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DcJCBationVtfeaving'For Scafidi
r navlan Capitals and For Lon
f don, Pari and Washington,
To Present Cause V . ;:
Republic Probably Will Include
Russian Lapland and Will Pro
. . vide Buffer State Between Age
, ..Long Rivals .; : ,: ' ; :
30 (Associated ress)t-
Announcing that they have suc-
: '. ,. j. ceeded i in ' establishing - the Re--;.
? 5 'i publi .of . Finland and have or
-; ; J ganized a settled government for
I y their country, within its bid boun-
;.' daries, tbe. Finns are now calling
-V''' upon the'governments' f the En-
. ' a tetite allies to recognize Finnish
.' X . i, independence; 1 ' v"!.' '." :
'i ? From f Helsingfors, which has
; been "reestablished as the capital
, v ..' of free Finland, the provisional
X ;v government is now:' despatching
. . . delegation' of leading Finns to the
V capitals of the' Scandinavian couR
: " V triesarid' to London, Paris and
X, X;'. Washingtort to ask or the reedg
nition of their ttew government
; . ' ' X ;, While ' it has not yet , been so
i v s idefiiiitely stated, ft is regarded as
; ;XX probable that )t wilk be announc
, y , ; ' ed in the various capitals visited
Xf '' that. Finland , desires- to include
V -i f t, ' :. within jli)Urisdic'ttpn the terri
i '' : ; torv't embraccd.vU4iin-th IxJun-
eluded within .the borders of Swe-
dert and NorySuth'a'tiove,
- if ' successful will separate ' Ros
sia from Scandinavia and provide
'a' buffer 'stated X ZXX:-')ZrjA '.
V The national aspirations of Fin
land have already been informal-
- ly approved of by. the candina-
vians, the presi of Sweden, Nor-
way and Denmark uniting in en
dorsement of the Finnish plea for
-. recognition and Urging that such
. recognition be-given at the earl
iest possible date by their respec
, tive governments,
t Yesterday, in addressing a dele-
gation.pf Finnish publicists, who
were 'received ,by. him in Stock-
holm, -King Gustav of Sweden ex
, pressed his "sympathy with them
and their desire for a renewed na
tional autonomy, His speech has
been enthusiastically endorsed by
the Swedes. "." '
: ; The conquest of Finland by Rus-:'-sia
was begun , by Feter the Great,
j who wrested a large portion of the.
)' country from ; Sweden in 1721.
' Twenty years" later-, by the . Peace
. of Abo the, Princess Elizabeth ex
v tended Russian) Finland to the
r. Kyneme and ' in v1809 the entire
' principality- was ;. conquered by
' -Alexander I,, who, however, per-
niitcd Finland to "retain its Swed
'. Uh constitution, with himself as
Us Grand Duke.' v 5
r It was .not until 1890 4hat the
- Russification 6 Tinla., w0k'
uuatj Miiiiiiu, aiiiic irriiK.it iuiiv,
up to the recent revolution in Pc
trograd, the conditions in Finland
J.; have been onerous. The.- Finns
have opjwsed to the limit of their
strength the-asserted right of Ru
sia to legislate for Finland as it
saw fit and ' without consultation
with the Finnish, diet. Russian was
made the official language. In 1905
a degree of freedom was restored
X to the former principality, but in
1909 a repressive policy was rein
augurated and the partitibn of Fin
land was commenced. : .
"'' Finland has a population of few
er than three 'and a half million
but, until the outbreak of the war,
its financial condition, was ' flour
ishing, .'At the present lime ther,e
is widespread 'suffering and much
i, actuatafVition ainpng the Finns'
Drugless Healers Hope
" WAftHINOTOjr? DcnemW 80 (Aa
aociatedLI'rrae Amonit the m port ant
dteialone which la to be banded down
hy the ITnited Btatea Sapreme Court
and Which may be announced tomorrow
ia that which, ariaea Under California 'a
o'-calfed 'drugloia nrthir' lawi, un
acted in 1118, were attack uneon
titntloaai in two iajonotion eulte of
P. I Crane, Loa AdmIpk' chiroprac
tor, and Mm. Kate P. McNanghtoa, a
Loe Aneplet opthamoloriiit. Ne Chris
tian cVlentUta , were . partlen te the
uita, bat, Jive been watching thenl b
rauae of the atntntea. exemption of
Chriatlaa rklonce and other ; f 'prayer
practitioner ' , from examination and
Urenilng by the state medical board. -The
,. Iawa,) denigned ti eupprea
"quack" an.l "fake" Jiealpra require
oeteojwtha, neuropaths,., chiropractors
and other en-eatled riraglesa healer to
have certain physiological' knowledge.
