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H ill. A 71 1 13 7Mn n Vi M.V .Ill ,M I I.Nv '
von iuieiiiman
ASHINGTbN,"-' December
negotiation are under way
Leopold Welcomes Delegates,
iber hv wav of Cooenhaeen declare. On 'the contrary Petr6trrad
reports tell o( the 'departure ptt the1 Bolsheviki delegate's on "their re
turn liome. The exact status of thV' si'taaMon' is apparently a matter
of some doubt, the Copenhagen debatches i fiid'teating that' proceed
ings are going ahead while the Petrograd despatches indicate an un
explained hitch somewhere. -The Petrograd reports Vere'aied Fri
day while those from Brest-Litovsk lyeresen bn Satufdayand are
given a greater credence." V ' V'' ' ' "' ' ' ' . ":.,J,
A W WW w
Teace negotiations' were opened at Brest-Utovsic on jat,uraay,
'messages to Copenhagen declared "land 'proceeded Id' .five detairs of
tne opening mecxing. jucicgaics
TurViv were nresent
pold of Bavaria, commander of the
Alter ins aaaress pi welcome
Count von Kuehmiann 1e made chatrman'and he Vas unanimously
selected. ' Rules of proctdufe'were thA adopted which ptb ide that
the debate shah be conducted' in the Certnan,'Bulgar.ianr RuTi.-riin and
Turkish language, Interpreters trailsla'ti.ng, all oi ;he remarks to the
delegates In those languages. ! ;f ' .-"-r V ;: ;
With rules of oocedtfre adopted 'the chief Bolshevik Relegate
rose and in a lone speech 'presented
which coincide closely with those prorrtulgatd sottte weeks iince ty
the Workmen's artd Soldiers' Courjcll and Sifpffort of which they, de-'
; ' Raiser would
Desoatches frorn .tli Kaiser
that he had informed the jgovemrheht'thatMf vth' dipTonlats" SvouTd
agree to the Ruisian prface proposals or uch counterproposals aS .'flic,
freent council Wight lavor he wodld per&ohally go;t6.!Bresf-Lit6vsk
and ctfll "for assembly there all of tW&vegfTs and regtrfts of -Eu:-
tope to a peace conference similar to the offe which followed the Na-j
poleonic wars. ' ':?.'.':' '; VV;-;'---:v:;r ;r:"V ;
X I1C IIIBI c VI jvwj noma pvvy
fnture offers marly great tasks' in which' ah must cooperate.. : 'f ;
Rumania is not cHKirt'ed !riti 'hayJn6e'-n: ."eregates .'the
conference and haspossibly 'decided not to participate despite, the
fact that a Russian peace would leave Rumania geographically -tao-lated
from the other aTHes.( ' ' i-; ; v 'i. , "' ? ' i
No subsequent 'details ol the first session , of, the; torrfe'rence. were
given by the Copenhagen tfcpaic"hes: V V ;''';'':ii ' . . ''':,
' ' .Reports ol the feturn of the i Bolsheviki. delegates to' the peace
conference were received in London f rom PetfogTad. .;They; were
dated Friday, the day before the Copenhagen reports, say that the
opening session was held at which those despatches report the
Bolsheviki program was presented. The Petrograd -advices merely
Wid that the delegates were returning but cave no reason and did
not sav that Germany had refused to consider the Bolsheviki pro
gram. It made ho mention whatever of ahy rejection of such pro-
Foul- ' Worlcmen Die Irt
Working on Government Contract
J!;jEWXktf, New. Jersey, Deeember J
.(Asewlated rPreas)--I'oiirt workmen
Were burried to. death la a fir bieh
'followed an e'xploHion yesterday la the
j,lant'of the Newark Bubbeir Company.
The siipciintendeTit of the factory says
that the explosion was caused by a
honth. . - !'..'. ' v
Tbe compapy Is n orVing upoa a latge
and important government eon tract.. ,
Immediately ollowrng the explosion
the flames broke forth and epread rap
Idly X of the workmen escaped ex-et-pt
four,, wbe were either trapped by
the fixe or overcome by the fumes. ;
, Inveatifations have been started by
tllaXuderal authorities. . .. -' i - '".
, .. AtflASfllNGTON, December S4-r(Ai-iOciatd
Preae) -Annexation of Cotir
land by Oermany la foreahadowod by
cleapatches from Paria. It Is reported
that a delegation from the Courlaad
landtag has .arrived la . Berlin v atad
that it will notify the Oermaa govern
bioat that a' closer relation is desired
ly the people whom they represent.
