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Evan Frtend Hft Had Four Years
' Aflo Ar6 Now Lukewarm, Says
Washington Correspondent
' Link's Candidacy Considered a
Me Evert. If He Did Stuff
Senators Like Stall-Ted Oxen '4
' (Matt f pedal to Tha Advurtlser) .
WASHINGTON. ;Ireeemhr 2$ The
Governorship of Hawaii for tb nest
four year is believed to be hanging In
- the balance. If Governor Lucius E.
Plnkham is to be4 renominated to the
aenate it dotk not yet appear.- The im
'; preseion around Washington n eirelea
'. supposed to have' Hawaiian loformatldn
is that he will' not be. - Perhaps this
impression grow much from the fact
' that ho got through- the ornate oa Ma
. confirmation . voto four years ago by
the narrowest possible margin. ' The To-
port, currant then, that Ooverno Pink
ham In of heart a Republican and aU
'' vara had been Republican, -caused
much opposition -among ' Denfberatie
. senators' and ia the cause of -much op'
position to hint now. A considerable
group of Democratic senators awear by
the great horn spoon that they want
- a Democrat for Governor of Hawaii,
". and do net 'propose to vote to confirm
a Repnblieuu for that office. ,
. ' . Thia Democratic attitude, which ' ia
Very virile, might count for aomethiag
if the President should name Governor
, Tinkham for sccortd term. Juirt how
, ,' much the President thinks Of Governor
I'inkham is by no means plain, but it is
, known hat some of tn Governor's
very best friends when ho got hia om
- ination four years ago are now rather
lukewarm. ' And Tter all, it la 'worth
vr;.''wtule remembering that with all the
- brave talk of Demoeratie senators,
, how they never will, vote again to eon
firm a Rrfpublichn for Governor of Hm
wail under Democratic adminiirtrm
- tion. ' the said DemoeratlO . senators
' miL'lit huniblr richt about face and
vote to con fi I'm Governor PInkham if
the President said he wanted that done.
Etim is the kind of stuff in ninety per
' cehf of the senators and represents
tivea of-all , phrfies now iu congress.
. They brag, tuir blooming heads off, but
"their words mean next to notmng.
Zilnk? Ul . BaJ' fiawl Hawt ,
One thittg stands out .boldly, which Is
'.that "IJrik'. MoCaadlesa WUI not bo
nominated for Governor. ' AH Washings
ton.ysha jiows a,nyhug about t iXr
nation in Hawaii, laugning cui jooo
-. about tfie SlcCandleas Candidacy, aad
... the four Demoeratie senators who eanxe
f .back irohV Hawaii, declaring1 in clarion
'' tones fhaC bv Hum, a Democrat should
v' be the next Governoi1 t Hawull and
that his name should be McOsndlesa.
"Why JJnk had simply been shelling
f out for Hawaiian lWmocTacy xor sev-
cral venrs and It was a eryins; shame,
. , it surely was, that "Lin V' should not
" be Governor.
"'' Well, with Certain exception!, one or
. two exceptions, the Democratic seaa-
tors who went to Hawaii int recent
weeks measure their influence ia 'the
! npner loirislative branch by one vols,
1 and the White House has the data. On
.' them.- There is surprise that sueh a
good man a Henator King of Ulan
i t-should be tied up in that way, but aU
- the same, it is known, as a certain in
fluential person told President Wilson
hardly twenty-four hours ago, thai
"Link" wined and dined these Demo
crat ia senators when they were oa the
' Islands to ft point that was almost ft
crime scsinst nittuVe. This influential
persoange told the President that , the
' ' . senators stood tb'o feeding like stalled
oxen and came away to about for
. -4'I.ink" for Governor.
But it promises to do the Honorable
'Link" snmll benefit, for the story
runs with particularity that the influ
ential personage declared certain erael
things alwHlt "Link,"' that the Presi
dent added: 'MoGartdlessLyes I know
about hita- He is waat you ssy ne is
and he will not be appointed."
- ' Now it is beinc claimed that the Me
Can dicta candidacy may serve to fur
ther the renominatlon of Governor
Plakhara. For these highly fed Demo
'; . ratio semHsrs, etumoring in behalf of
their bounteous host, may stir up such
ft controversy as between. MeCandlees
-. and Clinton J.. Hutchins or Jftmes L.
Coke, or Professor Bryaa, it may be
come the easiest thins; for the President!
. to say: "Well, there is so much d(s-
sension about getting some omer man
lu PinkJram'o pmco It may bo bstter to'
let Governor Piakham serve oa'J , j
A very pleasaat feeling Mists here in
omeial circles toward Judge Coke, ami
At Is benevfBrilri wT aorpftdwt
ho ftisy be ie'a uoverasr.: f pas
been in 'Washington aultc ft l6f Sn8
come in contact with influential offi
cials. The Demoeratie senators ; quire
generally know him ad bad opportna
ity to observe hiin loug before be was
beinc considered for the Governorship.
