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Friday' January 4 wis. -semi'-weekly..
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Clear Right -Bant of River, Wip
Ing Out Austrian Force! En
. trenched In the Zcnson Loop
' and Capturing Prisoner ' .
British Red. Cross Men Search
Snow For Wounded Abandon
ed By Germans Before Fierce
Fire .:'' :T ''.?;' "V" -
VTEW YORK, January 2
' r " (Associated Press)- Ex-
V cept for the extreme north, where
the opposing lines in Italy Dend
; to the west towards the Asiago
Vl' teauthe Italians have driven
thei invaders across the Piave
River and have cleared the right
? bank of the enemy, thus com-
pjetely reestablishing the origi-
' n-il;Jine of defense taken up by
i. ueneral Ladorna .when he . was
''.'; forced to retire from the Carsb
and the Trentino before the Aus-
tro-German offensive.
I '1' Yesterday .'the "'Italians drove
;., ;i against the Austrians where they
' ,'. had established themselves on the
" ; , , Venetian side, of the Piave in the ,
v; Zenson loop, destroying the Aus
i .."trian. defenses -and capturing a
r -; number of the foe whose retreat
-was' cut bff when "the forces of
V '. General Diaz seized the Zenson
A . ; bridgehead. A number of ma:
I: chine . guns .. were .'taken, . with
ncortar.in4 tfPplieK,;J
-r There was! practically ntflnfa
': ' J'trir fighting pn : the' northern' sec
. tors of the Italian line yesterday,
( ' the :; French consolidating their
. ". ' gains of t.h Iday before and the
'J Austrb-Gerntaris refraining from
''any efforts. ,to .recapture their
j -K positions. There was heavy ar
' A 'X tillery fighting . throughout the
',;, -'day, however (" particularly in the
'."..'neighborhood -Of Monte Torhba,
' ; on thevAsiago Plateau.
. The German -offensive against
" General 'Byng'a; positions on . the
Cambrat front has been brought
to a stop, with heavy German
losses, according to the London
official despatches. The fighting
of Sunday ' '. and Monday was
severe, with tlje German's attack
ing in great force., "but beyond the
initial success scored on a stria!!
front h men . of Trince Hup
precht were unable to reach the
British front lines, although they
died by- thousands in the effort
and when finally repulsed with-
drew without their wounded. Bri
tish Red Cross men, have brought
in hundreds of German wounded
from the snow, where they had
fallen. ;
Prince Rupprecht, in his des
patches to Berlin, states that the
Bavarians seized and held a por
tion of the British trenches near
Marcoinir. takine seventy men
and a . few officer! prisoners.
The British forces in Palestine
are continuing their drive toward
Jerico and are already in posses
sion of several miles of the rail
road running north from Jerusa
lem. In-the latest fighting they
captured seven hundred and fifty
'Turks and left a. thousand dead
upon he battlefield.
'. ......
There if no w of our "beatin
around the bush." W might as well
out with it first as last. We want you
to try Cbamberlala ' Cough Remedy
the next time you have a cough or cold.
There is no reason so far a w ean see
why yu should not do so. This pre
paration by ills remarkable eurea naa
gained a world-wide reputation, and
people everywhere apeak Of it ia th
highest terms of praise.- It ia for sal
by all dealers, penson, ftailth ft Co.,
Ltd.. aeents fur Hawaii. Advertise-
aaenL -' . ',: ; r, ' '';.
- PARIS, . Jnurr J (Altd
rre) rremlr CltnnMi, iv Nt
Tear iMiAg to tb ptople of "TrM,
pub!Uhd ytriiy la th Petit Jour
nal, deelarea that ,tka rtMd to victory
ia bow atralght ahead and that ta goal
wiU.b reached after a few wore
tronf efforta. ';-...'.
"Why do I hare eonfldenee that wa
will attain .thlt victory t'V ha aaka.
MBeoaone I know obr poilut-aad l
know , the aplrlt that animate tharn.
BeanM I kaow the ehlefa leading our
ateadfaat Allien, . Beeauaa I the
Ameriraai at work.- '
"I know that victory will be oura
berne today, our eaemlea ar puttnr
all their hope for pee npoa the work
of the Mmimalirt.
