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vol: urJ'Nb. 3-
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; Ucetirs Regarded Most Por- 0Mt A'
. : , tcntons Shce Outbreak of ?
; "i '; .' .' . ONDON; January (Associated Press) Calmer feelings, wert
M -v X4 .indicated in Cjerman parliameritary circles following' the appa
rent collapse ol negotiations ior
.'fiterdam messages yesterday indicate but the unrest and agitation
;V n the Socialist party has assumed proportions that may -produce re
suits tf, great moment., jTh Taggeb,at,: i reported tq view the ssit-
) 'VS'.J : ; ' V MEETINGS OF
On the other hand; tbeWolrwaerts.'1 referring to. the Socialist
'meetings' that were held Sunday." says that these "were perhaps the.'
; most 'momentous of any since August, 1914, meaning sihc the be-
- ginning 61 the war.'.Tt points'out that the Socialistr aire more than
ever anxious for peace since '.'they have had their hopes' of the 'break
is -r it.'- ' tL: C:u ..j iL.iUL.... : i
ing up oi mc Mimiiyc aiscu .w 'u Tutii uu iiti lyit i tunc
f Z .'..t.iJn 'ji. V2,rAi.l . twlAM a f tA niA.tlnfr ' flint niiYi TaV
' ''M annexationist faction Is using its
fall of von"Kuehlrnah as foreign
:V inimical to the Pan-Germanic,
t., - Support is given the government by the labor party ot the tsraa-
" denburg province b( which Berlin is the, capital. .At the meeting of
. , the National Labor Party' of that province oh Sunday the viewpoint
' was taken that the demands of those supreme in, command in the
V' departments of the East and of; the' West must be considered deci
"J ; ;; aive and the laborers must bow to them.
; Finland is recognized
. Either. Germany considers negotiations at an end with. Russia
or is making an effort to force the.Bolsheviki hand for yesterday
Berlin officially recognized, the independence of the new Finnish
republic, , Prior to this, and before the negotiations were interrupted
Germany had notified the delegation of senators from Finland that
they must wait for recognition Until the wishes of the Russian gov
ernment with which Germany was then negotiating for peace had
been learned. It might, .therefore, be taken that the recognition
granted is also a declaration by Germany that it considers negotia
tions as ended. '
Ratmia U seeking to put Itself la redinM to- resist aggression on the part
of th Central Powers. . It recognises its own weakness autl roanv of its mm
nave left the front and gone home.; How effectual aesistaiu'e it r'oul.l make )
uncertain but no offensive need be expected,' . , i
Advices to the .Daily news from Vetrograd toM of the strengthcninir of the'
army by the Bolsheviki gvoernmeat in preparalibtt for a resiBtaucf moiiip sort
if it be .required as may be anticipated with the armistice ended an it is likely
to be. This information was given by M. Badek, one of thr iclc(rate to the re
rent conference who said: '
"The Bolshevikl are sending home all soldiers who do not desire to Unlit,
leaving only those ia their array who are willing to light for their political and
military ideals. . ' ,
"We do not desire the help of the Allies in our course. Our strength lies
in our weakness. The Germans can drive us back, but whnt good will it do
tbemf The country behind the frout has been stripped bare. The UerinniiH do
nui wisu niiiMuus ui starving peupie on
"If we accepted Allies help, the
cp ted Allies help, the
stroyed, Wo and the German workers
many attacks us, it will display itself to
According to a diplomatic despatch, the German-Austrian BoiioliHts of Aus
tria have wet and passed resolutions favoring the' trauformation of Austria into
a state of federated nationalities. The new project is based on the abolitiou of
the seventeen province of crown lands and the substitution therefor of dint net
autouomy. There is a vague reference to the dual system which the resolutions
declare must not b allowed to stand in the way of reform, -
me proposal is said to be a serious
ot Karl Keener and Otto Bauer and honestly meant by Its promoter, the Cxi h
rwciaiisis nave roorgamseq ineir party
C'xech-Blovak ludependenc as their own
"Nothing can conceal the seriousness of the situation 1n
an official report received today.
"The desire for peace is universal and there is a general resentment against
the country 'a dependence on Germany.
"Livestock ia being killed forlack of fodder but the supply of leather Iihh
not appreciably increased and food condition have not been relieved. A recent
ceoaus taken ia thirty towns revbals a great increase ia the death rate and verv
Jkrge decrease in the birth rate, discharged soldiers are bciritius iu the streets
of most of the cities." a .
WASHINGTON, January T-(Asiiocia-ted
Press) Senator E. D. Bmith of
Houth Carolina, ranking member of the
interstate commerce committee of the
upper house, was today ehoaea chair
man of the committee, to succeed the
late Henator Francis 0. Newlands.
