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'....'.i.n :-T.V."..,. V i n-sr-
V .'V: , . ...V .
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onipusbry r Rationing For BtiU
'onsSii idunmblBttodFor
French) ana tialy Faces famine
V ASHINGTOM. January 7
m ' . . -
. aTn
r.ow the situation of the Allies 40
that the critical stage 01 me war nas arnvea cann wim Bamraay a omy
suddenness m cablegrams enwer
f-'i cr s s in Great Bma n rrance ana naiy n4 uegumo auuic nu
r.K, fi?,L. tStS ilt. comhineri with ImDortant aid from
1110 iiivii www 7'
t'i MnitPrt tntft can save tna s
in Fran and in Enaland the
has been understood the message saidf and there can )e no, fur-t'-.:r
delay m taking steps to meet the situation.- Compulsory .ra
ti :nina In Great Britain is to lie put into operation Immediately. ' ;
In France the crisis is rhore; serious' than in Great Britain.
There the government has requisitioned the entire wheat crop and
v ;:i requisition all supplies of Wheat and grains' that may arrive.
C: run as has been the daily bread ration, it is to be still further
rc-jced Baron Rhondda says it has been fixed at seven ounces a
"Serious as is the situation in Ff ance and Great Britain the
c'.;;ht of Italy is even more serious. ; In many of the Italian cities
3 short is the food supply that, thousands of -people :are. actually
hungry and starvation is not far idistant. U ;r; .1 .
' ". To balance the seriousness of the, position of the Allies is the
knowledge that the situation of the Germans and the Austrians is
i d better for Baron Rhondda says that his information is that in
v..zz2 two countries the food shortage is worst ot all.' Such condi
t -3 prevailing with the enemy dp not, however, make the suffer
z cf t"? Alliei arV less.;' ,: J i .X L .'.';i'i:;'
Ci vulsory rationing bas-fceen frequently suggested In Great
. ..li'n but up to this time. has. been avoided.. The British public
- :rr.:iy wakened to the need of food control and there has at all
,:s becaa serious opposition to .the plan,' To this oppositioa the
; : i controller " has listened but lias from time to time reminded
; 2 public that it must tome unless the most strict economy were
r -Tved.?'v" "; '': - ; t ' -
fn Washington official circles, the import of Baron Khondda's
c-L!csram is considered pravely serious. There Is a demand that
r -re stringent action looking to the conservation of foods and es
; :;:.::y of wheat shall be taken by the food administration, and that
:atcr efforts shall be made to relieve the approaching .famine
the Allies. -. While the saving in bread and in wheat has been
Ttant it must be still further increased,' jt is pointed outand
. 2 rnustconle a speedy and general recognition in the homes; of
3 country that it is m those homes and in the hotel and restaurant
: ::!.cns and dining rooms that the war will be won and lost
Further appeals for conservation of wheat and other foods are
: ;:::tcd tote made by the food administration at once and it is
' :.ed likely that a program will be formulated which will compel
a wider observance of the demands of the controller than has as
t been shown, and may even amount to a rationing of the foods
rst least certain foods m this country.; H
. .IV I OltUH 0IU1UI
" :z Severe FaH In Years, Driven
Cy High Wind, Reported
' From Chicago ;
CHICAGO,, January 7-J(Aaaoiated
I'ren) Hardly, haa the eountry eom
ii.enced to recover .from, the effect of
a recurd breaking eold wave, eombiaed
with a ahortage of coal and other fael,
i ore it l threatened with renewfd
iacomfort.,- The . xnoat aevere now
1 1 rin t, year i aweeping eaitward
n i la pUing op ia deep drift tbrough
i t the central State . thi morniag.
re in Chicago there haa been' a fall
r a foot, driven by a thirty-five mile
; ile, which la causing the anow to
.Mft badly and greatly impeding traf
f x in 'the atreeta.
T he e'oar shortage haa not been' ea
Uroly relieved here and ia reported to
l.e atill aeute in the Eaat If the fall
.intinnea it will hamper the movement
f eoal and other, freight, to those
: .ints, and it ia feared that it wilJ ag-
nvte the congestion in the tiruiinaTa
i . re, thereby aiaking more than ever
i ioua the problema wbieh the govern
... nt haa assumed in it control of the
Ironda. ,
trOKANi; January J (Associated
rrmi) The local chapter of the Bed
i . hfea Jiut received thirty dollara
lii-h it advanced to a Spanish wae
i toran, in i. Ha borrowed the
HMMiny after- his retara from tb war
, iih one hand amputated. i The money
.nut to help eupiortr bint while he
i a rued a trade. The veteran, aatd that
i '.ut he , realised, (hat the Ked Cree
i ...(iiittd lb mouey, and he waa aow in
u lottititn to return it '
(li'l CTnDH
Associated , PressH-Recognition
. . a.
be atarrmng in the extreme. The!
