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II II 1.1 IN
Critishhake. Enemy With "Terri
ble Fire lij Ypres .Sector and
French Make Many Prisoners
Near, St Quentin , ('..:
Heavy, BQmbardment. of Italian
Positions Indicate Renewal, of
Desperate Effort By Austro
. Germans To Break Through V
N EW ,YORK,reccmbciv31--(Associated
; Press) Futile
attacks by the Teuton forces upon
loth British and French sectors ol
tlie Western Front were launched
and repulsed on Saturday and yes
terday. Qn the Italian front there
were no activities beyond heavy
bombardment of Italian position oil
two sectors, probably preliminary
to another desperate attempt by the
Austro-Germans .; to force away
through to a more level and less
hazardous country, r Inclement
weather is restricting operations on
all frontsV.said last night's official
reports. 7". "7 ,"V.' -".' ' '
Saturday night, the, Germans
hunched .an attack, la force upon
the British positions northeast of
Ypres where for several days pre
vious they had been conducting se
vere bombardments. The; attick
proved futile for the British ralje!
the Germans with 'a strong fire and
the attack was repulsed before h
even reached the entanglements
and with a tremendous loss for the
At Dezonavaux and! Vauquois in
the St Quentin sector the "enemy,
launched attacks upon the French
positions but both of these assaults
were met and readily repulsed 'by :
the Poilus who took a large 'num
ber of prisoners in 'fc the . counter
which was immediately launched
and put the Boches to rout
Aside ...from 'bombardments , and
reciprocal artillery duels there was
little other activity on the Western
Front. On the French front the
wcatlier is Very cold and a heavy
snowfall covers the ground imped
ing any operations. Some artillery
fire is to be noted ot this-front
however. - ' .
Apparently preliminary to fur
ther heavy assaults as soon as
' weather , may permft, the . Austro
Gcrmans bombarded the Italian po
sitions on the Asiago Plateau to
the east of the Piave,
, Concentrating their fire on the
Jvf onte Boniba sector and also di
rec,tirig it a few miles east on botjh
sides pf rcderobba, near the-upvi
'rt' ..-' . .t..
vr (uvc ecciur, uic ciwmy Rv
evidence of a meditated early as
sault in that . direction. There
were no infantry engagements Of
imixjrtance1 the deep snow tending
to' j - re v en ihis.. j
C, r:.I
eress) IS reported b '
fcV wll IrUUll te4 J
f Jenisalcfrt A
.as oitcrca Dy
'y were overcome
i i tir".. j evacuating
i .' ii-liatcly. oc-
i'-co-ffir-res v.; ,
! f.
: , i . . - j .
- fAfkoola'
. -..-(. i uia
r,-ssr (,,.-,- ' . .' i
t in fit liiivt ii '
1 i,IihiJ fciix-e i
f the l'lii'I- li
U i.nifn e so i
t tln'y have ' t
. miry siliueiil, "
iite not huif so i
..Ii ns tliey wci .
. now ('-t-e.l .
i.u.1 trfore tliti v
i e ere mild mes vi
v a
w .r
' -is ij' a
' t -. ; 1 1
,i -v
r . '. '
Mi-r. .
r i
PMC2 te:'.:.!s
i;ot endorsed
by all in cerun
Paper Urges its Readers' To Hiss
von Kuehlman For Betraying
Army tf Wis Country . "Not
Liked in Petrograd1
LfjNDON, Drembr 11 (Associated
pYe)--Troky vu expected, to- pro
rut a new note to the Allien yesterday
but up to an early hour thie tnoraing
ao Information a to It eon tea la naa
bean received and it Is believed that
it Will probably , be presented to the
rarioua amtMmeador of the Allied na
tions today or at latest tomorrow, Dea-
betshee from I'stroarsd to I J of hia
expected aotee. It waa sent ea Batur
dav but waa delayed la transmission, .
.. fcven la OsYmany the proposed pae
terms are not meeting with undivided
satisfaction. The Baagermaa Press
haa invited ita read era to , hiaa vo
Kuehlmaa ea hia return to Rerlie for
having betrayed the army of hie eoaa
try. He i expected to vetch Bet-He
today fro , Buaaia and la te be l
mediately received by the Kaiser aad
then by von Hindenberg.
