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'Vr. :
r .
V 4'.
0. B. WKATlif :i ,
!) l!)17-I.t
four ', hour' rninf
Temperature,' Win.
77. Weather, -rt. 1 1
J "V
M pee
rrlea, I
Y. HT law r t
... .OS $10.09-"
lat ai;o -stoa..
..... iJM
: alas,
'y. ;.'
C' TD T. . " C TAT....j
1 1
. V "i ' ';'
f. ,;;
' iv
vol i.ir; ko.
i '
x .
:3T fr,c:i
Early German Successes turned
-To reverses - By British In
Ca.T.brai' Sector ' Who Rush
'.Counters; Retake Lost Ground
Oil la
; : Italians and French Take Acgres
' :, slve and Smash,. Deeply Into
' Austrian ;- Positions ;. Taking
' Prisoners and Guns ;'
: if," (Assiaspfer-Ticep
snow-' and ' intense j cold have ; not
' prevented great' military engage
.' menu' upon both i the Western
' and the Italian fronts ' Sunday
and yesterday the Western, front
c ' kurst forth "anew into aanguinary
- '' . . .... - . .."
: 1 engagement and 'on Jhe Italian
' fronts the battle Continues to 'rage
- fiercely.' Here the .French forces
V.'ivcre greatly in evKfence . In the
t!e deep nov
1 liter f fight-
' ' te
in Northern 1
, the ' Cambrai sector the Teutons
were successful in the earlier, en
gagerrients of Sunday-;ih;captujr-ing
a. number of the Brrtitdi fr6nt
positions but from most of these
; they wer Jater dislodged ; bf 'k
. terrific counter which the British
drove against them. ' -:'f'A:'fl ''l 1
, Yesterday the Germans attack1
ed in force again, this "time for the
'purpose jof taking Welsh ridge
' which is a splendid observation
', point and from such strategic im
portance;' is 'i coveted by both
armies Tlusi assault was' made
5 along, a front of 1200 yards, The
Krcy clad . boches 1 succeeded in
entering ;; one ; of ' , the 'British
trenches but a swiftly executed ;
counter resulted in its Complete
recovery.' '' -:- 'v-v"'
In other parts of the line in this
.sector' the Huns. wer$ compelled
to retreat, at first giving, ground
''slowly but. later in disorder, leav-i
jng their-, dead and wounded be
j hind , im hey. fled and suffering
heavy'.lossei. ;! ' 'T?::v., ; ;.
1 various other point of Tnnet
I ther . wu iaereaaeii barrng and
the irtillerj engagement wrre aever
evldentlx paving th way for further
. effort today vt tomorrow.; , ' , 'C '
i ItalUa Ttvo. ' ii''; ';';
'i Ia the MunU Tomb teetor French
;- reinforoemente for the Italian diatin-
' guiihed tbemaelvea and the allle by a
'' brilliant vWery.l jiltwetni pfteri t di,
, Monferna .WIaMhWaa' th.- iW'a
I 'utiAriv which carried everything' before'
i ' tbem tad wreeted a number of atrong
pooitiona from the enemy, at that point
' mainly Autrin.- Amoag the apoila
' taken were 1400 priaoaere, aevea can
. i-- bob and aUteea machine (tuna.
That thia defeat waa a aevere one
'..!: and a Mow to Teuton hope U evident-
from Berlin, that the French eoatinKent
'had penetrated the Aoatro-Oermaa poa
"" itioa and from Vienna whence it wu
" announced' that counter' weature had
btn prepared to meet the attaeki.
Thee meaiarea were evidenced by the
' i.. '. creatly inereaaed barrage tre iron, the
,- Auatro-Oermaa batterie.. .v
: Five German airplane were, deetroy
. ed and put. out of aetion'in battlo
Kiturdav on the British front. , The"
. Kritlih won tbe battle without loalng
.'machine.'.' .;'"- 1 ;',;. '''.