"We, need bat a few aora'atrng
effort.- The road to victory ia atraight
ana already I tight the goal."
BJUMr uneen Army
Amterdam deapatehe aHv the teTit
Preparing To 'RaidjRussian Food
' Supplies To Reeve) Situation In
teuton CountrjesHiingry Calmed
ZURICH, Switzerland, January '-t
(Aaoelated Prem) Already Germany,
Aoatrla, Turkey and Bulgaria aro ; pre
pariag to raid th food . auppliefe of
Ruml in order to ma,k up for the
alarming ararrity ia food' tuff
tkroDghout . their own .ountrlea, 1 due
to the atrlct blockade maiatalned by
th Britiih and the reatrietiona plaod
upon oxporta to Northern - European
neutral by the government of tk
United State.
Ruwia ia to be treated a the eraf
ary cf. the Ceirtral Power, anoording
to the tenor of the report ia the Ger
man preaa. and the hop ia being held
out that the aigning of tbe peae treaty '
with Ruwia will mean - th i end '.f
bort ration for the Germana and their
allien.'-' .'V. !' ' - - i;
End of Bb.ort RaUon - ..$
Reading between the line of th
Berlia and Vienna despatches t aeetta
evident that the, greatest deeir far
peace with Rnssia spring from tbe
bop that Russian supplies will nulli
fy .the British strangle hold withers
navy and the atrict America a embargo.1
la Berlin already there naa Deea or-
ganls4 an importing syndicate, tn
Major General Marin Loses His
- Rainbow -Division and Is Retired
VASHIlTaTOW.rianuaPr flaa-
eUted Pres Th0 - war deohrtment
yeterday offleially ' anaoaneed the
retirement rroaa netive'servie or. Major
General Wllliaai A. liana, who waa ii
eommaad' of th Forty-second tHvisioa
la Franc, this being th JtautDow
Division"', Including militia unit from
each oae of twenty-v States.
Tbe official anaouaeement r at re
tirement atatea that h ha bee drop,
ped because of physical disability.
WASHINGTON, i December 19 Cal
ifornia "National Guard officers -will
rrobably not get - to France at all.
f they do, . they will , be unusual,
ly fortunate or effleeat, as it is
ktated oa unquestioned authority
that aiaty percent of tbe company and
News Is Unconfirmed, However;
General Was Arrayed In
Opposition To Bolshevik!
LONDON, .January 8 (Associate.!,
Prs)--An Exchange Telegraph de
spatch from Petrograd saya that an
unconfirmed report there say that
Geaeral Kornlloff Is dead. No particp
lars are- given. ,
The last heard of General Komiloff
was that he had combined forces with
General Kaledin, uow hetmaa of the
Doa Cossacks,-to oppoth Bolshs
viki, Kernlloff won notable victories
against tke Teutons before the Russian
collapse.- Following' that he rebelled
against Premier Kerensky and kcaded
' revolution which, however, waa
quickly crushed by Kerensky, and Kor
Bitoff surrendered.
. Following the fall of Kerensky, Kor
nlloff refused to support the Bolshevik!
government, and withdrew with a con
siderable force to the i.Don Coaxack
country, where he jolaed Kaledin and
declared his intention of fighting the
NEW YORK, January 2 (Asnociut
ed Press) Stung into a rage by the
refusal of a number of coal dealers
to mI1 to them ia small quantities
while drays loaded with coal were pass
ing out , of their yards, crowds here
yesterday stoned a number of the coal
companies' offices, smashing the win
dows and breaking ia tbe door. The
nolle reserves wer sailed out a num-,
ber of -time ; -quell, the eoal riots.
Th ittaathr aa roatlauiBg as
the suffering la v many district ia in-
T. tns. A -u,.i :'-'t
KflNflll (IFF Mil
m mm ...
