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1918. -SEMI-WEERt,Y.
A- r.:
J -
: '
4 . : -
Liu I LliULrU (HI
Acting ort Prflclaftiftfiohtfy f rfesl-
ocni wnson,' united States At
torney Issues Important Order
titizcns of Germany Or Austria
MUst Not Approach, WitWn Hun
dred Feet 6f Restricted 7hnn'
Honolulu plan and th waterfront
generally art aancefoftJi Wired to
Ell Mien euetridea,
rermlta Which my nays been it.
nued giving alien amit th rtgnt
to enter piers tad utt to water
front Art revoked. '.'
. I very corporation, 'aria or pet-son
In Honolui wno tmnints inter
t neceeeltaxa - airy of lu tm
p!oyes entering pier or attanaiuf
at tha waterfront must immediately
appoint tad maintain, ldenttfleatloa
inspector, at It own expense, tab
ttatloned on for every tntriact to
th pier, wwrolHWM or other water
front facility. " '.
The persona art to tie detagaa
M at once, and tbott tunw and a,
drear forwarded to UtUtad Stater
M.nh.l T T
.1 i.. ! I.' I 'n , . .1
i'nltod State Attorney 8. C, Huber
made a tatement to tha above effect
yeterday afternoon, following Cb re
ceipt from Ideal army neadfiuarter of
a topplemefltary . proclamation1 t that
of April 8 laat, issued by President
Wilson. The attorney wa at a los to
undewtaiml wily b had tot received
a ropy himself, 1)ut surmised that It
aiuft have ((one aatrfey in tie pout.
The new local order distinctly speci
fic that nil alien enemies throughout
the Territory are now barred from en-
tering into aohee within 100 yard 6f
A 1- . M a - . i. ' .
nairriroai oy or any wnarr, pier,
dock or other vital waterway. They
also are barred from entering ion 100
yarda of warehouaea or other building
adjoining or adjacent to the plera.
It aai further stated by Mr. Huber
yesterday that within a few dayi tha
bnrred nnne will Te marked by some
sort of Hne, 'and that signs notifying
alien enemies not to paat will be placed
, at frequent Intervals,, "Where street
cara page throngh the barred district,
alien enemies will not be permitted to
. , be aBoard, even for continuous passage.
Any found within the Cone for any
-;rcaon whatever will be a (rested on o
' probab!y interned for the dnratloatat
..the war.Haber trdetrTfiiniSd fafe40r..
, dor shall b obeyed Im'mediately an 4
; v unequivocally.. In ,nd ase wilj a aeo.
ond chance be gWea. y Y" v . ' . V
No Military ttuaida . ' i ' C -l w .:';'
" Bogular soldlera, 'dressed ip the full
blue drrse Uniform bf. .tne Viiti
JStats army, and armed With' baydneta
and loaded rides, are acting as patrols
along the New York, waterfront. T
,., these the civilian inspectors appointed
by corporation hiust feport when ant
employe is about to pass through. It
. la not the intention to place the local
waterfront under, military control, low
ever, unless it be found absolutely ne
cessary. Huber is under the Impression
that the civilian' Identification inspec
tors will snfllce, ' . !
' On November 10, 191T, the President
, issued a proclamation- providing addi
tional regulation concerning alien eo-
fmiea, of which Begulatlon 3 reads aa
follows) ' . ' '. ' ,
- "An alien ejieniy shall not approach
Or be found within one "hundred yard
of any canal, nor with la one hundred
yards of any wharf, pief, or doek used
' directly by or by meant of lighten "by
any Vessel or veasela of over live hun
dred (300) tpns gross engaged la for-
ign or domestic trade other than 'flsa
: injti nor within one hundred yards 6f
any warenonae, shed, elevatorv railroail
terminal, or other-terminal, storage or
tranfer facility adjacent to oT operated
in connection with any audi wharf,
pier, or 'dock j and wherever the dis
tance between any two of such whsrvCs,
piers, or docks, measured along the
shore line connecting them, is less than
eight hundred and eighty yards, ' . aa
alien enemy shall not be found within'
oue hundred yard of Such ahore line."
Cooperation Necessary
', The objeet of the proclamation 1 fd
provide adequate protection of shipping
and of docks, piers, wharves, ware,
bouses and similar waterfroat facilities
against evilly . inclined individual.
Tbia protection of property cannot be
maintained without the fullest eoopera.
tion on the part of those owning or op'
eratlng these facilities and the respond
sibility for affording such protectiOa
rests npoa ,tflqm(,euvnlIWwitb' ke gort
erameut onioiklAxKWmVng that this
cooperating will be eprdlnlly entered
into, the departjment of justice hat
promulgated tha following instructions,
; 1. In order that, notice may be 1
promptly given by tha government ;
officials to the operators of all wa
terfroct facilities, every corpora- ;,
' tion, or' person ojerating such faoil- i
i tics must immediately, deaigtate
, some person on whom the govern-' .
'nient , officials may serve 'such,:'
notice. These persons are te be
designated at ouee, and their name '
and addreaaea forwarded . to tbei.
