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One of Most 'RciViarkablc Bpecta
dcs Ever Staced la City Is .,
Strikingly Successful v
i.' I . ii s'aSCENE OF B1Q EVENT
Beautiful and Excellently Arrang-
sed Tableaux Depict Story of.;
Birth of the Christ Child t
NEW YOftrt, Iecemlcr 25 (Associated Press) Desperate, fighting on the
Itnllnn front waa twinned yesterday, Rome offlrinlljr reported last Big lit. The
battle on th I'iave front resulted disastrously for th Austro Herman ferre. In
the mountain, where they are fighting desperately to nave Heinsolvcs from the
predicament in which th advent of "wintry weather placed them, the Teuton
were, successful at first but were finally checked and successfully hold by tho
Italian. . ' ... - , , , - -' .' . . . .
At Piave Veceja the enemy wa driven back aero ihe, riav River with
large losses and in a, partially disorganised condition.
On'hq mountain front in th Asingo ectorj where the Austro Germane, were
reported Saturday aa massing large force in evident contemplation of to
newed drive in greater force tho expected attack wa maile. . lleea the enfmy
neceoilod -in passing the Italian first position but wa stopped at the tear poav
tioii where the. Italians countered successfully.
In tbia aector the Teuton fouad every step of their way bttterly conteste"(l
an l their ktaae were -very heavy, . , .. -,.,,
From London waa issued the report of Inst week's lirUiah'eaaiiiitt;. Thi?
The toinmunlty Christmas tree Irtat :l numbered l:l,l. Of theae, the report said 808 officers and 2714 enlisted meB
'. Bight Was onp of the most rflmurkabfo
; 'outdoof apectnele ever stsed in Hono
' , lnlu, a ad wouli) mnke ntnny tnninland
. , pBfjcBtils of far liirjfor cities louk" serl
,ouly to tlioif Jaurfcls. It was planned
', ' Bn carried eut with a amoothnem and
'.- mprpsivcneis which has not been
'. , eqimllcd in any large publio perform
. unco given hete prcviouly, nnd He 4f
tUtic iMimplcteneHS marked 4vong slop
1 , forward.' In lotfttl pngeante.. r :. v
' v'-'A erowd of at leant five tkousand
beard the sinRinff ftnd viewed the ta
.blettnx. from firKt to RivinR their
' meed of appreciation' to' cneh event of
the unfolding program... The Ontdoor
Circle ehould hnve,. Aud jifvt, the thnnk
"' ' of the community, for its gift to them
liof the community. tree.-.' , '-.'
, ; The living' Christmas ,tree was lit
' j with hundred! of colored electric lifihts
-, from' top to bottom, and. round it the
. :. ero4 -eire. led merrily during the enrly
' pnrt of the evening. Tiny, tots aested
ttifmselvea on the crafts dndnr it to
pars up into ita fasuinntur'' brilliance,
fathers m motlinrs strolled up with
v ' okler ehildro'n,' while the littlest beby
the K'hriNtmns trne;tlaj midget two
months old, lay in its father's arms any
blinked up nt the glow of' colore with
' . its firetumUe on its chubby! face? The
.. tree wtis the center of interest until the
; ainiring and the tableaux began., -i
Mhs Ellen Heach Yaw gave, the-first
program ;. number singing pne of her
favorite skylark arrangements :., unac
evmpnnied, etnnding meanwhile on the
jtntform tqn the eecond ,tory lanaf.
, Uer voice was Tlear and' strong and
' jwtts honrd all over tho gronnds."
Crowd Waa Merry , 1
When, tho singing' began the , crowd
was massed solid tho Width , of the
driveway from the front of the chorus
to King K'reot, and spread outj In fan
hnpf almost to tho corner of the
, j .grounds. There were about five thou
sand people present,nnd nil of them in
a merrymnkiing, spirit -which helped
. make tho community tree the.hnge sua
V : ..cess its originators hoped for. , . -
, Mits Ynw was followod by a, chorus
ii ijUmnber, fmm the chorus of fl.W'VblVe
'. .rented on the Weachers directly In
front of the Capitol. Tho Royal. Ha
waiian .Bund accompanied them, and
Miss ,Tnne Winne led them with, excel
lent effect. Miss Winno hns achieved
wonderful results with her body ' of
singers, -as Inst night's performance
nttested.' Cnptnin H'nrl Berger led
- the band with nil his old time enthu
siasm. .'. ' , . .
1 ' A .olo by Reynold McOrew enme
next, end was one of 'the .'befit
. heard and most enioyed voenl feptnrea
nt the evening. Mr. Mi-Grew 'e song
Was well chosen fur open air ajnclng,
and-hiai resnnnnt tunes carried richly
and elearry fnr over the crowd. Mr.
C'hnrres T. Hiill nlso sung alone most
pleasingly after the tableaux.
Tableau v Are Striking
Tho ftrft of the tnbleanV so excel
lently aerfinced by Mr. and Mrs. Roger
jNoble nurnlinm showed tho angels
I'crnldin-r the birth of tho Clirint dliilfj.