I Liiiuuiinu IlLI Ulll l
i i-
n(.tka ow'.yoat 'a manaaga to the qr
man Mny by thj .Kalie,ipuhllihed la
the ,Cir4a'anny order.' He aayat.
j A year f keavy 'and important
battle kai .cloeeU. The algantlo bat
tie t h'ftirlii and fall Ti
tle of tbclprlng and fall ia Belci
and TVanee, WTa oea decided in fa
a Belgian)
of your gloriou arm. ' On the eat
th offensive- aplrit of the armiee and
their . powerful blowa ' have bronght
great aneeoaa. -. W -now rent there.
Tba brilliant vlctoriee of a few day
destroyed th Italian offenilv and the
prparatiri-f4 jreara. The nbmarine
are , tiMwMvla'gJa, their difficult and
ffeetlvwor7iWrhiin anrr etry
where .on land and aea do grat deed.
Onr enemie at ill hope with the amiit
ae'Af new allie to defeat you aad
deatroy forever the world ponltion won
by Germany 'a hard endeavor. They
J wilt .not Kuorfed. Forward with Qod to
freh- deeda of vie tory
: : i "
which the -government hold! half the
hare and th control, tbe object
being i to rush Rumiaa iipilie into
Oermaay. '
Similar ayndlraten, barked bv their
rexpeetive government, are being
former! la Vienna, eoria and Coniitan
tinople. '.
Oatkar Tor th Taut
v"-J'ftrograd deepatchee tate thnt 0r
man' delegate' are alreadv in I'etro
grad, ready . to take up the mntter of
J trado arrangement today, while Bui-
artao ami TuraiNh delegate are on
their weyt th Russian capital, csch
With insistent demands for a speedy re
sumption iflf trade. These Bulgarian
and Turkish delegate are expected to
reach ret rograd today, to join with
th Oermins already on hand.
Tbe' visiting Germans, state the cor
respondent at Petrograd, are making
themselves very, much at home and are
circulating freely among government
officials and the delegates gstheringfor
the constituent assembly. They are
urging-their views upon these delo
gatea. a' to, the proper form of govern
ment to.'b adopted for Russia to take
the piac of the provisional govern
luent now fa power at the capital.
' 'fif M. .yi j'.v- j'-ii'
algit t officere- 'will 1 bS relegated to
private Hfe; v
G serai kCaan, commander of the
Rainbow Division, has been eliminated.
The military authorities saved his face
by stating that b was returaing homo
und orders, with special eoafidential
mesaages -fo the war department, bat
h'ia eliminated, none the lees.
Other ' high, officers of the Peansyl
vaaia guard and other Eastern States
ar being told to resign. The bints are
pointed, and if they are not heeded
the atvnj marked for elimination will
be'rclUvcd from their command and
allowed to get back into private life.
ThU i not persecution, but a result
of the most highly specialized warfare
the i world-has ever known. The guard
officers, with, rare exceptions, the war
department finds, make food, disciplin
arian, but they do not fit into the new
Corners Would Have
ized Labor
Knotf Issues of War
n Nevv Year's Greeting Calls
' Upon Representatives and Or
ganizers To Make Plain What
. Amerida Is Fighting For
0TON, January 2 (Asso
ciated1.. PTeaij 8amuel Gompers, preti
dent . Of '(b American Federation of
Labor,' ta, extending New Tear's greet
ings yesterday to organised labor,
called upo representatives and organ
ixenr throughout tbe country to make
lt their business to see to it that the
issues involved ia the great war upon
which the,. United States has issued
are mad plain to their fellows.
I hil Matement the labor leader
strongly emphasised the importance of
try i ia .Anbtlng to establish them in
international relations.
