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1917. r-SEMT.WEgKLY.
Flat Turning Down of Proposals
Brfrrtjs Abrupt Cessation To
Pourparlers and .Delegates
Called Back To Petronrad ;
urbanization qi new unraine
C-!-i!-.- - ff ' tl III
:' Government Goes. Forward
r, ; Rapidly and Troops Seize Varl
f'f ous Staff Headquarters, i .
; f . ON DON, Decembcr23(As
JL sbciated Press) , The Le-
nine-Trotzky government, at :Pe
trograd has already discovered.
was promised, in the negotiations
leading up to' the armistice' and
.that f he German rulers have no
intent rt mAAftinn Ua t
Jhe ,Bolsheriki in'the matter of a
cessation of hostilities.' The terms
which the Russian delegates to
the peace conference had' been
authorized t accept have "been
flatly refused by the German dele
gates and the Russians have been
ordered to cease further attempts
at peace and to return to Petro-
grad. . ,.--V ,. .
;Such is the information tele
era nKiil 'vctriav vw !t Pi-a-
grad correspondent to the 'Daily
Mail, who. states that he fas been
able ( to verify this news. ., The
peace pourparlers! have definitely
ceased for the present at . least. ;
Want No Kalserlam
In a speech dealing wi$ the .'ir'rf
com-ilulile terms proKsed by Germany
aa opposed to those desired by he
uoianeviM. 1-remter Trotakv declared
to the Council of Soldier and Work
men, IVputlee. to Friday that he would
not agre ttfrrf thoffenslv pro
jk)hU emanating from Berlin, and that
Jiusain' would resume her fight rather
than accept Berliu-dit-tated treaty.
"We did not overthrow curiam to
kneel before the kaiser," be said.
"Hut if through our exhaustion' we
had to accept the kaisera term,, we
would only do so to rise with the Ger
man people against militariiin." :
TJkraino Organized
Io the meanwhile the organization of
the independent Ukraine government la
nroceedinir ranidlv and at ana an heinv
taken to reaume the fighting againat
the Tentona along the aouthweatera
Rumanian, front and to protect the
I'kralnian border againat Bolaheviki
attKeaaion. A 1'etrograd despatch to
the Timea atatea that Kaledin and hi
niisoc.iatea in the military government
of the Ooaaacka have all resigned, and
hnve resumed their positions in their
army, the . government having passed
into eivll hands.
The Vkianiuu troopa have seized all
the headtjuartera of the varioua ataffi
along the Jtumuninn front and have
taken over the telegraph and wlreleaa
ayvteina connecting theae headquarter
wun rue naming nuea. Tne army, com
posed of Vkranians and Cossacks, U
now united under the supreme com
mand of General BtyheroatAeff. ' Ukra
nian troopa have been atationed along
the Ukrauian borderi on the Russian
front and have taken up their posi
tlona, while the mobilization of all the
Ooaaacka, to form the main army of
offenau on the aouth, has been onrered.
mil i niv io nniitn'
uAILLftUAlo rAblfld
Chamber of Deputies Withdraw
Immunity From Arrest ;
PARIB,. December 23 (Associated
Treaa) By 'a resolution . which . was
adopted by a vote of 472 to B the
ehainber of deputies yesterday deprived
Jnaeph Cailluux of liia parliamentary
iinmuuity from arreat in c ouuectiou
with the charge of treaaonable com
Jiiunicutious with the army. The charge
njruiuNt him will now be preaaed, ,
The action of the chamber of depu
tie follow an iuveatigation of charge
that were made againat the one time
premier. To theae charge he wide
denial before the chamber. Document
which clearly pointed to treasouabl
courses were presented and theae he
asserted were forgeries '
' , .
N KV O RI.KAN8, Deeember 22
Associntd Press) Damage to the ex
tent of a quarter of a million dollar
wn done ly a. fire which broke out
today in the wholesale diatriet of thf
city. Three four story building were
destroyed by the blaae which raged
fiirioualy for half an hour before it
ould ba checked.
jlKADqrARTERH ITALIAN ARMY, Northern Italy, DetemW jfcVfAsso."
t'ialed irnm)-u-t a auceeaalon f brilliant attack throughout Kriday and yea
terday, the force of. General lJia have defeated the Auatro Oermana and driv
en them "back from all their holding on the alqfiea pf, Monte. Aaolone. .,
Along a front of three mile and to a depth of two third of a mile the I'ai
lana have hammered the Tentona back, taking prlaoner and a number of guu
and making Certain the complete poeion of the approache to the 8a a I.oren.