VaUdlty tTndecld'ed s . ,. ; ,
..California federal courts refused to
enjoin enforcement of the ,, atatotee
" under , the aonad discretion . of the
conrt,"; but without deciding their
validity. In the 0upreme Court, the
state authorities eontended H was not
necesnry for that court to decide their,
eenatitutloaality,. but merely pane on
the discretion exerrleed by the. lower
court,, the Calif orn la. state courts bar
ing upheld the statutes and Crane and
Mrs. McNaughtoa lot having applied
for license. .. 1 V .,
Obrlatlaa Bdentlsti Cxempt '; ' 'r:
Exemption given, tltrietian ' Mence
wae attacked as unconstitutional ia .the
injunction auita. rtt-'Wa ' eontended
that the law gives Chrtetian Selentrst
monopoly la prefer practise'' U-,
criminates against drakes practltion-
Railroad Heads' Announce They
Will. Do Nothing Now That
va, Washington Is In-Control
' WASHINGTON, December 29 (Aa-
aoelated ,, Frees) Government owner-
hip of the.- railroad ,- systems .of the
country iu hinted at m aa impending
possibility today whan tue railroaaa an
nounced that they aav detaitely re
fused thedemand Of the brotherhood
for a frtrty percent raise ia rate tha
demand -bclne: referred to-the covert-
meufj' fteilrosd eteeoilve jn snnoune,-
mtr ill ttlnli tnHmnffcit flint- I I. a
toward government ownership and that
tber believe the rsubRa asd the -stock.
bolder. -demaad It.-, 'w1- i
t Plana for handling the-railreuds In
clude the possible formation of m gov
ernment : corporation' to bay and . deal
la securities. m t" . ; 'T.
iPresident Lee of the RatlWey Train
men 'a Brotherhood, said today when in
formed at Cleveland of the' action of
the road that be had not expected, the
road .to grant the increase. He , be
lieves government-ownership is assur
ed and is willing to rest kis ease with
the government.
Petrograd i Government- Strives
To Force Allied Powers To
Recognize Status
STOCKHOLM, December '29 (Abko-'
elated ' Press) New '', kae ; been re
ceived bcre that the Bulshevikl faction
la attempting to force from the Allied
powers recognition of it statue as the
main Russian government,
. An American diplomatic courier who
passed here on kis way to Petrograd
was refused admiasioa to the Bolshe
vik! line on the ground that hi pass
was- not viseed by the Bolshevik! min
ister at Stockholm., .,.( . . .
It is assumed that -in this way the
ttoianevtKt nope to express tneir ant
tnde in insfhtlng on complete end di
rect recognition for their own foreign
representatives. :'. 1,
Abdication Btuoorvd X-X ( '
It Is persistently rumored in Petro
grad, despatches from there said, that
King Ferdinand of Bumania will abdi
cate the throne in - favor of Prince
Charles. The .rumor . eauoot be con
firmed. t (1 , , , I.. '. - ; ,
' T T .
NEW TOBK, December 29 (Aseoct
ted IVess) 1'sul Hennig, a naturalised
Oerman, who is a foreman in a Brook-:
lya -factory' making torpedoes for Unit
ed States naval use waa today lodged
ia jail Charged with treason. :
' It is- alleged that Hennig altered, the
gyroseopee being made ia the plant so
(hat. the torpedoes on whlcft the gyro
scope wri fixed' would be worthless,
tt le also said that the torpedoes, if
launched, not only would Vot go . to
their' mark, but might even be danger
oua to the -vessel which t thpm off.
WA8IUNOT0N, Dwetuber 30-(A-soclated
ltess)-8eiretary MeAdoo
yesterday promoted WV 1L Morn, whq
haa- been' etssistant 'chief of t'', trras-ury,-department
-eecret- ;eervlco, to fell
the vacancy at the head of that service
piade by the resignation of Chief r'lynn,
era of every school of dragles heeling
in favor of those using prayer only, ia
class legislation, and an arbitrary exer
cise of the state V police powers.' f
. These, charges were denied by the
state aathoritles. 'The state supreme
court kad ' declared both laws a valid
exorcise el state police authority.' The
requirement upon drugless healers to
have rudimentary knowledge of aaa
tomy, hygiene, , bacteriology, . materia
medic a and other subjects was declared
reasonable, for protection of eittaens
against 1 treatment by persons without
medical knowledge.-.
