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''V 'v'r "v'.'"':""'':'' ' ,'.''. ' - V': -ei-'; -, v-; Y'iVv;v V';-.:v;v;-;l;7.,.'.:.;.l; .. ',.
'.. :-'- , - -V-'- ' ' : '.'.. ' ' . .' . I y v.-.." ' ... - .' -
.' ' IV; : . .." '" ' -V-"" :'.' ... . ; :, ' '''.'!'"; " .. ,
v ...
'.ftAwAttAtt ' GAZETTE; V;ra!DAY.JANUARV 4:W18-SElilWEEKLY. - " z -V i ;
They .Were lot An Unqualified
success, gut PqIo Assopia '
1 tlorr Cannot Be flamed
Tvvo Morses Left At the Post and
. v pissatlsf action Is" Ex-"1'
pressed By, Crowd ; :
Net Tut'i .race drear out a falrJ
crowd yesterday Afternoon t the AB
plelaal Turk track of tba Hawaii polo
A "Racing Aaaoeiatioa whan th. final
card of th two-day year-end meet wu
pulled off. - - ' ;
! It eaanot' be Bald that the meet araa
aa unqualified success,' for it wu ot,
bat ea the whole the race Were prep
'. ablr the best that eouM.be palled off
la Honolulu When everything is taken
into eonriderstion. ' ,
As in the Christmas Day event, one
or the redeeming feature yesterday
araa the rapid fire manner In which the
facet were .run, no time whatever be
iotr lot on -this score and the whole
rd being Well .over -early nougb to
aattsfy the moat fastidious. ,;;..'
- The day aa -a perfect -one. the
K''? track eould ,aot ,hve been ia better
.. condition, the crowd waa lolly, and
good-natured and, with but' One ex
aeption,- the -race were fair.
r. The disappointment of the afternoon
waa what And been carded ae the fea
1 ture toumber-tthe milo event ia which
',- Umpqua, Flore nee Huberts And Mary
Jay, were to fight it out for track sa
' .. premaey. , ;- . ,
TTmpqna'i Good Bebalror
"". The barrier stunt "fell shy of being1
, '.what It .was cracked up to be ,ln this,
- event. UmDoua never behaved better
in hie life at starting than be d,ld yea-1
lerday and be .waa certainly a revelation.
" to 'hie many friends and admirer, far'
Umpqua haa bad eenerally 4be jrermta
tion of being one of the meanest and
.' most stubborn pieces of horseflesh to
' ' Ket going. . " '
' . " ' ' Yesterday afternoon, however, he waa
. i a gentle and doeile aa a lamb and
' ' stood at attention, with hia none Tub-
Ding me isp or vie Darner, juia mua-
. eles quivered, however, and hia eye
told that he knew1 Well why he was
:xnere. .
"; There wae trouble from the bcrla
, f nlng ia the many attempts to start
,-, ', this raee. - Jiorenee ' Boberte -Debated
; , very , badly and Mary Jay took a deep-
' seated notion be' 'stubborn. 1 Oqe.
, Florence carried away .tha , tape and
?''. CarToll had a big man 'a job to ttop hr,
' ( which he did finally .at the .first poet.,
.' . When he .starrer at last gave te
. word .umpqua, was OK .like a ehot but
y ' Flqrenee Roberts and Mary Jay were,
,, ' : . beld end turned back; only to te swung
(. , around once again. When they did get
Boin(T Umpqua waa a considerable num
ber of lengths Js tbe .lead. '
: " -Wa Brept a Ttaaja V ' ' i
The Judge decided that it was a
1 race and ' the rules eer'tainly sustain
:f them, ..but -the 4uhlie ..waa Jmx ir6m'
; . j, . , satislled and booting was general. This
., race was a frightful fiule and left.
'. rather unpleasant taate in the mouths
pt -the foUorwen if &kp nrf, V ' '
As a result of the fiasco, it was an
, ; , nounced last night that .the three horses
will probably race in a 'special number
-' next Saturday afternoon. Mr. Mae
:. Harlan, owner 4fJlorenee Roberts, and
'Angus Merhee, ownor of , Mary Jay,
. were .quite -willing yeetcrday that 'fhe'
- raee should be declared no raee, but
1 apparently Lonis "Warren, owner, of
Umpqua did not agree. '
' The trotting ahd paeiag raee between
Tom Hollingr's "Welcome Boy , and'
' Mrs. Swanry 's Knrene could have been'
' better, bat a Welcome Boy had 'been'
. ' conceded a winner long before the raee'
eame off there was hardly any disao-1
pointment. ,
The other events were good and
would do honor to any meet anywhere.
The mule event, particularly, was a
drawing card. They were all fiery
'teed" and were rlddea by equally
as fiery geatlemen riders, the flower of
Honolulu's society jockeys. The eveat
was'produetlve of more than one plena
, arable .hrtll. . '
, jDnarles Oita lEopt XJoing f
' "After passing the 'quarter John B.
