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V -
, LUci. ..L'JbdL
' No Intention Ta.Go- farther Into
1 Explanation ' Unless". 'Serrt'e-
thing Untoward "Cohies Frbni'J
BoIshCViki-TeUtOn 1 Conference
r-rrt?Vn-rt Jr- c. .lifiiii
Lloyd Georae Tells Labor Confer
ence No- New- Statement,
- Aims Can-; Be Given , Without
- Conference With Allies ,,'y ;;,
23 (Associated Press-V
Unless there -shall be further and
untoward developments- .which
shall require extended reply that
may aris from the negotiations
that have been in progress and
are to'be resumed January 4 be
tween'" the Bolsh'evikis and the
Central Powers, it is not the In
tention of the United StaW to
elaborate upon or to further ex
pound the statements bf the Uni
ted States war aims and purposes
as they were laid "down by Presi
dent Wilson in his reply to the
peace proposals of the pope and
a he has further set thent forth
since on various occasions in dif
ferent messages to-the congress
a - S . ) . mi '
ox tne united Mates. ; l nis is
learned froni. sources - that are
close to government officials who
should know and it is the prevail
ing belief in diplomatic circles.
The opinion also prevails that
the other Allies will follow a simi
lar course and indications of this
were not wanting yesterday. .
Premier Lloyd George in a Vcl
' ter which he gave to the' National
Labor Conference in London ap
pears to hare indicated that such
course will be pursued by Great
Britain while not bq declaring in
plain words.,, What he did say
was that there could be no new
statement of the country's war
aims without further conferences
with the other Allies.1 ,
'Ha added that tha preeeBtation of a
fresh statement of their joint war aim
was.belnj constantly lept- ia mind by
tha jgoverumenta of tha Allied Power.
Tranc Emphatic ' .
An emphatic answer and scornful
rejection, of Germany' peace sugge-
.tiona wer made in. tha French
bar. of deputies by Fereiga Minister
Pichon. .Minister J'Johoo declared that
France, will not accept ay peace based
on pr-yar conditions, thai rejecting
what ia understood to bs Germany's
basin for negotiation!
' He declared alao that Oeroiany ia
Muifaworing to Invalvo tha BoUheviki
faction, of Buaaia ia. negotiation, bat
that the war wUi continue, regardleal
. of . whothar OR not Oanaaay and Bua
ria ooneununater a ,peac propoaal.
Adjournment Taken '. ...
TJia peae. daicatoa who have boon
at, llraiit-Litovak have agraad to take
a rcesa and will not reanne, negotia
tions until January 4. Tb fhvM whace
t!e ronfaraaaaa will tha ba held ir
-tiot determined, , r ',! r
It ia reported that Trntslcy ia draft-
ins ae- nolo to tho Est at a poweao
HHking turia
gutiationa. -
to particltiate in the no-
investigators . Fan Toor, ,v;.: y
Notify Administrator Vi
AVAJSHINGTOX,rJDeceaber ,(2J-.' r
nociated prees)-pwing.tO( the 'i
itcrbcrt C Hoover, tho food adU
tmtyr, bad not been officially 'boU;. i
that 4t wf (dcired ts PJ?er' V
f(,re the special committee' of the sou
ate yesterday, that, body did, not in
eume consideration jot this sagan short
se but devoted its attention, to thA
AVben tba conunittea aaeacnbled it r
c. -ivodj a letter from (Judge . Lindley,
i lu.'f ouunmil or the food adniinistra
ti.m, which said that Hoover had gone
to New York on business si ace tho only
jntiimttjos whisk ha. bad, that be would
If vui,t'd before the eoatmitte was
v. hut hud been published in he uews--i.M-r.
- ,..,',,'...-' ,, : . -
l ,i l,-r thse clrtumBtanres, the eosv
! took, up the fuutideiation px.
r.,..l ,horiu', and will hcan Uuovei ft
a l.,ti-f date. .; : . ,., ,,'. .. '4 i
' - ' . ' . . ' ),
fecial c:::trcl
Valuable Assistance. In. Manage
meat Will C. Civ.cn, Cy For
V - mer Heads of Great Liner
wASHKtOTQX. December fAt-
Wisted PressJ-r-Step for th njfi:
iba of the, railroads' of. the country
nftdnr government control . . ami ,: with
William n. MsArliftV .Monl.r n Ikj
witk a swing yesterday, the transfer
being smoothly mails at nooa., .
