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a.wa'v' -'.:-.-. a :-A - .'' -rvv' ... .y.
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t. N. WEATIlF.lt BL'RKAtt,
Jtl. .1, 11S Last twenty-,
four hour' rainfall, '.00
Teitiju-rstnret, Mii 67; ma.,
7H. Weather, it. cloudy. : ... I
V "I i i 1 r I"'- A II I H Av'v'T I lrl f(r 'T'' I " 1 I 3 I HOwtrtfWUs . T. ir IV r ' 1
I J I ( J I 1 I I I J V V -J , I V ' ) t ' I VH I V Ma njtaa .mm....ow 120.10
t il. fcO. 2
: ? i- -i"
m W . l-:f
A ;' .''.
II .! or
kl.. ji 111
Results of Negotiations and Out
. spoken Disapproval ;1n Petro
f . grad May Bring About Better
'Understanding With-Anies
. 'Other Circles Put Little Hope In
, Breach . In Neaotiations and
A v Believe They Will Ba Resumed
r On Date Sejfor Meeting y-.
LONDON, January" iAo
r ciatcd PrcM)f ' Recognition
..to the Lcnine government in Rus
.' sia ty Great Britain and the other
'.'Western nations.may .be tior .
'sult of the most recent de iop
imriitM in the Ruso-German peace
; negotiations is the assertion pub
; :Hshe4 by the! Daily Chronicle thu
rrnbrning. ' It apparently puts full
i' 'Jait'h 'in the disappointment and
' Resentment reported to have been
i 'generally manifested uv Petro-
'ad. :; ; , v- : '
.A statement of the policy of the
Entente of an extremely demo
cratic character may soon be sent
to - Petr'ograd,. the ' Chronicle
points . ou tVr v(vA I
by" the Bolsbevikt as.'aiubas.sado)-
io me couri wwuuu, ti 8V"
and may jrecetve the recognitioi
y that has previously; been vainly
. v'.iougiiL Ambassador Buchannan
,!s now homeward bound and will
perhaps be replaced by some.dip
lomat who will be found more in
sympathy.' and to better under-,
stand the Russian revolutionary
' ideasj .
;vj'.. .-V, ""OTHERS DOUBT. '
i in other circles no feeling of
optimism has been reported from
Petrograd fcl'lne Unfavorable re
ception there of the peace" terms
offered by . the Central Power
V., upon the return of the delegates
; (romthe Brest-Litovsk confer
' ence. The news had been already
.J discounted and" was fully expect
' ' d,U claimed, t had not been
y.ijy .'i'i-'beHeved at any ''time that any
( -'.: itermsWhich would be offered to
the oisheviki would meet with
general satisfacti4n from a polt
'ticat faction that is divided and
unsettled As to home policies. The
It. "ii ;'; y 'v1 opinion prevails and was freely
f i k '' nud 1at ' nipht that when
: the . appointed ; time comes the
conference will be resumed.
' General and outspoken dissat
isfaction with the. peace proposals
offered by Germany and its allies
was expressed Jn the despatches
.. 1cfiCej1Yc4.rpm Petrogrsd , yester
day. Trotsky ' was reported to
have been bittefln his denounce-
ment of thent and the press to be
unanimous , in r condemntion of
Germany which had, they said,
thrown off the mask of sympathy
r and evidently has no desirfor a
- rDemocritic Fea(' such as the
.ojsheviki proppM. ,.
Bfor tk ntrI kommitte of tbi
Morkmet' sad BoldieVi eoumsil Trot
iky U rport4 to have referred to the
.terms offered fcjrpoerltioAl peaea
proposaU". The codoeil,. ta foreign
r wlniater and other fiolihevikl leaden
were reported ai to' be rn open oppoai
tlon to the propoaali. .It was aaid that
even the extreme radlonle were aroui
v ed and. ould aot advoeate the pay
7 , ing of tuoh. a prioe for peace.