The delay in nominating Governor
apparently works somewhat to isvor or
Mr. Hntehifts. who has been in Wash
ington ft fortnight. Mr. HutchlnW, as is
known in Honolulu, is not eligible for
Governor of Hawaii till February, by"
which tipie Be will hVe gatired legal
residence there, lie has had long
. talk iitft rVeretary of tb Interior
Ijitio, who asked him to file papers ud
' subjuTt some informAtion, regnrdiiig
Tilmsclf snd also regarding certain Ha
waiian bnsinessi Mr. 'lfutcins has
good bucking among senators and has
iaie sn. rxeelleuf impression durinig
hia alnv here. ,
sienotor King said the otter day he
KolUuaH Governor ould be ' Domi
nated for Hawaii very soon, but tt l(
" dAnonda unon the netimi of the Prrsi-
dent. If e hu very iimny official Cares
aad d.e not gt around readily tfcese
wsr ii.vs to luatters of patrons . He
may-delay a good while yet beforo the
nomination is niago,. uw aimpv
- not predict with auy ftccui'a'cy abuut it.
ff Favorably" Acted Upon and ' l'ut
into Force Thn. Island 'Will
Have Alisoiote Prohibition y
Fecfersi suppresidon' of manufacture)
iportatidny saJe,. transports taon aad
posseseloa ef lntozlcantft of ftay kind
la Oabn for tha ftnrsUM of ths war IS
indirectly asked for ia the resoluOOit
wbich James Wakeflsld hsa prepared
for pnsentstion bsforw ttis chamber of
eonnierc, Ad Club and fUitary Olubi
The resolution fpecifleo only ths.sale Of
intoxicants, but aU of ts other restrict
tions ar included in th lsW under
which Qtft nsolntiotf requests the Preot-
dont tft'fcot.'''" !'.?.' -'v-jv.!.''
If the rosoluUoft b adoiHoo tf ill
reproaentatlvo organlsftaotta of Hono
hii and tb ProsUUnt acta upon iti
thia Uland wiU hv proMbltloD of a
kind that-will- prohibit, with ' UncU
Bftm mttonoing to it. .
Notle of bis lnUMtto td' introdhes
ft- problbltloil resolution waft liven at
tho meetlnf of ths Ad Club on Wsdnev
day. In order thai tns members might
bars tints to consider it and bo' prs-
ttaroeT to take part in tba fllscuasion
ana to vote upon tM motien, Mr. was
Held seu his resotxribn to the prosldmit
of b Ad Club yesterday, with tho ra
il nest that it be given .on before tha
day or tho next Ad Club session. Tas
text of the resolution la) - - ;
' '. ' ' ' ; ' ' ReortttXon "., '''i '
"Whareai concteso by BoU'
T3 or tha Act of May IS, . 1917,
" makes' It. unlawful' to bars lntotl- i
' eating liquors at any military sta
tion, or to sell any intoxicating
Mquor to any officer or mombot of
tho military forces whilo la , nnl
form; tn4 , , ,-'.';.'
. "Whereas the clear Intent of eon .
. grssa la suae ting this legislation
. was to' prevent our military forcon .
from procmrlng and using hrtoxl-
; '- eating liquors during tho war la
order to thereby increase tho of- '
flciency of tha army by raising Its ,
- physical and moral standard; and .
i "wmrou thors is latho Olty.;
and Court ty of Honolulu ftt tho sov-
oral mlUtary posts a targe numsor '.
of officers aad snilsted man among' -whonk
art' gteatly ucroftslng
nmnber of now recraiu; and
' 'Whersss tha conditions la said
City and County of Honolulu art.
such that tho effective enforcement
of tho pro visions of said Section 12
axe practically imposslbU whilo.
snch liquor is permitted to bs sold;
snd '
"Whereas said Bectlon' 13 pro
vides that tho Preside of tha
TJnitsd;. lUtoa, am Oommftmdor to .
Chief of . tho Army,. Bt oothortsod
to rnaks such regulations coverlnx :
thX prphlpltlpjL Of. sjeohallc liquors
in or utu vj duuhj mspi mua to .
tho' officers or enlisted men; of the',
ray as ho mhy from tlmo to tint'
deem nocesaary or ftdvlsabW; ,
Ko thOMori' M' It reSdlvod
by that we most urgently
recommond - that tha Trosidailt
exercise his said . authority by Is
suing regulation, prohibiting ths
sals of Intoxicating liquors la tho
Olty and County of. Honolulu for
the period of tho war. to the nd
that tho purpose desired by con
gress may be attained; also that
tho civilian population of tho City
abd 'County of Honoluta may bo
physically fit to offldonUy comply
with tho demands tho federal gov
ernmeat may make pra them."
FVeiidoftt 1 5f . Oueen'i HospitalLOrflaniza tion ' Will Remain Active
Stands; UM
One -Night and Quits
Poiio Say Wit Mother Didtf
Want Him Out Nights, But This
li Caitiotfjaoe McDuffte'a
Bureau was "No Place For a
Trustees Replies To Dixie
DMiittro: statements
finmersvihai' have been current' ri-
eardlna tha 'Queen's , Hospital were
(rnuirht to a head yesterday by "pUio
Poolittlr." whoso ftdverti'sement ia'
thia vaner contained number or mnt-
tsrs which the advertisement said
shoubl be brought to the attention of
tho rrosteo. ,Ths items, as they ap
peared, -werOS ' '
: (a) i nni oerora - pis remnna
tlon aa superintendent, Mr. Roehl
nd hlk family lived awv from the
hospital (
. (b That since- tho affeptanw
of his resignation ho and his family
have moved bag and baggng hi to
ft cottage on the. hospital grounds!