Three of them nnpenred on tho roof
on either fide of the ccutml tower,
blowing silver trumpets, their white
draperies " fluttering ' In the strong
breeze. T Ights were, thrown on them
when they v ere in t'Viee. Six bovs
from Kct""ncbn schools nr. ted as the
an;elin hernlds.
After n chorus sifn? the serV o'
tajdenux was eontinned on the seond
story Innni. A plntnrm was raised to
the Mieiifht- Of' the railing, malting it
ensy for a'l to see, and jn this the
shenhcrds first poiieared. The., wees
ewnkened from -sleep bv the-jrnldlnrj
star, nnd set out to follow it to the
.mangoc . !
' On the other side th three Vines of
, tho- East were also following the star
' to w V-re the CliVist child lay. In
; their floninu robes of rich Colors thov
V . mdea stron picture as ' thev peeil
' plong the pallerr bearing their gifts
jf the newborn king. ..;.
The Holy Manpor f,
.At the the tableau. f,f the mn
rr wns. shi'n In tho center, .The
Madonna . nnd Joseph bent shovo tlie
;-; S'rnw-fMled cradle of tho holri' hsb.
from which a radiance wns reftecte,d
. in into f'viiie' faces, vhije tlm Krtstern
kln; and the jioor shsipherds ofTofed
; their h inn ago on either side. , .
Mrs. Juhu . lrdumn waa a beautiful
were killed or died as the result of wounds and 637 ofllcfr and 10,160 enlisted
men were reported as womil or missing. .
ihirlng the past three day there have been no less than a hnndred air com
bats on the treiirWOammn front. The French aviators have been Hiirhly sue-
, .1 .1 ... : ii 1 , , ... J.
..ri,,., unjiiuyiiid viKoirs-n ucrnino niarnincs, and OrOpiKJd twenty heavy
charges of explosive behind the German line. '. ,
General Guillnumat, eojnmander of Verdun eorpa, has been assigned to
roinniuiioaji tne ircnrn xorces on tne Mesopotamia front, suecee.ling Gen
:ii niTiuu .iiiu hi man a iniiwi(nci 10 oiner import
cini report, jrom rorts Isst evening.
important duties, was an ofll-
Christmas Promotion Xomcs To
Hundred and Twenty-six; ' .
Fifty-one Captains
.5 t '.
, ' '.
sociatcd Press) Promotion come to
day as , a Christmsf ayesent to one
hnndred and eighty-six tiaval officer
who stepop to .the grade next highest
to the one they have , been holding
through the approval yesterday by the
President of the list recommended for
promotion by the selection board.
This list contain the name of twelve
raptaiiyi, who now became rear admi
ral.' Fifty-oqe commanders get tte
step(thnt makes each of them a eap
tnin, while one hundred and twenty
three lieutenant are made commander.
The aew rear admiral were yesterday-
Cant, tobert K. Coonta, OapU Tho
mas W. Kinkaid, Capt, William S.
Smith, Capt. Spencer b. W6od, Capt.
Joseph U Jayne, Capt. Charles W. Iy
s&n, Capt. Clarence' W. Williams, Capt.
Hilary p. Jones, Cant. William h. Shoe
maker, Capt. Joseph Strauss And Capt.
Edward Wl Eberle. . ' .
The. new ' eaiiain include Conidr.
Walter' Gberardi and Comdf. StopUen
Graham, whq wore scrying as naval at
taches at the American embassy at Ber
lin and Vienna, respectively, when war
was declared, ami Comdr. David Worth
Kwgley, who 'Was : in command, of ,th
destroyer Jacob Jones when ..she waa
torpedoed recently off fhe British coast,
with the first litf of the lost Including
hie nam.- Oaptnin Bagley is a brother-in-law
ef Secretary f the Navy Dun
ielsi , .' , ,
' '
hi urn
i nrnnntt ,
tfoctbfiilbeft.fletd .For Publish1.
' -tlni rtackv.- Against .
..7.rjcap ;Qffjcla$.'ft ' ;
f,TT.'K)X(Ly 6eember 25 (Associated
Press)-ff)(wot filbert Reed, American,
missionary and founder of the Inter
ruitiiMjnl Justitute of, -China, who has
bvftA act iiie as editor, of the China
JJ M Hi l depAttt-4 and sent to
rMa.iirn,j,nVthe reqifoft of the Chinese
government,, , jjcior Keea naa fceea
publishing k aerfrs of attaek npba
.AmorlcAA odieials je. th Far East an'd
is accused of being' a propagandist in
the' Interest ' .of 'Germany .A short
time ego he was arrested and confined
In ' jail at Shanghai, bsing given hie
liberty trbea he pledged himself to dis
continue hi attacks. , .
