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: ; nXwAHAN gazette.' . Tuesday, January', V, . lri&psai! :
fi;:;;s as:; hi
Dolcgationi UavIng'For Scandi
navian Capitals and For Lon-
T don, Paris and - Washington,
To Present Cause n 4,;;r
Republic .. Probably Will Include
. Russian Lapland and Will Pro
vide Buffer State Between Age
- Long Rivals " .'.' ;'" : '
, vl .
i .'Announcing that they have"' sue
i ceeded s in : .establishing the , Re-
' publiq '. of ; Finland and .have or
i ganized a settled government for
si" their country, within its oldboun
! daries, th,e Finns are now calling
uppn thegovernment'of the En
i tente allies to recognize Finnish
-J V ; independence; 7. : ''''' 'y '
. f V From ? I lelsingfors, which' has
; been reestablished as" the capital
' , of free , Finland, the ' provisional
government is now "despatching
-. delegation' of Reading Finns to the
capitals of the Scandinaviart cou'ff
y tries ' and ' to '; London, f Paris' and
' , -T Washington1 to ask, of" the recbg
I nition of their new . government
( AVhilc'it has' not yet, been so
; , definitely stated, ft is regarded as
, v;, probable that it wilkle announc
ed in the various capitals visited
: Vthat Finlind y.desires , to include
' I - within Jti j'urisdic'tjpn the ; terri-
. i " tory . embraced, VU4in-,the' IxSun-
eluded vrkhia .the borders of Swe
; deri and orwsyyj'Suth'a'ntOve,
if ' successful,,' will separate , Rus
sia from Scandinavia and provide
i a' buffer ' stated .'Z" '
neighbors! sympathetic
The national Aspirations of Fin
land have already been iriformal
. ly , approved of by. the candina
r vians, the press of Sweden,' Nor
'! way and Denmark uniting" in en
dorseraent of the Finnish plea for
- f. recognition and Urging that such
;v', recognition be' given at the earl
. ! iest possible date by their respec
j ' ' tive governments.
Vf - ' Yesterday, in addressing a dele-
' gatfon ,pf Finnish publicists, who
; were received by , him in Stock-
holm, -King Gupta V of Sweden ex
pressed his sympathy with them
; and their desire for a renewed na
tional autonomy. His Speech has
been enthusiastically endorsed by
the Swedes. " ' .
: The inquest of Finland by Rua
- sia . was begun .by Peter the Great,
who wrested a large portion of the.
J country,, from .. Sweden in 1721.
Twenty , years later, by the Peace
- of Abo, the. Princess Elizabeth ex
tended Russian Finland to the
Kynenie and in v 1809 the entire
principality v was vj conquered. ' by
Alexander I,', who, however, per-
mitred Finland to 'retain its Swed
y ish constitution," with himself as
Its' Grand Duke."' rK' '
; It was not until 1890 -that the
y Russification bt Tihtaiid wasf sen-'
ously attempted" since which time,
f;: up to the recent revolution In Pc-
trograd, the conditions in Finland
4 have been r onerous. -The : Finns
have opised to the limit of their
- strength the asserted right o Rus-
) . , sia to legislate lur rinianu as u
'fll h saw fit and' without consultation
wun inc r innisi utci. Russian was
; tnade the official language. In 1905
a degree of freedom was restored
. to the former principality, but in
1909 a repressive policy was rein
; augurated and the partitibn of Fin
' land was commenced. ' .
.fv Finland has a population of few
er than three and a half million
but, until the outbreak of the war,
Its' financial condition, was ' flour
ishing. "At the present time there
is widespread buffering 'and much
i , 4 iiuj.vL,',' .,, . ,1 wfS .
I ' ctualiUtion aiiiphghc Finns.