.Another Important development was
ik rejiiisttleniar of, tha Kiagara Fall
power plant t rurninH electrical powor
manufacture for war purposes ia tha
ton where tha blast in abla to furnish
tr0B Enlisted
Tor tiio bnrposo of earrylnr out
ana ox aaUlcatioo for tha Bilmiauatrw
tioa annooaremoat m mad rental
a ay oi tna aeiorttoa or heads or torn
t the Krat railroada who will land
tha long experianre .which they have
gaiaodt ia railroading whilo 4ho roada
woro bbm!o orporato- owworahtp to tho
(orernraent in its new policy oi BD
tolnM ostrol. :, -: i ..: u V , i
; Tbono thu far 'aeloeted and.' an
aoonood. wero:. ; .: ' '. . . ' ';. ; i , , .
Julius KruiMsrhnlH of tha Routhera
Parifk; Samuel I Bca . of the Pcnnayr
Howard Klliott, Northern Pacific, and
Kale Holdea of tho Burlington.
No Oaromony Attackoa
1 At noon tho Unitad State ror em
inent formally took control of tha rail
roada of tho country-. No ceremoBy at
tached to- tho transfer from private to
public operation. .. v '
- Becretary of- the Treasury MoAdoo,
the director general of tha roads now,
conferred with Judgo B. 8. Lovett of
tho railroad war board, whoao aion.
bora bar pledged, ktaneh support to
tha government in carrying 'out ' it
policy,... . i.-.;,......,. v ; ...
First Ordor cHgnol.
Ordor Ms 1, Government Bailroad
Service, was signed by Director Gen
eral. McAdta today at twelvo a 'clock.
Tka signing of this osder began, tka
govern stent control nad-ndininUtration
of ovorw railroad Hbo in tho continv
tal Uaited Btatea doing n geaerai traas
portatioa baaineoa. -. -. ' t l--:-
.Order Pfo.. 1 wipes out nli" cosnpotir
tlvs vondttioa and , provides , for ..
romploto pooling of 'all. railroad, traf
fic equipmeat nod trackage facilities oi
too railroads. It aanenacoB. tho retan
tion for tho present of. nil, presont offi
cers and employes of tho various linos
Bad will, arg theeo new government
employee to maiataia their presoat high
standards ia ordor- that thai war walk
of) tho- country nsay proceed and , jbo
speeded np. . .-. . .
mm i
Senate Committee Is Told Paci
fic poast Builders Want :
Contracti But Are. Hign
s.i.- '; i
, WASHINGTON, December 2 (As
sociated Press) Pacific, ; Coait : ship
building concerns arf ajisioua.lo.se-
eure governmeat contracts for tba
building of merchantmen for the ma
rina and for vessels of the navy but
want sack ooatracU paly ' at high
prices,'- was the testimony which . Ad
miral Bowles gave- e the aranto. aom-
aaittee on. naval, affairs , which, a in
vestigating the shipping, and shipbuild
ing ajraiis of the country. , Tba testi,
nsony was given ia-answer to. ques
tions a to why PaeiAa Coast shipyard
wars sxnV being nor Largely need .for
tha construction of vessels, for the new
merchant marine the early completion
of which) is required in tho oombnttiag
of tho Teuton undersea . enjnpaignit i
, A.lmiral Bowles' testi raoar told fur
ther of tho price being demanded and
said tnat tbo Weatora shipyards had
increased their demands frona $15 to
$'M a too for the eonatruction of steel
: ovk;g better kqv;
A jt"V T'lHiW) '
, W, ASHINQTOK. DesemUr 28 (As
sociated Press) tiwrsUry of War Bak
er oday addressed a statement to -the
senate' war iaveatigs4loB-board, declar
ing that the eittiaties) aa-regard eleth-
a sappliee far tha army, and monl-
ienl and. oqaipmoat,. skowe. impsovo-
aent. Ue- iuomiaed aa earryi report.
tajot-Ueneralo. WriM- and QrobU,
-imaB4er ed Camp Doniphan, OkJa-
hi.aa aad Bowie,. Texas, iestiaed to
Hj before the eommitteo,
- -r-
: I baa been worked but w hereby
lfc JluvaUan Board et, Misaiojtt .will
&:i in- ti
e aelllndr of, thrift atamps fo
') hm!Vh i of individuals of the differ-
nv ra living in Hanaif.v,Bfv. If.: T,
.'at"i handin the eawpaigil, io'be
trtlij !', . by tpe board. .8c,hoo fend
(; ijl also i.be. enHsttd.U the
'vi.'.1i,Ar fhp. a,la ox these fend of
war ;'(vlftamps, ; , ;
."-. words and . ndvertisiag
spa - n UM lr. liner-tstanaay oiots of
The hi .hi, f( 'ii;ou are satisfied. vhea
wa i 'V I 'V i'. eures eoid nnd.cougha
from ". 4 7-J ud. that it contains
sImw -f ' -' "'"ticn or injurious sub-
laiu e. i i.' ..: by, all.dcnWs,.- Urn''
to;, L.'i ' - a , Lrfd., ajjentu for Hi
waij. .J CI , . it.