Gompers - hss ever since the entry
of America into th war urged organ
ized , labor; to lay aside all other con
hearted ly to the winning of the con
(let. -.lUs iNew.iypsf's greetiag to the
mooring me w .tne eouairy is aiuivn
evidence of; his lietermiaation to lead
organised labor along the paths of pa
triuttom- and unselfish loyalty.
i "i--i
TOLEDO, Ohio, January 1 (Associa
ted Prcs)-rThree persona are dead
her aad thtee others horribly injured
as the ruk) of a Are starting from a
lighted candle on a Christmas tree
kept - through tke holidays. Tbe tree
aught 4r last night In the apartment
and thre sleeping person wer trap
nt.l A mbii, boy and girl ai
da4 aa4 three, ether badly burt,
"'-'v '.v,i;V. '.' : ' -; ' -
,,'.1 -t " -., . .1 - - f :
While'' Radicals .'Talk"-Peace .In
Petrograd Desperate Fighting
Goes; On Beyond Moscow vl 1
Constituent . Assembly Expected
Jo Meet Today To Discus
1 ' Terms With Huns . . v . ..
AMSTERDAM; Jafluary 2 (Associ
ated Press) Whil th Bolsbevikia are
coins stubbornly aheal with their pre
parationa for eenelodiott treatiee of
peace with Germany. Austria. ad Tor
key and have- already announced that
peace with Bulgaria, bas been conclud
ed, their force are engaged in desper
ate battle with Ahe Don Cossaeks of
General Kaledin. f ; . ,
And while pete talk and internecine
war occupy the attention of. th govern
ing fartion, -famine stalka In Moscow
and the once great empire continue t
disintegrate .lot- warring fragmeats.
Despatchew.-from Petrograd eayjt ia
believed that th constituent assembly
will convene t-r today. It I expeet
ed that the peace plans schemed out
by tke Bolakevikia, with th aW of the
Germana who infest the capital, will
be laid before th assembly,- which ls
expected to ratify theau
Opposition May Dot slop . - -
Whether-or- not oppositiou 'of any
considerable strength will; develop- in
the ' assembly is 'not ' known, It ' is
knows that1 a Urge number f -delegates
were elected wh are not ia sym
pathy with the Bolsbevikia nd their
plaa of concluding peace 'with tbe Tea
onio powers. -. ad i their alllea, but
whether or not they willb aeated la
matter of conjecture. ' ''... Ji
The Bolshcviki leader announced
few day ago -that they thought dis-j
trtota which bad elected Institutional
Democrats and members of the .Rtsht
should hold newelectiona. as the '"Ca
dets " and thoee-of the Riant did not
represent the real sentiment of the peo
ple. This announcement baa' given rise
to th belief in cert sin quarter, that
efforts will be nMtdo by th rasdlealf t
prevent their seating of their oppon
ents. ' 1
Meantime, 'a bloddy battle ia under
way- between the troops of General
Kaledin, ketman of . the Don Cossacks,
and the Bolshevik! fcreee, . ". .; '.f v
Th fighting, which baa been going
on for -three days,. was resumed with
greater fury yesterday at Kuntk mid-
way between itoscow-ss.il Rontonosdonv
Kaieitia'l snaking' 'determined effort
fo fore bis -way to Moscow, and ajaafc
tjtat th - capital , of ' th eonsiderable
country which he already controls.-
Petrocrad despatches, pausing through
Bolshcviki hands say thst the Bolshe-
vUU forces have occupied; Poltovar the
scene of tke historic battle in which
Peter - the'Oreat of 'Russia defeated
King ' Charles of Sweden and broke
the latter' power. ' ,. - -;-, ' v
Moscow Starring 1 y
with supplies strut off through , the
advance of " Kaledin, ':. famine stalk
through1 Moscow. and the-government
( powerless to ' obtain food for the
starving people. Voles v Kaledin la
defeated, the situation ia the ity will
axon b desperate. -
a Loi'loa despatch says tnat irem
yeff, a sailor, has been appointed tern
porary commander or - tbe. . fetrogrd
district. Another despatch says that a
plebiscite baa been ordered at Odessa
to pas upon tbe question of that city
affiliating with Ukrsnia or wmte jkus
sio. ,':.'-
Aeeoraing io inuications.ia uermany.
the Busso-Uerman peace pact Is vir
tually 'complete, with the other Teuton
countries falling in line and concluding
agreements also.
Newa reached here today that the
clerical, progressive aad Socialist party
ehiefa have informed the Berlia corre
spondent of a Rotterdam paper that
toe reichstag main committee members
unreservedly approve the German dee
laration of peace requirements made
at Brest Utovsk.