Other Similar Laws
Twenty-flve other statee and terri
tories it wae said have similar exemp
tion la favor of Christian Science and
other prayer practitioner. These are
Maine, Mew Hampshire, Connecticut,
Kentucky, ; Massachusetts, North Da
kota, Mouth Dakota, Tennessee, Okla
homa, Arlsona, Colorado, Florida, Geor
gia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, MlchW
iron, New Jersey, Notfh Carolina, Utah,
Vermont,. Virginia, Washington, Wis
consin and Hawaii.
The 'California laws, the defending
authorities asserted, permit- all persons
whether drugless practitioners, physi
cians or Christian Scientists, to treat
th lick . with , prayer. The statute,
they- contended, are designed' to regu
late treatment by material means.
'That the state wae without power to
determine the particular religious
form er ceremony which shall be em
ployed in drugless treatment of disease"
or to "'distinguish between different
religious forms, rites and ceremonies"
wa eontended by those attacking the
Bagasse Paper Factory Is To Be
; Ordel-ed , From Mainland At
X-Oncet Manager Says
iriLO, December 28 Beturning Sun
day morning to Hawaii in the Christ
toae 'Mauna-Kea from a two months'
trip to the Atlantic Coast, ' Charles
Eckart of Olaa brought word to Hilo
that hie board .of directors, meeting ia
Honolulu, has authorised the , imme
diate" Construction;' of bagasse paper
mill,; The TribuD aaym.; , . k ' V-
K , .rri m n ri Wbe pnrjoee f th jmiU
rVnr "ie'Jto'lproduce .' aspUalt seated
mulcting paper, foe ; use-' in tba eaae
field of Olaa, but. at the same time; it
is epieHy . trae that other -paper of
nearly ail. . grnaea, ? ,irom . .in Drown
wrapping paper ef commerce, and card
board for eartons, to' aupercaleadared
stock, such a illustrated magasiae are
printed on, are within reach ef easy
possibility,' :.V-
Probably it will be n year er more
before the mill is running. Deliveries
on machinery of all. aorta are uncertain
and tardy,-both by. reason ef delay at
the- faetorie and in transportation of
the finished product.' -Beady
Mwket Aaeured '
But from the moment the mill begins
to mrk paper, Mr.. Eckart says h ex
pect t find a ready market for all ef
it. At preeent an output of only jq.8
ton a day l -contemplated, but the lo
cation and floor plan of the milt will
be suck that It can be expanded a the
market rxpanda.
. This output of sixteen and one-half
ton is only ten percent of the amount
of paper that could be made if all the
bagasse now being fed to the poller
fires wer sent through the tullL And
what an output of 10.8 tona a day would
mean may be aeea from Mr. Eckart'
atateipent that, during hie trip be west
through the largest book paper mill ia
the world, located in Portland, Maine,
which has eii output of 275 tone day.
Obviously, if th manufacture of paper
from bagasse, were to be extended to
the other plantation of the Islands, an
industry of , great magnitude 'would
have been inaugurated, v
Mr. Eckart ventures no cuease as to
this possibility, and he preferred to let
hie director announce for themselves
the amount they have appropriated for
the new mill. Ouly, as be said, it can
he - inferred without muck difficulty
that a sixteen and a half ton, paper
millInvolves a tidy bit of construction.
,'.' .