() That this is taken as an
indication of insincerity on the
parf of, the trustees in announcing
(d) That tfr. Boebl stated to a
rererif investigating committee
that If it were not for the purchas
ing system under' watrh the trua
tiers' required him to wvwk he could
save thousands' Of dollars a year
for thO Hospital f
A reply to those Was srst to The Ad
Roehl resignation and its sv-
As Long As Services
,Are Needed
A number of . committees were ap
pointed yesterday by George B. Carter,
president f tho Honolulu branch Of the
American Itafeaae Roclety.for different
brsnrhos !of Vork in .connection with
the organisation; They will report on
results gained by them,) at the, mooting
of tho society next Tuesday noon.
No headquarters have been- found as
yet by tn organization bnt it is hoped
that a-rooiu in k central location down
town will bo found before tho meeting.
Anyone having such ft room to offer to
tho defense society for its headquarters
may commurtieate with Ueorge B. Car
ter or H. ooling field.
Tho soeiety will not announce in sd
vanes .aav nartieular' activities which
are to bo taken up, as premature oV-.
nouneement misht in some cases nullify
the endeavors of the committees or
make their work more difficult, but tho
results obtained by thorn will be given
full publicity.
Mot ft Cocrot Society
"It Is not the intention of tho-so
ciety to infringe upon the duties of the
vr vesteHay W-"' I secret service in any rtneet, ' said
prdsldeht of ' tho board of trustees of
the hoeplUi; wHO wrote in his official
capacity. Mr. emttn says:
Editor Advertiser "In a paid adver
tisement in th Pacific Commercial Ad
vertiser of tho third instsnt, appeared
pital, and to-that portion of the adver
tisement alone, tas writer oesirts 10 re
nly: i
(ft) Mr. Jtoeni, on nis arrival nere,
with the permission Of the trustees.
took- up bis reslnencan across toe street
from tho Queen's Hospital for the rea
son that tho superintendent's cottage
on the rounds waa la a dilapidated
condition. ' . '
, (b Early ia the year tbe rarpen
ter employed on tho hospital grounds
was instructed by tho trustees to ro
ws lUBimrini vj .uo i iiotcci iu w- r . ,
pair and enlarge tho cottage. This r".M rj
President Carter yesterday, "but never
theless there are somo matters in which
the committees will be more successful
if no ndvanco notice i given of their
work. ' '
' We will announce the work done by
the eosnmitteea when it is completed,
nnd wish to give full publicity at sueh
times to the work of the organisation.
This is not ft secret soeiety."
The olevea t charter members were
busy yesterday getting the names of
friends who wished to loin the soeiety
and for whoso loyalty and integrity
they could vouch. Tho names secured
will be presented at the meeting on
Tuesday, by which time it is expected
that the member ship of the organ!.
tion will Include ft largo number.
work required time nnd was done at
intervals when too earnenter was not
employed nt other work
' As soon as completed and prior to
his resignation ftl. Roehl started to
move his furniture irito tbe cottage.
Tho membership privilege is not ex
tended to women, of whom several have
already made inquiries in regard to
joining. Business aad professional men
of the eity arc . wanted as members.
Tho objects of tho defease society are
.Hnm n lan.iiir.i if mirel'v tiatriotic and the orffanlzation
- - . 9 .... .1 -..lit ...f. i ! A. ! M. 2
his -Intention to vacate tse -nouse ne wiu ronuu -ii! uunu
was thVit occupying. of the war and later, eat long as its
(C ' No insineenry has been indicat- services are needed. '
od r shown by "the trustees. Mr. A Supply Of tho Htertture which Is
Roehl's resignation is Anal and Was no sent out by the soeiety headquarter in
accepted by the trustees at his express- New York will probably be ordered by
ed wish. the local branch when the preliminaries
' The trustees have written for a com- of theiV roadisation hsrvo been oom-
tt experienced- hospital' manager, i pieced. 'This literature includes' many
Tho nte of his arrival is unknown at I interesting leaflMs and (IrtKles dealing
M montewt:- compotentcmeti'or taw with ehmy activities and omphasiMng
work rairnot be picked an on -the street. ! tho peed of orgsnirttion; wHhla xat
- (ill irpblie for the hospitni, in lite own land to combat thorn. ' V . ;
larger quantities, are 'famished under , ' im i .' -r '";
contract' or on a cost plus commission
basis. Where ho contract exists the
superintendent is not confined to any
particular place or firm excepting that
tho trustee- give preference to locSl
houses rather than mtk.Hig purchases Mi
the analnlasMl." .j .
