Krausa, county extension agent for
Manl, In a talk before tie Ad Club
yesterday. Krausa bas made a stii'lv
of tba subject and ia entitled to seak
nth authority ' -
The Value of a sympathetic, encourag
ing altitude on the .part of the state
and tha community was brought out
by him. He said that the plantations
and arms of Maui naa been very neip
fu! to the homesteaders, and that he
Ifnnw nf tin sinuln. Instance whi're thev
had hampered the efforts of the small
farmers in any way..
The selection of land for homestead-
ing purposes should be carefully male,
Krauas said. Its especial fltnexs for
different snrtn of crojMi ahould be de
termined by actual Held excriments
carried on in the locality before the
tract is opened to the public. Arrange
ments should abiobe made whereby no
nlan. would receive leas than forty
acres, whirh lie should he able to in
crease to eighty acrea if he proved a
successful farmer and' good cititeri.
Other methods led to a wante of gov
ernment land, Krauas said.
Among the Important fi-aturcs rot
hnmnateadera are irood roH'N. domes-
tie water supply from safe xoun-esy rn1
ral postal routes, ana una, ioni ami an
the time, good roads. The ornuni'fttion,
cooperation and development of the
nmtniinitv anirit should be eucouraeed
among the homesteaders, i ney enouii
be given financial support by the lanks,
rural credit associations, and rural in
surance. The importance of a thorough study
Of the problem from many angles was
emphasised by Kruss. One of the
features which annum w oosoimeiy
eliminated is the fake homesteaders
nd the homestead eculatur, to make
room for the honest mna who wants io
make a living. by small fanning.
The sum of ol9 has been collected
from generous local firms by the guava
jelly committee headed by 1. U. May.
The paper cups are being filled, and
will be sent away fb the soldiera aa
soon as the cartons in which they are
to be packed arriva from the main
land. Opinions on the width of the new
belt road have been asked by the su
pervisors, and the .road committee of
the Ad Club vf ill confer' with several
engineers and make a report w hick will
be forwarded to the supervisors by the
club. Funds are to t ollectedv for
the maintenance of the Ad Club bed
at Leant Home this year.
"Guavas of the Hawaiian Islands"
Is the title of a comprehensive article
in the November issue of the Torrey
Botanical Club Bulletin (New York),
by Prof. Vauglian MnrCaughey, of the
College of Hawaii. It ia the first de
tailed aceount of the Hawaiian guavas
that bas ever been published.
The even kinds thut have been in-j
troduced into the Hawaiian Isla
are: . '
The eommun yellow guava, the sweet
red guava, the" white lemon guava,-4he
Vt ai-awl guava, the (iuisaro guava, tne
reil strawberry gunva, and the yellow
strawberry guava.
The value of the guavas a rood, a
firewood, as a source of charcoal, a
honey plants, and as land cover is
treated in detail, followed by descrip
tions of all of the llnwaiian forms. The
horticultural importance of the guavas
is emphasized, and t lie fruits of the
rarer kinds are fully described.
Thi article is one of a serie by Pro
fessor MacCaughry now appearing la
mainland and bnlixh botanical muga
xinea, and ilealin with Hawaii'
fruits, plants anil -trees. '
Save Eggs
In recipes for cakes,
muffins and other baked
flour foods calling for
the use of eggs, fewer
eggs may be used with
excellent results and
often left out altogether
by using a small addi
tional quantity of
Royal Baking Powder,
about a teaspoon, in
place of each egg
You must use Royal
Baking Powder to
ci in icn
Royal Baking Powder
Nsw book of recipes which economize in eggs sod other ntpn
sivs Infrrsdisnta mailed free. Addntse Royal Baking Powder Co.,
135 William Sl, New York, V. 8. A.
Royal Baking Powder
Made from Cream of Tartar, derived from Grapes,
adds none but healthful qualities to the food.
No Alum
..Seven Ycomanettes
Serve Uncle Sam
In Wireless Office
Women of Honolulu .Show Their
, Loyalty By Enlisting In the,
- Navy and Are Doing Much To
. Help the Country Win the. War
' Xot all' who are 'endeavoring to ahow
their loyalty to their country And en
listing ia the army and navy to "do
their bit" are mea, for many "yonng
wnmon of Hawaii are now serving their
country in the capacity of yeomen In
the navy, and arfr ..regularly enlisted
for the period of tha war. According
to their superior ofneers they ara do-
t . . 1 .1 : i k Sm TTMla Rahi At
In well with' the navn system and ara
extremely amenable to naval routlae.
