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4.V ' t
! ;;' --.
.'.J . .
4(1 wish I could tea Red Cross nurse."
: A .'HoW often have we heard that wish of late,
expressed, with a sigh, as some ardent young pa
triot in petticoats ,gas at the picture of a sweet
faced, daintily-costumed nurse, seated at the bed
fcidje 6f a handsome young warrior, nicely wound
ed so as to require a neatly folded bandage across
,'.'hisfoWhead. 5orne way or other the Red Crosa
nurse's yl'e see in f picture fiever have to'look after
. v man with wounds below the chin.
. .But ev.ery girl cannot be a Red Cross nurse;
" ever girl cannot even be a Red Cross worker at
home'.'; Every girl can help win the war,-however,
just the same.
' .' This war is rtot going to be finished wholly by
he men and the women at the front. It is going
- to be finished when the entire nation men, wo-
men and children get into the war, and the soon
er they all get into line the sooner the carnage
J; will be pvef.
1 . The girl today who insists on having a new wool
sweater is holding the United States back a trifle
-from victory and is, besides, making it necessary
for' eome soldier or some war-stricken refugee to
go" cold.' There is not wool enough to meet the
demand for warm clothing for the soldiers and
' sailors and the frost-seared, homeless ones of the
war countries in Europe. Girls
their pink and yellow sweaters
they are nothing whatever but
persuade others to show a like
patriotism, will help win the war,
'; The happy bride-to-be and the
who will sternly discourage the
i vi . : ..
H l iu uictvsic vi burning uui yi mn aiiu mi ir-
nOuncement teas, with their unneces.arjr expense,"
will be helping win the war! The girls who will
refuse to' joy-ride for the fun of wasting gasoline,
. who will refuse to enter into any of the local imi
! tations bfl the Peacock Alley 1 parades, who will
: take a part ia seeing that there is actual food con-'
s ervation in their own homes, who will try to re
. member thai a hungry babe in Belgium or France
. or Italy suffers just as much as would one on a Ho
nolulu doorstep .and, is equally inneed of help--
those girls 'will be helping win the war and will
Ic doing their share, quite as much as those girls
whose good fortune it is. to be able to reach the
neighborhood of the .front. ,v V.- v
.-' It requires no costume, no cbeenng, np flag, to
be. a heroine, but it does require unselfishness
thoughtful ) 'consideration and a considerable
. amount of aticktoitiveness. Ever, girl cainnot go
to the front,' bat every girl can get into the fight
and every really patriotic girl . with the - proper
amount of gray matter under her
'the fight... :
' Now, at New, Years, is a fine
girls to '.tait-.in with their share
Grim News Today
TWO despatches received yesterday from two
capitaU should have a sobering effect upon
those who continue to look upon American parti
cipation in the war as a sort of moving picture
. rehearsal . and an excuse to yell "Over There."
' One comes from Washington,
' plans have been drawn up for putting the whole
nation upon a system of rationing, compelling
' . observance to the food regulations even into the
. homes."'; Thia ought to impress even the lightest
minded of as of the seriousness of the need of con
servation ' real conservation, not the average
camouflage kind most of us are getting by on.
' "The other despatch is from London and it has
an, ominous sound. It carries General Maurice's
warning to the British public to prepare to hear
of some reverses along the western line,, where the
' Germans are now pouring in the troops and guns
. that have been holding their positions on the Rus
fiari front- The Russian peace may not be con
cluded now, but so far as any help to the French,
.: British and Italians is concerned it-might as well
be..-. Russian guns will not be pointed again at
Germans, but against each Other, which is even
better from the Teuton point of view.
.' America cannot be felt in the war to any great
extent within Jhree.br four months at earliest, and
' even then' we' will only be'startirig ujkm'our' task,
fn the meanwhile the British, French and Italians
will feel the full weight of Germany, Austro-Hun-gary,Turkey
and Bulgaria in the supreme effort
these Powers will undoubtedly make to smash the
' Entente before the United States is ready.
'i VilLwin this war. but the tost in blood and
" treasure' will be less if each man, woman nd child
' helps and every man, woman and child can help
Ly saving, conserving, watching and remembering
hat jterjjM)o limit today to what we may be
called upon to do' by the government and nothing
thaf the government may ask is too difficult for
those to do who are really patriots.
::,rK, .
