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... . - ., v
former Governor Asks Government To Impound Dividends of For
V. mer German Residents and Invest It In Liberty Bonds?
r Territory Must Throttle Germanism and It is the
' ; v Duty of Every Individual To Help '
"I personally called th attention of the Oermans in Germany get the bm
Secretary of the .Treasury MeAdoo to'' fund! He doe aot know bat
the fact that there are many person
4. j, . ,, : j
now living to Germany, formerly. rwt -
deata of the Hawaiian Islands, .to merit was that when it beea me ueees
whose credit largo dividend sum are aary si suggestion would be inquired
placed, derived from revenue from , i,"t.Btdt,(,, Hawaiian matter fally ta
augur companies of the Islands, and "cSnine an interview with him
that thete amount should be turned Ran Francisco paper regarding
into. Liberty Bond and the latter heUl Hawaiian sugar, and the responsibility
by the, federal government, for these1'0' the ehortage of wgar, tb former
... .L ! m , Governor said it wa necessary to forei
men nntil after the war," aald former . ,e0I10mr npon th American people.
Coventor Oeorgo R. Carter yesterday, that the Axing of the price on ran
shortly after hi return from the mai.i
liuid. ', ' ;': V. ; . .
Vlt was found that in the United
Btates mainland Oermany '. was reeeiv.
ing vast sum through insurance Com
panies who head bouse were all in
(wmiiir. ' Althoairh the moner' eotiM I
' - . i
not be physically sent Into German,
it wsa being transformed into.Brar.il-
ian, bonds and these bonds were then
negotiable .and aed la German' prop-
ganda in the United Mates. It was
a backfire agaiast the Uaited Mate. ,
It waa American money, in fact, that
was being used by Germany in its war,
upon the United Bta tee. I suggested
therefore, the appointment of a cud-
todiaa of these funds for the period of
war, to prevent the money in any wav,
bond or otherwise, toeing given ov?r .
to the as , oi tna uermans, lormeny
of Hawaii, and now resisting ia Our
many.. . ;''-"'
""When Germany heard of the actin
of the Washington government in with
koldiag these funds she began a aerie
of reprisal, chief of which were the
seizure of actual property ia Germany
Lclonging to Americans.- America nas
lit . ..4 iV. TJaml Jtftniiailr..
tee.-r. .etching up with the apiwt
that prevaila on , the mainland, and
niacins the German ia Hawaii in the
eias to wntca iney ueioug. u o
German are pro-German, thea they
are the worst kiad of enemies we ean
hare in our midst. .
"It ia time that our people undi'?-
10O4 Iliai uermany iibs iwrn iniu-icu
and tried, and found guilty. If any
Germans profess to adhere to, Germany,
thea . thev are criminals as much a
Germany ia. Would any firm employ am,. Utitnrl 29 north an
criminal f . No. Then why employ P; I
mans who are aot yet above suspicion!
Our Garmaju Are Buna
' "'Just while I waa crossing the con
tinent on my way home I heard that
eighteen Belgian children had beeH
brought to yariout ritiea to be brought
uo ia various communities. All had
beea mutilated by th Germans. This
is bo fairy tale. It is true. I did not
aee it myaelf, but that ia aa argument )
that theee are not fact. Will Irwm l
aad other newspapermen in Germany
signed a- statement that they had not
seen certain atrocities, but they bud
mental reservatiooa. That ' waa th
onlv way they could get more Infor
mation. I was at a club in New York
and this subject ram up, A man
' asked if anv in the room had ever sec a
a street ear accident. None had. But
H wa eaid ther were thousands of
fuck aecideut xiuht along in trie city
X'lUai laCfS. At IS IOC MUI nun tiua
Ueliriaai matter. Can any American
. A. A-m...M,kw v i.l. una hAM kn
HTV T ITH, PHH; " " -" '
.ti . ! .. L......
ayuipeinixes nil u vit-j inn n . x nuvn
iig of these things!
' denths. The urovernineiit anks us to
' couserve aad asks us to seM our in
come. , But howl By buying Liberty
.1 i . i : .. . i. - .. ........ .... .r W
,. war." .
" "I want everybody here Jo read Van
Dyke fewest book, 'Fighting fo;
T) ' mnili will trnnnform snv Anf
who i not yet '! e'my of Ger-
' i-'.. ........I i.:.
. many, into an uriun. ,w-n.i-T
4u u inftifftmpnt nf Germiinv.
A, ... .. - ..