Vtaximiliaa Hardin ia commenting
editorially oa the peace terms , said
that granting freedom te Alaaee and
Lorraine cannot be considered aa ob
ataele to a peace agreement, ,
Ia Petrograd the terma are eonalder
ed by eome to be impoaaibla. Deapetehee
aay that the Belrlaa miaiater ia quoted
aa uerrinr that he waa told by of
fieiala of the Petrograd goverament
that the tenaa aa offered eoald aot be
irpted beeaaae tho proffered terme
failed to iadieate any meana for the
prevention of fntare fondieta or re
moval of the eaaaea which hate led p
to the preaent war. .,t.'.
American B a n k e r Released,
Others lmprisontfd Fighting
v Rercery. In Irkutsk V
,.V1AHrA7OTOXriDeember 31 (Ae
oeiatod Preea) B. B. flteveaa, maaager
at the Petrograd braaeh of the National
City Bank of New York, which waa
aeiaed by the Petregrad government,
haa bees' teteaeed-fromr tntody, - de
epatohee : from Kiaiatet tVaaefa said
yeeterday. He waa arreated with the
heada of the other foreign banka which
were taken into control and eoaftaeated
by the BoUhevikL Btevene waa ar
reated beeanao he refuaed to yield rfe
their demanda aad aarrender the prop
erty of hie eatployer.
., vyhile the American banker haa bepa
releaaed each ia not the eaie with other
bankeri for despatches told Of th
heade of all private banka which were
raided by, the Bolaheviki being now
incarcerated ia the prison of 8t. Peter.
In Maneharia the aitaation ia eerionai
The North China Daily New, Shang
hai reported priated an article to the
effect that the altaatioa at Harbin waa
aerioa. It also aaid that the aitnatioa
waa woree in Vladivostok aad that the
Chinese- government i endeavoring to
end troop there.
Beutera deepatohee received In Von,
don aaid that there waa a Peking re
port of fighting at Irkutsk in eastern
Siberia between the regular troops, the
red guarda. the Coaaacks aad military
eaMleta. The lighting waa eaid to have
beea aevare and to have lasted for a
week. The town waa aaid to be oa fire,
aeaae part already destroyed and a
large part ef tho. population starving.
WASHINGTON, December 81 f Aa-
soriated Press) In vestigatious qf army
asairi wen proceea in eenate commit
tee today.- Oeaeral Croxier will reply
to .Lewis' testimony aa to refnaal to
nae the Lewis machine gun. Secretary
Baker wiH also be afforded an opportu
nity te esplaia further the machine
gna controversy.. 4
Bharpe yesterday In a published slats
meat placiPd tho responsibility for de
lay in securing wool upon the national
defease board. Senator Week ha4 told
tlV senate rommittee that he .waa rs
liil.lT stormed .that ,failr.t aerept
kuvWt of raw wool early la April had
ti l'd tn a loss to the government of
."V.S.t'XLDOaV , .'. .
r 0 the-ship bnildlng program
! I ),( tnatiaae. todav with Balnbridim
T OWtneday the senate committee
shortage will receive the
" T ' l
. ; - I 4h
eHAiC: .T. iVccn.ber; 30 ?Asho
ciated lfre; o , vlllhinnt by the
Japana .f) v administratiop in
rnininti t"i u.vm - oursia ' or the
Tcti jftao bf-'S-'r.' Mfiacting widespread
(sttentioa. tjifit .' action Jn' replac-"a
, iu militvV eivil government
, us made tftV rVf'-s ' 'f protest ty the
I i.' itit. f.avlti A
.yd at Tolrio.
'I : e fiua rut
t t,taat delegate
lisTiiil I
tirin irninonh hti f
7. wan arraino uu un
fi.Mitik-,'ir'I i'j , -iV 'Pck lug ju,t' umii
r i vnt j( ' r K t what they era.
. U4 -k i.t jtaf affair. Jfor
'Pekiiia- an.i'
rules mm
Postmasters . and Police Must
4 ; Register All Onnaturailztd
, . .. : merman ftesicenrs
thumbprintsTnd NEW '
Cannot Change Places of Rcsi
- dence Without Permission;
j. AmpRfies Other Orifers
WASHINGTON, December Bl-(Ae-eoeiaied
Press) Further drastie etcpt
to sorb the machUation of a lie a a-
emie against this- eouirtry, following
along the lines of thoee ordered by the
President for the protection of the wa
terfronts of the port and 'the great
commerce of the Nation, wilt aooa 'be
put Into operation. Germans, who do
aot hold aaturanratlon paper will And
themselves closely watched and made
subject to sever reatrietioae aa to
movements. ,' ' 'i. ' .