ao Paaa, (he road dowa which, the invader must pa on thl aeetor if tliy
would reach the Baai-ano plnlna. ,' ' . i
. The Italian victory la the more notable in that it eoniea a a counter-attack
to a tremendou offenniv on the part of the ehemy, .for 'Which troopa wer
i iaaaed and many gun concentrated. In the Initial attacK, the men of Oeneral
von Bulow gaine r the beighta of Monte Balome, rrOaaing the Bronta River and
threatening to aeoure the important road into Italy. ' The Oerniaa loaaea were
tremendona, but the order ef the German atalf were to aele the height com
manding the pa a4: any-coat. t When .the' fourth drive gained the height, the
Italian were obliged te fall back and reform their line. ' " "
j In the fare of thi partial .defeat, the Italian have now not fnly regained
all the lost ground but have wrrated from the invader aome of the vantage
iKrint they bad aeeured la the1 first drive into Italy on the Aaiagn Plateau. The
Italian morale ia, completely restored and the supplies rushed to them by Frauce
and Oreat Britain have enabled them to withatand what ia regarded a the
cliniat of Auatro Oerman effort. The invader are being more and more handi
capped with the anew and the difficulty of tranaportation and it may yet be
ahown that Geueral t'julorna whs prophetic whea he stated that the victory of
the Teutons in puahlng the Italians back on the defensive on their own soil
might yet prove to he the most eostlv' movement thev have vet made la the war
All attempt of the ehemy to crosa the Lower Piave towards' Venire have
apparently been abandoned, after the fruitless and costly effort of early In the
week. The obaervera have reporte4 that the enemy 1 withdrawing both men
and guna from the Adriatie aeetor and hurrying theae north. '
Important ; Diplomatic Papers
Disappear On Journey From V
. Switzerland To Berlin x -
OE.VEVA, December. 23(Asociat
ed Prea) -Evident alarm '. had grave
worry over the lose of a valise whicli
contained '. papers of importance is'oat
hibited( at the German legation hern.
It ia surmised that the contents of the
valise was such that the Oertnan for
eign -office is a loath to have them
fall into the hand of representative
of some neutral, nation a any of the
Entente Power. 1 r ". - -.
The missing valise was loat, it was
reported to the police, at the Basle Na
tion while en route to Berlin. It cou
tained the report said, important dip
lomatic paper.
Whether the valise was atolen or mis
laid and picked up by some stranger
ia not disclosed but it 1 suspected that
aecret service men of . some other aa-1
tion which may
content set u red
be interested In the
it. vAr--7. ;
Man Convicted of Abduction Tells
7 All and Implicates Others
In Grave Crime
' SPBINOnELD,' MiaaourV Deeember
2.1 (Associated Press H-Claode Pler
aon, eon vict ed. a short time ago of the
abduetioa of Baby ; '. Keets and sea
teneed to serve thirty-five years ia the
Missouri penitentiary, is now charged
with the murder of the child. He has
made a clean breast of the whole af
fair In a signed eoofesalon to which he
Was sworn yesterday, and Implicates
number of others Jn the erims.
The abduction' of the Keets child
atirred all the Middle West, and when
the body of the little one wua found in
a well feeling against the kidnapers
ran high.: Piersoa was convicted and
given a sentence which was considered
almost equivalent to life imprisonment.
He has broken down under the strain
aad hi eonfsssion is the remit. As a
reward foe the eonfessiou and the aid
he ia to give in the conviction of others
it ia expected that his penalty will be
life impriaonmeq instead of death.
: : .
WASHINGTON, December 23 (As
sociated Pre) The inquiry into the
stockyard ownership and meat indus
try eontrol, by a congressional commit
tee, waa resumed, today, One witness
gave evidence indicating that the big
Armour company is the real owner of
the stockyards ia many Central West
aad .Western cities.
, . ;
WASHINGTON. December 22 (As-
sociated Pre) Secreatrv of War
Baker today outlined a plan to permit
farm, boys of the annv to return it)
their home at periodical interval and
assist in crop production.
me plan was auggeatml by Mi'.
he mad today to a delegation of New
York farmers Who urotested auairwt 1
Line scarcity of labor caused by th.i
taking or yonng men for the training
All that is needed la to correct the
biliouaaeae and the headache dianu
pears. . Take ('hamberlnin 'a Tablets
and you will aoou lie aa well aa ever.