: . .r: j ,. :. - i . i
shortaae of food Is Greater than
Active Volcano Source of Alarm
k " To ' Cartago and Citizens ,
i Flee To Safety
BAN JUAN DEL UK, Nicaragua,
January 7 (Associated Press) Irato,
an active volcano in Costa Kie, ia man
ifesting aU aigna of an impending
eruption,' and the resident of Cartago,
located at It" foot, are In a atafe of
alarm, many of . them hastily leaving
homea and bnaineaa to aeek pointa of
, Irasn la alway more or teaa active
and ia a mountain if 11.200 feet alii
tuile, about twelve mjlee nun Baa Jew.
Cartago, list as ita foot and ita posi
tion make the volcano alwayi a aouraa
of danger. The city haa ft population
of more tbaa 5000 and waa the capital
of OoeU Bica nntil 1133. . Tbera also ia
located the, chief j- nuiveraity of the
epuntry. - ; ; '
WABHtNOtON; i Jhta'nnrf 7 (!
eiated Press) Doctor llilenko Vea
niteh, head of tb Berblan war mission
want, to 1oant Vernon yeaterday and
there laid a wreath vpoa the tomb of
George Waah,ington,1 II aaid ha ea
teemed it a great honqr to be able to
pay tbia tribute 4o tha memory of the
first great Americtbj,re(ideat.
,; -r-
- These Tablet r intended aspoeially
for diaotdera of tha etoraaoh, livee and
bowel. , If yon ar treabied with bart
burn, ,idHist ton or onetipaajon they
wiU do you good. For eal by all deal-
era. Benson, Binith a) Co., Ltd., agent
for Hawaii. Advert laemeot.
J T- I
tf Pt,,rJiu iiuji French troop daring 1017, according
01 .iaiUraay lriaaet statistics -carefully compiled her.
Worthlessness; : Points Quiet
For Months See Fighting :
Italians Modify Requirements and
Will Make Large Increases
' NEW TOBK, Jaauafy (Aaaocia
ted , trew) Britiak . eoonten eaat
-ioi cnueeoari yearerday reeoverea rrora
. . n. , i .. ... . . h
taga taat had gained y th
point they
were ouiodgea at the point of the bay-
7rr morning,., renr
th 'V7
unuaa . ruijery,
Quiet la Brokati
Figbtfag at poiata which hare for
oatha beerf tttlet waa reported ia offl.
elal . dtapatehea faom Berlia yeiterday.
Theae laid that on Baturday. Qerman
troop, peaetmted the French trenehea
near Javinconrt and took, a number of
priaonera and, machine jrnoa. Freaeh
attacki, it reported, op ' German- poei
tiona U the Ht. Mihlel aalleat of the
Yoftge aeetor were twice repulaed .
Other elalma from Berlin were that
la the airsfightiag oa Friday and 8t
arday ffteea. alrplaaet ' of the AlUea
were downed.. X Oormat loaaea were
reported ia heae detpatchea. ' v ) .
Air riceta Active
. Along the entire Italiaa froat yc
terday there were a manifeat iaereaae'
of the volume of the artillery Are. The
Aaatro-Germane evidently eonght to
pave the way to new attack! while the
gaaa of the Alliea held them back aad
ia ehck. Meantime, ' la the absence
of infantry engagement, there waa an
eitraordinary activity, oa the part of
the, tWal air, foreee from Wbieh a num
ber of eagagemeata reaolted.. Ia thle
flghting the BritUh air fofeea are prov
ing their 'efQciency and are of the
gteafeat .Value. ( J: .', ., v ft
Kodlflea SeqalxetuMta ' 7. , .' " '
' Italy ha greatly modified Ha phyaie
al requirement for army aerviea aad
fat eapeeted t aoo eall iate the 'field
large iaeVeaae of foreee.. Deapatche
from! Rome 'aald 'the goverament . had
ordered all -male between the gee of
eighteen and forty-five, .year who, had
previously , beea exempted to be' re
examined aad it wa expected " thla
would bring aa iaereaae to. (he army
of 600,000. men, thu made available a
oeeaaioa maydemaad their aervicea. ,
.WASHINGTON, January 7 ( Ai
eited Press J It ia with great yaluct
f nee that Major Merphy wiU leave the
Bed Crosa work which he haa been coa
dueting ably he xulained yeaterday.