' The halt In the vegotlattona, iodiea
tloae that Germany wotid flatly refuae
,.' l'etrogred'e offere and a euggestion that
. ' the eonference.be retnmed In Stock
holm led to eome talk if an setlve re
;'.iewal of the war by Kul but with
(Continue 90 Fag a, Coluua
si . 1 " 'i '' 9
v -r
.' JLONDON, Jannarr 4 AmoelftteU Preaa) riatchee from Berlin, by way
ef Ameterdam, report the eeiioue innem of Imperial Chancellor you Herttiug, the
Uavarian who eoeoeeded to hie high ofllenly a, few monthe ace.
itta ii.timaM.t (n th ilwit li that th rtorti of h vhejleeJlor 'a illueee
!retwrnut on th( sr round of hiehynivl
lleaeing the reit luitag Uu
eome time M a, mietake.
It ia etated that hie
tne-Haicr deairee a reappoint.. ,. f ..
Say Nqnbjfiaf
that the aviator of, the AuiUro German force are eoutinuing their bombarding
raid againet opea town, the bomb killing many noncombatante but securing no
military advantage te the'raidere,' who avoid a mnch a pomiMc any contact
with the. airmen of the Allien and who ter (War of any military ntatiou where
there are anti aireraft defease, i-V " V 'i S "
yeeterday the Hun flyer nought out the henpltal baee at ('nHtelfranc-o and
Veneto, two town close together, about' twenty miles northwent of Venice. Here
two boapitals, flying the Bed Oro, wereS mal the target of the bombs, both
hospital being hit. A number of nureaVand 'attendant were wouuded and
eighteen patient were, killed in their bids., .
There Wa no infantry fighting of qnequnue ba any front yesterday, but
heavy artillery duel were fought in France, Belgium and Northern Italy, the
fleroeet cannonading taking place aloag the Aitfne front.
Decline Plan To Let
Alone Vote On Suffrage
WASHINGTON, Jnury 4 (Asso
ciated JPrese) Suffrage leader gath
ered here to wind up their campaign
for the enactment of a constitutional
ameudment providing for national suf
frage for women, the vote en which
will be take in the hou oa Thurs
day, ere opposing vigorously the ug-
rstion of Consressmaa Clara or rior-
that the whole question or aatiouai
suffrage for women be uif to a voie 01
the women of the nation at a special
- l . . .
r,Te.tiffTaiM etatA that thii
out tielar ' 'deeUlorl which
can be
reached through- a constitutional
amendment and that no constitutional
action could be legally baaed upon the
result of such a plebiscite. '
NEW YOBK January i--(AHot iat-
ed Pre) The seventh Hungarian war
loan haa been closed, the result teing a
complete disappointment to the govern
ment at Budapest. , x issue w ior
eight billion kronen, about, one billion
six hundred million dollar..- Towards
thi the total subscription were less
thau three billion kronen, or about
1600,000,000. ' ,.
',- v
WASHINGTON, January 9 (Asso
ciated Pres)3t 1 reported here that
hOOO employee of the big Edlsoa plant
at East Orange, New Jersey, are idle
a the result of the-coal shortage, but
there ' will' be'
Monday,. .
ujrjily. probably br
fH""tuiu.' tl4 he n iaticHuuJeU " ut
JorUy tiailiieetoutlon'iivoaice ha been, regarded fo
place la yanted by. tlie Kaiitcr for von Hut-low, whom
..-,;! ;
4 tAeeociated rceteitaUhe from Italy etate
' '.
. ..'ii.i.-V. .
Attorney For I. W. W. Defendants
' Withdraws Not Guilty Pleas
CHICAGO, January 4 (Associated
Press)- Pleas of nof guilty, previoui
ly entered; for 106 alleged member of
the Industrial Worker of the World
charged with variou activities which
wete., Intended to hamper the ' United
HUte lu It conduct of the war were
withdrawn ' yeeterday by George Van
derveer.'.'' '
Aipcrlng before Judge LAndia ye-
' withdraw the previous plea and to
I adont new nracedure for the defense.
i i . . . .
I Permission having been granted and
the ; withdrawal catered vaoderveer
made eerie of motion. Ia aixty-aev
ea. ease be demanded bills of parti
rular,'ia eighty-three he filed demur
er and in twenty-four instances he en
tered plena of abatement. In a number
of Instance more than one motion wa
made for one individual defendant.
