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tzzzam o. matceson. editor
The Week In the
T4 VPV AiMtti'lii'a4litimilt in
1 " li Western and. the Italian
rior.Man and th Atitrian ' hae been able to
V 1 l .. . - - - - - t
j draw from the' Russian fronts
nothinc niore than hold their own
. ' that has just passed, in iaci on
it would appear from the reports that. they have
been placed largely on the defensive and that the
Italian, supported by their. French and British
- Allies," have assumed a considerable aggressive
i Hens. ' The Anstro-Germani. have not succeeded in
forcing their way through the mountain passes to
'.the Bassano Plains. . . - - , 'j:
A week ago it was claimed that theAustro
; Germans were ttt a serious predicament, caught in
k the mountain passes by a severe winter, transpor
tation and supply difficulties' piling ap on them,
' tne soiuiers sunenng intensely
nml ntiiMP Iko r4uk,n . A wwk
" teen no material advance has not served to better
this situation; ;The winter has advanced a week
with snow. It is impossible to
transportation lines to their forward positions tln
. net . tiiir n , weather conditions and suffering and
hardships Can only have grown more unbearable.
. Weathet conditions on the Western front have
leert such as to preclude infantry operations on
either side. Reports from the. American sector
laid the United States soldiers had spent four days
shoveling snow .to keep communication with the
rear open. The daily' official reports have told of
little : except artillery actions, some minor raids
latterlv rf air encounters. There was
tr hav hn "no crninc into winter otiarters" this
,. D 9 - - -
"weather, serves to materially decrease war opera
' tions and the past several days have constituted
such a period. ' . '
i In Palestine, reports received Sunday morning
indicated there has been a resumption of offensive
. on the part of the British which is sweeping the
Turks steadily backward. The advance was made
early in the . week and was" in the direction of
Jerico. General Allenby is pushing forward to the
. North and adding steadily and surely to the hold
ings of the Christians in the Holy Land. .-f' : . '
. IV was hailed as significant that there came an
increase in the Teutonic ' submarine ' offensive at
the same time with tbeif increased offenses on' the
Western and Italian front, a speeding up bf effort
on the part bf the Germans undersea as well as on
land, which brought about heavier losses to Allied
shipping, especially the commerce of Britain." It
is equally significant that there has- come an abate
ment in the submarining campaign at the same
time the land offensives lulled. Decided falling off
in ' British ship losses ' was shown in the report
. issued from London Wednesday n?ght : Only one'
vr'tel nf rnnrc than ' (f) tons, burden, besides
eleven smaller craft, is not a result to greatly en
courage the Teutons. But there is an added sig-
George is correct in speaking of the decreased
'. "rffectiveness of the Teuton undersea campaign. '
Possibility of the Central Powers obtaining food
supplies from Russia and thereby nullifying much
of the success of the Allies' embargoes continues
to be a -disturbing factor of the war situation and
to add to the complications which the Allies must
: . meet, . 1 ne .turning against toe duisiicvjh ot large
tgricultural sections may tend to reduce this dan
cer but it is still important and must be pecoe-
. nized. . ; : ' ' . if
Jn the United States war preparations go on
apace. With the reassembling of congress there
. has come a . time for retrospection, a period in
... ... - . D - - ..j
the progress' that has been made, what, if any,
,, faults have been discovered in the various gov
' ernhient .departments 'And how such faults', if they
' h ' . ' i a.' c i . m
pe louna. may, uc regvnea. y nvcsnganon ui xne
war department, the ajrmy, the quartermaster' and
transportation departments,' the
; building Campaign and other matters essential to
" is that thes will lead t(t yJtructive rather than
destructive legMaTx)n,J' Vbetterment of methods
; itilt along the line. ' Mr j
' ' .'Self satisfaction is at to blind
s nation to dangers Vraj it , may
United Mates to recotnize
' Against it: ' .i.,-jvfi7.;!!; .5,u'-. ;) '(
-' Tlraittir'ittens It1 the YiJktrr
country, from alien encmiel within its borders are
4o-be put into effect - in February when finger
. prints, photographs and otter identification mcth
' odswill be put into operaton. 'Presumably this
; will be operative in HonolUu aUo since the Ha
- waiian Islands are a territorj of the1 United States.