Vnited Htntes mnrshal of the 'dia ;
trict in witk'h the waterfront facil- ,
ity .i loented, ,
' 2,'. Kvry oprator of a Water
front facility .'included In the scope .j
of the proclamation shall Immodl- - v
atrly appoint and maintain ldcnti-v :
flcHtioii inspoctori, at his own e
pens, ti) be stationed one for, every , ,
rntrnnce to the dock,' wharf,, ware- .
liouae. or otlifr waterfront facil- "
Ity, Hucli inspector ' shall te i
piiiliituiiiixl during all of the Lours'
of the day or night during whioh 1
thelock of Wttterfrotit facility I, ,
being operated. It i tha duty of.
thnsju inspectors to identify to tha '
government patiol all porsou ea. :
titled to seres to Ihe waterfront
s teeillty, and thl itystem of identi-
fieaion Is to h Applied both to
x bfticcrs siitl employes of the wharf
or. warehouse, and also to truck
diiVcn, pedesMahs, ind all Mher
. persons having legitimate business
. at such Waterfront facility. It is
' the dut of cork inspectors to 'see
' t it tint all person Who -enter .
upon the docks, after being identl
. fled, shall depsrt therefrom t the
; enaenislo , of theif "busin, so ,
a that n peraoa shall lurk on the
premise after! th tompletioa of
' hlsbosisea. . -
,, v S. Tha t(ieratof ef Such water
.jfront facility stisll at once prephre,
'ready for -the Inapectlo of gov
, ernment ofl'icials, and keep on the
premise a erttnplete aad keearatt
., record Of all of its officer and em
ployes containing for each person
" the- following flnta! - '
. (a) Name, and. adflres. (b)
'Nationallry and '..If , tintufnllr.ed
rltizeii, place and time 'of -.natural-citation..
Xat when nrployed. '
fd) lit pervious place of em- .
l ployment. la orddr that business
may not' be unduly Interfered
Vlth, ts ipeediiy.aa posaible after
' tha tomilctlnn tit Wh- record,, fc
phss eard system will be put into ,
' operation by tha government, nn'
der wMfh ach employ ah all be
J-provided with suitable card of .
'identification. . The employer most
nee 'suitable precaution for the 1
hut and surrender of ' suca -tines
k enrd la. order to prevent their
' getting Into nnaulhoriced hands.
t , . Every 'Operator of tuCh
' . .waterfront facility shall at once ,
'grva formal 'notice, in writing, to
the Vnited (State marshal, atat
' hg the 'name and addresses of
1 una "Watchman in It employ, a K
brief statement of thetr prescrib
ed duties, and the hour of their
employment. Talk Wqtiifdiilrtttt ap
plies both to lathes of watclihiCn
and names of the ideoYlflcttida ln-
epeetdrt abdva 'referred to.;
ifen tnimie - -,- ' . r V '.' ;
Xll nntlveA Cttilcea. denlient'br sub
ject vf (he h6etile goeemment Teing
male of the age of fourteen year
and. upwards and not actually natural-
lad la the United States, are defined a
alia eaemle, a follow:, v
j - (a) iOermka or Austrian-borh ehil
drea of nature. Hied Oermtn or Aistri
ata kr. vet kliea enemies, pfovided na-
tnraUzatloa. of patfenta eomplbted.be-
rare te eniMrea tve 'reached Matur
ity. Othvrwin they are aliea enemies
aaleaa , -naturalized tberaselvee.
(b) Ameriean-borh chlldrea of Oer-
maa or Austrian eitlceat remdiag ia
the United Htate ara not aliesj enemies
anlees after .'aiatdrity they became na
turaliaed la Qermtny or Anstria-Hua'
tarr. " . -
fc) Katurtiicatioa or alie enemies
cannot be completed denng the petiod
of -the. waf. --'. . .
(d) , Germ 'or Atstrlaa-bora chil
dren df American eitiarn temporarily
residing la tier nanny or Anstna-Huu.-
gary are not alien enemies. If, how
ever, pareata' resid,. ee; UVpernfancnt
ia Oeraiaay or Austria-Hungary, tha
offspring aiuet have estabuihcd 'by
suitable' ietlpa itiinip ia t-t"ui'-ted
Mtatea; .-:-:--H:it..fiyti,!- ; -'.
' (). A. native, eitutea, deotsen or.'snb--
Set ef the Getarfan 'tmrtire ar' Austria
uagafy, remain aa alien tnlaay, "even
though e baa takea out first paper
tit the United Btate. or ha been a
turalUcd fa any taunt ry other thsti tha
UnHed State. v; v'
tliyttg "Out toiioii '',' .' ' ' - " r '
'The laying out of 'rtiac lis pfdyldid
for ia the regulation lssncd by th
President and "now ' in the band of
United State A Hoi-bey 'Uuber 1 a
follows! ,.'-':'; '." ' ,; J1 '"
"Tie trst tbing fo 6o la to lay out
ffi boundary line''6f the kone under
the above ;Befru)atT6n p '6f tna Presit
dentlal proclamation. . Obtain from the
United Pfate attorney of the district
the list ef pier, docks, "wharves and
ether facilities which com withiA the
scope, of the Presidential tegulattons,
and then lay put the boUndarie of
the 'kones, preferably 'by drawing some
kind of a vikible Hue or "mark on the
ground.,. At the jioinls v here Streets
or ofher mCan of actea cross the
tfthe bouhdary line, plae tlktfard an
nouncing ' that 'tliea enemies are for
bidden to go beyond that point In, the
direction of the trtow, (,
"In case of railroad 'ud etrett cr
llae 'and streets or other 'Wat Hk-
ing within, or through fie 'described
tone limits, .no aliea enemy . will be
permitted aboard toe car of tuch
roads,' even on Cohtlnuoiis jiassage, or
Mn br along" said street or way, with
in "the 'prohibited area, Without Incur1
rfng Vhen fletected, penalty therefor."