Abyoiitt who has once seen the mangled bodies
of men and women piled up by the cartload, vic
, tima ?of the panic of fire, is able to realize very
5 strongly the necessity that exists in Honolulu for
all ' picture houses to lc able to meet the emer
gency of fire without the surety of the long death
rtj to follow. Those who have never seen such
a xight should insist upon proper law observance
I hat there may never be any chance to do so in
this city
' A t
JANUARY 4, 19U. s
there has been
Let once
traders, who are
who will forego
in Hawaii, where
had promised his
affectation, and will
degree of decent
sweet debutante
frippery showers
f- tl.
hat, will get into
-i "'.'
time for patriotic
The 400,000
of, the campaignj roii Lt the Kaiser develooed vhe commercial re-
sources of; the
cessfully, that;
there created ,
financial life of
coffee crops,
announcing that
vassalage to Germany,
are some twenty
other coffees'
Another Hun;Bubbc: ' v
FOLLOWING Secretary Lansing's revelations
concerning the devious intrigues of Hun dip
lomacy in Central and South American, ' States
an awakening that .cannot but af
fect adversely . the future commerce of Germany
with these countries. Friendship is the" basis jof
trade, but where protestation of friendship turns
out to be pure guff, camouflage, and sycophantic (
cioubledealing'-when as in the case of Germany's
dealings with Argentina and Brazil, the baseness
rnd falsity of these alleged friendships are, laid
bare, the revulsion at discovery -will negate all of
Germany's well laid plans to fnake the trade of
South America her own. . 1. ' '
the German manufacturers, and
providing the finances without
which the Kaiser cannot continue the war, realiae
the hate which "German ( diplomats have aroused
against all things Teutonic, in the minds of loyal
South Americans, and especially let them' once
fully understand that the lopt of South American
trade has been forever taken from them by. the
bungling of. Potsdam diplomacy, there will 'be
revolution in Germany. '
The Kaiser and his fighting men having con
ducted the' German people to the mountain, top
faithful subjects to divide among
them the markets of the world. For as many
years as the Kaiser had planned the. conquest of
the earth,' German bankers, traders and manufac
turers had sought to build broad and wide. the
ipunaaiions on- wnico mcir wycrcign wis iiici,
to erect hi Temple-; of the. SwordJ ; 1
' For example,' when Braiil opened her doors to
European immigration giving to 11 comers mill
ions: of acres of the richest coffee lands; asking in
return that these aliens become citizens of Brazil
aa other hundreds of thousands of European sett
lers had already taken up lands and become citi
zens of the United States, Germari' 'duplicity; ! or
diplomacy, ihe1 words are synonymous, started
to build up. In the threev richest States' of southern
Brazil a Little Germany ,.- . .
V Four, hundred thousand Germans, vwho remain
ed Germans during, all. .the years while they-were
nominally rturalized'V- citizens, pf Brazil .wfe
held to their allegiance, to the German Kaiser and
his partner, ,4,German , God" by salaries paid
them individually, direct from the imperial 'treas
ury. Proof ql this fact is in the hands of our
state department, at Washington and enough evi-
aence nas oecn maue pupnc 10 acmonsirae xo an
South" America the peril in which they now -stand
through HunJ intrigue. ' ' ' . v''; f
hyphenated Brazilians on the pay
three southern provinces, so suc
they and' the great industries they
became : a controlling factor in the
.Brazil. Not only did these Ted
tons ! expand and modernize the coffee industry
but they' persuaded,, the Brazilian government' to
become their, banker. It now appears that, the
famous "valprization" scheme through which, the
Brazilian government bought up the surplils
keeping them out of the market to
artificially stabilize prices, was simply an adroit
German plot to so compromise the credit of Brazil
that she must be, bound for all time in financial
' Since these facts have become known, Brazil
has discontinued all . purchases of coffee. There
million bags of "valorized" cof-J
fee at Santos, Rio and other Brazilian ports, much
of it the property of camouflage Germans of that
Republic. '
Other "valorized" coffees of German origin and
ownership arc probably held in warehouses in the
United States, or may, even now, be taking the
place of Porto'. Rican and Hawaiian coffees and
of indisputably friendly ownership
in tilling government Army and Navy contracts.