' Beven women who have enlisted for
the waf ia the navy ara bow ob duty
at the local naval wireless office and at
the cable office, all membera of the
(derlral staff of Commodore Dennis H.
Mahan, V. & N., io charge of tb e
sorship bureau.
At the beginning of the war it waa
expected that all women yeomen would
wear ' uniforms, :. consisting of sailor
blouse or petty officer 'a tunis, and blue
or white skirt, te match the blouse or
I ev "i . . . ,
tunic, and enp. No orders have yet
been received at the naval station to
outfit them, although at stations on the
Atlantic-coast such Uniform's have been
in ties for months. ,i r -..v- .
The latest addition to the yeoman
ette force at the naval wireless office
is Miss Alexandria J, Munro, yeoman
third class, who Is. the commodore'
HUe was commissioned
on Tuesdsv. The other at the office
are ' Mis Florence K. Nauman, chief
yeoman; Mrs. Kdlth B. Ashley, yeo
man first class;' Miss Florence K. Ab
bey, yeomon first class; Mrs. Mabel B.
Tavlor, . yeoman- second elans; . Mis
Editb Cottrell, yeoman second ' elaaa;
Mrs. Bessie L, Mellree, yeomaa third
class. -.. ,i , ,
The average - Uonoluian who passe
the naval Wireless office on Fort street
has little conception of the hive of in
dustry which in the unseen part of the
wireless activity. - The office is much
like a bottle, with the front portion
the neck of the bottle. ' Ther the pub
lic is received, where it write its mes
sage and pay ita money and geta it
receipt, and also receive censored mes
sages and pays mors, money; and also
where the telegraph operator ar locat
ed. The rattle of the telegraph' key goes
on night and day;, for Honolulu is a
itnsv Avirnlena erafee ihM war riavs
But that is tn'' smallest part of the
office. Behind are offires for the com
modore and for his aaxlstant. Lieuten
ant Bishop and Lieutenant Branch.
Back f the main bnilding, separated
from it by an arett-way, t a one-story
additioa, and there1, ia located moat of
the staff of workers, including most of
the yeomanettes," accountants, filing
clerks, with bdbkkeedng counters,
tyewriting desks and filing cabinet
packed ia a close a "iiossible. . That
i ths real part Of the bottle.
Putting tha Sanaa! In Censorship
There is alwwya an officer ia the
front of the office, who receive th
messages after they have- been accept
ed at the counter, and who use hit
blue pencil finely: "Censorship i real
censorship at thnt' office and message
paas inrougn many nana per ore the
telegraph operator shoot the message
over tb- wire, to Kahukn or Heeia,
where the Marconi and . Federal wire-
less plants, respectively, are located, for
transmission across th - sea to th
Coast, to ship fend other distant lands
ine yeomeuette force at Pearl Har
bor naval station ha also been effeo
tiv in its' work,, and has the addition
at quaiiiy or naving released a nam
ber oi men for active service.
'Banana shippers ' have no relief, in
sight and say that conditions are
growing steadily worse. Ordinarily
the shipments amount to about 23,000
bnncnes a month but in the past month
there' have been practically no ship
ments. I'rOHpect for shipments ia the
immediate future are- not bright.
by Using
Tha following 'tested
: recipefin practical ,
example: ; y
li upfl ftovr
4 IMApooas Raval Baaing Powder
t tablsapaona miu
H tniapoM salt -'.,''.
cu bo4l4 rtae
I Ublaapaoa shattaniBg
IHsups milk .
DIRECTl0ra-MI. and sift dry
Insrsdlwts. Add bollad ric and
aillst mim well; Add anvhad short
niaa; and baas in srMd maOin
tins in vn 23 t M
BiioatAa. .-. -
Tb old method called
;. for 2 eggs'.-.
obtain the best results.
No Phosphate ,
High Moguls , of Second City. To
Set Aside Dignity For
' .Sweet Charity ", c
HlLO, December 17-TIie outcome of
tha challenge Issued by the ' tax offl
rials to ths supervisors, et al., ia that
the county official, appreciating th
feeling of patriotism which prompted
the issuance of the "presumptuous and
audacious" challenge, have ao far for
gotten themselves a to lower their dig
nity' to. the point which Will permit
them to associate with the challenger.
