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' 1 1
Ji ll '1 V i
enounces . Document
ing Testiiirtny of: jKealohi irtid r Kahiakaia
Xhat They Did Not Sign It In Que6nV
Princess" fhbresd StaiidsJPdt
. . ' . . . ' . i . . f ,
The docilmcnt . declared by MPrin-
cess--; iiitms n iiuox 110141 veau io po ucveioped in tne questioning jot Ka
the Ust will and testament of oeln j Wnka'ia's fart : v. , ,,. ,
Liliuokalani was ihrown but of court In his testimony IrTamahaia merely
yesterday afternoon by Circuit Judge; repented .' - with. . few edded , details
C.' W. Ashford, who -denounced it na statements he made in ' the affidavit
forgery, j filed recently, lie stated after " Prin-
Prlncess", Theresa, esoght, fast in
: t tloee-Woven web of evidence which
points to hvr a the moving force In,
what the Court holds aa an extraordihr,
' ary conspiracy in Connection with tie'
estate of the hite Queen remains un
moved and defiant. Althongh'-the sit
torneys' who presented the "mew will",,
'and Jdbn F. Colburo, named in it ts
administrator, have repudiated (t, ;
and' fclthougn file doctrment has Wen '
rejec'ted ty the e6urt followi'ng the
testimony of both of the wlfne-lses who
Admitted they bed committed perjury
nd confessed that the will is a fraud,
"Itincesa' Theresa, apparently un
moved by impending charges, asserts
she wlU cootiK--e to fight ifor her
"''rights.'". ., .."'...,, .'...J.-..J j
Startling Erldence , ,
. Judge Ash ford threw the 1017 w!U
out of court tfter. former. 3npcrtisor
James M. Kenlohk 'tad' Ban Kama
kaia and several others had testified.
The most startling evidence was that
given by Kealoha. ' , 1 . ' i :
It was'an effidavit given a week ago,
, oj jvamaaaia mat Drought lortn tJ
first disclosures nd led the attorneys
to repudiate the will. fUnce that devdl
ojiment Kealoha, the other whose name
appears on the will aa witness, held v"u" 1UK" Teoognize Aeaiona as
firm 'to-'trrlglnal affldavltk that "were nytnn'R -wit awitries wbo he'd rib In
filed with the will itself when It was that phrticutnr ase. lie w
presented for probate. Kealoba had
steadfastly continued to assert that be
signea tne will in the (jueen'i presence
and in-proper manner. , , ;
.r ulvullt m lunse .niomenif 'la ine
Crowded eourt 'room 'yesterday after
noon when Attorney iVank Andrade,
rlidsen' to act fr flie court u a disin
terested questioner, read the affidavit
1 that bad been filed witb the will In
Vbtch Kealoha swore bo 'bad trcned
the doftument in the tuoen's preseneo.
Kealoba Oonfessea v, ,
"I,tJiis statement ; truef' the 'at
torney ksked. .,. ..-. i-:.ut i '
. Kealoha snt -' staring through his
- glasses for all of a half mihute while
those in tlie couit room craned for
ward. . ( !
,' "It ie untrue,'' bo said finally.. He
made thn nHminiinii nniailv mnA
. H.V.. f...U . Ill 1.
in answer to questions went on to tell
how he became involved in the matter
of the will. ' . '
j Princess' . Theresa cme to me
aeveral times about it," he said, hhe
spoke to me the first time in the rec
ords' office and told me what Vie want
ed me to do. I at first refused to listen.
That 'was in the early part of last
August, ''.' '
'Then I saw Tier again and the next
time I Went to her house on the Gore
lot. it was there that I iinart th
will." . "
;A detail of the -evidence which ; oc-
easioned surprise wa Kealoha s as
sertion Mint when he first saw the will
when he went to '"Princess", Theresa 'a
house it then bore Liliuokalani ' signa
ture on the margins of each of the eight
pages a.ud at the bottom of the ninth
tt- ':. 1 : ."."k ,
8ay Theresa Signed Will '
, .eaioha tentifled the "Princess" bad
told him that she had signed the
(Jueeu's niim in m.;n T ... t..'.i
Ashford asked him a direct Question.
"Tho judge pointed to tbe marginal
signatures of tbe (jMeen and to tke
, .Km,uic bhioo ooiiom or ine will. ' -.
"Didn't you yourself write these f"
the judge ' asked. . - , ,',
Kealoha declured be bad not. The
question of the eourt probably was
lirfjm ntoil li v a ManMl.i .v
r- I "J fwiii umiicu mui HBQ
been noted before between letters in
Kealoha's signature and letter in the
usme Liliuokalani as written on tbe
will. - ,.', , . , t ,
When he was asked what reward bed
; been promised him for, what be bad
done, Kealoha could give only an in
definite reply. It was brought out,
however, that ha bad been promised a
reward, althongb It nature end the
amount was not definitely stated. The
witness admitted be bad not seen the
ueea at ell after the date August 15
and concerning the date in tbe will,
August 2i, be admitted he bimsejf
lad written it iuto the document,, .
, . Auothcr new angle to ths.caie that
developed In the eoufse of Tteeloha'a
evidence Was his 'statomcnt that at tbe
time "Princess',' Theresa was urging
libn to sign us a Witness, he was giveu
t understand tbnt Hoporvisor J.. K.