His Is (o be taken a request for
anuexatiou and the steps are then' to
be, liikeo forthafth.. ,v 4. ,
tia' best cation tbioitt ': J
r- r . c
Chamliethiia's Couth Uewedy ia the
lurgoMt selling raogti tnedrcine ia tbe
world toduy becauae it does exactly
'u bat a cough medicine is aiioed to
o. It atopti eouglia aud enUU aieedilv
end effectually. Vir sale by all deal
ers. Beuaon, Smith ft C04 Ltd., Agts.
for 11a wail. AUvertisouicut. -
r I .... '
ProgitJ rresioJ
24- Associated; PrVss)Peaee J
'at Brest-Lftovsk' reports 'frdrh
' , ,-) .(.
iruw uciiuan, aujun, umjaiw,
and were welconted by Prme Leo
forces of the' east "for the Kaiser.ll
i nncc L.cupuia ?iugcfi.;i mai
the nsfanpeac'e'prbposals.
sjKimon rulers : '
Nvhich reached Copenhagen said
imds being urged
Article Written By German tells
of General Ruin
WASHINGTON, December 24 (As
soeiatd Presa)-7-Oeeasinally Utories of
the rial. 'conditions in QCrriiany get by
the German censors and reach the out
side' world.' One of these is given put
by the United State's public ' informa
tion tu'reaa. 1 It Was written by fc ler
anan, has been widely circa la ted , in
Oermanv and he's hail anne' circula
tion in Hwitzerland through the efforts
aud ht the expense of tiermafc .Kepiib
licens. ) ; . .- ,: 'y, - '
; The article tells of. the- Ifeneral tuin
which prevails,-, thronghout ;Oeimauy
among the boor 'and the' lower middle
elasses.-r It urges .the '''overthrow of
he war lords.", .' ' ' ; .
. vii i,t.yin i '" .
STOREKEEPl-llS ttfE (v 1
rkted PreM)-i-the course f6r the irain-J
lng or chief ordnance storekeepers for
the Vnltod BUtes arm is nbw tunning
"full blast" at the University of Cali J
lornia nere. me wurK ia uumg uouif
under the direction , of the College of
Commerce...; . ! , ' i
.The elaaeea r visiting various in
dustrial plants -around Han. Francisco
bay for the pntpoae ef Warning methods,
of storing aud 'keeping sfl)pliea. Tbe
tddya;Of Cobversatloual French Is a
feature of tbe cpume. . '
'!' ; l It . -i a , t,, ' r It I, "
INDON-;; neirember 10 kearly all
'the ciitrrc neiis ana organ pipes or
Alsfttara Towns and villages have 'now
bee a tfisoranrled and converted Into
munitions of war. . But the money the
Oermaa government agreed to give for
these bells will not b paid out, but
retained and invested in tbe new Ger
man war loan.
' trt j-rV n'- nr,
CJJLHf br Alloui
tm CriW'di at Buerios Aires
ee To Wreck Plant To Wch
Germany -corm-iuured
sociatd Trii) Moiind ,tronra ht4
the ntmoit difficulty in preventing anti
dermaa riflta la the street of th city,'
60 Patardny ' fbe riutt of 'the fur
ther Uiarloiure of Oermaa jierfldy and
to a Lusbarc Infamy whlla be war
amhndor for perwsny Jhert. tt'
Ii" hilly . the, r.rowd inenaed against
the newiptper which it Is amerlrd wat
Jubnidired by Germany for the prrtmul
Ration of pro Oermna arws and arflelan
puMiahed editorially. (
Crowda of ,' student and ofheM
marrhed . the atreeta dindayinff anU
Oemiaa bnaaera and 'placards ana rie !
miuiding frovernnient artion in .lefnae
of tb honor of the country. .The
ero'wdrf proceeded to the La-Uillrtn
Aewspapcr bolldme. ahontinit ai p-
Went "Ten .' thouaaod aeaoa," the
amount 'which it la averted was paid
by Oertnany through Ton- Luxbnrj e?aeh
month at' a aubaidr.