That Was Understanding-' In
Washington Recently, Says
W. R. Castle on Return
aloha shown for
former Manager
Trotsky Reported To Have Said
Th,is Is Plan If Bolshevik! -,
Peace Plan Falls 1
WAKHINQTON, December 85 (As
sociated Press)-Splendid success ha
attended ' the Red vC;osa drive. From
ull section, of the country have come
glowing and enthusiastic reports of the
progress made. Cbristmal Kve hus
found ten million Enrolled, the commit
tee reported late liuit niht. It is'ex-pex-ted
that this wirl easily be increas
ed to thirteen million when full re
ports are received of the close of the
drive. ,
In various sections of the country the
reports sent out told of expectations
or announced quota having been pass
ed. This wa the case on the Pacific
Coast where nearly si, hundred thou
sand member are enrolled and the
quotum wa 4(15,000.
WASHINGTON, December '25 ( A
sooiuteH 'ress) The 'eensornhip of all
foreigu mails has been under full oper
ation since eurlv in November, it was
announced last uight fur the first time,
the publication of the fact being given
at this time to meet the demand that
has been voiced for a stricter guarding
of the avimues through which spies and
traitor niigl't. aeaid jout fany informa
tion gained by them. TUp government,
uivi. 1mm iiinlit 'a..' iinniifiiA.iinMiit Kiih
Madonna, fulfilling' the ethereal look-1 "v'1 attending to the matter of censor
: 'I .1.1.. ' - 1... - ..!. M
ing requircniehts of tho part perfectly,
ii nj the sturdy Jimeph v. im Churles U.
Frazier, in flowing wjg and Jewish
gown. The' shepherds were Rev. Henry
Judd, Ifevt. .Jolia Kfdmnn, and 'W, P.
Alexander. L, Young ' Corrvthera wa
the. inipOHiiig King of Kgy'pt, "Arthur
Wymun wus tho Grecian ' kine.f and
Duke Kahnnunioku was iho Ktliiopian
monarch. Roger lliinilmm directed and
Binned the tiiblenux ' personally, .'
Afti'f.' these wero over tho crowd
was. asked to join with the rhnrus ia
sinking some fiimlliar OhriHtniHH hymns,
sntl mnnv dill so with 'a will. Tho
band played a a the crowd dispersed
to joiii the .throngs on King and Fort
nod "Hotel Streets for tho-Chrlstmus
live promenade. v
Oltices of the llawniisn tlepnrtmeut
hriidqiinrters will i-Iohii at onn if'elnek
each day this week, owfng to th holi
day season. The ollice will be ilosd
entirely tOclay, . ,
jsliiu for week so auceessfully and ex
peilitiuusly that there has been practic
ally uo aeriou hindrance to legitimate
The ceubors are working, in close so
ojH'rution with the British and Freuoh
censorship bureau. .
PARIS, , pecembor 23 (Associated
Press) That .the German extremists
among the Socialists will ,be urged t
rise against the Kaiser and join the
Maxlmilists of Russia, In a fight a'inst
autocracy, la the event 6f the German
government refusing , to accept the
peace terms of the Bqlsheviki, is the
hope of Premier Trotr.ky, as expressed
to the Fretich ambassador at Pefto-
grad. '.'.', v
Tli is statement I made' in yester
day' despatches of the: Ilav'as News
Agency. According to the reports re
ceived from its Petrogrnd c'orrespon
dent,Trotxky eallecl in the ' French
ambassador to explain to him the
hopes Of the Uolskeviki. The Russian
premier explained that he and his as
sociates are warking for the principle
of a "democratic peace," leaving to
the people of the various nations, the
right to dispose, of themselves and the
privilege of electing uudur what form
of, government and', what government
they desire to live. : . . '
May Wag Revolution . .. .
"When asked by the ambassador what
lie , would dp in the event that the
Kaiser wduld not agree, to such a pence,
Trotsky answered that in that event
th Muxunillsta of Germany might lie
led into waging' a revolutionary war
for their own freedom. -
At - Petrogrnd yesteVday the Bolshe
vik! pjieaa bureau tasueda statement
that an army frqm the picusus,' u"t'
berinj one hundred thousand, loyal to
the Petrogrnd administration, now
marching upon the fprcea nndi-f Kale
din from the rer, bringing' the Cos
sack and the t'krnninns Aut ween two
fires. The Cacusus arm has. been
withdrawn from Arroeniw for the pur
pose of crushing the counter-revolution
of the Cossacks and Ukranians.
German Agenta Busy" , ,
While the BoUhayikj faction is en
deavoring to win over other Kussian
elements and eeeare a eembinatinn to
earry on pence negotiation with the
Central Powers, the Germ a a' agents are
busy behind, the liussiim 'lines, at
tempting to turn the chantie situation
,fn Germany's account in a commercial
as Well as a political way.
Petrograd report say ' that t"
BolsheviKt ommissiqner are attempt
ing to negofciitta.a aettlement with the
I'kranians, whs) have already set up
an independent govnrpment, end it is
'further reported Jhat the' Ukra nia us
are hi a receptive fiood. '
The f ossacks af sljill- vignroosly op
posing the Bolshevik i -ut there were
no reports today of important cam
naign devidopnente. ' -. ,. -Prisoner
Go To Petrogratf'
German war prisoners now ielensnd
from various Russian detention 'eamps
are flocking towards Petrograd..' I is
rumored that the Russians are ' nrnV
Ing them. . , . .-.''