For sal by all dealers. Benaon, Hinith
t Co., Ltd., Agfa, for Hawaii. Adver
Election Contest 'Goes gainst
Republican Seated By Lower
Court's Ruling v
PHOENIX, Arizona, December 2.1
(Aaaociated -Press) Following an elec
tion contest. which haa been in the
courts for more than a year and en
gendered much bitterness aa well as
seriously hampering the work of the
legislature at its biennial . session,
(leorge W. P. ITunt was yesterday de
clared by 'the state' aupreme court to
be the' rightful governor of Arisona.
This will unseat the incumbent, Tom
Campbell, a Republican, who has oeeu-
pieu ine executive onices lor only a
few months.
Oeorge W. P. Hunt wa the president
of the Arizona constitutional conven
tion and waa elected as the first gov
, eruor of the state. To this office he
w" reelected and waa nominated for a
third term by the Democrat for a third
term in the summer of 1910. The elec
tion waa very close and the secretary
of state for some time refused to iasue
a certificate of election. He finally is
aued one to .Hunt and then a contest
was atarted. Both Campbell aad Hunt
took the oath of office and Hunt retain
ed possession of the office during the
court proceedings attendant nnon a re-
J count in which numerous' discrepancies
were rouna ana marges of fraud made
on both aide. The lower court decided
for Campbell and Hunt turned the oflice
over to him but took an appeal. '
Hunt has been the special representa
tive of labor interests in his policies as
governor of the state and had the bit
ter opposition of the great corporate la
Urea of the state.: -. .
" ' ' '
Defeat of Conscription Carries
Government Down Also
SYDNEY, December 22 (Special to
The Advertiser) Following the signal
defeat of conscription in Australia for
the second time, which 1 tantamount to
a vote of no confidence in the govern,
ment, William Hughes, premier of the
commonwealth, and his cabinet, hnve
tendered their resignations. . -
Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson,' gover
nor general of Australia, immediately
invested ia 0. H. Tudor, leader of the
labor party, and a violent nti-en-scrlptlonist
the task of forming a n.-w
It ia believed thut with Mr. Tu.lor
a head of the government, lador
union, which were subjected to a con
siderable set-back during the past sev
eral months, will again spring into ct
istenee with a power at strong as ever.
WASHINGTON, December 22 (As
sociated Preaa) Lieutenants Lufbury
and Thaw, who have become wort!)
famous for daring air battles aa mem
bers of the Lafayette Escradrille, havo
beeri commissioned with twenty-one
. L I- . I .
ivinora iu mm wvimiun reserve eorps.
This action has been taken upon per
. sonal recommendation from Maj.-flon
J. .1. Perahinjr Lufbury and Th
hnve beeu made majors, while eiht
others are rommissione aa captains.
James Kalanl, Hawaiian, was nicked
ut on the corner of Alakea and Hotel
Street at ten o'clock last night by the
Emergency Ambulance, iu anawer to a
telephone call which gave the man's
ailment aa ahowing every symptom of
a lit. Whan examined at the kAai.itut
it was diacovered that be waa suffering
nuiy rrom an pvcraoae or cneap whi
key, for which he waa given treatment.
Kuluni was not extemled the courtesy
of a bed in the hospital ward but waa
honked for druukeiiueas uud sent to a
cull below.
a a w waaMwpv:
Flames Are Fought For ' More
Than Two Days-Before They
, Are Finally Checked ( Doing
Damage Jo Sections of Workt
To Replace Submarine Losses
Great Works At Kiel Have Re
' cently Been Quadrupled In Ca
" pacityt Working Incessantly ,
MSTERDAmT- tiecemWrtii
( AssociatAI rrcss) Fol
lowing an' explosion in the clec
trie plant, of the . great . Krupp
armament . works at' K.ssert, as a
result of whiOh seriou s damage,
Vanfli(tei,upoit ma,riy .aectrohs
of the Wojk., tire broke out wliich
further, damagea jht; plant: The
flames were ought for more than
two days before they were finally
checked.. . . ' '
Such is the report telegraphed
to the Telegraaf from a border
point, the news being brought to
Holland by returning, .putch
workmen, who have all been ex
pelled from Kssen and ordered to
return to their homeft Suspicion
for the explosion rests upon, some
of the Dutch workmen..- -
The Kssen plant of the Krttpp
works is the principal one of four,
the three others being at Annen,
Kiel and (Iruson. More than half
the men jn the arriiy of steel
workers employed by Krupps are
it Kssen, where, in time of peace,
24,000 are on the payroll. It is
estimated-tliat this uumber'has
been quadrupled since the out
break of the war . and )he ,vh6Ic
energy pf .the 'natiotThas . been
turned towards' securing, victory.