In this position he will have eharge
of the administration 'a program of rail
road legislation in the senate.
WASHINGTON, January T (Asso
ciated Press) The national bank call
was issued today as of pocembec fll,
-V,. ':' :, ' . ;! ;.': : ' h .
I .It III III ' -v II II II W , 1 "tf TV . 1
a separaxe peace wnn kussis, ym?
every: effort' insecure he down
minister 'since it considers-him aa
plans' for . territorial aggrandikatiorri l
iuir naniis.
signiflrauce of our position would l le
signiflcauce of our nosition woul.l l l
stand for, a democratic peace. It' (e
its own teoide In its true light."
effort; based on the profound studies
ileftly adopted the programme of
Austriu," Mtuten
WAMUNQTON, January 7 (Associ
ated Press) General Pershinx today
cabled to the war departmeut report
ing the death of a Keutenant and a ser
geant of the American forces, iu an uir
plan accident.
WASHINGTON, January 7 (Asoci
ated Press) A-1'he supreme court today
held that the selective military service
act passed by the last congress is con
stitutional.' . Th vote of the justice in
favor of its eQattitatlbnality waf uokul
; Ste A Friendship Redely Shattered &
pipjii vpfiHrinrMT
Hearings Before House Commit
tee On Constitutional Amend
ment End Bailey Opposes
WASHINGTON, January H (Asho.
eiated Press) Hearings upon the pro
poned constitutional amendment that
Would rant votes to women were
closed by the house committee yester
day and the vote oi representatives
will bo taken tomorrow.
Opposition to the umendment was
emphatically voiced before the com
mitoe by Joe Bailey, the one time sen
ator irom ejas. He contended that
women were not entitled to the ballot
because, he asserted, they are incapable
of performing the three principal duties-of
SuflrraKists expressed themselves lust
night as confident of winning their de
mands in' the present session of con
gress. Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt
voiced this sentiment of. confidence
when she said:
"Aa to the final result victory for
the federal amendment. One can never
be certain of vote until it is taken,
but In my opiuion 1 believe the passage
of the amendment is assured. We hope
for a vote in the senate immediately
following the vote in the house. It
sounds very optimistic, but. 1 believe
we will -be able, to move out of our
Washington headquarters February 1."
"Are you prepared to go into the
congressional elections to oppose those
candidate who do not favor the fed
eral amendment if the amendment docs
not pass . congress t" Mrs. Cutt was
asked. .
"Thre is no 'if about it," she re
plied.' '"0ur time baa come,. We are
goiug t winl "
warISeWis '
. subject of protest
.... i
k " '
Representatives of Large Inter
ests SeekJRemedies
WASHINGTON, January V (Asso
oisted Press) Meet inns were held yet.
tenlav and will be coutinued tuiv to I
consider the matter of proponed chunire
iu the War J I,aw that liiduMry lie
lievea to be necessary. At the meet inn
were representative oil and mining
men,' coal and mineruls, and other lare
At yesterday's session war profits
tsxeo, questions of "invested cnpital"
land other phases of the la., Hint are
called ioeiualities were considered. It
4s planned to , formulate a list of
changes that are considered essential
and, rt6, present ' theae to congiess urn
jug remedial ' Jegl.M.lutiou ' iu em h re-
mm' ....
4 I1' 'il'. '".'J1 ;i.J'mmi" : ' i isiiiiT'"' i ill "I
Development Board Makes Den
nis Kearney Turn In Grave By
Urging Opening of Gates To
Some Celestials During War.
8AN FflANCISCO, 'jannary (As
soi'iated Press) California was put on
rcconl as favoring , a limited .immigra
tion of Chinese by the action taken liv
the California Ievelopment Ikisrd
yesterday. That body passed a set of
resolutions favoring the opening of the
gates of the country' to experienced
Chinese farmers and farm labor during
the period of the war. The resolution
has its limitations, however, since it
says that- the. board Is unalterably
opKsd to the importation of Oriental
labor which cannot tie deported when
it shall be deemed advisable.
Moved by the growing demand for
lalior upon the farms and ranches and
in the orchards and vineyards of the
state the development board undertakes
to reverse lhe staud which California
has takeu for so many years. s to the
admissiun-ef Oriental labor.-
The agricultural interests of the state
ug.lejtook in some instances to secure
exemption from the' selective draft .of
farm labor, especially in the case of
vinyardists and vome ,of the orange
growiug associations but were without
succesM. It will now I'O urged that in
view of the loss to the .agricultural
aud horticultural industries of much of
the labor that was formerly available,
substitutes must he supplied.
Actiou in the present congress is to
be urged by the developineut board
and'siruilur action is exietated from
other states. Already Houth Dakota
through its governor has requested Chi
nese labor aud it is believed that a rc
quest from California will have more
effect upon congressional action than
would the request from any other state.