Patrol To Be -Effective
Th 'number 'of men to be '.stationed
bn gtiafd by concerns in Honolulu will
be such a will effectually carry out the
barring of Intruders upba the restrict;
ed tone. 'JHe patrol sentiael will be
placed at such a point ltK the boun
dary line or within the prohibited area
as will best 'enable' him to control thi
aciae tq the pier , and the - general
waterfront facilities. 'It 1 important,
however, that the pat r olio g ba effective
nd yet be carried da i" nuch, a manner
aa will interfere , e littie, a possible
with the free movement of traaleto
and from tha piers,, r'ffc Dbjecta to be
Mtalned m?firt.ftheieTecrtiye'aiItu;
iatratioa of th alien entniy' regulation
and," second, 'the epeedy and free move
nieht 6f thippisg .r, ... ..':(. .;
The Inporatora of the-pler and ths
other waterfront facilities hauied W
the Presidential Vegiilatlon will with,
in a few days be officially MotifUd by
the United BUtea matsUal that each of
them must appoint ' inspectors whose
functions' it will ber to atand at tha nt
tran,oe which are beihg uaedtq Iden
tify the p'rsona iha bave the' right of
access. Thi doea aot mean, however,
that' corporation and : firms are Te
lieved -of the 6Hgattoa immediately
te forward the rtnraerahd kdifreases of
the -inspector 6Trignte4 to U. if? Hat
ekal VMiaay.fi . !, " , :.
' The ayttem af ldoatlfkafioii will rar
Inte both to the employe and workmen
L M kka'.l.kkJA. Vh.J '...L-k b... a .
w vuv vimi vri, nun viun, rfiivrirvut
faeilitiea.'and to driver, truckmen and
thoet etif agcMu bringing shipment to
the piers, tbi system or laentirica
tlofl by the c4V;ilaa inspector la to be
pbt into effect nt'once an;. to" bo kept
In peraron,'atirlii(r 'the period 'of the
war. ' poasiMy, in the. uear f ntuVe, pnsi
eards Will be issued by United Ftate
Attorney tluber or Tfnlted.fftates Mnr
shal Hmlddy to enable the entitled to
go wfthla the barred cone "without ua
uocesaary luteiniption. - ' . . .; :
r.iAYGTs partywas'clea:: UROFCITY
i;::ei!se success
Sidewalk Ball and Downtown
Streets Crowded With Folks All
Having a Good Time , i
' the people ' , celebration it ; wa
Inst night on Bishop Btrect, and on
Port and Hotel and King Btreet as
we'll. ' It Wat the maddest, merriest
time thnt lloiiolult - ia . general , bat
known In a long time. Even Christmas
I've tbls ye'hr was eclipsed by the cele
bration of Ne"g Year laat evening. ;
The nucleus of It fall wa the mayor's
!hU on Tlishop Btreet.' Mere the Kpyal
Hawaiian Band played on a platform,
of the Bishop Bquare building for the
dahcers on the Ewe sidewalk. A brilliant-illumination
of the scene of jol
lity came from electric light hung In
the tree of the r quare and on the
, The evening wa warm aad windleee,
and mnny bf the pretty 'maid of thiiky
skis and taven hair Wore low-necked
evening Or esse of ligbt-eolrfred silVa,
while bo one needed a coat even an the
evening ifrew late. Hoholuln'l New
Tear Ivve wt a great contrast to those
which have ice and know a fohromi
tilKts. Th tfte mtldimtl pleasint air the
dutdddr festivity ws Vnjdytble up to
ti Inst 'mdment. r ' ' U 2
toyoe Pecb Lea r M ? ' .
Mayor Fero led off the first dance
with 111 daughter. On by 'a few- turn
were take before the broad sidewalk
commenced to 111 up, moat of the men
dancer being' soldiers, -and from that
time on every dance found the space
crowded with figures going throagh all
the latest contortions popular with th?
plala people. ' -. .
A note of carnival Va added by the
many masker, moat bf'thenv la dom
inoe -or eimply disgnieed by masks.
They threw confetti and wielded small
feather duster with a will, while the
diabolical' aoise producer wa there
with his string- and tia can. The lets
objectionable ones confined, themselves
to horns 'and bdl-
tit spite of all this it was a well
behaved crowd, few instances Of rough
ness or improper behavior Coming to
th botice of the maay policemen and
police-officer on .duty on the .down-,
town streets. X few drunken meft Were
sent home or. placed in safe-keeping I
'they became objectionable, but on the
whole it was, a marvellouily good-humored
croWd. ..,,,,-,'' .
Automobile i pessed In eAntinuous
brocession uo and down Tort, King and
Hotel Street, filled with merrymaker
blowing born and throwing -confetti,
trailing streamer of serpentine, and
sometimes "shooting off cracker as
they Went along. Everyone cheered
when ihe "apirit Moved, and in aome
ease moved almost continuously. There
evening! :. t '
" It waa the people good time, and
tkey enjoyed It every moment of the
evening. A tew 1 .women - ia tvenlag
gown and rich cloak - escorted by
black-clothed or Whiteiniformed men
eoold be seCn, but they looked decid
edly out of the picture. Only th fua
lovlag, easy-laughing, merry-faced peo
ple were the onea for whom tha New
Year' Eve ball we ataged, and only
they got the real -fun out of it. - i., --'
The music ton Bishop Btreet eoatin
ued until half -past twelve, and not a
moment of the time wa wasted by the
several thousand ef people who throng
ed ap -and down th atreet during -the
evening., The soldier of the regiment
oa'Oaha formed "a large percentage of
the male portion of the crowd, and they
added . to the gaiety of the occasion.
Ther were Kevin r fua, and lot of it,
. It waa, the 'biggeat New Year' Eve
Honolulu ha ever bad, and from th
broad pmile on llayor Pern' face a b
watched the happy trowel dancing at
nis itarry me success oi ti wa aiun-
to tat man waa wa respon
t' V. i ', .1 ' u ,
Big 'Freight jRab increase An
nounced By Ship Agents
With aa ; increase . la freight .fate
which waa announced yeterday ,. the
coat of "the bag used for packing and
shipping 'of augar mouet higher,. Bet
fore the war they eoet about alx cent
each aad now the tout ia about tyenty
four cent, an increase of 300 percent,
Announcement Wat Made yesterday
by Castle Oooke, agent for the T. Ki
K. line, of an laerease In freight rate
ba sugar', bag t rdm -Calcutta to t ono
luln to 100 a tot, forty feet enbie
messurement. This is a jump from $33
a ton, an increase of $65 aad means
'a 4iroMrtlonktt coat f production and
shipping to tha varions jilantation of
th Wands.