Bret Harte : immortalized "The heathen. Chinee,"
for ways that are dark and tricks that are vain but
Bret had never met Zimmermann, Von Hollweg
& Company, or Solf, of German colonial fame. s
In Brazil martial law has been declared in Sao
Paulo and other German cities, the army has been
mobilized and the nation is on guard. As Am
bassador Gerard says in his book, "My Four'Years
in Germany,"; the Germans lack imagination, and
always underrate the intelligence of other nations
with whom thejr come in contact. As "supermen"
they admit their own marvellous perspicacity and
intelligence, but no one else can sec it. , '. ,;
Assuming that the whole world is venal they
have lavished their gold among spies, plotters and
criminals little recking that there is honor
that' cannot be' bought, or that the vast majority
t f all men among all peoples are incorruptible,
that when the test comes the honest men will sub
merge those who have sold themselves. -( .
Men who can be bought once can be sold twice.
The Germans of Minas Geras and Sao Paulo sold
themselves to a nebulous Pan-Germanic Empire
when they took the Kaiser's wages but they can
not deliver South America's trade into the hands
of Germany ' '
Republics are becoming almost as common in
Russia as are victrolas and phonographs in the
rural districts of the United States.
Grotf AnAru of th Army 13
tfevy ti M. C. A. ksi reiivcd tfrdart
t: report at rricle for . work
) miUUrjr rnatonment. 1 ,H will
lwiv';y shortly.', ' .,',..5,
Tii fund which U Ulng eolktet! by
tV AriasTttrth.. relief eoatmtttec
for-wr mffurwi ku bee inereM4
by-atet. $900 which h been obH
buted U Hoaolutu. A UrteBburt, P.
O. bo fMJ wilt eontina t reeelvt
Capt. Lloyd '9. Bargeas, Qaarteno af
ter Rerr - Corps, prom ted . fraai
q'uarteraaater' aergeaat at Fort Kama
bameba, ha beaa aenigned to aetiva
dulf and ordered to proceed to the
naJulaad Sad-report fee daty to th
,quartermatr-geaerat of the army.'
I "Cclumbua U. Hlma, brother of Harry
8imis.iDangr of Helale'a Tavern,
who tailed aevaral month ago for the
Mainland, haa written to hi' unelo,
8heriff Rom, that h haa oatiatod la
the-Medieal Corps, U. H. N., aad that
h ta now la training at Mar Ialaod
for active aervire abroad. ' -
1 Aa actio a against" the Hawaiiaa
fcnda Paekiag Co4 auk lag 10,000 for
alleged infringement oa a ' patented
invention,' which la earn to be aa im-
provemeat on ' pineapple . roring aad
itlng machiaea, haa been filed in tha
federal eourt by Archie K.- LJater, maa-
ager of the Pearl City Fruit Co. ;
.Mr. A. 8. Boekaor i bow domiciled
at. the Moana Hotel after having beea
a gueet at.ta Aieiaaaer xonag lor
aeroral raontha. th ' will give a tea
danr. next Saturday atteraooa ' from
three to. nix in the new wing of the
beach hoatelrr. The Royal Hawaiiaa
Glee C)ub will play for the dancing.
- The dairymen a association 'will meet
today to eonnider the Increaae of the
capital atoca, from, (25,000 to $50,000.
According to J ttLiu Bayer, prxtdent
of 'the aaaoeiatioa, the ejueatioa. of re
ducing the price of milk will not be
diacuaffed uatil after the new account
ing yatem haa been in effect aome
time, '
The AdveKiaer is informed that Vf.
V. Rartcln. ranihir of Kan. Hawaii.
who ia alleged by federal officer to
have made certain pro-uermaa atat
menta, i at a brother to Paul Bar-tela,-
aaoiataat 'manager of H. Haekfeld
k Co., Mdn at Hilo.- It (a claimed
that V. JTt and Paul Bartel are not
related in any way.
William B. Cattle and Boval. D.
Mead will be the principal epeakera at
tie regular,-luaekeon of the Rotary
Club ' today. Mr. Caatfe win talk on
his irlp to Washington and other top
ica . concerning the war, while Mr.
Mead,' appointed by ' Washington an
ebairnJaa of the Fdnr-Minuto Men,
will talk on the work of the movement
in Hawaii. :-' ,
, A rear's membership la the T. M. C,
A. was woa by Minru Bakata. a pupil
at the McKinlcy High Behoof In the
New Tear Day ' treaauro .' hunt held
yeiterday., The boy atarted at tea
o'clock la .toe morning under direction
from Glenn? Jfaekaon, aufl after a two
hoar', rna the young japaaeae found
the bottle in the: I. l. U. A. pool,
Twenty boya took part.'. .