(el ' .The legislature of the Territory
of Hawaii makes no appropriation for
trie Queons Hospital and has made no
aiprotriStlon slate tno session or ivvi
..At thdt session, for government ex
penditures, the sum of 170,000 was as Rustected of beinor an I. V. W. Svm
propriated and distributed in monthry pathiaer, Miss L, A; Dynbart qomcly
instalmenU -among the following ia- woman about thirty yeai old. vvaa -re-
atitutioos.fof tho csre of the indigent fUg0,i shore liberty : at this jott .from
sick, vix Qiiioen's Hospital, Hilo Hos- the transpacific linet on which she was
pifaV-Llhue Hospital, Leahl Home, Ka- traveling recentlv, upon cabled iustrut-
pioUni Maternity Home, Maluluui Hos. tieno fcora Han "Francisco, which wera
pltat, Walmen' Hospital, Elcele Hofqiitii received, it VftS said yesterday bv the
Suspected of
an I. V. V. ;
Not Allowed To tei3
oy Ridlrifl Prop'ensilies" of ' City
Employei'rfoe'd PAM
Action is Taken
Offlcihl ditiplessnre Was errecd T
no uncertain terms taut night by rtcsn-.
bers of the board nf superyisors with
reference to (He u-c of I'lfy-ownCrt Sn
tomobiles dri-en by hcmls, nf iart
meats snd cmyilovc en linsiness o'.her
than that pertitining to nmrbil sSrviVe.
nnd bvoilfiii up the v.M. old anestlon
again of the otnl.liKhmeiit of a clfy
and eonnfy gftrsge where1 svitos wtil be
kept at the cloc of the regulnr day s
business Sn.l rpr,nn,.l and niMisrnlnVd.
The iiperi.ri. or most' or them,
were not in a c.omplncent mood when
they discussed the innr'nlne of the em
ergency hospilsl surgeon aad thatof tho
eity treasurer, these machines causing
more ,or less unfavorable diarnseto. a. SintM
to the joy riding propensitiee of em t '
ploye. not only of these dcpkrtment. , 'Jtj.f 'J
but pmetirally all bnreaus of the city
Tar An They Wont
It resolved itself down (o a curt
jpjery of, " Well, what are you going
to do about it 7 ' ' nnd that IS about as
far aathe supervisors went,
It wss asserted by some of the su
pervisors that the mileaa-O nsed for
private riding in machines ; equals m
many eases tost for eity business. Air.
atelteima sfated that while tas treas
urer's ear was no doubt nsed for col
lecting certain funds outside the city,
yet the treasurer hsd told him 'at one
time, he said, that he had not person
ally seen the machine for inionths, and
that finally he took it homo and put
it under lock and key.
What; Would Ho Do Wtttt 'im?
- The sheriff wss present with 'a for
nidable-looking bndget eaUing for till,
000 for six months for hit department,
including n request for fifteen addi
tional patrolmen, several extra motor,
cyelo men, some more mounted', men
nnd four detectives, for the city aloUe.
Ho consented, however, fo eliminntf
Rescufng ' VesseT Is' Accompany
v1tT.Bomfogi Steamer Which
Is Heading For HortoUrk
A wireless ntesssgti received Ihte'yes
terday afternoon from the vessel whjeh
rushed to the assistance of the burn
ing ' freighter fchlsYe MSrw Ko. 'i'wf
.Wednesday night, said that conditions
aboard the stricken vessel remained
unchanged, Sd 'although tho hatches
had been battened down and water and
kWauY were being phor'e.r Info the holds
as fast as the pumps cbhld rk, tanott
greatly as they, were, the flames still
appeared- fo' no aaeheekod in- their trovh
of destruction.
The contain of the reseuina vessel
sent word about nrton thithe'wooid
stand by the burning: vessel until ar
rival at Honolulu; which would proba
bly be early tomorrow tnornfng. . t was
was making
hour and with
her position as given yesterday after
noon she should arrive off port shortly
after midnight. She was about three
hundred miles f rnnr here af'noon.
tvaterfrout officloln M 'ytwtafday
that, should the fire bo still raging
when she arrives off port here, if may
bo found ueoeoauTv to bench tho Bhinyo
in some convenient pines that -her holds'
may ho flooded. However.- any action
will depend altogether on a critical
survey of the freighter' tomorrow ntorw
tag. : . ' .... ,
A message received by Co). R. MrA
Rehofield oarly' yestOrdsy rtoruisg said
the fire aboard tho Bhinyo had beU
partially extinguished, but . those re
ceived later in the day would indicate
that the flumes had either gfner head
way during the morning or that the
blase had been uftdersstimated at tho
time the first report was sent in.
No Word has been received direct
from Onptnin Matsumoto by Castle.
Cooke, local Toyo Kisen Kaisbn agents,
since four o'clock Wednesday morning,
when be reported the" fire tu- the
hatch and asked to arranga for anuy
ply Of bunker Coal immediately upon
o cUr.,,r, s.m, r...-T . rf;Tkl Bfthirday morning. .
just one detective, three patrolmen, I . ft -
two mountexi omcers sno rnreo moror-1 g. aMa ueMt.
The detective' bureau of the Hono
lulu police dmiartukfiut has lost It
gentleman". "Gentleman Detective"
Norman Caura stood it just one niht,'
and then he quit, one might s associs-
tion with 'Chief MeDaffte eonvisciiii:
him, he oald, that the detective .bureau
was no place for a -gentleman, lbe
reason -riven by tho nonce is that bis
mother didn't want him out nights,
but there is 'tat bars , possibility that
this excuse in mere camouflage, given
by tho police to eoaeeal their chanria.
The "gentleman detective" didn't
remain under lbs guidance and counsel
of Chief WeDuffis long onoogh oven to
be, initiated, into .the mysteries of the
game of dominoes whioh,. appropriately
enough, are flayed with pieces or ivory.
