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. ,X' I'M
I mm
, C( Vkraine. New ' Government Re
ported To,. Hay TurpptJ Syi
1 pathy Into. Actual Participation
joins, with Iranians
- . two Arfoy Corps of. Teutons Who
" Were Former War Prisoners
Reported to Have Been Tak-
f !b N D'O'N'.bVimber .22
- (Associated tVess) Kale
din is" gaitling7 support ,nd pres
tige irfRussia and Is, today the
strongest .factor, with ; which the
pro-German 'Petrogjrad ; govern
ment" under the. leadership of
. Trotzky ani Lenine ..-has to '..tecij
(: on, ' At fie same time Jhe
. , tion ishtgbly; complicated, as jt
is evident ,there are' fdur 'pf' $ v
factions in the field 'alt rrjore or
less, distinct lit avowed purpose!.
i ,jThe' ..Rada,'! governing body of
thenew Ukraine "government js
evidently .maintaining a determin
' ed stand against the Bpfshevikj,
. despatches rorrf Russia deceived
yesterday indicated. .' It is feporj-
ed that this government' has corj
. verted its mere "sympathy with
the tnbvemenl of Kaledin into a
definite alliance 'with him and his
' . fprces;'' &
' , ". Odessa has one oyer .ltd the
1 Uk'rainesi tther'reDorts said, and
'' . ..... A . . . - !
will probably also .cast its' Jq.t
. ( with the. Kaledin forces., A
f According :to ;an article ' which
appeared in the Berlin Vosslche
Zcitung on ;: December 20, said
Copenhagen despatches, th En
. tent. , Powers., have.;, accredited
' ,' " legations to the Ukraine, f ''.".
.Of the various forces. fin' the
. field there are the fiolsheviki who
' 1 are reported to have been streng
thened by ,.th released , German
' officers and soldiers' , Who a had
., -been war , prisoners but ; were
released on , the signing- of the
. armistice. , This combination s
said to have greatly augmented
tha Bolshevik t, .to have - won a
; . -victory already against an oppos
.lfipilari at Tashkent and to bje
r) neafUf i&tigtad.: The fear is., jr
,1 pressed here( .that it may seize P
; jrocrd.jajnjlj wd the capital fqr
ji the Gerrna'ns.VUt is considered
that the German .leader are Uk
1 ' mg full 'advantage. Offered by thje
chaotic state of politics id Russia
kaledin powerful
. : " Kaledin .'is th commander qf
, the Coa sacks and . with the sup-
port of theJ Ukraine,' Joined, "it is
said by the Rumanians and Rus
sians ajqng the Rumanian Front
and by Odessa this iactlon ap
. pears very; strong. " General A-
v cherhatcheff 19 said to have beep
. named commander by ,th Ru-
sian and Rumanian troops and tp
be iii command of that tfoop- ;.:
ny' thU dune onj after lis day
;f iwrJ itlitja.'.'';'.', ' .lr,' " ' '
LM ' iforiitfo kaa bea Weiv 1
: m' to KormAj and hi loyalist an.l
tbe .' oyalUt lorrc j-Kported i
V". i ltipath iroat Kuasia. ' 1
The Teuton tarf Ibat hare Joined
the BolttkeviKl and mf be in control
'. ; ot it army are aaKl fa'aamber fatly
' . t V i 1... . . I
poaal by Oermsqir n4 tka aie to
i'ttditt 'Hifcti tr are meotioaed
ia otker deayeke. f - ,
Iareuant fighting ia many part of
PetroRKad ia. rojMrtetl la a'detpakk of
taut night. Yki. ftgbtinjf (row from
the effort hug ipade o ckfik lmna
' eunov. ' The tltrrtli r ruuuldrf d"p
' in wiua in aoin am-tioui where fu'eT aol
diera are puuiuiaft out the eellara to
' i beck tbe prolonged tlobauck.
i- I1. "- ' i'f' S a. ' : i
,;.r ;i' . ..'