. nThi nurmin uronairanda IS fr-
rrsvBiu. a, " "b" VM
Kven the Halifax horror is now snid
o be a direct result of this propaganda.
' bored iuto and the contents permitted
to leak Into the Uiwer decks where it
I A m A . L - . ..... w. .AanltAil
it i. .Mit1v tielieved this was done bv
t mm enemv. '
MaJM Men Want TO rigM
1 Kesrd Canadiun officers tell the
veaaona why. after being wounded, they
t mn anxious to Bit back again and
, flght tbe.Hun. It is a story of the
vilest atrocities which have been com-
mitten oy urrmani iimp imnnii --
' diera. or any" aoldiers in this or any
wsr " .'
Mr. Carter told of Jhe reasons why
ha wrote to th -treasury department
r eoncerniag Incomes from H""1 "i
, plaatations plsced to the credit 'of for-
mer German, iesideuta of Hswaii now
.jiving in Germany, which 'hey .nM
'fietfotiato.': In Rochester, tli" fii-me-
bora of Mrs. . Carter, the 11-nnrr
1k linM ' M.r mHBIlfac4lirpil. The
' rm made an agreement " ith a 'lermnti
. . t! . . .1... ..
rrm ror eoonerarion. inn
m ': Tiim Arm tt-aiiififf to Nttll out
tnir tn mm au net withl 'iblibg mrnvi
'fiwia't Oermiir i Gemiuiy. 'il Ci"s
tmif fhero in hi t 'iri 'lane of Liberty
pk- Uuk. a, (inn Po-.llv t ' I
, ur . .
tSe. nrrir'an "'m ' '"
nil n v'tilf
Ksl ni.,?:w,"WiJt; V Ve- Y"rk
I.atik. Th ,,.e)ic'e- fic-t .- H-s rp-
, .ui. - awiwi IIIMI l
:r::::-:4- -i-'.i.-.. n.
t'. '()( p'1" rhd ' tc chase,! .Libecv
. Toads, eid '-i la"' are helt n the
; f -.-..- ""ier mrqit )tr n,
f."t!sed by the- ?- o - -n m
--or lv fimvmv 'i i I- sr.
la nonolula Moaa-y Helping Wnr1
' . For that reason Mr. t arter fallen at- men be tnkeu into the regular amtvi
t.ntlnn to the HswhUhu sources n' lence sen ic un the iinderstHOdiii!!
vxvantm. Where do these incomes got
JIowbave they been utilised ao that
feels that this hat happened and la atill
nsppeiung. ne wowa Bare it stopped
xh(, nnnet trnm th trMgnry
happening. . He would have it topped
sugar helped ereate a shortage. How
ever, onee the January, crop of sugat
eomes into the market there will be ar
shortage, and if the people are schooled
to be ernnomieal in the use of sugar
there wilt , be all the sugar that if
Throttle Germanism '.",
mr. vnner nsa remroea ro.uawai
firmly convinced that nro-Oermanisu
Mr. Carter baa returned to Hawai
In Hawaii must be curbed to the limit
He say that the people must d ii
every way to throttle Germanism aw"
the secret workings of the propaganda
and it is incumbent npon every Indivi
dual to aid the throttling wbeneve
and wherever he eomes in contact, witl
it. ;
Mr. Carter went east to be presen
t the marriage of his daughter Eliaa
beth to Ensign Bogardus, of the L niter
"'"" rmjj. imm '
the laree contingent of Yale men wht
entered the aavy at the beginning o
the war, and haa bee ia constant er
vice, crossing aad . reeroasing the At
lantic many time.-
a a s minPn
-teamer Maverick, wrhick Hgure,
in M Hindu revolutionary plot . Is
'believed by officer of the Union Liu-
steamer Taloona, which waa '; in Ba-
Francisco about two week ago, to bt
operating aa a Germaa raider between
here and Ban Francisco, according t'
recent , mail advices . from the .Coast
Officer of the faloona say the Mavei
ick waa definitely recognized whet
seen on December 8 af seven -thirty ii
ongitude west, which ia aboa
1500 miles' from Honolulu and betweei
here and Ban Francisco. -
The story of the-' Maverick whicl
apiORred in the Baa Francisco Rxanii
iter followa id part: '
"The attention . of the Paloona
which waa running with light doused
a t-fTktTul ta ihsTi Mai vaariittr h
flare jighu nd rocket mgnifying dir
treM- ,Tne iIoob, put over and wa
udllen,v eoyeni by tae rmj., of ,
j,,,,. Officers of the Paloom
were able to make out the outlinea o
the vessel. The Paloona quickly pu
about, crowded on steam and mad lie
Recognize Maverick Type i"
"The officers of the ship declare
yesterday that the silhouette
UMwftively that of the Maverick, whicl
is unmiBtftkable,
"They were so certain that a re
port waa-made to the local navy oQ
cials to that effect.
