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' "":n.iin
;.:r,! by the
food Administrator Asserts That
By Cuyino and Selling To Con-
; sumers Only Can Refiner and
User Be Protected
Abnormal Conditions Must Be
, l.let an To Do This There Is
. Need of Additional Legislation,
. Senate Committee Told
W'ASiAngton, January 3
a. j n
,Vut chase jbjr the government of
i 11 vf aVi-iee, aMT4 V of as tva aae4
vent puai n-eie,, u iv mjvm
in tfie United States and its sale
,to the, consumer was advocated
by Herbert u lioover, tood aa
mintatrator yesterday when he
was finally given the opportunity
whJchJ he has desired to testify
before ; the -senate committee
which? is' investigating the recent
shortage of sugar, and the present
shortage of. the coal supply. 1
' Hoover; went". -evert further in
his testimony before the commit
tee nd advocated control of the
amounts1 and kinds of foods that
may be served in public eating:
e-t 1 t ana 1 TTa MatAb4Af1 ttiit ftlii urn a
UiaV 4 1V AOOVl lVa 14 left L , U TW mif
. V v .' ..' : .. . ..
aDsoioiejy essential jo meet me
abnormal c6rid"tionS by which the
country is confronted. To do this,
he "pointed (. out, additional legis
lation will -De. required and he
urged upon them-the necessity of
the .epaldtmtPt "G&SUch. JegiaJaJtipn
at an early date.1;' ' ;
; In, Urging k government pur
chases, of all . sugar needed1 for
domestic consumption, I loover
said' that through that method
alone ' could the refiners be paid
an equable , price and that only
through such a system could the
consumer be protected from ex
tortionate demands. The price1
made .for the retailer could then
be enforced and the government
had an, absolute check upon all
prices paid.' B ,
, The food ' administrator also
presented strong arguments for
the'control ef the kinds and quan
tities' of foods that hotels, restau
rants and other eating places
might serve.
f Opportunity to give something
of his yersipn of 1jbe conduct of the
fooff i'dnunistraTioh in connection
-with sugar affairs and to make ex
planations .as to the occasion of
the sugar 'shortage was yesterday
given to Herbert C. Hoover, the
food administrator, by the special
committee'of the senate which is
investigating the recent shortage
of sugar supplies and the present
coal, shortage. ,
Iloevertoid the senate committee
what' the Sugar eaannissions had dona
in their efforts to bring about a settle
ment of strikes in the Cubaa eaae
fields and sugar mills aad of ths afforti
exerte to clarify tha labor sltuatiea
oa the island. ;
fJUortage iWarpinga
Quostionedan the affect which the
carUuf warnings af aaimpeuding abort:
ae-of sngar bad apoa tba augar situa
tion the ..food administrator aaid that
he believed that tha warnings bad not
had the-cfTeet.af alarming the general
rmblio aad aa brlagiaa about a hoard'
in I? of sugar aa aonno of tha reflaers
had testified bat that it eertelnly had
the .effect of bringing raises ta tba
price af refined eager by tha refineries.
To check thia inclination an tha part af
thet'm fl tJow"JT. aul. the
food edmiuUtmtioa and tha augar
commissions working uader it, had on
dertakea .tha control of prices which
had rouaed tba anlaesity and tha an-tMpcisism-
of some of tha reaneriee.
Hoover has felt that ha haa been de
liberately Snubbed by tba committee
find it was. in part for -that reason that
ha appealed to tba President fur tba
support which tha ftdminiatratioa haa
gives htm U:tbe eontroyeriy.
t'AWt'.v WW,,, January, e-(Aoei-.
ted , i'ri'aa) Oonerai .Hugh SeotV haa
tji-i-n j)ttawd to comaiand ,toa mvtpty
ciLh nuj division. Aauouncement of
thi wa rvcolved herf ja igbt(
State Department Announces
Some of Allied War Council's
Plans For Coprdintlpn of
Efforts To Defeat Prussianism
WAJSHINOTOr Jaaoary 8 (Aaa
dated rreaa) ompolnory food oa
trol mar aooa ha in operatioa la tha
United 8tate at well aa the conntnef
of the other allies In accordance with
plana which hava beeti Worked, ant by
the Inter-Allied War (Council U .waa An
nounced yeatcrday by tha atate depart
meat allowing tha Mtars ,of deleeatea
from tha United 8tataa to tha confer
ence. It haa been agreed ky Oraat Bri-
tajn, Fraacfa and Italy that inch con
trol will be recommended tor thoaa
eountriaa aa it will be to the United
fttatea had aa draatle arc tha propoeadl
reffniationa that tbey will go etratgat
into tha ho men, .