It aeem to be the intention of the
defense to fight the case upon techni
' . . .... ..I -
WASHXNOTOir, January i (As
sociated Pr) The house yeeter
day paaeed on third reading the bin
taking la the Philippine National
Ouard and the Philippine Be out a
part of the army of the United
States and mustering 87,000 enlist
ed rmplrioi , into the national
: , . i
r i El "J P0RTF0UO
Result of Invest
gations of Lack
of Proper. Equ
pment and Arm
ing of Soldiers Suggests New
' Position; ' ) If,;
InvestlaatorsOeclare They Are
Readv To LhunchVrtd Push
Forward Whatever Legislation
h Required By Program."'
WASHXNOTOWj January , 4-(Aeao-ciated
Preee) Creation f S ew eab
lnet position may rwutt from he ro
veetlgation that IS ela d. by the
aenru coimnittee on military affairs
ef Uic condition evrretmAlng the fail
are to hare an ample "apply ef clothing
In readineM for the United State edl
dicra. Members of the eommlttee said
last night that) )hey were prepared te
Uaneh ant urge, the legislation necea
u tA eraata a ' ecretry of muni.
tlon." The u of nek eablnet
official, they said, would gtve kin com
plete charge of sB was materiel and
the purcnaautc ei inenv- . . , v: . p ?
Mnnator Chmmbrtlaifl ia the ahaJrman
of the . eommitteet on. military affair
whirh l eonduetieg the inreetijiailon
of the affaira of tli miltary of the H
Uon at home d4n France. Thi U
veetigatioa ia covering the queetloa of
arme, munition abd equipment wbieh
of eouree included' uniform! and -other
clothing. .XvV-i '.. '
Complainta Com faat
1 Boon after, tb Opening of .tbe pree-
nxtt M-KMuit !oaercu ,. Ovrnor
.aj.tr thamhorlwuewnd Muair that f
iI Guerd troop at)
.4 'tKji.
thn ' Oregofi National
Mineola. Lone Island,, a! part
Rainbow Division, were Jiving In- tente
without floor end ,n a reult there
wak considerable Ulnea Including eemS
pneumonia among tnem." ,"- ':
aaid that . from -all. ovef ' theuntty
where cantonments were located there
had comet complaint ef lnsomcient
clothing and equipment. - Not one can
tonment, he affirmed ws adequately
supplied and equipped.-tie. wea ioiu
the men were wearing Jilfht summer
under-elothlntf 'and Utere was even a
shortage ef blaaktfta... . .
TjBTatsgatioa Ordered
Following the .aasertio th sen
ste eqmmittee on .military affair or
dered n sweeping 7 and- - non-partisan
tock taking of war affair aad the war
department' activities; ;.Thia waa done
motion of rtcnsior seea or jan-suun
who said I "I regret the epirit of
congreee which haa been foe many
months to ahift all responsibility upon
the President and to heap all burdens
upon him. It us wash onr hand or
the responsibility and say thai during
the ; war the government consist of
th President and hi adviser.
Hneh is not the eae. We cannot
escape these responsibilities.". .
Congress Crittciaed." f. 1 ' :
Crosier oaa Diamea eoagress ior
slowness in appropriating the money
needed for arme and munitions. Others
have placed similar 'responalbllit.es on
congress. It is claimed that depart
ment heads were forced to crowd Ave
wears activities into few month.
The investigation he developed in
th eommlttee feeling of thi respon
sibility and a recognition ef tne
tremendous reiponsiDiuiie tna n"'
rested upon a few men and wakened
members of Mis committee 1 io the
necessity of dividing ; neh , responsi
bilities and if necessary to create new
positions and new portfolios to Co so.
To create urh new cabinet posi
tion will, it is claimed, be. taking a les
sen from the other allies ia what fhey
have learned rrom tneir longer
perieuee in the warfare.