, M' 4 ,
Captain' Brifton, Corpa of' Engineers,
IT. H. A., ; baa "been designated by the
department- com mahfler ts -deparrfnent
engtueer In place of Col." Thomas Rpes,
V. H.A., recently orde'ted-to the main
land. .' , '.i .-S - '"?: '.' -
ThcjMtiks of the on ners have bfou
grentlvYfiiced by departure for the
malnlnVy "ftlnjor 1orst being one of
the last Vf leave. ; Tbit leave Captain
Brftton ru'nkiwt: elfliuer bf t M remnin
ing members of the Third Kfagineort e
stattou kere.' r ; , : f ; ; ', ,j ' ;;,
-?-'. :'. I, ..nr., ...' i,'. , ' ' i, .' ,- i A-'
Msrviuus Slvua. h MJI
Llnt an Syl KrullJi-r
Uvur, KMnty nJ Hid- '
tier k.mJy Hn biuu4 1.
Cli). anj LsftaUV. . 4 ,
All l)iurl'-i- V
ly pleaaiag
aibl for 1
Captain In Charge of Campaigh
Ordered To Srtiofield; General
, ,'Wisscr Refuses To Talk! ,
The , activitie of; Captain'-' Iw'ts
Weiss, U. appointed by Colonel
Heard, eommaudiim Ronouein Barracks, .
Heard, commanding nonouem osrrac.KS,
la Cleaning up bootlegging to toldier,
th use of army uniforms by civilians,
and putting opium dens, frequented by i
enlisted men, out of business were
brought to a summary Close Batnrdayl
afternoon and the eantein bat beea or -
hlshncrl for Haturdav n tfM. h
se inspector and''
wnicn me liquor license
assisiaois wrre' o sua ins irmj capiaia
' . . . . . - - ! 1 . 1 - , . i 1
and hi force, were suddenly called off
late in ' the afternook at which thne
aboot thirty bootletger. and location.
. , .... . , ,
had teen listed a the direct medium
of soiling llqiwV to Soldi era. , -
General Wlsaer, commanding the Ha
waiian department, when asked yester
day for a a eaplanatioa for the discon
tinuance. of the campaign said, eurtlyi
-J'I kaee nothing whatever to toy
upon that tubject.f' . ;. V. . -
The results of the army captaiat
able throughout1
n which h had
molulo, Walpahu
campaign were - noticeable
the several districts i
nhAttlil in.liiilin A ttnnntulM
m.mA tr.i L ..j k. v.a k
hu nun. Uf u u mw uwu vwu.vu uc
active cooperation Of the liquor license
inspector;, Ther is already, a notice
able lack Of .use of army uniforms worn
by ervlllan, for. the. new spread all
oyer the country, after a score of ar
rest had beea made, that the itrong
arm of the army and the federal gov
ernment waa ready and prepared to
atria right and left, j ; a- ' -
Feeling that opium Bene Were 'be
ing Watched, toldiera who were known
to be - user remained away from the
banal place, and the campaign against
tbeae, if continued for a few weeks,
wouM probably have resulted la ferrt-
iag out th "higher-up" in the opium
business. -. '."-...,.' "
It wa understood that the opium
trail waa gradually leading those Who
imported the drag in large quantities,
and might have brought to light In -a
rew week the men wjjo are actually
responsible for tt 'tale. ...
Captain Weiss ha returned to Lei-
leh.ua and for the present the "clean
up" campaign may be eonfitcd to the
limits of the post. .. t-, ' ,. ,; -;. ' ' .'. n
Revenue Agent Much' Interested
TXinn visit rro$cfiofiTr 7;
W. if.-. Andbraob.' internak revenue
agent. Who eame to Hawaii td-off icially
Install tha - new collector of , Internal
revenue j in Honolulu, had hi tint
glimpa of Uncle Sam' military ac
tivitie yesterday ; morning at 8ebo
field Barrack.- , ,'--.v v.' ' -' -
Aa the truest of Lieut. Arnold Palrn-
tky who wa a aehoolmate of Mf.
Anderson in Chicago, the latter was as
eorted'to ther First Infantry etton-
taent at Sehofleld and was showa into
the Intricacies that go to make a fight
ing man for the. United State. After
being shown throagh.' the vhrious qnar-
. . 1 ....(.. I 1 1 ' 1 . - !
lera ana -vneriaiucu uy sa okiiiiiiuuu
drill by a cdmpnny ' Commanded by
Capt. George C. Kelicher of the 1st
Infantry, Mr. Aridreton was alwwn th
bomb throwing trenches. . --
Here the CbiCagoan wat allowed to
personally Inspect the bomb that 'are
perfected and deslgtjed to combat th
occupier or , Hun trencne. ' a
A humorous incident occurred When
Mr. Anderson, after closely studying a
bomb for a While, was told casually
by Lieutenant Paleniky, that the tiny
mtssl that he was tossing about con
tained enough explosives to kill twenty,
four men.. Anderson's retreat :after
this information waa hasty nd the
bomb, waa put where more experienced
bomb handler could a rely get it.
,. , , s-. .