, The recital by Ma fBelinaky which
waa planned, for. next week ha beea
poetpoaeo,.. it ta the viounut'a in
tentloa to, appear ia a Red Crou beae
Of ahortly. Clatae have been started
by the artist, for violin pupil and for
advanced , piano players, and in t li
near future ehamtter niukie will l tfek
an up- for the value of the eiprrience
to Violinitta, and pianiite alike.
. ' ..
Collector'. Hathaway Prepares
For Rush of Business
' Ia accordance with authorisation re
oeived aosssV time ago from Washington
the,' staff of the office of collector of in
ternal revenue has 'been increased to
meet seed occasioned by tha new "War
Revenue Act, It la atated that the
number of person from' whom tax pay
ments will be received under the new
law-will bo about trebled and the
amount of tax the office collect annual
ly will jump from, a million and a half
to over seven millions.
- Colonel Hathaway, the newly named
collector, yesterday announced the or
ganisation of the office for the new
J ear. . W. O. Ashley, Jr., is made chief
eputy, succeeding Ralph. 8. Johnston
who resigned. He haa beea In the ser
vice for a, period of years and was
regarded aa Johnston logical succes
sor. ,'-,-;
Lee Ring, deputy collector and cash
ier,' ta retained in that position whieh
he Kaa held for a number of years, and
Kddie Kekuewa, storekeeper gauger, is
promoted ? to deputy collector. This
change will become effective a soon a
a successor la appointed.
' . August Costa, collector for Hawaii,
aad Bosco Crawford, for Kauai and
Maui, are reappointed and W. M. Tem
pleton and J. 8. Mackenzie, who have
held temporary appointments, are giv
en regular appointment.
F. C. Harper and Donald H. Brown
are named . to handle- speeiat work in
connection -with income tax collections.
Harper I an addition to th staff. Miss
Minnie Butebaek. aad Mrs. C. J. J .aval
are appointed deputy collector clerk
and -will bar charge of the genera)
clerical -work of the office.
'Recently a general Increase in sal
ariea waa autborixed by the treasury
department.' Balariea that formerly
ranged from. 000 to 1300 a year have
beea laereased to $1200 to 11600. The
salary of,th ehlf, deputy baa beea in
creased to 2400.
FAZO OINTMENT la guaranteed to
fur, blind, bleeding, itching or pro
truding PILES in 6 to 14 day or
money refunded, - Manufactured by
v- 6. a, X;r. ;:-,. '-:5;:; v:;.'"
Dr; C. L, Stow, who ha been In the
city for the year-end holiday, wilt re-'
turn in the Maoaa Kea,ea Saturday
to hi Hilq home. -. ..
Mr. O. Melrin. well kaown real-
deat of Buva, Fiji Island, is among the
recent arrival la Honolulu. 8h f
peet to remain hero, a ahorf time be
fore proceeding t the Coaat. :
Mr. Edwin Aaitl Jone announee
th marriage of her daughter Catherine
Hay to Hueaell Lowell Rieharda, asiirt-
nnt paymaater, V. S. N? at Great Neck,
Loag Inland, on November t.
Ma.rmdcr G. Manrv. editor of the
Dally Poat-Herald of Hilo, who arrived
oa Tuesday-a ihort "bnalnca trip to
the erty; returned la the Vaana Kea
yesterday momlag to hi Big laland
home.' :' .'..
A. C Rockwell, manaelna director of
A. Hi Brodsiak A Co., merchant of
Suva, Fiji lalaad. wa in Honolulu yea-
terday. Ha ia here on a abort bualaem
riait, following whieh h will leave for
the Coaat, " -,t.. : '. I .
Mrs, Violet Rothman,' nee Jones, who
ha been Visiting her sister, Mrs. David
tj, Peterabn of Diamond Head Road,
haa aailed for her home in Ban Fran
ciaco. - Mr. Rothman.'. 1 a. niece of
John H. Jones of Honolulu and A. K.
lone of Berkeley.., .: j, t.t
"Georire McK. McClellau,' representa
tive of the Honolulu Chamber of Com
merce at -Washington, ia in doubt- aa to
what arguments ho should present to
the- government to aeenro th appoint
ment of a war trade representative at
Hoooluln to Issue liceaaea for Import
and exports, and has wired the secre
tary asking - for' apociflo instructions.