"The Maverick, formerly owned b'
Fred Jebeen, was mixed np in th
Hindu revolution plot and waa in
terned in Batavia. Later she waa re
leased and sold to a New York firm
the United States government takin
the purchase money. 8he left Man'
la fo the Carnal loit August. 8in
then nothing has been heard of her.
Three Cruiser Search '
- "One Japanese . cruiser is on th
aearch and two British fast cruiser
are combing the waters aouth and wea
are combing the waters aouth and wea
of Honolulu, according to reporti
brought here. The Maverick is only f
' freighter, but has distinctive lutes ant
can make fourteen knot when clean
as to bilge and Under forced draft."
Bring Balder' Prisoners
i When the Paloona arrived in 81
Francisro with nearly fifty sailor wh
had been captured bv the German raid
er Sea Adler, it -was discovered that
i L ,l. ...... . -
1 . .. n ft-u ilAvm Tairljir nt IVahII
Washington. She wa among th
Amcricann marooned by the Germat
raider on Mopeha Island, following the
seizure, of the schooners R. C. Hlad
Manila and A. B. Johnson last June
With the fifty sailora she embarked
- i-., . . -
American Taken Off ,
I After the A. B. Johnson was cap
tured and sunk by the Heeadler'the
riaue ani aiauim were signieu anu
mnk, following the transfer of tht
crews to the Seeadler. The Aoiericani
merooiied on Moteha is and by the Oer:
nuins, who left in motor launrhos, were
'en to Papeete by u British jrteaaaer.
(,',i,tin ilulilor Hruith of . the Blade
ailed in a small boat from Mopeha to
i'tigo Pngo for assistance to take the
Americans away from Mopeha.
Cnptnin Petersen, Captain Y. K.
Southard and eleven seamen of the
. (( of the Manila and A. B. Johnson
wtiirnei on the Paloona.
'hptuitis Houtliard and Petersen said
tiie nccount given by Captaiu Kmitb of
' ne I irnniHTf oi me Anicr.cmis in nir
u 1.!. . . . . ..!.
ntiiiiu -raw un IIIK rrviiru mumuv
no was subxtuuTially. what had trans
pi red.
amriii lkc.f nnRP5 nFniiNFn
LONDON. December 12 (Assoclat
ft J'rmii The " narsoua ambulance j ih made" the court then ba the powe'
corps" for front line rervire, mhica ) of confirming the sale or ordering it ft
the Bishop of Loudon offered to rait-e.br rl1 over atrnin.
has been rejected by th war office, I " IToon this sale he is allowed th'
which however suggested the clergy
they be kci.l tnuctlit-r in scctioua ii
far us pMih.e.
Master Inquires
As To Validity ; '
of Will of Swanzy
Question Is Asked Whether Birth
of Daughter After Making of
Testament . Has Arty Bearing
On Validity of Instrument ;
Because a daughter was borh to Mr.
and Mrs." Francis Mill Bwanr.y after
h had (igned hi last will and testa
ment, ' which ' w dated October !.'(,
1890, Joha F. Colbura, th master ap
pointed by Circuit Judge C. W. Ash
ford to teak inquiry Into the apprais
era' report of the property left by Mr.
Jwanzy at the time of hi deal la
February, 19 17, raises s qpestioti as to
whether th term of the will may aot
e invalidated, N because of this inci
lent.:.-;: w ;v..--
Th master called the Judge 'a atten
loa to a quick In the law, referring
6 Beetion Be vised Law of Ha
rail, "wherein the law purports to in
validate a will npoa two certain eon
ingeneie arising, but ia reality doe
t not, even though only one rontin
;ency.ha arisen ia this case, as in thi.