The Qermans arc actively engaged
in trading in Russia, taking full nd
vantngo of their unusual opportunities,,
resulting from the inertia and failure
of Russian Industries. , ! ,
;The Bolshevik! leaders are - now
negotiating with Social Revolutionists
of the coulition cabinet, allowing the
lutter the minjstrioe of justice, posts
and communications, and national af
fairs. '-.,. . .. -
, '".' .
Clinton 6.
manager of
WAKHINCJTON, Deoember 2iK-(As-sue
in I cd Press) Warnings of extreme
ly cold weather . coining to the east
were sent out by the weather bureau
lust ulght. Report received at the
bureau state that an extremely eoM
wave is tiuw sweeping eyer the Da
kota and extending toward the' Mid
die West aud Kant em btates.
- . t
Stars ' and Stripes Float As
v Pledge Fo'n Restoration of
.' . AlsaceLorraine,
F PARIS. December 25 ( Associstod
.Press) The War and Stripes were yes
terday unfurled at the Strusshurg
monument in the Place de la Concord
and America was formally iucluded
among those Powers pledged to aid in
tha restoration of Alsace .Lorraine to
France. The eeremony was conducted
by the president of the Alsace Lor
raine Association, which meets annual
ly to drupe the Strassburg statue la
mourning, and to make addresses to
the day when that idty will one more
belon; to the galuxy of French me
tropoli. ,,.''.
-.,,-. - ',' --
Ballentyjie, the retiring
the Rapid Transit and
Land Company, was presented yester
day wth .i a beautiful twenty-three
jewel Hamilton watch, given as a token
of esteem by the employes of the com
pany, for which he has been manager
since lftws. '
About one hundred Rapid Transit
men- gathered in the room over the
curn iinrn,- J ncr . i osa ocieg ineir
spokesman. ' He told or the esteem in
which llanncer Ballentvne had been
held during his great number of year
of eervicft and touched upon Oils per
sonal friendship with all the Wb' re
gardless of their position in the com
panr, y .
,Mr. Ballentyne, who wa moved by
the splrit of the gift and the address,
said that It was with deep regret that
he severed his eennection with, the
Rapid Transit company, which he sin
eerely felt was a child of hi brain.
although had ft not hate been for the
lxwnerHon an'' lovaHv.of all other em
ploye he would not have been able to
.tueomplish what he had: . .
He said he was leaving Hawaii only
to take up a further creative work. .
Following: Mr. Ballentyne.'s address,
the employee of the company shook
hands with It. Stuart Johnson, Mr.
Ballentvne 'a successor. , . .
Mr. Ballentyne will leave for the Coast-
in the early part of January, where
he will mnoace the Montana Bingham
Mining Company. His headquarters
will be in Salt Lake City. '
He expressed bis regret in leaving
tho Island after a residence her of
twenty-three year and said hi heart
would Slwavs.be with those with whom
he had labored during the. greatest-
part of his residence in Hawaii. ' '
' . . T r-
A report of ffle minority stockhold
ers of the Honolulu Dairymen's Asso
cintiou to the Federal food adminis
trator states that they demand a re
duction in priee to the consumer and
an increase in the' priee paid to the
producer. They hope to reduce the
price of milk to the Ansamer by two
cents a quart before the end of Jan
According to their atatemant, the
recent auditor's ireport on the books
of the association showed that they
were making ten percent a month on
the capital stock, without including
the profit from the Ice ereanv which is
cstiiuutud at ten percent more. .
The minority stockholder believe
that milk should be made more reason
able t the eonsdmer, and they are en
deavoring' to carry oa the. work first
sturtcd by tho food commission to this
end. If they succeed in getting the
two percent reduction it will mean a
Huving of 15000 a month, to Honolulu
iiiiik customers.
' , ,, t
WASHINGTON, December 25 (As
sociated Press) Five million ton deal
weight -of shipping ...will , be launched
trow Americnn yard during the com
ing yerjr, according to the estimate
reached by the (hipping b;ard, based on
the reports sent in by the various build
ers.' The 1918 program is now 18.g per
cent completed,
, Clemency ( svaAi intended, . to. three
youthful 'culprits who,' wre v. before
Judgo William 11. Ileea as the result
of thefts Saturday night. One of tlto
boys, had entered, a "barber shop where
hu tbok two razors and a duautity of
shoe blacking. Another stole a watoh
and the third took $2 from a little
Chinese girl who apiwred to presa thu
charge: The boy were released oa
probation. ' Each was warned that a
second offense pro!4hly would mean the
Reform School. . ;
Attractive Christmas folders convey
ing the season greetings' have been
jssiied by the Consolidated Amusement
company and will be given to the chil
dren at the company 'a theaters, the
Hawaii, Liberty aud Bijou. The folders
carry a picture of Sauta Clans and
give the oomiiig attraction to be seeu
at the theaters. . , , ;
;' , - . '
Capitol Is In Turmoil, Attorney
Asserts Every Department
- Is Crowded To Limit .