The' reasons why . each an official is
needed here will probably, go forward
thi week... ,. , , .. .
,. ., . , .fs . , ;
. Major Charles B. Forbes, former au
periatendent of public works, who re
taiaed his position' if ter he had beea
transferred into the army and left the
Islands, haa not yet resigned, but ques
tions eoneenunaT the aalary of the of
fice aeemiagly: have beea adjusted in a
letter written-by Major Forbes to the
acting superintendent, W. B. Hobby.
When Hobby assumed the position
after Forbe - weal away. Forbes as-
igued two-third of the aalary, or 200
a month, to Hottby. rorbe remained
oa th Territorial payroll and the $100
a month of tha aalary which he had not
assigned haa been aeeumnlating in th
auditor 'a offiee for tha past aix month
since be went away. It waa atated ia
the auditor' offle that Forbe had not
mad any demand for thi money, and
questions -were raised about the pro
priety of -paying It, ahonld k mak
oh a. demand. -It waa believed that
Forbe had no-claim to ,the money and L
eould not properly receive it,' ; Ia ac
cordance with Forbe', letter Hobby
will draw the full aalary of tha offiee
of $300 a month. Forbe' term expire
August .14, 1918. - r ' !
OPMrilBERSt)Ff ?
Questions concerning payments of -oial
aad athletie club under the' new
war revenue act are cleared up in rul
ings that have been received from
Washington by Col. Howard Hatha
way, the newly appointed, collector of
internal revenue. , , It is atated that
members of such oluba Whd paid; due
prior to November '-lit or a period ax
tending past that date, which is when
the act became effective, are not ex
empt from the thx. Club duals for the
period since th net kaa been in effect
are taxable and if a person at the be
ginning of the year paid due la ad
vance for the whole year, th amount
paid for the last two months, Novem
ber and December, will be taxed. The
tax amount to tea pereent of the sum
Another ruling made in connection
with the tax paid by theatera bold
that all theatera must keep a daily rec
ord of ticket sales or of tickets issued.
It is also ordered that theatera must
stomp on each ticket the amount ot tax
paid on it. This ruling became effec
tive December 15, ,
, .. '
LOB AN0ELE8 December 20 Th
ease of the government against the Honolulu-
Oil Company for the appoint
ment of a receiver for aeventeen quarter
sections of land located 'in the Meri
opa and Sunset oil fields, oa bearing
before United rttates District Judge
Franklin H. Budkin of Washington,
closed yesterday, so far as the submis
sion of evidence and documents in the
eaae ar - concerned. The argument
the ease are concerned. The arguments
will take place early in tke new year,
whea 'Judge Budkia returns to Los An
geles to near a aeries of withdrawal
Tha testimony yesterday detailed th
improvement mud by the Honolulu
Oil Company on each of thd aeventeen
quarter section, In the way of t?i erec
tion of cabin, derricks, etc. The com
pany wa prepared to offer a long line
of evidence on thia point, but the gov
ernment conceded that the condition
of affaire claimed by the corporation
. . r4, '
The following surti, by bag, ia re
ported by Purser Mitchell of the Mauaa
Kea, as awaiting shipment on HawalJ
LAupanoeno t ikmi
Honuapo l(, J, ,'..',.,,',,,.,., 800
Old Commission Pau, New One
Not Appointed, No Check
Now On Police Department ; J
'' '" VsnsMsBBBsnht 1 . '
Honolulu- Is today , without h civil
service sommiMion, , In th . language
or Mayor Joseph 3. Fera "There aint
no aueh animal." . A-'---.
With the close of the. old year the
term of office ot the former board ex
pired, and a th' 'board of supervisors
at their last meeting refused to appoint
Mayor Fern 'a nominees, the city is for
the time being minus a eommiiaina to
investignte charge whieh are continu
ally being effectively brought against
police officer. . ,
The opinion advanced by the 'mayor
yesterday., that the old board' cannot
act . a .h . hold-over . wa Subsequently
eonArmed -by Albert M. , Cristy, de
puty city attorney. Cristy said that
under the territorial law: a new com
miasioa - ahould - hav - been j appointed
prior to January i, iwis. ; , -
Should eircumetaaces ; arise that
would necessitate a meeting of the civil
service commission. Fern said he would
call on the' men nominated by him -J.