Lota w as to be I he other signer- ;
Probably the most astonishing bit Of
evidence, of the hearing, Rt a state
ment of the next witness called, Mam
Kamakaia, whose naaie with Kehlohs'e
( iiieais iu the Will. i '
: Offered 'Church ea Bribe -
:"; Kamuknla calmly told the court that
the IfilMi offetod hi,,,, for his perjury
e a part of the conspiracy was a
yehureh. oprineeHs" Theresa, he as
serted, hud promised to give Mia
As a Foreerv
- v. .;
church. Thin km the " consideration T".
cesa" Theresa had talked to him about
the win a number of time he had.sij-n-
eu ine win in tne preseaee'of "Frio
iess" Tliei-efli and his Wife at his own
borne. Aa Kealoha bad done he fixed
the date' when be signed the document
Wednesday al&rnoon, August 29.
"Frnc'es Absent , .'. ' ; .,. ,'; v''
Keith'er ' Princess Theresa nor ber
husband was present at the bearing, it
was suggested thst princeM- 1-,,,
sa be railed to testify, but the eouit
had held that sufficient evidence bad
bde presented upon which to act.
Judge Ashfonl said from all the" W
denoe that had been presented, aa well
as from matters within bis own knowl
edge, the document that bad been of
fered, as the 1017 Will could not be re
garded aa "anything but a forgery. r ,
The court order undor which the 1917
will Is eliminated' from the case, 6
tar as i-probate la concerned, was thCa
entered.; ' ., .( ..
, Wben Kealoha canie to Court yester
day he had evidently prepared to en
counter trouble, for he bad engaged in
attorney in the person 6f Charles Aehi.
Despite repeated endeavors of Attorney
Arm in uuvuia m continuance Ot tae
ic"" Present, other questions, the
therefore not entitled te be represented
oy counsel ana nrter this nftd been em
phatically tnipressed ' upon Attorney
Achi, iuterruptious from tbat quarter
ceased.. ' . - . .' i
Outcome of Hearing - -
As an outcome of yesterdavfa bear
fng nd tbe elimination 6f the 1917
will, the Vwhole case now falls into
two (lirisioilM,-. one of 'wbleb it is ix
peered Will engnge tbe attention of the
grand jury and the criminal division
of the circuit Court. This will be tho
alleged1 conspiracy developed. Judge
Ashford stated" that tbe disclosures of
consjrfracy in the evidence imposed no
particular cbttrve - of action be b's
court, v- .' . . ''... '
MThat will undoubtedly b'o taken up
by 1 he grand Jury," he said, . '
With the 117 wiM eliminated, tlie
fight for possession bf the estate nar-J
rows dqwn to a contest 'between the
proponents of the "old will", the
one of 1000, and Prince Kubio wbose
original suit attacked the validity of
both Will. ; '
Jn his suit Prince Kuhio contend-i
that undue inflnence wax exercised
over the (Juceujn bringing her to aigu
the YM9 will mn(t execute the Liliuo
kalani tfunt deed,' 'Me asserts rbht a;
I the time "lie Signed the document, Da
irember 2, l!H)l, she was of unsouu l
tnind. -. He clainui the estate of the
liuoen ae next of kin '
Theresa Stands Fat '
When told of the day's developm'entil
in court " Princess" TliercMu last niglit
Oharactorir.ed tle statements of Kanin
kaia and Kealobn as wholly false.
"I-.lil not go to Court, she said
"bnrauHe they did 'not summon me to
appear there,-1! She held to the state
ments she has made in connection, with
the ease. . . . '" - "
:' I cannot understand these Hawal
aus," she added. She spoke bitterly of
what Kamakaia and Kealoha had don
'.'After they had gone up to Washingtou
Place and there-before the Queen had
signed tbe will, I cannot Understand
bow they could forget all honor and do
What they have done. .'-
"I am going to" stand, firm to my col
ors,',' she-, declared,-.
WASHINGTON, December 21 (Xs-sot-ikted
Press) The brmy appropria
ttoh bill for the next fiscal year is ex
piwted to carry five bilTions of dollars,
exclusive ot the ap'proiriations 'for forr
tifications and ffuld artillery guns. '
'V'Cbairina lent of tbe house military
committee said today the committee
Will give the at'my'everytbl'n'g ft needs.
Tli aessious of the committee lu dis
cussiug these c oiifl.lential military mat
ters wiu.be executife,' '
v ' - '
. ; . tjknboessaI'x' 'Woift'bs .' .;
'; Wby warfta werds abd udver'tfBlng
space fn' dewribing the ninny points
of merit l'n Chamberlain ConghRom
eilvf The treat. fnstliHoiis are satis
Hod wheu we stute that it euren eidds
and roughs from any cause, and that
it i-ontuius absolutely no narcotics or
injiirioiiH MiliHtani'eH. Kor sule bv all
ilcalert. For tale by Kt-nton, iinitb' A
Co , Ltd., Agts, for Iluwrii.Ailvsi
tisuuient. , ,.'.