Drugless Healers Hope
. ; For
WASHTJUJTONJ December 80 (As
sociated J'rm) Among th important
decision which la to b handed 4 own
by the United State Supreme Court
and which way be announced tomorrow
U that which, arise Coder California
tHcalled "drugless henlor" .lows, en
acted in 1913, were attacked m -unconstitutional
ia two injunction suits of
P. I Crane,, a liosT Angeled chiroprac
tor, and Mrs. Kate P. McNanghtnn, a
Ix Aagrlea opthamologist. 7 No Chris
tian Scientist wer parties t the
suit,! but, hav bee watching Went be
cause of the statute', esemptloa' of
Christian 8cln re and other , f'prayer
practitioner" from 'examination , and
iteming by the state meilical hoard.
, The , laws, designed , to,, suppress
"quack" and'fak" Jtealere require
osteopaths, neuropaths,, , chiropractor
and other en-called ilrugless healer to
have certain physiological' knowledge.
Validity Undecided , y V ,
, .California, federal court refused to
enjoin, enforcement - of . the , ttate
" under the souad discretion of the
court," ., .but without deciding their
validity; '- In the Supreme Court, the
state authorities contended It wa not
necessary for that court to decide their.
constitutionality, , but merely pas on
in uiser
the discretion eterrieed by the. lower
Ing upheld the statate and Crsne and
Mr. McNaugbtoa .aot having appuod
for' licenses. ... . ; V ",' s '' . , . tf
Olirlatlaa Sdentlsta Exempt 'i
. Exemption given, ilirintinn i Kclenre
wae attacked a unconstitutional i .the
Injunction suits. If -Va contended
that the law gives Christian Scientist
monopoly U "praffer practise" di
eriminates against drives pract, I ti on -
Railroad Heads' Announce They
Will Do Nothing Now That ,
ykVVashington Is In-Control
'WASHINaTON, rJeeemf2-(Aj-
aoeiated .Tress) Oovemment '; owner
ship of the- railroad . ivstem of the
eountry was hinted at a aa Impending
possibility today when the railroad an
nounced that they hav delaitely re
fnaed thev demand 6f the brotherhood
for a forty percent raise ia rate th
datnsnd'Heing referred to-th govera-
mentj' Kailroad fteestlves in snnounc,
toward government oWnershin and that
thrr believe 'the pubU smd th -atockv
holder. lemad It. a . i t v' f '-
Plana for handling th -railroads in
clude the possible formation of a gov
ernment.' corporation' to buy ' feadV . deal
ia securities. ' :.i:-;jr-.-. ' ' 7.,
President Lee of -the Hallway Train
men 'a Brotherhood, said today when in
formed at Cleveland ' of the aetion of
th roads that ' ha had not expected; the
road ,to graat the increase. H . be
lieve government' ownership is assur
ed and is willing to rest his ease with
tha government. . :' H ' '
Petrograd f Government5 Strives
To Force Allied Powers To
; - Recognize Status v
STOCKHOLfcL December 2 ( Aso-"
elated Pre) Nw ' haa'; been re
ceived here that th Bolshevik! faction
i attemptinir to force from th Allied
power recognition of ita atatua as the
main Russian government.
t Au American diplomatic coarier who
passed here on . hi way ; to Petrograd
was refused admission to . the Bolshe
vik! lines on the ground that hi pass
waa-.aot vlaeed by tha BuUhevihl min
ister at Btockholnu . iv.vt. .....-
It ia assumed that n hia way the
tsoisnevuci hone t express their arti-
tnde in insiliting on complete and di
rect recognition for their own foreign
Abdication Bnmore4 ,; :'.' . ;;, x
It is' persistently rumored in Petro
grad, despatches from there said, that
King Ferdinand of Bumanla will abdi
cate th throne in favor of Prince
Charles, v The rumor eauoot b eon
fimed.' ';', v).-
JTEW YORK December S9--(Aoc1-atod
Pre) Paul Hennig, a naturalised
Oermun, who is n foreman in a Brook
lyn factory' making torpedoes for Unit
ed States naval use,i was today lodged
in jail charged with treason. '
-.. It is alleged that Heunig altered th
gyroscope being made ia the plant o
(hat. the torpedoes on which the gyro
scope went fixed 'would be ' worthless.