!'Mv understanding while lit Wash
ington wis that the Hawaiian Rational
Guard Wat to be mobilized for duty in
the Islands to replace fhe rcffnlar army
ptganlxatlons that would undoubtedly
be ordered to France for active serv
ice," said W. B. Castle yesterday. Mr.
Castlo, accompanied by Mrs. Castle and
Mis Bestrire Castle, i Vjack from a
three months' thsence on the mainland,
spent mostly, at the national capital.
"Of course I left Washincton just
before the guard rumpus came to a head
in Honolulu, and whether that hns had
any effect upon this fftovemcnt I dq not
know, but at that time it was belno
very seriously considered," added Mr.
tastie. , '..
Ms. Castle visited his son in Wash
ington, W. R. Castle, Jr., who is in
charge f a bureau of the Red Cross for
the listing of casualty records of Amer
ican soldiers ,r.ros the water, and who
went to Franca recently for the pur
pose of establishing branch hureaus.
oregory "raiaea Up','. v
', He also saw tha attorney general of
the United States.'tb pay his compli
ments, but when the official learned he
waa from Honolulu he rather "folded
up," the presumption being that he did
not wish to hear at first hand any criti
cisms, of office holders among the jur
ists on the Hawaiian bench.
"Washington i in a turmoil," said
Mr. Castle. " The vast amount of work
for the. army and navy ia crowding
every department to the limit, and be
yond their limits, too. Work that wa
formerly done by the Red Cross ia be
frig done by the war department, and
possibly -should not be done by the gov
ernment, with the result that much of
this work ia fulling behind. The mat
ter of .expenditure, too, ia coming ia
for comment,, and probably may be tha
motive for congressional inquiry.
law the shipping board, and found
that it, too, was up to it ear in work.
The railroad all over the country ate
in ft turmoil and every train la late'. Tha
railroad companies have, taketl off the
observation . an smoker car, running
only sleepers. ' This, lightens trains,
cut down expense and; relieve the srt
nation a little. They are 'crowded to
the utmost to move freight. -
"t bad my reservation from Wash
ington to San Francisco -via New Or
leans made out two month in advance.
That is absolutely .necessary, but even
then I did nt get the cqommodatioa
contracted for. .-' i r-
.'The shipping board wired to San
Francisco for me in regard to tailings
md found thst'the vessel I have ar
rived koine (n was available, while one
of the Matson boat sailings was in
definite, so I. took the,otke. It ia a
very nice vessel and eur American
boats could pattern some of ita interior
arrangements after it, The service is
Honolulu Avlatora
"While in Pensacola we saw Alan
J.owrey and Stanley Kennedy, both of
whom are attached to the aviation' sec
tion: They were to have made a flight
the day. after we arrived, but a terrifio
thunderstorm came up and we were dis
appointed hot to see our Honolulu boys
up in the air. '
".However, Stanley Kennedy had
made an" early flight that day, before
the storm, and they had one of those
peculiar ietilent which aviator often
meet with. -
M VVhen they got up very high they
were- above the alouds. The clouds
swirled around, thorn and suddenly they
wero engulfed, in the fog. Then sud
denly there was an open pocket in the
air, and they dropped. Kennedy, after
ward talking of it, said he ceremented
to the instructor in hi machine juat
after they dropped for some distance:
" We must have dropped'about fifty
feet, didn't -wet'? v:
' 'Fifty feet I We dropped about
three hundred feet, ani It' a wonJor
wet didn't drop-"further" .
. " These young men are getting along
famously. Lowrcy ha been advam'ct
rapidly und i npw in charge of the en
tire student eetin.
,'I did not hear of Judge Hubert son's
resignation aa chief justice of the Ha
wniian supreme bench, and I regret that
he has deemed it necessary to do so.
Extr.-.vaganca In East. '
"The'Ifed. Cross work all over the
country is splendid, - The people of
Washington see that there are mighty
things to do to start in this war, but
the women of the eastern section of
the country do not yet seem to have
awakened to the true seriousness of it
all. . The extravagance of women in
New- York, particularly, is rcaljy fright
ful. The very gamut of extravagance
is run,
"On the vessel coming to Honolula
waa Mr. T. N. Doubledayfthe. publisher,
of "New York. Ha Is making a trip to
the Far Kat, stopping off far a short
time in the interest of tho Red Cross
Magazine, which the Red Crosa and the
government have turned over to him,
and he Is making it pay well. He spoke
about not getting all the new in the
newspapers on his way West, and I told
hm . to wait until he got to Honolulu
and read the Pucific Cummerciul Ad
vertiser, and he Would any it vas as
fine a newspaper as he ever picked
Army Officer makes Raid" nd
' Sees Drug Vended Over. '
Counter At Kahukik ; . ;
' Opium Is being sold openly, over th
counter", just like flour or potatoes, in
some ptnene on Ouhu, Jt wa discover
ed Baiurday night by Captain' Otto
Weiss, Fourth Cavalry, pien he con
ducted a raid ea the store of I.au
Duck at Kshuku and stood off 00 in
furiated Chinese with ear army auto
matic while he made a search ior re
serves of the "dope."