BAN' ANTONIO, Texas, December' 8
f(Aseclated Pre4a) -After being
oose for two day en army balloon of
a , lat. (war type, which ascended -at
midnight Thursday, has come toiearth
On - Mcxlean . aoiL Captain-Instructor
Paul .NinCullouith and eix students were
in the! balloon and until late today bo
word ana received from them, though
It was Volioved on account of the wind
direct!' that they bad drifted across
the bonlsr. -, Later, new came ' from
Laredo, I Texas, that the balloon with
thou oiil board aafa had landed at Hi
dalgo, MViico, forty miles south of the
nm uftii at six o'clock tat t night,
' When
child has whooplua souah
be careful
keep the cough loose o)
any by giviug Chamber-
lata a Goug
emeay as may be requir
ea. ' ni t
mIv will also liquify tbr
tough mucu
aid. make It easier to ex
I has bee a used success-
fully l inai
hndemies and a it eon
tain p or.:
lc oi' other injurious sul)
stances it iu
Brfeetly safe.' i For Dale
by all. deulni
Menson, Hnilth- Co
Ltd., nijeuts
r Hawaii. A. Ivei .lie
Uiout, . . , k
' XX, X'X -:;::x XXX.';
Execution of Sentence Not To' Be
Carried Out Until Approved , '
; .By Adjutant General
WABHINOTON, December 80Ae-
soclated -' Press) Execution ef . death
sentences Imposed by court martial
upon soldiers, until the proceeding of
such court martial ebail kave'beea
reviewed at Washington,-is prohibited
under orders Issued by .'President Wil
son yesterday and by the war depart
ment ' promulgated ' te the' various de
partment commander. ' The exception
to these, order i in .the expeditionary
forces under th commnad of General
Pershing. 'vv , " . A , - r
CritirTsm of the summary execution
of the death sentence upon convicted
soldiers hss been brought, te the atten
tion of the ItesidenC It has been
claimed that while th actual war con
dition which the' force of the United
a... ... .1 i . I i . .
the strict ' enforcement ef the mili
tary law. with extreme penalties neces
sary that an equal necessity baa not
yet arisen' in- this country and 'that
haste ia the execution of th sentence
ia not so essential but that review of
the proceeding nay not be had by the
higher official.-', 1- .'
' Before - any Soldier in ' Hacll ho,
for any reason, U. called to acsount for
any crime that calls for the death pen
alty, the eaae most be reviewed ia full
by the adjutant genersj of the army at
Washington, according te a table de
spatch received yesterjay from 'Wash
ington by General VTieeer. !.
; Heretofore ' the death ' penalty bas
been earrifid out ia the -Mist rict or de
partment where the eommander wae su
preme,' for it is always assumed that
when the death penhlty is' imposed the
court has analyxed the evidence down
te the last atom,' so that' justice -will
not miscarry. ,
.,.r - v- - ;V
la Encounter
Well Directed , Shots Frtm Two
United States: Vessels Bring
About - S peedy . Surrender;
. ; ome oflhe Crew Drowned v
x STASUi NOTON, , Deeembel; " 2( A
eoctated Prese) The navy ' department
today made public the details or a vic
tory by America' destroyer over a
submarine attacking vessota convoyed
by the naval forces. ' ; . '
The attack occurred on Christinas
rv-e, but-the place Is not ' given out,
On that date the destroyer Fanning
and Nicholson were convoying Ameri
can vessels when the Panning sighted
the ' periscope of submarine, which
approached between the Nicholson and
one of the convoyed vessels.'; Sy '
, The Nicholson, belug in a positiea
to . rojiel the attack, immediately fired
three shells and the Vanning- also Rot
ia three shots, with the. result that the'
aubmarine waa hit several times. Bad
It crippled, it 'came to the surface' and
the crew surrendered. . :; The Fanning
passed a line to the diver but, filling
witn water, it sann ouicxiy. tue itue
was cut and the crew Jumped into the
aea. .
A few of them were entangled In the
debrix, the wireless mast falling over
board. The others were rescued, taken
an board the destroyers,' riven clothing
nd fed. - When they kad been made
comfortable the erstwhile V boat sail
or sana cheerily, ' i' " .
.The British naval commander-in-chief
has commended the discipline and alert
sees of the American etewe. :
credtolOk :
Further Authorizations Made For
' Four Countries . '
,'- .'"''
''WABHINQTON. December, A
souiated Press)--Cred't . thu far ad
vanced to the Allies were announced
Atftnltv kv the treasiirv itenartment
to amount to more than four billion
of dollar. v. , ' V ' : v
' This announcement followed the ia
euance of additional credit which were
also told,
In the announcements of advance
authorixed it was said that Great Brit
ain is to bare an additional $183,000,
000, France 185.000,000, Belgium 7,
600,000 and Bumania 1,000,000. v
i .
CI11CAOO, November: 87 If the
fifth Mm. Nat C. Goodwill break the
bond of matrimony aad appeals to the
rourta to release her from her actor
husband, aforesaid , actor , honbaad is
through- with, j wedding bells - forever.
At least, se b said today But it may
be remembered, he remarked substan
tially the earn aftor Na, 1, t, I ami
4 had forsaken th stmt of Goodwin.