It wae hera eanerially . that ' tho
mount el troops had their hardest Work
for it 'was the determination of lai
crowd to Wreak ita vengeance o the
newspaper ofllre and it had to bo
charged repeatedly before it was finnl-'
Iv aeattereil.
mju f W1-', jj.. r i.fv
General f ershing Reports'1 ftcci-
v.. ..m. From Wounds ,
' XTAfnilNOTOX, Deeember 21--( As
toefated ' Preae) Two United States
soldiers 'were' Washed overboard "-from
a transport en ronte for France during
a; severe storm and "consequent rough
weather) , General Pershing yesterday
reported to the war department. Tbert
two soldiers were Corporal Samuel
Kerl of Pennsylvania and Private Wil
liam Smith of Chi ear o. General Per
shing gives no details of the casualties'
beyond .indicating that severe storm.
wm ratonaiuie . iot we acciueni.vv ,
Tw other deatha. were ireported b
Oetieral Pershing. These were 8er
geaat Grover Goodall, of Pennsylvania
nd . Corporal Williant Fanhtefroy of
Virginia. Both of then died of wounds
fthieh re received ia, action. . ,, :
Official : Statement 'Aofees With
Lloyd George But Denies v :
: ; Submarine Failure, i v
LONDON, Deeember 24 (Associated
rress') rBerlin admits that the number
pt sinkings that result from its subma
rine campaign is decreasing. This ad
hiiaaion came yesterday in sn official re
ply to The assertions made by Premier
Lloyd George that the number of tosses
to Allied vesiels was shoeing a decided
?r- . .-'v-i. '-i-.'i' .,'.. Y-'s.p .-
While the Berlin .official statemeni
admits ttmt decrease. is apparent It
denies that the campaign is a failure,
but on the contrary attributes the .de
crease to the earlier suaceaws.Tbei official-
report ssaerts that the decrease
limy he attributed to tw caUHea. , The
first is that the tonnage has been gnuat
ly decreased and there are consequent
ly fewer vessels that can be attacked,
and -many of these stay, close to-posrt.
lite second reason attributed is a
greater showing of precautions on the
rtrt Ot the Allies,
'COPENHAGEN,; December S4 ( A s
so'eiated Press) Two 'more 'Norwegian
vessels and a. number of Norwegian
liVea have been taken "by tbe .German
subaiarinea, tha. Norwegian duurnKy
nanobiieea; ' -v.- '. , - , - -'
The steameT lugrim M WpeSocd
aad only 'five of her Officer and 'crew
escaped, tbe second officer .and four
The Borgwten was also submarined
and sunk, with twa of her crew killed
and the remainder saved.
' ' -. - - :
(Ta New
er a
ibykn Hero
General Diax, the new eoiuma'nder-ln
chief of the Tfalfnn armies, has his
forces ifi such shape that they' have
been -able to repel enimy attacks and
hold hi establinhed tine firmly, (lea
era I Diiir is rated as one of the ablest
military leaders and he has been con
nected with the general stall for years.
ne took pan la tbe l.ibvae War, aerv
ing B a colonel. He was wounded so
severely that he asked to be wrapped
in a flK, fearing that bis death was
penning. He bus rendered diatin
guished nervice in tho present war
Oeueral Uurn U from Southern Italy.
' ; ' ,.'i-' , . i"'-;- i
I fill ' if '''
.,i:u,fn. if .
Rn'IF'j.'. iFlJT IS
" T- ' J 5
TiThfi M TlrtiTlO
J h in 1 . Ill iHn
1111 nti vi viii
A!l . Odessa Passes Under ffew
Control and tirttre Black Sea
fleet Goei Dver Jo the New,
Chinese VHarbin Order Bolshe-
; vikl -To Disarm 'and By Ulti
, maturh Give Forty-eight Hours
, To Leave. City . . ,.,
t" ONDON, , peccmr,cr ! 24
-' (Associated'- kPress) tirdw-
irig strength t)f the newly or
ganized ' Xjlcrftnian Government
and a' weakening 'of thi'-lBolshe-,
viki force's are indicated by all of
the' reports. Avhich' come through
frorn '.'ftusW: The : tfkfanian
forceft haVe 'l)ehr'ang'therit,ed Vy
the naVjr'iA the tSfack Sea'ind hy
c6hsiderable idditlon's'to the land.
forces as Well.' ' Successes are at-;
tendings armsA" ' r .