"t ' '-
jtuaiii, jwfmDfr; sa t Aoo.iatei.
thrown into ronrumon last night wben a bitter attack wa made upui Pope
Henedirt and th.oe around h,lm at the Vatioan by Deputy Pirolini who foolfsl
that tbe Vatican wa nothieg but "a nett of aptea,'. which ahoiilirb coKitantly
watrhpd; lit plaoed large share at the blame for the internal dtonenaion In
Italy wbiek Moulted- in the Triente rollapae and the defeat of Oadoraa fitpdh tht
member af the Hope koiuHbold. - - ' ' . ' j' f ' . 1 ' '
' The eneaker ainirled out Colonpl Jiilea ftimomt. rnrnmimlm nt th V(lnit
8wla Onard, fo eapeeial attack. . Ha declared that Coloe Itepotid wae actively
workta a an agent af Vienna and ekould be placed, andpf mirvpillanre. ..
. '. Thi (peecb followed one by former Premier Oiolitti, who defendel himnelf
againrt the charge that he wa a pacificist at heart and bad not adequately fan
ported the atmie in the field.. ; i- ; . . ,
ft bare aerer Believed, nor will I avw believe, in tke poenibility bfa peace
not approved of hr onr alljea," be iiaid. v. ",
' -..v. J '- V ....... ; ...,;.
' nftOOKLtK December SS (Awociated Prean) ' Tbat all the avcnu
through whirb foo.1 nrodocta from tbe United State niov reach the enem in
Oermaay have aol wsea eloond, waa made plain yesterday itt dor.umhnts seined by
feerai agenU her. Theea papers were found accreted Jn the' apartments of
Oustav Meyer, a tinnaaii prorlsioa deaer, tha ageata having raided the aparV
wewt and searched them,! 1 . ." -' ' . ,. . . ; ; . . .
Tbe papers indicate that many thousand of dollars worth ' it food staff
bev been hipid into Uermaay via Sweden by Meyer during the past three
aienthe.aat) that otker sbipatent are now ta the way and still other being pre
.trad for;r. :': ri'- -;; -.a '-. ,-. -,'r;
v Evidence that Meyer aent communication ta Germany dQring'th present
week wa secured. . ' .
plotter. iVrio'pyght To Destroy
v.'i Property .Irt United- States, i
;DETKtoiT, December (issocl
ted PreM) Albert Kaltscbm.idt, Carl
Schmidt and Jria' his wifa, Mr, id,
, . i? !. '7
Kef(l a meter of Kaltsehmidt . mod
frfts Neef hef luisbaad.wcTe convicted
ia the fedetal eonr yegtewJay of af-
iag plotteij to destroy' taanW iil-
r...l Ulh,..t . ...Liinu n.t.tkar
property of the -Uaited State and in.
aa.ada tb. latter 4 vteUtion nf the '
aeatrality of the UbMed State. . '
JFraaa Bespa waa' acquitted... '
TTf-n-rT- . V - , . - -
Albert C. KaTtsebmidt a one , of
tha tlrnt of aiiiT slteved German arm-
' ! r - T - .
nainicera ismui miu tuivvur on orucn
ebt out by tbC department ' of ustiea
at Washington , inamediatcly ' af tpr lh
deelarfttlpn of ft .state or. war between
aW rUnitcd States and Gerotany. 1e
waa arrested at Marine City, near Pott
Hnron.'Arril A . JB17. and bad ben
eooti ud Jn'-tha eonhty jail here 'alnae
that time, having. failed- to obtain the
bail Ytentartded f .him:'. 1 f
Th wsrrast acilmt him, read it
tt time of hie arrest, charged that he
bad Meet m foot in the United Htstes
a. military expedition against tk D
aunion. of Canada."' Hebseqoently ji
federat grand joey sitting at Detroit,
returned several indictment against
ktaltschmidt aad twelv others. These:
b,ill, jn additipa t be charge eon-
tained in the original warrant, hold
KaltsrhmidC and the others for alleged
somnlicity ta- numerous dynamite plots.
Tea of tbose'aamed ia the indictments
wHh KaltscbtnMt ware- promptly taken
into custody. The olhef twd are serv
ing sentences In a Canadian prison sf:
ter t;ein( eonvleted' or responsiMlltjr
for' the partial destmejlon through a
dynamite explosiaa June il,- 1915, of
the plant of tb Peabody Overall Con
neny. l.td... of WalkerviUe, Ontario.