Oraee was (looted .in the eve with a
. ball of good Waikiki soil. He noticed,'
However, that Jt came jrom the rear
. battery of Charles M. Hite'a, eater
pillar. Oraee let out a bellowy
4 whoal " and Hite's mule 1 stoppej.'
unaries iii(e, however, kept going and
was only stopped whan the ground hit
him. The "steed" made a sudden
right-about-face turn and raced back
whence he had come. Hite returned the
aame way, but he walked.
Charlie Lucas, Jr., did really seem
to have finished first, but the judges'
only saw Harold Dillingham and the
latter was awarded the deelsioa. Bey.
nold B. MoOrew waa fined tea dollars.'
Only Oraee know why, for it was he
who lodged the complaint with the
judges. George H. Angus eame ia a
good third. In time all the others, but
Kite, finished.
After the last raee the cups and
other prises were presented. Harold
Dillingham, who won with the Duebess
,of Waial&a on Christmas Day and
with Thirty Boads ' "yesterday, was
- awarded twa sport pins, which he will
adil to bis other college trophies. Mrs.
Alice K. Maefarlane .won the cup fqr
, two year-olds and if smiles mean any
thing, she was certaiuly Satisfied, f
Frond of Kla Mulea - ':.'
D. raul B. Jeepberg, owner of the
Duebess of Waialue and Dusty Boads,
the year's speediest racing mules, was
. awarded two cups. Ha was not present
to receive them but they will somehow
find their way to ,him. Mrs. Maefar--lane
was awarded a second prise, a cup
fur entering the winner" in the three
, cornered tvutfor race burses ridden
by geatlemen jockevs. '; ' r'
Honolulu owe a aebt of grttltuile'ta
' . the officers and members of the Hawaii .
efforts in presenting ths city with the
recent two-day turf meet. Considering
aU ike diffieultiee which 4he tienea pU
ea in in air way tney. have succeeded
well enough.' It wis,only for- the pur
pose ,ot -keeping Hi racing game' alive
here, that the ewaet was (kuind c and
there was no thought of financial relm
brenent. 4 ,, -r '' ;'
iThe 4rffle.ia.ls ' the.ineet 10 come
in far ,pobli vthanka: VThey: did their
work satisfactorily. , Tkeee 4 efflclala,
who .acted yesterday wrj , Albert
Horner, H. M. von HoH and E. 'N.
Wodehonee. Iiidirea: S. 8. Paxson and
B. 8. DBschaltVy. starterr; George H.
Angus and John 8. Oraee, clerks of tba
course; Ben Clark and UlulanJ Lemoa,
aHlataat . clerks 1 C. Brown, B. U
rV-hwareberg and Jamna Iird, eleeks
of .the scale; .Capt. Harry S. Murray,
announcer Dr. ,m M. Mohaarrat and
Doctor Case, TJ 8. A., .vetarinariaas;
Dr, Cy B. Ceopen sprgeoa, and B.
Oiftard, Lester JeUle a,ud , George L
orewn, iimara. .'. .
quArter-past two o'clock Tom P4
lingerie Welcome ot and -Mr. T. M
Bwaaay 'a ehestnut snara 2orne , left
the paddock. - Gibson was driving. Wei
aom Boy and Bonnie Judd the Pwanay
mare. Cotena had the pole- but they
were unaoie to get off ta a good start
far sometime, ffkey- got aay to a
good start on the third attemnt. Wei
come Boy leading -by a Jengtk- at the
mgntn. icorene eloaed -tba gap eomrtd
eraniy Dirt Men Hack and waa ettll a
length behind at Aha half. Zonae Spurt
ed at the Hve-eighthe bnt waa mnable to
keep, the pace, Welcome Boy . palling
steadily 'away at the tretah, winning
py ave lengths. Tim first heat BilT 4-5.
iCapt' Harry Murray nbUtuted ae
eeptably as anneuneer for- Elmer L.
Bebwazberg, who aeted as offietat mega
phone man for the Chrietmea eveau.
Due ta some hitch the blackboard was
not in readiness f0f the first' raea of
the day , and the entire seventh race of
last Tuesday bad not ieea erased. .
At two. thirty-fte the mounts for Abe'
rour Tnrlong named raea appeared be
fore the judges. Terraont, the Mont
ffQinery stnd. owned .bv .Charlaa I.ncsi
Jr. ws . scratched. He has' been ame
l or a numper or weeks, bl sums having
been ,bucked early ln ,tha traiuipg nea
Hon. JCbarlie Tyler waa nb on. Mrs.
Chas. Luca' Mary Louise; Johnny Car
roll on . Mrs. Walter MaefarUne's1
Lahonton Water and Henry oni vita on
yob Ida's Golden 8pray. ,v , '.
Lahonton Water, off to n good start,
took the Jead ,with Gpldea Spray aee
ond. Mary jLouise, off to a ,bad, start,
did not get iato her stride until the
first quarter. Bhe gained steadily over
Lahonton Water and the two -bit the
stretch peek aad neck. - Mary Louise
plainly outclassed the Maefarlane en
try and pulled away, winning by four
lengths. Golden Spray waa a poor'
third. Time 00:80 " '
. Sorene and Welcome Boy lined up for
the eeeond heat at threo-forty. The
start waa poor .but they wr pnt oh
their . way, Welcome Boy a length la1
the lead. The' Bollinger borae gained
another length at the quarter, ' which
ha' jnafn'tained to the bait when the
commenced opening Ih diatanee stead-:
Uy. "This remained nnohanged at the
three-quarters and it was apparent .at1
the stretch that Welcome OBoy- wold
win handily. Zarene Wae plainly out-'
elasaed and the old Island favorite won
the heat and race in 2:24 1-8.