Will Come To United States As
Ambassador Controlling '
War Activities
LONDON, January 7 (Assoeialcd
I'ress) Karl Heading, Lord Chief .lus
lice, will j;o to America s the direct
representative of the British war rnbi
net, it- us 8 indicsted today, with the
title of "ambassador controlling war
uctiv4tie." Lord Northullffe will con
tinue, in active direction of the Ameri
can mission iu Knglaud.
i' ! i - in .
Measure Which Vitally Affects Oil
' "-' Companies Is Adopted" .
By Narrow Margin;
' WASHINGTON,'; Jannary 8 (As
sociated Press) , By a small mar
ia - of Ave the senate yesterday
passed the Walsh-Pitman land leasing
law which providea for the leasing of
certain coal' and oil lands by the gov
ernment to operating companies for
term of year with the title remaining
in the United States. The vote was
,17 to 32. The bill will now go to th
house where it iikpeeted to be passed
by a similarly close vote.
The bill passed by the senate yester
duv has had a stormy career and would
prquably not . have passed but for the
war interest which attachea to it. Sev
eral time its; fate, seemed to be in
doubt but an agreement was .finally
reached that it should pas in the form
in which it was adopted by the senate
yesterday. Especially from Califorala
there aaa been A bitter oppqsitloa to the
law especially from those who have liti
gation ta progreaa affecting claims In
the Taft withdrawal area.
. , i .
Investigation of 1 Charges To Be
Resumed Today
WASHINGTON, January S (Asso
ciated Press) Preliminary to the re
sumption of investigation by the sen
ate' of the charge against LaFoIlctt
today, the American Defense Society
filed specifications of the . charges
against the Wisconsin man which were
tiled by' the directors of the society
several -weeks ago.
The investigation of his course and
utterances is being conducted by a
special committee of the committee on
election and privileges.
WASHINGTON, January 8 (Also
elated Press) Kxportation of butter,
except to nations associated with the
Untrfed States in the war against Ger
many, has been prohibited by the War
Trade Board. This was disclosed to
night in a statement by the food ad
ministration requesting butter makers
and dealer to abahdou certain type of
package used In shipping butter to
the Orient, the tropics and other coun
tries except the Allies.
Needed Labor For Agriculture,
Shipbuilding and Government
Contracts To Be Organized By
New Department
WASHINGTON, January S (Asso
ciated Press) Mobilisation of three
million worker for agricultural labor
and employment ia the government
shipbuilding yards and In war con
tract piant iievoted to tne purposes
of the I'nited States hss been under
taken and ia to be entrusted to the
United States employment service.
To handle this vast and hiirhlr- im-
portaat work of supplying the labbr
aenftswiry- for the proper conduct of I
these industries John B. Densmore, so- j
liertor for the department of labor
u," loVmeL"1 MrvS.!""1 " Rwolutloii Expresses Willingness
pi for an equable working out' To Leave Federation If Prcs-Vt"JtTre.V-"aXw:
enceof Province, Be Consider-
purpose of the service will be to place I
labor where it Is required and whea
required at the shortest possible oottee,
to prevent overcrowding of some .in
dustries and an undar-supply for others
and generally to .keep the labor market
well balanced la supply and demand. It
is probable that those mobilised will
oe arawa largely rrom wirat the kerrtce
may determiae to be "unessential pur-
?l.'V't' 5 .-!.:'.' v - -6. '. .
T . 1 -
British Destroy Defenses and In.-J
inflict Loss-Casualties For "Ml
r u ,: ; weeK Are noi Large
'LONDON; JanWey t 4Ufoeiol
Ptisos) BritisH '- soeeesses) in ' Arabia
K'..f told in o01(4al-4spatr,es-twreivt
lMt night from Aden, the British port
upoa the Southwesterly roast of Ara
bia., - Oa raturdy the i denpatche
aid, the British destroyed the defenses
of - Hartum and inflieted considerable
losses upon tb, enemy: "X i '
Om the Italian front the British air
patrola. were reported to" be very ac
tive, eroesing asvd reeroseing th en
emy's lines ia the' Piave' eeetor . aad
eanaing alarm in the, Aoatro-Germaa
rank in anticipation of Italiaa-Al-llod
offensive, , '.", -.V t-
.British eaaulatiea, in i report giv
en out last ' night which covers the
week ending Saturday night la all the
ater and all sector, were comparative
ly , small,, clearly indicating the lew
ever military operation) and the
checking' of offensive by the wintry
weather. - . . ..
Total casualties for, the British
armies were 18,998. Of these 11.1 offi
cers; were killed fir died if wound and
448 were i wounded or reported miss
is g.. The list of enlisted men showed
11832 killed and 14,605 wounded or mlas-
. . .'.