They re Charles f. Respa, 28 years
old, aentenaed to Ufe.-imnrisonment at
Kinffstoa, Ontario, and William LefTler,
sentenced, to 10 yearp' - Jmprispnment. '
If arned Ta Ooofpaaatof
Ttr tbe' Peabofly" eiploaion, charged.
in a confession the Canadian author-
itie said b mnde, that Kaltsekmidt
waa the ead qf tba conspiracy to dya
swite not only the pcabod plant, but
Ui arnnory,st 'in(lo. Ontario, and
ssnny. other Canadian' factories and
bridges.; . ! ' .. '
'', LeffW was eonvietad bad sentenced
aiiusi 1015. and two month later
--October 4. IOIIWbiv Ontario jurv t
arned aa- indictment against . Knit
wbmidt, charging that be wae i fwirty
to tk'dvn)imi(. sopspintsy. Effarts
we asad bsr tba Canadian antkori
ties to obtain bj extrsdition. but the
UpUd ' tares gflvefnmap held the
riia charged sgainst- hrrn wa not an
evtrsditab'e offense.
Carefully Watfhsd , .; '
Careful weteh wa ' bent, oa KslJ
sebniidt by Canadian officers. Who were
awaiting for bin) a set font on Cana
dian. Suit' Tbi be. avoided. Charles
Fops, howeYCr) was arrested the first
tims ba stepped on Canadiea territorv.
He wa taken tnttt- custody An.nst'l.
1015, ft Rois Blase Island, a recreation
rsrk, opposite Amhcrstbiirg,' Ontario.
He- wa sentenced to life imprisonment
Vtsecb T, W16.
Oaas Resna, TO yetra old, fnther of
Charles Bespa. was umiwij those indict
ed hftf wftb jrltsehmi''t, as were n'n
KU dauahtef. 'Varia 8cbnldt. end hoc
husbaad Cael fVhmidt. . Vstt-hmidt
sister. Mr. Id Ktsehnidt Nfff- nd
key husband. 'ri A. Neef, ptsnager of
, Vtcsi eleotriesl . concern . aino veee
jnareed ia tbe jnairtment. The othen
indicted d taken into ens'odr. were:
WUiiam. Jaroarh, Bicbard Hermaa,
QifetaM Htevn, inetev . Jeobn,
aad mi namad Hsholta.
'. V " ' WH04PIM0 OOUOM '
'When year child has whooping eongb
be farefuj o keep (ke congb loose
and tCipectodstioa easy by '.giving
Cbambertain 'a Cough Retacdy as may
be required. This remedy will also
liquify the tough mucus spd make it
easier, to, eipectdlate. It has been
used aurcewfully ia many epidemics
and aa it contain na narcotic or other
injurious luhstaaref It is. parfectlr two Hrilish aviation t)idcpf were kill
saf. J'or'sale by all dealer. P.eq- ed here today hen the pltme in which
, vwh, w .w.,
BhUh in T t . 1 k . m lis.
I wall. AdvejUscmeat.
' ' ' ' '
f' ' ' k . 4 ' . '
. f I- f i' '
i-rfnei--ne , ppnsn of ilepiujee ;
Tradfi'; Bord Is. Shbwlna ' How
Profits,. Are Made 0y , Stockv
. yards and Paid To dompanjes !
VXSkiftlT()N,' Deeembei' 2-(A-
. aociateit Itess) la the bearing of th
ct pnckerir before tha federal trade
"ard yfterdny interetlg .develop
nt, Testimony was addnctd
I tt ahw how dividends' were rnnde tu
appeal1 distributed widely) when they
,f-t,,l,J Wk(r tho pneker and ; it
(IfO mndw evident that Swift ft
Cowpaiy would refuse-td proauce ree
' i"8 theintentiort af
auditor of th Union fitockyard to
"' .. " .
Oedea Armour aad Frank Pceram
. ..;lnBI. .,mi-.i . .... ... T ,
'tv ..i.w.iju. '
i'wimuw nufvaautuvi .
-jg th testimony -or rormer. Tren
brer Waddea-'of th. Union, Stockyard
Caqipany it was brought pat that divt
deads, were paid' by that eomrraav in
clerk, who were merely dummy-bold
cr af stock for. Armour and Company
aad other' rbehera. -.These would t
Vive' the chcrV -jrwet;. (f0r .thef
dvoj; to h eaVesst-fh real owner
fha 'striA .f tt : evneer,a. i i, .