5 The fifth Mrs, Goolv,ia was Miss
f ai jorie Moeland. i Report are that
she is about Ho apply f or a i divorce, Nat
Oood win is aiipeariac at a local theater.
;ilo had cnecked. out" at his hotel;
waut to. talk about It at all;
-". '."'''''. "'- ;.'',' ''.'.,
. ; :; -1 U
- ' X' Xx ':Xy
British Aircraft Raid
K On Enemy Airdromes
' ! - f. ' ' '. i
NEW ,T0RK, December 80 (Asso
ciated Press) Deep snow and wintry
weather are hampering the -war activ
ities pf the Western Front and on tkj
Italian front such condition seem to
operate in favor of the Allies, aad
against the A ostro Germans elnce re
ports from that war theater show the
Italiaae and the Allies to have sppr:
ently taken the aKgresslve.
I ueneral Hsig, la his official report re
ceived in London Inst evening aa id
that there was great activity on the
part ef the enemy's artillery, esoeet-
ally in the vicinity of Hergiceurt to the
southwest of Lens". There have been
heavy snow falls along the Wester
Front 4a nearly nil sectors.
Ait Battle Tougbt
Activity of the air forces Indicate
that the sky has, cleared for General
Hais reported that British aviators had
bombed the airdromes of the enemy
north of Lillle with cood sueress. Sev
en of the enemy's aircraft were downed
and three of the British machines bad
Pasadena's Annual Spectacle
Will Take On, Wartime As
' pect But Lose No Beauty v ;
, . ,,.,.' . r. .' .': i
PAAXEXA, California. December
.10 Associated Press) Patriotism,
a shown by the fighter la the treouh-
and the war-workers at home, was
typified in its many aspects,; by floral
floats ready here last Bight; for . the
twenty-ninth anneal Tournament -' of
Koeea, new Year's I)ay given - this
vear.for the bonefit ef the American
Bed Croe. . , ...,'.. , ,. -
Football, counted upon of late ytar
to pay expenses, is on the program a
the afternoon feature, ' - .
War has canned the Abandonment of
Ike annual "East versus West" game
nnd men from Camp Lewis and tke
team of the Mare Island Marine will
be on hand for .a military contest.
The parade, a feature of tke Pasa
dena winter eenson since 1890, will fol
low' a line of march. " through , city
itreeta and .long boulevards to Tourna
ment Park,, aa etbletU field acquired
ror ine louraamens wun seating ca
pacity for 83,000 spectatorav It 1 esU
mated (rom tke' number of Entries the
pcmdtetyitl .isJUj.moerhri,u;-fif thwa
to pass a given point. " '.if t
w ar ' wonders, ; in ,flgntig methods,
rill be reweeented. among ether floats.
by. a British tank, built: ef White roses
aad sarnatiousvaad smilax'by the1 Los
Vngcle (Tbanbet of. Commerce, manned
by the board; of director ia British
uniform; .. .-OK. :" "..', 'V '
. "The- revolution in home life.' war
savings, .food conservation aad kindred
patriotic duties 'of tke people at .home,
will be abowa by f loata, entered by in
dividuals,' organisation and. buelneaa
firm. , ; -!., ' .;-:,,
Children will play their, part on
float showing Boy Scoots, knitting,
hospital work and in on called "Km
for Uberty." -:h ;-
Csmouflage will appear in one (loat.
And other war themes will be shown.
all with flowers.. ,, . ,
For the 'first time in the twenty-nine
years of the tournamenta there will b
foot marcher. Army and navy dstaila,
representing many arms of the servir,
were arranged lor a part or taa gen-
srsl military air. ;
Probably two mlllioa blossoms.' of all
sorts and colors, it waa estimated, have
been used in the buildia&vof the hun
dred and fifty or more entrlea. r A hun
dred and ten prise hav beet Catad,
tor tue twsniy-en classes. '
' r .
No Hope of Abatement Until Mon
day Or Tuesday Held Out
By Weather Bureau
WASHINGTON, - December 30 (As
soclated . Press) No hop of ' any
abatement in the cold wave ia ' tne
Masslsslppl Valley, before Monday or
Tuesday wa held out by the weather
bureau last night. This would mean
a eontinuaaee of the cold weather along
tke Atlantic seaboard for a - day or
two longer, v , ' , -v'
.. A thick blanket of snow aad a great
area of intenee cold 1 reported iu tne
country at large. .-
The cold aaap cover all tke country
from the upper Mississippi Valley to
the Atlantis seaboard. . t -
The weather bureau announce tkat
the chill will probalbr moderate in the
central state soon, but hold out no
early relief for the casters states.