Turks Out Off Vi t y ,-. . '-.
following their capture ef Jeruaalem
and lb defeat ef counter at taeka by
the Turk, the, BritUh Bow have our
strong poeitiona between the enemy
- an Jerusalem iatad of the one pre
viously eaiating. A aeven-mile advance
. haa beeu aeored Borthwext to Jeru
A .
v Y0?uiEr.s fac::
; i ul DAY .0?
o disco:
TP'y Is Lest
.an' Hr.'fj
Normal, Suffcririd
Several Deaths Ai-p
and No Hope. Till'
NKW .'V()Rrt ianuary
1 (Aiwu'la-
t6d rrfhul-iAftet two
itay bf the
grentet dlxenivfort it, 1
in known" in
modern tiraH tew York
I faring a
third day ni nhfveririg mi
Jery with the
ut6 and vl
mrrctirr fi dowa; In' the
Mip:i RrPMtly depleted,
mj pniil modiflrntlon of
Jlxt hope of
thrf cold an 1
(!)(. mfint it held forth' bV. the w'oath
er hrtreau until (te today. "'.
" Tbe city continued to wbior yrttor-il.-i
v aod Itx ' luilliofteof rHrnt jin.1
HilMittinniti' who help to eweH its ;r' !lt
lnifincM army thirt morning e.re faring
nulhrr twenty-four nura of extrpmo
dixf-nmfort and in many InBtKnce real
eiifTi'ring. Zero weather fontiaued y
tttrdny nud i (ndleated for toilny wfth
the r'usil oupfdy only half p tj, normal.
Beverol dcathn from tho cold have beou
rpporteil. .. "" ; ' .' ,..;
' The M'piitVi.- liHrBit '. . voiwttlm tHni
from th dotfliW roDorU from -nil aec-i
tiom of the country it 1 evident, tbut
tho cold i rapidly punning ea-
ward nnd tliut normal tpmpeintttre
may be rtpecU'd. in moai aectiona by
Wedaeailay. , -t , ".' . , .' j '
From l':ivawyj Alaska ome trporfct
of record bronk'tng cold, f-DenpatchM
reroiveil rt tli" weather bnrean from
Pawnon City yttirday aaid Alaska ia
ia"the lniih t of onneuat cold.' Tho rec
ord cold haa continued' for "a
month. From the' month of the JV-lly
river arid far i;p the Yukon it is rojor
ed that the tln'i mometer has droppeil tb
80 degree below $ero. v. - i
' At White llorxojit 1 72 lr'.oivat
Da"D CD, im.l fnr k month f n -t ha
ranged from 60 to' f5(h below. . i he bof
pilMl in cr"',' jUVjiinenm. mi pa
tirntit air
I. The
1 I.M.'
e. it ,:
'. LONDON, 3 asuaxy l-(Asocta- ,
Ud Presa) Nov Tear's greettnga'
.and -wlshe. were lent at midnight;
-last night to all of the Alllee'ex-.
cept Bosat by ? Premier Uoyd -J
:':'Oeorge,; ''.,.' ' ;' ;;'
i In ' hi despatch to Prealdent
Wilson the premier aald In part:
'. ' ' 4 'At this teason of tho Hew Tear '
J 2 desire to send on behalf of our
cabinet to you, , your government
' and the people of the United States .
meeaage of good wUL Every
day that passe must make oj
' reoognlaa tho mora clearly that tho .
hope of the human race 'are cen
tered upon i tho triumph- ef our
nratual eavu.',: .... . i,.y
. . '! ' i'S
HAXXTAX, January 1 (AocUt-'
ad Press) Deep and alncero ozprea-j
Ion of thanks oa behalf of the peo
ple of Halifax wore yesterday for
warded to tho American Red Croc.'
These went In tho shape of resolu
tions which wore adopted by th
managing committee of tho relief
association. ''.'" .)
In tho resolutions th eommiUec
took occasion to mention tho gene
ons aid and slipper! that fead com
rrom vanou parts or the world but
laid special itresa on th work of
tho .American Bed Cross, both for
tho volume of relief given and for
the : expeditious and efficient way
.In which such relief was supplied. '
In framing tho resolutions tho
committee "mad It cltar that It
spoke for tho whole of a grateful
population... - : '.-
'v ,
HILO, January W(pe6lar to Tho
Advertler)--Ju(lfi: Harry ft. Rlokurd
of Laupahoeboo-died at' his home yes
terday, ' ' 1 V
Judge Blckard w4 b" of t ho best
known kamaaina of the Big Island. He
ha been niurh in tbe, Dublin eye and
haa been prominent in. the political af
fair of the oeiinty and .Of the Terri
tory. ' In bis jlcatU (hi, county, and in.
ded the whole territory, ha met with
eorlvu loss,,' f , . . ,
'- -' ' --' " " " '
:;: x: of
ii' nrnr'ino
".' p
! IS
of ;
; 1 v.