.Bffnsa Rarda.-: . i V"
r C It was lesrnod" ' thnt '. Swift At Conj
1nny hnve; refused to ubmit its ref
'ord ta the .fciVrsl trad commlssloh
wheh is Investigating tb!' company's
dealiita. . ', i '. '
Attorney Francis Jjs( Beney Jj (ertin.i
for the commission, aaaonneed that he
(Mends ;t tube drasti aetioq,. to e
i eur the reenrd, 5 ; i ' ; i J
Aodltrr I TU ; Y'fi,
Auditor Chase of tbe Union .Ptocki
yards Company, telegraphed ; to "the
e.ommiinn 'todsv that he is-IU sd f
goine south indefinitely,' and t will V
unable to ansae tbe' ejnestions w,bie
the enmmiwinn has direeted to hf
company. Heney reported to the com
mission that he hns ample 'other evi
dunce on which the commission may
bse action orrecommenflntlon.
Former Tresmrer WaddCn - of 41e
T'nio-i ptockvarim Company wnid that
T. Oeden Armour ad V. H.' Prinee
own the yari'i ad the ermiWnl rail
rond. He ed thst Frank ' Peerotn.
t' b setnal owner, and added
"i-t there were freonen chs npes n
trrnenrer so tbftt knowledge ' of tle' fi'
nfsi woirtw of the company on
the part of the treasurer was avoided.
Senate Commitiee l3VoId Derj
man-GoethaU Row Resulted ;
.In Dozen. Craft Going Away
AVASinvaTONJ December' (As
sociated l'ress) Residei delaying con
st ruit ion work the Denman-Qoethals
J dispute cost the government the loss of
I more thun a dosen ships which it might
; bate secured. . .. a .V,. .. i '
I - Chairman Hurley of the shipping
bonrd was the witnesK before the com
mittee yesterday afternoon. .His test!
many a to the Denman-Goetbals' dis
pute and its serious results es me ts
ward the close of the tension.. : He anbl
that by reason of the dispute and th,e
snliseajuent delnv more than. dozen
shins , which might have beea com
mandeered bad prrfmpt ssfion bemt
taken bad rone to foreign or pCrs and
bed gotten away from possible kjontre)
liefore nrtion was taken, '
Testifying alon.T other linee. Hurley
1 . . .1 . 1 -1 , . i .
mirvn mi nee or surpnuiiuing ynrus ami
Tueilitirs by the pavy, because of im-
peTsi naval need, a one reason for
the slowness of the merchant wtaririe
eenst ruetiqn. He "said tbat 5 tbe first
tssk in the big program van not to
hail'l hVn,s, but to fabsicatian in the.
yards rf faeilitiet preparatory . 'to
shnd'tillding. Ha also aid tbat the
, sred of sonstruction is eopatantly ia
; ),,, ,1.' ,.,
aociated Presst Ona American ami
.-ir wriw iitiiiv iianiin,, lu iw vruunil
41..., II.,!... .1 1 .... I . .. . . - . 1
The cause of the accidcut i not kaown.
"II - . I i .:,. 1 . .
. 1 -s . 1 i t k it
Motioi is Presented Irj Lecjisla-
ture For, .Province To Leave
V,DQmjnlor; and Set Up Own, Jn
dependent Goyerpjnt, ))i
QUEBEC, December 8 (Associated
Pross) J. f." Francoeur, member of
the legislative assembly at Quebec, bas
presented 'su motion ''before th legisla
ture in which th' proppsaKi advanced
that Quebec should . secede front the
Canadian confederation , and an Inde
pendent ' geversmeat b set, up. - The
ntotion has beea laid oa the table to
be taken tip for 'denote after the
Christmas recess, the data of the de
bate being set tor January 8. ' ' .
The question ef secession ha beea
before the voters of Quebec more or
leu during the pact two yearn, attafa
ing soma prominence a an issue in the
last seneral election, being held ont
a a threat to the rest of the Dominion
ia the event that Quebe should be
overridden in tJi matter pf conscrip
tion.' . '. - ; ? ' . - . . .