Huns Steal Great
Bronze Doors
Of Brussels Exchange
WASHINGTON; January 8 (Asso
elated Press) The Germana are dis
mantling the massive, bronze door of
the Bruaaels exchange aad will ship
them to Germany, according to
French despatch received her.- v J -.The
great bronze doora of the Brus
els sxehanee are among the notid
works of art of Europe, and their loss
win be felt as tbe loss not only of Bel
gium but of tke civilised world. Ger
many ha already removed from Bel
gium, aa from Italy and other invaded
countries, all works of art ahe could
lay hands on and has shipped them to
, i . ... I.. ..
WASHINGTON, January 1 (Asso
dated Press) The' treasury depart
ment figures on Juuuary I show that
the I'nited Htatea enter the New Year
with a nationnl debt of Ave billion sit
hundred and fifteen million, which is
lU-e times greater than the debt when
I'ncle Sam entered' th -war nine
nionths ago. ' 1 'v
i Th outlay for the military estab
lishment up to December 1 waa 1,51 1,
O0O.UUO. It is estimated that for tbe
. fiscal year it wiU reach S,7V0)0O0,OOO.
Mary of England Sends Hew Year Message
LONDON, January 2 ---(Associated Press) Quees Msry of Kngland, on
behalf of the women of th British Empire, sent a New Year's message ves
terday to ttm.wom of Amvt la whith ah xpreMd their appreciation
and gratitude1 for What their betters on this aide of the Atlantic are doing
toward the winning of lh war,'
Tbe Queen's message wh conveyed to the women of America through
Anna Howard Kb aw, the great suffrage leader who herself has taken an
ardent part in aroualag) th. women of this rountrv to their iluty ia the
ruse of homaaity. ' t-f .';,
In her measage Qneen Mary said:
"Please convey to th sisterhood of your great country tbe warm thank
of the women of the British Empire for their inspiring words of encourage
ment and their assurance that . they are with u in determination to do
everything m their power to aid in the
S6ven Snsptttfti
Hun Arson Plot
Are UnderArrest
Are Believed To Have Started
Series of Fires That Destroyed
Factory and Threatened City;
Threats of Lynching Made
NOBFOI.K. Virginia. January
(Associated Pro..) H-. m.n . '
rter srreat here, suspected -of having I
started a series of fire which de-,
Stroyed the great MontiOell tilt fnc T
ln,t .! I n,kk I : U : I
iv. "i 'rial uiiiri IIUIIUIUS nil m
the entire businc. district Of the cltv.
The men are being carefully guarded
by the polii-e authorities to present
their being lynched by the Infuriated
populace. The people of th -city be-
iieve the fires to have been part of a
uerman plot and threats of Summary
vengeance upon Germans and pro-Oer-
m I i
ai.nn urn irrniT f I irniwu. -v . d
--. I II I
Kill Women and .Children and
- Damage Art Treasures, of
" Padua In Aif Raid '
. ,w,i"i.' ..f
ROME, January S (Associated
Press) Teuton air raiders, returaing
for the third time over Padoi, thirty
Bve miles southwest of Veaice. suc
ceeded on Sunday in dropping, high ex
plosive aad incendiary .bombs 'on that
city, inllierinr no mil Wy,Vurnar. bnt
uuiiih mm w nivinnu t i umi-
end and children btrd-lThuvtaglBg -Mar
pf th pricelaaa fnrv treasures f that
city. The famous ld enthral, whi' M
contain son or nuan s masteryieeea
and wber a famoua'.eollectlon of miu
iature dating back to the alxUntn
century are kept was atruek by one
bomb, v which tore off the imaaalvs
bronse door. Many of th paintings
were scarred by the flying pieces of
meul, while the tonibf BujAnthnnv,
which has mad of thi cathedra' a
plae of pilgrimage, Narrowly escaped
destruction. ' . '
Several bombs were dropped into' the
cathedral sausrc whero hi areeted tbe
famous equestrian.' stattii of, OattsmoJ
lata rjy wonnteno,-created in ioi. in
statue itself waa not damaeed, thanks
to the covering of bags of sand irhlraf
had been plied about and over- tt as a
protection against Just such 'vandal
ism aa that of Suaday, but the baxo
of th piece waa hatfe'red.