ase in the birth of Rosamond subse
ruent to the date of making of tin
-rait" -: -i:
?hiUI orn Later : ' ,
"Th paramount feature of the law
a it appear to me," adds the master
'is not so much as to the marriagi
hen a ' testator ia already married
iut th birth of a child after the sign
ag of the will and Bo provision hav
ig beea mad for such child, aa it
hi case. A ' marring has to precedt
a; order that .the issue is legitimati
tad eaa iaherit." . "
Th will, after disposing of som
riakets to a brother and. sister in Dub
kin, both of whom are dead, and gift)
. i . . ,
a omer relatives ana rnenas, lesve
is .estate of every nature and kinc
nd all real and personal property rc
(a- thea wife, now his widow, Mra
ulie Jadd 8wany. ;
' The master inform' the court that,
a child wa born May 12, 18S9, apt'
led October 28, 1890; Nora Hasting
waniy wa born September 8, 1890,
nd was married April 11, 1917 tc
leorge . Young Bennett; Jtoeamom'
wanxy was born February 8, 1895.'.
To Bond riled
A to the appraisement of the prop
rty and the administrator's fee, th
taster -repoati that though thia estatt
avolves aver a million dollars am
he moat of it ia in convertible aecuri
lea, W. H. Baird, th administrator
ia administered it without filing ant
oada, so done at the spcial reqnee
t th widow on April 12, 1917, shr
teing tb sole devisee nd the, mai?
egatee. .' ' . '
V..Th widow elected 4o take under thr
term of the will which election wa
lied April 28, 1917. A. W. T. Bottom
ey, Theodore F. Lansing aad Albir
tlom were appointed appraisers of th
state 6a May 27. 1917, giving as tht
alue-of the estate the sum of (t,370,
57.23. . .- N ' ' .
- Mr, Colburn recommends that ' thr
dministrator of, the estate should b--.warded
further commissions of tw
nd oae-half percent on 1,0.19,759.78
r 25,993.09 and two and one-half per
ent more on said amount after his ae
unt are approved and he distribute
he bronertv, or a total in eommissiom
f 151,987.98. . , .
nheritaac Tax Unpaid
The master rah, attention to thi
act that the administrator has aa ye
iled to pay to the. Territory the in
eritaqee tax, although he haa a large
ash balaare on hand and whereby ir
aying it now he will obtain the die
ount provided by law. The territoria
reasurer informed the master that h
as approved - the appraisement madi
nd would be willing to accept the in
eritanee tax in accordance- therewith
'he same applies a Itto to the balanet
f the federal (ax, which also haa no'
een' paid. The master makes com
nents on the liquidating of indebeted
icsses aa follows:
"This estate is one vented with thi
nost of its assets made up of persons'
iroperty; n other words, aasets tha'
het administrator is empowered undo
he law to convert into cash at hi dis
retion without even asking the court'
erraission during his term of Idmii
aymnt of Debt
"For instance, the demise of a per
on occur, such at in this case. H
wn all kinds of personal property
ind some real estate. There is
izecutor or. administrator appoint
ind the appointee advertise fo
laims, has a certain length of time i
hicli to file his Inventory and, unde.
II usual conditions, the claims, what
tver they may lie, must be filed ia si'
lontli from the date of the Brit pub
'ieatiqn or in six months after a ciair
becomes due. The executor or admin
istrator, to expedite the settlement o'1
the estate and not knowing what obli
rations the person haa contracted dur
ing his lifetime, or in general word
9wet, take it upon himself to sell am"
dispose of everything ia the way o'
nersonal property to be prepared to o'
off the creditors. No statute prohibit
him from selling, but with the real es
tate the appointee is tied hand an
foot by not being able to sell tha'
class of property until 'the time is ui
for the presentation of rlnima and If
after such time, be finds that no per
soniil property is available to pay of
with, nr there is not a sufficient 'ouan
tity. then, and only in that ease, ia h
permitted to sell real estate. Ever
then he must 'nny to the court for per
miKHion, and the court cannot gran'
tlist permission unless it is for th
express purpose of paying the debt o'
the deceased person, and after the ear
: ' ... .
conimisainn that is allow ! rpon sale
of the personal property. Otherwise, i'
1 property i not "old. no commls
sion ar in sight. Therefo'e, if th'
r iji lit- exists for the administrator to
sell the personal property at anything
within six months, and he doe not do
it, but takes pot lunk chance to sell
later, after the six month I up and he
haa delayed tb settlement and krpt
the crcAitor out Of their money longer I
than he should, 1 tak it he I entitled
to a commission upon the appra;
value of everything la the way of per
sonal Property at the rat of two and
half pvrcent before filing hi account
and two and a half percent upon kls
distributing or paying Over the aame
to those W ho are entitled to it." '
On thi reasouiag he believ. Mr.