' TROOPS: father; . j
' Between Homel fend Balcmat'ch
the 'Ukrahian "trcfops have' beien'
corte'entfated while tTie Bolsheviki
aVe gathering, near Minsk; 'Theyj
are repacrrrtg1 to resis)' advances
Of he CossacV 'forces 'which will
folloW the concentratfon how in
progress;' y. I' . ':
Xjeheraf Verkhovski,"' who Was
war mihls'ter tindeV Kerenslcy be
fore the Jatter was deposed has
offered his Tervtces 'to "tlie Ulcf a-'
nian'gove1rnrh'ent,Vhrcli ribw has;
complete cBhVrol of Odessa. '" '
liighry riihportah't 'is theadd-.
H6h oif the Black' Sea fleet which
re?pOTtrayHa8 ;gbhe oer to the
" At-Ufe ;hV Coh& 'tTcnerkl
Dutoft stippresed the BoTsheviVi
o'rgahizatiohand. c6ntfntied ''his'
advah'ce7S4mara' B'arat6V "'arid
Ofehsburg' i'r'e VepoVted' to 'Mv'e;
betfn surrounded - by . the Cos-'
'In . jctt'ogVad '' fchaotfc viondi-'
tidris continut.' ' - tdotmg' ot : the
wirt '"cellars' 'goes' oh iwrtho'ruhk-
... ...i. .-'Li v ' . v..-. -t 1
enn'ess the comnidn ' nd general
result .'Mac'hirte gu'hs Were Sised
in lh"e Streets in th iefforV ; to
ing liouses' 'and Tiohite 'ot fth'e'
DanisH'Re. Cfcssl Wbfv ")boted.
1 CHINA AT ARBIN - '. ( .
'TTi'eA kriridicktibns ihUi
cTash ' 'wttWmk'. Jafid -the
Bolslieviki iferrienV and toVcesln
IaVMri isltrtfrrinerit'; Friday,
Peking vfeptfrt'S Sin'V ulti'matum
was delivered ' byv' 'the' VicVrnmart-
dnt'Jf the'th'ihes'e iofceS W.iX
tW jEtblshevlkt-' trllist dTsafm'1 and
t'i'ti-iii Li.Aa bt.ii.'.. i.ViSi.i:'ay :.
incy were given luriy-cigm Hours
withfti wnicVto reave 'the cttV.
Tlre 'Chinese x6fitfnvufvtb4Trt-
crease their tttTjtarf forcei there
arid ri this they ''are 'assisted !lrjr
thje : Hos'stan military ommartdcr,
Gerteral H6rvath,-:wno 'ta
e'lV "rp'.;.lis.' 'f&l&etick 'in ih'e area
which' is , controlled by the Chi-
. .. ' ., :
Mia Minnie fiudebeck was yesterday
appointed a deputy collector of internal
revenue and stenographer tin the office
of ..Col, lioward , Uathaway, ' the new
Lcol.'ecior. . Miss Kudebeck has been the
colonel's- . stenographer, at Everest,
Washington,' for, the. past .ilft'aeu years-
' Colonel Hatha, way yesterday morning
took oyer the office from Acting; Col lee-
tor Ralph Johnstone,, the transfer being
made by W. W. Anderson, ' revenue
agentL who came" here from' Kan Fran
claco for the purpose. . Colonel IJath
away then reappointed the entire staff,
Mr. Johnstone, Iniwever. retires im
mediately .to- form a pnrtnership with
Mr, Cameron, formerly with, the- sums
office, as ta etperts. , . .-
VpIt h'l ft" ' !
J ; i V
Destruction 'of Lartje Cohlalners
WaiirJTroTlaTjTy Set Tire To "
,' ;, VVharves and Shipr)th ,
, Itecetetf vrafnfngs Vf"'. lire artgpr
from oil atorsge tanks that fcave been
gfVn 1y the .nuthorittea t the Ualon
and , XssWUfed Ofl eAmfffttiies hafe
had no tangible result, and the Wcaace
to iprobrty and 'shipping n 'the dis
trict where tbe great tank's 'are located
continues to elist. ' -' ,'' .
In what tbe Standard Oy .eompkny
has done- tr 1cKsn ' dangeV- of Vlde
spread conflagration the two companies
against which, 'complaints have been
directed nave 'an exafnple of wbat
abould be dtrae and to inveatlgatora Who
have studied the area lit wbirh the
storage tanks, are located it ia appar
ent that, all tbe work the 'Standard
Oil eompkny had done (0 efet safe-,
guards is ia large measure nullified by
the negligence of tbe other two com
panies. s, ( .-', '. i ,
Big Btoraga. Capacity . ' 1
, Net . eoontingthe imaller sb-eaHe'd
meaauring tanks, in all there are twelve
large oil tanks all located ia an area
of .less than ten acret bordering tbe.