' It'may liowevei require exlicit -instructions by
Laiiyi)i'i'viu iw i win .vi j 1
Cold and blizzard weather ai
bined with a coal shortage mist
disc of the raciiic ecm a pa'adise indeed. , Hun
drcqs of maiulandtrs would lile
w) tcr ; here were they sure of steSmer transportation
" coming and going. They wuud have not the
. slightest objection to furcicirvertels or vessels of
' 'Just as it is better to lock the
;. the, horse is stolen instead of
tliief has ridden away, so is it
', heatef pxits before there shall
flagratKCfi Jn.sonie one of them,
, V JANUARY 1, 1918.
War ;
If Peace
thmir tnrfe nrt trie.
PEACE now,
. points Tout
fronts which 'the
they fcate done
during the week
tne iwiian uum
irwi wiu, nuin
in which there has
duiio roaas or
cellar shelves' fulL
an army, a great
than ever before.;
Great Britain;
London is done
which possibly
Chance is givfhfe
ing, but for the
: . c . u
navy, the ship-
an individual or
be well for the
this ana to guard
Houston last
afiriiar1incr nt the
1 , ati v.a iiiomuvvoi
the mainland com
make the Para
to spend the wia
staoe door before
waitug until, the
bettet to unlock
b a flious con-
- . --
Came Now :
" on any , possible terms, would,
the Chicago Tribune, leave,, the
world in the possession of four great powers. Ger
many is stronger than her builders .dreamed she
might becomein this year.', The British empire is
greater, larger and stronger than ever.' Japan is
full of strength and is fairly pelted with great
opportunities. The United States is lull of money
rtd.is getting an amy:, V':;"" -t'S'y ':.'xr -;
Peace, now, ;' even upon ..terms which restored
northern France 'and; Belgium and made money
reparation . for - damages, which , even satisfied
France by a return of most or air of Alsace, would
find the German scheme of a central European
empire firmly established, with great territorial in
creases1 to ; the east and sovereignty maintained
throughout Austria-Hungary, the 'Balkans'! and
Turkey.; 'V 7J . 'V -f:''" '
'', The, greatest continental European impire
which qver existed would exist , in fact, and it
would be German.' ' To the imperialistic jdea Ger
many would be paid and paid again, for now and
for the future', in the war, no matter what its cost.
AH during" the. war the British have been pre
serving by-products and putting up imperial fruit
in iars. 'The lady with the trident' now has her
, Her African empire is a mas
sive accomplishment. She is more. firmly estab
lished i in -Asia than ever , before.' ' Her " Egyptian
possessions are better guarded and are protected
by newly acquired territory on the flank, She has
army and her navy is greater
i , "; :;;'.--'-'':"-v-''vv:';-(';. '
has learned social and military
sense. ' ttven in war time plans lor the rehabilita
tion of England are going ahead. It is said that
with slums . forever. Workmen s
houses wjlU take their place. England has asked
lier manhood to make sacrifices. ' A return is to
W made to the manhood. X" ' V 'v'rV'J.
In every conceivable,' fashion, except 'possibly
financially, Great Britain is stronger than ever -before,
'and her , finances could 'weather any peace
could be arrived at: now. V '.' '
' Japan to an even greater extent than the United
States, has' been gathering the spoils of, a war
fought by Others. ' These are more than crumbs
from the table. They are great portions of the
choicest Cuts. Tapan i established in China and
her, from the Rtlssiao'.sphere of
mnuence, what war and diplomacy had not won.
It is coming to her now and she hardly makes an
effort The island empire is rich ai welt as strong.
The United States has had a great deal of money
paid, for its products and has learned, for the pres
ent, a litt,!e common sense. It is getting an army
and is putting Jts navy in shape.'- It does not con
fess, that its' experience has taught it anything last
present it has shown benefits, and
A peace were to come suddenly thu country would
be found stronger than it has been before. ;
-Four great nations, Great Britain and Germany
rivals, -Japan and the United States rivals, are
greater and, stronger than ever before. Peace cbuld
not bring a determination of any issue between
them. If this war found its essential cause in the
rivalry of Germany and Great Britain, peace would
not only find that cause unremoved but would find
the rivals stronger than ever and hating each other
a great 'deal more than ever. ' .' '.