Mail-What, They 'Are -and
- How Thdy Are-Obtained i
The long swaltcd war savings stamps
hni not yet nrrlved jn Hawaii, but it
is probable that kfa erfrly fnail will
bring them. .. Their iale will VgHn at
tbe prtstomce in soo'n hs 'tbiy ke re
ceived, it is tnoncfht, as inrttrnetiflns 'to
that effect from K. W. Khingle, chair
man of the war saving stamps for Ha
waii, will very likely accompany tke
stamps. . -,
Two Kinds Of Btanrps T;"
I1ie wnr-nnvings'pltvn fs obe by whitk
tho citizen lends moricy to the govern
ment nt fonr percent rtrtefest, "eom
pminriod qusAerly. (The loan la "made
by tbe purchase of war-savings vtkmps
and thrift stsmps, which ire backed by
the pnrernment Wtid bsve the whol
population it the United States behind
them. '-; ,'
The thrift stamps are 'the first step In
the war savfngs plan. They nre smill
green stamps sngatiy larger than a
postage stamp, 'and are sold for Wenfy-
five cents. ; They 'do not 'earn Interest,'
ana are intended solely to assist the
people In accumulnting Small Sums to
ward the. purchase of war 'Savings
stamps. Both classes of stamps are
sold at pontoficcs only. .! : ".' '
Cards Are ttsued . i
Those who purchase thrift stamps aVe
Iven On request tbiift cards, which'
nave spaces for sixteen stamps, repre
senting a value bf i4, Tbe name sad
address bf the tfwiier sbould be tloced
on the card, as in case, of loss thcr-j
is no otber means of Identification, and.
the stamps are redeemable by anyone.
If the card be lost and "bears the nd-,
dress, the finder may drop In any
pestho'St witbrout postage, 'and it will be
returned (to its owner. , .',
, When 'the eard 'is fined it may be
exchanged for ft war savings strfrtp
by paying the sTIgbt difference in pritta.
The waT shvihgs stOmrla Will sell for
H-12 fn January and for one een ntote
each month thereafter,- ' So tbat the
thrift 'stamp-bolder Wll pay 'the aiffer
ence Wween 'tbe M represented by,
bis thrift stamps and the current price
of war savings stamps. ,'. V .!' !
Interest Oa -Maturity v-' ' i .'; ;
The interest on Jtbe wnr aavlngs
stamps accumulates and is paid at tke
maturity of the stamps, '& January,
1!)2.1. Their ' security 1s tbe same as
that of the government "bond, ror lib
erty toon. No one is fed vised to vSsl
Liberty bonds or wfthdrawnonex fr'ohi
the savfngs bhnk to buy War savings
stimps, but should. pu'r;hnlse thern. Vith
the small savings msije dail.
.Bnyes 'of.!War Jj4jj"ktapirjre
riven ft ; war savings certificate, 'wtTch
as spaces for -twenty stamps, ;' AVben
this s filled ft represent a. Value" bf
100 on Jabuary 1, Iff' X certificate
can apd. should be rejfTsfeVed fdr pur
poses of protection, $nnrate stamps
cannot be registered. ' If 'a reentered
certificate Is lont (ta value wifl be re
turned te Tho oWner by the oierrrmjnt
after a reasonable lrfpse ftf, ttitfe.
The 'war savings certificates can be
redeemed 'at- any postoffice , afteff ten
days'- written demand, at any time
The rVdemptiom Wfll be made according
to a table pn the back of the ard bv
which their: redemption) price- will In
clude three-, percent interest In add)
tton.to tbe dura id at "pbrchase.
Any additional Information about th
thrift or war savings stamps or eertifl
y.Je tsiinf'jffc .thoqstoffi. c ,
Five Are Selected To' Afdin An
swerlng Questionnaires '
Tbe legal advieery boards to aid in tin
answerisg f tfte-qticmtionnaire' fet the
draft Mr War purposes bave n 'been
named and the personnel 'Of' ekfch of tin
five boards cabled .to Washington for
confirmation and ernntaisalons. . ' Tlie
chairman of each boird la the -resia
ing circuit judge of each of the judi
cial districts,' " The boards will tje:'
'Kauni Hon. I.yle' A, Dickey, ,'chhlr
man; A. O. KSulukou, trio A. Knud
sen. . '." .
ManlHon.AVilHnm ft. :dlnge, ifhnlr
man i K. R. Hevlns, Eitos Vrneen't..
West , Hawaii -Hon. J. W. Thomp
son, chairman; A. W, Carter, W. P.
kamouoha.. , ,;. v . ': .
' Kast Hawaii Hon. C. K. , Qulnn.
fhriiMans tef'epben - U' DeshA, "W.l 8.
Wise."'"'' -..;,.;
Oahu Hon. C. : W. Ashford, chair
rnan; AV. -T. Rawlins, VT. Wi Tbayer.
ml ,
-.14 V: 1
The selective draft uffici An Hono
lulu has been n'o'tifled.'by jpostal cord
of the' enlfstnient'e in the Vegtilar aer
Vice Of the following pers'6hs who had
Hawaiian (draft "registration jnumbers:
A, R. KelloKKi 'eulistejl t Tort M'
Dowoll, Cnhfuruia,! in the field artil
lervf certificate number Honolulu
Tim 'ODowell, enlisted -Vt Fort Mo
Oowell, OttUfnTala. field art4Uery, cer
trftcnte 12ft. Honolulu. - ,
'John Ootrta, enlisted at Fort Shaffer
Third Knglneers. eerti Hcarje seven.
WASHINGTON. December 21 fAs
soeiated ITcss) Returns from the Red
Cross Christmas memhurshlp drive a re
incrcasiniily favorable. Indinatioun
nre the number will exceed the original
goul. 1 ,
siiWK'nnv nninnn rn
. assist tesiits
II . I.
worai wnicn May Tend To Place
tnrlivlrliiar.lrv ''frnWusM .