In Outline bt Conditions -In War
sr.d Country Secretary of War
: ' Ca"s : Attention T6 Necessity
"of Neutralizing !EffortsT- t
Csrl.n : Goyemmfint , WiHing to
, C'cr.Any CQnceiyable'Bait In
Crd;rTa J3raw;lndivlilual Na
tion Ayrayfromt)readed Allies
AUsnLVUTON, Jaauary vi(AaiKi-
rinii'i! . Vreee) Outline I of what, the
,""v ''' Bnd on. the. bnttl front f
Kiirwpo are eotatained in the weekly
review of ' the war Which " wao leaned
yeoterdayby Heeretary f War Baker.
Hi review deals in brief term, with
what the United State is accomplish
ing both' Franee and It home and it
pmrTss toward efficient and effective
mihtary cooperation 4fh tho alliea,,'
German Propaganda .V"' .. - , '
It is tl) opinion of Secretary Baker
thst oflVial notice ' should 1 be -taken
of l.lerman propnganda la" order to ef
fertnallyv neutralise ;1heefforta of the
enemy In involve ;the ,Vn,lted ftatea ia
dilTirtilHe with other nation1 and ia
seiioim: rroiihU'" at' home. ' . -' '.'. '- ;
Bolsbevikl Teufy'k ,',-'.-7X
- Coram eutio ,ttpO , lre.,"Bolsneviki
peat-e. ili-itijii m;i Bnke e presses the
vfew,thnt Ue' iiaBy uiur be 'believed
r b prewireil
eeivHMi" Viiit
ef the '
to oiler inmost aay con
. e iv i'i : i viiiitiil nation
,i in unlor to enfor
t 1 Hp i.' imt the
tnii i'f " . y nilei t the
war and lire i;!.i tii( by it lie quotes
from the lomunlt. of stntixtien ex
pert of tht Vnitnl Stetvs Cbambrr of,
Cowimerve and snj-x:... V ', -. v . a; ; t
Nation Strong .!.'.- , - '. ' .',
. " txtraordinsry . and abliormat de
mand . have ' been mmle upon every
one; from 'the farm boy the head of
the ' preat corporation. '' To these d
toianda tbe response bar bee a splendid.
It ha left the Nation steady and with
a heavy reserve of energy and wealth
that Is earning up with the new year.'-'
IKE IlliliOlS
l .-V . . .
Department .of Agriculture Re
quires Comparison With Same
V uay ot previous ; Tear .! ,
"WAfiHINOTON,' January " -4klto-
elated PreM)-Iealer and manufao-
lurer in-and of ' foods and foodatuff.
warehouses hotels and .others 4 he
handle foo.lstun"s andi who had stocks
oa baud . in- value ' greater than . (250
took inventory yesterday in eonforuiity
to n oemanda or the department, or
agriculture , which ' issued order re
quliiog tbe taking Of such-inventories
by ueh concern and the f urnisbinit in
connection with them a comparison " of
the stoets on aand with tbe same day
of thet previous year It , is required
that these be ftled with' the bureau . of
markets of the . department of agricul
ture. , , ' . . . v '
An attempt waa also mmle to have
them send in a record - of . sale. ' -.'Failure
to toceivo notice -was' not mn
excuse or exemption for the require
ment, was given wide newspaper pub
licity -yetterday morning. f
' 1 11 1' 1. ! 1 1 ; -'V ;
WA8UINQTON, January 1 (A-
.eociatod Press) Revised 1 regula
tions to guid th newspaper of th
United States la tho voluntary cen-.
torship, which they assumed and
which with singularly few excep
tions was strictly obeyed, were is
sued last night by th committee on
public luX ormotloa and becomo ef
fective today. .';',.' ; .' ' .
In th original rquet that was
of the Dowspapers it was
thrt ' nothing be ; puwunea
telding to disclose th nam of lin
ofll-er. individual unite of th ex
po 4 lUouary forces, disclose th idea
tltl of American merchant 'ships
an their craws defending them
selles f rom oubmarlnes and tho giv
ing! if information relative to dry
doc and to repair and construc
tion 1 work le not publlahad. These
requlsts have now been wlfidrawu.
111 ! - 1 -ii
'i. ' ... ' -U
' ' . V ...'.J,-'?-. ,.,-'
While Petrosrad.; Rejoices Over
: Acceptance- of- War Terms
Country Is Jii Disorder. ? Kale
din is reelected Hetman' and
Cossacks Zzk f' f
...... t - ---.;, ;. ,:. .