Hence, tb following reDly has been
writteat .' ; -.' " '
Honorable O. T. "Hhipman, Assessor,
til Taxation Division, Territory of Ha
waii, also Manager, Tax Department,
V'ounty. of Haf-aii Baseball 'Team,
UUo, Hawaii. ' ;.;
Oreetingst V.-.;'vr;'
I ben to- acknowledge receipt of vour
presumptuous and audacious challenge
.0 a game of baseball between a team
composed of the tax officials anil one
composed ox the otnc;aia pi tae county.
On first thousbt the suggestion was
offered that your team should first go
and get reputation, nnd to treat your
jhallenge to mortal combat as a mere
terap oi' paper. However, as the Bed
Cross ia to be benefited by our pro
posed set-to, it is with a feeling of
wnsiderable . condescension that we
lonsent to meet you on the field of bat
tle. .' '.::. -' '
Your challenge is, therefore, accept-
d. -'J.' - .-
The Intimation contained in yoir
challenge that it be played to a flah,
a particularly rich and apt, for it will
'tt your finish.
It ha been (uescsted, and l oner the
tarn for what it is Worth, that a kea
it beer be placed near third baae,vn
that any one fortunate enough to reach
he hot corner would be rewarded by
in intimate association with the cou-
enta of said kog. . i
You might not. agree . to the above
proposition, 1 for many of our team
feel that not one of your team win
tee. let alone smell, second base.
The following 1 our tentative line-
P: . ' -v.
Catcher, Charles 11. Mwain; piteUcr,
Samuel M. rlpencer; first base, A. M.
abrinba; aeeond base, Julian K.
Yates; third base, K. Ht T.yman; short
top, Villiam H. Beers; fielder, A. A.
Hapal, A. A, Akina, James Ako; sub.,
Sillo Todd and Hamuel Kaubane. . ,
I hope that th galaxy of star
nentioned will Dot cause any chills in
vour pedal extremities. The affair
if our team are ia the capable hand of
W. H. Beers, who will meet you and
irranpe a to details.
Your until the fateful day,
famuel Kauhane, Chairman and
Jxecutive , OftHcer, Board of Bupervl
ts. County of Hawaii.
The date for the game ha not yet
been fixed, but it is hoped that be-
'ore the current week ha expired all
oreliminary plans will hav been , sot-
led and that ticket will be on sale
'or '.front seat from which to view
his history-making game. ; .
Second City Athletes Expect To
Make Good Time
HILO, December 17-r8unday after
noon, lire of thee'lot-al' runner went
out over the last relay of the Kilnuea-
Hilo Relay Kmc and A. P. Helbush
clipped close upon two minutes off th
time put up the previous week, finish
ing as though' he was running a bun -
dred vard dah. The other runner
. . ... .. .' , , .
were .v. carter, w. carier,, i-aonnun
aud M. Carvalho, but the latter failed
to complete the. course, while the two
Carters and Cabrinha made compara
tively poor time. '
The lads were . not pushed, conse
quently they did not exert themselves,
but the real teat I to be nmde next
Sunday when the full. team will rover
the eiitire distance, starting from the
Volt-auo House and running, la relay
to Mooheau Park. The time put up
on this occasion-will be a splendid j
guide as to what the boy will do on ;
the day of the race. - I
It is expat-ted that sufficient other
runner will bo out to make two team
and make something or a race or it, ror
Hilo eertainlv needs two teams, If Ho-
nolulu is to send up five teama, aa I
promised.' For Hilo to be represented
by onlv one team is a disgrace to Hilo,
A -.1
nd make something of a race of it, for
wiiu me maieriai ou nauu inn iui
v.n,-a rin st th. actual
course, and this is being oiniiiented
upou bv the llonolulu runner. There
are still three week in which to train.
which should be sulticient 11 tne neces
rv spirit i ut lacking. . .
.. . . ,. 1
,W . ........ - . -
Htll TH BEND, Indiana, December 10
"Big Frank" Kydxewskl, -the giant
Pole who ha been the mainstay of
the Notre Dame-TootbHll line for the
past two year., bas joined tha force.
of Unle Ham, it wa an;n,inoed hrre I A ; . u ... .,,,.. ki,11,j.
today. He enlisted In tha ordnance A. two o cl,-K the conang hat"dav
department. Tbu. far By.ew.kl bas afternwu the Ouh prison voUayteU
won honor a. center on All-Amerle.n, tenm will play the Ueadquar er. Com-All-Western
and All Indiana team. Py ' For Wmf er The vl.itor. oro
picked by fading .port writer, of the
Wet. ' ' . ,
Fanny Durack Will -Swim
Here :
e . .