There waa no diaeatufaetloa , on bia
part that led to hi ' aefion, apd he
found the work, eon genial but,, ai he
explained, ha ia a Went Pointer end
having received hi education from the
government aad along military line h
feel that tha axigeaeie of-the altua
tien require hia active perviee ia that
department for which he baa been
Jt was announced yesterday that Ma
jor Murphy will be aueeeeded by
Jamea Perkins. ''
. i. .
WASHINGTON, January 7 (Asso
ciated Press) I bia weekly report of
loeae to the American contingent in
Franc by death. General Perahing ca
bled yesterday there bad been eight
aea death for tha week ending Bator
day night. Of these, cixteen were from
natural cause, on maa waa killed' by
an explosion- and 'one death- waa re
Cried aa accidental. i.
BEBjfC. Jaisnary 7-4-(Asoeiated
Free) Aa King of Prussia, the Ger
maa Emperor ia te nominate 150 Peer
making tha total 610 ia tha Prussian
chamber of peer, according to a new:
reform. blU Which wijl be . Introduced
into tha chamber of, 4eputiea by tha
Prussian govrnment '
Another new bill would regulate tha
faeeealaa and 'pipvida that every man
who haa baaa a Procaine subject for
three years,, wh baa resided in, the
name parish .for oa yean, aad wh U
at leat 86 yeara of age,, will be an
titlnd An vat. Each elector wiU have
pae voe, all elesUoaa being by aeeraf
ballot. Mben no candidate obtain an
absolute majority aeepad bailot will
be heJd ; , .... . . . ... -,
A third, bill provide that haaccfertb
til discuss a
bndaet in detail
aad am
d aingla elauaea inatead of
tiona aad ' from "that '. one .
vf U . l-h t -1, . . r m
' l I i 4. til- U.' ,t .
it aabloa aa formerly.
French Achieve of-4'f..
1TENCII FKOJJT, Jaaaary f -(Aa-eoelatedf
Pren)-0t , million cnsuat,-
,tlee have bee Suffered by the Germa
armies along tha root occupied by th
French temtsry amounting to , many
hundreds of square miles baa' bi
freed from. German dominatios by the
year 'a fighting end the German UroWn
inee Frederick- baa been compelled
to .'.euffey ' the modification of leaving
between 60,000 and 70,000 prisoners
Hir to the iumbr of
.tion, thousands of machine- guna and
Sw rrt .rsrwns . vnuvu .. aa aavtt a as atua,-
hundreds of .trench mortara.
.-Although the defeated Germane, did
their utmost before with-drawing te
tura tha fertile ' fieMs and picturesque
vlllagee of the-Bomme and AJsne re
gions into a desert' waste, these act
of vandalism .did them mora harm thaa
it did tha Preach, whose ao Idler were
stirred thereby, to a even stronger de
termination than . before to ' beat back,
the German invader. , .-
Tear Favort Franca ..','..;, v .4'
v Three dominant aventa on the; front
of tha. French . armies in Prance) hare
marked the year and each haa termi
nated in n brilliant, victory for French
armies. First came the enforced re
treat In March of the German foreea;
from the greater pr of i tha sdepart
meat of the 8omme,, Oise , and - the
Aiane, brought about by tha eombiaed
amaaliing blows - delivered by ; the
French aad British ' during the battle
of the Bomme ia the fall of 116V , '
Tbea followed the French offensive
on tha Alsne and U Champagne, whoae
conclusion came onlv at the end of
seven months 'of 'almost, eontinaou
fighting with' tha" capture from the
Crown Prinea'a armie of tha hey af
tha Hindenbnr'g position form. by
tha- Fort, of Malmnison and. their re
luctant retirement from the - famou
Chemin ' dea Dame. ." Thia left- in the
French band, nil the good 'observator
ies useful for -future orwrations.