Any peace which could be . made now would
present the world with the elements of a greater
war to be undertaken as soon as exasperation, and
opportunity were more emphasized than the weari
ness caused by this war. ' 1 '. !-?
Pacifists would accept such conditions and such
certainties and they will work earnestly to make
the United States unfit to assume its' responsibili
ties, no matter what conditions of peace are ar
rived at and no matter when. ' :,; ? '
What appeared to be a mere routine war de
partment order concerning the imposition and
execution of the death penalty upon; soldiers of
tt army reached the commander of the Hawai
ian Department Saturday, but behind it is the sha
dow of a tragedy, the second of its kind in seventy
years, which was enacted at Fort San Antonio
when thirteen soldiers of the Twenty-fourth In
fantry stood upon a scaffold and gay e up their
lives as an outgrowth of the riot and mutiny at
August. The carrying out of the
sentence of the court-martial, secretly arid in ac
cordance with the then existing army regulations,
caused a catching of the breath of officials in
Washington. Now, no such order may be carried
out, even during these trying times of war, until
the whole proceedings have been reviewed by-the
adjutant general of the army, and that means,
also, the President of the United States. When
their approval is secured over their official signa
tures, then, and then only, may men be hanged or
thot for extreme violations of Uncle Sam'a war
regulations. . :
The Advertiser desires heartily to second the
suggestion that George R. Carter be named the
territorial representative of the federal food ad
ministration, even in the face of the fact that Mr.
Child has just been endorsed by the territorial
food commission and is now on his way" to con
Milt Mr. Hoover. Mr. Child is the wrong man
tempermentally for this position and there never
will be anything accomplished with him in office.
Mf. Carter, in the opinion of The Advertiser, is
capable of doing more every twenty-four hours
than Mr, Child is in a thousand years, v tf,'-:y.
i ' After nilmitting in tbe juvenile rourt
i thit he bd rntre4 a room In .k local
ritonfing hntiHe knd ttolon 150, S JOxmg
llnwniina hoy n eommitteit ' to tha
Iloya' Induitriiil tvliool yurtafdfcy;' ,
Kred O. Kirrhtoff, tuperintendeat ot
tbe water work, anannneei that after
th fir Hi of tho year, all Water OMr
who are delinquent will be enbject to
a ilaily call from tha tax eolleetor. 7
' .Tba Hchtiman Carriage Company a
army aerrite flae, which had tight
atara ap tf yeaterday, now rarrlet nine.
That many of ita cmployea hav gona
Into actlva aervtea with th army. . '
' William H. Drummond, territorial
bank rzaminer, departad tor Hi lo by
the cleaner Maana Kea ycaterday af
ternoon oa kit qoarterly auditing tour.
Ma wilt M away from tha city about
ooa aiontl.' . . "- " '.
A formal order dianolvfng the 'tem
porary in junction brought by tha pub
lia utilities aoanmiaiiioa agalaat tha la-tar-Inland
Ktaa Kaviffatioa Company,
had been filed In circuit court by Judge
C.,W, Aihford. '. . , A,
Tha bakara' Heenaea haa beea re
eaived at tha food eommianloa rooma
and may be teen red upon . application,
by. thnea entitled to them..' Tha forma
must be filled and placed in the mail
by January 4, ISIS, , .f -
Accordinff to Information received by
the territorial food eommlnaioii. from
Ita agent oa Hawaii, A, W. Carter of
Hawaii, who ia enteriag into the man
ufacture of eornmeal, la prepared to
f umiak eornmeal on neves days' notiee.