Three raid were malle, one at eight
and one at eleven ia the morning and
the last at three in the afternoon, a
squadron of machines taking part,
.'- -
WASHINGTON, January 2 (Asso
pis ted Press) -General Pershing has
notified the war department pf the
xafe arrival ia Franne of the first con
tingent of the Polish Legion, recruited
among the Poles of America to fight
against the Germans with the Amer
ican troops. These Poles refuse to
recognise any of the peace Overtures
made from Petrograd and will fight in
France for the eompleteJfberation of
Poland" from Teuton orlav domina
tion. . . , . . "n
WASHINGTON, January 1 (Asso
ciated Prase) Secretary of the Treas
ury MeAdoo, director-general of the
federnllted, railways, today ordered the
Pennsylvania system to-hve e-elusive
use of th passenger train tunnel under
the Hudson River to New TorV, in
order to' relieve New York and Brook
lyn eoal needs.' - Special Coal trains are
carrying thousand of tons into the
ir rnin
' 11 1
rlONDON, January 1 (AsMoiated
Press) British war casualties for the
mouth of December numbered 70,2.17.
Tbe killed were 1043 ofllcers and 14,
805 enlisted men ami the wounded an
missing 3342 ofllcers and 60,330. enlist
ed men.
This shews a marked decrease ai
compared to tbe losses in tb 'month
of November. . v., ,
J( t
IniMTi ai tH ai i at i Tir a
fight for humanity."
Sugar Situation
Normal Soon Says
Food Administration
Allotment To Confectioners and
Manufacturers of Non-Essential
Products Will Soon Be In
creased. Is Announcement
aom i u iua . January 2 (Asso
elated Press) The sugar situation
throughout the Atlautie States and the
Middle Weal sill soon return to n.,r.
when there will be a supply to
meet all the ordinary demand, Board
ing to an announcement by the food
administration ycHterday. This return
to the normal is not likely to be de
ferred for, very long.
Vepterdsy 'a announcement outlined
tke plnns of the sugar control bureau
of the food administration under which
the allotment to confectioners and -the
manufacturers of products listed as not
essential to the military plans will soon
be increased. Confectioners are to re-
reive eighty percent of their normal
supply when normal conditions other
wise ar restored.
i, .. i i i i 1 1
Request For Recognition of. Re
public Not Granted "
AMSTERDAM, January 2 (Asso
ciated Pre)--Delegatea from Finland
to Berlin requesting recognition. of the
new TepnbKe wliieh' tke Fiona; Jiay
fHtnbUshed. received but little satlafae-.
tin.; .The delegation, was onp'os4l'f
members of the Finland enat.'. 'r
i In reply to th requests of the del
gatioa von Hertllng informed 'them
that whatever action may later 0. tak
en must depend upon what agreement
may b. reached between - Finland, hi
own government and tbe Bussianr gov
ernment with whir ' hi government
i now negotiating for, peace.
. ... . -
WASHINGTON, January 2 (Asso
ciated 'Press) Director General Mc
'Adoo of the railroads board has dis
nolved the railroads war board at ita
own auggestion. He haa appointed
Hle Holdea, a member of the old war
railroad board, to direct the work of
the organisation which that board
built up.
1 MeAdoo also announced the appoint
meat or n temporary aoviaory caomet
which ia eompoeed of John Skelton
Williama, Harry Walters, Edward
Chambers and Walker Uines.
WASHINGTON, January 2 (Ahso
ciated Press) Complete supplies of
rifles will be ready within a mouth for
all of the American forces now under
arms. This was the promise of General
Crosier who waa the chief witness be
fore tke senate committee on military
affairs Monday, He detailed the diffi
culties that bad beea overcome and
the state of preparedness that is ap
proaching and bis testimony waa high
ly pleasing to th committee.
No sessions of any of the commit
tees Investigating wa held yesterday.