' Uanaturiliaed Germans within the
United States are to be again register
ed during the week beginning February 1
4. '.Postmaster and the police forces
of the various eities are to handle this
registration, it was announced yester
day.' Not only are these alien enemies
to-be registered but their thumb prints'
and pnotogrspks are to be taken in aU
Instances and filed with the other data
that is secured duriag the registration
proceedings. .v.. '
tfcanot 'Chang Abode 1 ' . ' ,
All such aliea enemies, once thev hrt
tnus registered, will be furnished with
rCHistratioa-Identineatioa . earda aad
these they will be required to have
with them at all timee aad - xireseat
whenever they may be demanded. They
may not chaage their places of resi
dence without first securing the approv
al and permission ef the postmaster
aad the police department where they
are registered. . r ,- .'
- These orders supplement oa - Novem
ber2t for the protection of the water
fronts of seaports but they affect all
eities, and towns and the surrounding
rural districts. ' ' y
AU ICaat Obserew Anlea h, 1. Fl
' The Department of Justice ' In Vts
announcement- emphasicee that Amer
ican eitisens as well a Germane must
obeerve ,. .the Waterfront restrictions
and not attempt to pass the guard lines
without Iveing adequately Identified by
the private guards hnd given permis
si on by .the soldier guard. Otherwise
the danger of innocent person being
shot is aot negligible, it vvss explained.
The drastie rule was declared nec
essary to, nijks anre that dangerous
aliens are siTed from the thousands Of
longshoremen, teamsters, clerks, steve
dores, business men and others having
legitiarate businsss within the . dock
aress. ' - v ' i
, The military guard at the Port of
New York, is effective ia Manhattan,
the Brons. Brooklyn, Jersey City. Hw
bokea aad other waterfront about the
harbor. United Statea marshals hav
ing jurisdiction of the various harbor
waterfronts will confer tomorrow at
Governor 'a Islaad with military author
ities concerning detail of the plan.
The Department of Justice advises
that the barred - none be marked by
torn sort of a line, aad tnet aigna noti
fying alien enemies aot to pass be plac
ed at frequent interval. ,
v la cases of street ars or railroads
S easing throsgh. the barred district,
erinsns will aot be permitted to-be
aboard, even for continuous Pfcsaege.
Any found Within the none for any
reason whatever will be arrested nd
robably interned for .. the. period of
he war.-. Permit previously granted
to Osrmaaa to eater waterfront aonee
are revoked. .The restrictions, .how
ever, do aot apply to pubH ferries. , .
Plan Sjrrtaa of Passee .'
is tmpertaat," says the Depart
meat of Jaetiee regulations, "that the
patrolliag be tffsetivw add : yet be
carried am ta each a liianner as will
interfere aa little as possible with the
free 'mevomeot of traate to and from
the wharves and with the free ' oner-,
atlon f the wharves and 'other' ship
ping facilities, ' for th speedy opera-,
tios Of the shipment of mea and ma
terials to Europe is of the -utmost im
portance. . '-'.
The system - of idea ti float ioa 1y the
iaspeetpra to be employed by the i'1er
aad warehouse owners, "the depart
ment 's statement aaid, is aot' expected
iction of
to accomplish a complete protect!
hipping, aad the. department ia en
gaged ' planning' a' aystem of passes
to supplemest that of Ideettjlcaiion by
inspector, la the meantime special
,! will be issued te persona with
urooriry jo em r .iae soue.
f Wharf operators Will, prepare a 110
of employe and others entitled to ad
mission to the restricted sonee for la
apectioa and guidance. of military' au
thorities, , ; ;.
'Kvery opera tr ef a 'water front
facility,' ' aay the department reguls
tlons,!." shall en or befoae Dee. 1 file
with the .Vaited States Marsha in
wtitiag a statemeqt describing it ays
tern' of Are patrol aad lire- prevestion."
' i ...
Th'erej'V no danger 'whatever' fr6o
'lockjaw or blood poison resnltrna from
wound when 'C'liambeilaiu'i Pain
I Bahn I pronrptiy applied. If is an hnti-
aeptie ' ami destroys the germs Wbii-h
yiiseasea., 1t .also ' onuses
(wouads t heal without maturation and
in on third the time required by the
usual treatnieat fat akin hv all deal-.