KILO, December 25 ba Ue'MoO
kean diamond Sunday last tha Hinode
ball team defeated the Bainbow outfit
by a aeore Of. 8 to 2 and th gam was
watched by aa interested ' crowd of
fan. . .. ..- .,..-.:.-;;,. .A
r- .''"': '-'
just a Bundle of
' . NfrVduti and rierv paio ofUa
come .from weak tidueya. ' Mny a per
son who worries over trifle aad 1 trou
bled with ntoralgia, Thetmiatla , ptrin
aad Wkache, .would fid quick relfof
Wobgh a good kidney remedy,;. If you
bare' nervoas attacks, with headaches,
backaches, diy epulis and sharp,
shooting pnins, try Doan'- Backache
Kidney 1'ills. Tucy are ror tne ycuer
of weak kidney and have .brought
quick bcuefit ' in thousand bf ' such
case.,,' .' ,-. ': N" v'
When Your Back is I.ntae-fRemenv
ber the Name."- (Don't simply ak for
a kidner remedy ask dlntinetly for
Bonn ' Backaela Kirtiuty Villa and take
to other). ' Doth' Btti stch .'Kidhty
PHI aro nold iy all druggets and tre
keeper, or will be mailed on ruonlpt Of
puce ty U" JiouiBiw ik vi
Bull son h Hrtiitli Co.4 fcnt;.fur'tbe
Hawaiian Ialutidt. ", Crtivi Mwincjl)
.i- I
f'l -r t; --tt ta
Article ,ln catholic TuWIcatlon
!c Seems To Marshal To Be ,
. Unpatriotic 'OtterarrcB ' ; f
.Publications that smack of Muer-,
krkut and IfoberWnrat Will, la f uttire,
i. tarred from Honolulu If (Jutted
tiarred , frb HonMuln I
6UU il.chal timlddy can i
. . '
thoriiy f'on w "hingtoa to
ecute aa-,
carry out;
plun reefntly promulgated by him.
- Aa alleged pro German editorial 1 U
the December 15 inane of tha itxtphla -
" ""' " k-i k
d" by the PonUfical College o! Jp-.;
' 1 -Aitl t.' I 1 tl. .
rpuinani, iHni iiiaiH.r'i'rwi. wium -
IT H llarahal
t' ZZ- Cl
immediately he
tta nt.lt. wk. hanrl.rf IT. H. limrahal
,.,. i..i- . uvj!kiii-
',"i'J. . 1 .t " :1.ZZ
. umiunu iv . iuiiiii uiiii iig mh tub, m
th Territory, and if possible Closed
flown altogether. , ,v , !
ftecelTtd At Itlaaioii . I
The Joarphinuai Weekly i feeeired
hern by the Catholic Mission, and it la
believed other people la Honolulu also
I'uuin asvi"va arvr cu 1 1 vih j
' , P"b"t,0
W "'r one Bmlddy ha. in
f rMt '. "
i terrds
gardirig any publication brought to hi
attention with anti-Amerie'aa krticlea,
- Th alleged pro-Germae editorial In,
the Josephinum Weekly, which it en
titled "Oermany'a 'Will to Power''
"Imagine Great Britain kt war with
Hpai and France; Hpaia in possession ,
of tMhrattar. British tt-bop einnot
land In rraace and Ppala, and tb.
Freneh-J?panlsh fleet is in th Medi
ii -
errabean. The war threaten to end
in a draw, 'and the three poWeV 'net
a day for an armistice. - suddenly ui -
ii 1 -. -".-'iv;;
ouin voroparuoD
"Thai la exactly bat teem rb
1iav happened to Etlrope ia tkt last
week of October. The Oernian . P.m -
percf elalmed tt was the hand of Ond
that confounded the Italian armies. 80
.-j . ...j .v.. 1 ...
Km. au unriincvni wmm uv mnaniri
that both friend and enemy tood
BmaxetT. fin oniy ror a moment.
A .........
Without delay the leading minds oa the
uermaa sine saw a new ruiuro opening
np. before them. Bussia out,- italy
harmless. France ean ; be 1 reduced
to aubmlnion, Engbund - will be . for'
ced to accept, the term we dictate
thnt , ran their thought. They may
have teea 1a Italy s eollnpsa the band
bf 'Providence taekrfnihg -them to com
plete, their (task., New hopet afldAnUu-.
tion ruiet tne Heart of the central
nations. Their armies attacked With
superior confidence. , The master tnind
in general V hesdqnarters prophesied
that the war would tot end in a draw
but ht a decided victory for the Teh
ten Allien. ; Mora than ba .the' first day
of trie war did the author of th fol
lowing word bold them to be true
9poken by German in tbe beginning
of the war, and cited in "Conquest and
Kultur," a publication of the committee-
pi-SHi; fnrtnation, Washington.)
cjuotta Other Publlcattdit
Al 'Germany 1 now -about to become,
mentally and morally, the first nation
In' the world. The German nation lead
in the domains of kultur, idenc,- in
telligence, morality, art aad reb'gion,
in the entire domain of the inner peo
ple. The wbrid snail baea - again 'be
kCaled by the Qermaa spirit; that ahall
be no empty, phrase - for us. All the
deep filing courage, patriotism, faith
fulness, moral parky,' Conscience, the
sense of duty, activity oa a moral basis.
Inward riches, intellect, Industry and
so forth no other nation possesses 'all
these tilings 1n such high perfection a
we do. And because it is e, beeaute
Germany is the leader in the entire
domain of Intellect, character and 01
-Kand in the rod tbe world jiaigement
depends on these because Germany ia
thus more and more becoming the cen
ter of the world, therefore; our neigh
bors look upon H askance and with
eavy. Thua thi war 1 a war of envy
and jealousy of Germany's leadership.