Coping September ,
Minna Wyliev Another Australian
Mermaid Will Also Be
. Seen In Meet i . :
Will T Rawlins received a letter yea
tsrddy morning from William UiimacK,
the well known California sport author
ity, telling htm that Misa Fanny Du
tack and' Minna Vfylie, another well
known mermaid, would leave Australia
tin May 15 aad would reach Honolulu
May tH, on their way . to Pan Fraa
cisco. " ' , -, ; .- . ', '. "
The Island 'Continent mermaid are
scheduled to appesr in swimming races
and exhibition in a number of the
California pleasure and athletic resorts
during June, July and, August.
Oirl Her Ia September '. - -
tTnmack asked Rawlins, In his let
ter, if Honolulu would be able to take
ear Of the two swimmer for the local
September A. A. l aquatic meet. They
will return here from the Coast ia
ample time to be in condition-to com
pete ia Honolulu 'a greatest mid year
meet. - - '-"'
I will wri t'nmnck that th" girls
may come along , nnd Honolulu will
most assuredly look after them," W.
T. Rawlins, president of the Hawaiian
Hoc.iefy of the A.; A. U., enid yester
day. .'"Th presence of the two ex
pert 'swimmer alone will insuie'thc
success of the meet.''
Soma of raany's Bacord --,
A ' partial list of ' the international
record held by Miss Fannie- Durack
is as follows: v ; "l
3U0 yard 4.-0.1 8-5, Fannie Durack,
Svdncy, Australia, January 1017.
.100 meters 4:32, Fannie Durack,
Bvdnev. February 20; 1817.
880 yards-l2:42, Fanny Durack,
Svdnev. March 12. 117. v .
"50 yards 2 seconds, Fanny Duraek,
Sydney, May, 191S.
100 yards 1:0(1, : Fanny Durack,'
March 16, 1912.
110 yards 1:1 '1-5. Fanny Durack,
Sydney, March25, 1914. v.'
150 yards-rl:5.1, Fanny . Durack,
lill. - ,
L'IMl vards 2:03 1-5, Fanny Durack,
Newcastle, February H, 1915.
9f yards 2:53, Fanny Dura,ck, Hyd-
noy, rebruary 14. ihio.
440 yards 0:03, Fanny Uurack, fyd-
ney, lll. , ' -
One mile 26il)8, Fanny Durack, Syd
ney, February 24, 1914.
. ' - ' ' i A' : ' .;
NEW YOBK, December 11 Dele
gatos from eighteen club assembled
here today for the annual meeting of
the Metropolitan Golf Association
Corn? rlius . Hullivan of Garden City,
New York, will succeed J. B. C. Tappan
as president, while K. Mortimer Barns
of Englewood, New Jersey, was made
vice-president, A. H. Pogsson of New
York, secretary and George H. Barnes
of New York, treasurer.. -7
There was no discussion concerning
the resumption of championship events,
though K is possible that the exeeu
live committee later will encourage two
day events. The treasurer ha on hand
a trifle more than 59,000 raised on
Decoration Tay for the ambulance
fund, which will be turned over to the
American Bed Cross.
- 1
BOHTON, December 1 1 Boxers from
among the soldiera. of the National
Army at Camp Devens were amonp
those who took part In the patnotu
boxinu tournament of the New Eng
land Amateur Athletic Union herfe Inst
night. The proceeds go to soldiers
relief funds.
Eddie Hhevlin. Navv. holder of thr
New England welterweight title, and
Tommv McFnrlaul. Army, holiler or
1 the
145-nouud clans honors, lioxed
three rouada to a oraw.
Katt inir L.ev iihKV.
. . . ow ,,
inor instructor lit CaniD Dovens, had
the better of John Jacobs, of Cump
Devens, in a three-round bout.
- WAILL'Kl-. Maui. December 14 At
a meeting held lust Hunday night the
Paia Winter Knseball league was or
oAiiiud. with F. P. Rosecrans as presi
lent. The meeting was held on the in
ItiHtiVe of Futber Francis.