BenaOB, Miiiith A Co., LtL, ageiits
u 4
7 ; ; WAHlNGtO, bcbcr (Assodited Pr6)uctteitiali ia Nifcvli'oi tcrtala City,
the capital of the Republic of Guatemala has tech annihHated and co
quake thock which cahie oh Saturday ais the culminatiori i'ibf $ scries 'of temblors' Which riaVe rocked arid
shaken Ihe. little rcputlic of Central Arnerica for nearly a One hundred 'arid Wenty-five hoUsand
r)dop!e, the entire population ere homeless in the 'streets; "Ine dead Will number hundreds And the injured
will count into the thousands. There is grave suTering and an appeal for assistance has bteh ent out
The Atnerican Red Goss immediately replied that, i Would furnish . assistance and a' preliminary
apDrobriation of ten thousarid dollars for the start of the work was made. -7 7 ,'v' V? u' ' '
WASirtNGTON. December 81 (AasocUted Ptom) Director Oeaeral Me-'
Adoo of the United ttatea sUllroad ferric is going ahead withotrt delay to the
rallettng of h congested traffic. TeetexiUy 1w Issued oraers.Uiat ftaait eepe-
c tally with ths two great railroad center
York. Thee special Instructions dealt
at fbos polau and the shipping oat with
V Walker Jtthie, a New York railroad lawyer yn yesterday named by Ko
Adoo as assistant director general of the reJlroada. 't waa announced that thlfe
appointment was a temporary one. Another announcement of importance waa
Alfred H. Etnith, 'prealdent of the New
as a special temporary asdstaat to the director general. . , . ' .. ' -. ,
The director general announced that he era prepared to facilitate the mora
menu of coal to all districts which are suffering frbm the intern sold war that
now holds a great portion of the country la It grip which Is one of the meat
serums problem that confront hint aa suffering ia reported as intense la ttanr
fclttrtct. ; : .,.
Yet another problem which demands
and waga situation. The railways having refused to consider the demands of
the brotherhoods, this placed the question of wag seal aad other demands
Squarely before the new director general. " .-' ' ' '
. v .- compensation For coMPAJrrEa ..y: " .;u-.::;-"r'--"
-Congress la ox pec ted to hair prepared this week legislation guaranteeing ta
the railroads compensation upon a baaU of their pro-war earnings. V ' .
' Tt U also zpected that the President win go before coagrees on Thursday
with a message aoa the legUUtioa which he considers 'the changed conditions
growing owe et Wkroad caatvalV-hr the eyoyarnmant arm immediately, demand.
: WASHINGTON, December 31 (Associated Press) Extreme old prevailed j
throughout the central and eastern portions of the United IStates y ester dsy and
la some sections of the roubtry new low records were established. Owing to
the coal, shortage the suffering is intense aad deaths from the cold are being
reported from several middle, western and east era eities. , ; , . ,
' Ia New York yesterday the mercury sank to thirteen degree below aero
which is six degrees lower than the lowest previously recorded la the history of
the weather bureau.. . : vv , i".- ' " -'- ; v' -' ' " ' ' "' ''
'' New York reported intense suffering because of tho short sappty of cosl hal
three deatha from freezing. Buildings are oftea aaheated aad the cltyaever
la it history experienced greater discomfort from a cold wave. .. . - .
. la Philadelphia and vicinity tho niercnry ranged from' fotir to twenty do-,
gree below sero and there also waa .great iliseonifort and eufferlag 'by reason
of the eoal ehortage. . ,' , . . : , ' ;' i T ' v-'
The cold weather extends far South where the people were even less pro
pared for it and ne hope of any great abatement la the cold is held forth by the
weather boreaa for today. :.;. ,
. McAdoo haa promised to eipedite eoal deliveries -by the railroad -but at
best this relief will coma late. .. . , , . :.
. L. A. Bnead, head of the fuel !ininistrstion''s dlttribatlv "agency forecast
that thi coal shorts ge aad the cold wave that haa come upoa the country at
this time will mean the taking over by the government of ths' eoal miso and tho
conscription of labor to work the miues. . i r -; - o. . -. s.
o:es of p?iEu:.:oKtA
Expert Who Prcparfed Plant For
, Hbn6!ulu fassfis Away -
'EOClrifeSTEB, Kew Trk, 'December
31 (Associated Press) -Charles Bobin
oa, the toted city planner who made
plane for the tnSprotetnent of the rity
Of llouoiuM, penver.