Individual In TJn'pleaaht
; Light Not Always Libel
Public Servants ;Calrwot Bi1nJ
nuiiun tiuu rrusecuie i o
vVertt Individual Spleen:
' fustatniftg the demurrer to'
amended complaint filed jbjj the ctty t
torney's oltlce Jutlge Heeri'fu the sir-
mt eourt yesterday morning dimisied
(lie proe(iins that, hnd, been brongbt
hgainst Roderick ).' VatKeson,' editior
Of The Advertiser, In wbicb Was chsCg '
.'d libel, of tbe Governor.. The 'JcVisibn
is ef special- Interest In that it ujdiohls
the right to riticise bublic otMcinls In
th public press .and makek clearer In
teVnrointion of the- law
not constitute Hb'ef. I " ".'
frbeeeding against t"he editor nf Tbe
Advertise? were brought by tW'tfty
attorney's office charging IhatSin eif-
toTiai run -nnaer the title -of Under
Vhat Flugt". was libelous tp theUov 1
ernor.;' The edIUn-in! 'eriticlse as bw;
Ing in 'patriotism the tone and Wordi-,
of a srieecb which had been delivered
by the Oo'vefnor. '. ' ' ( . ,
EarUef proceedings - '-t , ',
T6 the first complsflnt tiled T' tbe
proceedings a -demurrer .'was entered
thereupon kn amended complaint wns
filed which sought to read into .the
printed efutoYitl words which wore not,
printed and to place upon the, words
actually nsed certain interpretation
sud to impute libelous Intent n tbe
whole editorial. ' ' . '
, In this iifoceeding ft was contended
that it wak libelous to criticise an Indl J
vidual o'r publie official in such mannlei J
that the individual, or official migbt
be held up 'to ridicule or eohtempt. boJ
matter what the occasion for that criti-J
etsm might have been; . (Such c6ntenti6o
the eourt declined to .uphold and, be
the contrary, held that the words f
he editorial Complained .of were nbtS
libelous per se, that ao. indent had been
?how and that he proceedings haj
been wronfffuliy brought. ', i.' y
tevento Spits' Cines ,-, ; ;
The. decision of Jud'Heen ffacbes
Vven further, than this "for 4t -clearly
indicates that a pilblie official may not
use. bis office f r tkk Institution sfld
orosecution of proceedings that are
brongbt to give 'advent for b.1s'personT
inite aeainst tke. writer of matter thht
la wives to tbe public ad, rn so doirfg
to place his.. ow.ij, lntef)iretstion upon
wofds and pkrWVwbirb.-fntej'rrretatiQO
would impute libel te he article;;-'
British lake preparition' to in-
augurate ; a fteal Drive T
In Near Future , '
.'.. ...
- . ' t V ' .'., -I ".
Before H'e "first o'f tbe yerfT tbh tfrrt
(sh in Hawaii, will irtsrt a ew 'recVuit
fng campBlgn for BrltlsherV to join tke
men flghtrng ndr: the- tSjidn 'Jhek
In France and Bclgitfm. K L. K Oar
don, the British Consul, made this ofri
Monneement yesterday.- t ' ;.
The British government nd its rep
resentatives ere privileged to recruit
in. the United Ktates as In their
rou 11 tries now that fhe United Btote-j
is bracketed with the "British in tbe
war against - Germany. The '.Brfrisn,
heretofore, have mnde otilendid ,'tddi
tionS 'to the forces in recruiting worlc,
but the newest feampaign will be in
tenifld aitd. vejy Brffish'er' woe nan
be brougbt into active "service will (be
liven the bbportbrflty Wdoff fffttaf''.,
for uhlfnrainj -..Vt 1 1 'V n-1
SinCe August 20 sixty , BffHsrfaVe
have left Hawaii direct for' tbe frent
or to join -tvainrmt Stations! in Ctfnad'l.
Jhey are as. follows: - . j -, :;,' . . . '
. Contingent,' August iOrr-E. C. Elegit.
Oen. TbbofsohJ. H. . Bryknv' J, )i
Hires, Hugh MeDtrtrgbH, Kflwhrd James.
Hugh H. jdc-CleaTyi Cbas. Mnckte; W.
B. Ure'ig, J. J. Ryan, Chaa, Kemptdn.
A: A. Webster, Ernest Fairer, Donald
McGregor,1 , (Jeo. A. Murpb'y," Thnmer
Htephanson,' . Geo. E.; Mursliall, Chas.
Johnston, 'Melville C. King, 3. H. Clegs,
F. II. Pearson. - -. . 1
(, Coi-tlngent, Beptember 21 A Oad
nT,'10eo, iL Brown, .K. Q. Bell, Uohn
K. Crabb, (George Fr.er JAlex. U
Hut ten, George Chalmers, (ThomSs
Htratbairn tW7. W Wright-, A. C.
Hinekmon, Peter Toraaee, One i LoW,
A. E. Htcwart, W, Melo, Jeba 'Me
Kilitfe)-,' Robert L, Leander, John A.