B. Lightfoot, John Markham and Na
garan Femandea to act temporarily,
pending a decision being reached by th
Cristy, however, la Inclined to the
belief that the mayor haa not tha
power to do this. ' From a casual read
ing of .the law, he said he felt certain
that the civil service commission could
not again exlat until the board of su
pervisor had approved inch candidate
a were nominated or agreed upon by .
tne msyor. -
Fern wns not disposed to say yester-
Saxrt? th.hop7rr.r'. 3i"
ground, management, & inepec.oand
milk inspector would be submitted toi
the board at Friday night 'i meeting.
Revenue Collector Notifies Those
Liable Under New Law To
Prepare Own Statements ,
Due to transportation . difficulties
and th paper shortage la the. United
State, the Territory's supply of forms
on which Income tax return ar made,
which . -were, due to arrivi this-week,
avs been held ud. and fhoea taxed
under' the new law are being notified
by Internal - Bevenue Collector - Cob
Howard Hathaway to list their income
and compile th amount of tax with
out the forma. Tb income tax ia now
due and payable. .'-'
'Colonel Hathaway yesterday receiv
ed a cable from the treasury depart
ment stating that due to the 'causes
mentioned the delivery here of forms
used in collecting the income tax will
be delayed, but the collector aald they
would arrive long before! th tim for
the payment of toe income tax expires,
which ia March 1. He said, however,
tnat those- taxed under 'the law could
familiarise themselves with its provi
sion and 'prepare statement pending
the arrival of the forms.
As the number of those from whom
ineotn tax will be collected haa almost
quadrupled under the terma of the new
revenue act, it was stated that it will
be impossible for the collector's of
fice to extend the aid in preparing re
turn that waa formerly given. Colonel
Hathaway said that as a matter of
courtesy his office would give every
help possible to those having payments
to make, but he pointed out that tha
law place the burden of preparing ro
turaa on the tax payer, who must
swear to their correctness. The re
turns then are subject to investigation
and verification by inspectors of the
department, If Such action is deemed
Under the law the individual's en
tire net ineome received in the year
1917 from all sources is taxable, if the
net income, after exemptions granted
by the law are subtracted, amount to
$1000 or mor.
,The shipping in Kobe, Japan, was
bard hit recently, owing to severe
atorm which occurred there, ainking
a number of nailing veasela and dam
aging a great many others, according
to information' reaching here a few
daya ago from the Orient.
The report says that more than thir
ty sailing vessel have been sunk snd
that damage to these vessels alon
amount to 200,000 yeu.
A a result of the atorm, which last
ed three daya, seamen were camping
along the eeushore, some of tbopi ha
lug only a small supply of clothing and
food stored away for the length of
time they were forced to live in th
Besides the thirty ships sunk, sev
eral others are reported to be missing,
and it is said that seven have been
found on the shore at Wadamisaki, a
short distance from Kobe.
. . . - .
When you have a troublesome rough,
It does not, mean that you have con
sumption or that you are going to hav
it, but it doea mean that your lunga are
threatened, and it ia just aa well to be
on the safe side and take Ciianiber-
Iain's Cough Kerned y before it i too
lute. For sain bv all doalnra. Benson.
bmitb Co., Ltd.. agent fo Hawaii.
Advertisement. i( . '.x ' .'',...'.'.',
He Says They Must Conform' Tp- '
Requirements of Law Or v . '
'J : . Close Down . '
GRAND JURYwilLT. , . : tiis
Criminal Disregard To AD Author
': Ity and Lives of, Patrons Ex- ' r
Cttr'affirtebj'twlll not;wi for tho,
toll of death from illegally- maintained
picture shows and theater to remedy
the glaring defects there, was the state
ment of Fire Chief Thurston last night.
Neither will the- territorial ' grand -Jury,
if a , reliable rumpr going the. ,'
rounde yesterday prove to bo true. It ,
wa strongly intimated from aa autheu
tic source, that a thorough taveatlga-
tion into the appalling condition pre- '
vailing among the cheaper theatera of
thi city would be conducted by the ,
grand jury-within th aext few daya.'