rsjigld Blt to'Votwa .-.' I
, French-Canadian politiciana have
beea'dangtlag tbe hope of Independence
ncfore the habitant Vetera, arguing tne
4dvaatages of,, an independency strad
dling iba tH. Lawrence River and ao
lectiog tribute from botb,.Kastern and
Western Canada in the matter of tolls
upon ynport and export passing
(trough Quebec jurisdiction. The (jue
he politicisns-sd priests bave been
clamoring fof an eitension of the pecu
liar privilege given the French-Canadians
under the terms of tbe Treaty
of Quebec, majda between Great Britain
and Franee at tbe conclusion of tbe
war which wrested Caaada from French
control and joined it to th Thirteen
(Jponie a British possession, and
have' made veiled' suggestion of conse
quences to follow a refusal.' m
The fact of tbe state church In Que
fee.' the use of the French lanmiarre in
tbe eighteentb century form and other
incidental reason bave retarded the
agrieultaral(nhd manufacturing progress
m mi province . ena nave aoi permn
ted, the Frenrh-Canadians. to. advance
in aa educational arid soeia( way with
the rest. of the Dominion. This ha
brought antagonism, to French Insti
tutions throughout' tbe rest of Canada
and ha, brought hostility toward tbe
tntish-i'anaiian on the part of the
French. - Tbe aituation. bow- aceravat-
ed by projQerman t intrigue, ia one
which has been , the greatest problem
befosa Canadian lenders. The open
suggestion i"of -secession, nad ia the
Vtiebee fgislnture, will probably bring
natters tq a bend and result in a de
mand throughout the test of the. Do.
fiilnim for .a wiping out of the apeeial
French privileges ' arid the ulseinir 6t
iuebee on an. erjunlitv with the rest of
the country. . , , -. -. , .
Committee Declarer Probe Will
Dm. Dl.UaJ r 1 '
yoo.WJPon rTfltefii.
WAfiinNGTON, December' 22(A.
toeiated 1'ress) Iuvestigatioe of the
'luurtermaste' department by :he aen-
ate committee' on military ad'air liy
so, means it completed, Although the
committee h turned it attention id
other directions, for the time beiag,
member of the committee said yevter-
!&y. Quartermaster Oeaerai , Sharp
waa eaeused after testifying ' yester
lay -aatil after Chrlatmaa.'. " -.
Iwl, th maebla gun Iqvcotor wa
before tie eommittce for most of it
tessioa' yestertlsy. It waa tifter his
teetimpny' bad been give the state
mcnt win made . that the commit tee
had only just begun -Ms investigation
of tbe quartermaster' department- At
tils fenutor Kenyon protested against
he airing of the country's troubles to
the world, - ., , .. ... -.- v '.'
. Ouartermaatet' General -Sharpe tes
'tfied that the war depsrtment, prior
ko the eiitry of the United States into
'he war, ordered swpplierfor a, milHun
troop'. . Last June supplies fof half a
million more (were Ordered. 1 '
, He declared -that the only com
nlninta copceraing 'shortage , of aup
nlies havq been -in the matter of clott
ing, asd thst Oenernl PurShlng ws
satisfied with the quality and quan
tity aent to France, recommending only
a ew minor change.; Half tbe looms
in the ebnntrsi-nar working on army
supplies, he declare), a,nd said that
though the wen were called Into ser-
kviee' faster, than 'the supplies twefe
finihed, all would 'be equipped by !
if lieeember.-- He naltl .. further thst
the war department has anticipated te
1 . ! . -' . . V J 1.
pprin;riniiuns or conjriw.- minn yrf
laratinns to Ret' the siipj)He before the
Tnoney paa ucfd voieu.
NEW YORK, Dtfc.fbr 22 (Assa
eiateil Press) A bold ' Counterfeiting
plot to flout a million dollars in spur
ions ten dollfts bill baa beea f mat rat
ed br th treasury, department aeeret
service -nten, wbq yesterday arTHtel
sia men aad -seized the plate aad stock
withiwkU-k they wr all prepared to
prnt ftiels rqunterteit money, i.
CfKENVVlCir. nnecticiit Pe-a-ber
21 (Associuted TroSs)--Ani'e Neil
en, well-known singer, and Dr. Leroy
Htoddsrilf explorer ami lecturer , were
niarried Uer today.
ipilGAIfl IS
Ground Glass
Placed By II
Dastardly Plot Uncovered
r. IaChicagof: Sought-Tq;--
Ppiioa By WhcIcsaleV
' C, , 1 1 1 1 ,s '
, I ' .
CHICAGO, December 22 (Asso
ciated Frci) Evidence of., daa-'.
tardly plot to kill a large number
of Americana, aimed partlenlarly .'
at tb men la the various military'
training camps, has been diacover
ed and, probabiyt nipped In th bud.