Public and Press Are Practically
Unanimous m Expressing
Approval fcX&m
LONDON, January 7 (Associated
Pre) Not aiaca the beginning of the
war havr tha utterance of n . British
statesman met' with auck nniversa; ap-
Erobation as have those ' of ' Premier
,kyd -Oeorge: before the eonferanea; af
labor leaders on. Baturday. . Tha news
paper of 1 lhdon with -remaiikable
unanimity yesterday hailed it a mark-
I.. n.1. la k
' Especially . commendntory ! ; tha
Time criticism of tha premier 'a decla
ration of war, aim.; That paper aaid
editorially! .;,' . : v,;;- .,,
, VThia ia not the utterane f a mere
atatesman nof ia. it tha declaration of
any political party. It Ja and moat
be considered .a tha ntteraaea.of the
whole British pufclic. It baa been re
ceived With approval from all who have
read it and will be aDDroved ia everv
part ef tha realm ndf-wa believe, by
our AUiea."
Measure Expected To Pass; War
V Inquiry To Continue; Senate
i :' After LaFoflette.
1 - WA8HIN0T0N, ' January 7 ( Abk
elated Pre) In the aenata today the
first order of business wilt be the oil
and eoal laada leasing bill and it la
expected that thia wfll be ppeedily dia
poaed of, no doubt af ita pissage being
antertniped - although it baa aomo op
position' from Western ' aenntora, tha
amendmenta not being , to their-aatia-f
actios,'- . ''',: ,;.;.,... ut ,
The railroad legislation ia atill is tha
committee stag and tha administration
bill will be considered today-and prob
ably for several day to coma- in tha
ommltteea of both the aenata and tha
konso. .''-.' .''..-.- -1
In tha bouse there win be taken on
Tharaday a vote on tha eonatitntional
amendment extending auffrnga to-women.
The vote upon thia i expected
to be very (lose and leader are nnwill.
rng to venture forecasts aa to ita fata,
Tha women who have 1 bees . lobbying
here, in some inataneea threaten aaili
taacy in ease of ita failure to paaa, aad
dcepito.tha .nrgeney of war legielatio
are pressing their claim for immediate
action) upon mffxage, i . ) lJ V
: Before -tha aenata committee n. aaili
tary. affair aad tha committee on naval
affaire; investigation and . inquiry on
the progress of .war preparation will
bo reeumed - today and probably conr
tinned dailr throughout tha week. !
Tomorrow the aennta will resume ita
ittvestigntioa of the charges agalnet
LaFolletto which have arisen from hia
peraistent oppoaition' to tha war by
vote and in hi utteraaeea. ' '
, i ';
' lONDON; January 7 (Aaaociate4
Press) -tie 'scare haa i whiskey become
that wbea a Booth London Brewery an
nounced tha sale of a aupply eleaeed
from bond, aeveral hundred pnrchaserf
Used np hours before time. Tha price
we aeroa. shilling and nlapene per
bottle, each customer , obtained only
one bottle ana la twenty mluuten tha
whole atock waa cleared. ... ,
" ! '.-: '.. ,.i i": .-, i Knit t; i X i i
Ia the meantime the French bad
fougtit and won tha eormiaating battle
for the liberation of Verdun, in ' the
tourse of .which the French troop re
gained nearly every, inch of tha ground
around the fortress which it bad coat
tha Crown Prince 800,000 men to cap.
tnra in Jlfl. ; - ... ' e
Aviation played a leading part In all
operation fa tha eoorea of tha year.
No matter what wnather prevailed,
the' airmen were out 'observing, reeon
noitering, fighting off German airmen,
accompanying ' tha attacking invader,
bombarding the - communication '. and
depot of the enemy or making raid oa
German town. Thi latter, although
they effected only su fir-towns a were
used a military center, were made by
way of reprisal for German air attack
an Trench eitlea iq tha at and north,
where numbers o French civilian had
fallen i victims to -German bomb.'
kfaaters t Air : -
V In- asrial combat tha French avla
iara .wndoubtedly proved themselves
master of their- .Germaa- ad versariea
By .'tbe nd of .Oetobrn the last eon
11 retnrn av liable, French aviator
had .destroyed in ten month 617 Ger
man airplane Whose fat it waa poasibl
to confirm, with 'certainty. Beaide these
the absolute deetraetlon of which could
'not be eenfirmed but which had been
aeon to fall out of control with a greet
possibility of a fatal crash. . ' ,
,. These figures totalling 1030 make aa
excellent . record and ; to theiri jnuat be
added ?8 Oerman captive .balloon. ,
The rAmerleen aviators, of tha Lk
fayette squadrilla who have sow. been
incorporated Ja. the American ; army,
played a very creditable part witk their
Preach comrades ia tbe-cenfliete ia
tha air, Baveral f than loet -their
kivee?in 1017 a did three of that best
known Frensh airmen, Onynemer, Dor
roe and Lenoir.. .. ' ;.n.-v . ,'..'