He didn't stay with tho force loug
enough, either, to get that keen polish
to his gentility that longer had more
constant association with Honolulu's
exquisitely polite sheriff most inevit
ably have given it,
It's too bad, but the detective force
to longer has a gentleman to mingle
gracefully with society and look for
crooks, as the sheriff ststod the require
ments of candidates to' be. It will
have to gt along as best it can with
out a gentleman dotoctive. unless, per-
change, some other aspiring youth whose
noine lies are inss Tigmiy xnoimi
comes to the relief of tno thumb print
, '
I'artnershlp concerns ' throughout the
Territory must file with the registrar
of public aeoounts annual statemsuts
yearly beginning this yesr'iii accord
ance with one of. (ho new lowa onautml
by the 191? legislature. Firms have
until March I to file their statements
After tyhlfk a penalty of 5 a day may
bo imposed, ", Corporations are required
to file stutcnients in tho same manner
annually, '. ''-'' ,- :V, '."' '.;
sad AHSrt-latet Charities (Sec Session
Iaws 1-907 Act. 27, folio 320).
'HSiwee that- time the care of the i
digest Sitk hhs devolved on the coua
ties. ,
"fh' County of Oahu pays to the
QHeen'S ' Hospital two dollars jwr day
for ehch patient plheed in tho institu
tion. No' charge is made for operating
room,' operations, medicrnos, dressings,
serums-or vaccines.
"ThO cost to the hospital is more
hhaa tho income.
" All .of tho -foregoing rouid have
been learned by 'Dixie Doolittle' by
isnuiry of any of the t runtime.
.-..r GKO. W. SMITH.
President Boartl of Trustees Queen '
immigratron- anthorities only a few
hours before tbe big vessel arrived off
port. x ,.;
It is bolieved that she is aosot'iated
in seme woy -with several Hlidos who
are traveling steerage, all of whom
wero not allowed to Inud hero. The
authorities were given to believe tliSt
Miss thin bar 'had in hef fosMliott a
considerable amount of propaganda- lit
erature, but a careful -aoarch of her
buggage is said to have icvealej nouo.
Her passport are said to be bbua
fide, and for this reuson It is believed
hy sotue that suMiieion was aroused in
Ban fraUelsrO after the departure of
the vessel from that port. Although no
incriminating- documents were found in
tbo possession of Miss Diinbur, H wax
deemed Inadvisable to liermis her to
land in the face of the suspicions held
hy the Ban Francisco authorities.
-4-- M
Does Sleep Fail
i (OoasiuAed fromr Psgs 1)
srsalrer nrmics, not to oxcesd 3,000,
000 men. ,- ' .
Reports from Berlin and Vienna
told of nctivities on the part of the
kaiser and Austria 's king and the prob
ability f the kaiser at one calling
tho roiefcttsg hit consultation
Order Forces Out
Continued hostility of the Cossack
snd -tho Ukraaisns to the BoUhevitl
were 'also told ia Petrograd despatshon.
It wan said that aa ultimatum had been
issued from Kiev br tho Ukranian gov
srnnisat ordering tho BolaheyUil troops
wuaarawn xrom, tno uarainc wiiarn
twenty-f,our hours. I( was .also report
esh You?
to ttefir
Kidney troubles are very common in
ed that ftenoral KomiUilr was very " ounryv partly because - of the
mncKaUve, despite tho reports of . hU of making soatinued
wail V- vt.uvi wvin vk .iviwra. .
gives , ths system, especially tho kid
neys, no lime io recover. . w nen ine
kidneys are wonk you are likely to feel
death, or fatal wounding and was with
the JCoasacka in the Uon region.
The Moscow branch of tbo National
City -Bank of New York was reported
to have born 'taken Over as had previ
ously been the Potrograd branch in
connection with Other foreign and
private bank His houses.
News' of wholesale deportations also
had a -tendency to stir resentment in
Potrograd tbo published' articles say
ing that 300,000 roles and Lithuanian
had been taken to Germany.
WAiSHINOTON; snvary 3. (Asso
ciated Press'--Bir Cecil Arthur Spring
B ice, retiring British ambnsShdor, said
goodbyu today r to ltJsidchl - Wilsou.
all tised out and uervous, and to suffer
backache, headavho, dissy spoils sharp,
darting pains , and urinary irregu
laritiea, ,Tho kidneys need help, Use
Dunn's Barksche Kidney i'iils. Thousands-
reaonimend them for just such
troubles. ' t"
" When .Tour Back is I.ame Rrmem
bar tho Nome," (IJoitt aim pry ask for
a -kidney refttedy wW dlstine'tly for
Dean's Backnehe Kbiney Pills' and take
no other). . loan's BackachO Kidney
Pills art sold by all druggists and store
keepers or will be mailed in receipt of
prli-e' by the Hollister Drug Cov or
Benson-Smith A Co., agentssfqr the
Hawaiian Islands. - . (Advortisomcut)
cycle atcS from the "addittoSal lht,
and thia brought his proposed expendi
tures down about $7,000, but when all
was said aad done his. increased ev
pendifores still remained 030,000 more
for six months than for a six month
period ktst year, or 040,000 for an en
tire yrhr.
- The figures made some of ' tho su
pervisors gasp, and amidst their1 gasps
they found courage enough to lop off
men here and there, but still wore UOt
satisfied. As last night's session-was
only a caucus meeting, the decisions
are still subject to revision at a meet
iUS to be held tonight when the bod Set
j'wIH come into . general "meeting..;.