It is a fight Of hounds against a noble
quarry. ' ; ,
" 'Take heed that ye be. counted
among tha blessed, who show declining
England, corrupt Belgium, licentious
Trance, uncouth Bussia, the bneonouec
able youthful power and manhood, of
the German people la a manner, never
to be forgotten. ? Brethren, make fa
end of thi -steheratloa of'viner witb
German blow and German thrusts,'. "
i i
DEN VEIL December '17 tam Lang-
fofd knocked but' Kid Norfolk.; tbe
Panama heavy-weight, ia . the second
round of k scheduled , twCrity-round
botlng mktcb. here tonight. Both art
negroes. , :.'t; .'!;-; v ...',. ;-.- ;
- ' ' .:'-:,
fly tr. Slatina' Kea. Ilecelnlier to. '. '
KllOtl HAWAII Mr. H. al. ' ( butfer.
biH-k. Miss Jarrett." Mre. II. I". Ilerkley.
Ir. aul Mr. Fry. Mis Krjr. Mr. Thbnip!
kins, I'lmilea Houalii. A. K. Hale, Ur,
and, Mr. W., J. Xlai Koimlt and Intdat,
Mr. ami SI I'. A. i'iim. alixa Mltih
all. iti. C Walton, Mr. V. K. Kteera
ami two i hllilorli. - Lleilt , , H. C. Orsr.
I, T l.ltllirnw. Mr. W. AiiiiK". Mslef
AnnKt. Vlriir.. Tuu Ke, KaiiK if
Moon. I Klmut. Hnliwi. ' .. auhiwHa, 1.
W. Chiiiiilier, , It. M. Chamliera, O. W.
K1IImi.ii. Junes l.vlH-h. Mum Hpiy, K. Hill.
H. II. riiun-k. MIsm I.. Hoanicr, Mis' Mml
i1ui. I. H. Reoinr. Mr. hiiU Mm. 1. l.
Miulilni Mts l.'KHlWr. MIsn A. Kiiiikler,
Mr. ami lira. N. J. Urow-.ii. V. i. MmlUlns.
X. rt. I'arr, MKw K.. K, U, Mr. W. N .
( ruli k-liuuk,. Jjubu It.. Ncnl, K. II. Ilnn.l,
J. It KilosnU. W. A. Ivitl. II. Keltl
UimiiiiiiIii. .Mine M. lirauK. K. Nsknuiiir.
A. Nllvennau M1ks pruwer. Miss V. Austin,
Vim V. I'errjr. Mrs. Ruiill kiiwlmi.l, Mrs,
F'C-.I llri'nseu, Alls T. K. WOu. J. H.
llarKt. : U , Canuini. M. J. Audrude, I.
Friier, li. H. Iloke. 1 ,
KMH1 MAT"l-r4C. A. J lli'Wtt, C. !
I'uuue. K. k'atu. Miss I. u. Vis. 1iiiiuIiI,
I. U. Ma. Unialil,
t'r. tun air, sunwiitatsu. a..
Mr., VlllUu, MIki Maildew.u,
iVt. i Reliant. ' Sir, 'ami MVs.' M.
M.-lt, Jrlurt. M ' KuJIhSrM, K. Ml
nlH, K. KnUyasiil, V, llendt,
ua, L.. uluJUi'lUKT, x. lakagl.
bra Iter ia est r eyed by aa earthquake.! Manatl , and cnaptm '(On pbft 1 Haw. Tee. run,
Inatantly, Oreat Britain will ehange loading) 3e, 6000 baga'laUy. . HTrrl s.""'
her jdans; she will refuse to talk Other Nortsi.le Pbfta Eaet of Cal) liun'oaa '., l.id."!
pace; ahe'will send her fleet iato the barlea 5000 bags daily; 4le it ene jionoksa mi. .. .
Mediterranean, destroy the enemy and port and 43c if two ports loading. 1 ??5ilit cv
dictate the terms of peace. i ', Clenfuegos 45He, 00rb bags toad-' aianoa liiin. liulu tUi
figures Not Officially Announced
But Agreed Upon Are Received
V;-. r rrofn New York
Cuban sugar VfU pay freight rates!
v to New York Tanging front $7.78 to;
110.00 a ton. Thi a waa learned vester-
day through a letter from New York
which wat received hi a local 'freticr.
j The hew I bf special Interest to the
ttrgar fnduatry because of th bearing
' WJ" hv P i4
i ra
I raw fetignr'ia New York WtiiCh -govern
price, for 4Aatla tvqnir, w iHV,
1 'lit r,M,.M 1..1 MA .V..m - A! 1 1
n -- , I " . 7
oanced but it wa understood, the let -
tT "Id, that they 'bad beea agreed
Mtw.h, ... -
i - f,w.ww av v-m vwviaii;
"onncen dui ii waa nnaerstooii, tn lei- I
1 Wbe. the price btnf. 6 5.90 wt ,a
nounced from New TtrX. It w tm a
btsl of 4.60 f.o.b. Cuba, with thirty
cent added 'for frtsiirht.. Under the "re
ported agreement eh raee thi figure
is ign ami a nan cmil ion row inr
Mavasa shipment, Upon , which the
nrice fiainir had been Mixed. If Bileh
f . as " - t
Intter freight rate shall be fodnit to be
the on prevalUng tt would apparently
make a basic price of at least 5.08
cent a pound, aad ttllw 'not lib wing
iI nyJar.m;r' ut,kl b-
uvtbu uu..( ....... - I
. It wobld tin ; appear that oh the!
feaiirlit nlM snentinned Wi te aa Pa,
cine ioasi . inipmeaia 'go, xiawaiian
shipper have a little the et of Cuban,
Scbedul By Porta ' . 0- '. A
ri.fek .Mwtabl '.I.aA1 mm mmI a Xt.-
ISnlulil Is k enllriwa
l Narthstd OnHa (Otte tlhft lrtadtiKrl
j8e, at rate of COTJO bag daily. This
applies to Havana, Xattnta, CarVlenaa,.
ruaibarir and Bsjrua.
1 '"a . .
tluantaanmo aad Santiago (If oae
port loading) 48e, ,500 bags daily.