Power Hot ExacntfT
Br tha axreement nder which the
Inter-Allied war Council waa organis
ed, that bodlr aaa no eiecntwa power
bnt la to recommend to the vartoaa
Allied Power tha plana which tha
council ahall from time to time for
mulate and it ia expected that the vari-
oua Aiiieu fowar win adopt taa ree
oitimendationa made to them from tha
couwil by their rapreeentativea and In
thia way coordinate tha plana ander
which the war ia to be conducted.
With the return , of tha delegatM
from tha United State to tha confer
ence cam tha announcement of tha
atate department -of aotne of tha rec
ommendation which tha eoucmil make
far- aa tha conduct of tha United
fttatea war participation ia concerned.
Theae included the recommendation
relative to -food control
Other War AOUrilim
Other recommendation saad . con
cern practically U of tha war actiri-l
tiea of tba country. Xhey eoatempiate
the conatant and apecdy deapatch of!
the United 8tate 1roop to the French
training -campa aad thence to tha front.
Definite plan for tha utilization to;
best advantage of tha United State
naval force, together wjth an agree
ment with Great Britain through it
admiralty in reapect to the eampaiga
for combatting tha nnderaea menae),
are outlined.
Bpeediag p of tha ahipbnilding cam
paign of the United (Hate la anotbr
of tha important part which thia coun
try will have to play, in tba conduct of
the war.
Arrangement aad guarantee for tha
full equipping -of he United State ez-
paditiaruvry fofcea, thia Jreararo inju4-
ad a toe plana a are 'the -other .con
tribution of the Unitad State in tha
general pooling of war reaouree which
ui war council naa aeierminea upon.
TV m ;
Proceedings Against Negro Sol'
piers Goes To Washing
ton For Review
BAN ANTONIO, Tex, January 3
(Aaaooiated Pre) Sentence ' -of
death .by hanging wa yeaterday fto-
Douneed upon live negroea, membera of
tha Twenty-fourth Infantry, convicted
by the laat court martial of participa
tion in tbe bloody riota in Houatoa. Al
ready ' thirteen aaetnbera of thia regfc
ment have given their Uvea upon the
acaffold aa a result of the riot aad
blood ih ed of lait August.
Under tbe order issued by Preaident
Wilaon laat week that the death pen
alty ahall not -be inlie ted upon uni
ted Htatea soldier except where 'they
b member of the expeditionary foreee
in Kurope, until the proceeding of the
court martiad ahall have bea reviewed
by the adjutant general at Washington,
tb proceeding of the court martial.
ita flndlnga and the sentence will now
go to Washington for review and there
it will be confirmed or modified.
It ia aaid that the occasion .of tha
President' recent order wa tha
execution of the death sentence upon
the thirteen who were previously eon
damned to. die because of tbe part
whieh the court martial found they
had taken ia tbe Houaton affray,
PABIS, January 2 (Associated
Prase)- Three drastic food and fuel
central measures will soon be put into
offset in Paris, aceordng to announce'
ment today.
Victor Boret, minister of proviaiopa,
will eloae the pastry and coafoetHxutra'
hop, restrict . the reataurant frota
barging high prices for feed and 'pro
hibit the private ase of aetoa. This
will be don as aooa aa tbe senate
passe tha bill already passed by the
chamber of deputies.
Assistant Secretary of the United
Mate Treasury Crosby, who is a mem
ber of the later-Allied Council on War
Purchases, waa present at a meeting to
day called to consider, the purchase of
materials by the A-l'-
I PlfOlill
tnoves tba cause.' -Used the world Over
,tf W-Vi,l in on-a tUrM7h
Ami " A . W. CkJjy B Is oa eacb, box.
Manufactured by tbe) PA-RIS MEW-
-cW :Jf ur 9. A. , ,
Peace For Russia ; (Jit pre ? pitahf
- f UONDON, Jahuhry Aawvlatcd Prea-vtViUi pease prospect leas bright,
disorder rampant Sad open' hostility being shown to the Allies la some instance,
ta tiaue utase tunas; iacmief in h nraonritrtlona, the disruption or Kwsnia
1 ewntiautaig. The lUsek 6m, Diatriot la the last province to aanounee (ts litda
pendeace and to set an a ;nvsmnlnt arxrfte from the Pf-trogrVd fiolshevikl.