Tbo ' supervisors found . that certain
sums were being' asked by leads of de
partments grouped1 under general1
heading of maratonnnee.., They ddctar-
ed that some of this was for purchasing
permanent equipment, a'naT MeClellan,
for oneVfclt that the sHipervistfrS Should'
have too power left them t say what
equipment should be bought and this
could bo done . by special resolution,.
Bellisa felt that, this onM bUrdeh
the 'board with details which' would
cruwl Its timo and be felt thai heads
of deparfmonts, Instancing' fh fire'
chief, woutu properly erpohd tun mon
ey. However, the supervisors will in
quire into the subject in its large setose
and miy dw ermine upon a policy td
cover such situntioss. . ,
Balsaa Tor rirsmon- .
Raises in the fire department were
agreed to such as atChboys from 39
to 450 'a month, oris of them n mnfried:
man. The employment of four addi
tions men was allowed in order to, per
mit mora tlnje off for he force. Dnys
off are. now given ones in every -eight
days nnd the employment of four men
will permit n day off in aeven, similar
to methods In use on the mainland..
"If thia is not allowed," said Mr.
Bellina, "the city will face an ad
justment;' Of the hours of the fifWrnea,
through the courts, for they eah rely
upon tho courts to compel the eity te
employ' men' under the eight-hour law."
The board then agreed to the change.
Supervisor ' Prtrie, commenting on
increases, said the board should Hoov
prize. "Yes, and all this Hooverism
seems to cause the prraes of everything
to go up" rtiggestod BclliSa.
Mayor Is Buavpod
Tbe 'mayor asked for a five-dollar
a month - IncrCsse In pay for the fish
inspector', hut this wss soTidly voted
down.' It was 'decided to let the 'pre
tnutlon committee monthly contribution
of $250' ride' for the present, although
it was suggested that under fhe rirea
ent war condition nnd lack Of trans
portation, tbe Man Francisco office of
the committee might be etlf Out.
Palirmtf Xettlentent wilt get an 1
c reuse for the purchase tff supplies, tho
cost ot . drugs, . and' so forts, having
materially advanced
Th hospital appropriation placed in
the budget at 412,000,-a raise of 5,00O,
wns brought back to 7000. Leahl
Home will receive its usual allowance.
The. band r'equirenidntn wero mot, white
a suggestion of the mayor that the
board purchase two new suits or or
fiuial uniform for each man, waa mid
over to another meeting,
The request of the sheriff for two
additional Officers at vtsialus was onty
granted after' a letter was read from
Manager ' Goodare of Waialun plaata
tion. He stated that the district bad a
impulhtion of 60)0 and tbe present of
nrcrs1 were On duty as truant officers,
serving papers, rounhng up susptc.jous
eiiarncters during the day snd there
was no one at night to patrol. The re
sult ws that crime was on Hie iftcreSse,
nnd this needed looking sfter
Janitor Boostsd
It was -shown that the handiest man
around (he city hall was tbo janitor,
and he was given an increase to t0 a
month. Ia addition to , sweeping out
the offices, emptying waate bnuer bas
kots, and dusting, he assisted the audi
tor's offli'., ran errands for the eWk'
di)Hrtmowt, looked after the purchas
ing. uVparlmvnl and earned every tent
of nioue ho recoiled.
List 'of Property transfers ttade
Realty sales 'thtt Bare beU yiti
f through within, Ike last work Is'dleat
thht the huw meir is to open with a ra-
nowcl of astlvity.-" Anro tha onowag
sale wero made by tha realty flepsrh'
ment-of tha Hahwimn Yrwn Company
which Is under 'ths direction- of John
O 'On nor.
. Lot 9 of the :Bitfs BffeVCfrieVon'
Bates Street, with lmpTovemcnrsy waf
sofd by O. 1. ftoh res' and wife to Frank
Cafrlera for" 2300f W,o6 squsr feet
on Ityefceer BtrOct waa sold by. tho
Bushnelt estate 'to Mrs., C Waa and
Win. A. Bmith or H26J5: lAi 1 of fh
' -Wilder ffhot wan sold by W. C. WlfdeY
to Mrs. A., McDowell for $1950; 3090
square feet on Emma Htreet was sold
by the King esfato to George B. Page
for MStmt a lot in Ala Lone was so
Another sath that was mde fhrough
tho realty dephrfmtfht 'Of -- the Trout
Trust Company 'wna two lota on Clay-,
ton fltreet to R T. Hi by rang Chew
as trustee for 4900;.
tit tr. hrnua Kea iaamrry i. u .
rhOM- Hll Mr. aOd Mr. P. JtsHsoa.
M.tsmnun. ilt auiT Jlnt W. U.; TWI,
1'aptaln and Urn. owSK ; "W.-. Bj-JpOhfcfc-
Clllta. Miss U BOheH. Mis. .M, Petnn,
VHn n. AtHv Mr. aofl .Mrs. w. Kyorort,
I. miss eimjiai sr. sail .
1. K. . Boothbj. . Mrs. U
Ktarks. Miss I. Tracer. MIhs f, I.e, Miss
MsCAtnher, 8. U. iWJeu, H J. .Wentsell,
., . s.. ; Hormbiri Issilsry X 101
T.I ' '
A Uew1n,.UAU 2t
Brewer A . t -
Kwa fHsaist'lon' f4, t,
Hstso Hos. 0 '.i.W4.