V" "
Danger of Shortage of Grain For
Planting To Produce Nor
mal Crop Is Shown
WASHINGTON, January 4 -(Assoei
ated Press)- Prompt action to protect
the seed (apply of th country I es
sentlal if there in to be a normal pro
durtion of food and feed eropti during
I!) IS eoosres was told yesterday by
KoDrescntative Houston. He asserted
that the tendenry 1 to utllU all of
4 he food and freds without regard to
the preservation of a sufllrieat supply
of potstoe and grains for pUntiug
when the planting season come
Representative Houston seeks so ap
nrouriation in the urgent deficiency bill
for the purchase of seeds aad their
sab to the farmer of tb country at
eoati . .. ' 1
, 1 W-rr
British Must Bear Strain
Until Sons of
Pick Up the
.: :
Sir Erio Geddes Tells British
Workmen That Russian Crisis
Throws Heavier, Burden Upon
Army Which Must Be Reinforc
edCompulsory Rationing Is
Another Change Imminent
JX)NIX)N, January 4 (Aeeoelatel
Pnss) Until the American. Army is
oa the fighting line - in force, Uh-cat
Rri'ain will have to make further "se
rif ires nd go iii to ber mnnitlon w,.ts
and roal mine for mora men to fill the
rduks at the front, according to a tte-
Ueddvs to the dolegntiun representing !
at number of trade unit na. , I
I he Kussinu crisis and the armistice
that has resulted iu Germany end Aus
tria being free to pour a million and a
half new troops nd a great uamber ef
guns into h. r western . position in
t'runce and Belgium, have, eomp'etely
altered the ositiiu formerly aasnmed
by the British government in respect
to munition worker, miner aad other
engaged In what haa heretofore been
listed as essential war work at home.
Promises which the government ha
mcde to men engaged ia these Indus
trie have now to be recalled.
Ontil Balances Restored .
- Vntil the balance on . th Western
front has been again equalised by the
arrival ef the maia American force,
British workmen will have ie Join the
fighting nnite aad help hold the line.
America, Mid Blr Eric, 1 performing
nirraelee in prepcrin2 he armle for
L active, service,' bnt there had not yet
tee time for tsf wmenenn ' strentn
.tef l
Wlllt'lililll. I u-
"I W been, Great BriUie. must bear
the fnrttef (train: .':- .i1
of the war nfflee te one ef the first rs
milt of. the eaetern debacle e' bf ' anV '
noaneed. '. Another -change ..-of fa,r
reaching consequesee was announced
in the house of 4mmoa. .by Lord
Rhondda, the food adrmnistratot, ,
All to Jam Alike ; ' v
In . speech he warned the , nation
that eonipulwry rationing Would be ef
fcetive soon, although he mitigated
hi announcement ' by ; atating . that it
Great Britain Has Gone As Far
As Possible Without Pop-
. ular Mandate 1
IXJNUON, January 4 (Aasoeited
Press) There will be no iurther re
strietione pnt upon the liquor traffic of
Great Britain until some ' mandate
comes from the people themselves, ys
Premier Lloyd Georie, in a reply to a
communication urging that the govern
ment atill further restrict the traffic in
Th government ha gone to the fur
thest length it I able to go says the
Premier. It nee restricted tne tram
to the utmost of it power and ha ef
fected .reduction in the manufacture
and consumption of intoxicants to an
extent that would be declared unbe
lievable if suggested before the war.
Any further action that 1 to be tak
en will be UWea only after the comnet
of th people haa beea obtained, he
tated.- -
MARFA, Tex,' January 4 (Asso
ciated Press) for the second time in
ten day Mexican bandit have crossed
the line and raided the Orite Ranch.
Thia ia the aame ranch which wa
raided on Christmas Day and was fol
lowed by a dash across the line by
United States force and Texas ran
gers, who killed a large numoer oi me
band. .
Retribution on this second force cf
bandit will.be sought.
1 1 .
tiiated P rasa) I th New Tear' mes
sage of greeting sent by the Serbian
minister of foreign affairs to Secretary
of State Lansin-. the opinion is ex
pressed confidently that complete vic
tory for the Allies is now assured, with
the United Btatce taking up the cauito
Of th right.
Uncle Sam
tish minister of munitions,
who announces munition work
ers may be called to colors.
wa. not te be taken from hi word
that th food sit notion wa nlamtibg.
Th eompuleory rwtinning Was a step
taken ia ndvaac of the time when, it
would be abaolotely aeceseary, sad a i
preeautleuMry jneaatir. fer BrTlsg
the fod- supply aad te Insure-an ejult-al.U?Ufti''ti"thr!e'i'l'H:!V--l-Lord
KhondOu stute.U that beM
ready; with plus to eommaodeef all tie
enttle in the country If neeeneary. He
stated -also that he war in favor of a
ystorn of subsidised commuaal kitch
en, where the food ; of communities
feeuld be prepared economically and by
means, of which there eould be a guar
antee, that all' were being equally
served.).-. , ; ' ' '
It wa ' announced yesterday that
hereafter every Tuesday - must be ob
served throughout London as a "meat
lew dar " aad that in the trovincee
I each Wednesday must be meatless.