Society Event a HnrntDer
-. The eoelety event of the day was
the ,one-mile mule aee for aentleman
jockey, the aina entries lining arp ;at
tAS parner at taree a'piock. They got
away to a standing atart and excite
ment was keener than -at any other
time of the afternoon. One mule .threw
hia rider and started .back for .the'
judge's stand evidently bent on being1
nrst nome regardless at airection. :
H. G. 'Dillingham on Dusty Boads'
won by a poae ia .2:20 J-S. Remold
MeOrew was fined ten dollars for 'pull
ing il mule pa ebmplalat of John S.'
urace, wno appeared to be sorely irriev-
Without doubt it .waa one of the
moot interesting event of the day and
a few .more "comic race" of this na
ture ;couId easily be aandwiohed in any
.meet ta aoed advaatase. .
xwenty ve minute ahead of sahedi
pje time Mr. Walter Maefarlane 's Dia-
ser ,Ball aad Remark, the latter carry-
ipg .t aolora of Mrs. George Ahlborn,
passed the; stand or the baby race,
three furlongs for two-year-old fillies.
Remark .Beats Dinner Bell
Baunto -was eemtehed on account of
lameness end Din hot' Bell substituted.)
inns noiu wss up on 'Ulnner Hon
ana Jonnny. uaxroll on Remark. The
start was-one . pf the best of the day1
snd the babies kept neek and neck
down tke atretehn Jtemark winning by
a nose ia 00:38 4-6. Jt was certainly a
pretty jnee and Mr. Maefarlane de
serve the .thanks of the racing com-'
muoity for making- possible this baby
vent. Both animals belong to her
and there is no doubt bnt what both
riders were Instructed to ride a win
ning .raee; .
.The four furlonm for mounted na-
trolmea waatbreanartar of an hour
ahead of the programmed time. Five
entries took their positions at the post
at three-fifteen. The 'starters were
Espinda'a Bl(, KapealU's Oysterlip,
M Lopes' ilalifax, Kankanl' Black
Harry and Kihaehi'e Bweet Sam. All
Are speedy animals and moat of them
aave been winners In aimilar events
Of previous years. A sigh of relief was
heard over the grandstand when an
nouncer Murray informed the specta
tors that the "fifth raee was about to
start." '
SansalU b Boa Rider
'They were off to a good start, threa
mount Duneomg at the eighth with no
sdvantag to any. . Kenetlil took the
lead at the bead of the atretoh and
won handily by two Jengths.. His Oys
terHp. whieh won yesterday, was barred
from the patrolmen race Christinas Day
sad entered the special rsce later in
the afternoon. Lopea on Halifax was
second. Time, 63 J-ff. This ia excellent
time, eongidering the weight .the horses
wera earryisg,' -for It wss only a few
seconds slower than raee hprse time.
.The.stsrtars for what. premised to be
he. great raee of (he day took their po
sitions at the .barrier at four o'clock.
Tyler was up on Umpqua, .Benny
Rollins on Mary Jay and Carroll on
Florence Roberts. '- Mary Jay had the
pole and Florence Roberta was on the
outside. ' There was Considerable diffi
culty in getting away and there ap
peared to be some jockeying in an en
deavor to beat the barrier. It was evl-
Artierlca Must Double , Liberty
r .imhmuui D VUI I 4,UHUI HUH
to population Is Reached
Kpt.untU the totaIMwar Wn in the
United States ' feacn ' the ' stsggerlng
sua of twelve and a half billion will
the great record that Jfew Zealand has
ma.cj ,be equalled', for with its popula
tion .fn little oyer i,000,OQO the war
loans .ths,t frfjr be,a,piade amount to
128 . for. tnyA rndivtdnal In iha aa
tidVi; t6taJ -ifr(ltoo6,000, and" fur
ther loan are in prospect.
- Horn Mew Zealand taa povred ont
blood and treasure wftheut stint ia the
war; waa tald by A. E. Kernot, head of
Msesrav A.' I. JCernot, Ltd of Wslllag
toa, who is ia Henoluln on his way
beene avf tet a trip to California. New
Zealand 'a first, war loan was for 30.
000,000, and thU waa followed by a set
and for 78,000,000. Another big loan
is 10 be made anuct spring.
' Tbero aieno svearthy slackers in New
Zealand, Mr.. Kernot remarked, when
aaked if German influence were felt
when the loans were leaned. He stated
that a saeasara taken by the legislature
there -waa one it hat might be af value,
to the Vnitad Stetsa.' .Under the law
in. question those, whether persons or
eerporatioas, who fail to take their full
quota of tba national war loans are
reached through the income tax. Whea-,
aver the authorities deem that a person
ha not subscribed hia full share af the,
war loan, that person 'e income tax im
mediately ia trebled,- and the Income
tax as it standa la sua.