Omaha, Loe An
and ' a number of other eltlee
aad who was considered one the lead
ing experts of the World, died yester
day, at Albany, falling a victim to
put'omonta. ';
He waa the organiser of the nation
al 'alliance of elvie orgautfcatioa. '.
io ONPrip;.r.ED case
' ; y : v '. - ,..( y. '
WASH IKOTfOK; December 31 (As
sociated rreiis) IJnvostlgktien ' of the
circumstances' tfiftt Itul and surround
the eluding of enlisted men of the ord
nanco department to Karitaa, Itew Jer
sey t--r rMH-'itr.'eCliss been ordered
bv'P -etety -f . 'Baker. It is dis-
losc l thnt t) r.; heot to this pTace
mo' .ifi'.'.)rtl
e when tu fact
I existed on paper
Slll-h 1 . 4 t((!;,J
6ntv; ', '' '
eflici. ' c
ttaiitaa's city
g to chre for the
' bee sent there.
KOMK, rtnibef, 'Sf (Associated
Prose fi.r Xaret itwas yesterday
name. I
I "'
j Y-mopf toner .Tolu
k a u
et the country, Oblcago aad .'New
solely with the clearing of the congest! oa
rapidity of car ta they ate auloadsd-
York Central HaUrbad aodTbeea named
. vV,,.,.. -..
,hia tnuneoia attetrtloa in the labor
ilumtier , Includes Canadian Br-
.';: ; gadier General,
'OTTAWA, December 81 (Associat
ed. Press) A; Beuter '.'despatch rs
teived last night from , Zarieh )
that a patty Wf British 'war priseaer
consisting of seventy four officer and
654 men had arrived there from Oof
many. and will be interned la the Hotel
Deux. ; ' '.'. . i
Among the ssvesty f o6r officers is In
cluded Brigadier General Victor WilUa,
of the Caaadian expeditionary force.
5 lie 'men are aaid to be in fairly good
th. . . ...K.,.-, '
EAGLE PA88, Texts, December 81
(Associated Press) Six Mexican
were killed yesterday ia an encounter
at Baa Joe, Mexico, betweea United
State regular troop, Texa : ' range.a
and Mexican baadits. -
.' None bf the American were injured.
RAfSING'iiEW ARMY ' : - s
SALT. LAKE CITY, ' Dembe7 -r-Chlef
' Xtexee, a" Jfescalero Apnehe 'of
tne famous' won eiaa, arrived here o
dsy ' in' company, ulth his Wife, Prl
eess l.One reather, te conduct
paiga for obtaiaing 'recruit am
Indian for " r service in the
g be
Btstes Army, i
The chief, who bears -the
of war of Chief Thunder W,
great 'high commander -of th
of tribes pf Araeriean Indian
ing the- sou ii try. nd oipeeta
more thua CVOO American Ii
: Messiee
Kth, the
i4 totncll
I Is tour-
l enroll
The United States
all of the beautiful public
hospitals and asylums as
ana manutactones are a mass or aepns. peneain ine
Colon Theater Kundrcds are Inrried. v : Z ' ' ;
ONLY RUINS ARE tFT . , ;.' , ,
Practically nothing remains of the beautiful city of Guatemala,
capital of the richest little republic of Central Arherlca. As noth-
Ing was the destruction of the previous days and nights of terror
The city Is riven and ton and great fissures have been opened up
in the earth where a few days since was the center of Its business ,
activities and social life. News of the disaster first feached here
through the navy department and the brief , report said that every
thing was In ruins, the city virtually 'destroyed, 125,000 people,
homeless in its streets '
, 'This report was wirelessed fay. United States naval vesseVln
a Guatemalan harbor and the navy department immediately wire
lessed back to the commander of the fleet to render any and
every assistance which might lay in their power.
Later despatches received irbm San Salvador gave 'more de
tails of the terrible calamity. Many had been killed in their homes
and in (he streets, these despatches said. The great Colon Thea
ter was Tilted with people when the city was shaken and riven. It
collapsed in a heap burying and crushing hundreds within and be
neath the ruihS. ,' -:.."-': ( .
AD of the hospitals and asylums weije wrecked and damaged
and most of the inmates of the hospital arid many of the asylum.
; , uiner ouueungs uiterry uesuuyeu mwuueu uic iuhauj ucui,
sugar mills postotfice, United States and British Consulates, and
all of the ufiurcHes and cathedrals were leveled 1b the ground.