Bothwell, 1' W.. "H. Bettrrsby, Robert
Forest, 31 X I jinter, , Hebry, Padgett,
Frank B. Blackwood,-. Albert Townsend,
Sidney Hay hurst, itiehard' Owen, John
Knollend, --W." J. Beulry -Ji Snlrfh,,
Thomas D8rewarv, If. B. Turner, -iQ.
W. McOonnnebto, R..Ck BUfcetHenty
H. Lewis, "T. J. Houser.v Thomas -J.
Hull.Jobn Tiiomson, tavid 8.' Jobn
stoh.Wohn iftffett, Morlartty, 'J.
Btesob; T. Smith, -J. Allardiee, H.
BaVbouiy VT. Huasey.-J. ll,' Taytor," F.
Fo'garty. - k, u.-h. . i .
Rejected nt "aHebuvier.
Went to New Ydrk bd c'nHsb.d' In
Rrlliuh armv ' ' ' f ,
' ' -ir
'Tf', 1
MONTKVIDKO, December !2-r(As-soi-lated
Press) lo ko'cordaice "'ejltb Its
p61iry .of Supplying rb Jjn'tebie Xlfiss,
the Uruguayan government , 'has , u
nbunced that, as a precautbpuary visa-
iure it cannot grant )ietitiOiil"presei.
led to ullow the export of wheat from
ed to ullow the export
'he lut harvest. The exnertation
the new croji will be allowed, it
added, if conditions permit.
: .4
Honblulu Whofeald ; Pmdate Market 1
; W: W ' QMOtations ;
' K' ? lMtJB9 r. tarn tm&Mti&::-:J..:1l.
WbeiesoJe Only. f, .- f . UAJUUTI901 DrviSlOU ITocewbilt ii.ilfl'lT. '
' '8BlAit,6ofiro&Eft8 VjAlhJOT BUT AT THESE rUOXS
Islsnd Hotter, lit. , .641 to -l ,Hcn, lb.
a." - i t rn nr i it 1
r'KKnt ' 'loxvn . , i ........ . . ji
T:gg",neiect, don . ..i... .;... pi
,.llge. 0"ck, denes JT.6
Young Roosters, lb
.41 to A l
.... .0214 to ,J 'Rice, Haw. seed cwt..
; '.0d 19 ! t peanuts, lg. lb. , , ,
fiVi IVa'n'ui. sm. lb.......
... . 8.00 to R;Vi Oreen jepierB, bell, lb.
. . 10.00 to 10'J Orccn, peppers, chill .
,.. 12.00 tb 12?0 'Potatoes,. Is. 'Irish . ..
. ........... Jld J'btatoe's, sweot
. ........ J40 Potatoes, sweet red . .
Beans, string, 'greeti .
Means, Wsx, string .
Reans, Lima la pod
Ift-anw, Maui red , ..
lieafes. XMIco. cwt. . .
'Means, snikM whites i
IJPeta, .dor.cn bunches
(Vrrots, d". bunches
Cabbage, Jwt. ......
;orh, sweet, 1(H) e'er
Corn, Yellow Hawrtian
..... S.OO to 3X,g
. ......... 2X0
.. 70.00 to 75jH)
I,' j"
V ?
Corn, Haw. lg. yel. . ,
Bananas, Cooking, bunch
Bananas, Chinese, bunch , ,
Figs, 100 ..,
Grapes, Isabella, lb t.'i
';.. J 15
.20 to t
.i,' liK)
. f7
Cattle and sbeep are hot boncht at
pain mr on a dressed Weight DSsls. Htigk,
llgs, -.25 to .110. ' .,' '-' I
Beef, lb.
Veal, lb.
Steer, No, 1. lb. .
Hteer, No. 2, lb .
Steeisbkir slrp .
' Tb following 'ere euotsttrins nn feed.
OoVn, Tjg. Tel., ton . .. . 80.00 to 8flJ0
Oorn, tJracked, ton .... 85.00 to 88i0
Rran, ton
Barley ....
Scratch Food
, ...
''''i'",'''' .
. . . .v. '88.00 td 0iO Hay, wheat' v.
90.00 to. 92.1)0 Hay, alfalfa . .
December 11. AMI
iuanri prices nave -cnangeu consul
erablr dorinar tbe tmst week, the moSt
important being tbe brrge advances in
the prices of imported . reeds. This Jis;
due to the 'increased freight rates and
similar raises in feed prices- ,on. the
Ooast. . :leal feed dealers are Unab"ii
to get all of tbejr orders filled. Barley
:miun lor coo.vu io u.uv ion
wbich is tho highest it bas sold for In
11: .fin .mi i r . . .
a gopr many years. , ,v I
a large snipineni 01 sweet potatoes
received during the week, rdm.
Wbhlkwb. ' TKese potatoea were vety
fioofly graded add in 'bad conditloSi.
Producers .expecting tA -get Wood fe-
turns for their, produce Tihould be enre-
ful to hae 1t. properly "graded bcfoijre
shrpiimg it to the market. Tt is im-.
poyaiMq to seenre: good Tnreg. forpM-
bfltiufeenV and 'bther' Papers and
' Testfmony To Go before '
, f; Crtina Jury At EaTlyDay j
"' Whiietbe. '1817 wili'Vobe lie
UeVn. Liliuokalani; was throws out' bf
eourt on Friday by Circuit Judge C.
jTifo'rd 'iafia ;the cKse U bo sfabdig
whatever - in . the .courts, that famous
document, jwbtcb Jtbe witn'esses to tjie
liame'Liliuoka'iani" say Is a rak
forgery, is held tinder close lock aid
Vey, or 'two locks and keys, for it s
ib one compartment .bf a feafe, 'ak'd oft
craooupienta which were introduced
into .the Court for proving the "will"
a forgery, are iu another. They are
i.a .the custody of Harry Wilder, elefk
Of the court, and. will so remain until
tbe territorial gTand 'jury inyestigatles
iL- I t en. !
the. whole affair.