Tel:! r
- ft
Fcf Sc!.::rs la
Itucc Ccwiwrcd
General. PcrshlnaTakeV Ua" Pro-
posaJ. With f rencfv Authorities,
; and Advises As To Puttinj On
.Same Dasis As At Home
1 WA&niHQTOirK Tteoinbn 8:
(Assoetatod Prsiw) Prohibition of
the bs of intoxlcantn of any1 do
: acrlptlon by tho United Btaten ex
peditionary forces Is being dlscnss
od hy ' Ooncral Perahing , with.
' rtsneh war and. health Huthorltteoi
raportod yirtr4y in. despatch.
- o to. tiio war department..
Already General Pershing has t
' sued orders forbidlng tbo use of ,al-. .
cohollc beverairoa other than Us tit.
wines and light beer. It, U svtf
dant that ha Is. ndw .eoimtdoring
tha. placing or tha. expeditionary
forcea upon tha same footlngM so
. far as alcoholic beveragea ar con
cerned, as tha United Butea sol- :
. diets a hotnov. ... , :
, 0 '
Supplies dl
Froa 0
rv Vne A rrr .
eport From Rome 1& of Interest
To United States, Allies and
Neutrals In Showing- Smaller
Allowances For Them : -
WABHINQTON, December 2
(Associated Press) Decreaae In;
the wheat' available for the ase of
tho Ail lad, and neutral natlona Is
fcrecast in ton wheat crop estimate
which baa boon issued by the Ih-
ternatl'onai fnstltuts of Agrtcnl
turs at Bomo and th fignresi of :
which weim given depotcnea re
ceived, by the department of agri- '
culture yesterday. . v '. . .. , ,
, The .estimated , productloav of
wneat la three and plae-haodredths
percent sjmUer than tho J918 crop.
This la too world' supply exclu
sive of tho supplies of Bussta. and,
th Oentrai Powers , of which sop.
arsto estlmaiea are given. .. . c'
. .Ojther. crop, estimate of cereaH
kfaeraily show a larger supply will :
be available to the Allies and neu
tral. .; k. .;.;-.".
-. - . 1. , , . i v-v '; '
Wysterioiis, perm'aii Vessel Land
ing. Cargoes. . At' .Different.
Ports Rous.es. Suspicion ;
(Associated pTess)Beporte of mys
terious vessel; believed to bo a German
craft engaged' ia tho establishment oi
or furnishing of. supplies to a subma
rine base, are printed in Brazilian pa
per which have reached hero. .
I In all . of ihe reports , printed the
purport la that n mysterious Teasel has
visited various Brazilian ports and un
loaded' cargoes consisting- of-, heavy
cases of goods. - Presumably these have
been .received' from a .'larger ; vesnol
somewhere out at sen but at no. great
diatauco from the Booth , American
eoast. .- '
) It is assumed that the craft are
Genua) . and the, ioods, arf B part of
the, equipment 4of ssbniariao; bane
established or to bo j, oatablishod in
South American waters. -.
v Warning), oi the .passlbilltT ht ,th.
It. .la aaiJT has,, been. tm ot,in order
that friendly aations.Biay aiore earn.
fully guard their shipping In the hveot
of a campaign of ruthless submarining
be,' undertaken in the whtera ol the
BoiHk Atlantic, rS. ,
, CHICAOOi DccemUsr 28 (Associat
ed Press) .Army authorities hero are
ttlayjajrtng' fen ftventbry of aH mr&j
and uniform material In. the Chicago
district, preparatory, to. it comman
deering,, by that governmeat. - Captain
immermaa, who te'diroeting.th work,
estimates that a Bullion dollars' worth
will be inventories. The government
hefe aaBonneed that it' will pay reason
able prices for- tho food commandeer
ed."; , ; .,,.-.!.