LONDON, JnM.y . l( A sprinted
Trens) With re-ogr .'celebrating
the aoceptaane' M,y r Germany,, Anatro
Hungary, Turkey and ttularia of '.'the
Russian proposal),!' which on the face
of them were dielated la' Berlin,' the
Internal jtitnrhatt.Aa' In kumfft ; srS
teadily growing worse. ; l 'i," '' 1 .
"Yesterdny the 'oJle of Beseatnbla
declared their independettee f the pro
visional government at Petrogrhd aad
e HtahliKhed the K)iub:ic of ii old via,
w aii'b is to iier.ome, one, of the Kwlerat
ed Kepulilies of Russia, 'to include
White liiiHHiu, thrf Cossack' Kepublio .
and the l'kralne. , Tli power 'of tbe V
Roishevikl is .defloil in the announce-
meiit of the new (Jovernment. ; r ,
Kaledln Reelected i ' . ' '';,' ,i,',
"oi'nersj Knledtn'ha been reelected
betmau of the Don' Cossack and his
opposition to tbe Bolxhevlkl. has been
strongly endorsed l a session of dele
Kates from the various' sections of the
Don OoHsnrks terriiory held yesterday
at Nove Trherkae the capital of th
distriet. Knledin had resigned as bet
man oxinj;, be anitouiieed, to Som op.
position to his lelorship - which ". had
developed at tlie front, where the Cos
sack troops tire -.'uirdyiig their borders
si,".uiiHt the Knnciana on the north and
are .MrtiripnlLg ifh the? ' Rumanians
n,tke- south. 'J'liero were' Oil H 'votes
eMt tt the elertioBi of a new hetmsn
and nf tkese .VJ eie fives to Ksleilia.
i;.. I K ), 1 1 n Jnn ' iu f--n-l s n !
u K'.ii.i ..i.u'ii'i 4.1;. te Uunut, touv
was n.'n' iti his nuy with .bis brother
frnu 1'etrorad to take part. in. tut
military gathering ifpi the election ef
ai hetmaii. bas been murdered, accord
ing to telegrums received here by the
newspapers. Hi brother shared hi
fat, ..'; '' I .''-:. '
' Moseo' . report that ' the Cossack
are training vround rapidly against the
Boldhevikl and that General KorniloU
ha suei-eeded in putting all railr6ad
eonimiioiration from ' Moscow - south
and food supplies have been cut off
from Pet rograd. , ; ' .''tk, ...'."
Teachers Strike '.' 'r.'' v 'i'
' All of tbe teacher in the municipal
schools vt Petrograd, ' womea as well
as men,' have gone upon a strike 's
a protest against tb procedures pf the
Bolsbeviki. They declare they will re
main sway from the schools and eon
duet no nlssees until an expression of
opinion ha been secured from the con
stituent assembly, j. .-.- .-., , ' 1
: Just who, and what faction Compose
r will compose the constituent assent
bly is a matter of doubt., lite Isvestia.
a Bolshevikl 'paper tb utterance., of
I which are looked npon a official, in
sists upon a' new election of delegates
to the constituent assembly from those
districts where the. members chosen do
not now express the popular will By
this It means nasi -elections - ia such
district as are represented by the Ho-
clal Revolutionists and th other mem
bers of the right and evidently seeks
to secure recognised representatives of
tb Bolshevikl in their places.
Belso Property , - ;
i The eounoila and the commissionaires
of tb people yesterday ordered the con
fiscation to the , government of tbe
Russe Belgium company when its own
er refused to submit to. government
dictation and control of Its employes.
; Disorder which approaches chaos pre
vails ia various part- of the country
and bandits or .robber bands are said
to be afield. Newspapers last night
published accounts of the murder of
former Premier Goreuklo and his wife
and' brother bv robbers. .
Irkutsk Civil Sttif
Condition continue terrible at Ir
kutsk and it suburbs. Further detsils
of the civil war there prevailing have
been received "from Peking, After the
French consular agent and other French
residents had beea set upon and mur
dered br tbe Red iluards they proceed
ed to fire the towa. The Cossack as
sisted by the military cadets, offered a
determined resistance and th battling
in the atroet and about tho outskirtx
of the eit.v is still continuing.