Bnird should hav hi two and a Bklf
percent commission twice, or 3L9S7.98
in alL v ' -; ,.r , - '' c't-' :,A
O'ttfvl Inystmnta ' .' J'.
Interesting sidelights In the appraise
ment of the stock and bond owned by
Mr. Swanzy are given in th present
prices of sales or. values. For instance,
his share In Tbeo. H. Device Co. are
given at 225 a share, but he believe
thia could easily b $240 a share, mak
ing an extra amount of over $18,000.
11 says that th house of Da vies Co.
is one of the largest and most lucrative
business houses in the, Territory,.
Hhares of the Kalwiki 8ttgar Com
pany, situated in Hamakua, Hawaii, pf
a par Value of 20, is listed by the ma
ter'at $3L a share shares ia Hamakua
Mill Company, at ' Hamakua, Hawaii,
par value t(K), appraised at 128; Kae
leku (Sugar Company, Hana, Maul, par
value, 10, appraised at lS; Kabuku
Plantation, Kshuku, Oahu, par value,
20, appraised 20; Ewa Plantation,
Kwa, Oahn, par value 20, appraised
t.12; - M'aialu Agricultural Company,
Waialua, Oahu, par value L0, ap
praised 30; Pepeekeo 8ugnr Company,
i'cpeekeo, Hawaii, par value 20, ap
praised 40; Hawaiian Sugar Company,
.Vfakaweli, Kanai, par value 20, ap
praised 39; Ofthu Mugar. Company,
A'aipohu, Oahu, par vclue. 20f ap
praised 2SJ0; Hawaiian Hugar Com
pany, Puunene, Maui, par value 25
appraised 48.75; Paauilo Agricultural
mpcuy, par value 20, but Auly 14.0 i
paid in, appraised 14.05; Union Mill
Jompanv, par value 100, - appraised
3.135., . , .
Honolulu Iron Works, par value 100,
ippraised 200; MeCabe, Hamilton A
fenny, par value 50) ( appraised 50;
iustnee, Peek Company, par value 100,
ippraised 100; Oahu Railway Land
Company, par value 100, , appraised
5102.50; Sao Carloa Company, property
jwned in Philippines, par value 10,
ippraised 15; Engels Copper Company,
California, par value t, appraised 7; I
Wama Diudings Company, Malay Pe
oinsula, par value 10, appraised 8.30;
Hawaiian Humatra pompany, par value
120, appraised 10., . :' J ' '
Bank of Calif ornja. Ban Franeiaco,
'ar value 100, ...appraised 199.50;
wift . Co., Illinois, par value 100,
appraised J42J50; Midland Becurities,
5tste of Maine, par ' value 100, ap
praised $91; Vancouver ' Engineer
Works, Vancouver,; British' Columbia,
par value 5, appraised 5; Chicago
Milwaukee Bt. Pan I Bailway, par
value 100, appraiaed 117:75; United
Shoe Machinery Company, New Jersey,
par value 25, appraised 29.75. " ,
Chicago, ook Isjand ft Pacific Bail
yav, Chicago, pdr' value 1000, ap
praised 737.50; Central Leather Com
pany (bond's), par. value f two, sp
traised 1010; t Jf.efegett Myers
(bonds), par value;,'. f 1000, '' appraised
JI275; Texas Company, par Value 1000,
tppraised 105250. '. , , f- . '
'.. Cuban Sugar ConipanV, par value
U00, appraised .12'4: Pacifie Club
tod Country Club, 'being social com
rtanies, little or noslue for' appraise
ment purposes wa givea. :
' Mr. Bwanzy' subscriptinil t tl
English "Loan i represent a 'bond fi
'0,000 pounds, representing a Value ot
45,184.50. . . ! . ';
In Island properties ' was his one
two) fth interest in Kualoa lAnch, Oahu
iiis proportion being over 6000. Life
nsuranse policies aggregated 20,510
he cash for which baa beea collected
by th administratoraod form a part
ri tb amount be ask to be charged
vith. The receipts of the admtniatra
tor total the aum of 374,386.24, largely
lerived from a credit he had. with
Pheo. H. Davie Co.
, There are federal tuxes amounting to
i57.fl40.18 and commission amounting
to 18.849.30. tb balance of cash On
hand calling for 277,945.13. -'t
, .
Denies Makee Sugar
m w v- , i ... ,
For Kapahi Waters
Land Commissioaer Bertram 43. Biv
enburgb denied last night that any ap
plication bad been made by the Makee
Sugar company to obtata surplus water
from- the Kapahi ditch in tb Kapaa
lection of Kauai.