Travel Must Give Way To
FreightAgreement With La
bor Is Reached By McAdoo
WASHINGTON, January 4 (Asso
ciated, Press) To i relieve the railroad
congestion nnd expedite the movement
of fuel. and s-overnment supplies and
needed provisions, huadred of passen
ger train are to be withdrawn by the
direction Of the director of rsllToad.
The plan to take Off sleeping ears and
to thne enforce day travel, however, is
meeting with much opposition.-
After a throe hour' conference yes
terdny with hends of the four railway
brothorhood, Director General McAdoo
of the federalised railway said that a
definite agreement ns to all relations
between railroad labor and the gov
ernment management will be announced
oon, mere will oe n genemi reau
justment of passenger schedule.
WAtfHINOTON, January 4 (Asso
ciated Press) More detailed state
ments of what had been accomplished
by the Inter-Allied Conference at Paris
were issued yesterday from the depart
ment of state. Commenting on the
work Secretary loosing said:
"The resultsof the Paris conference
are gratifying to this government.
They indicate that the conferees were
iuspired by the desire to secure mu
tually helpful agreements that will
ereatlv Inorease the effeetiveneHs of
the efforts agaiust Germany and Austria-Hungary.
The statements review the results of
the thirty day conference and it ac
complishments but give few details that
had not been previously published by
the press- of the country.
. --- 1
sociated Press) The senteuce of Wil
helm von Brincken, former attache of
the consulate here and involved in the
Hindu conspiracy rase, ha beea post
poned until January 12,
Million Physically;;;
Fit For Service ;
Boys Register: vVhcn
, They Ctome ol Age
11 liill rases
I ManasawJ
(Associate! , Press)
The extreme importance attached
to the work , of the registration
boards in the classification of. the
men registered as . eligible for
further drafting into' the army
was made plain in s statement to
congress, made yesterday by Pro
vost Marshal Crowdef, in. charge
of the. draft, work,. statement
made for the purnosc pf; report
ing upon the progress of the draft
land of the plans now held by the
administration.;- ,v.'r.';'. ' , '
In thia report. General Crowder
expresses for the first time a a
definite promise the aim of tVo
C-rvrernment Tint t t'' ' r " '
Juty om) i.i.m oi tin ci
other, than '-'those-', to. be. listed as
Class t, in thi new Questionnaire.
The. provost marshal estimates
that this class will furnish at least
one million more men physically
fit for active). service, from anions
whom will ; be drawn the next
draft to.entef the training camps
and which will provide also the
third draft, if that be necessary.
The , report recommends legis
lation that wilt add to this class
automatically all those who have
reached the age of majority since
June 5 last and that those who
reach the age of twenty-one here
after1, during the period of the
war, bVadded to the class as they
become available." -i
Class 1 is intended to list those
who may be best spared, from the
general business"', of th'e nation.
According to the Questionnaire it
will include the following: ,
Single men without dependent
relatives. J, V.,V. -
Married men, with pr without
children, or father pf motherless
children,. who has habituajly fail
ed to support his family.
Married men dependent on w;ife
for support. . ;",,,,;, '
Married men, with or without
children, or father pf motherless
children i men not usually engar-
ed.' ':family'6Upporter'by,,Iacoii,ie ,
independent of his labors
Unskilled farm laborers, j .
Unskilled industrial laborers.
Registrants by-jpr in respect of
whom no deferred classification
is claimsd ' prmade. ' ' :
Registrants who fail to submit
Questionnaire and In respect of
whom no dc(ef,r'ed.clasiificaUon)
is claimed or made. .. : ; f .
All registrants not included in
any other division pf; the Ques
tionnaire schedule, ,.V
OENOA, January 4 ( Associated!
Press) A eriou enrthquake is report
ed to bare yesterday shaken Ober-Am-morgan,
the city, made fumous by th
annual rendition of the Passion play.
Th upper valley oi the Leon Itiver is
also eport4 te ,ave uffvred everely.

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