..; i,,;.;i; aioax kvxujiD WmiBy . " y
Members ef the United Btatea railroad engineering' partyt sent' to Russia
fat aB kindness to help the country in its rehabilitation anil to aid in Xh Mlving
of ita transportation problema, r under arrest at Irkutsk, reports. received at
Petrogrtd yesterday said. These reports iHd nH specif r tb V amber that were
being detained but said they Were member of the United State railroad mission,.
. ,. ITEW EEFtTBIiip It) AKN.OXTNPD ' - J "v" !T,, :
, The Bhw-hi W ZKaii-Wt Is aha last republic to announce Itself,' It tss set -op
a republican form of government with a coalition cabinet trith NovoroasJak a
ita capital.' -.; t- t : ,;.,; ' ,V ' 1 V .!" J' ; '';4 t--:--';.t-
Aw district lirt on the alopea of , the CairaAua . mouhtaiaa 4o the' North
with the Black Sea to the south. Between it and Turkey ia Asia lie Kutai and
Sukura of Tras-Causaaia. , It I -highly Motrotaiaon ia the larger part but has
some Important aeai ports ia the soutbnrly portion along the BlnohrSea, . , .'
PevelopmenU 4a the last two layi at I'etrograd indicating the chance that
Russia will mska separate peace with -the Central Powers have become re
mote, owing to Germany 'a demanda.' ' , , -, " .'. .
Premier Trotzky now takes the atand that to long aa Germany occnidea the
Baltic provinces, -they will be under .military pressure, and strongly object to
this. ...... ... .. ........ . '.'.-. (. ,"
Newa came from Petrograd that the Bolahevfkl peace commissioner hay
broken off negotiation with the germane. Apparently disgusted upon finding
out that tha German terms included Teuton reteotipn of -important Russian ter
ritory, they are reported to have retired from the conference and refused to deal
longer with the German emissaries. " ' .. ,
aaaikx osuxm pAmra wtthssUwals " l
The Petrograd correspondent of th Daily Newt save in a messate today that
the Bolsheviki broke off the peace negotiations at Brest Utovsk owing to the
German attitude in regard to Poland, tVtfauania, Libuaal and other large aeetions
of Russia, and the enemy 'a proposal that the Germane should retain garrison at
Llbau, Sign, and elsewhere. .- . '. '
It ie not clear just wbe thia meeting took place 4t which the declarations
ware made and the first sign of open ruptare beeame evident. The German
aaked that .the Bussiaaa keep the snaUer secret bnt the Runslaa commissioner
refused to do thia aad left i-6 vUtersk, where tbe aegotiaUoab were proceed
ing rapidly. . iv. -. . -. .:
Ia addition -to thia, aa conflrmsiioivieDrtiss aapte.h from Geneva aaying
it ia learned there 'that the Central Powers within tea day will make- sew dec
larations regarding ths German peacs conditions, . . . . . mv ",
New Zealander Greatly Impress
ed By Business Preparations
Under Way On. Mainland
The United State la carrying for;
.ward its preparations for war in a
businesslike manner, aad America oof
ia to be a big. factor In tbe fighting
forces overseas, is the view expressed
by A. E. Keraot of Welti ngtoa, K.
Wo ia a visitor fcese t the Meanh af
ter a trip to Calif ssnla. A managing
director he ia head of Meaar. A. ' E.
Keraot, Ltd., of Wellington, one of the
biggest importing concern In New
Zealand. C . '
Mr. Keraot gave hi Impression of
Camp Kearney, one of the .big mobiliza
tion camp in Calif raia whereabout
33,000 drafted men are now being train
ed for service ini franco.' Be spoke ia
term of the highest .praise for the .ef
ficiency displayed In every detail of .the
military city .whieh haa sprang up near
Baa Diego within the past few montha.
X-ook Xik Soldier
"The men are fit and fine looking.'
he declared. He was reminded ' that
they are now only raw recruits Just
taken from eijil life.
'That may be," he answered, "but
they look like soldiers, and they carry
themselvee like soldiers. "
In eoaneetioa with tbe work going
forward at the eemp he spoke of the
completeness of all its details.