The itatemeat wa made in reply to
charge that in disposing of tha water
o the Makee Hugar company tb Ter
itorv cif "iriviKg comfort to the
!iiemr ". as the Makee company is
iroperty of the firm of H. Hackfeld
the control of wuicn is ueia l
lerroan bands. - v
Under the law the Territory ia en
bled tu dispose by lease of surplus
raters in streams like that which feods
he Kapaa district of Kauai.. The or
Unary flow is for the use of home
)!- ' Hi nrneadura is to make ID
plication for surplus water to the land
ooara ana ir me appucsiiou mpiu,
ed the surplus water is sold at auction
The homestead land ia the. Kapaa
section were opened Inst November and
Commissioner Uivanburgn saia no np
t.licntinn for surulus water in the Kaptt'
hi diteb had yet foro before tire land
board. He said it waa possible that
the Make eempany might hav planned
a reservoir svatem with, th purpose
of seeking to acquire waters from the
ditch, but be said nothing so xar uau
come vrrore ue uuaru. .
QUNNI80N. Colorado. Deeember'8
fAsaociated Tress) In ordar to help
Provide for government needs of ex per
telegraphers, Dr. J. H. Koelev. prei
dent pf tb state normal school here,
haa aauounoed a course in teiegrapny !
will be added to the eurilrulum nex' i
term. Th eourse will be opwi to lilg'i j : ,
cbool student. '!'.;
First Kalakaua Vvenue 'Annual
Amateur Heel and Toe Event !
! : Big Success J
- Walter j. Pcott, 8t. Loul V. College
graduate ' and representing th Y. M.
C. A.) won handily -yesterday afternoon
th first annual Kalakaua Aveane ama
teur heel and toe race, making th twa
mile from the 'government . nursery,
Keeaumoku and King Htrcet to Hein
le's Tavern, in sixtec minutes, and
forty-oa seconds. .
Bcott took the lead and held It
throughout, the only feature being that
as he keeled and toed along Scott in
creased' everlastingly the distance be
tween . him and the several men who
took turns behind him. The lauky
yonng man waa not even winded -and
could have' gone inte a second rare
against fresh competitor with a fair
prospect of finishing first again.
Peter t Faria ' ; Nevea, ; representing
Spreckeia Tract, whatever thi may be,
Aniseed second, his time being 16:55.
.Toe Ptickaey, he of . the Pan-Pacific
Club, earn in a bad third, time. 18:35.'
The other straggled along, as follow!
Frank Fisher, Tenth Company, C, A.
C Fort DeRnssy, .1:27i Peter E, K.
Wright. rn PaeiAe Club, 19:55; David
Kabalewal, Waialee entry, 20:06;
Hamnel H. Kabalewai promoter)," un
attached. ' although, he has a married
wife. 20:10. , ; -,',.' ,.,''
There waa quite a erowd at the start ,
" V "
thousand Sunday afternoon time-HH-
era Were at the tlnish to see bow fhe
heel and toe artist, esme in. The Ha-1
waiian band plaved from one o'clock
on but got tired before the end of the
rare, so that there was no music at the
Inisb. -' . ' .; ; ,' - '!
Will T. Rawlins acted as walking
udge aad be says that throu.hout the
wo hot mile not one of the seven en
tries broke his gait. Rawlins officiated
in place of Nigel Jackson, who slept
ate and forgot to show up. Otherwise
the officials were the same a published
in Th Advertiser yesterday morning.
. -.;
WAILIJKtr, Maui, December 20 A
meeting of the committee on sport of
the Maui Fair and Racing Association
was held last week for the purpose of
discussing the challenge isaued by the
United Btatea Cavalry baseball team,
Honolulu, to play the -Maui boy a ae
rie of game at New Tear. The com
mlttee felt that the time wa too ahort
to.' get together -a good team and it
would take a lot or hard practise. ana
also involve a pecuniary outlay that
they .were not Ja a position to meet at
present. Jt Ms, therefore, deemed ad
visable to decline to. accept tha chal
lenge, with Maul's regrets.
A challenge from Molokal to play
any Individual basebail team on Maui
was also turned down.
WASHINGTON. December Sl-W As
sociated Pressl Direct assurance . In
the confidence -which British and French
commander- have, in the ability of
Gen. John J., Pershing, commanding
the American troops in France, bas
reached the war department with the
return of Major-General ftcott from a
visit to England and France. Uen.