Four teums entered the league, a fot
M Jh citr,. Beans, Man-
, ' . m-ii,.,. r. ,,.-,
Joho Wedeiroa, Haikus, Manager
Ainu. uJ u. ixi.
I A silver cup Is offered by the Pnla
Ktore to the wiiiiiuig team.
, .. . . .,, - ..1......I v,a
Tl" f'" KBm' WlU b VW. tn
( first Sunday in January.,
J "
- 1 ..A.iicir cat T I A If C Tl MR
m'v ANGELES. December 1
' Walter Mi-Credie. manager of the Port
li.nd Coast Leaaue baseball club win.'
- ... . A A A.
rfraurhlse li'ta .l""' oern iranrterrru i
Iris jtlKt.
Sacramento, will luaung
'ity "'" n" yri
luauage the tfun i.ane
wus auuoiineeii
nere lounv. .
, ' ' ' 1
the title homer., nnving iie.envea
. lyiftrites once before. ;
Hilo Gets Ready For r.
Football. Game : ; 1
With Melim's Townies ;
:.,.;.;. '
HIU), December 17 I'lao ara being .
prepared by T. Mnln'phy (for an inter.
collegiate football game ia Hilo be
tween a local tram and Harry Melim's t
town .team . of Honolulu. Borne little..,'
time ago the Honolulu team endeavored
to arrange for a match with Hil but ';
nothing was done, but Melanphy be
since taken the Blatter op ana niter a
couple of weeka. work has succeeded .
In securing sufficient material to justify '
him going ahead. '. . -. . .
Practise commenced Thursday even
ing ' and will be continued until ' tha '
gnme la pulled off. It is pianaea to -play
the match on January 6, the day.
before th Kilnnea-Hilo Relay Baca is.
run. on which date it la expected to
have a .great crowd up from Honolulu . ,
to Witness th raee.' f vt rh' r,,i
ST. pUlS, December M-Buslness
Maisfcer B. tjuina of tha St. Louis .
American League baseball team an---nounced
today that , ' Iefty ' LeiBsId- ,
has been signed to pitch 'for the St. '(
Louis Americana during the. 1918 sen-.:
son. Ijelfield pitched for tha St. Pau
American, Assot-iation , team last sea
son. " -" .. ' :
Ens Plantation Companv i ' '. ,"
, Wailuko Arricultural Co, Ltd. .,. "
Apnkaa Suear Co., Ltd.- .-',
' AKnhaH Sugar Company
Wahlawa Water Company. Ltd.
. rliltoB Iron Works, of 8t Louia
Babeock ft Wilcox Company
Green 'a Fuel Eeouomirer Com aay
Chaa. C. Moore ft Co., Bnginefira
. - n
makes happy homos and aound na-'
tiona.' Instill it dep
Ooorg Waabinfton.
We 'pay ' 4 iuferest on lime de
posits. ' t
Merchant and Tort, Sti., Honolulu
from Montreal to 1-tvorpool,
London and Glaigow via the
and St. Lawrenc Bonta
and .
By the popular "Prince"
Steamera from Vancouver,
Victoria or Seattle.
For full inforniatioBNapply to
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
' " "KAAmniANy BTBBET .
3cnT Agents, Canndnn-racifl8 By. Co
" HOSOLUtlf, T. H.
Commission Merchants
Sogar Factors
1 ' Ewa Plantation Co. .
Waialua Agricultural Co., Ltd. v
Apokaw Sugar Co., Ltd. '
F'ultoo Iron Works of St. Loui
... Blake Steam Pumps ;p? .,..
. Western Ceatriugala
Babcoi-k k Wilcox Bollur
Oreen'a Fuel Eeonomiaer
. Marsh Steam. Punipa
- Mat son Navigation Co.
, Planters' Line Whipping Co.
' Kohala Sugar Co.
ehinery of every description made to
.ordan- . -. ''''" .''
Issued Tuesdays aad Friday
(Entered at the Postofflc of Honolulu,
T. H., a sacond-claM maltr )
Per Year Ba.Ov
Per Yea (foreign) ..... I.0J
. Parable Invariably Is. Ad' 'ants.
j CHA&LE2 B, OKAMkl S i Mana4t
Castle &Cooke,
' UM1TCD ' ,':V'.',;1

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