Any serious disasfe.rjit the Es
sen works wijl handicip( tle army
:n its several . campaigns. : $
A despatch yesterday by way
of Geneva, Switzerland, states
ihat the Krupp works at "Kiel has
ust been quadrupled. ; The an
nouncement in Berne is that Ber
lin has been forced to extraor
dinary efforts to replace the sub
marine losses, which are many
more than the German admiralty
is willing to admit. The capacity
d( the vorks at Kiel is to be tax
el to the limit and the submarine
rampaign is to be coutinued in
the knowledge that atiy cessation
now would be a confession to all
Germany that the most boasted
arm of offense had proven a fail
ure. V'' '-
OTTAWA, Doeembar 23 (AMoelnX-
Press) A tirtishina; ifldw to t ha liquor
lusiuosa was tlvalt bea today with tt)4
iDiiouneomeut from 'remir Robert L.
Borden that tho imuortatioa of iat
eatina liquors will b forbidden a'tar
neit Monday, ,Df mbr 24. Maaufat
ture of IntoxlcanU Is to bo prpbibite-l
iftr a date which is to be fixod later.
G.O. P.
(AwocUUd Proas) William B
Will oo x, chalnnaa of tha KepabUcan
National Commltuo, baa Lamed a
call for a meotlnf of th oommltto
at St. Louis, on February 12. It Is
understood that ha recently Inform
ed friends that business, preasura
makes aa early oonvenlui of the
oommltta desirable. 1
wouri uannoi iee mat violation
r; Was Technical But Extends
. ' Leniency To Guilty Man
Sari Francisco Report Says That
Prisoner Will Return To Ho
; nolulu On Release ''
(Aiisorlatfd lrsa) (Vsora; Rodiefc,
fornrar . (?erma "consul at "Hoaololu,
vrhe pleaded guilty in th Hindu eon
ittlra'ea's waa flnsd ,10,000 today
by the rourt. Thi also rarrlfs with It
loss of rights aa aeltUew. Bodlh aa
aoanrd that he would 1 pay the In
promptly. : " "
Thf aeatt-nce of H. A. Sehroeder,
formarly Rixlick ' secretary", who also
pleaded Rnllty, was continued until Jan
asry to give liim an opportunity to
testify' for the government.
Oharaetar' Wltaeeaea Heard V
'.R. ., W',- ShinRle, president of!the
Watefhous Trust' Company Klehard
Iyfrs. ylee nrealdeut of Brewer ft Co.,
and , E." K. Htackable, former collector
of customs her, appeared as character
witaeM, In" Rodiek'a behalf. U.-8.
IHstrirtt' Attorney Prestoo, government I
prosecutor, aaaea ror leniency roc
Bodies: in, visw of hia willingness to
testify, for the government.
Judge Van Fleet said he did' net
doubt .Bodlek' business probity bat
that nevertheless Rodiek mast be made
to feel the results of hi act of treach
ery and said he must Ignore the elaim
that the acts admitted were purely a
techaicai violation of the neutrality
law. 7.. v. -
Escape Prison Sentanca.' '- V ,'
The Voart in pronoauelnr sentence
declared that sworn allegUtei to the
1'aited States calls for th highest de
gree of fidelity and added that he be
lieved Rodiek to be of genteel birth,
and. therefore did not desire to hnmlt
lute hint or: add to his physical suffer
ing by sentencing him to imprisonment.
Explains DUry Entries
Pftor ie'beini; sentenced Rodiek took
the Stand declaring that he desired to
explsia. eertaia passage appearing is
thw iiayi f Capt. Karl Oraaahof, com
mander of , th Oermaa gunboat Oder,
lateraed ia Honolulu harbor at theout
break Of the war. la 1914, .
With reference- to the intimation ia
th tteryt that Rodiek facilitated the
illegal shipment of munition. Rodiek
explained , his visit te the Oeier after
th acts of sabotage by saying that
Orasshof had , asked him to note offi
cially the condition of the vessel,
!t is understood that immediately af
tf his release Hodlek .wJM return to
Honolulu. . v.... , . .