Iwilei roadway and a scant S00 yards
from the waters of the harbor. The ag
gregate capacity of the tanks is some
thing like. 350,000 barrels. ' '
The tract occupied by the Standard
Oil company is on tbe mskai side of
the road, farthest from other property
that border the area and also farthest
from the harbor, or from that bait' of
the harbor that would be endangered
in the. 'event of a conflagration. The
Standard oil tanks have an approximate
capacity, of 120,500 barrels. Twa of
the large tanks, 'each with a capacity
Of 35,000 battels, ire need for crude
nil. - Another large tank, wifh a capac
ity 6f 27,000 barrels. Is used to store
kerosene. . Two smaller "tanks, one Of
14,000 barrels and one of H5o6 barrels
are need tq store distillate and gasoline.
Tanks Enciosea
All of these Unk. of the Standardl
Oil company are enclosed in , a eon
Crete rall sate art 'one spot where an
earthwork embankment that serve's as
well has been thrown up. The whole
force of . employes has been trained
into fire fighting oYganixation by tbe
frequent fire drills that are held and
that are 'called by tbe ringing of a
gong .without previoua notice. Disaster;
here .very likely would be confined to
the small enclosed area in which -the
tanks stand. ' " '
' The 'danger to ttie 'district liea aerOs'l
tbe road along which, behind an inade
quate barrier, stand tbe great tanks
Of the Union and Associated. Oil eoro
psntes; ' Nearnst the harbor waters are
tbe three tanks of tbt Associated Oil
company 'which have an" approximate
capacity of 100,000 barrels, v Farther
along the road are th four tanks 'of
the ITnion Oil company with nn ap
proximate canaeitv of 130,000 barrels.
It ia stated that all the tanks of both
companies are. used for the storage of
crude 'oil., f ''';''. '' "'-' ."
Dnnger Is Pfenent ", ! '
Honolulu harbor with its shipping.
and wharves ablate is possible out
come of any serious disaster to the;
tanks of .the Union and Associated
Oil companies, v In nnswer . to notices
that have: been nent to tnese com
panies by Aetlng'.Superintendent. f
Poblic Work .Hobby, the' companies
have temporiaed. The Associated Oil
comoaov kas arriHU tbat its lease on the
tract it oeerpica is sbor), but the lease
in question baa a matter of two years
to fan and the . danger la presenrt
very tray, In answer to compiainis,
ths t'aton Oil company "has stated that
th -mntter hka- been taken tip with Its
tome office: in : California, j When the
company's officials Will act or what
they mav elect to do, bo far has not Vet
been dischjaed. Itf -tba -moit recent
commaniestioa from tbff public works
department it 4sstated that tne present
condition "cannot, b' permitted to con
tinue. It has.'not ben Itated wbat
action Is contemplated ' "i '
i Destrnction 6f one r mora of the
ttkiihsi of tho- two eompantes would
TiTobablyvrkprcmd r;flstruction in twii
tlireetfoas. n On' the 'lald nidn, are the
lumber yirds aad mfll tf the Gity Mill
Company and n beyond thin the plant
ot .tne : Hawaiian eniM8- iun
and hundred yards on at the foot
bt n M6p thn-'f ks company t plant and
storage tank vi.e;.; '.n'v .'
Vatural 0Imhib1m . i.s-- .-
- Tbe- greatest hnenace,- 'however, lies
in the -.orber-i ditectioa. : -thi asphalt
road way1 which bprders the tank slopes
gently toward ner, io ana .
piem beyond, perfect -"channel down
whi-k 'rieatmcrioh Tniffht '-flOW t- the
htnninir!: mnArfiit at the Titers.'. ISS
seriously Menaced is the dryddck plant
of '.'the Inter Isrand''n' the'- etid . of a
iho'rt Tadwnysr-';V. .w : ,-'
' Tbe barrier Of pv0tction ?that has
been erected -around the irrP of
tanka consists of t "board J enee. Thht
Irt of the 'fence tVt!t runs "along the
roenay je he'thed In -metal, but tha,
gwfe'r portion of the fence is of wood.