Telegrams nent ont yesterday by
: Major General Willi un H.' Garter
to all tb comnKBdet tn tb CcH- ,
tfal Department disclose tb plot ,
and the sups taken ta prevent'
tu cOTsurrrmAtlon even in part. -
"General Carter baa-officially In
formed the cernmaiiders that ex
amination of l&rg quan title of
Cnnai tomatoes, held bora for
, shipment to th army camps, show
that, ground g'aa U present la
quanUtis la the greater aojnbet
f tha Una. . '
.Examination ef other food, artoff
held 1 here . shows, further, that ;
treattr.vi 'food have also bcc
" cntamtnstcd and gronhd glasa ha
. I been, found ta many of tbe pack-
ag 1 ' ' '1 1 m .- ...
j A. gevemmental ; ttiveirtigation ,
will r3 mad launedlately in aa
' effort t trace th criminal raspon
slbl for this mart horrible at- .
temfH.:Tha affect 'of taking ground ,
gUea law th atomic ia to either
kill tb Tfctini with tlow torture,
as the '(lash cuts' th intestines la
Innumerable places, or to cam- V
pletcly ruta bis kealto.; - "
Pershing -Restricts Use t)f Alco
. diol.-t. Expected' Christmas
, , Dinner ;Wil Be Late
FRANCE, December 22 (Associated
Prpas)4 Under a general order promul
gated y .General' Fishing yestejday
"bard liquer" win not be permitted
to' use by the officer and soldier of
the "American Contingent. Hi order
prohibits absolutely; tbe use of alcoholic
bevcragea exeept only" light wine and
beer by any member of the . Ameri
oaa expeditionary force.V ' ' ' ' (
Hope of a big Christmas dinner, for
the' w(ioIe of the American contingent
are going glimmering. The great
Duiic win hgve only ordinary far and
will not get th Christmas dinners, the
turkey and ia'" which tbey had
exneetod. ' ' . , '
U 1
la-learned tha owing to. a a at
by submarine the ship tbft wai
tid .witW cranberries bad to tarn
iaca dt suomanne tie nip tfait wa
londud .wita ernbrnes bad to tarn
badk and that two of the steamer tbat
are ladenod with'larkejl wiU not ar
umption. " " . 1 ' .
.... -
Bolshevik! Announce Purported
. secret fact. Between , .
Russia and Japan.
I'ETROGRAD. December 2 (Aso-
elated Pees) tinder th heading of
'Becret .Treaty' Between Russia and
Japan' Bolshevik! nanera nubltsh
what they claim waa' a toint demonstm-
tlon against America and feroat Brit
ain in th Fas Kast. -' -' '
The Izveetia publishes the altered
toxt of thia treaty in full, calls it a
secret treaty and says that it was
drawa up in laid. -!'Ms
published the " purported troaty
provided for ioint action on the part
uf Russia and Japaq to- prevent any
third country achieving political dom
inance, iu Cl.lna. . It stipulate Ta.it
this ngreement shall remain a deep aeeret-
except far tbe coWtreetiag .par
lies.-- . ,- . . . ... . -, , ...
- Other articles' published provide for
military eooperatjoa against .a third
party'. '. ; v. ' :i. .n : i ..
It Isiclsinied that it wa signed for
Russiay Rergiua BaunoS . aad : for
Japua. by Viscount Motono; ' .-t ,
i -
INDON, December S3 (Assoeiat
ed PreBs) Premier Lloyd Ooorge, ad
dr.sing; gathenag of - farmer yea
terday. announced that tbe governme-t,
hrd phihs well Under way for the em
ployment of German agricultural labor
ers, now 'held fif qrisorier, in the tilling
of 'tire spil In England and He otland.
There are now thirty tbousnnd prison
eri who ma.y be utilised in belning in
erene (be' f nrrq crop of. Creat Britain,
he ssid. ' 7 - '
fAZO QINTKENf i guaranteed tu
?ure blind ' bleeding.' itcUiug or pro
truding PILES i 6 to 14 day or
money refunded. Manufactured by
the r AkIS MBDICINR CO.t. Luuia
U- (. A-
In Tomatoes
S. 1 - ' V i
Chairman of Sugar Commission
-Explains Adclcd Demand Be-
fore Committee of Senate and
Criticises .5, low Progress . .