1 ririi Lieut. John 0. Watklaa, 32nd
Infantry, Frank A. Lufkin, SSth Infan
try, and Nicholaa Kanaaaey, Firat 'In
fantry, have been named to aaaiat the
aommander of the Reserve Officers '
Training Camp at ISehofleld Barracks,
.' A - number - of thrift stamps and of
war aaviaga stamps have been received
by the Bank of Honolulu and. will be
sold by them to any who apply. Thrift
stamps are twenty-lve cents each and
war savinga stamps 4.12, with a ma
turity value of 8.'.v v. '''
' To keep' unauthoriaed persons out of
the 'reservation surrounding Fort'De
Boner barb wire fence la to be built
out to low water mark. Authorisation
to build the fesce was issued by the
harbor board upon a request presented
by CoL Thomas H. Bees, department
engineer'.,- ' ! , :
' "William. :tl' Boat,' deputy .' United
States county clerk, announced yester
day that daring the last nix month his
office haa done more business than at
any other aimilar period ia th history
of tha court.'' This applies to earainga,
general business, .esse isstitutad and
eaaea handled. . - A, , , . A; v -John
Watt will go to ifaui after the
first of tha year as county ageqt of th
fond eonfmission. He ia now preparing
a blnak which will bo seat to aeh
plantation maeager a the islands in
the endeejvor to aaeorljUa eiaetly what
property! - of foodstuffs . are , blng
grown a ham. ... .-V. -h-
T. C. STighton, local i chiropractor,
has beenf aommoaed to court by Ih
police oa a awora information issued
by tha elty attorney's office, charging
him with, practising medicine without
license. The ease will be heard Jan
uary 15. ! Mightoa was recently indict
ed by the . territorial grand jury, but
the ease j was nolle proaacxL r . , , ';'
: Two caucus meeting of the board of
supervisors have now beea held, but
nothing" definite haa yet len rpachel
regarding th appropriation to-be
made ia .' connection with .' the 1918
budget. : The discussions to 'date have
merely been preliminary affairs, but
the -board expect to reach some final
decision in respect' of the amounts
asked, during the coming week.
Miaa Martha Chiekering ha left Ho
nolulu to return to. the Held of her
activity on tha mainland, where ahe ia
immigration aecretary for the. Pacific:
Coast division of . tbe T. W. 0. A.
While) ker If is Cblckerlng aueceaaful
ly engineered tha " campaign which
raised 448,000 for the war work . and
yearly bndget of tke T. W. C. A.;
' ' Because th board ' of, . supervisor
failed to define th limit under which
section .1818, Bevlsed Xawa of Hawaii,
la applicable, the rase against James
T. Taylav and workmen charged with
tearing tip tke curb line, oo Laimi
Btreet hna been dismissed by ; Judgs
Harry Irwin. A. . M. Criaty, deputy
elty. and county attorney, waa, unable
to say yesterday - whefher 'or not the
eaao wo aid be dropped. V ft .
A Tke postal clerks and a temporary
sub-postoffice have beea' installed in
the. waterworks department .to aid in
tha .work of aorting and sending out
the 8000 postal cards to Hoaolulu eitl
ena asking for payment In advaaee
of the flat rat water taxes from Janu
ary 1 to June 30, 1918. The work is
bing carried out under tha supervision;
of Bamuel JC Oneba, chief clerk ia tka
waterworka ' department . ' The cards
call for th total payment of 00,841.30.
. United fitatea Attorney t). C. Huber
aaya that restriction governing ' the
movemeat -. of - alieaa is the United
States ;tn ' traveling' do ttot apply - to
women and ebtldren. - Although a wom
an in marrying assume the nationnlity
of her husband, permits to travel from
on place ' to another in the United
btate are mot required ia tha eaaea of
aomea' and children. Tbe. statement
waa made yesterday when an American
woman, tuarried t a German, wa told
".I A 1 I I 1 . 1 1 . I ' 1 1
lusi ana migni travel lo in maiaiana
without obtaining a permit. . .
- -f
LONDON, December 1 (Associated
frees) Employment has been found
for l,42l,(K)0 women since tbe war be
gan and (here are now. 4,704,000 cm
ployed, in various trade, 070,000 are
uorklng on munition and 60,000 on
Other government, work auek a manu
fucturiirg lothea , and food , ' for ' ' tha
troop, according to a semi-official an
nouncement. " 1 "' ' '-"V" A :
PAZO OINTMENT la guaranteed to
curs bltbd, bleeding, itching or pro
trudingf riLES la lo 14 daya.or
nioaey refunded. ; Manufactured by
tbe r ARW MEDICINE CO., St. Louia,
Misa Rita Canarlo, a popular Hilo so
ciety girl, Waa n passenger in the Man
na Kea yesterday for her Big Inlaid
home. ; .,.;
Among HUotte returning to their
tiomes yesterday was Mr. Arthur W.