The single purpose it serves ia to keep
pWpTe rttt. gSt eould not have been
designod forlny other purjiose. Watch
men are maintained around the 'two
nlmrta and 'N Hmokins" sigus are
No be Keen o all sides bnt a holocaust
would. not be Mayedby .nese tmngs
WAt'HiNJT(N, Deeember S (As
sociated Vi'essJ-Wecretary Paniels to
dayrecommendl to eongreaa that of
ficers and men of 'the avy and marine
corps 'dolug eitrn wotk'in Httnto Do
mingo be allowed to receive pay from
the republic In additibn to their regular
pay. No details accompanied tbe rec
ommendation... -- .',',- -. I '- '
moves tk ran. ' Used the world over
to cur a cold in on day. Tbe signa
ture of B. W. GKOVK 1 on each bo.
Manufactured by tli TARIS MED1
CINS CO., &t. Louui, V. 8. A. '-
rc 1
from Russia
lF6bd Minister Tells ' Vicrma
Relief Isla Sight ::i Hay
fee txpcctclBy March ;
AMSTERDAM December - 84 '
(Associated Press) food supplies
from RftsKU have been promised to -the
poople t-Vienna, - This state
trnlrit la credited to toad Hofer, tMe
Anntrlaa food minister in a He
; spa-tch which reached here last
night from Vienna. He la report
" ad to have leaned a statement that
the food supply for. Vienna nod all :
VVtjBlri would ahortly be improved
by the ablptneiit of ' store from
Russia with which country a peace '
- agree nWtot wxs pending. .
.'. , Berlin, Vienna and Budapest, he -
said, are all ntahliiaj thalr trans
portatlon racllitie. Tbe Dkanba
will be f roien sooa but ha doe not
expect that supplies can be brought '
.' tbrcMgb in wbolsaal quanUUe bn- -
- 'tUtottreb.-- . t.i J
- In Berlin the Vorwaerts, 'a Bo
dailst ntwapaper, has been order
ed to suspend publication for three
days becaua It recently published
aa fcttack upon the food control
' pollclea which Were nmployad by .,
tha evernnMnt. . 1 - ! i . -. .
William Flvnn Will End Twentv
Years' :WoVk FlVtf 'Ai Chief,
Because Breakdown Is Near
NEW YORK, December 4 JAsso
eiated Press) After twenty year" Of
almost continuous service In the United
States secret service, 'of which' he las'
been chief since 1912, William Jaises
Plynn la leaving that branch of the
government this 'Weelc "he anb'ouAcea.
Flynn' yesterday : said that .'the re
ports that he was to retire were cor
rect. He added "that he bad tendered
his resignation , to take effect" in Nov
ember but hat he had been asked to
reconsider. He said It -era fm possible
for him. to withdraw his resignation.
In explaining bis "reasons for etii
Ing, he said that ia response to the ad
vice of his physician and tbe urging
of bis family he bad reached fain deter
mination. Physicians bad told hinMbat
a Wehkdown for him was imminent
unless he got away from the. nervous
and mental-strain of tho work of his
ofdoe very speedily. ' i
Chief, of, the Beeret Service Flynn
Kak been connected With that branch
of the government sine 1897 with the
exception of a period of six months
in late 1910 and early" 1911 when Be
reorganised the New York police force.
He has been chief since 'Deeember 13,
1912. He wa fifty year of age Nov-
emb7 r,V,
Ground Plans of Troop Camp's
; and Fortifications Found on
-.... iDlan $hdt By Patrols
EL PASO, December 24--(AsKoclnt-ed
lres) -C'hsrles Feige who, all the
evidence indicates, was a German spy,
was shot and killed yesterday by 1srmy
patr61s as he sought to erne into Mex
ico, yftea his body was searched thoiM
were found upon him paiiers that ap
pear to indicate clearly that bb wa a
spy. --Among the papers were ground
plana of troop eamps and fortifications.
He also carried a camera. '
When iKeige Was seen by the army
patrol approaching tba international
line he was ordered to bait bnt 'f ailel
to 'obey and quickened bis pace. - No
heed was uaid to a vecoUil order whero-
upoa the patrols red and Feige
lropped dead a feW yhfds from 'the
aafety which Mexico ' would have af
forded him, - w-'O ! ' '!-''".' '
'' WABUINOTON, December 24 (As
hoi'isted . P-ess) Oood success is at
tending the he"l CVoss 'Christmas drive.
Vp to Saturday night reports received
told of 8,000,000 new members secured
and these report do not cover all parts
. .1 . . ft . f - 1 1 , J..1 Al. -
OI ipe eouniry. . n ia udiidvoii me rr
suits thus fnr are "considerably in t
cess .of those i ftrt, .