"The drainage system eatabliahei
there is wonderful," he said. "There
are 10,000 horses in tbe camp aa weU
aa the great body of men and every
aanitary need it most adequately eared
for." ,
"America la to play s great part
ia the fighting is the air," he added
aad he told of the signa about the avia
tion camp at San Diego.
Training Fliers
"The air ia constantly full of ma
chines," be said, "and it is plaia to
be aeen that tbe work of training Amer
ican fliers is going forward at a great
Illuatratipg the temper of the people
a it appeared to him he spoke of a
military parade he had witnessed ia
Saa Francisco. As the marchers swung
by he eaid there was an absence of
"There was a distinctly somber note
In the behavior of the street throng,"JUka, OU waa Ujnger Ja.o,nottUn
tuutvtipu iur ine people
there are awakening to the real serious
ness of the jrreat atruggle and are b
gisning to appreciate the termeodoue
effect it is going to have." 1
Mr. Keraot aUted -(hat it waa his
first visiUo the Uaited titatea and tha
while he did not leave Oaufornia, what
he srthMrronvineed him that Amer
ica is Rbftig into tbe war with all of
Us great resources enlisted In tbe pur
pose to emah the Prussian.
.'WASHINGTON, January 2-(Asei-ated
Preaa) -Brig.-Gou. William A.
Maun of the Eastern department, MaJ
Qen. Williajn L, Bibert of the South
eastern department, Maj.-Oen. William
P. Puvall and Brlg.-Uea. EU D. Iloyle
were today placed on the retired list.
This is under the announced policy of
the war department to relieve officer
of the expeditionary forces who are in
capacitated for field aervice and to
give tbem commands at home. Such of
ficers will be given place vacated by
those who have been retired. Genarul
Mann was 03 yean of age, General Ei
bert 57, General Duvall 70 and General
Iloyle 68. .The majority of tbem bad
been previously retired, but wer; rm.
called to active duty when war broke
out. .,
Investor Ae Turning Attention
To ppropanies They Know.
Instead of To Mainland
Local securltl -are -in growing- de
mand aad evidence of this was not
lacking at the session exchange or af
terwards. Uids-wer more la evldeace
than for aome-time past buttthere was
little stock offered and what waa of
fared was generally s) .shade above, the
offer whieh .appeared to be rising to
meet -the demand of the r few holders
who were, ready to .release if -they could
Set their .price. Especially waa ibis
mand evideneed. by Oaba aad . bv
Olaa hut . rminber of other auger were'
.qiag eougnt. -vf - .v. ...
. Esplsnation of the demand for local
aeeeritiea which brokers spy is already
in, eight ie fonad in the, taking7 over'
by tbe government of the railroads and
the neertaiaty -of the eompeasation,
which will be paid to the om panic. It
.is -proposed, .preaa deapatehea have aaid,!
'to compensate the railroad companies
on basis of pre-war earnings. If thia
be done it would mean a slicing of divi
dende in many inatanees, it i elslmed.
Uoaolola Investors know their home
securities as they do -nee hnow main-.
Uad securities. They have watched'
the progress nd growth of hs 09m
panUs aad they -know, personally in
many Instances,, the managers end di
rectors. There Is also n0 particular
danger of these companies being taken
over by the government as were ; tbe
railrods, as tb eoal industry may be,
aad aa may follow with still other
mainland industries.
It is true that smaller dividend,
tbaa those paid last year must be ex
peeled rom. the local companies but
this la also true Ktl mainland securities
for all alike are paying the Inereaaed
war taxes. ' Besides tfel, there have
been considerable decline in the prices'
ef Hawaiian seeurlties over those of1
a year ago and they may now be con
sidered as on a price basis for the new
war conditions under which they are
opera-tiag. ' 1 i I v.,' . . : ' .
Bales yesterday -w-ee - not commen
surate with, tbe demand but between
boards there wwre vales of &20 shares
and at the session J." JPrieee -ware irm
aad trended .higher. ' ' -
There was lear activity id unlisted
and so waa Mountain King. Montana
Bipgham and Engele Copper .were the.
nly stock to aeU.'- - '!