' It I also said that th torpedoes, if
launcaeii, not only would not-go, 10
their mark, but might even b danger-
ou to th .vessel which sot them off.
WA8H1NQT0N, Dweiuber 30fA
oclated Press) Secretary MeAdoo
yesterday promoted WIL, Mortn, whq
aa.Mn'4isiisiani 'ciner . or tiio, trrns-urr,'-di'prtmBt
iTet service, to ii 11
lth vacancy at the head of that orvi
V, Vy th resignation f Cblf Fly..
th vacauey at the head of that .ervice
era of avert school of drngle healing
in favor of those using prayer only, is
class legislation, and an arbitrary exer
cise of the elate' "police powers.' .
These, charge ' wer denied by the
state aothoritle. : The state supreme
court had 1oelared both law a valid
eiorr.ii of state polio authority.'. The
requirement upon drugles healer, to
have rudimentary knowledge of ana
tomy, ' h(rgin, bacteriology,' . materia
medioa and other aubjeet wa declared
reasonable, for protection of aitinens
against treatment by person without
medical knowledge. ,
Other Similar Law
Twenty-llv othef states and terri
torie it wa said hav similar exemp
tion la favor of Christian Beltnc and
other prayer practitioner. These are
Maine, New Hampshire, Conneeticat,
Kentucky, , Massachusetts, North Da
kota, .Mouth Dakota, Tennessee, Okl
koma, Arisons, Colorado, Florida, Geor
gia, Illinois, jwaasaa, Louisiana, Mlehi
ent, New Jersey, Noih Carolina, Utah,
Vermont,! Virginia, Washington, Wis
consin' and Hawaii. .-
5 The California law, the defending
authorities asserted, permit all person
whother drugless practitioners, physi
cian or Christian. Scientists, to treat
the tick . with prayer. : The ststutes,
they contended, are designed' to regu
late treatment by material means.
That the state wa without power to
determine "the particular religious
forar or ceremony which shsll be em
ployed in drugless treatment of disease'
or to ''distinguish between different
religious forms, rite and ceremonies"
was contended by those attacking the
Bagasse Paper Factory Is To Be
Ordered From ' Mainland At
: I v-' Once Manager Says '
. HILO, December 28 Returning Sun
day morning to Hawaii in the Christ
mas 'Manna--Ka from a two month'
trip to the Atlantic Coast, ' Charles
Eckart of ,01aa brought word to Hilo
that hia board .of. directors, meeting in
Honolulu, bss' authorised the imme
diate' construction ' of 'a' bagasse paper
mlll t h Tribono aaya. ; 't . V
Primnrit. :ttta nnnxtaa afttha Mil
WiJftT'eXtoi:xrodw! - as'pkait-oeated
mulching paper, for- use in tbe eaae
field of Olaa, but at the same time- it
is. spieliy , true- that ether 'papers of
nearly ait. graues, -. xrom in Drown
wrapping paper of eommereo, and card'
board for cartons, to- miperraleadared
stock,' such aa illustrated magaxiaea are
printed on, - are wlthia reach of , easy
possibility.' ' V-. . I
- Probably it wilt be a year or more
before Ike mill ia running. ' Deliveries
on machinery of all sort are uncertain
and tanly, both by reason of delay at
thr factories and in transportation of
the finished product. ' - a . ,
Ready Market Aanurod '
But from th moment the mill begin
to mj& paper, Mr. Eokart any h x
pects to find a ready market for all of
it. At present, aa output of only iq.6
ton a day is 'contemplated, but the lo
cation and floor plan of the mill will
be noh that it can b expanded as the
market, expands. - -
This output of sixteen and one-half
ton is only ten percent of the amount
of paper that could be mad if all the
bagaaao now being fed to the boiler
firea were' sent through the nillL And
what an output of 16.8 tona a day would
mean . may be aeea from ilr Eckart '
tatement that during hi trip he went
through the largest book paper mill in
the ..world, located la Portland, Maine,
which ha oil output of 273 ton a day.