The New Zealand : income tax, like
that provided for-in oar new war rev-'
an net, Is baaed on a graduated scale,
bnt it is mare dratia ri oru kntk
lower and ihlghar than the. American.
law. . No distinction is made in the
New Zealand Jaw between married and
single persons. . The lowest income tax
ia 01600,' and with ihiaan exemption of
260 additional ia allowed if the addi
tional amount cover life insurance,
(the xate on the lowest lneqme taxed is
seven aad a half tereent, and this
mounts rapidly for larger income. All
laeosaea of 031,000 and over pay 01.80
ia each )Sj wbiob amouats to something
like ithirty-three and a third Dereent.
rowarty Unknown .
Jvwrtr,ia wholly unknown in New
Zealandthe visitor declared, and while
thcr wealth Of the country id the aggre
gate ia great, it 1 more evenly distrib
uted than ia ,anr other eonatrv. n
mid that New .Zealand in nronortion tn
popuiauon is aha .wealthiest nstion on
the Tglobe, bnt be said there were no
great fortune.
: i"Ibe J4ew Zealand boys at the front
and .the people" at home are doing their
share in the war." . the visitor said.
dentthat the best jockey had the ad
vantage, and the battle of. wits was aa
fntdrestng aa an of the previous,
event, -r. ;
norapca Tears Tape Away
CV? vbS, - J1 ,W ;Flftr,ne -BorU
for. tbe break .but wae called back.
UmDOUa and- Florence WAr vab.Iv in an
and .both were ff. The barrier .tape
was torn away Jy Florence Roberts
and. in, . sonja way became entangled
with r her .blinders. Carroll regained
control of her and returned to barrier
in due time.
They aaain took their nosition. Thav
did .finally .atari, if it could nromrlv
5 e termed as such. . U.mpqua was away
our Jungth4n the lead with, Mary Jay
n .....I .1 : 1. 1 T n t
-f. nw: uBuiuvi is lureuce ,noD-
.et. ,.-The Maefarlane majre waa taken
nnawre and did not .begin ,to run a
Mt ,tbe eighth, wjien she gained steadily
.over , Umpqua,. "jniles" in the lead.
The jaco woiild have been closely eon-,
.tested, qr wjien the .wire was crossed
hjr . Umpqua,' Mary Jay .and jnoxeuce
Roberts ..were About ia the cam poai-
y wnen ney stanod. iie nandi-.
cap was 00 great, and the rider, know
ing mey had no .chance, would not
abue their, .mpppta. Umpuua ,won in
tha slow time of 1:44 S( 8.
Oroara) Coots ts Jf Zttspaaaad
' 'The eioWd hooted and expressed dis
PPrP,t 4 other ways. Tat, hy
very ,kpown racing ule the race was
gani)o." , The barrier was released and
V f .P to the Jockeys (o get away
f The starter may have been too .hasty
V releasing the spring, .but the fiasco
can .hardly ,b attrUated to any favor
itism on his jiart.
. .Duachaliiky who has worked on the
track at Kapiolanl Park for. a number
of years, started .every event Christ
mas Day la .a highly satisfactory .maa
ner. Bis ' integrity ' is unquestioned,
nd.es la any other contest, tha decis
ion of .the judges should stsnd. Blame
for tha poor atari should ,be attached io
no one person, and It shouliLbe looked
upoa as mwely one of those unfortu
nai. break .wblcji are bound to creep
in, at the. most .liSMspaetod times.
Match Baca Probable V;
It ia quite probable that a match
race for these same horses will be ar
ranged for some time .next week. Both
Mrs. Maefarlane aad Angus MePnee
have expressed their desire to hold a
mile match raee and all that is now
needed is the sanction of Louie War
ten, owner qf Umpqu. The date fer
this event will be announced ia The
Advertiser within the next few day. :
Entries' for the half mile, f ree-for -ajl,
gentlemen riders took there positions at
the t barrier: ( at four-thirty. Harold
Dillingham waa up on Lahonton Water,
Cornell Franklin on Golden Bprey aqd
Charlea Lucas, Jr., on Bosolla.
They got .away to a pretty start,
bumping to the bead Of the stretch.
Harold Dillingham on Lahonton Water
took thft lead here and won handily by
half a length. ' Rosella, ridden by
Charles Lucas, Jr.. was second. Time,
H 1.3. . ,.
r ., r ...if j
DO you OODfOH?
Don't overstrain the fine membrase
of your throat 'in trying to dislodge
the1 phlegm.- Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy will accomplish this for you,
and ur -the cold1 that is causing it.
For sale by all dealers. Benson, ttmlth
A Co., Ltd., agents for .HswaiL Ad
vertisement. . . '
May Benefi mAWATTXNlStiX mmmr
j m a. - - - s- . w a-ass- aeaa eaam sa aaa saa, - 1 1 1 1 . B I 1 .a.