Kicbardson,: who apeak . the Christmas
holidaj-a. in tha elty. .-' ;. ,
Judge Tristaa Osorio, who spent tbe
Christmas holidaya in Honolulu with
membera of his family, returned yester
day to hi hem in Hilo.- : . ', ''
'Mr.' and Mra. George C. Hewitt, who
were married ia Honolulu a few day
ao, left In the "Manna Kea'yesterdsy
afternoon for Hilo, on the way to their
future home at Waiobinu, Kau. v .
Mis Ague "FTendo waa a returnla
passenger to Hilo by the Maunn Kea
yesterday where she . will resume her
teaching ia tbe government' schools of
tha Big Island. During her ten-day
atay la Honolulu she has been 1 the
bouse guest of Mra. E. B. Lindley nt
her Judd Htreet residence. ;'; :
Army ; Officcrt, Execute Death
Penalty In Secret! At . . ,
f.- , Sam Houston : v
i. : ' iv -i : ','
SAN ANTONIO, Texaa December 11
Thirteen '. Negroea of the -Twenty-fourth
Infantry, U. 8. found guilty
of eomplieity in the riot and mutiny at
Houston, an1 August 23, war hanged on
the military reservation' at Port 8am
Houston ", at sevaa-aeventeen ' o'clock
thia morning. ' - -: ; ' .
Only army officer and Sheriff John
Tobln of Bexar County were present
when tka sentence was carried out by
soldier from th post. , No newspaper
men or civilian spectators 'were al
lowed, the time and: place of execution
having beea kept. a eeeret. - V '
Of tk aixty-three men tried by the
aame court martial, forty-one were
sentenced to bfe Imprisonment. ' On
man waa sentenced to dishonorable dis
charge and to be confined at hard labor
for two and a half year. , Three were
sentenced to be '-- dishonorably ' dis
charged, and bo confined at hard labor
for two yeara. Five were acquitted.
Than Fay Death Penalty ,:,ff'i,
, Tha - Negro soldiers -who paid th
death penalty were: 8erg. WW C. Ke
bitt, Corporal Laraoa J. Brown, Jas.
Wheatley, Jess Moore, Charles W. Bal
timore aad Private William - Brack-
enrldge, Thomas C. Hawklna, v Oarloa
Knodgrass, Ira B. Davie, Jamea Divlns,
t rank Joboaon, iUaiey . w; young and
Pnt MaeWhorter..- , i
At tk aouthern : department head-
quarters tha ehlcf of staff gave out a
Formal statement in whlcfe the name
of tha men sentenced to lif imprison
ment were given. r He refused, how
ever, to newer questions r make any
eomment.'"'..i,,-V''',Ti..-'V , ';: .. f't
Bid Ounnls Ooodbrs V' ' '''""' "':.':' ''' i:
"Goodbye, , boya" of Company C,"
e" rno ' last words uttered y the
condemned - men' as-tbe ' trap - war
eprting and they dropped to their death
on the aeaffold whlck had been erected
lat night.' , ' r- ,.
Men of Company' C.'Nlntecnth -Infantry,
have been guarding tbe Negro
prisoners since they were brought to
Baa Antonio to ataad trial.. . "
' Th execution took place 'ia an arroyo
about two mile east of Oamp Travis
on a great aeaffold 1 which . bad been
erected during tka night by engineere
from tke poet. ,- :,
.'A eolums conaiatiag of approximate'
ly 115 cavalrymen and 100 infantry
soldier assembled ' nt tha ; eavaliy
guard bouse, where the Negroes ware
confined early today. Truck wer pnt.
vided to . convey the prisoner to- tbe
eea of the execution. ' - . ,
Colonel Leads Way , '''f.t'f'
' CoL Millard V. Walts, poet comman
der, was in command of the column
and led the way to tbe aeaffold.' V
. A flood light had beea arranged to
give light for those ia charge ' of . the
actual work of preparing . the nooses
aad adjusting them to th necks of the
condemned men.,-. The cavalry and, in
fantry guard assembled ia hollow
square formation . around . tk aeaffold
and th prisoners were given the order
to march upon tha death trapa. '.