1 ; Janianlllo-Bl Vjt,. 0300 "bagt daily
port lokdlngl j ' ;; .-.j
WanaarilU and-otje" other port wet
of Mancaniltn li Aorte lo iliac fi.lls. . 1
, V . .
. Jncaro and bn tther -port aaat af
' Yl.AwW ft i9m IhAAaH K .
. - ""a . -,i
Frontage Tax Suit riot Shirt Out
; . '.,..:ey Thirty-day iiittit y,:-
Cireuft Juilge R. B. Kemp 'jrtsterday
handed down a decision in tbe ease of
I L, MeCanrUeea against fbe City and,
County of Honolulu,: filed after the
city hsd started proceeding to sell.
property for whlrih, . tbe frontage tea
The court held that rersdn raila
the Constitutionality -of the frontage
tax statute it entitled to have It deter
minait an itm merits BHrl that It Ihnnld
. . . . . m .. .i'..;a
not o inui uui iroin nueii cuu.mci.i iw
dt me inirrv-aay umn aracuio. . jne-
Cnndle declined to pay frontage tax
assessments for street improvement on
Beretanl Street. f : -!
When the city nmlertook to tell the
property to recover the assessment, Me
Candles enioined the' city froat tank
fng the sale. The' city the raited the
contention that the McCandiea peti
tion bad net been filed Within thirty
day after the perf dririanc of the 'act
set forth la the complaint.: 'Tha ruling
is given oa thi contention. '
B l ,i I'll) . f-tu i I i, , '. - ' i .,. 3l
NEW yohk HecCmiier :ri Illy
Clated PremH-rollowl ara tbe ommlat
ud doala aaotatlon Of stock
New Yort mariiet yestotaay I
Amerti-un Kutar Co.
Amertrau lloet ......
AnpiM-iateil Oil . .......
Alaska Uold .
Aiurlluan liclliutiv
Aiiieik-au Tel. at Tel..
Amerli-an rimClter; , .
Auvertisn Kteel K0rjl .
Anacouda CbmMtr '.,.,.
Ati-hlxou ItaUwaf ., ...
Iliililwln 'ek-aiii.t1y .
Baltliuure 4k Olilo . ..
.thleliem Bteel ."B'V ...
Callfiarnla l'etroleuu. ,
Ontrsl Leather . .....
Coilla. I'adile . ....
C. M. 4.-W. Paid .i.
Vlo. Kuel A lrm . .,
Cnu'lble Uteel . .......
Culia Bufar Ckn
Krl enuiiiioa .
UeHeCal Klwi-lrlc ..'.,,
Oeueral Motor liiw)
Oreat Nlirtliern irfil. .,
International Mi-kl .
KeiiiieCiitt COpber , . .
mniiHtnai annum .
International I'aner . .
Lettish Valley RHUruta
New York Central . ..
J'ennHTIvnula .
Hay CimmHlilated ,
UHnin common .
Kcimlillo Ina comi
HoiicUera I'acitk' .
rexns km .
I'nlted Btate Huldier
t'nlou I's.-lllc . ......
Culled Mtate Hteel .
Lctiiii .
ru-i... iin.
tHi-ehioVr "J I.V-..
Clatml l'ri- K4lowhiB 'r lb
hiB'ar lb
i. .
nil closlnc quotatldim of ntr I
aUM'k la tla Haa k'fandsco ad Ckvt
terla,yi - . ' . -"'
Oi'- a :' in
l!al ,1
llnw'n t'uiul Hiigar .
Hawaiian Xiiicar to. ,
Mnaokaa HnxSr
Huli-liiliHou ttUKr Cn
KMh ............
lOahu Kutrar C. . v.y, j
Iiahu Kiigar C"
v';;-'':,:,'' y. u
V' j).Ols -awtai'. j.- fSBTBtW
' W tat?
I niaa-H. I 111.. I
:::: ?M
.... V r:
.... ,XM . 01
.... i- a.-.ijl
:::: .iff.
:::: n
.... HIVt
.... m .tM
.... f- , i,
.... fo :.'
.... BUi IW
..... nJ. itS
vms iit
.... m
.... aW .mvi
:::: v.o2 a ? -::::
-m' r
.... 47 4i , ,
::: M f2
BliV t.11- 1 '
4l(l .-.-,
11-4 JJ- ' I
8'J ,1.1
. v ill ler. (ilea liutr a y, r
II, llsner, I (u"liiea Kimsr Co... ...,..( " ''
Ainll, UIhsI I'mhuIiiiii HuauB'to . ,t I. J.fl. ,J i
lyaliara. K..1 KnuelM CiyiiM-r ....'.. ( ,f .
It, Mumiiuv.' Jlmiiilirin tll - ...I... -Xti,
ilotiolulu i'lduUllull
I a;-.
v..',.' '. v. ; -.:
--f'i". r '.l1"""1"1". Pei-eiitiee nt.'tmt; . s , ''
it .::,.' -g . f- -.fr-iitX
1took. :;'-;.;-v";'. I f -
Itw llantstmn c. ....
natfce aitstar 1W. . ......
aw. Ar. in. . ... ...
Haw. i-om'l tt gimar ,
Jlaw. kna. To.
licmnaitk miusr . ....
itonnmn eyitsr le.
riHiesiMsn pile, r
vnlmka liant.
. j.i ...
imi irn .1 ..' i L
JS,h'2!ttM llft.
I r.usi.1 my,, !.'
vrnnnea nnsar i
1 i-ssnhmi snnr ,1. n. ...
I I'ala llanlathta o.
I Onoti
IViieeke Knrsr ,
I'tonevr Mill '. .
Pan l arttw M. To Ltrt.
Kslslit Ast. Vn. .......
Waliaka r V
fopnt VibK.V.
i ii tmm sweat np x Q.
1 1 '""X S?.