This inveStignfion wfll .be ' faVrti tp
cany is) yanuarvt accoroing o ";iry A
tnmey ' A. Jl. Brow n, Vhh annobncM
testeVd.yhkt VVrlhces.'' Thery.
M. Kealoha and
will be three -of
""L" AT
tBe e"rg Sr.b V)
r7f.rf.. H r. nr.
ne sunjeetea 10 inerana jury inquisi . of .efflelgn-cV lb Vhieb Jhey were be-'P.4-ipther
name's will probably le for the wsi'-'tr.no'KOolD founds. ' '. ;
given to tbe grand Jury and it"lSSaid- Tuttrrs Tnrperilid .i,
tbst body will probe deep and faT'liftol - The rhiMirt' n'roWneilsS 1 'tV. tf
all the circumstances which, mrle I a'e'mbntks b the building of liner ton-scandal-
of the effort to give Quebn Wajfe,:,th'e Tu'tuVe of the Hifes mnst' be
Liliuokalani the. "roval obsequies and tiiravety fwipcVilbd.' Tlie 'btpbiilliiibif
'attenlirht to Vhlch she Was entitled V
Hawaii 'a last sovdrign.
Ahnbst eveVy trttrt o'f tl Mfioral
prejiarations for Vhe (Ween "were lilbek
ed or d by the terrh of th 'will"
which "the court 'bfts' decfate'd ''ftnudu
rent: and- -wfilch -btrtb '"wUnesses" do
clsre.to be-a fraud in every -way. :f
AnnottBceinent Ja Ajniulng ' ' ' .
.'A laughable feature yesterday Vhk
tbe announcement, by Theresa ths( she
had retained. Attorney Lorrin AndrcSr
to ei) resent her in her. own mevemMit
to have the "1017 wiH" probated.
Andrews ' being ' the sttprney w ho wns
tke firsts to cive Dublicitv to the fm-.f
that be - believed the document 'to be
fraudulent. - t , , - J
Meanwhile,' the appointment, of H
Paeola Holstein as temporary admin
1st rat or, for ' the Queen's estate -holrhv
tvnd probably will hold during the 'Jro--
eeedinga over the ini will which was
Signed, st" the 'time the Queen srgnbd
thj " Liliuokalani Trust " . deed. . Tlie
1309 will -la being contested by Trince
Kulanianaole. ' . f "'
'CoL .0. P. Iaukea Is.plsnning to file
a petition for the appointment of a
snisrdiaitad litem for the Kawanana
koa minors to "proteet their Inefc't1'
should they content Kuhto's clnim tlia'
he Is the sole heir at law and next of
4 kin of; the 'late jeea. .
soeiated. Press V-Tka htrsm tslrker
Nubnnnronnded bn the sabds 93 miles
north of tffiis port nt midnight ' hint
night. The vessel wirelessed in distress
but afterward got off uunided, by her
own power.
aj to - a
! urnfj'n, n
.40 te .45,
.28 ta .30
.28 te .30
iucks,.Musc ib.
.Piieks Pekin, lb.
.Pucks, Jlawa. dosen
.V.t..05 toii
.. - .ol to :..m
.. f.OO to 2.2.1:
... ,79 to 1.00
. . 1.00 te 1.00
Taro, bunch.
Tafo. ewt. .
1 t K
Tomatoes, lb
t p , , 4.if
.on to .o;
60.OO to 70,1)0 Vucnmbers, dosoa ....... .40 to ,.I'iO
r7-t,Vurrpkihs, lb 4 .02 to .0C
Pinenpplrs, ewt. .. . . , , . ... . ,v, l.feO'
PspaiMf lb. .OS to JtKVt,
Strawberries i ..,..', j-.-. ,
Haw. oranges, ItH) ' A .'.'.. t. ;.' .'. V.' 1.00
.Hve weight. They are slaughtered ifnd d
Up 14 130 potiads. .1.1 to 13. 'Bnckftlig
. ,-' ' ;
., ,.lh 6 flflSfrrrtdhi'tb. .11 t6 .If
, .- M te ilflWrk dressed, lb. v. ... .18 to :2l
A-ips, ID. . .......................... .ja
Goat, white, ... ta JO
0 ' '.'i t V , .
f. e. b. BToaolulai
Onts, tbn .
....... Yl.60 "to h.OOl
Wheat,, ton
............... 04.U0
69.00 -to 70.00
...... 47.00 to 52.00
.......v....... 47.00
Middliuflf .
dace that' is ot' brooeriv1 irridel
a shipment r rarge. Island corn wss
received f rem' Maqt Whicn? Void "for
72 00 to 75.60 a ton.. There is rery
lltfS' h.lsn.1 cord IV Hhe Wsrket b.it
tb 'om 'that is'"' beinK received ", isJ
....K.S i (1; .
Hides have none to their old nrLces
since last weeVTTue to an Increase os
1 1 . . I.. 1. . ' . , :
.Tne t oasT. -. .