Without a tremor they stepped out
with eoldlerly 'tread and singing a
hymn,- walked to their places. Pray
era war said by a Negro minister and
by two army chaplains and then the
men were ordered to stand on tbe
trapa.. Beeuming their song they stood
erect and displayed tha greatest t forti
tude while the ropea were adjusted. '
A major gave the order to apring
the trapa. - .The trigirera had been arr
ranged, . one . for each drop, and nix
men wer assigned to. eaolu At the
command they pulled on tha trigger
and the Thirteea Negro dropped to
tbeir deaths. Klevee died almost in
stantly, tha other two a moment or
two later.. -. : .; :..;',j.'
Not Knowa at Capital '
;WABU1N0T0N, December 11-rTli
hanging of tha . thirteen negro troo
era waa unknown to practically all ofll
eiala of the war department until it
waa annouboed at Fort dam Houston.
Doubtlesa tbe preparation for the ex
ecutions wer known to a few high
officials, but tha departmental eoaunaa
der carried out the execution a
routine affair, aa ,he is warranted to
do in time of war, and mad th usual
formal report later, n i"
Wore, th country at peace the execu
tions would hay required tha approval
of th President, ' .,. '. v
'- N' such wholesale execution In tM
army haa occurred within the memory
of the preaent ' generation. " The last
of its kiad waa tbe execution of. mem
bera of the so-called "Bt. Patrick's
battalion V by Oenernl Beott during
the Mexican War, Membera of the
battalion deserted end joined the Mex
ican forces. A larva number were ex
ecuted by- General Bcott at the battle
of Chapultepec, . i .
Uns:::cc:sfd R.O.T.C.
New Llilitcry Police
Commissions ,Wi!l Be Offered
Those Whose Records Show
r,They Are Acceptable and They
.Will Receive Pay of Grade To
yvhich Assigned rf-tX'
Many of tba mem who failed, to get
commissions at 'the Reserve ORlc'er'
Training' Camp,- which ended at Bch.h
field Barracks on November 2B, r who
were discharged from campfe for, phys
ical disability .will be given, an., oppor
tunity to. rommau nniUtof tb,a ,new
military police, is a report from WaaU
ington. Thia will npply to all the train
ing ramp ia the United 8tntea. "-,
No provUion haa yet been made for
a military, police in Hawaii, bat re
port from. Washington Indicate that
thia form of military service may: be
approved for the Islands, in view of
the proposed nee of all regular sol
diers for duty ia Europe. '- -. - ; -.' ,
As a itep in thia direction , th war
department oa December 11 asked all
divisional commanding officers of . the
last two training camps for lists of
mea who ..tried for. commissions . and
failed. .' y
The, records f .-these men i will 'bo
examined and places will be offered men
found acceptable. Those, chosen will
receive the pay of the grade to which
they are commissioned. .' r . v
FiupMiioii "
An' audience of more tbaa two. Van
dred representing all walka and prob
ably also all race in the Island filled
the Armory last eight on' the oeeaaloa
of th celebration by Filipino resident
of Bixal day in honor of the great
Filipino patriot. Th great hall nad
the speakers' platform waa gay with
colored , hanglnga and : draperies with
the Btara and Stripe dominating the
decorative scheme. Abov tha platform
hose a portrait of tha patriot.' '. -
; The porgramv opeaed with tha alnging
of America followed by th invocation
by Bev. N. C. Bchenck and a ehorue
by the- Young People's League after
which the- Oovernor spoke. - J ' '
In hia address the executive review
ed the career of Joaa Bixal and told tha
great Part Biaal had played ia tha his
tery of tie people of the Philippine ap
to the tlmeU 1804 when.be waa ex
ecuted. Coming up to the time when
the Philippine came . uader th: con
trol bf Abe . United States he dwelt on
the pTifcrses that tke people had made
under 45, guidance of American school
. i V. . I . , . i i
leaeners ana now wier tne people wee
aomina- th aid extended, to tbeaa tiad
developed faatitutioaa and their ' Own
teaehera. ;. .- . -' .' -' ".:- '' '
'.The Governor gave ' high prals to
the, Filipino of Hawaii .and declared
they had been quick to answer the call
of the Nation a he .knew tkey would
do. - He referred to th large number
of f ijipino wbo had entered the Ha
waiian National Guard. "' '.:'(" :
' Followiag the Oovernor 'a addres a
aelection xwaa given by tbe Filipino
orchestra .and a song by Filipino ata
denta. - U. Telentino then spoke in th
Tagalog dialect,' after which W. W.