Beaide the bombardment of, Trench
open town, German airmen on several
oeeafdoaa. bombed- French field hospital
at-' Dugny, .Vadolaincourt, , Chsjeana
Petit klonthaivoa and Belrnpt.-. '-'.i
Some Involved In. Bomb Plots arid
-. Others Suofilled Foodstuffs
KM y ;
. DETBOIT, Michigan, December 2S
Albert VC, Kaltsebmidt,- who witk font
of five othera Waa eon'victedV is federal
court enrly, thia morn in a on charsa
f Conspiracy igeiaat thcr government,!
waa (flntenced a ifw sour later - to
four year in federal priaes at Leaa
enworth, Kanaav aad ta pay . a fin of
28,000. It .waa. ' tha maximum sen
tence' possible under vt he law for eon
vietien'oa the three- eouate against
Ma.-. ' W,v i?i 'i.v.'-iVi:. . ;
. Mr. Ida Neef, hi aiater, wa sen
tenced . to throe year . In tha local
house, of correction and jlued $19,000.
Frita 'A-Neef, her husband, and Carl
Schmidt and kia wife, Maria, wers, aea
teaced tat two i yoara . st '. Lea vea worth
and. fined . $10,000 each. , Frant Bespa.
seventy-vear-old. German, waa the only I
ene sf the alx -acquitted 'on nil three '.
eounta. , He waa 'held, however, to
aaswsr to two. other indietmenta pond-,
ing against him. . ' , ..
the, count , on which Kaltaehmidt
hnd h other were convicted charged
tha netting on foot in " tha United
Btates of military easerprise against
Canada a conspiracy to flynamit the
Detroit. Screw works, and a plot to de
atroy the, St Clair River tnnael st
Pert Huron. ' .i :- i , .,
TbreO' Tinrtona k nasi ad
' G ALVE8T0N, 'Texaa, December tl.
Three men..-regarded aa dangerous to
the peace and aafety of . the United
State were taken late custody today
by agent of the department of justice.
They arc August Hercog; Oditor of tha
GaJvettoa Herald, a Weekly paper pub?
Ushed in German? labor Delipaehey,
Cprieter of a saloon . and rooming
ie, hnd 'Charles Fraake, who run,
-meat -market '' '.
v i' - "'-' ' -" . .
Shipped Food To Germany
' NEW YORK, December 22 Import
hot' document eid - reveal an ot
tehsiv fooc' traffic betwoes the United-
State nd .' Germany,:, through
Swedes, were aeined by federal agents
in Brooklyn laat, night when, they
raided tha spartmcut' of Gustav A,
Meyers, a ftofehaeing agent for certain
German .firm and arrested kirn as an
alien enemy. ' According to government
agents sotno of. th seisod -papers show
ed that Meyer had shipped to. Ger
many foodstuffs valued -at Aundrada, Of
thouaanda of dollara aad that he had
been to lommunicatJen witk Germany
ai recently sa s week ago, . ...
. 1 ..Vi i ; m i , hi . spy , ,
German Murderer Shot
MALDEN, Missouri, December 2
Marshal B. .8. Ht. Clair, of thia city,'
ia dead. n4 hia slayer, X. H. Wlaaman,
of Havaas, Illinois, 1-said to be dying
aa the result of S -demonstration which
followed alleged disloyal remarks by
Wiseman, kere, - Wlaaman, when appeal
ed to by Bed Croea 'workers.' mads ve
mark derogatory to the government
The elt marshal attempted to arrest
wiasmaa shot aad killed VU
Clair, o A largo crowd (threatened to
atorm the Jail and- take tka prisoner.
While tha sheriff and hia deputies
held them off some one In the crowd
fired a ahot through tha Jail window,
fatally, wounding Wiseman.
: . . . 1 "'. 'v ',,'.t' '
HIU), Hawaii, January 4 To tka
credit of the game fund of the county
there atanda (fee sum of $747X3 at the
present time, . , - jj- -
m FlilEOMlLY
! 'V
Soldier Is
'Taken As
Vf';'t'r" . ". : 'Vvt
Sergeant ' Ma c t
Camp Lewis;
Evidence S trong
. ..t , y m (
v TAOOMA. January TAjwoeift-'
tad - Precs) With tha ' evidence' !
atrong that be la a Hun spy, fler. '.