, vv t i i.-.;s
' , WASIUNOTOIf , . Decembei htki
seriated ress)-Presi4ent Wilson yes
ferday observed his slxty-firstV bbrthr
day anniversary. '. There was no eese
numy, hat numbera of bis friend railed
upon bim to ..congratulate him aad ax
tend their beat wishes on the occasion.
. - SAN JOSE, . Costa 1 Bl, . December
?vr-Assoclated . Press-i-Pir . which
wiped put an entire city Idock. VeBtt-r-day
destroyed th,' llnlted Btates ron
sulat here., . AQ paper of the c-wtu-'
late wera saved. , .
.i Ik J L .S..VJ .!
.lu-'ri To.Ar:::;..t It.ir
! tratcr cf farKe Estate
: causi I, a Say3 Inj.viJat Con
! n?cr:j w; it I sympatWier
: Vsith Germany 'x-;'y .;s'
I .(Cliruit : Judge C- W, Ashfiird de'ejare
in opon court yesterday tha because
t ws1 widely jeporred'- that an ladl
vidim Von nee tod ' with the . JSawatUn
Trust' Company Is a, syrapaUiizer- with
Grrsnany in, the- fee was 'anwilftbf
to appoint the) company to set as ad
ministrator of an .estate,, ns soucdt ia
a. petition that, had, been presented, to
the court. The announcement brought
to. an abrupt, end. a hearing In connec
tion wua ae. estate ia ouestion. that
left, by William. C. Parke, amounting
to about -U3,u(K),; , ... , . . .
.Judge Ashford said. that, he was oa.
willing to name the Individual affected
by the report he- referred to, hut at n
bearing ia ehambera, that he held -Attorneys
B. B.rAndarsoa and B. L, Marx
of . Freer frenecr, Anderson A Marx,
representing the, company, and- H. U.
Walker, aselstaat treasurer and man
ager of the, company, were told the
same and at the eotirtueien,.' of t J'
hearing, it was stated' that an inquiry
U to be cendnctsd. -.7- -i
tnten Ponitlori.., 'J.,;', 'V
''.In tho- present timee oi stress,"
Judge Ashford staW ia commenting on
tne matter, "sourts should, use . the
greatest, care ia making, appointmests
and. 1 believe that no person, Arm, cor
poration or itrust eompony. should be
appointed to, . position of power,
profit or trust if there Is, toy question
whatever of their- loyalty or ot the
loyalty of their connections. " . .. ;
, Judge Ashford said that what he. had
aid about .tho Hawaiiaa, Trust Com-
pnay waa . not lasd on any. idle gos
sip. . It was notorious, . ha declared,
thst the person ia question, waa flag
rantly disloyal. While stating that his
criticism ws not in any way directed
fet officers or director, of the company,
nor nt any of ite stockholders, whose
oyalty to the Nation Jha in no way
questioned,' he said It .was. an individual
employed by the company and.ini this
onneetion he added, "If it were only
a Janitor, t would v be i enough ;f or
me." He added that th staffs of cor.
porations who had the direction , of
great trusts should be loyal to the last
moB.' y.;,-i ;,,;' ,f
; Commenting on., the statement Judgl
Aabferd. had made in court, Attorney
Andereow, .who isa director of the Ha
waiian T;rust Compnyl said the naml
Of tbo person whose- loyalty ia brought
Into question had- been given to him.
He said that the persoa in question i
fen. Ameriaan bora, of American pa
rente.. He added., that some time sg
be had.hesLrd vogue' rumor concerning
(his parson's attitude and belieia in
coaaeetioB with tho, . war indienting
that tbo individual niight. be pro-Ger-
knau -,m-t .r:--.,-.. ;:.'., .
Tniia of iMinlr - 1 :'.::,'.:.;' -f
He had. understood, he said; that E
D. Tenney, president'. of the company
had made an inquiry, and had fpnae
that tho report : were- without Bound
basic He added) .-however, that s
other investigation- in connection with
ne present- development would- be
made.. ;,.-.'"; 1 '. " - -
j While the loyalty anjl pslriotlsm of
the institution itself has in no waj
beea ..attached; Attorney Anderso
took occasion to point out it notabl
record. .Two of the company' emr
blove ' went into 'the Hist ".officer
training camp with the full approval
of Jb company and. later obtained, on
missions, .. . Tenney, . head t th.
fompaoy. In local chairman, of. the Bed
Cross Society, and J. Bt Gait, trenauret
of the company is a member of . the
voluateer, reeervn eorpa and- boll a
commission ia it, ', " ... (
. 'i'an. keaxtng that , was. iaterrupted by
the, statement of tho- court was on .A.