Captain Wleiss Is the officer ho has
been detailed to ( clean up Oahu and
make Honolulu a fit place for soldier
to visit. ' It Is hi announced Intention
to cleanse the eity of bootleggora,
drug vendors and others who debauch
soldiers, and also to put an effectual
stop to the practise of buying parts
of soldiers' uniforms. '
' Saturday ' night Captain Weiss, ac
companied only by. one non-commissioned
officer, took a Vlook'nronnd.
Te bad heard that opium was being
Ten sea si ianuKa, so, aitirea in
ci.ilion clothes, he entered the store
of the Chinese. On the end of the bar
ho saw a tin of opium, from which the
proprietor measured out small amount
to ench a deposited the necessary coin
on the eoyntei. . No apparent attempt
at concealment was made.
Thinking that perhaps , there might
be a large reserve stock of the dream
dope on the premises, Captain Weiss
started in to aenrch for it. Trouble
broke out instantly. The 200 or mora
Chinese in the place assumed a threat
ening attitude and Captain Weiss wa
compelled to draw hi revolver.. Evea
this did not deter them, sufficiently,
but a shot fired over their head from
the ugly looking weapon tamed them
However, .the . wily opium seller
either did hot have a large, stock on
hand, or had it well .enough concealed
so that, under th circumstances, it
could not be found. , '. ;
'The raid Katurday, however, waa
Only the -first . move in a campaign
which Captain Weia says will not be
dropped until . the island ha been
cleaned up and the scoundrel who for
a little money are willing to debauch
Uncle . Bam 'a soldiers are put oit ef
business or behind prison bars. .
- " ':,,ttoinliilu,T)eeemler 52, llHT.'
Alcf) A Rahlwln,
U. Brewer Co.
i lUOiR
Pws tlsntstlon Co. . ....
Halka l'laatstlsl Vm. .1.
Maf. Aiiri-il. CO. .
Haw. V. SI, '. ..,.).,
llsw. Suk. t o. ,
Ilonoka Huxar Co.
Hnichlusoa Hugar P. Uo..
Kshnkn riant. Co. . ....
Kckaba Kiixsr Oe. .......
Kolua Hu I'o. . ........
Mcllryits Hint Co., I.td .
(shil Hue. i
(Has HniT V,a., Ud. .....
Onnmra K4. Cj.. . .....
Psanhso Hiiar t'lsnt. Co.
Pscltte Rncar Mill
I'sta I'lant. Co. , .......
l'eieko 8Kar Co.
I'lnnrer MHI C. i
Hsa OH. MllliSx C.;..
Wslslna AsTctl. t's. .' ..
WaUoka Busr Co. .... .
1 ...' i
Kn1a Peveiepment DO. .
1st Issti Aseess TO PA
'2ml Issue 1'slil Up
Rslke K. I'. Uo, I'M..
Haiku K. P. '.. I'oia
Maw. Cob. Hy. T'X A .,.
Haw. C. Ky. vL II
Haw. Cnn. It jr.. Coin.
Hawaiian Klectrle Ce. ..,
Ilsw. riiimpplc Co.
II. mi. B. if. Co., U.I..
Hon. ls Co.. 1.1 il
Ha. K. T. ft I,. Co.
Inter-lslaml H. N. Co. ...
Mat. Tel. Co. . ,...,.
Oaun K. A I.. Cm. i......
I'alian Riihlier Co. . ...
Belaina IHnillnirs, I'd. ' ...
Kama Xtff til ........
Taujouf uiHk Itubkcr Co.
BOND! '. '; .
Beseb Wslk I. P. B.
Haiuakua Ult.-h Co., Us..
Ilsw. con. Hy. &
Hi, lrr. Co., Os , ,...'..
Ilsw. Tsc. M Kef. llsTS
Hsw Ter. 4 I'uh. Iuiis.
Ilsw. Ter. I'uh, Imp. ,
(eriiw inia mi:) .......
Haw. Terr'l HVt'Tr
llllu (las Co,, l.iu. 0..
Honokaa Rua. Co., . .
Iloa. (ia Co., Ltd, Da ...
usual nr.
Maaoa . Imp. 1 list.. BU'iC,
McBrrac ilnni CO.. 6a ..
Hiiiuai im. um . .......
mnq n. m 1.. .n,, IF An.
Oshu Hn. tV. (W. .....
(Has luinr C; (I ......
I'sclBc tluano A t. Co., U
rsc. rnc. ami ( ., ua
Baa Carlo JdUL Co.,
. - ' v' ' ', i '
While the heads of the varioua de-
partment at the eity hall were en
joying a half holiday yesterday at the
invitation of Mayor Joseph J. Fern, IV
L. Conkling, 'city and'. county treasurer,-
hiretl' a couple of machine end
went round the island paying off ; the
laborers.. i. -
Thi job usually takes four day ip
finish, but in order that all men niieht
have, ready cash; for Christmas, Conk-
ting waa detaOiiined ta complete the
payments in one day; aud he did.