Harbin is quiet. Am the Peking re
port.1 . There the Chinese are now in full
control and report to the horn govern
meut that they believe they have tin
aituatlon wetl in. head, I-
Hun Mad Revolt
. Kvldeuce to ahow that Oermanv nmn
sed thf Bolshevik! revolt again Kt tbe
Kerenaky government and reealiag
the hand of Berlla'' intriguers in the
sensational cabinet upsets is imiiiisiiett
in the I.ondon Times from its Petrograd
correspondent.; This orreMiiideiit in
hi letter also purport to substantiate
the view that the. Bolslievikl omvciueat
is aatl national and atl-Bussin.
Bolshtvlkl Power .. f '. .
The eorrespoadent .t fh Dnilv New
ays that the "BoUhevlkl movement
la extremely, efficient energetic and de
cisive,! I ia facing the noisy opposi
tion from, thai tiritileaa etusana nrt
seek in j to ehek it by cabotage and by
' ' i . " . i
" i. 5f
resigned htman
of Cock on the' ground that
there .was opposition- to hii
polide haa been trrumphantly
reelected,, by a great rnajoritjr,
J '
r".-' v;
' ' . J
libel based oa force. ' The peopU may
not like tke situatioa thus -developed,
but they obey with alacrity. x
' Any attempt to 'turn oat the Bol
shevlki,' by force will result '-only In
anarchy favorable to the Germans. It
la unbelievable - also that such a force
is now available. " '
The Manchester Ouardian la a signi
ficant article says tbst it .is the inten
tion ft the British government Jo re
turn a serious, and reaaoued ; reply
whea the '1 A astro-German . terms for
pear have been presented . and tbe
good faith Of the enemy is proved.
Premier Lloyd George .has, arranged
a visit .' to t Franee to meet .' Premier
Clemeneeau.' '' .' . "- ' - '
Bolshsvlkl PofoatM. ' -
Htoekholm despatches received this
morning said .that the Ukranlan- and
Cossack' force, under General Kaledin
had fought i great bhttle oa the south
western front with the Bolshevikl forces
which- they; bad Touted , and put to
Kight blg guns, 328 .mscbln guns
und more, than four hundred prisoners
were taken in. this engagement Th
Bolshevikl fled t a haste leaving equip
ment aud munltiona behind them,
They were pursued by the Cossacks
who were cutting and hacking them to
pieces in their wild .flight,, iiaparanda
despatches reported, : ,v i
t , :
'rj .
MUX), Januhry 1 (fpeoial '.'! ' The
Advertiser) Sheriff Pua says h-laok
both the men and the money and is
powerless to protert Kuhio wharf un
ikr th regulation which wireless mes
sages received from Honolulu yesterday
aid wonld be required for the protec
tion of 1he waterfront under the proi
vision of' the proclamation rsssjed by
the President November S8 and, which
tbe message said were to be mad op
erative i Honolulu and, eonstruetiveiy
here. Tbe assertion of his lack of means
to supply and pay a guard earn lu reply
to the question of what be purposed
Out ng. . . v ") .
. Hllo-must look to the federal govern
meat and th harbor bpsrd if the ship
ping 1 to pe protected 'was th opin
ion that was voiced hero last night.
t. . i-
v ..i i 1- .',';'.; .,
''.'' ",.'.'.'.
7 1
'1 X'
' '' ' '
. T. "''. ".' ':' "
"' ;- ';v'.',';,
': "' !
g; U 7 IUV
If,' ' yi
1 f
t V''
V s 'm 'h ' i. '':.' Jt- i' s'sm.1
'AIN Y;v'AlN U
X:U !lT;, RA QIC
AMSTERDAM, January 1 (Associated Press) Announce -aVVhas
been marie from Petrograd and Berlin that terms c f ;
habcen agreed'-upon between the Russian and Austro-C
comrnissioners at Brest-Xitovsk, While the Bulgarian Premier V.
RajoalaTorT, has formally notified all Bulgarian legations t!.at t'
war, between Russia and Bulgaria has come to an end.