Assures opened all through the city during the severity
of the 'shock extending into and across what was formerly the
busiest and most beautiful sections. - : ) -v-
i Thousands have fled from 'the city but more than a hundred
thousand remained near their ruined abodes and there Is a great
need of provisions and supplies. , . ; - : . ; v . .
' Immediately upon receiving news of the disaster the govern
ment of San Salvador started upon relief work and Issued a call
for 'subscription. Ht ordered all -preparations for the celebration
of New Year's day to cease and throughout the -city there were
signs of mourning and sympathy. ' , . ;
It Is expected that the American Red Cress at headquarters,
here will take further action early today for speedy relief work and
1 1s likefy that public Subscriptions will be immediately started. - ;
- ( '; ; : BEAtmrtnxTr located as itew capttax.
'. euateniala'ia Kuera, in contrast to Aaatemala Antigua which waa the for.
atar capital, waa located ia the basin Montagu afteen mile from th old city
which waa established by the Spaniards. Jt was on the north flank of the toI-I
aasie coast cordelier, it ohief building were a oeauttfal cathedral, the atca-y
bishop palace, goverumsnt house, university buildings and military academy
buildings. It Is Afty-flve miles -from San Jose, chief port on the Pad&c Occam
'.The repuhllo Of Quatouala 1 iry mountainous and. contains within ita
border mora than a acar of volcano of which only on has been active in r
cent yean. It Is tn th ' earthtuaka sone' ' and. earthquakes have been common,
the moot serious having occurred April 19, 1Q02. .This shook the northwestern .
past of tho county mqst severely. At Esoulnt,i 1000 Were Ulled and 1500 in
jured. At San Joe more thin ,000 houses wer destroyed but only three death
reported. It waa ostl mated at that time 60,000 were rendered homeless hut oa
ths.t w-aiHnn ha esnll .i w., 14 . .. . .. t
j j ; gteport' of last week told of the
r tie republic aud If th Severity of th
wiw w uuatemaia city vibration th damage must certainly have extended to.
other part of th Republic on Saturday, ( . j
i from the Information already received It ia evident that the 1903 disaster
Vaahot comparable In any Way t the oataolyam of Saturday.
pespatohee received early this upmlng said that the foreign population waa
safe and ths lots of Hfe had been confined t the aaUvea.
'The 'destruction 'by ire 'of. ieveral
trtel at Knilolsni .J'arh the ' other
night "l bcUered by Supervisor .Bee
Holllager i to have been the work ;of
soldiers. .'He ha aot -yet succeeded,
however, ia Had lag any definite clue
that might lead to the apprehension
of the culprits. , . ,
Jil am . eonfldent that Soldiers" set
Are to the trees," said Hollinger yes
terday. '"'They art known to be fre
quent 1iuoro in . that vicinity, . and
on the bight of the blara heveral were
seen hurrying away just prior to the
fife." i : c . - . , , ','
In all, twelve trees. WeVe damaged
!y the' flame at KKpiolanl Park, and
Hollinger aaid yesterday it would take
years before they again return to their
normal state. . ,
' move (he Kabe. V$d the world over
to core a cold tn 6ne day. , The sign,
lure f V, CROVats ou 4ch bo.
Msiiufuctursd ty th TA&IS. MDI.
C1N' CO., Vi. LonU, U. a.
and the British Consulate,
buildmtts and- all charges,
well as "all business buildings
earthquake occurring in various part of
shock was ooatmensurita it Other place .
.1 '
Property owners of eleven' lot en
Beretanm Utreet, between Ptnahou aad
Alapta 'Streets, are delinquent la the
payment of the instalments due on the
assessment for improvements, end it
K presumed they ars withholding their
money : until such time ; ne the' L. h.
iJcOsbdloss injunction suit aganst,
assenmnests being levied oa. bis prop-',
ertv is settled. ::..';-'' '
The MeCthdl'ss property is eltnate
bn Beretania Htrret, but not In the
same section of the street as the eleven
lots ' which are jlidinquent. . .
' On the eleven lots a little more than
fiOOO is delinquent, and the owners are ''
evidently, working on the assumption
tnst ior tneir dchnqoeney they are-
being peualired one percent per month'
ror tne montniy instalments due, where. ,
as according to the explanation given''
Muturday by the. city' attorney 's' office,
the 'dellequttnt property - owners "are
assessed at the rute of una percent .on
the total unpaid aihount. ;
The MeCandless esse is now In the.,
hands of Judge Kemp, ao has it uu
dvr adviseweut,

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