Haw. Ajfrtttl. CO. .
Ksw. c. a, vs. . ...
Konoksa , Hn. Uo. . .
tfrtmmi 'SJus-sr' CO. ". . .
KUlU S. VH - .11.
K.S. Tsam. Uo.. ,.y.;.
M-Hr)ae Mnirar Vo Ltd.
OSSU' nes C. ry v
CMsa ftiiksr 'o- Lid. .
itwnsiw - nwrar '3 i. -A -i .
l'sSiilia Hun. riSsl. CO..
Wm-Iuc ar. Will , ,.
Psls'ltSBtstlbn VK . ...
Peieeliai Muaar V .' . ..
Plonesr Mill '0. , a....
Has Carlo Mniinr Cm. ,.
Wslluka ilusar Csw . ....
at '
Cadsn Devnlnpnient C.
1st Issue' Asm to Pi.
. !nd Issne PaM .
Ktrlhn P- F- !V 'w-
HSSf, i-nn. Kf-
WsM fon,' Hr. M
Hsw. Oalfr. Vom. ,J
imwnimn .ieine ). ' . .-.
Haw. Plnesnpis V. , ,.
Hon B, M. Om. . ',,.,'
tiitsr-Istsad N. K. Vm.-,
mu.i ssTt mj
am Ma. in, v. in, , .
ab KsUws A'U Co.-.
I'ssans iiunncr r. . ...
a4smaltnlnf PS. ,
Tsajosg fMsk ntuhbo tVJ u0hK4.
thuttr, -
Reab-Wark f. .'8u,..r..l...
His. '4ss. Kr. 0
.vrr avALo;
niv. ir, nev.
Raw Tr. S. Tsl. tan
Ha. Ter. KuK laiin. 4
.IssHe l10il .......
tvnnoss nn. .;., 'V J lit
irts Co., I.tf.. U . J'fVs'
ksuu Ky. os .......
aiHW- imp: inm o4.-
Hrn4 An.. I't. Aa . .
Mutnal. Tel. tts
Ulan .SuasC, Co., 6 . . . A Kt'
Padnc,Uuaao tt f. VoOes)nfi
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s .
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'( '
.V...I. ....
Ml .
;. tferwBfcW" Wa ibi : ': v
ois'a', rr. -nW, t.k ostin, hv wv tT-.vw.
k 10 ai.not. h, eu no, lwk h.-i
o.. at? a.mi; ,tuJ-m W.r, hum,
"vfa(arns'M; , 1K rO.'?i) tfaW'n
Ksw xork -v, .,..; ...,.'. . r. i. . .'
'4,'kvtm 1t ifitii amrissul
KFff roll;: JTanusftr' fBi A-..
Prui ronoxtins- ans res xm-n.
,i''sluf,.iu.iislUin of stwcks la tu
isrs ssarssr Tesisnjsv. .
i... I ,
A ' "t Ks!H
l. H. AUIsson and wife. B.-Van'H. Duler
W. P. Van H. linker. Bewy. Va.,H.
UnH.r, Kstie XM H. ImtcV. Wrs. VsW H.
tniui, , i e is .Tin, pimm
Mb lltjlnh Sud chfia. Miss
Ml Icrrrl, .Mr.. It.. IX, 'Wsll-
j.r. auu.sirs. unuuie
UW A. Pari. P. J.
t Hiker sid
A rmit.fM hT.
UHdgf?, ilUts Thoir.-,
a t ' o i.1 '
rial T, ni r. f . a , - an . n su mm, m
tsrtfo. M. M. llUrkestetn, U, J. cs
Mm. Pernandes. "ills Ulrssniul. M.
MHisr. nr. h. pnee. h. ivsksni..,
FHOM LAHAINX P. ll. !M. htr. l
Mrs. t. M. i. Usui Apk. Me. Akos,,Mls
t . mmwi. air. ini-ncti. . j. itnrseii.
Br sir. Kliisu frqa jvsunt.jsnnsr T-r
tochr,' Miss Alha. thus Hrt, 'l. M. 'Km,
hnws. ll. Hi IIIt-hcM-k, Miss Ksuslsliao,
Jni auil Mrs. Clmnnns, Mis . llatlis.
Mrs. K. Wood. Miss M- .'. V'rlr)it.,Mr. a art
Mm J. U. U,rtra I). H. Bsrsitrom.- J.
I . . : i i . j. " i. ... ... ...
Mit-Bir. n. ii.Miu, ansa iirmesu, 4iisa.a
Maser. Mrs. RtshuO, Miss Rlshon. Miss C.
A. Keahibs. Miss Ounuilns, K.
Miss Mt-hluultvirvSnlni. .Mr.
Mrs. tv.
Vt'Ucox. Mr. snd Mta. A. I uf sirs snd thrsfh-
er, Mrs. r., nrouis, .
PASflENOtR(lDtAltt ?