James Bicknell,. city and ounty au.
ditor, also remained at work to issua
the necessary warranta. The othets
spent the . afteraoont taking In tho
sights or shopping, Mayer Fern waa
at the city hall far a couple of hour
in the afternoon discussing politics and
the high sost of living. . '.. .-,,,
' ' ' ' ' ' '',
By str, KliiHii from. Ksust. ' l-cinSer 3
C. W. Cartienter,' A. I-aMlow, Hid HpU
ser. Kuulila, K. Wstannlm. Mr. CurUs. Mrs.
fiatuisiitt ami two children, Mrs. Cbiw
Huf uml (Isiitfliter.1 Mlas KiiKlta. Nskthodo,
M. Hunt. i. ( list ln, T. Kto, Uaueko. Vo
ai. E. Kahele. Judge Whitney, It. H. Thnra
ton. C. K. Chnim. K.. Morloka, K. Kalke,
Y. Kawasaki, lllrow. K. v. Olhsnn, W.
Ri-hlelier. . V . 8. Hiulth, A. Ilsnchcrir, H.
('. Mcrhee, MIhs Cliiistoliersiii. Miss Ku
Hic, MIsm Malilkoa. V. KKei-klu. Krwl
KKicerklnic. A. K. Clynier. Judite U Rickey,
Mrs. I'limur Vau and two children; Master
Kiililnsou, Mrs. Kdllnol. Y. Kasahara, Inia
fiiirl. F. Mundon, ' Master Miindi.o. Mrs.
Hnkliuoto and son, i. Koharsshl. Nska
liuyasbl. T. Nakaiuara, K. Kiurlta. H. Kaye
ItnsU. N. Kuranioto, 8. Yauiamotu, X,
KriMMi. Mr. and Mrs. Hud Held. K K. Ker
naniles. C. rvae. I. 'uaway. J. Miller, .
Andersen, ti. Keahdia, M. rilksiie. i'.
NaaNta. t). Aknna, Mr. and Mrs. M. Ahrea
end two children. V. Walker, K- Tel"ka,
Toyaina. Mr. ami Mra. Ctmy, Mr. aud Mrs.
It. l. if. Nshsla I. luuinsks, Kakayo,
Yoke, Mr. and Mrs. AtatjuiB.-
Hy sir. Manna Kea, I iweiulxir 22.
UM HAWAII K. Brys.ni. J. T. ftend
rti'k. 'IV II. 'Cutllns, lr. A- f. Hnat, 8. M.
Walter, K. J. Isird, W. W. . Molr, W. II.
Iliissnian. Mrs. ft. W. Kaifland. C. J. Hock.'
stelu. J. N. s. Williams, W. C. McCoy, Mr.
and Mrs. E J ltarrluimr, Mrs.. H. Ariul
taice. I'eter N. pskela. J. ,. Cullcn. I., Ka
sha. W. i'levelsml, Jas. C Tnruer. J. Ta
naks. Mr. Muller.. K, Pocpbres, Mrs. K.
XlatHUiiil. J- rsy. ln. j. p" tlray.
Ksm Ie Freest, Mrs. K. J), rllshop, Mr si
Helimlek, Mrs. (). 8. Harernma. Mian O;
U I . ..... VL' D 1 ...... . . ,.
... . ... , , ,.,imna, ). i, itawerr,
T. Sum I kt, W. Urotlier, K. i:njo Ito, II.
8nsiikl. j. Kawnniur. K. (saw. Mr. and
Mrs. K. Inouye, IH-. C. Y.. Nlow, l)r. A. K.
ftowat, Tl. Wells . Mr. and Mrs w. Kratne,
T, C. MncKoimld, I. K. Wilson, W. U
Jvlrsten. Joseph Ne, Mrs. Ah l.u and In.
fiint. Ah Clilnw. Mr, and Mrs. J. K, Woods.
.,.... r. . lerroi,1 a., a. ttor-''Vn-
T. A. While. Mrs. W. O. lUfford. I".
v. Bills, X- Hbluiaila, Mrs. W. 8. Und-
P'ltOM MAWtMlsa IT VI ni,inu, n
. ...h mm, a. -.rj. atosctra, u, 11. Kmiair.
Master 8iiiic. N. Tskakuwa. Tersiaoto. P.
Iliisu, Joliu liiupl, Haul Miikekau, John
Aim, Malr and Mrs. W. K Hal. XI. and
Mrs. h. Ksellsno, Mrs. Yaiinsldla. O. H.
Swesey. K. Klsiilda, W. J. Ilewcastle. K.
'iae-i . Kills 11. K. Ysaixls. Mr. and
Mrs Krnnll rsvW. Akl ToiM. v. J. Is.andni,
It. A. Jued. Mr. ud Mrs. Angus Mcl'Uoe,
Miss lues McVhea. ' .
' Ifonolalu, Deefmher 22, 1017.