SAN FBAVCJ9CO,. January S (At
soelated Press) How the India con
spiracy plpt were extended to the'
Phllipplnee and the Bulu archipelago
was told in the Jljndu trial today by
Captain. Coljuster,. lieutenant gover
nor of Bulu. lie testified that Hiudu
leadere eruised suouqd the Bulu sea in
small sailing vessel on' their way to
India. The .Anertoa pffleiala, suspie-ious,-
qoestiood one the' party who
was approached, phagwaa Bingh. He
admitted that the party composed the
"Ghadr" party ea route to India.
Range finders, -a rifle-range teleeeope
and anapa pf Idia ad other parte of
the Orient were discovered. In the bag
gage of the party when searched by
mftieiala -of the .provincial government.
SAN SALVADOR, Janoary .S-Aa-oeiated
.Press) Newspaper of thia
region dec (a re (hat no fewer than 500
Uvea .were lust in the aerloa of earth
quake which wrecked Guatemala City
and devastated much of the surround
ing country, . ' . .1
While -Losses i For Weelc rAre
Heav7. Mofe ?utimarines: Arp
: Sqpk Jn pecember That?1 In
; -Pre yious-nths;; '-y
" LOND038;, 1 January l-(Asoclated
Presst Although the slaking of Brit
ish, French knd Italian mereheat ves
sels -were heavy for the week ending
lhat -Saturday tolght, and the largely
Indiwhaed total would Incline the pub
lic! ta diBCOrafrenrfciithei'Deeernber
tefal ia regarded by the British admir
alty as, oa the whole, satisfactory. For
an three nation the toll of Hon Tuth
lessnest was heavier than in the pre
vious week. ' ;v. ; - f; -.-Many
Submartnea.Bnnk f t" -'"
Reviewing the week, the month and
the year, 4he admiralty fiade some de
cidedly good reaeona for satisfaction.
With; the .increase ia the" merchant ma
rine iloaeea there has come at the same
time a greater aaval efficiency, whieh
serves to eapnteract any grounds Itha
might otherwise be ' given fot pessi
mism.' It is announced that there .were
ner submarines destroyed during the
month of December thaji ta any month
inc. the war began, and far more than
Germany will be able to replace. ': ,-, "
Trawler 4 weep teas j ; ;.v
' Dealinjg with activities' daring .the
year the great work of the trawlers Is
shown in the admiralty 'a report. A
thousand trawler swept aa average of
4000 miles a day aad cleared the sea
of 4000 German mine. This in itself
was a great feat. t-.'
'The 'decrease in the Hun undersea
fleet will have as effect that will be
reflected Ja later reports.
Hore Steamer Bank
1 Speeding up In the powewof the Teu
ton eampaiga of suubmarine ruthless
ness .is shown in the report of the
British admiralty upon shipping losses
as a result of the undersea menace
during the week' which ended last Sat
urday night. Qnee more tbe toll i
heavy. . , . :
' Eighteen, vessel of mora than 1600
ton burden fell victim to Una sub
marine In the week ending December
29. Thi compares with a single vessel
of such' sixe. ta . the -preceding week.
Three smaller vessels were destroyed,
mekJng a total for the week of twen
ty -pne as against twelve vessels of all
Sisea destroyed in the week endlnir
.December SSL
Other Allied Losses
' French dosses -were the 'heaviest in
many weeks, tbe report of the minister
of marine from Paris shows. Fine
teamera af, more thaa -1600 tons were
' Itslian losses, Rome reported, , were
-onp large steamer and, oa under 1000.
tone burden, ' , r
: . .: , , .. ..
McAdoo -Orders - Full Trains qf
Fuel To Be fjiven immediate '
Preference la Traffic
WASHINGTON, January 3 (Asso-'
elated ,t Pre) Bolld .train of loaded
eoal ear are to move from the mine
to the sections of .the country where;
tna eoal shortage to most acute and are
to be given precedence over ell other
freight trains. This announcement
and the issuance -of the orders forthe
movement of added coal supplies fo.
lowed a conference between Director
of Bailroada MteAdpo and Fuel .Can-',
troller Garfield yeaterday afternoon. ' It
is-their purpose to move eoal ia sueVl
ent quantities to preclude the possi
bility of- farther suffering such, as has
prevailed in various sections of the'
United States ,-duriug ths intense cold
which is now slowly drifting out to as.