Ohviously, if tha manufacture of paper
from bagasse, were to be extended to
the other plantations of the Islands, as
industry i of , great magnitude , wpuld
have been .inaugurated. ; ,
Mr. tcksrt ventures no guease as to
thl possibility, and ho preferred to let
hi directors announce for themselves
the amount they have appropriated for
tha new mill. . Only, as be said, it eaa
be inferred ,. without ' much difficulty
that a sixteen and a half ton paper
Biill.dnvolves tidy bit of construction.
. 1 1. . ,11-
. I
BAN ANTONIO, Texas, December 39
(Aoclated : Press) After being
loose for two days an army balloon of
late (war type, which ascended at
midnight Thursday, has come to earth
On - Mcxleaa "soil. Captain-Instructor
Paul Jtl oCullough and aix student wer
in thelballoon and until late today no
word, tjs received from them, though
it wa Relieved on account of the wind
direction -that they bad drifted across
the borvltr.' , Later, new came from
I.aredu, irexss, that the balloon with
those enl board safe had landed at Hi
dalgot All iico, forty miles sooth of th
Hie uraniA at six o'clock last n.gut
child has whooolus eonah
be careful
keep the cough loose ea)
easy by giving Chamber
Iain's Coug
emeay as may D requir
ea. i nis 1
'ily will also liquify the
tough mucu
iitUimako tt eus.or to fx
I haa beea used success-
fully ia in si
( pidemie and aa it con
tain no ear
Jc or other aoturiou sum
stances it. ih
trfeetlyt safe-- For1 al
by nil. Until, ,
Hensoa, Hnilth -
Ltd., , ajfeuts
mout, .. , ,
rr llsw4t1.-A1lve1.i110
Execution of Sentence Not To' Be
i Carried Out Until Approved -
(Trt By Adjutant General ' V
- r- , ( '"'"
', "WASHINGTON, December 30 ( As
sociated Press) -Execution ' of death
sentences Imposed by court , martial
upon soldiers, until th proceedings of
such court ' martial shail hav bee
reviewed at Wftington is prohibited
under orders Issued by : President Wil
ton yesterday and by the- war depart
ment ' promulgated ' to th various de
partment commanders. ' The exception
to these order ia in -the expeditionary
for cm under th commaad of General
Pershing. . ' ;-'v ;' . . '
Criticism of the summary execution
of the death' sentence upon convicted
soldiers hss been brought to th atten
tion Of the ! lYesident. It has been
claimed that while the actual war con
ditions which the forces of the United
States are meeting in France make
th strict' enforcement ' Of the mili
tary law with extreme ' penalties neces
sary 'that an equal necessity ba not
yet arisen iu-this country and that
haste la the execnttoa of th sentence
ia not so essential but that n review of
the proeeding'may not b had by th
higher officials.' V ; . ' - ; , ;
' Before 'any Soldier . in , Hawaii who,
for any reason,-la. Called to account for
any crime that call for th death pen
alty, the case most t reviewed in fall
by the adjutant general of the army at
Washington, -according to a cable de
spatch' received yesterday' from 'Wash
ington by General .VTiser ,", "',
Heretofore 'th - drth " penalty .has
been carried 'oat la the ?distriet or de
partment where the commander was su
preme, for it is always assumed that
when the death penalty is' imposed th
court has analysed the evidence down
to the last atom so that justice will
not miscarry., . f;lt i' . -.-.r-1 s fy
In Encounter
( I'
With Destroyers
''Vr v ,-v , u, I v'. - '.