Australia's Mistakes
yisitof ; frQm Antipodes Sees
Serious . Difficulties To .'. Be
Overcome In; ThiSv Country,
But Believes They Can Be
America may . benefit by mistakes
that have been made in Australia ia
dealing with Jabtrr and ia meeting war
prooieme, according 10 the view , ex
pressed by W.'L. Williams, who is maa:
agar of. a sugar plant at Victoria and
who is now at ths Courtland Hotel here
on his way home after a trip to the
States. ' -' . , :
v Mr. Williams commented on a recent
editorial which appeared ia The Ad
vertiser dealing with the defeat of eon.
(criptioa and the overthrow of the gov
ernraept of premier Hughes.
JUtlon Zs JUrU .
' MAaatrali at ' Jieart la thoroughly
loyal, anxious to encourage true demo
cracy, "be declared, ''and therefore keen
to be more eloeely assoelsted with she
great American democracy and this Is
my excuse' for expressing aa opinion
on the conscription issue. ,
"Afler four months In America I
am just returning to Australia without
any detail of the xeoeat eooscriotlon
defeat and aannot eloaely discuss she
situstioa. X am grieved .that the revolts
eall for axplaastion, .but am confident
that Australia will Soon rise superior, to
l. j : m 1.1 . . 1 . . 1 . 1 . . . '
?mi .uinwiuiina Maa no ine rignt TBing
a this .great war for righteousness, lib
erty and democracy. ;,
Many Hxpertnieirts
Australia ia so demoeratie oa prin
ciple that aha has tried out experiment
in favor of the working elaeaes that
no other country dared attempt. . We
desire that every man and woman 'shall
have full 'liberty to secure just rights
and good living conditions unhindered
by tbe introduction of colored races,
with the right to organise for industrial
advantages. The unions have even gain
ed political power, bnt unfortunately
experience has proved that the capital
ist has no exclusive monopoly of selfish
ness, . and wider the labor bosses the
unions recently showed themselves so
selfish as to disloyally hold up Austra
lia for a term, forgetting that capital
and labor must work hand in head far,
the nation's and the individual's wel
fare. , ; ;,f; I
Hun Quick To Act "'" '.: .
"Tbe -Hun was 'quick to see that he
might heap op internal trouble by play
ing upon the selfishness aad credulity
of -tbe labor unions and" , so he used
them, the Bin a Teiner's and the I. W.
W.'s to wreck conscription. , v ,
- 'Our prime mrntstev iar great politi
cian, and a great democrat bnt his states
manship may have been 'better. ; He
had a great task, and a wonderful op
portunity when be returned from Great
Britain to .declare that iheSserlousness
of too war demanded conscription and
must forthwith be put into effect. He
democratlfcally appealed' to' the people.f
but no matter how enlightened a people
may be some one individual must b
appolnted by them to steer ths ship, es
pecially whea .the rooks are so numer
ous and dangerous. 7
"The people may. choose,, but one,
hand and mind most control 'the Hear
ing and our prime minister .probably
should have assumed that responsibil
ity. Furthermore it is folly to exoect:
mothers and others to vote away their
eons and mends freely, While selfish
idlers and Hun influenced laborers op
posed conscription to the utmost.
Haa Hopeful Yew '
"We Ji'aye some statesmen in Aus
tralia who win yet assert themselves
because the true Australian ie deter
mined that the difficulties and mistakes
shall be surmousted, and the principles
of true democracy upheld in order that
everybody shall enjoy a fair deal and
good home, which after all i the pur
pose of this great war.
"My recent trip through Ameriea
convinced me that Ameriea will have
something of our experience and 'be
compelled to fight as hard battles in
ternally as at the front, because the
leaven of German world-power eum
iing is strong, and the undercurrent of
their poisonous doctrines will probably
exprese itself most effectively through
industrial channels. '
"America: loves a big task and will
undoubtedly successfully bvereome her
internal and external diffletilties .but
not without much keen sscHpee, and if
Australia's honest'" mistake belp'to
make her and other alert, then our
dlmoctalic experiments may pot have
bpen in vain. ' ' v r
("Aiperiea will have to face a lot of
difficulties by the time her war strength
reaches that of Australia on a percent
age basis, and we .realize. tjit aU dmno
eratie nations must place no Dm ft on
tji 'sanrificeOieoeaaVtrV1 to 'wMdioet('
and justice.
,; t'l merely affirm that Australia's in-
! cations are good no matter what mis
ekes have been made the tree qf de
moeraey may need tome careful prim
ing but will eventually . bear cood
fruit." '
l'EKINQ, .January l-(AwqcUtd
Press) Japan is. now negotiating an
advance to China of ten million pounds
IP improve the status of the govern-.1
ment bsuking system of China, it is
learned here, previous arrangements
fpr foreign loan mggotiatioas, ia . which
groups of American, Brituth, French
and Russlsn banking Interest formed
a syndicate, wero alvid aniaet be
eause - the governnMnt would prohibit
the sending uf iullon to .(hjna.
The term of the proposed loan now
are ualar to, those of the previous ad
Dance under- tbe reorgkifisatioa loan !
It is planned to eierciae control of I
euryeaey and carry J through - needed I
financial reforms.