In .the middle west and on the Atlan
tis seaboard the cold .wave baa abated
to a considerable axtent, aad tempera-,
lures .reported Jasi aight Mowed a
closer approach to the' normal though
there ia still suffering in the larger;
eitiea on the Atlantic seaboard.
.Passenger service must give way to
freight service, .especially at this time
to the movement of eoal and the acces
sary government Supplies. " This is evi-'
danced by 'the announcement made yes
terday that a large number of passon-
H" uu u jcvmumjiviuiim sysiam
are to be discontinued, at least tem
porarily. Tbe .Pennsylvania is oae of
th largest and most important coal'
carrying road that serve the East.
The aaaouneemeat aaid that 104 nes-
aengar trains were to be diseontinned1
tsfiginntag next Sunday and in the Hat
appeared the KsjarirMeta''lJmUea
irom New York to 'WaaKiriirton. the
train de luxe of the system. , '
.... ,.;. .j . ., i: ,
afc M ft FSi sX a ' sfk, h ask. asm
With -the deeisKw af the University
of California and Stanford Univeralty
not o put eigni-oarea' -varsity crews
next epring ' on -the wateyi colleges of
the Northwest are considering the pros
and eons of tbe matter. With the death
of . Coaeh Oonrbear ref the University
of ! Washlngtoa . .and ' the lak ef " a
thuslasat in a umber pf the conference
Institutions, it appear that the sport
will have a hard trme earning into its
own next spring, if indeed it does ait.
all. ,
Every young child is susceptible tpi
croup. Don't wait until this dreadful
disease attack your little one before
you prepare ror i. it come )n the
night when chemists' shops are usually
closed, aad this alone should be a warn
ing. ' Get. and 'keep Chamberlain's
Cough Jtemedy at hand. It never failf,
acts quickly and is absolutely harnilosa.i
For sale by all dealers. Benson,' Mmitb,
A Co., Ltd., agsats for Hawaii. -Advertisement.
., -,. '
. -V'., '' ','' ' 1 ' '-;,.
Big Gun Are Drought FtQti fiqtffan Profit
t ap tlpukf nd Heavy Ffre Directed
At Various Sectors; Cold anrf -5novv
V:' i A ,
' . V.Vir,..' ,
NEW YORK,( January J (Associated Pre3S) Apparent proof
that ih Germans' are prenarine for hn'offensivej uvon a ctean-
tic scale on the Western front as to be found yesterday in the al
most continuous bombardment to which various sectors of the Bri
tish and French fronts were subjected. . This bore out the forecast
whidi was made pyr General Maurice (a his weekly talk on the sit
uation at the front. before the house of commons which was reported
in Londoii'dspatphesV ; V, y ::-; ' "
Spekinp; .before, commons yesterday" General Maurice pointed
out the extreme probability of tjhe Germans taking the offensive on
the Western front at an early date, ' I Je cited two significant factors
as indicating this : the steady ftow of Teuton forces from the Eaist
to the Western front and the fact
unable to take any considerable part in the actual military operations.'
Maurice 4id not in any wise criticise the United States
but on the other hand said the. nation tmd its .soldiers. were to ,be
commended and congratulated upon the splendid progress towards
efficiency and great usefulness . that was making. It was a fact,
nevertheless, that the United States was not yet the factor that, the
Teutons would have tt) reckon jwlth at an early date. To forestall
that time he said, it was to be expected that the Germans would
take advantage of the opportunities that are now offered, for an ag
gressive and ior this reason great offensive might be looked for
at any time. ; - ' '. ' ;V , ....
11 was aiso pointed out ty
dc ore oar ea ior some losses anri
discouraged if orwhen anv suoh
west is the repprt received in London by the Reuters agency frqm
a correspondent For days past, they have been mounting big guns
and still more were reported on the way. This information ; was
secured irom nriannra rrentiw
'Aside frorp the heavy .bombardment . by the Teutons, which
varied in the different 'sectors from' a more or less ranid drum fire
to an intense borage, there was little activfty on the Western front
vrsterrlav. nrrnt tnr cnm rki-inrrvxl nimn Tmrn.-.M .:u:La
were elieCtuallv nrevfnted hv ths
the 8n6w was falling heavily.
. Several Hun rairln on Ttifiav
, . " J - --3 J V.l.V. IU VWIllliU
were rftpbrted to have been repulsed bjt General Haig's forces.. . ; '
"V a.t. - T 1 t . - ' . .
nq-uic --rrcntn ironi mere were stx aircratts downed while none
were lost to the French. ':.