Br str. Klnsu for Ksdsl.' JVi snjiry . 3
sir. ana ssrs. n. u.. smirn. , i b oiv
art.- A. K. 'Inner. Miss Knli Horn, Ml
AUeen CaHer, Miss beta Perdu,- Mr. and
Sirs. V. M. 4'krUtlan sttt lufadt A. H
rliUe.'Trnsrre time 3urt(e .Unley. H,
holirln, Mr. ,ahd Mrs. E- ft- Rrn. V-
s ii oi I, Tsu Wo, J. U. Teves. Mr. sua Mrs,
M. Alifcu suit, three children, Mr. sud
Mis. T. Kuirkln lir. il Mrs., W. Klx
.. Mi., and. Mrs. John JI.. Bole, illm
Myrtle lUrvsjr, Mrs.-. Kdmuailsoa, .mlsft
Hewn j. w. Kcawuer. r raicr. . unr
klilir, Her. Akalkir Akab. BrnJBialn R
1 H'sers, ssi i . iwoia, . i sunn. , - .-n
lir str. Msuna Kea for Ijihsfna hall
Hllo, Jfsnnsry S Isaac Praser,. O. O. I,v
ln. J. M, Watt. O. P. l.ya-. Phillip
mirryhnC, Bwlncr Murryhao, !., HSn-ykss.
Hitbsrt Morrba, K. J.. kins, Mr. James,
W. 1.. Wtlllsiu. J. H. Cross. . Ti O'Brien.
r. O. McbluUlt. Mr. Van t'eortlsnd, Allss
I., ChaiulMTlsln. Mrs. Jsnte Bulsb, Mil
JsbiIhuM. Mats Wluslow. Mr. Lsmlt. lir.
H.h.i h, p. I., Jnsies. Paul K. Mchula. W.
H. Ilmsnkiin, Mlti I Kn.ulc, Mr and Mrs
l. T. Ui M. 0. Maurir. W. J. liumias,
Hunter p.
r P. lsW. Mis. B. Pslca, a. J'alc,
K. Pslaa. M. KIshHiarnf. P. ff. f-rons.
Scsl. I.. Metirrt. H. Heliert. L. lleberL
JH Meliert. Pivdcrli-k Itchert. A. K.
On... K. K. C. Van. W. J., JtfwcMtle, Jorls
flcurela., John Bell Jr., Mrs. KsoStsduf.
W.iuirs. . sttj
Hardee, Ml
tfrlsi A. ft
Mry mvt Vr.
r. . r . i. ,
noun. d.
nd Mrs. K. W
Lllu. I tl-.IKI II U' A WIM...W
vr. Mr sdJ Mrs'. aVl!rtiiirs. Mr.-s'nit Mr
11 Ueuriu. i'. P. Pools, IX Ijrllh. Miss L.
V, W ....... , u..l,k. fl 1 'rltlMa'
Hsawia, Mr. - snd .Mrs.
rm. Ak Tom, I
Mr. sud Mrs. A 1
ft. N. Uatso. Mrs.
Jcnolnvs, Ml I.. Mocrlai
nsr, a. I, mon, air.
Hiibr. MIhh U. It, I'lark.
I.roius (twirvs f. H"
l ' Msscr, r. V. far
liM I V. Klus. Tiimidors Bo.licrt. U
l...L..ddM'.. l' 11 -.rl.llUMU..M .
Anerh-sn Hugsr I'o. '-,
Assunsiva mi -j., , ......... .
Alaska Uold . i.i...-.i,.'..i
Anierisan Loconioll i
America Ti. a Tel. ;
Amarlcsn ttinsltee T . r.
aBwrioiia im sury
avoaua lvm '..
At. hlcs Hsllsss . ,
Uahiwhr. rjosrtt.-.-
BiftriMiens; tflfcl "ft"', -.-.if
snionus r-irou.uiBi ,
ntrl I-jst Ur f i, . ,.
anauian i-avinr .
wm rtvshThwtr van u .n.'s.
nensnal Motors rnewk
tireat Northern' u?.
Bidii.trtsy Ali-..h.. . .......I
wi',rsiiirs ..irsei vl-.-...
UhtKb . Vsllcr ft. II road . .
aWw,,Tr flat Cat ,
Keartiua coinnio,,. i,.-,.;
RrU.lfc lnsr rtrtOo ,
T 7
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: H",
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li'!. Pj -V' i....in. :
h esiem v mo .
r-,. - P' t lt
AN ritAS,l'IHt:U. , hmurr . 4
and clojlo qqRtatliin of t.itsr , . ,
to- m ths gi h-raactec i
ternary - . . : ... . .
lu I l
HaW'M rohi'l ! ,
IIIUU l.fll ll,
Il4nnks ftuys e
niiaufsr , i
ParfV .sVbi.iisV tV if -
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4.M ,'. .
UinJbmiu. Jry kvii '
- oik
IWn. Kb. ta'
ii..,..,, .t Hi, "f '
MoBian .niHla
Madcr Mlnlri .
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'to ',;
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sns 'Itlniliiim' liaii SiL.. a',l s-u.,'
'70 fjlBU Chr. 'Hsf .' !'
4.Wt OOO, j .4t- ; Uoool.l. 411, ls). 4,1 Ml. .
'.,1 , 4 .... t , ow .., , 1
If yon wtn tairt yout unr fur rh
hmr nam pa at Tha Advartinet .nt b
foro aooa today thsy will b raly for
taUiary tomonaw, , .;
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