Scott brings word that the European
Allied eonimanuers are greeny saimncu
with Gen. Pershing's persouality had
ability and with the breadth and sound
nesa of American preparations to place
the nation' full weight in the scales
with its Allies.
MELBOURNE. December 22 CAs
sociated Pre) It i certain now, un
less there is a heavy soldier vote to
offset ' it. that conscription has been
Iflst iu Australia by a majority total
ling a hundred and fifty thousand.
--HIL0, Hawaii. December 20 Tb
county of Hawaii is an badlv In dent
that the supervisors today voted to sell
county equipment to square the eounty's
Indebtedness by December al.
; AcU lino a CHarm ia ,
' - , V the 9m'Jf fipMina In
Thn smly rwmatlv In NtunALOIA, OOVT, RMIUMATIMa.
Caavrastss alla TssUsmv asewapaaiM aa SMtM,
i as 1 .. li r--. .s.aa
Hawaiian SwiimncrsV
Although (t is doubtful If mainland
swimmers' may be secured for th A.
A. U. meet during Carnival week next
Febrfatry, ther will b enough record
holder la llsrwall to mat the meet a
sueeess," with the probability that new
record will be made, for Hawaii seems
to have that knack of changing ' th
swimming chart time every time there
is a meet here. .
With Duk Kahnnamoku, ' Clarence
Lane,' John Kelli aad Harold Kruger
a hendlinera and a galaxy of lesser art
ist th meet will easily be a success.
Of eourse. it wonld look better if main
land eptries eould be aeeured. . Ktill,
there is Ludy Laager," who - may be
available, at that time, for the wteet,
although it is believed that hie duties
at the coming training ramp 'may pre
vent him from being a competitor.
.Among the mermaid there are Elea
nor I.yseT. Marion Dowaett, Josephine
Hopkins, the Kenn and Anld sisters nd
a good. many more who willmake the
meet a stellar attraction, even though
it b but a local one. - ; V-'1 -v
' OI.brCEBTER,' New Jersey, Novem
ber 2fl The old race track at Glouces
ter, New Jersey,- 1 being transformed
into a big shipyard. Th New Jry
1 L.1J! It.
yljnla BblpbmMiB Company, whoa
yard adjoin. Work of fitting th rae
rk or .hipbM.ldinir pnrpoe.
' ? , ? fav,anIil within two
months the keels three or four ships
wilt have been laid. Th two plant
will probably employ "8000 men whea
equipped fully. . -l. ,
WAlLUKU, Maul, December 14-A
All Maul track meet will be held nnder
the auspice of th atbtetie committee
of the Maul County t alr Haetng As
sociation on Christmas Day at th base
ball oark at Wailukn. Four team arc
competing American' Athletifl Club,
Kahnlui, Wailukn and Lahaina. ;
There are ten event to be partlci
pated ia: Fifty-yard dah,v 100-yard
dash, 300-yard dash, 440-yard run, 880-
yard run. shot nut. running oroad lump
atandins broad Jump, high -jump and
pole vault. A cup. will be awarded to
the wianiug team
Much interest i beinrf' manifested
in the affair and it 1 anticipated that
th attendaaee.jnpon the meet till b
ve,y large.' -. -. . .
HT JOSEPH, Missouri, December 10
Th meeting of the Western Leegue,
which had been in session kern sinee
Sunday, ad journed "late today. . It was
decided to make th headquarter of
tha league in Bt. Joseph, and they .will
be removed here from . Kansas City
soon after the Drat of the year,
President Dirkersoa waa authorised
ta aelect two cities ia tb league to
taka the places of Denver and Lin
coin, and b will leave tonight for a
visit to Tuma and Ukiaboma vity, ox
lahoma; Davenport, . Iowa; Peoria and
Rockford. Illinois, from which tne e
lection ar to bo made. Nothing wa
don regarding the St. Joseph Iran
chise. "
. iresi(lent Dickerson announced the
signing of three of th - umpire for
next sesson Hpike Hhannoa, Ht. faui;
Con Daly and Matty ntxpatrici, ui
. . .. , ,
'The Oahu' Country Club defeated the
Honolulu Golf Club yesterday on the
Hnjeiwa links, Wsialua, by the scor of
nineteen to nine. The score were a
. Ovha Country Club H. P. Oifard 0.