Jeant Major Thotnaa Hitter was !
yactarday arrested at Oap Lewis (
and charted with eepionage. The v
, i arrest followed s -careful lnvestl
' gauon of Elttor by amy officers '
. 'and necret aervtce men, and tha .
. case looks black for klnv i
Sergeant Major Klttar la snld by '!
avmy saloara sod scqsalstancea at
- Cams Lewis to have ao intimate
' knowledge of tha forUficattoaa
along the Paclfie OoaacV They slso
' sv thst.ho could name practically;
every American Teasel that haa
been torpedoed by Teuton rabma
;" rinaa. - .- " ". . ''
. Secret aervice mm .asaart that
Bitter saw aervice in the PhUlp
ptnaa and hsa aa Intimate a knowl- '
b. edge . of army , sffaira s&d Insular ,
fortifications aa he ha sf those on
tha Paclfie Coast. Tkoy alas say.;
, , that ha waa oa term of, friendly
1 Intimacy with German consular of
ficials in. Manna. .
.; Other, tnTOstlgatioss , made by
. tha secret serrlce offlcials have ro-
' , veJed tha fact that Bitter kaa s r
aiotssrv father nsd brother ta Oe
" many, and that his father and (
brothar are nerving In the Oennan,
" army at ths present Uma. i ..
Uhfrwrrled Mothers Have Stridui
Troubles In Getting Food For ;
AMSTERDAM, Deceoor'2(Ao
eiated Press) Ten percent of th chil
dren Ws In Pruaala in war time are
illegitimate, according atstement
ma4 in .the . Prusslaa , house .of repre
aeotativea during 'the' debate 'on th
ital atatletiea. The Berlin towa conn
eilloi; Dr, EngeJ, .in an srticle in Vpr
waerta, makes the .atatemeat that this
largo preportea of ' illegitimate .ekildren
Is , "evidence of ,th .moral, beabthlaeaa
of the, German race, ''.He adds. In. the
course of an appeal for the' withdrawal
of all distinction between .legitimate
and illegitimate children; . ; ... (
. "Paradoxical ' though it stay eeni,
thia great samW oi illegitimate chil
dren represent a measufetof the moral
ity Of . our people. . They nfford ovt
denea that,-after all, the Jdea of the
reetrietion of familie,. an idea. waleh
the war. witk special empbaal bid u
combat, , haa 'not '. yet penetrated the
atsaaaa..;-. ( t ; ' u.ii. jr
( VThe terrible fact, however, la that
Only 13rJ out of every 1,000 illegitimate
children reach Sheir 10tr year, as com
pared. with SI 8 in the eaaeet lagitinat
children. The death rate of illegitimate
ia a convincing plea Vor the improve
ment of the, (ituation of ' namarried
mother 'and their children. ; There
should ke a uniform birth certificate,
and women who. ars engaged .to fallen
soldier should be awarded the title
Frsn W'v;-. s. ' , -"' ' 1 .
War time, -owing to the card pv
tea,, i a torture for the unmarried
mother.' Every journey, for s, food card
la a path of thorn and s aoureo of
froah'. mortification and humiliation. In
the-card-issuing ofllee, and again in tha
shops, aba must again and again make
confession of her fault, Tha awarding
to her of tha title Fran would remove
mssy obataelea'and much mental tor
tnre." . - . . ,:' .- '
The number of unmarried mothers In
Prussia Doctor Engel ststes, has now
reached a total of nearly 200,000 yearly.
, Ford car No- P2, drives by a E,
Lneaa, waa badly damaged in n colli
ion with motorcycle A-213, operated by
Sergeant Moore, just below the Csstnor
gate at- nine-thirty yesterday morning.
The motorcycle waa damaged bnt 14 tie.
In reporting the accident to Sergeant
B. E.-Poaha yesterday afternoon, Lues a
aaid b vm driving along tha Schof)ld
road toward Walalua whea ha met Bert
geaat Moore oomiag toward tows. ,-'
The road at thi particular place ia
not overly wide, yt, he aaid, there ap
peared auftlcicat room to paaa. The col.
lision v waa nearly head-on , and Lues
aetimatsd. , damage y at , fifty .dollara,
which Moore agreed to pay. The acci
dent .waa witoeaae4 by Joseph Miner
of. J40& Gullok , Avenue, , and Stephen
and Bwnyna of Troop M. Fourth Cas-
airy. ' .
movc bs canas. Vaod tha world over
to cura a cold ia one day, Tba aigna.
tut ot e, W. CROV3 la On sack bos,
Manufactured by tbo FARI3 MBD1
ClNB CO., 6t. UnU. U. 8. A. .