Hearts show that the winter eold is
almost unprecedented ia many part of
the country. . . .... , .,
In Hiouc City. Ia., the thermometer
is 28 degree below aero, ia Omaha it
is 20 below, aad in Dulutb 80 below.
In New York It ia below aero also.
A gale of wind and anow swept over
Philadelphia city, halting th ef.
Zero weather prevailed. "' y'
Toronto reported the thermy' ter
there, registered B8 below tody and
from the Canadian Bocklee to (aa At
lantic the weather la-generally very
cold. . ,
;.; - -r,
, irAnauiu v- 4Jecmociv i ai I as
aoelated Preesiw-Renorta bave reacAed
here indicating , that the eartkouults
which commenced on December So bave
destroyed : 80 percent of the city of
Guatemala. The )oa of Uf $ maJI,
' 'i- ' . ;'. ..' . '. ' ' '
" X i X S ;.v .-X'-XX :, ;
....... . .-.'. 7'"" ,"W'wvvl' ,.''.'...., , A t i '"tj '
For th fourth day along the line
bold by the' American army the snow
fall has taen intense,
The American expeditionary force,
which haa been preparing for battle,
kae eeaeed these preparation in order
to tight the anow. Wide roads have
been plowed in the heavy bank. The
training haa been halted but will be re
sumed immediately the snow eeases
A Zeppelin eeaplaae has been
wrecked in the North 8ea, according
to reports received . la , London from
Htockbolm where the advices had eome
from Jutland.
Italia AetlvlUoe .
, Indications of aggressiveness on the
part of the Italian forces earn from
Berlin, official reports saving that the
Italian attacks esst-of Monte Tombs
had been repulsed by artillerr Ire.
Thirteen persons were killed and 00
injured last - night In aa enemy air
raid on Padua, an open elty, by the
Teutons. Trevieo, Monte, Helluma and
Osstle Franca were also attacked.
Language Attributed To W. F.
Bartels Called To Attention
of Marshal Smiddy
Pro-Han statement alleged to have
been made oa Wednesday last at Wei
ohlnu, Hawaii, before aeveral person
by W. F. Bartels, a Rao raacker, were
brought to the attention of United
Htatea Varsbal t. J. Smiddy yesterday
in a letter from Bnmuel K. Pun, sheriff
of Hawaii. The language complained
of i aa follow; . j . -
'Hock der kaiser.' To hell with the
President. Tke President should be
shot. The kaiser will win the war and
thea you will be knag before th end
or it ait." '
Sheriff Pua aaid ia hi letter to
umtddy taat Mrs. Anna h. McCarthy,
proprietor of a store at Walohinu. 1
prepared te eo before a court of iustice
and! swear that Bartels need the fore
going words. 'Pua also save that Mrs.
McCarthy' daughter, aad Miss Con
stance Vida were preeent at the time
land eaa vouch- for. the correctness of
'.the-remark. .-(:. :.. ..:.. ; j- y
t ' Beplying to Pus, Smiddy ask tkat all
'available information, -.including afflda
vitsof -tU three, 'weasow, be oMeetd
and -sent aiss-a nse 4 that be caa
cable a. statement ef the fact to tke
'.attorney-general Washington, ' who.
lit he thiske it , necessary, ' will author
ise toe saaneee of a f residential war
rant for Bartel apprehension- ,-
Bartels is a. .aatnralised American,
lie waa bora ia. Oermaay .. but has
resided' in the Ielaada for several years.
Hsis reported to be a brother U Paul
Bartels, assistant manager of JB. Haek
f eld's branch store at .Uilo, ' . . -
ii' i i '
Mfcmber Resigns and Charges
' Another With Incompetence v
(Associated Press) Trouble which. has
been indicated aa existing beneath the
surface of the California state eouncU
of defeus haa brokea forth aad is now
in the open. This came about with
the resignation of John H. Neylan and
a letter whicb be addressed to the gov
ernor. . 'i
la his letter Neylaa assert A. Kata
ger who ia vice-chairman of the caeca
tive committee on a salary of 5000 a
year is Incompetent aad because of bis
incompetence ia hampering work tkat
others might do aad Is not earning the
salary which is paid to him.
There 'have been indications for some
time past that-Neylan was at odd
with other member of the council aad
these are confirmed by his actioua of
yesterday. 1. :','"' . ;...