petition fijed. by tho three daughter
of William C Parke,, These are the
hllsses Jano-j Harkja, Annie Hi Pnrk
poq sirs, owsite 4". j rt.ainriuget it
was stated- ia the petition that Park
died without will and that they are
the. bvdra. i.Thelr; petition, hed asked
tbat.thfHisaila, Trust Company be
i The estate eonsist . . of leaseholds,
puildiaga, (bare of stock, life insur
ansa ( ami sash. , all of aa nppreximat
value of 208,Q00; ; J .:
mi snsnsjiysj isism m mm '
r,!AY handle --5
. United States Attorney Hubeir stid
yesterday, that bo '.wilt ' confer with
Brigadier j Genera)' Wise, coanmand
ng th Hawaiiaiv Tlrtnint , in, the
pear future, regardias;. tho. advisability
ci. the army authorities taking charge
pf and trying- by . ;e,ort mrtial U
ease of aoldiefa ,hrgo4-,, ytith, the
commission f certain, statutory, of'
lenses.' ' ': ' ".;' . ,
. This anOBrtfment .waa, mad by
Huber.in tlm.csurse'of oomment on
the exposei lgrvthe . juvenile court of
cases in which yonng gtrls are. alleged
to, $ave; been ,olfi to (ol.lir and
athura. jpyiwonten, acting an pfocurerx
. -Itihsa been, the disposition of local
court to let the military, deal with
pad punish by -cowri- martial those
aases involving, soldier which, prior
to the war, were aanaiee in tho.eivu
tribuosls, and Mr. Huber i greatly ia
favor-of continuing tbl practise in all
ieeHible- mstunecs.-.' - . v . .j ..
to cj;.ri ccidlic::eca!
iake iAXATrv buomo purNiNa
(Tablets). - prnggisti refund money fl
it tail to liuti
signature ol
K. W. ''uvn :
iifattifr v
tO.', t( Uj' ,
- i each .box. ,Man
, .
'-.' ' .-I i , ' " -
L. ..J I lit i ..II
io c!tter
Former' Hcnt of Cc!Icns ef tta-
' wan. Lnci in r.:?:y to
by CHAir,:.:Ar of buahd
Cdfenis', Initituti'oii For Course
; Pursued With German- Teach
; . er and. Ii Silent As To. Othcri
Mr. Paniagton stats In hi taper
tn r wsa "kelplng- tho Oerman
game.'- . ,: ' ';;.- . ,. . .
'. Mr. ratTinften need only keep oa
talking to place klmaolf osi UO sus
picious Ustt ; . i w . ,
Publicity and ,pulllc- opinion are
alone . ranrponaiblo fot Mis Hfenor's
rostimatton. ,. . ...
.. Tho mlTuites. if. oorrectly reporV
ed. will, sriaw that according to the
acUojn ef th ioard of regonta, the
remoTsA of Mian Honor- from tbo
collage- faculty miht Just, aa well
have boon, left to tho Kaiser to da.
elds .rather' than, to shirt tke ra
aponaihUltr t Dectoe Dona, know,
tng that tho InUen gentleman, could
ae no wrong In th retaining of aa
alien enemy on. tha faculty. .
Pred ti Waldron answer statcmenls
made by Wallace B, Fardagtea la the
foregoing' crisp acntonce,, which were
riven to -ine .ivertiser last venin-.
arrington'a, statement , ,wa mad in
connection, with' tho acceptance by tha
DOant or regents o( Miss lienor, ' resig
aatioa from, tho College. of Hawaii. ' ..
i lis Jieura resignation., waa ae-
ceptodi yesterday morning, at a specie)
meeting. Hue did not make aay clad
fox. salary, for tho.- List half - of the.
year. liei contract would not expise
until next-June. ' ' Tko college nathort-
ties will endeavor to obtain a. substi
tute to take- over' her; classes.. before
tbo beginning of tho next term, Jan-
naray 4,- --. . v . ., '
Mis Matthew MU Mum ; '. ,
i No, rosignatien. has .been ' received
from Miss Matthews, nor ha she mad
feny public, announcement, aiace the
bublication of., her letter ' to Doctor
Dean fa answer to. tho questionnaire.
Neither has ' Doctor . Dean, announced
what .bit. course. of action will be in
regard to this teacher, -rarrlngton's
Statomont. ' ' ' . ''
, . The following statement i the oi
made y eatesday by WsllaCO B. Phi -ringtoiu
, -..; , ', . a y '.'.