. .... f-J. .. t i ' fi i J
enn vhnM: mt
.crrrnnri'inii ujr
l . U I Li
4 ft 1 I i . :'
AI 8Tli!n RTI
Germans neiuse , i o tonsmer
. 5tnrVhAlm" 1 Snltahla Moot.
ing Place and Announce Cessa-
Hon;" of Meetings For Time
: Being . . ' . .
n4ahavi a AiinnnhTA
Teutons Fear 'Presence' of Rep-:
. rcscuidiivcs VI MIIICS III UUII-
-....:.... .f am., r.
, Terence uuy ana day tspion
arje .Would Prevent Prooress
LONDON, January 7-r-(As-t
Bociate4 v Press) Peace ne- ,
gptlations between . Russia , and . '
the Central powers are at a co- V
tilete standstill and' this isofTiciai-
1 admitted bvr Berlin. . The Ger '
man government retuses to even ;
WS-o-s am VMVV V , tWiJV VB ',
conference1-to Stockhplm aswis
suggested by : Lenme and Trot-
fetrv fnf t riat) T)h1cFtavitrl '' . r .-
inent. Only from; Persia came
onv ranrhrf rf nrAtrrawca nr a 'Pvic.
m j eiBrwB wv V' a-' S vuh swa est A M
M4U peace in inc reports ui yen- .
terday. ' .
: ( I nt. the ; absence of delegates
rl-J ' TJ-.i-r- ''' ti . t i-
iiuiii, N.p9nia ai orcst-iiiuvK .
there can b . rip resumption of
peace negotiations anci official an- -nouncemei)t
,wa made. from Ber
lin yesteraay tnat , negotiations
for Dcace-with' Russia had been ,'
temnorarilv -f susnmderi - hrans
,'' rL ' n.l '-j' '
that the- meetinc nlace should be
Changed to Stockholm, v -, ,
- TKw tf Vrtte f oLrawfi vef mrA v 4ti
u;.i.i. w u a . y- .
VflffVHVVt Aklls ,
government in its refusal to con
sider Stockholm. ,. as . a .l meeting
place . for the conference which ,
was to. continue negotiations for '.
m- ratC -HTILIl' AVUSSlil. A U LI11S
ana mucn unresi is reDortea in
the ranks of tiie Socialist factions
ftf tiro r5-lietaor
7 T ."""er
. German, newspapers, are. prac
tically unanimous -against the pro
posed , change' and . declare that
Stockholm- is an ' impossibility.
They cannot countenance the
presence in the vicinity of repre
sentatives, of the Allied Powers
as would be the case in the capi
tals of any of. the neutral nations.
It is claimed by the Berlin press
that the delegates there would be
surrounded by intrigue from the
Alfies and, manipulation of senti
ment by their- representatives.
Such espionage would render any
satisfactory progress impossible,
It is pointed out .'
Despatches, received Jy For
eign,. Minister Trotsky in, Petro
rad yesterday told of the willing.
ness ot the, rersian government
to enter upon negotiations with
Ru.Ulia llrVin tb lino trrrr.tA
. I''.. , . . V. (. , JUAJ9CU
from- Petrograd on Saturday. The
message was from a Persian dip
lomat and endorsed the proposal
of having both Russia and Tur
key remove their forces frnm TW. ,
sian territory.
Found lying u'neonseious on the
Walala Bead and with a deep clp
wound, near the base of the akulL
Frank .Bawlin waa picked up by Joo
Leal at three-fifteen o'clock yesterday
afternoon aad taken to the emergency '
hospital for treatment.
Bawlin bad been driving a fractious
horaa attached to a light sulky from
Koko Head, toward town. Just aa ha
had etarted dowa tha Kalmukl bill, tha
back strsp parted and tbo horse became
unmanaguable and ran away. Bawlin
waa throw backward out of the Bulky,
striking hia hand on noma hard auh.
stance. Ill Injuries are not f . aerl- '
oua nature. , .
.--'' -' -t4 '.

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