Thayer,.' former territorial treasurer
wa introduced by Rev, J. P. Erdman,
wbo acted aa presiding officer. .
Baals of ram ,
; It was Bixal 'a patriotism that nad
made of him a ' great national figure,
said the speaker. , RUal, he declared,
had been a great ncholar, a ' doctor of
medicine, a writer of no mean talents,
having been the author of two novels
.that are still read, and a great humani
tarian. Though these things made him
a notable figure, it was the part he
played aa a patriot that had lined aim
into n place of fame as th great out
standing figure in Filipino history, the
speaker said, and .it was because he
had sought liberty, with all of hia tal
ent and. had died a martyr to liberty,
mat nia nam would alweye live.
' The aneaker anoke af what the Fill
pino had done to meet the. war needs
of the nation and dwelt on tne needs
that still exist,. -Those unable to serve
tbe country, at the front atlll have a
great work at home to do, he aald. and
be declared thnt work in the cane fields
waa waiting for help that the Filipino
her could give. II urged them, to
give mat help: : y ,
Other addressee that were given Here
by B. T. Mekapagal in English, T. A.
Bamonte in Ilocano, Bev. 8. K, Tglorla
in Vlaayan and United Btatea District
Attorney B. C. Huber, Violin and piano
selections by-W, Robinson 'with Mia
P. Josephsoa at the piano wo long
ami continued applause. ,: . - i,
. The eelebratloa wa under the diree
lion of F. C. Tubilliba. V. Toleatino,
BaT. ..Mekapagal and E , RubjOi. ,.'Te
meniDera or tbe committee were aa lei
lowsi Finance, J. Regain, T, Bamoate,
I . Ksqueras, II. Morada aad P. T. Me
kapagali reception committee, E. Cea
teno, M. Bamaon, I. Begala. T. Bamont,
L. Konehar and L. Magpiong; decora
tion committee, M." Manalo, C. Salouga,
ti. iayog and JU. r oranaa.
. V'".' , '. . , . . .if i ..... iwe. , .' . : -'
way Use old hops as
, A -.V.
- BJCRNK' December ,1ft (Associated
Pre m) From Frankfort come' the) re
port tkat old hops, of which at leaat
two hundred .thousand pounds kawc
been collected recently, are, perhaps,
to be used la Oermany as m suostttut
for tobacco which grow increasingly
scarce. It ia asserted that chemical
investigatlona have proved that by a
method of preparation the hops net and
taat much, like tobacco and can be
used without evea a mixture of tobacco.
Chamberlaia'a Cough Remedy is tiij
largest selling cough medicine in th
world today because it does exactly
what a couk-b medicine ia supposed to
do. It stops coughs and colds speedily
and effectually. For sale by all dealers.
Benson, Smith A Co Ltd., ngent for
Bold , Hold-uo In ; Kairnuki r: :ts
Perpetrators Email Sum To-
; Jice Fait To find crs .
In -what was probably, one of, the
boldest fcrddupa for'tnany months, Hhun
Bhong Dal, a cbaiiffeuV. f rom' the Kai
mnki Taxi -Htsnd, was robbed at the
point of S gun by two Unidentified mel
at the eoraer of Kightb aad Mannaloa
Avenuet about eleven o'clock Satur
day night, after, which they disappear
d -sader cover-of darkness with plun
de'amBunHUo' el'itlif dlars-sbd fif
ty .ceat. , ',';ft'.;X ) . ' v .'
" Two well-dreescd men called at th
auto stand t- shortly . before elevca
o'clock -and engaged a ear,- They in
structed the', chauffeur - to, ' drive to
Eighth Avenue, which ha' did. Upon
arrival at that point, . they told Dal
that they, had changed their minds and
weuhk go -as far aa Maunaloa. Avenue.
Tbey asked him to stop and upon turn
tpg aronnd to ollect,hls fare he be
came suddenly aw re of the fact that
he waa looking down the mussle of a
revolver. i,., ,;. '.. -.- ,,- ..