"There h never been anr queatioa
aa to tho retirement f FranfeJa Bauer
from tho teaching staff of the College
of Hawaii, since her response to the
questionnaire sect out by the president
of tha- institution.! , : . . , , -,
. "The only real problem ban been
the meaner of her withdrawal j wheth
er it should, be forced and thus make
a, German, woman the center of a Ger
man, peraeentioa-, propagandaor that
a, resignntlon should be brought about
ia tbo natural order of eollega admin.-.
istration, thus eliminating : a. ..difficult
legal problem that; might bo fought out
la the courts for month. :
Waldron In Attacked' - - . v V
. .VThe only purpose that Mr.: Waldrea
served, In resigning from- the board of
regent, wsa to roster tne SeBnito- Ger
man propaganda of creating disaenaioB
among- as many groups of Americans
as, possible. It is a psrt, of the Ger
man game. t foster, suspicion, stir np
strife, in, hq rank of: Americans, and
o far' as possible- lesd fener(,'y to nn
ajtti)-rritish sentiment among Amert
caps; - ; , . ' '' ' -'-'.-
' Wr , Waldron ' posttion ha
idemtieat' with that of the member-of
n ipotball team, who, while hi fel
low were in the in-idst of a difficult
play, - quit .the, squad aad walked ,t
the bleachers and harangued the, crowd,
eajlipg. hif teammate names and; voei
feroniyr proclaiming1 liis own cuperior
knowledge-of the game: "': ' ,
. i'tm my opinion, Air. Waldron nnfor
tupately could not do more in the serv
ice of the kaiser if he were, a P4
agents than to ase hi petition for th
purpose, of flinging- reekle remark
regarding Amoricaus, who , tnd - fot
team work; careful, Judgement and' co
operation ., American who- are ' not
quitter when they face difficult prob
lem.'' J ' ... ' .':, . I,.
0n ha only to consider hoar Oer-
many , paying, Rnmiaja notion, enej
againsi i ie otner) iq.oroer to Ue w
pressed with .the necessity for Amer
ican to 'play the game' in all their
field of .endeavor bnhimi tbo lines. -Oo5lp4r7
At llamsi, j ;
Thsse. unwilling. , to. si r else '' tha
self-control-' so necessary to: the' ad
justments of American work are play
ing the kaiser' game: .
, ''.Those, pfttleoatMl men and psata
Jooned , women,, wan devote their, time
and energy to spreading, inventing.; and
expanding groundless aad reckless gos
sip, Aro-serviag tao definite plan of
the warrior for autooraoy nod making
the work .oi the leader In our f icUt
for orderly Intelligent American demo
cracy ipfluitely, more, ditlcult. J. ,
j "The -faculty and th,e student body
pi th College of lisnaii . eo'titute
a. hody of men and women loyal to the
ideals for which., our country if giving
it best thought aad )if B '
, ''The attempt, to, smirch, tli whole
sotlsge foreo with, tho eharg.fi oi dis
loyalty Is not only, utterly afft but
tl is helping. the kaiser's mi
.."What is the basis of th
charge of disloyalty, that- h
beea so
freel v and reekleesly, paser
around f I
CUM Talked. T Tha Advertl;
' . "The presence oa the f,
ty' of a
Unguago teacher of Gen
employe .before-1 tbern ' w
here at least, of the great
nr. .This
term of
the end
mt il she
woman is-optltied noder t
her employment to remain
ef this college year.. Ail
talked' for pubHchtion
y or two
go she had' ibv eomml
j a in,'l
I, -; Oin-ipip"'
; ioi;looo
Italians.. Believe. Teutons . Intend
To. Carry Art, Works Froni.
; C6tfhtry :C1te Instances'
;WAcmiXGTON. Dccemiet ' 'Cd-(A's-soclatedJ'reas)
Merely ) cloak, to
hide purposed looting io the enaractsri.
e'tion Whroh ' M ml-orHds'f rfespatches
from Bojne gtv'e to th retion by Oer
rasay of a so-ealled. oomaoission for the
proteerlnn of worh of art in Italy.. .
, ," I jha .beea aonelaslviely estfen
llshed." these dospatehes sqid, "that
it In the purpose ef thC' flermaas and
Aastrian to transfer 4 to Berlin and
Budapee nil work of art which it i
possibl to remove... Ti baa alreadv
bon done in instance.".