Instead of giving the mannger of tbu
garage a Christmas present, the .Inpu
uese employes of von Ilamm-Youiig's
garaKO put their mouey together 11 11 J
gave It to the lied Cross yesterday.
Hon. Con. Oil . .... 8 85 4.10 n.OO
Knuels Coper . .... fOO 1 10 4.00
Mineral Products . . Oil .10 .111
Moiiaialu Klnir isi .00 .on
.Moutuiut Uliialiuiu ,. ..HI ..'IX .:w
Mndi m Mining -.u .:u .:
B A I. R8
Mnd.-rn flnld. ism. SOef Hnitels Copper,
j-si. i 1 1); ajsu, a.lsj; Muutuu Ulughaiu,
a -
2s 1 .
III.. 1 A iy . u.. m-i f AAA...
Hsw n I'lues, 40, 60, .T5 Waliiiu, .'.,
s-ai.afcseS .' 1
. ' . BOARD SALES , '-, ' ,
' None. ,-.'..,:.. .'....'.'
. btJoak quotations
' Dee. 1L 1017.
- 8f aaslysU beat (bo advie).
W' lint- (Foe Hawaiian) Snfsra ;..S.b2
1 , . , December IS, 1017.
Imrspore . ............. .......... 42.VO
New York . ..,..,. ..,..., G4.OO
. :. NOTICB ".A ' ' ;
Tbere-wtll he 06 seasloa of th Exehsnuo
Dec. Mtb, 1017. ... . ;
SB YOUK, DemlHir 23 Ry A sen
stated Pre Followug are th opculnK
and rloslna sinoiathsv. of stock ta ttiv
New York market fee'.erdey:
. . ,
American Knirar Co, ..
Aiurrli-ao Bet .
AsMK-lateit OU . .....
Alaska Uold . .......
American Ixx-umotlTe ,
American Tel. . Tel.
American Hmelter . ,
Ainerli-an Htrxi- fdrf. '
Anaconda Cornier , ,.
Atrlilenu Hallway .
Iluldnla iHMoini.tlTa ,
llslUioor-A Ohio . . .
Uutldekaia ttteei "II" ,
Callforula Petroleum .
I'eiiti-al lsllier . ....
Cansdlsn. Paelile , ...
C.- M. k ft. Paul v
Colo. Fuel A Irvn .
cmcilile Hteol . . ..
Cnla ttagar Caue . ........
Krta coiainoa ...
i.eueral J-.iectrto .
trewenit MotuTi. (dew) J,,
wreni nonoern pm. -. .
International NU-kJe
Keiineisitt t-oppt-f , ', ,
Imlustrial 'AJwdiol . -..
Iqlrtuilknal lnper'. .
ltilSh VaHey hallroad
New York Central ..
IVaasTlranla . .,
Hay Cousuit.lated ,.
Heading n.uituon ....
Kanalille lnn eomnMia .
8iint hern 1'iu-lrtc
Htialelstler i
T1uIm1 Mtktsa 'RubberT'v)!-!
(vn a-iii ...
nlted Kratea Hteel
tub ;
Western Vulon' V ,
Watlbi(bou .' 1.
K'5 ,
7H !
64 Vj
1!'J V-j -87
.14 '
; -'7 i
iU Si
4-1 V,
2o n
: 2..
'BAN FftA!0l8CO, Dmnilifr iswi-sL
dated l'rss 'illuwlu ass the opwilm:
sud closing qnotstlons of sugar and other
stocks la the feaa Francisco market ye
tenlayt r .
lfaw'n Cora'l HiiKor , ,
HswslUu KuKsr-c'it ,
IloiHikaa Hiiifnr . . ...
Hut. hlusou hugsr Co.
Ktlsnea . .......A..
Oahu Minor Co. . ....
oia Sugar Co
Itunuiea Niigar Co. 4
l'aitiiiisa Kiimir Co . ,'
KngHs Copiwt .
Honolulu Oil
Uouululu l'lautattoa .
.,' 4s
iug j . log
UO .,11
, w a7'
- -43-:
....... ;t
4-t . K.'.ifl
4.WI 4.IKI
.4A t......
QuptatUns oa-Pie fotlowmf New Yofk
curb atork. as wlrelasMHl to Tli AUi
tisor by 8tonebam A Co are: . .
Hie Lcdtfe ;..
Calexti'iila . .........
Kiimia Copier ,
Hargruves .
Iroiu IIIimm.iu . ......
Jerome Verde . ' .V. . ..
J I in Duller
Marsh .
Mother I.isle . , , . , , , ,
Hny Her.' ales ,
Keseus Kulr ,
lies. Cons. ,
Silver Klug Cons. , .
Tuiuipsli Kktrusloa .
Tiioliiiuue . ..........
Wlllx-n '..,.,.(.
itli kuioad Copper
Kerr lk . ,
Cresaon Hold , ......
N'lpplsslng .
Midwest OU couituei)
.47 ..
1 l-i,
. .:iu :
.' JlW-"'i
.7 1 ,
' .Itt .
3. SI
J. 70
.Hi I .,
. 1.1
4 H214
4 11 :t,.

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