W. H. Mcluerny 3.J. D. Melneray 1
Arthur F.wart.l, William Wong 0, Wil
Ham . Williamson 0, u lllard Grace
George II. Angus 0. F. H. Armstrong 3.
E. I. Spalding 0. H. K. Walker 2. Har
old Grace 1, W illiam Himpaon S, Col
Curtia P.Maukea 3, J. J. Bolser 0.
Total 1". ; i
: Honolulu Golf Club .Tame I.' B
Greig .1, William Bell 0, Frank Todd 0
J. Rexburg 0. B. McLean 0, E. W
Tireler il. F. Halstead 0, R. B. Booth
W. Canada y 0, W. Forrest !. 8. 0. Halls
0. W. O. Chalmers . Roy Black shear 0,
E. Monro 0, W. CuIlen 1. Total 9.
Chocks and JTst
The Sst Xmdy known fb
I knit) Manuf.4l
triplets ahe cg:;i
t -
Whco the: Hner China arrived ia Sao,;
Francisco ea her laat transpaclfle voy- .
age, sh had three mor pastenger
aboard than wie she left the Orient. '
Doctor' Leach, ship anrgeon, worked
during the ntlre night before arrival
In the Cost city, and. at nine-$ften
that morning, a th teamer w pass
ing th Farallone, wa abl to Ootily
Frsnclaro klarma that he waa the
possessor of a family ot ' thro, ' two
boy and a girl, ;-.. , -
Ae.eordina? 1 report front th Coast,
Msrilla was little ovreom by th
situation. , H Inquired eagerly if the
triplet would have to be taktn over '
to Angel Island for polng born alico
On being assured by the Immigration
authorities that th new comer wet
perfectly good American eitlaena, see
ing that toe rntner,w ucu, ne n
nonaeed thjt they would ' be-' vnmed
Francisco. Francisca and Angeloi the
last after the island whh,ithey did
not have to go to. : V ' ; , 1 :
L. Weinxhelmer, manager of Pioneer.
Plantation, Lahaina, Maui, ha retura
ed from the mainland, and may )eVa
for Msnl tonight. : ' '
";- INSURANCE AGENT.,-' . ' .
r.i Plantation Com nany '
Wailnk Agricultural Co, IM.
; Apokaa 8ugar Co., JUtd. . .., t J., '
. KohaU Sugar Company t. "
;WabUwa Water Company, WAV
" Fulton tron Work, 'of 8t.'Loui :
. Babeock Wiloog Company ',.
" GreM ' Fuel Econominer Com may
, Cha. C, Moor Co., Eng iheer ,
-' ..... .. .''.."..n-
maka bappx home and sound v
tiona. Znatin tt dp' '-
,-;--0org WaWhiagtwi. ; v.
' , ' ' '. s.-.j' ' ' : ' - V .
W pay 4-interest a llm d-
Mrebnt and Fort
' 8t Bonolola
:-f "' 7-1
. front Montreal to LlyerpooL ; .
.London and Glasgow via thi ' 1 -OAKADtAW
and Bt Lanrrenca Rout
,; . THE WOBtD ,- - J,
'; - 'and' ' ''.-';- -THE
" By , tho popular ; Priae
Bteamera from Vancoavar, "
Vletortn or ,Battl.
For full' information apply to
Thco.IL Davies;& Coc Ltd
Oea 1 Agent, Canadlao-Paein By. Cn
CASTLE & fX)0KE Co.. Ltd
Honolulu, x. n. ?
v footo Merchant?
; -"v - .?',. ' ''.':'--' ,
Ewa PlaatatioK $q. .:':
, - Walalu Agricultural C.,' Ltd.
Apokaa Bugr Co; 4d.
Pulton Iron Work of 8i Louli '
' Blak 8tam Pump. : ".
WfsUra Centrifugal "
Babeock Wllcoi Boiler.' .-.
Green' Fuel Eeonomiaer
Marsh 8tm Pump -Mat
son. Navigation Co. ."'
Planters' tin Bbipping Co.
Kohala Bugar Co.
'-. Bvsnr8a cakxhl
- - . ' .'-- .'- ';,::
' chinury ot vry description Bad ta
order. : :
' aa.wEEEXT : .
4 iMtwd Tudyi nd Friday ' ..".;
(Entered at th Postofflc of Honolulu,
,. ,T. a Vnd-cl'mttr.).
. PrTar ;.,., fa;d v
' Par Tar foreign) , . . , . , u
Payabl Invariably U Ai'faoeo. '
Castle IkCooIie

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