In corroboration of ffcene assertions
the .despatches said thfet tne -splendid
equestrian, statue ofVletor Emmanuel
had disappeared from fdine soon after
the occupation of the eity by the Au
tro-Permss forces. . . !r: .,"-.'-.'.
Imrances are- also flven where ump
tnon villas, in the territory, now occu
pied by the Teutons, owned by noble
men. of .Venice, have been looted and all
work oi art carried ff. ' '
..With these evldenoes ef what' has al
ready been done th dospatche assert
that judgement of . the purposes of the
commission can resdily be formed.
People, if e1 .little Preparer , for
;Keetini, It With; Coal. Sup-,.
' plies Below the Normal i1;
(wASHINOTON; December t-.(A-soctated
Press) With the coat upply
meager in many parts of thq Middl
West and in ' the East another, cold
wave i sweeping upon them from the
Northircjetj Ovon bath th'e DakoUs and
Minnesota, the frost- kinghold tight
grip and' from art sections of those
Htatee 'temperature below- 1 sere nod
ranging a low a forty, to., f orty-tv
degree, belovs in nom. instance, were,
reported, tot'th signal service yester
dav and last nlcht . ... ..
Th fareeaat fo the' Middle States
an. fat, east aa Ohio, ia., solder today
wfth, a cold, wave tonight and it ..in
expected weather which will bring the
mersury elosq to aero will reach- the
Atlantic, seoooafi by; bqaday.
Subscriptions Exceed Demands
On only Partial Returns s;
PABIH, December 9 (Associate'
Press) Oversubscription of the third
Frenrk-,, wqr osn of, ten. ' bUlion .pi
rrauea in announee) oy, tpe government
wfaich. songratulatea tho people, of
France upon the- euccess of the loan.
lA,t)ioufih hlrpadf hveriwbncribed 'nil
relyrns, of ' qtibseiiptiona, have, not yet
been, eonipild, tbe noedsdt amount ia
pledged by the Incomplete returna. -Ia
the' figure that have been tabu
lated; -ni foreign-: aubacriptiona hare
been taeniae!, . - ' . , ..b.'
'act that eonld Justify th' college In
removing her name from the payroll
Furthermore, had. she been dismissed
from service and her. salary paid . for
me, period 01 ner.. employment which
would- very-: naturally bo- doner by
private concern the wan signing th
payroll could, b held for nUMpproprin
tion of psblla, funds. , .. ,
."It- is owe thus to ait on. the side
linen and'ahoot off' your month bo haw
it,. ought to Im done. aal quit another
tlusg to, do thO tank, dealing with nO
tlsn fact. .' i '. . V j 4 1 1
i "It is one thing to ait on the side-
ear-aightod . quitter' and another: to
stnv wita tn game nd ee It through.
All. Loyal, Kow. tVV w ;. -f.;
, i'l believ m the College i Hawaii
J believe in It faculty I. believ la
io siuuenw. x oeueve tnor la no
pt her college In the country that, pos
sesses , more . soHdly Iqjat body, of
American and ally .men; women, yming
uii-u r " jk. women tnan is now
at work at tho College of Hawaii: They
may aot reach5 their conclusions by
tho same route that I do, but if the
country seeds anyone of them In aav
rnpoityn 1, kaow tht-every, nan feid
."""fl ' ft?. n.li"i ,wiu roe
bond, and eacW one will 4o not kfcii,'
out a full sized -American share;- v,' .
; t VM aueeese. pi the- JJnitfd 1 States
ia,basi qo the.effotta of workers and
bsildera of eoafluim 4 - The ' gossip
niongers and quitters - merely . Impede
and delay that success.
t ,"TO' win. this war Americans hare
got, to, gf t topsther, heap their head,
exercise .careful judgmoiit,1 place eout
fijenee ia tkeit.icUaw Aroerieaua and
finhi, - light,, fight every inch of th
era. . .1
Mention r)ny- On;: . - , " ' ... ,'. '',',
t " A fcrent ruany vicious and untruth,
fuj' statements have. . ,becn .nude.in
eonnrction with, .the. ceut'oversy gro.Wr
log out. ot. tne nreaence or ope German
00 the faculty, of tba rollece. ', . ;.-
'po far. a I am concend,."f 40 not
njeed tq allow any German to. so un
set my mental' American equilibrium
ia to, make, rue play into 'the hand
cof the kaiser ad his BplnheviU pro-
pagnda. U am, aura . that the regents,
lhe president, the faculty and the stu
dents of the College of Hawaii are of
the, aame'mlstd, - :
"To the Umlt of my ability aad
jnifgnieett I ; am with ' the mei and
nooien willing to) grapple with prob
lems and tee them through. No prob
lem wa ever "clved by a quitter. ' j
FicHVARio:Jiis :
?ti iyr p if r r
Further Signs, , CF Disintegration
1 - lit tJ a a. . CN!.Vi.l 'r . . 1 1 m
1 yituiedf. uou'iiiy. Mccauss oi
: - Oppositioa To Bolshevik! Found
tn Action";- I:';. '.::
.1 II '
',..if. f. ARE BACK Ifi JAto
Commissioner Said He Is Not Re
; turning; To United" tates and ,
Will. Go, To. Russia Put Has
. Three Hundred Men With Him
NPVV TORK, December 29
(Associated rres's)-Whitd
Russia refuses further association
with ;: the; Petrograd, BolshevikL .