Well Directed Shots From Two
United - States: Vessels Bring
V About .Sp e e d y Surrender?
A,ome ofjhe Crew Drowned f
STASHINOTON, ; Deoember fiiHAa
sociated Press) Th navy department
today made public the detail of a vic
tory . br- .American ' destroyer over a
submarine attacking vessoto . eonvoyed
by the naval forces. .' ' j w '"
, The attak occurred on Christmas
eve, , but-tlie place Is not ' given out.
On that date the destroyers Fanning
and Nicholson were convoying Ameri
can vessels 'When the Fanning sighted
the periseoe of a submarine, which
approached between th Nicholson and
one of the convoyed vessel. v
V, The Nicholson, being in ' a oositioa
to.roel the attack, immediately fired
three shells and the Panning also got
ia three shots, with the result that the
submarine waa hit several times. Bad
ly crippled, it came to the surface' and
the crew surrendered. -. The Fanning
ised a line to the diver but, filling
with water, it sank quickly,' the line
was cut and the crew jumped into the
Ma. . :. l y r-
A few of them were entangled In thr
debris, the wireless mast falling over
board. The other wer rescued, taken
on board the destroyers, given clothing
tnd fed. V When they had been made
comfortable the erstwhile U-boat sail
ors sail a cheerily.' "-'''''-
Th British naval commander-tn-caiei
as commended the discipline and alert'
K ess of the American erewa.Mi
, , r
Further Authorizations Made for
. v v. Four Countries ;-"
s Washington, ; December so--(Aa
sociated Pressl-'-Credits thus far ad,
vanced to th Allies were announced
yesterday by t ho treasury department
to amount to. wore than four billions
of dollars. ,, ;' t . f "y '
This announcement followed th Is
snanee of additional credita which were
also told.-.1 ',, 1
la the announcement of - advance
authorised it waa said that Great Brit
aln is to have aa additional 4185,000,
000, Franco $155,000,000, Belgium 7,
500.00Q and Bumania 1,000,000. :
- CHICAGO, November 67-If the
fifth Mrs, Nat C. Goodwin break th
bond of matrimony and appeal to th
court to releas her from her actor
husband, aforesaid actor husband is
through witb.'t weduing bells forever.
At least, so h said todayf But it may
be remembered, ho remarked substan
tially the aaui after N", 1, 8, and
4 had forsaken th nam of Goodwin.
' The fifth Mrs. Goodwin was Mis
Marjorie Moielaud, ,. Report are that
sh is about do apply for a divorce. Nat
Goodwin Is appeartug at a local theater,
He had .' checked, out" at his bote);
'lie dwsu't ut to. talk about it at all.'
J i. ..ft 'V ,- i; . .'.:y.
NEWtYpRK, December 80r-(Asw
tinted Press)- Deep snow and wintry
weather are hampering the -war activ
ities of th Western Front tnd on tho
Italian front such condition seem to
operate in favor of th Allies, aad
against the Aastro-Oerman oineO re
port from that war theater show the
Italiaa and the Allies to have appar
ently taken the aggreaslv. ' .
; General Haig, la hi ofBcial report re
ceived in London last- evening -Mid
that there was great activity on th
part of the enemy 'a artillery, espeei
ally In the vicinity of liergieeurt to the
southwest of Lens. There have been
heavy snow falls along the Western
Front in nearly nil sectoral' , ' . ,
Air BattU Fought ; ' ' . . ' .