. WAeihGTOK, DecemlM-r 22 (As
sociated Pres')--Comparaiively . little
headway waa made by the senate com
mittee in its Investigation of the sugar
shortage at the aesaiops of yesterday.
Heads of tha Federal and the Amori
ran Bngar Beflning Companies . were
before the. committee for -a large part
of th day but the testimony . Which
they gave seemed to travel in circles
and hot to get anywhere. - '
'Chairman Bolph of the nntiona) su
gar commission offered an interesting
explanation of tbe "sugar shortage when
be' assigned prohibition fes one of the
real reason for a greater demand and
consumption." Especially ' wes 'this so.
he said, in the Army training camps
ef the south. In lieu of the alcoholic
drinks to which many of the .soldiers
had been accustomed and which they
now find It impossible to obtain, they
now use "soft drinks,'' candy and
chewing gum, all Of which require quan
tities of augar in their manufacture '
i ttolph criticised tb lack of prdgress
that waa .being made when he told the
committor' that, ho bad understood that
the chief eneon for the committee, ses
sions was to rUeMe the nct Sugar
shortage in tlie ehst but that the in-vextigatipn1-
soemeil t.;-be ilelnylng
rathef than icxpoditiiig since .it bad
been holding sessions -for a week, the
sugar commissions waiting and accom
plishing nothing. i
To this Senator Seed of MlaSAiiri
replied that be supposed the sugar
shortage would be blamed upor,coa
vress cow. ,. . "
, Bolph was a witness in the morning
session but was excused to takethe
testimony of head of refineries and re
sumed his testimony in the aftetnootrf
.It is expected that Food Alministr
tor Hoover, will be tbe chief witness
.today, for he wa .yesterday." notilie.d
tp appear at tne scssiion. ,
Further Reyelatiohs' Of Luxburq
i Pypliqity Rous?i PeoRla of
Buenos Aires To Wrath
: BUENOS': ATBES, Dceemrjer ' 22
(Associated . Press) The revelations
of -the extent of thin, intrigue-carried
en' by Count von I Jixburg, - tbe former
German minister here, as related In tbe
diseloure rfnftde yesterday by Peere
tary Lansing at Washington, bave
stirred the . people . tremendously aad
there were numerous street 'demonstra
tions yesterday demanding aa immedi
ate rupture with Germany. Bo serious
were these demonstration at time and
o 'tbreaUnlnir were the Crowd ftgatntt
German residents; and mernbers of the
government suspected of pro-uerman
entiment that mounted patrols-had
to be called ut to break up tk as
semblies. : .
It ia regarded as certain that the
5 overs men t, and particularly tb Presi
oat and the fqreigti minister, will be
ubjeetcd to a severs demand front con
gress for an explanation of the state
ment that a secret anti-American
treaty , was. under wsy and that -the
President was carrying out the mis
sion of tbe German minister and the
scheme of girnmermian. - ' , '
. A new demand tbat there be a sever
anc of diplomatic relation with Ger
many 1 fprseeu in th attitude -of many
of the deputies. , .
.'., , " -r-. ;.. .' .
a 4
Appeals Are Heard By. Food Aa
: - rninistratipn and Necessary ;
j licenses Are Issued, r
WASHINGTON, December ki (As
sociated Press) tiome relief for the
starving in Finland will be' granted bj
the United States. . Upon-having re
reived defiuite proof that thousands o'
Flulaoders are actually starving tin
food administration has determined to
issuft the ' lei-esHary licenses . fur the
exportatious which will at loimt relieve
the most immediate pevessitie. .
' Forty thousand teus of corn and patr
will be allowed to go to Finlrrtid -coder
the permits which it ia agreed shall lx
issued. , i i :
It, waa shown to the food administra
tlon and the licensing board that the
peeple f Finland suffered tbiougho
the greater part of the summer for lack
of grain and other foods. : Their loyal
ty to tbe Allies was. shewn to bo u
iiuestioned,, their independence' fron
Russia pointed out and it . was mnde
clear tbat because of tlieii loyalty hod
come the food slmrtsiie, factories far
marly used for. making: otlier tlilng
having leen given over, to the nuinu
facture.of ammunition.
. ' .... . . .''-" i
WASHINGTON, December 21(A
socla,ted Press) Prenidont Wi'son will
present n messnpe to congress Immedi
ately after th bolidnys recommending
legislation to meet the emergency
needs for transportation. He has re
quested, in the meantime, that -the in
terstate commerce' eommisaion with
hold any Investigations. .-' . . .