I 'Sgir "have a'd'vb'nre five .Venfs
(jahien ; during Yhe week but tbo , DlrM
sion would not tie surprtaei! to see them
go still higher. due tb the Increased eot
'of tVed. ( roultryMea nfe eomplafning
jtba't HKkty lire not mating ny teonuy
pnyibg so h bigh prices for feed and
selling heir poultry .and egg at the
.prevailing market prices,, i , '.; Cj-i
. , 0. B..LlGHfFOOT. 1
j v.t.t - -Acting rBuierintendent.
jtf State' Erha?to,.Ph tuifdihi oH
tannage ruinrc Tn urres
. , r impernfed
''. .LlV'tVpodL,, December; I3--(Asso.
"eiated Press) The Liverpool Bteam-
ship Owners, Association, ; reports t
2.11 pf its 'ships Vith 'a Hotel tofan;
ef 1,465,046 'are numbered aniong
auioiio- the
war lussrs since August. ine mn-
. . lf.taW UJ... S..A IAIJ ' IPL.
rirre losses numbered 33 Vess'eTs witb it
total of 174359 tons. ' ' -'. t
KeW Vessels ndded 'fb the Seet bf
the: 'members' 'of th'e fcssdAitr6n "sfer
131 with a tonnage nf 4,3.12.' ' r
The 'asJocfa'tioa 'esffmhtea the 4 ewt
of VepWcemi-bt 'of ftner losses Juring
'the War nt l6,noo:oH) ttpiinds.' Afu-r
iledn-cfibg fff),0OU,on0 lis recoverable no
flr Ihrfursnre br frtrm the 'States' as
aVertarh'el Vkliles under 'the terms of
to be provided ot .V,06,O0). 1 add I
1 vA' aijmM W.i. Ja. V j 'x . l. ,
tfo'n there Tliust be "heavy 'outlay i
rneonaionmg nner neets ns they rtlst
When peace Is restored. In 'the result
provided the Whole Hf the inoney 'eel
, jcVted In " rc'sieet Of War trtsiw.' Hi re
raVB-,..i t: it.rriA;k i.i -i..i. io.i.i
U o nd .nr'or.e;Vn-;'h.r:f
- ,. J , ... - . ... '
furthpr "enpifar, dr'bn credit, th ordor
P '.bring'bfceV -eTr IfcVtk fo''the state
i'STCd ftfeSlitiea ybr'fhe building o'f such
tonnage ar limited, and If Ih'e slips
tte becuoied v 'State sb i furl tt wm li-.
JmpOBsTbTo fo'f'hie llrfes to jreplaee .their
losses.' , But nbbve all Vlse.' lf the State
I. .l.t.:A'JL rJk.Ii.Jf. .U. UL i.
,i uuitiuiiji . Biups m rumpriv wnn no
Unos their credit with tbefr, khsrehbld
iro will be destr6ycd, and Wrh chpl
tal as thev have available will be -with-
frawii to ffnd rttore'aee'ni'e eniployment.
"The 'fj'uetrtlon afe(l io this Inehio
ran. turn lire of MVsslnlr' importance, as
it link rWently been khnoukced that
th'e fwnte fs starting on the building
or nner tonnage. . rums are already In
exisren'i'e for vessels to ciirrv almut
fo.flOO "ton'dead, welgnt, at a speed of
1 Knots.
' Th iBnoVVktfnn asked Ike ' fcovern
merit to guarantee fbat'the business
of the lines khan be restAred to them
sfter the Wa:r and that they le pro
vided with nteel . for teplaeing tbe
HfctKN A, Montana, DWmber 21-
(Associated Press) In honor bf John
M. Cotfffcny, forrperly h reporter of
nj, ouiie una. cenver, voiornao, ano
who has Worked with newwpftiirr mAn
now' practising -their falling in mtnv
cities of the Northwest,' the 70iHMon
tanker laanched- ' at Xilinieester, New
Jersey, in November, waa nmned. Mr.
Oobneliy diefl -Denver, October 31
tld. Vefnn enVHffCd'at the time of hi
death as advertising sonager of n gas
and elect ri light company. , ;
Connelly was born at sea In 174'
while his imrents were en route from
Inland to ueluud, so that the flontiup
memorial l his honor la regarded as
'being -jiractically appropriate.
i imii i i in ii r ri 11 in i
Kauaiafi'talis This 'Giving to'm-
ion jo jina tpernyAS nach
f" IcffJ Is Gerrrin,'Controlled
').'. li- UAl'.ij -. . .. . .
mm 'Sale 'f .-i.Ucehse 1 Will
' VMh Hamful To Success
: of Komtfstfearto .
"TsMt Bot hiiekt time for the terri
tory of Hawaii to stop 'giving enbifori.
fbTihe ebenivif" Inquires n eo it HJ .'ind
ent front Ksoat, 'v Well hirown resident
of the Garden, IlsB(J, jrferring to the
suiiuiiucrnivai nx ,ini llirHa commissiimpr
tlikt Vh'e Kapslli wkfcf license is to' be
soldVo ht takne fcogar Comfmny.
VoT TcW sons werl known to those famil-
sr. with KauaT conditions, the. writer
fire fr to remain anonymous. .