Activity of the air force ladh-ate
that the sky haa, cleared for General
Haig reported that British aviator had
boaibod the airdrome of the1 enemy
sorth of Lilli with good success. 8ev
ea of th eneqjr's aircraft were downed
and three of th British machines had
Pasadena's Annual Spectacle
; Will Take , On Wartime As
pect But Lose No Beauty ' ;
.- I,-. :!,. ,1;v.,-;
PASADKNA, California, December
10 Associated press)-.' Patriotism,'
a shows by the fighter in the trench-
and the war-worker at home, was
typified in its -many aspects,, by floral
floats ready here last night ' fsr the
twenty-ninth annual Tournament of
Hoses, New Year's Day, given -thl
vear. for the benefit of the American
Football, counted upon of lata year
to pay expenses, is on: th program
the afternoon feature. -
War has caused the dbandonmeat of
th annual "East versus West ' game
and men from Camp Lewi ancf the
aii. of th Mar' Island Marine will
be on hand for a mirltary contest,' "
The parade, a festur of th Pasa
dena winter oeason since 1800, will fol
low a liae ,of nsreh' through city
street' and Jklong boulevards to Tourna
ment Parity aa atblei field acquired
ror , the teuraameat witfri aeating ca
pacity for .23,000 spoctatorK It 1 esU-
mated, from thr number of Vitrie th
mww4 4tt jLaworetUaffiinwa Jtwm
to Tiaas a given point. - , ' ".
War'n woadeve, In ,flghtinr method,
rill be represented, among other floats,
by a British tank, built, ef whito, rose
sad carnations, and snulax'by the' Lo
Angelas Chamber or .Commerce, ntonned
by the board . of director . in British
unifrm.A- -,. ."..-.,- . :.; :;",v '
R, It.VIUVIW, B U UIU. 111V,
savings, food eonaervation and kindred
patnotie dutio of ta people at. bom,
will be ahown. by floata, entered by in
dividuals, organization i, and business
firms. . v -,'. .'-',. '.'
Children will play their, part on
floats snowing noy Bcouts, knlttin
aospitai wora ana in on oauea
for Liberty." ,
Csmouflag will appear In one float.
And other war theme will bo ahbwn.
all with flowers., ,v--' . .,', ' . !
For the first time in the twenty-nln
years of th tournameata there will b
foot marcher. Army and navy dstaila,
representing many arms of tha aerTiep,
were arrangea ior aa pan ox too gea-
srsl military air, ; , . .-f V
sorts and colors, it waa estimated, have
been utd in the building of the hun
dred and fifty or mora entrie. A hun
dred and ten prUea hav beet oaTaco
Tor tne tweniy-six eiaaae, -
.1 ,-.',
.... ;V
No Hope of Abatement Until Mon
day Or Tuesday Held Out -By
WeatherBureau :
WASHINGTON, December 30 (A
sociated. Press) No . bopo , of ' any
abatement in the' cold wave ia 'the
Mississippi Valley ; before Monday , or
Tnesday wa held out by tha weather
bureau last night. ' . This would moan
a continuance of tho eold weather along
the Atlantic seboar4 (or s cay or
two longer. V t -, c-. .y.yy (
A thick blanket of now nad a groat
area of intena cold 1 reported iu to
eountry at largo. . - i : .
The eold anap rover U th country
from th npper Mississippi Valley to
the Atlaatie seaboard.- . .. : .
The weather bureau nanouncea that
the chill will probajby moderate in the
central ' states soon, but holds out - no
early relief for tho eastern states.
Keports ahow that the winter oold ia
almost unprecedented in many part of
th country. - .. .. ,, r j, .
In Hioux City, la., the thermometer
is 28 degree below soro, in Omaha it
is 20 below, and in Duluth SO below.
In New York it ts elow nero also.' u-
A gale of wind and snow awept over
Philadelphia city, halting the ears.
Zero weather prevailed. .
Toronto reported the thermometer
there registered 28 below today, and
from the Canadian Rockies to th At
lantic the weather is generally vary
eold. ;
, ., '-.