AH' 1.. J . . . t . .. .-.
. : i r";lx'j v" wave was reppnea, as prevailing in tne at. Jyuqn
tin sector and extend inj" to the Vosces f rrnt.
, " t . "
Tntheniountains pf Northern Italuthe Italians and their allies are
taking full advantage of the opportunity which the weather is affording
iv miujui-H uitii iiuiiucrii line, iiic scvcriiy pi me wcaincr 13
proving a severe handicap to the AustrcHGerman operations and ope'r. "
Stiqg greatly, to .their disadvantage. '
'.ki I.. .!' . ' .1 a a .
iiiicwuuiii on tnc Aunaiic,
a4a.nawg.ot troops, which was frustrated bv the Italian shore batteries.
About a dozen vessels were reported to'h.ave been engaged in the effort
but they were driven off, considerably damaged by the shore fire.
PrenaTatjoni to meet the , added
ynited 'tates.wiU.give o the
Deine made ,bv , the Prussians. A
i iqxpit; fcrrtjin, jicrnty
" . wiMvu a, i,iiv
sh.ips jind the trajning pf aviators ,to
af preparedness Jby Germany m this
cessary .to.fonn at oncca'considerabld number of new aircraft units."
At Rome measures are being
.1 . r j .
tnc next icw -pays.
' The Italian troops defeated an attempt of Austro-German forces
to effect a crossing of fhe Piave, ipflicting: heavy losses on the invaders.
"WAfiHINOTQN, January S (Aasoclsted Press)" Hans for a trcneral re-
brjfanjkatlon -of the. ordnance bureau with experienced men at the head were an--nounaed
yesterday .by Secretary pf War aker. .
There are to be aambere of ehaoges in various departments, the heads all
to be mep'ef wide experience and a number of ehangoa from past.policiea to be
Inaugurated. These will operate under. the chief of ordnance who it is expected
will be' Crosier despite the. fact that he has beeu under lire of the senate com-,
mittee a military -affairs in tbe course of the investigation that haa been and
is In progress. U . . ,
' ' Tbe ew pUn vihUh Secretary Itaher anneuncod is modeled somewhat after
the British Bureau f munitions and coordination and efficiency are .to be the
areUbweid. , ' ' - ; '
;t '' i V. jane . raecaar of the sew board has as yet been announced. Tie is Ool.
Bainuttl.McBoberte whtj .waa formerly an executive head in .the National City
ttmtMm. w . - aat unu ubuisu
While the other heads are not jret named it is expected that such nnuounce
ment will eome within tbe next few ds,.va. , . .
.' - is
KOpFOLK, Virginia, January 2-r-(
Associated . Press) TVentv flie Sus
pect here and other at Newport News
and 'Portsmouth-are being grilled 'by
tha -United Btates authorities aa tha
result of a mysterloaa Are which did
T2,(KM),0u0 worth of damage. .,: Boldiers,
marines and 'heme geard membera are
how guarding the ice covered rains f
the burned buildluga.' , ,. , . . t j
M w r y
that the united States was as yet
the speaker that-the public must
must nnt nsrmit iNeii tf hmmo
reports mieht be received. ' .
CtTCCtAM ?tJrtMV " T '
tnken rv th Kritiah snH th Vrmn-w .
wnllin- Inr hrnurlnn tlA
v, , . . . . :t . ,
n!rtt in.l vetin ."n n.i:..
' A " " V
sea me enemy attempted to make
strength which the air forces .of
Allies or the control of the air ac
.Renter's dfiuitch to Tnnrlnn
having said: "The recent entry into
vMtiuni v s, iifat, vuuuti y u 4. UMll Y ail
equip them compels a higher form
branch of the service and it is ne--
taken to intern all enemy aliens within
mm tMIIOI UI Wie nrOeUrflinnllf. il.t.a,tmdnl
; WAHINQTON, January Asso-
"wwu ' rvss; Aiiornol Uoneral Qrg
today Alod a reauest in the
eoarthat the court 'dofer, until nit
term srLlrnvtuits an i.vn aiiil j...t
oases, iucluding the Iutsrnational liar- 1
,, '"' ,u" .vmiea ouoe . Aiscninery '
torn nan r and th VuA ti..i
Carporatiba eases.,, ,,i ,

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