.., -.v 1 i - : , .. li .im
positions Xost On Thursday Re
captured By Alpini and Allied
. Forces After, Bloody Battle- In
Mpuntain Passes,.
Red Cross .Party Is Warmly Wei- .
comecj In Rome and Sends
' Word onvd That Corn Is More ,
Needed Thart Munitions ;.
' '.'"' A i '' ' ' '
R.0MK, "Dectfnbcr 22 (Asso- .
; ciated Tress) -r- The third ;.
great effort W the part of Gen
eral vcjn Bulow to' force the pas- ,',
page into Italy for his AustroN" ' '
German hosts has failed as corn- ,
pletcly as ; the -two previous at-,
tempts. Thetalian line stands" ',
secure along the Vsanie positions .
as it xccupicd whcm.the bloody '..
assaults of Thursday anl Friday
were tnade; with thousands-' of
German and Austrian corpses in
the trampled snow as the only re
sult of , tfie mighty effort. The
Italjan fosses " are also heavy, ,-,
while the casualty Jists of the 1
French ; and British who . tixk .'
their share in the ; fighting arc ;
long, but for every : casualty on
the part of the defenders, of the "
passes V the attackers suffered
three. :-- .: .--
, When the battle came to its
close yesterday, aftcrntxin, the ,
AustroGcrmans retiring, all the
fround that had been taken in '
the initial assaults of Thursday ,
had been recaptured flnd the Ital
ian troops herd ' the height of
Monte Aso!one, th one position
of irrtportance wrested from them
ot Thursday, the loss of which
ha'd. force.d an Italian retirement
aiong a corisidornblo portion of the
front defending tho enstern nidn of the
Breptn Kiver. This height hal been
reenptured after a scries of fierce coqn- '
ifrs and the Teutons occupying the bill
vere wined out. ,
Tbrlco Kepulscd '
The original bitter Italian defense
of tbi position,' the retention of which
made th Han Lorcnxo Vhm safe, wa
duplicated by iho Austru (lerman
when it came their turn to fight on
the defensive, : Th key position wa
struggled . for with the grer.test fury,
the Italian being repulsed thrice be
fore they gnined the summit and took
tisonsrs the. remnants of the opposing
farce. With this heiabt back in Ita
lian hsnds, the Italians moved forward
generally and reoccupied all the terri
tory they had previously yielded.
.. An official report of tbe situation
say that everything hus been restored
nnd all loet ground regained.
Troop Movement Learned
Official despatches from the head
quartern of the French army in Italy
-tata thnt the Investigations carried -tmt
'by the French aviators show' tbatx
'he Atistro Germans . are moving tho
uk of their forces from the Lower
Pi.wrt, .where thr'y hnve been blocked
n their drive against Venice and whem
Ihey have beon hold during Novemler '
ind so far into December,' nnd shifting
their men -io' the sector between Vidor
aad. the Aslapo Plateau, where they
muv 1e served' with supplies vby way ..
of Trout. :j . 1
Along this snme front, reinforce
nents front tho Russian front are also
Heing brought tip In large .numbers...
Red Crosi Welcomed
An American Ited Cross pftrty, head
ed by Robert Perkins, reached Rome ,
vesterdar, helnjr nnthuKiastically re
vived by the officials and the people.
The Roman prfsa dovoted much spuce,
yesterday evening to the' new of tlie
urival 6f this party from the United
'ttntes nnd to the plnns for the work
outlined by Mr. Perkins. This work,
io snys, will no4,bc eonfined to Itnly
alone but will - be extended i4o the
islsnds of Pnrdinia and Welly.
Ernest Bicknell, one of the lender
of the Red Cross party, hns filed des-natches-
to Washington urging thnt t'n)
'Tnited Ptate send qs nnicli flic- ' y
mrn meal to Itnlyas possible. Itrnad
's. the first need of Itnlinns in their
nampnlgn, he says. Munitions are
only the second need. .
1 m i ' i .
(Associated Press) I Jeut.Col. Ches
ter Harding, Governor of the' Canol
Zone, arrived here yesterday en route
to Washington, where he will wppear aa
a witness before the congressional ap
propriatioa committees, '
. ' V '
a ;
i .-
.i '
-1 -
(- f
'." .

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