1 1!?!:! T. ? I. ' '
ff i s i s it r. nsr a v.. inn. I
Hawaii run. Rjr. bi. .J
I!;- I'd j
i! Z Iiiui riwiricii. ' ' ! II
' Ba
I lts. I'lireannle . .....
"ot: .s:.t,rinu'!.:.:
l-4 .. )
II. i. N. T, a L, . ...
Inter Island . C4. ..
1 "V- Ti V. -. .....Orvc
id R. a 1
faiiaiiK nnitfvar v.
10 1
Beiaina iitmiints i-d. ......
ieaek Valfc I. D. BV
Usinakha bltik 6:
naw,.roa. B. oqt ....
law. Irr. Co., ts,.
(a, tee. M, Bf. D0
Maw Ter. v Pnl, Imp.
.V.. .
xt 1
Mi Hryile ftu. Co., 6a
Mntna Tel. Ba . ......
104 -
Uhn H. I,.
Co.. 0 1.
Oaba u. Co, erf,
. .. .
Pacine Umbo A Co.. Bs1
t-ne.isos;. aim .T.. on
Baa Carlos la UL Co- 0
Jl. lH.et ,ilU '
Ale; llaidwla, Ltd '.L t iJ.JW- I
I ; 1 1 ' B ? "f " A '
' ' n - - f
m ' ' , I
IK, MM 1B( "V J J i
II- --. 40 , 1 .
-...O VA
lit. C. I'.'..
H Mil UIH..'
47 49 SO - I
at ..... i . .- '
to t , i -; , - .
loo 1 loo
.....mi r . .
run : t ''''
IN 1H a 1. .
to 3 O t
; BETWtTEtt BtfAROt '"
ni . IIO TU' llaw'a I'fliM ;
tiio. TX hoi HoBokaa oca. Muou tlouu.
ttW'a icr. 10, tn. BljOOr tia. tI' '
tot, too, loo, as, 5.oo. , ,r . .
. ' . . BUQAK QyOTATlOPIB ' . t ,:
- rWenllMW 14, IMT. '.
R. natyl beett (a atvlcea). .
iHty- , , V - '''
.tt". Cent. tPisr f1w. anar ...... ttt
1 Notn'r:
"Tto srseloo lot the Kn-hs-nire. Jmraarv 1.
' 'kCBBBll QOtAtlOttt ;
elnnnor j. ,.........;,... 4 .''
Me Terk . ....................... t4 W ,
.- tWemlier i -l(llf. . i
ItaWtt V ;iw...k........ ......"It.orf
Kohia . -.x... ...... ........ 1 "
! . 4. ....... ...fa ... a . .W. . .'.. r. 1.00 ''
tunetr . .40
Iteccnilber 3. tMt. -...?. ' , ' -'
It. C. . Co. .:.:. ..,.,..,......... i'S
Ihrlioina . ..............v... ......... .4
llutehlnwa ,, ,. ........i. ...... ;m
Paatiiiau .
Oecomaar to. 1017, ,' . (
. . . . . .... . . . ............... ,'M
Deceiaber 10. 1011. , ,r
.1 4 .1 Ha
I Ygju.i
ltswallan knnar :...... ..10
Otilni , .'Jt
INrjleelleo. H0 talrkl ,i.u. l.isi
Vnn Crio .,i. .10
"'alalia ........... i. ..,..,,. . i'3i
imiiia ...... ...... .,....,
H.1L, o. 60c eitra) ....
U. M, t I. Co. (00c eitra)
tleCeniuer 10. 1MT.
A. a B y.-.....
II. A. CO.. ,' ......i.
Hit! Kloetrtr . .
lh4MI Bulibw ... . .
...,.. a , a.a . . . .
...... .a . .a Mil
,..n l.on
Tanjont Olak . .,:..v..., '......,
Mi'llrid Com
irerewoer xi. iuii.
tk Aft, .'
. , Hecember ai, n,
Kulmku . .............
, t .10
,,..,., .!.
......... '3.ISI
w'n 11 ne 71! eitra)
N. Co.
C. Brewer a ct.
uolulu Uu tTiOa extra).... i.isi
B. 4k U. Sk . Uo
linuri a IUIM
Kckalia ,i a.s
KOll . ... ..............'......a... 1.ISI
I'Rla . .k. ...... .......... l.l I
rioUeer , . . . J .O
:- a .. - .. .
Dnotttloa !a th timirUt Wew Trk
lw-a, Bf Wlralesae to TU Adver
by t4M'4 Jtrat
Hatur- Ml.a
nie I-edir
Kiuiua ' -HarsniV..
Iroia W '
Jermnv .
Jim Ui." ,
Marst ,
Mil, r . -
itr !! i
Kb 1' 1,' .-:n
: '.una
I .'-'I ".
n.'.T. ' .
i.T "
. 'yi r,i i
1 r i i
t :iiV4 la-",
i J.isiV
, r ; . .VJ .IjlVi
.......a'......, n.ini 5.ini
........1...... 4tWi.' 4.T.1
, ' VH li-tS V.4.T . ..
CUIUIUOB ,...( . lit ,t...N
o-. ... '- ; ,.
liyaululu. Iiecrmlier .11. 1817
5 '
' ' Oil
Ion. Cou. till' ....
U1MMQ ': .
8.00 -
; FnKeU 'iipMr . . ..
4. 4.1
4.45 '
. .Ill '
.'in ij I'Kuliii-t ,
M"fc.;B Kliiitlimu
luiU-. Miuiuic -. ,
. Mlnernlv.
.! I'.iaKi-N.' 57.1. ' 4 111;
liiiiliHti. ti. : at ... ...
I'okvl. tt.u.1 4 4.".:
kuiii, l'.'uo, sH Madvta, ifcW, XUi
.m .
r f
t, , , 1

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