, WASHINGTON, December . 8ft--(A-sociated
Preesl-r-Renort have reaniied
here ' indicating that the earthqualesl
which commenced n December 80 hav
I destroyed I
0 percent of th city of
Tna loss ox uia v, ,mati,
Enemy Airdromes
failed to Veturn'. .y
For th fourth day along the line
held by th American army th snow
fall ha been intense. N
' Th American expeditionary foree.
which aa been preparing for battle,
ha eeaeed these preparation in order
to fight th snow. Wide road hav
boon plowed in the heavy baaks. The
training haa been halted but win be ra
mmed immediately the snew eeases
A Zeppelin . seaplane ha bee
wrecked. In the North Pea, according
to report received ia London from
rttockbolm where th advices had com
from Jutland.
Italiaa Activities .
, ladiration of aggress! venea on tbo
part of the Italian -force came from
Berlia, official report saving that th
Italiaa attacks east of Mont Tomb
had been repulsed by artillery are.
Thirteen person were killed, and 90
injured last night in aa enemy air
raid on Padua, an open eity, by the
Teutons. Treviso, Monte, Relluma and
Castle Franca wer also attacked.
Language Attributed To W. F.
Bartels Called To Attention
- of Marshal Smiddy
Pro-Han statement alleged ' to have
been made on Wednesday last at Wi
ohiau, Hawaii, before several person
by W. F. Bartels, a Kau rancher, wer
brought 'to the attention of United
States Marshal t. J. pmiddy yesterday
in a letter from 8am usl K. Pun, sheriff
of ' Hawaii. Th language eomplaiued
of, 1 aa follow: : , .
4Hoeh der kaiser. To hell with th
President. The ' President should be
shot. The kaiser will win tha war and
then ysu will bo bang before tho end
of It all."-.' y "w -
Sheriff Pua tald la hia letter to
Bmiddy that Mrs. Anna H. McCarthy,
proprietor of a etore.at Waiohinu,ka
prepared to go before a court of justice
and swear that Bartels used the fore
going words. Pua also save that Mra.
McCarthy 'a daughter, aad Miss Con
stance Viday were present at th time
nad ean vouch for. the eerreetne of
'.the remarks.' -'i.-1. :i . : i
Replying to Pua. Smlddy aaka that nil
available information, including rnfioa-vltsoftaAhroe-ysoasen
and -sent -hia-a Onto Oo, thait ho eaa
:abl a. statement of th facta to th
attorney-gensrai nk- Washington, who,
if he thinka It . necessary, will author
ise th issaaneo of. a, Presidential war
rant for Battel ' apprehension,' ''
Battel i a-aaturaUsed American.
Ho wa born - U Germany but ha
resided in th Islaada for svral year.
K.is reported to bo a brother to Paul
Bartels, assistant manager of JS. Hack
feld'a branch store at. Hilo,- , v
,J ' V',. V
Ifember Resigns and Charges
' ' Another With Incompetence
1 8AN FBANCIBOO, December 2
(Associated Press) Trouble which ha
been indicated a existing beneath th
aurface of tha California, state council
of defense baa broken forth and is now
in the open. - This eamo about with
the resignation of John II. Neylaa and
a letter which ho addressed to the gov
ernor. ' ' ' .
In hia letter Neylaa asserts A. Kata
ger who la ylee-ehalrman of .the execu
tive committoo on a notary of $5000 a
year is incompetent and bvcause of his
incompeteneo ia bampertag worh that
Others might do aad is not earning th
salary which la paid to him,
. There havo been Indications for some
time past that Neylaa was at odd
with other members of the oouacll aad
these are confirmed, by hia actioua of
yeterday; ;;' ,.f.j
S.'iVl 1 fT if"
8T. PAUL, lllnaeaotal TU4ajUr '30
( Associsted Press) Tsa percent ad
vance in wagea to 19,000 employe of
th Northern Pacifie Kailrotd Company
haa been granted, it waa announced yes
terday. 4 The. new wag U to b effec
tive th first of th year. '
, Among those affected by the nw
wage scale art S600 elerk aad 500 ex-
preiS company-, employes. ,
WASHINGTON, December 2X-r As
sociated Press) Former Quartermas
ter General bharpe waa tha chief wit
ness today at the eeagresalonal inquiry
Into the eonduct of the war by the
oepartmenia. in particular au
wa that of "scrap eontraeta", th
development today being aalaaporti
n.1"1" vi mt
BOSTON, December 17-
vrin, utility lufielder - of
American .League , baseball
eamo a - member ef th
Corpa at CampDevens tod
llxtmeot leaves Irry , G
Everett ttaott the oly loll
Hsold Jaa-
tie Boston
team, be-
SJlst H.gnal
jj.' Bis es-
Ardner ana
Jlder co th
orainicoji i
neAi;:sT i:;;S;
V t
General AUenby ', Captures Dc-,
tense System North of Jcrusa
lem and Between , Holy City
and the Dead Sea y v ;
Moslems Could Not Stand When
Tommies Charged , To Com- .