".Petrograd despatches sute that the city is decorated and th.n
great celebration wjll be held there and in other Russian cities un '
control. of. the Bojsheviki today, under. orders of the goverrc
The, Vvathwords of the : celebratiorv displayed on great tanr.c:
throughout the Russiancapital are. "Down With International I
peraligm; Long LCve the Third Internationale.' "
The r 'pvisional agreements' reached at the peace couhcil r
Brest-LitovVk amount to a return "to the status quo ante so far ;
Germar 7 ? "i Austria is concerned and to the same with Russia w
1 1 r.
the exec-t'
former Tf;
pies may
rt that,' provision is
''r- t - 1.'.
an Empire into Its
re." .jTlieV-remerita are: . : "
- ' ' :RIT". OF PEACE 1 ' '
'-'Tl sr. 1 c. 1 .
r,, .-,...'. '
-the i,ui.iiii.i Lurccr, a i
'l 1 i : . ' - a t 1 . . - .
';',, countries ;1. ':'.., .: . ' ' ''' , -
v ".-k- There shall be a complete resumption of the commercial
delations existing before the war "'' ' '
s '' Warships captured by Germany to be returned to Rus-
ia and Captured German warships to be returned to Ger-
rrianys XIXX ''': Xn yy'Xi . '. ?-'X: "' ,''' J,
y-v '-'"t Russia forthwith to withdraw her forces from Austria,""
vfi Turkey and Persia' and Germany and Austria to withdraw
their forces from Poland; .,' .', ..
' i ; Russia recognizes the 'rights of, all people within her
borders to self determination of their future status and gov
, ' ernment, including Separation from. Russia as independent
; governments or as units under other governments if desired ;
1 Immediate stoppage of all economic warfare;
' . " All treaty relations, existing prior to the commencement
. of the war to be reesUbllshed. .. . ,'' ':'.
'All these agreements are to be submitted for review to the gov
ernments of Germany and Russia. V" -i .
'; Ensign Krylepko, heading. the Russian commission at Ert. t
Litovsk, haa telegraphed these agreements to all the army comn.lt.
teea along the various fronts and has urged support for the Ru' 1
conditions laid down.. , . ,!'; " .': -''.'
. ' It appears to be. accepted in Petrograd that these agreement
will be ratified and that the war has ended so far as Rus-t is con
cefned. My,..y"e ', ." '.' . -f-. : -j - ,.,:. ,'
l . ! The end of the war between Russia and Bulgaria has I
mally announced bjr1 Premier Radoslavoff of Bulgaria. The 1
of the premier states that the conditions laid down by Russia 1..
been accepted and that the war is at an end. ; .
; . The conditions specify that the. status1 before the war in rtr;
to all commercial treaties and consular conventions have been r
tablished in their entirety. The question of the right of ravi t
on the Danube is left open, to be raken up at a plenary meetir t .
day of the Russian and Bulgarian delegates. It is specif.eJ, Lc -ever,
that Bulgaria is to have presentation on the Danule int r
national commission hereafter , .
: 0PEr;ED bV sviss
' B E B N E, J nuary I ( Assoc 1 ted
Pre) Special factlitie fof tbi trane-
missloa of goods f ront th l'lte Btats
to fwitserlaad by wav,ef TV. and
Ordinary facilities V "3 ment
through, of goods fr. , .
have been, agreed uin !
pd Bwitserland in h i
v f c.
t 1
toavention which aa j
I Ci
eluded.' , , : i..' ii .
It . )s now several " a, !
rSwltierlaud aunouneed -its
border. At that time
wa expressed t the oV
French border and aon kt,
of the other borders. . Hlrirf
. 0 (M.Sla
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litlea shall also
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made for thebreaking up of
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facial divisions as the various re -
' liberation' of pr'..-' . rs. t' :
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Pre) k'reneh ctoi-lsliA. sr.. aot t.,
be permitted to go fo Pettogs
this time. --This docion wa yester
day announced , byrrPrenitef Clemea
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pre4 tOTheck uy Bolskevikl er pro
Una TpropgsnI through, Petrogra J
sourevs. , v 1 - v
! Detention of
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Hoeianst woo 1
terday aplid passport that they;'
might prstoeed to Petrojrrad had their
applicatls refused. ; They were tub!
tkat- viil the , government i did ' nub
doubt thir patriotism it aeverthelcs
'feitfrliat .no good could be achieved,
hiy the situatioa la Petrograd wa
to nsittj4 d n (ke coutrary ev
miikt reaujt. -
lemenceaS added that o let theut
aovr mi nit seem like aa , endorse
eat of tkelr aulssioa and vroduc a!
armful effuct poa oiilulou, both at
fiomt ad an th front. "
y embargo of- good from the
may b o"tuall remwed.',
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