1 FOKT LfPTON, Colorado, December
ft -f Aasoi-laied iresir)--r'oioniai of
horses and cattle by oxalic add eon
tallied n beet tops la responsible for
tne receut inase to farmers in tni see
tion, according to Dr. R. Duffy, veterl
narian, who has been investigating the
tnysterlon death Of cattle. Plots to
kill tbe cattle aad reduce the neat (up-
ply has been rumored.
The effect . of the oxalic nold on eat-
tie, according to Dr. Duffy ia to par-
alyse the muscles of the legs and ren-
dor the cattle uuuble to ttaud.
To Austrians
. -
' . . Ill
Mi3St 'Break throuoh T6 Plains .
Or Thousands Will Perish of
Wardships of Winter In Moun-
tain 'Passes )-jy:-
TuVks Are Scattered In ales v
tine ' Into f Small Guerrilla Bahds
and "Several Towns "AfflOnd
.Jerusalem Captured
N EVV'YORK, Occcrhbcr .
(Associated ",Prfs)-ln '
pfebariouV pos'itlph jirriless hcy
are able to break-through to the
Bassano Plains, the Austro-Ger-mans(
, are concentrating their
troops heavily before Monte so-. ,
lone from which they vdett riv- "
en last friilay by the strong ltal
ikrt counters. '. Mdnte Asolonc :
dorninates Monfe-tlrap'pa and is
aHmitt'edly the ey to 'the situa
tion. A vigorous onslaught by
the enemy - is -expected soon, '.'.; ,
" Ilere the,' Italian' positions are
backed by & , rejuvenated army,
thoroughly, febrgawifed' ftnd re
equipped, reinforced "by others of
their own countrymen .and by
tlieir ; French Snd British Allies.
They are full of : confidence in
their abikty to hold these posi
tions but look forward to a pe-.
rioti of intense fighting.
The severity of the ' winter
weather, the storms of snow" and
sleet, "the nights of iri'tehse cold
Toflowing days 'ot Werryflrg"bat-
lies ana qiscomiorx arc increas
ing the difficutties of the Austro
Cermarts. 'They' mtist break
ttir6iig"h to the Bassano ""Plains
or thousands must perish 'of cold,
privations 'and disease. The plight
is already terrible told in the
stories of... prisoners ' who were
taken in the recent Italian victory
at Monte :AsoIonei". The condi
tion in whic.h these prisoners ...
were found gives full substantia
tion to he laics which thiy . re
lated of hard"shlp, privation and
Sliffenng. .
The initiativ-e in the " Italian
Front is entirely in the hands of
General Diaz.,
' On aTl oT tlie fronts yesterday
there wa a lull in hostilities and
the fighting "wks below' the nor
mal.' In Belgium and in Franca
Ihe engagements consisted mere
ly" of outpost encounters, and
bombardments; ' '
' AIR R Alb PAILS 1 '
Saturday Slight' an air raid c:i
(lie coast 'cftTcs pf England with
an effort to . reach, London "was
tindertaken by the T Huns. One
airship was brpught, down nearu
London and official .reports of
yesterday said th'at there were no
casualties arid that the damage
occasioned was of minor impor
tance.:f, ' ','- v ''-
From Palestine General Allen
by' reported the taking of Keur
bur',' Hasrach,': 'heik M aa'nisV Keir
Lekket,.El MaVhras; aijd' :,Ra el
Zahdyi,- towns to the nothjand
east of Jerusalem , t ,
.Following bis tuning of .-Jerusalem
the TuiOcish ti'obri scattered and have
since been 'conducting' guerrilla war
fare against the British outpost.'. Tbe
British commander, 'to check those
raids by smair parties of the enemy or
dered that the ridges to tbe north and
east of the nity should be cleared. This
was done, scores, of Turks, were ap.
tured nd other small bodies were 1't
to Vou't and these' towns were taken in :
such (ineauntexs.,.. r. '.,-..,;.
steamship Reported'
er City of Naulen. ' whii-h whm j"itifirlAil
lAsnoi-mien itcbh) jn uritlKI) Itcam-
to have been torpedye.l, ha arrived
here safely. Tnslead of having met at
laik from a submarine sbe bad struck
a mine and was tuivml to return to ort.
Tbe damagea which she suffered arj
neglible ami can be repaired without
removing the carqo to enter dry dock.

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