- "That article of Th Advertiser last .
Bnnday Week outlinea tha exact state
of affair existing at practically aU
theater la th Oriental section of Ho
nolulu," said Fire Chief Thurston ye- .
terdav. -"It a erim to allow thorn.,
to conduct their shows a at present, ,
and I'm going right after them. - They ,
will have, to conform immediately - io,
the requirement of th law t eloe
dowa. v., ;.v'. ,
Vj Opeoiy Violated '"r :
" . 7 T L...
peated warnings given at varjous timet
bv the fire department. .
J. The t Independent Theater oa Hotel,
Street, between Nuuanu and Bmith ,
Htreeti, wa picked out. by the fir
chief aa perhapa th worst of a bad
bunch. Here a criminal disregard to
all authority i exhibited on every,
hand. There I only, on -exit, other
than the narrow main entrance, and
that ia alwars loeked aad barred. Ia
i rt mi ii err ti ii inrtTrtl
my ruin-1 mii v
fact, aeat ar jammed against it, mak-
ing lta Use impossible. . '''',. '.
" am really afraid to think, what !
would ' happen in that place ia tha' '
event of a fire," said Thurston. "Un- :
doubtedly there would be a loss of
many donens of lives, beeause the thea-
ter is nearly alwaya crowded, and hotV ;
more than two can squaese through th
entrance door at on ,time.f j , "-.,-' '
Danger. Zmminant : V...-'; .-.jV; ' .'
' It la at the Tndenendant Theater thht
tie door of the 'operating room I al-"
lowed to remaia ' wide open with the
highly Inflammabl films lying oa th?
floor ready to flaro up jus as aoon aa .
a spark from, a, cigarette falls upon it. .
That there ha not been a bias ia thi ;
theater before today ia aimply a mira
cle as a crowd, of smokers alway are-,'
congregated around th operating door. -
The condition ia moat of th other ..
nickel shows are almost as bad, tho -fir
chief admitted. The awful stench
that permeate th atmosphere ta ple-
tore house .was almost mentioned at ,
being -worthy of attention. .'Vy.;y
Will Take Action , V . v. "
Fire Chief Thurston said he had .la- v
tended to take action even before Th .:
Advertiser touched on the theater sub
ject, bnt due, to hi scalded foot, which '
had necessitated hi remaiaing at homo -for
over three weeka, h had beea an
able to make any reasonable progress. ;
He Is determined, however, to see that ;
all picture honses are at once made'
aafe for the patrona who attend them,
The greatest difficulty confronting r
the fire department is in keeping the "
theater managements op to the mark. '
"When spoken to," Thurston laid,
"they open their exit door, aad elos
th door of th operating room,, but '''
they get laay after a few weeka. and
lapse into carelessness. What we need
is proper supervision some officer, who ,v'
could drop into the theatera occasion- t
ally, and see if all is in order but I -haven't
any men for that."
A prominent local resident in speak- ri,
Ing of the theater problem yesterday
said be thought it would bo a good idea J
if the.beelth authorities took a hand
in the matter; thereby adding th terrl- V
torial grand jury in the investigation .;.
it i aid they intend to mak.
Other spoken to on th subjeet
agreed that action should be taken, and
taken Immediately If Honolulu was tot
be entirety-freed ot the possibilty of a "
theater horror.
i'.l V .
Cabotage Practised In Mills of,
Beporls of damage to engine and
hoblaery in mill Wd logging camp '
in we'sturn' Washington aa attributed -by
federal agent to German spies and '
sympathisers Ja . an attempt to delay .'
the manufacture of spruce and fir for'
aircraft snd shipbuilding purposes.
An attempt was discovered about two '
o'clock in the morning recently ia. th '
Ht. Paul ft.Tacbma Ijimber Co.' mUl, .
wheu aand wa throwp luto the big
Corlis engUie that turps the -whole
plant. It caused a delay of about for'
ty hours. President Everett O. Griggs ''
said there had. been no trouble of anv "
klud with th men iem ployed in the mill
and ther waa ne reason to suspect any ' '
of them. ' k . ."'
Governor Lister and the State Conn- ,
il of Defense were notified, i It is said .'
in some places tb mlsuhief maker
have plugged up the water glass and 'i
drawn off the water, thus deceiving tho ; '
engineer and damaging th boilers. '.'''
' I

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