8aya the- Ksusi.writuft. . J j ,'
An American Protest
"la The Horiolulu papers of twehftb
inst. appeared -the following: ' y ' '
. ' IMrsnkOt ,to nn understsnding
feaebed feeVritly bet wee a Land
OomrhiKsfOtfer Bertram U. Itlven-
bnYgh and Herman "Volteys maa-
' k'fier 6t Makee Hngar Company, ft
Is elrpveted that an application y
Hbe company for th'e pniS-Hhse 'of
'the Wkter license for Kapahi ditch
la Kapaa section Will be made.
' "As aa American. ettlxen, T ifrotcst.
fa. th' first, place the government of
this 'Terrrtory should hold Control ef
11 water rights, and ee tbnt its newe
st carters are justly deslt With. -
"4fn the second place, he is giving
Ihe TrrirUe,7e "of an American Territory,
Into the kind of 'a eorporstioo, whose
Igentk bavo given ns Oerms.l-Amerienn
citizens 'Of the , rnoet ' contemptible
type--vlsriRdfJlelt,and'hroeder. '
-- ii imm iDvugB our mnu com-'
mfkslo'rier ik trying to impose extra
Worlt bit Hfln. 'Mitchell O. Palmer, who
Whs srpninte4 in' Ortobe last to take
charge of alien enemy WopVrtv.
"H. Haehfeld ' Co. wboev stock is
brhrtlrallT nil held ia "Germany; con
trols at this time six of the nine plnn
'adorls of this Island, quite enongh for
ine nuen owisra nrm. ; is u nor .nnout
Irte for the .Territory of Hawaii, to
rtijp givlng comfort to tbe eiienivf .
.- r ..... . - . r "AMERICAN.
ooMiteadtro m Soffnr . -
A sdeohd letter from the same 'writer
' ''l feet that ; tbe land t ommisaloner .-
jWR away 'the water "pritileges of
Ihe Tefrifory-'VO 'anyone is 'mhlfnn n
very (rave mistake., and e.'pcrtally so
when lie Itiriia it .nvrpr ta Aur npiiili
the Buns. . This' opinion is shared by
most bf the. thinking men of this eem- '
mnnity.,,,'' ; '.''.., ' t ','
; fOne thing Vs sure knd thst is that
tbe time of water shortage the plan- -tation
cane -will not suuYt for water
Vit tho1! of the' homesteader certainly
Vill ; . v . i .
im ' .l c i.
. . , . . M . 1 1 .1 . l . Mir rr- mtftVY
flgnr 'Company Is 'not sympathetic, to
ny it mildly., to things Ameriraa, Bed .
Trentit1 aSvtbing else. ,' ;,v; -.',.
'. "I arm not a homesteader, snd never
nxpeet to bej no ant net directly later'
mted.'V ,. .... ..
' Governor -Pinkham la bow on Kauai
' ' tW It. f ' Vamm muM4 it , 1. t,.-jr-.
Hood, of Joknel Spalding, formerly g
- - rM .. V -1 .' svr.H . V .rn I V. 1 ' .
"wt-r ei iiisKrf wnn nu .very promi
nently identified with Its rnanSitement,
althnogh the Vontrol has recently been '
acquired-by the ljhe riantatlos. .
'. ' I W III i'0 l r
iono1utu; Wanlfiii': Take Charge '
. of fllo'$f Pioneer Paper ?
. ,,,',., .... ..i rv
, .Thornton V 'its Wv;4 at one -time V
'4iwibei ot The AdvertiwcrVi editorinl
staff, well known fn the nntt spair ud
pnhticity flelds of; nono'ntn. reeutly
connected with the flepartment of pu It
He works la a clerical position, ha rn
signed the Hitter position and yester
day joft oa the Mauna Kca for llilo
where, be will ,lei'Oiii"V'fitor of tbe
Daily fribuae. .Ho-will siiifeed II? K.
Bootbby as editorial Ijvad frf 'ibai Iig
Island Pioneer paper.' ' ,
Ri.i,1 hlk UfrV .. TiU i.f,..f... '
hfr. Hardy eoiiducted the publicity cam- .
paign ror tne Mui'i'ai iB.' Varuival lust ,
year and was to bave done the same
ork this Vesr had not the. declaration
of War and s'uWquent'Vliaiige 'ln con
dlt'ionk altered the dri'gluni' i, sue Yor
the Carnivol. He has aUo d'uie other
successful publicity "work In Hnnolfiliu
Before coming 'to the 'Islands hlr.4
Hardy bad k very considerable ne'.vs- ,
paper experience oa the niaihlnad. 'Ho
la a elenr,' forceful writer, well reail,
knows the news and how to get it aud
hAnld give satisfaction to the llilo 1
reading iabsW In his -now position. -
la ndditioa to his other duties Yor
the Mepartmeut of public wifrics.rhicii
were largely literary. Mr. Hardy was
1 l ; ! i ... .. i,.
HAM ANTONIO, l)cemler 23-(As-"clR'ed
Press)Knriqiie Lilps-sb, the
est 'survivor of those ,who occupied the
Mamb, nnder, eommanfl ,rf Hnale and
Crockett, wben tbo fighting gar isou
was ied wit by , Mexicuns ' wndec
Haata Afina.'dled here ,1m t nlgSt. ed
eighty-nine years. -He was hoy of
right when liu passed tliroimli the two
weeks' siege, nhicb ended with tbe
massacre of the survivors ct the Amer-
( it-au garrisou.

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