ST. PAUL, Mlnneaotar-JtAmllr (aoJ
(Associated Press Tea. poreeat ad
vanee in wages to 13,000 .employee of
the Northern Pacific Bailroad Company
baa been granted, it wa aaaouaeed yes
terday. .iae new wag u to be effec
tive the first or tne year. '
Among those affected by . the aew
wage, Me are 5600 elerka aad 500 ex
.ympany., employee, i . ; ,':
1 T -
WASHINGTON,- December S (Ae-
aoelated Plrees) Former Quartermas
ter General Sharp wa the ektef wit-
aes today at th eoegreeaional inquiry
Into the -conduct of the war by the
department. Th particular eubiectl
waa that of " aerap eontraet ' thej
development today being unimportant
BOSTOy, December 17-r-ftsold Jaa
vrin, utility iu fielder of tile Boetou
KAmericaa Leegae baseball iearn, be
canto a - member of tha SJlst Signal
Corps at CampDevens today. His en
listment ' leave I-arry ; OArdaer and
Everett Beott the oaly inflJliler on the
ott the ooiy mi
..- ".'. .
GeneraJ Allenby ; Captures ;,Dc-
fense System North of Jcrusa . ' .
lem and Between Holy City
and the Dead Sea ' ' ; r.
. .. . -.t i.; r .
Moslems Could Not Stand When'
Tommies Charged .To Com
plete What Guns, ; Airplanes'
and Tanks Started - ;, v '
LONDON, December 30 (A- .
aoctated IVessJ Another' ' -
decisive victory hai been wort by
the British forces " in the Holy.
Land against the Turks and their '
German leaders, making more'
certain the hold General Altenby
has upon Jerusalem. ;,Tbs British .
victory was scored early In the
week, but the details- have only,
j'lst been made public by the war
office.: i.'-.'-X.'::XX''X"'. ,' ' .' j
The new' advance was made by
the' Welsh . and Home i County '
troops, who have been occupying
positions north of Jerusalem since
their successful encircling move
ment on j , December : 10,; whichT
made the surrender of Jerusalem ,
certain and obviated, any neces
sity of capturing the place by
storm, ; in ' the course of ,which
damage to some of the places held,
holy by three great religious
bodies might have,happened.Thts ;
movement r; forced j the -Turkish
garrison, to evacuate the city, re- '
tiring W. lhe'"ca8Pnditaking up
a;; position- between. ' Jerusalem
and Jerico. 'ilXX; VP-'v
The new ' blow by General A1-:
lenby was struck against this new-
Turkish line along a front of thir
teen miles, in the general direc
tion of Jerico,, with the British
right wing advancing toward the
Dead Sea, Tb Turks were whol
ly unable to resist the British ad
vance, although fighting bravely.
The British guns" tore their
trenches into shapelessness and
British v aviators swooped back
and forth, alojig.their lines, break
ing up relief parties and 9pray- ,
ing the trench defenders with ma
chine gun bullets. V Where the ar-
tillery failed to smash the Turk-
sh wire, a number of tanks rolled
into", action, , and completed the
work. ' , V. Xi- fy X., . ';. ;..'
When the infantry advanced it
drove the demoralized Turks -back
along the entire thirteen
mile ; front, ) capturing their, de
fense 'system 4o a depth of .two r . 1
miles ,- and consolidating it for "
counter attacks, which were never
delivered ' X; X X ' ' -XX l X-
i ne new positions give tne Hri-
tish command ofv alljthe high
ground for four, miles nortb and -east
of Jerusalem and for a, mil
north pf tjt'e Jerico road.. ; -v
Uses packers of ; : : :
't. S
08TON, December ?8 (Associated '
rea) Joha Glennle, a vritaess today
bffore the federal trad board invest!- -
giting the meet eituatloa, aaid that the ' ,
big packer are cauared In. the retail
Mislaess ia Various. cities and are tif
Bag copetltion.'4ini atuHand. the
Uobieaa Company of New Kngbuid ai ,
ens of those to which be referred.
A . iii i' i-
HAN rBANCISC'O, December jg.
(Associated Press) Friaak Laning, reg
istrar of the United 8tatea land office .
Of Visalia, California, baa ' beea ap-'
pointed to bear evldeaee it the dia
possession suit against Honolulu Con
soidatd Oil Compssy In the Midway
field. V " i . ' - .- .' '. .
IN 01

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