plete What Guns, ; Airplanes
and Tanks Started ; :
t ON DON, December 30 .,
J aociated Press) Another ' ,.
decisive victory has been won by
the British : forces ' in ' the Holy. '
Land against the Turks and their; '
German leaders, making' morer
certain the hold General .Altcnby ;
has upon Jerusalem. , This British'
victory was scored "early in, the'
week, but the details have only
j'ist been made public by thi war
office.' -If . y'''. ' ;' ' i "'' ':
The new' advance was made by
the '. Welsh and Home .' County
troops, who have been occupying
positions north of Jerusalem since '
their, successful encircling move
ment on .; December ' 10 whichT
made the surrender of Jerusalem;
certain and obviated any . ncces-
sity of capturing the place by
storm, : in the course of ,which .
damage to some of the places held ,
holy, by, three , great '; religious
bodies might have happened. This .
movement .'forced the, 'Turkish
garrison to evacuate the city, re
tiring; the' caSCand' taking up
a '' position.- between Jerusalem
and Jerico. ' v;'.': ''.', ' ; "l. '' '
V'Th new blow byGeneral At-;
lenby was struck against this new
Turkish line along a front of thir
teen miles, in .the general direc
tion of Jerico, 'with' the British
right wing advancing toward the
Dead Sea. The Turks were whol
ly urfable to resist the British ad
vance, although fighting bravely.
The. British guns' ; tore their
trenches into . shapelessness and
British ' aviators swooped back
and forth alojig.their lines, break
ing up relief parties and spray
ing the trench defenders with ma
chine gun bullets. ' Where the ar-
tillery failed to smash the Turk
ish, wire, a number of tanks rolled
into actio , and completed the -work,'-.
''A ' V; , -. . .'- .
When the infantry advanced it
drove fche demoralized Turks
back along the entire , thirteen
mile front, capturing' their dc .
fense system o a depth of two
miles and consolidating it for
counter attacks, which were never ;
delivererj.vi ... vV
The new positions give the Bri
tish command of . all (the , high
trround for four miles north and
least of JerIaltm and for a mile
nniTin'i r n
Uiillluil lilUli
norm ot .te jerico road. . ?
' :;Vy";' ? ' ..!;,-,i-l...V:
BOSTON, December ? (Associsted
ess) oh a Glennle, a witaess today
foro tho fsdsral trade board iuvesti
tiag th meat aituation. said that th
a packer are eniraired la, tha retail
busiaes ifi arious. cities and ar atif
Hag competition. -He-aoo1n isntod. the
Uohieaa Company of Now England aa
dne of those to which ho referred.
r . - , -v. ;'
HAS PBAXCIBCO, Deeemboi 2-'
(Associated Press) frank. Laniog, reg- ;
istrsr of th United Btatea land office '
Of Viaalia, California, - haa beea ap- '
pointed to hear evidence ia the din
posseaaioa suit against Honolulu Con
solidated Oil Cou.paay Id th Hidwat
flld. '' t r '
. j
-' r
" . '. . " ' ; ,'::''.i".'-i v-' '' . ; : ''

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