.-. ;
- st m 1 m 1 u y-sn m . m-m mw . m 1 m m m m w ' w m am. w i 1 1 t 1
During the past year rraeinens conditions havet rhsflged 'materially sad
thqse change are rJearly, reflected la m comparison of the prices at the stocks
listed on the Honolulu- Stock- and .Bond ! Exchange. Generally the :hangea
are In the way Of declines brought' about by the United Btates' becoming ai
active participant In Ihe great war , and the consequent heavy burdens that
have fallen uin the thpiiblei? of jth corporations. j
:'n,,ooki1 b following labia ..very few lucres win be found is
theolumn showing tbe change, a ,hinu .slga, af.penria beora .nearly il.
There are some ex.eptlons this, howsver, three being noted and several
others oT the lea sctive stocks being . unchanged in irVe. . .Tper am other
stocks, notably Onhu Sugar and Haailmi inPple that are faowppo Ta
sew baste that the figure of ajtlckr stocks' are not' a fair comparison In Show
ing an apimrent decline. " -
at lain t."bJ.J'lIi! ,mprUon P- December
U1 ,11
Alexaader Unldwin Ltd
C Brewer A Co ; . , .
- lager
Ewa. Plantation Company
Haiku Sugar Company .
Hawaiian Agriculture Co
Hawaiian Com 1 A Hugar Co
Hawaiian Sugar Company
Ilonokaa Sugar Company . !!
Honofna Sugar Company
Hutchiasoa Sugar Haatatiea Co. . . .
Kahuku PlaataUoa Company
Kekaha Susar Comnav .
JColoa Sugar Company ,'.'
jttcryoe Bugar Co, I.td
Oahu Sugar Company
Qlaa Sugar Co Ltd
Ouemca Jsugar Co - .
Paauhau Sugar Plantation -Co. .
Paniflc Sugar Mill . .........
Pnia Plantation Company .
Pepeekeo Sugar Company
Pioneer Mill Company '.
Ban Carlos .
Waialua Agricultural Co '
Walluku Sugar Company ,t,.....:,
V MlaccUaneoa , .
Endaa ,Develflpment Co., Ltd. ......
lit Issu Asses. 70 Pd
ind Issu JnUl Up .
Haiku Fruit A Packing Co, Pfd.
Haiku Fruit A PacViug Co, Com. ...
Hawaii Con. By. 7 A
Hawaii Con. Ry. e B
Hawaii , Con. By. Com
Hawaiian lElectrir. Company
Hawaiian Pineapple Co. .
Ho4. Brew. A Malt. Co., Ltd
Honolulu Gas Co., Ltd.
Hon. R. T. A. L. Co;
Inter Island 8team Navigation Co. .
mutual iqu-pnone v;o. .
Oahu Bailway A lAud Co. .
Pkhang Rubbqr Co. .
Selama-Dinaings I'lantation Ltd, Pd.
v " ' (80 rdi
F?cts ,ln tqnectiph VVfth artels
uase taoiea to Attorney Gen
eral ;and :;jJir.ections ,From
Washiria'ton Are' Expectecf By,
Affidavits sworn ,to by two women,
alleging that W. FBarteta, a rancher
of Kan, Hawaii, -made certain strong
pro-Qexman atate.guaat in .a tomyprfu-'
tion h had last Wednesday with Ma.
Anna H. McCarthy In her store at Wai-1
ohinu, Hawaii, were received yesterday!
by J. J. Smiddy, United BUtea marshal,
from Banluel K. Pua, Sheriff Of .Hawaii,:
uuu m lacis caoiea to tne attorney
general'' office at Washington from
whore the action thought necessary' wQl
be ordered. '
"The specific charges laid against
Bartels cannot be handled her with
out official Instructions from Washing
ton, I am told by Mr. Huber,4' said
Smiddy yesterday. '"We ,do not ex-i
pect tP be .kept waiting Jpntf, howeyer,
for the Attoxnay general's Jul vieas tell
ing us what course' to pursue."
The remark which Battel i alleged
to .have made are: "HochJer Kaiser.
To hell -with tho Preeldeni The Preei-
dent .eboulo ,b shot-Xha. kaiser wiir
win the war aad then you will be hung
b.ejfore.tfa ead of it."
1 A far an jfs,' known, Bartels is still
st large. He wae born in Germany bat
is said to be a naturalised eitlxea. He
also is liald to be a, brother to- Paul
Bartels. aasiatant maaairer.of H. Hack.!
SnM A' fil mt vrti- 1
To HWHllia
Hackfeld A CpLtd, ouwha) itsaid
will be a trietly American basts',' J. F.
Humburg, third vlce-pfeaideat of the
company, has arrived in Honolulu after
an absenee f about six month on the
mainland. Ha is
hie 'dutle, at once. i
Humburg said vesterdav he did not
know whether Clconr Bodiek. former
(Iflrman 6nbl texe, jahd recently was
rmea sju.iKiu on a charge or complicity
in a plot to foment a rebellion Mn In
dia, intended to return to Honolulu. He
i id h4 had seen Bodiek on several oc
casions ainoe the trial but bad learned
notftlqg of .the Jorsier German consul's
movements. He said, however, that.it
was Soltek's intention to visit in
Southern California for the nreseut.