LONDON, January 8 ( Associated
Pras)8ir Cecil Arthar Rprjna-Klce,
bfitisa 4 asjiasaa4or 1 to the 'Ualted
Xta.l,,U 1 "retire abortly, aecerJinR
to snuounceaient made by tan London
Uuily Chronicle.
Tke Chronicle alao aunonnoe that
Lord Brtie, ambassador to Paris ia to
retire and that Ambassador Uuchaaan,
bead of th British embassy in Petro
grad, is rumored to be on the point of
acasas nt It toal a4 taaaU-ar (.
LA-XATITSS ItOMO QrjUfUlBJ wiU b lo.s4
ktta Uuw ordta-ry O-iaiaaw , Dos ot esw
st (iacta; Um ta suad.
ssbsOm. th Is mmif mmm TUtma QwUtm0 :
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'. .. j r
May Follow Rodiek's Example 1
and Turn States Evidence In.
Order To Avoid a Term In
Penitentiary I Yf
Says He Is Guilty In Order To
Shield Germany From Further
Disclosures His Trial Might
Brino About ; -;
ii r i i J
(Associated Press) Uiv ;
less there is another postpone
ment on top of the two already :jj
granted, sentence will be passed 2 ,
tomorrow by Judge Van Fleet
upon F. A: Schroeder of Ilono- v
lulu, formerly private secretary ,
to former German Consul Rodiek
of Honolulu, and Lieut. Wilhelm
von Brinckert, formerly military
attache of the German consulate
general here, both of whom have
pleaded guilty to the charge of
being engaged in a conspiracy to.
foment a revolution in India, thus ,
violating the newtrality of the
United States. ' ; . - I
Schroeder pleaded guilty along
with his chief, RodieTc," who has
been sentenced already to pay'a
tine oi ten tnpusana .dollars. A
statement made for both himself '
and Schroeder ly Rodiek claimed
that they had been guilty" merely
of a technical violation of the law,
a claim which Jifdge' Vn . Fleet
disregarded in passiag 'the Jlodiek
sentencwiyw .'-.. '., ' -
r'2 may also squeal, i; ; X
It !s probable - that hroeder ,
will follow JRodiek's example and .;
go upon the witness stand for the
government before receiving sen
tence. ' "'y'XX':;, ';v
When von Brincken entered his
plea of guilty he explained that
he did so in order to prevent any
further investigation into his acti
vities -by the American authori
ties, saying that the less they
found out the better ft would be
for Germany. He made thU state-i
ment in open court";' ' ' '
Lieutenant .von Brincken al
ready is under sentence to prison
terms of one and two years each,
running concurrently. .; I X h e ,
were imposed after his conviction
on charges of conspiring to vio
late neutrality laws arid violating
the Sherman anti-trust law, the
violation of neutrality also bring
ing a fine of $10,000, v. ':.;. ' :
The maximum penalty for the
charge of conspiring to foment
revolution in India is two years'
imprisonment and a fine of $10-
ooo. jXX';X. '-X: ,
An indictwent charging use of
the mails to ' incite murder and
arson still pends against the for-
mer consular agent. , , , . .
, .. .... ' X" 1 X X'-
WA8HIN0TON, January J-(Assool.
ated less) Exports from th UaitsJ
Htstes dinff th year 1817 surpassed
all record of tb past. They amounted
to mora than six billion l dollars in
goods. This ia a new sign record. ,-. . .
Import wer abon half a great na ,
export, amountisK to about thre bil
lions of dollar anfl mskinj a balans
In trade of about th same amount In
favor of th United Stnt. i . ,- '
, ,
AVI8TEKDAM, Jaunary 'l-r-CAvso '
ciated Prss)-Bunaing at full speed, a
blaalng; passenger tram wa wrecked
near bambor, Oalicla, forty miles south- .
west of Lemberg, aeeoraing to new
received ,aer. Tba, brake refused to ,
worX Bd th train wsnt at ton speed -and
on, flre, until it, jumped the rail
that Man were allied and) Injured.
"'. ' ;,: ;'. '
i1 ;
' t ;'. :
x - 'f.

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