Despite- Reports Government
; Says No Forces Sent and
v,: No Mobifization Started
'' '; : '
TOKICs December 23-r-(Asociateil
Press) Japaa has not moved any of
hej- military or naval forces to either
Harbia or Vladivostok, deaplt all the
reporta that have been sent out to the
contrary," .The, ' Jnpnncse government
haa not mobilised any portion of her
force, nof despatched any troops into
China, Manchuria or Hiberia, nois has
the government any intention o mo
bilising any , portion of her army for
despatch t any point.
Huch ia the emphatie statement an
thorised by government officials : here
yesterday, who state that the reports
of troop movements and of mobuira
tlona are wholly unfounded.
. (
This Time When Told To Obey
the Law, It Will Be Serious
tfilvl Vheaiiee- ia Honolulu are to b.
warned for the second time to kec
"af, 'p. th waterfront, especiullj
ahen a ship i in port. Shortly after
the declaration of war with 'uermany.
Instructions to this effect, were givei
Jl,who registered at the federal of
Gi'f but It is admitted that they have
not been strictly lived up to. ,,
-United Wate Marshal J. J. Hmiddy
i id yesterday that although plain
ilotae mcu patrol the piers when ships
are at anchor, certain 'alien snemies
are known to have paid visit to in
somhig and outgoing steamer to bid
slqlia to their friends.
Action .of this kind may be purely
harmless, but it is a violation of the
law. hmiddy remarked, and after the
holiday he intends to Issue a final
warning to all enemy aliens to Veep
clear of prohibited areas, and especial
ly the wharves.
, The law specifically states that sub
jects Sf a country -which is at' war with
the United Btates must not eater those
sreas where they might be able to do
any damage, and federal officials are
determined to put an immediate end
to' this indscrlmate prowling.
. This second, wsrnisg will be the lust
given,, said "Marshal Hmiddy, and those
who Spain ; violate the law will have
to stahd the consequences.
Albert Kaltschmidt Must Serve
' Four Years In Prison and ;
Pay Heavy Fine Also
Federal Judge Scathingly Con
demns Prisoners Convicted of
Conspiracies To Wreck
fKTROIT, Peceiubr 23 (Assoeint
ed Press) Kontcn.e la the , extreme
penalty Of the law was pronounced up
on Albert Kaltschmidt in th federal
court yesterday and sentences hardly
less sever were given to hi co-dgfeed
anta who were found guilty by the jury
yesterday of widespread 'plot . de
stroy tunnels,, railroad equipment and
other property in tho United Bfates
and Canada and of conspiracy to vio
late the neutrality of the United States
in connection with the plots that were
to be carried out in the' Dominion of
Given Maximum Penalty
Kaltachnridt was sentenced on three
counts of the indictment, under which
he wss convicted. The maximum ces
tencs Imposed upon him waa four years
imprisonment in a federal penitentiary
aad the payment . of a Id of 120,000.
wr tne otner convicted defendants
Mrs. ! Ida Kaltarhmldt Nee t . reserved
the -hiost severe punishnsent, her en
tencs. helng three years imprisonment
aad a nns of S 15,000. Her husbaad,
Frits A. Neef, manager of a Detroit
electrical concern, and Karl Schmidt
and Maria Bchmidt, his wife, were each
sentenced to serve prison term of two
year and to pay fines of $0,0O0 respec
tively.' . , '.
8cathlnly Oondemnsd . :' f
- Is sentencing the prisoners th court
Jwelt long and seriously . upon the
rime of which they had been esavlct
ed, the scjioua loss of life that might
have resulted aad the magnitude ol
their offenses against the United Bute
government, in using it oil a a place
for planning war plots against a. na
tion with which the United Htates was
on terms of friendship. The judge said
that it was evident that , Albert Kalt
schmidt was head of the plotters aa
well a head of the-family and that
he would therefore giva hint th most
severs sentence, regreting that the law
did not permit him to impose a heavier
penalty. He then pronounceA, sentence
upon each ia turn.. ' i-,
President of Road Offers To
Make Qenerat Settlement' r-
; '.. . ', ..
LOUWVIIXE, Kentucky, Deeember
23 ( Associated Pl-esa) President
Smith of the Louisville ana Nashville
Railroad acknowledge the legal respon
sibilities: of the lis fof-ths wreoh.of
Friday, la which a large number of
passengers vre killed aad wounded
A a r-at nil collision acar fcheparda
ville, )U suggest that those who hsve
claims; against the., line submit, these
to a commute for adjudication thus
avoiding unnecessary litigation., v....