Humburrr eould not bo Tadueed to
sny very mush regarding the trial Of
noaiea and A. 11. Nchroeder. Tbe lat
ter 's fsss hsd not been dieoosed of
when he left Ban Francisco: Humhuro-
was inclined to the opinion that both
men war only guilty of a teehaieality
and not a gross act.
LiLiuiiai, Liiiir-iiir-ni. 1 w-. i
' iy . !" , ; it is am ';, ' yr, . 1
I ?
. 0
20 .
83 4.78
248' 88 -47W
48 '' 8 '
43 rr U.23
12 : 7.80
42 0
30, 0
20-V 11.50
218 10
218 40
1P4 2.73
28 . 2.25
; ... .0.12H
aH - n
20 80 .. ..
80 19U, 1 O
2 -8 4.87
80 8 4 X ' i . ,
20 2 2 '0' 1
100 187 167 . 9
20 45 57' il
20 17 16 - 1 ; '
TOO 180 1258
100 140 143 8 ;
100 170 105 20 1
10 10 20 O' i
100 ' 145 100 13
10 18 10 . J50 i
10 18 17 1.75 '
10 10' 10 O ' ' ;
20 - 80 04 $ '
Cabinet B,fflcer'' Aide Soys anefi
' tSfHs To He!pf;S,rfflC!:,
Tha drummer ooy, spirit "of ,T ,has
been, iayoked jlgftjnrt erjnaqy by Bea
retary MeAdoo. Appealing tb the aanool
children to set tlei' alders , a saerlfielng
example In tlfe 200,000,000 war1 init-J
mgs campaign, ap eeraiy3r ,or ,ine
treasury, said: ' " I
" Wa must ,wla JthU war. .We nan
and we- shall Win if the boy and grls
of America so and "mean it' add
feel it and HveMt s,th boy ana girls
of -'76 lived And felt and .helped. ' I
"'Th Nioii -pieds thtf sort of,
b'eya and giyls todsV, hot" to- beat iheir
dntmt nor to load par puskets,1 bnt to
start .great work which must be
done. ' It la, tha part of oy hnd girls
tlay to (each tha grown people of the
natjion he lessoa of thrift eavlag to
the point if sacrifice; aelf-deaiaf of
everything wsneeeasary. - 'f
"It evOry boy and girl says at home
tonight,' si wlU , light fn tbU war, a Will
sava every rpanny aid Aoaa -lit to my
governnaent to kelp save ,-tke live of
the big brothers'of Amori4at.il arUl.try
ia seaea every American a nee M do the
same,' then twenty imillwn hoaia, the
homee of all 'America, will bo- AUed
with -th apirit of ?. i
"Annriaa wilt win again, aa it ka
always 1 wonv through. -.tb splendid
avengtA, eenrage .aad .aaennee in ith
heart iOf Jroutb. throuah Aha nuuli
wbiah it school aluldaa ,will , aarryi
nomn."i . ; 1.
a ' t
Iaeume tax ststesaeats must be filed
between January I and Marsh lr1018,
with the collector of internal revenue,,
as a basis -for the eolleetioa of war
tax. The single men whose aet iaeom
waa 1000 last year, and the married
maa or married womaa, whose net in
come waa 82000, must file a statement,
with the collector. - : 1
Tho. "net income" ia ths remainder
aftjer eubtrketing Axenses from the
gross Income. ' Personal, family, or 11 v-.
ng expenses are 'not expense within
the meaning of the law, aa exemption
being allowed to cover sues items.,
The new exemption of 81000 and
82000 will add materially to tha in
oome pf Uaele Baui, Inasmuch as prae'
tleUy. every ope will be required to
file i return, although not .all . will
have to pay a tax. .' , - ' '
etas an Systra Kaballitar f
w KiHlr- fl Uluuill.
Omwinl LiMbdlv.
0 A .
fltfflM if
101 U
.phuck-a-Luck;1 Craps ahd .CUicr
yanjes wanted were Played
- Air Over the Ci-ouritfs ?
even jmtz-cm mcnte
f ottce rolle.df .; By 'and $ir.;!ed
vmie Mupmos wagereo ana
GambUng yp" wid open jreaterdAy
at the races t fepiotanl Park.' ' ' r ,
Tea eeutd get any klad Of a game
you wasted, for though the police were :
Jhre' in fyo, h : arA '.war ,dowa '
JJobody a4a4d the jliee. And the
games H wvar tb grounds ran fall .
Mast and wide qdoW with' the gamesters
playing It 'Ugh, wide hnd handsome, as
thry used to eay in tha! days' of tha
bid Wert. ' ;"', .
' From- all the various rprms of gam-
bbeg en the taea thewseltea, play of ,
all kinds, '-with possibly a preponder- '
anei! of eburk-s luck and craps, weat ;
morrily forward with"' tbe smiling' an- '
proval of tb ' constabulary, aome of
the- member of which oven deigned
.to "take, a jehaaee''ter and ,thera
themselves. How great 'was tbe variety
ef forme of gambling 't be found at
the park atab nnderstood1 whef it' Is
stated that even that hoary relic which
long sfmee hs ceased to ,b A Joke 'In
the funny paper,' three card monU, ,
wa the, re. A colored boy in uniform
did ' . flourishing' business wlh; his '
three eards.'1''; ''S'' V. ',.