government and hka aririouHced-
itt indtnndence- krirl the etAh.
nsfirnent of i republic. , .This wis
announced ' irl V; Petrograd des-' '
patch to L6ndori which said that
the Roda would meet at Minsk
and that: from there the decree .
proclaiming' inacpenaence ana:
the forming of a ricw : nation
'T- T ' ' v ' ; ;"':-;''-,''' -
jWould,'be Issued. ', ';. '
While ", the "numter of .White "
Russians fs not large; estimated
as khout 4,500,000 .and they have -
jittle wealth; the announcement is
lllipUl MUl S3 . BllUWIUg II1C VUll- :
' ' .' s ' . , . - '
unucu upneavat against , uoisnc-, .
vikism. and the disintegration of
the. Once vast empire'. '."'.; ..:,'.,
; They are located . chiefly : in .
Brodrlo, ' SmoTehsk; V 1 1 e b s R ,'. -
Minsk, ''M'oglle'Vi and-" Chernigov.'"
Thiy" are largely 'peasants and "j
.havif been kept down by lack ot r
land which was in the hands of '
'the' large holdcrsT It "is expected
they will cast' their lot with' fie .
Cossack- forces as agaiiist ; tne
Indications v tKatM tiie ' tjnitcdi' '
oid ics may uc preparing to aoan
dort Us plans fot" the' rehabilita :
tion ot Kussu since, the Iiolshe-
ttfSna ar irk K frn n A ft f-Via
turn- to Japan of John Stevens, ,
'chief American 'railwav- .cornrnia.V
: , . . . -v .'
sioner to Russia with.' a : laree '
number of the mien he recently
took with him to tliat country, ;
Ife denied tliat it Was iiis'.inten- :
tion to return witfi .them to the .;
United fitates, that they had been ;
recalled or that: he expected that
Mcy would be and said they
would return to Russia in the",
Wear future to ,assist In the rior '
ganizatibn of the transportation ';
b'fjtems there, , ,':':,:;':)';
( ins iii iiidi ' v.umiuissioner'
Stevens should take tp . japan ',
,"" ! M-vr iiivuimvi 9 V 1113 DVail .
is considered Vs V&Vx significant
'despite trie denial of intention tV '
j-eturn' home whicli the despatches
fronj Tokfo contained;' . Y' .
' ;:' ' ' BANKS SfilZEli ';
Director of Finauce Mciishin- ::
With film . It niArnhAra r Vt a efifT .
I' L j . ... . i.
- i -htv; -' rrr. -ir,. '.THtTW,-' "
kv nas rnmm s rinM en 1 ,ri f
tna j&uiftveviki lattitMi to seize the: :
1 - i..l.-i. t.'ll t , .' -
i"''o in.a ucic, iiicuiMing tne ..
local branch bf the, National City .
bank of New Yorki: Manager
Stevens of this branch was ar-
rcsted and , detained , awhilo but :
later rtieased. The mailairera rf
the other private, banks surren- :
ilered their keys' ' whfcti. ordered "
in A m t. il. I j:. I'
ens refused.. - '. . "!':-'
,. , v.. ...-'.H..w. , ;,.,.., . ;-.
AMHTEBDAM. December 20 f A..V..
kiated PreHs) Toiy K. Wosenthat, the
American artist, died yesterday in Bar.
lia In his seventieth year.. ;
loDy Koaentival waa bora, in New
aveo, Cennectieut, aad studiod draw-
lag under Henri Baoon and painting
under Fortuna'o Arriola )n (Ian Fran
Cisco, afterward ' going ' to the Boyul -.
Aeademv at'Mnhich. He. had resided'
in that city fof a niAober of year past,

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