NEW YORK, December S3 (Asso
ciated Press) Complete demoralisa
tion of the printing ink industry it
threatened by .the import embargo -de
clared upon carbon black, ana of th
principal ingredients of ' black ink;
states t nuip nuxron, .president of the
National Association of .Printing Ink
Msnufacturers. Mr. Buxton urge the
import board to reconsider its action
In declaring carbon black an unnece
satuPrtMul ' .
No Rest For Thai
Housework Is too hard for a woman
who is half sick, nervous and always
tired. But i kevps piling up, and gives
weak kidneys no time to rseover. If
vour back is lame aad schy aud your
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pells," sick headaches, nervousness,
iisainess ana rneumatie pain, use
Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. They
have dons wonder for thouaanda of
women worn out with weak kidneys.
'When Your Back ia Ijime Kemem
ber the Name." (Dont simply auk for
a kidney remedy aak distinctly for
1 Doan'a Backache Kidney Till and take
no other). l)oa's Hack ache Kidney
Pills are sold by all druggists and stoie
, keepers, or will be mailed on receipt or
price by the llnllister Dru Co, )
Vuimi! . Hp, 'th A Po., Itll for th
I Hawaiian Islands, (Advrrtuvmeut i
s Aching Back
EXPLosion i;:
Police Claim To Have Evidence
In Statement Emanating Frp
Headquarters of I n d ustn:. I
Workers of World , ,
Two ire Found Carrying Dyna
mite and One With Bad Rec
ord Is Wanted , In Several
States For Similar Plots
SACRAMENTO, December 2.1
'-(Associated Pressl Grow
ing out of the blowing up of the
xecuttve mansion ' and the en
dangering of the lives of the gov
ernor and his family haye come
developments that point to an ex
tensive plot for wholesale dyna
miting, nave led to the arrest ofr
thirty men and the probable ar
rest and prosecution of a number
of others 'either directly pr less
closely, connected with the I. V.
W. The attempt to kilt the gov
ernor and the other alleged plans
are directly attributed to the I.
w.' -.; ...::'.''.
' Evidence secured by .the 'police
alleges that a ' statement was
made at the I. W. V. headquar
ters here that the dynamiting of
the governor s home was planned
and carried out by, that organiza
tion and was to be merely the
first of a series of other dynamite
explosions. Included among these
was a plan to destroy the great
oower olant of the Pacific rie-r".
trfc CbmpanyXlthus'.'" thfowing '
7 ' T. V-i , .
, , , . . ( T , .
the motive power, from a larce
una imu uuiKiicss aiiu rikinr
number of important, industries.
y- As. result of this evidence the
olice have made thirty, arrests
ind, it is asserted, two of those
arrested .were found carrying a
box contftinine dvnamite and will
be charged, in the first instance
with having the explosive unlaw
fully iiAheir possession. ' V, ) -One
of these men. cave bis
name as 1 William" I Idod but de
tectives at. headquarters say that
! .- c t '
.ma m umy vnc oi a numoer Of
aliases which he has worn that be
is "wanted" in several states in
different parts of the country, be
ing sought ir connection with a
number of. dynamite outrages,
and explosion plots that were dis
covered in time to prevent actual
damage.V, - '. ':;'J
All ;of thdse arrested are held
Tor jhvtihtieation! . '
Policevofricials hint that -while
the evidence they have jrotnts di
rect! v -bnl V to olots ' at H'vnn m i t.
mg in trtis state there are indica
tions that this is but a part of a
nationwide plot on the part of the
J, V . W, to damage industrial
plants of the countrv ho aa tr
hinder and retard the hatiort in
if rVla(tllt sf K'ui ,
. - ( ..,' ' v r :.
' WA8HINQT0N, Decemlr 22 ( Aa
aociated Tre) Eleven Wester let
agar producers were called today tu
testly before the' sruat sub-eossmjt
te lnvetlating the sm;ar ahortage,.
Food Administrator Hoover was ask-,
ed to appear but did not testify, be-
1 ' 1 .11 - 1.
ing (icuwu uuni a luier uaie. .
, i ' ' ' ' i '.. ...
LONDON', December S2( Associate I
I'rcks) The British armed steamship
Htephen Kurthues has bee a auuk by
a siitimarine is the Irish t-hauaal
'a loss of 95 livas. ' ' ,

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