Wide OpM Own. '-; '-' ; ;! -v;-v
A'Twd blaek acea. one UA - u.l
tba red and you wrin, e chanted in-
ebauiesHjr As A spread ths cards and
in money jrom , wp Suckers Whe -,-Ant
"ta 1ils:.net.'. ',. ; v 1 .., '
'-It f s so 'perfectly simple,brjus( as "
H 'waa back fa t& earl v seventies! a
shabby Filipino who prqbably was a
plantation; band waa rsurf As 'knew :
WBicn.waa W red ae. lie .threw a .
shinir,g .tei. jflollaf gold jilece oa the
gronad near the eards. . When he pick
ed Sip 'a- black see and . 'the' soldier
pocketed the gold piece, two policemen,
one' in -uniform, .'roared with mey'iinieot
' A iitrja farther 'on grnui'of prob
ably weuty fives' "absorbed 'in a big
yp ganie; The" lid was off and the
gams' .was going good And strong. It
wssnt a little game by any means, Jor
bett f all kinds from two 1ita up to
$20 promptly eya taken: - pne at the
crowd ' observed a policeman ' Saunter-
ing In .the direction of, ihe'game. - ''
Crnm4A111Ught,.':7:'v V, ..-''
-Her 'come- a op n'" warned.
The man who .had the dice la one .band
and A ptlf of .coins' in the ptfcer gave
M" a'sihgle cortfurglsnce. ":
-"Quit,four kidding' ha said.Th
cops' ,ar all right''; : The; the rnm
went forward... Ilk apparently inew
what he was talking about for the m
eer eatae along, watcbed tbe gsm,e in
differently -for a ehort time hnd then
went on. , '"".-', -'',.' '-'.
JJeafth eei.. wagers ,pf 11 deserip.
tiOss,WBt anvyritkest the nimuiesi
prAteps aA,aoncealraeBt'Wbn ,a few
eaHcesn jst'rniligntian'4fu -Jnom
.isox therlba polco did not
ioterc by wifd.:or t.i '
f'',nreysilingiJilow ws ,that hor
racing rln iloaalula ia dooaaad. It was
pointed ont that it waa gambling thsl
killed Jha sport jbafora .and ,th abuse
tfat rpoght .to n ,nd ,the great at
traction pf ,, Urn annual face ..meeting
wlMvtiqy any BAne o,f .reviving it,
as has, been .attempiej (lB itbe past t,w
.P.-f' P- .i ''.' l t'j'.V . .'
- 'V-' ... ; s. ..!.....,'iv- :.. ."
, 'tJ-it.t; J., 'f ....
. IX)KlK)ir, JAauary ; 1 ( JUaoctated
Press -iThe Amsterdam edrrespqndent
of ,e ,pndpln Time djcl'yes (hat Ger
many la apprehensive aver tbe power
of avtaok which the Aaioriean air force
may revaalT whea hey got ,Uto action..
. VVs-iting icons -near the none of war,
hxrdaiBS!why th4 Allies have .sot yet
begun-a great sarlea af air raid on
Oerman eitiea. 4M.Tbe Allied air raid
on.Oermany aro awaitiag ihe .reeognl
tion ,by. th tOrpsan -people ,tbat tkeir
ralera , ara pisUkea . ia A plwy of ,air ,
rutkMsaaas,0 ,ha write. , . . ,
, H eay a also there is great nsrveue-
unrurs tthxoughoui jGermany, especiMlly,
inacxposea paus, pve.r (pe reported
intention-o,fihA. Americana toarry oa
air lavaaiona! l,7,T '.
(The ;mupltion i.p,lant explosions la
Oetmaa ' msnufacturinjf districts are
causing the commanders , anxiety ba .
eauaa of the : iuterferenea -wlth tha
steady .stream of explosives for the
troops, and also because of the ,nnret
which is' exhibited in the district. .
' -l.lt. a . ..
jumpsirom vr,;;DGV
'. r I ;'M - (..,':. J 'v- i-
Because he hubaad,'jamea Nawal,
had brutally heatea her, Mra Boeall
Nawai jumped iron the aesond etory
window of, their residence at Ijjiha
ana) Kukul vBtreets at two a 'clock yes
terday . afternoon witk suicidal intent.
Mie-wa taken to tha emergency bonpi
Ul where it was aAcertalaed thst she
bad Auatalaad only a :fractrl aakle.
feiha was. i however, . treated fur tw
'.'ahlssr'' wbichlker husband had ia-
OloUd with; what 1 she termed "hard
fanes! f. ttihe trs kept ia tho women's
ward for treatmeat. . Mrs NwmI U
ncareely . twenty three pear old. -
IMVLUI f 11 liLIf
-Xf. t .t?rrJ 'cy-f J 1 y.t

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