""That-was. enotich for me,M said
Dal n, relating his experience to tke
police.' MJ,. just naturally .quit. They
could have had tha ear or anything I
poaeessed if. they had only naked for
it, .' And Ljuet bought tbe car that
moralng.-" ,';.'; ' ""
Dal aaid the man who held the weap
on lost no time in placing it to hi
temple. ' He waa requested to turn
Over all of kia cash and to "make hay
while th sun ahinea." Dal aaid he con
sidered it his only out, so pulled eight
dollars in allver out of kia trouser
pocket aad deposited it In a kat whiek.
waa held by tke second man. -.
. H remembered that he had half a
dollar in -aaother' pocket, so did not
wait for -them to aak for more, but
dropped it ia tke kat also. The high
waymea . were ' even ao polite as to
thank hint for' kia email contribution
aa tbey disappeared ia th direction of
Kapahulu," ., c: ',-. ;- ., "'.; v" '. .
The police' were notified of the hold
up and tha substation man at the end
of the Kairnuki earline waa despatched
to the scene of the robbery.
." Dal drove to Chief of Detective
Arthur MeDufAe s residence which it
only, a abort diatanee from Eighth and
Maanaroa Aveaae, where the story w
related to , Mra. MeDuffie. ' 8he . com
municated with her husband, who wa
St tke polise station, and be in com
pany, with other detective made an
xbanstiv ' search of that section Of
the city, biit to, no avail. s
FkeSktcz:ats ;
In O-csticnniire
Vai Brag Tresis
' False statement mad ia the que
tionnalr blank,' which are to be filled
out by draft registrants of Hawaii and
iled wltk th aelective draft at the
papitol ; Bulldlag,' will bring . prompt
prqeeeutioa by federal authorities. For
this reason, among' many others, tbe
filling ' ia of. , the proper answer will
b - a 'work -of none con sequence, ' and
mttat b asaeti'' '; ''i'-irf f -'.'f..,
. . The" ouestloBnaire "blank are going
out rapidly to registrants on the isl
and of Hawai), Maui, Molokai, Kauai
and Oak n, and th machinery, for aid-,
ing registranta in filling la the answers
ia being arranged in every district of
the groups The election booths in Ho
nolulu - have been ,re-ereeted and in
each of tbeno very day from January
7 to January '27 an assistant to the
chief registrar of cask precjnet will be
in attendance to help those who feel
they are not competent to put in the.
proper anajrera. t f it-' ,
Troubiii (ja ptgtt :' f f f, ?f ,
' vTbe firat quealloanajre blank return
ed to the Portland, Oregon, bonrd wn
found dlstrosaiagly incorrect, and th
experience f Portland presages an im
mense amount of trouble for tbe draft
boarda and tb registrant. Capt. Fran
cis J, Green, . selective , draft officer,
however, hSs taken time and opportun
ity by the forelock, by r enlisting the
Registration Day ioree to aid th
registraata in their new duties. '..;
1 Th legal advisory boarda hav ben
appointed, and are already prepared to
answer questions put to them.' That
this board acheme 1 a valuable mean
ef. obviating trouble is evident from
the number of well known attorney
wko have beea selected for duty, all of '
whom wniinglj gave their-services to
the gevernment. j t,ri,y .', ! ; - y '.
Mn view of th fact, that false tate
nients in support of elsimi for exemp
tion or deferred classification consti
tute' a grave menace to the -fair, and
equitable onforeement of conscription,
the authorities will give wide publicity,
to j th facH that such material false
statements, even' when the facta iava
been distorted ' only slightly, will be
promptly prosecuted. . i z. r , ,
mprlsouaant Poseibl " . ! , i.
,Eaemptiiona,, and . discharge .made
prior to December 18 noW'kave no val-WitwA-kn
ibese tpertba must sign
tk questloaaaire. Every person wbo
has registered aad haa not gone into
active service is required to fill out
tke blank. ' Thi must be Sworn to and
ia. Intended us .a complete inventory
of hia domestic condition and industrial
aad adueational qualifications. '
vTk punishment for those wko fail
to return th questionnaire, or to ap-'
pear for physical examination, or to
report ckang of atatua, permits lm
pnaonment for one year. ,' ,,
Tke registrants of HawaU, however,'
hav (bows no inclination lo evade the
draft, and in fact, have displayed an
unusual amount of loyalty aad wllllag-,
ness to, aid tk . government. The
election booths''
their aervicea rati.' .- .
. 1
HaweiiyAdvertiaemeut. , f .
" : '. '" :f'Vf'-f
'( .

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