Director General, Enlists Publio
Aid In Having Consignees
Unload Their Cars
WASHINGTON, January 8 (Asso
ciated Frees) Director General of
Hallroad MeAdoo has designated next
week aa "Freight Clearance Week"
aad purpose to conduct' on of the
energetic eompaigns. -to. enlist the ser
vice of the public; which have pre
viously proved successful under- his
guidance. This special campaign will
be, worked, la ever part of the main
land United States and all business mea
will be urged, to have unloaded forth
with all car which may be consigned
to them, ..
As the firt( step la th government
assistance to railroad fnaneing Inter
state Commerce Commissioner Daniels
requested the varlbu railroad pre!
dent te wire him immediately the
amount of capital tbey will require for
their road this year and also a sep
arate atatemeat of the amount needed
for- the flrsf six months.
' lie asked them to detail the precise
purposes for which the funds will be
needed whether to meet maturing e
eurltie fir for improvements and eon
st ruction.
WASHINGTON, January 7 (Asso
ciated Press) Hearings are now being
held by the bouse appropriation com
mittee on the urgent deficiency appro
priatioo bill of 11,000,400,000. Seer
tary uanaing appeared aad made a
atatement of the necessity for large
fund to meet th war need for ta
eurreat year.
Question One of Most Mo'mentc: 3
That Has Ever Come Up In t;.:
Dominion of Canada .and May
Stir Empire ;' ' "
eu inimtcai .
UEBEC January . fU-Unlcss
efforts to ie!ure i further
adjournment of , the ' matter are
successful, t ' ;debate will be
launched in 'the Quebec legisla
ture, todaj which will concentrate
the interest of the whole pomin-
lon and be regarded as important
throughout the .Empire ; Jhis is
a debate on a. resolution suggest
ing fot the: fir9t time since the
confederation ? of " the: provinces
and the formation ofthe Domin
ion of Canada "thaf iqne party to
iwe , contederation might wit';-
'"The rfif"tw,'n '; ,f '
ir worded-atiy.hu.., .
fewierttofttt)Uld- tof,-bc i . -ari
expression of Quchcc's v,
ingness Iq. Svihdraw from ft
unior if otlier-section of t!
union believe , the . presence of
Quebec t6' be harmful to the pro
gress of the country as a y. hc,U
but behind, it is heaped all t! e
rancor of years which has con;
to a head ince the war ami t'
failure bf tie- French Oansdians to 1
vance With the English-Canadian f r
the preservation of the Empire. Just i
ficatfoa for the wording of the relu
tioa Tomes ia. the bitter comments t,f
the Canadian press and publicists tl. .t
the special privilege given Quebec i a
her state Roman Catholic eh urcli an !
the right to retain Prench civil lai
and the French language have held tl..
rich province back ' Industrially nu i
bave , generally retarded Cauadiau oi
yaaeement. '. ... y....
Tmteomu Bponaor ": .
Urn stArtlinir resolution mum intro
duced into the legislature on Decern
ber 20, by J. N. Traoeoeur, member for
the County of Lotbiniere. It was:
c Ilia this bouse i of the oj.inion
that the province of Quebec woul.l
be rilsjtesed ' to accept the rupture
of the federation pact of 17 if,
ia the opinion of the other provin
ce, it 1 believed that the ssi.l
province is an obstacle te th union
and the progress aad development
f Canada. , -,':.;...
The presentation was nn i r
the jhofidays and the debate was put
over untif January 8.:. The resolution
rouowect close an the heels of the u
nouncement of the result of ! ,.n.r-1
elections, la which the Union govern -
t(wuv, uuuer eoraen, was returned t
power, with a majority of tweaty-eiht
seat. In that election, Quebec wa the
only Province to vote against BorJ.;u
had his eossrription policy.'
'.m; 11 11 I 1 ill V ,
Secretary of War ' Adds Trans
portation and.' Storage . Ar- .
rangements To Duties
WASHINGTON, January -.(AsoI.
ated Press) Maj-Oea George W. Coe
tbala has had hi duties largely increai-'
ed aader- orders of Secretary of War
Baker, issued .yesterday; la; addition
to the duties delegated to Ulm when ha
ra recalled to active serf ice December
18 and designated a acting quarter
master general, he has now been des
ignated as director of . transportation
and atorage for the army,, ,
When General Goethala wa eleotel
to lueceed General Henry O. Sharp h
waa looked to for the apeeding op of
curing uppUe for the army.- Now
th problem f army transportation ami
storage facilities la found to need at
tention and it ha fallen to th former
Panama Canal head to undertake It.
.,".... , v. v -.. r,
'V'-' V

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