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Mri 1 "tM'" 'f-y-VI r:-S::.,: .
OTMttES II1L0 IK ffi
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K ; Householder! and Jblic Eatlnrj
r: ,U : ' ! Places Unable To Obtain Sup-
pne uwmg id dnorpge . ;
r ? .'V ? 1 tack Serves A Lesson On Ne
: u1essft of. tonfe(vin&"Meat
' ;;: i. i Use of Island Product Urged
.), ' i ii n . , i.
iiniuunuiriiLUiit ;Ti
" ;
Kilacca JScnicrs Victors, With I D. Carter Fiaishmg, In
Thrcd Ilcurs, Six llmutes Thirtyrpe Secondsf
Eilwar4. Hit: Jlills.Scftool Mci Second Place ,
1 '
.itr hlck tlrefr lirroiotfUnr.
kJ1y aonV k4 the eity tad fc for
ttita of wht my before loj b tbs
general condition if Ui people 46 lot
:, 1ie(l the nJvlce that U beia drummed
into then, to save eat as well M
V- Kot, nly "were' aouaehol'dera enable
to obtala their euatemary iteaka; ehopa
and rooata yesterflajr, ' but evea the
toteU. and retftauranta were eompelled
4t.aabjeet 4hic atrona to m meatleaa
day that waa not ofi the schedule. Per
4ona who Were fertanat to .ob
tain a aw all piece of beef early 1a the
: day 'guarded H the reat of th day1
if it wero diamonda, for the newa
-quickly spread that the city waa with-
. out its uauai supply.
'.. The fact that there was aevere, if
temporary, shortage in beef in -Hone
lulu .first became kuowa yesterday
. Wrning when both the Ualon. Grill and
the Akiander, young hotel were. uh
able to fill their neat order for the
day. . Yesterday afternoon it was atat-
f" d that the shortage might continue
or month at least. -,.;
tliere was plenty Of pork and mt
' ton in the markets, but no "beef yea
tnrdsy .taornlng. A., -small ablptnent
etme In later, and waa atsinoutea in
the afternoon as far as it, would go. .
Nona from California. - '
At the Hawaii Meat Company's of
flee the shortage was explained by the
fact that -m large order of California
beef had been cancelled by 1hem,nird
a sudden decrease In marketable ,et--tle
from. Hawaii brought about tem
porarily strained, condition.
, ' A small shipment came in late ia
th morning, and other, small ship
fonts are expected during the week,
the company said. It was thought
' that t,here would be enough beef td
supply ine, demand if it did not at any
time rise abore , normal, although no
assurance to that effect sould be giTen.
A scarcity of. beef would, probably
, tie felt for a month, to eomeaaid the
'tneat company., The scarcity of Island
beef would undoubtedly, continue, as
the severe drought on ' Hawaii had
Hilo 1 t( IlkwallV Urtt ' atnateur
msrithoa'1 relay 'raVe fioiM'th Volea
ro of KitaiiM te 'MooliM rafk'yee
WrtleV whto "1. ' t."Omer, the arxth
ii 'last-'mah jpf thf "Kltauea Seniors
tjb .talte. the road, finished m rirst place
foe. his team the time,, fer the full
race being three hours, six minutes and
thirty one seconds., . . (v. , f ....
..Carter took, the last, lap for the BJ
ladea Seniors, .this Jap beginning just
a little way. on tb Olaa side of Bob-
ert A,.young'a. place on Vplaanfl, Road,
v much
roduesd the number ;pf market-
"'"No bn was refused beef yesterday
at Tee Hop's market, 'although it was
admitted there that beef was soaree
' and wouldcontinue so for some time.
They aspect to bare enough te fill
their regular orders. . . A
Uar Teach Ijeaaon
JJany of the small butcher shops
about towm were out of1 beef all day
. yesterday. -Tbey bad sold out on Sat
urday or Sunday end could obtain no
more from the; meat aompanies yester-
' day ' morning. ' If the present supply
holds out they will probably be able
to get beef today. ' ,
. ''It may be a good thing for Ha
waii to have a temporary shortage of
beef," said a member of the( women's
committee. " as we will then learn how
important it is to conserve it in order
that our armies may ' not feel its
A' number of . well knows eltisens.
among them the proprietor of a down
towa cafe, said that even at the cost
of possible short age Hawaii should de
pend on Island beef alone, and not on
the imports, article. It seemed To.be
the ropsenfliis of opinion thatiif. enough
beef eouli) not be raised herb to feed
the Donulation. other foods and substi
tutes should be used rather than to call
on the mainland to . make good the
shortage. ' ,
If beef continues to be scarce, it is
possible 'that the women's committee
. may call lor one oeertess day a ween
in additioa to the regular meatless day.
'On that day other meats such as pork
and mutton, or poultry, could take the
place of steaks and roasts, t lsb could
also be used on more than one day a
wefk,1 "anfl the ever-faithful pork and
'beans is always at hand as a beef sub
tmtevn .'.
this; was probably the bardest of., all
tjlie .relay Japs, t being mostly qvsr a
hart, dusty and 'hot road through Cane
qt'Ws , and lHtor over narrow .utsirt
streets p(. the .fjity. .... .v.tV.
, Moaheau , Park , , waa. packed i with
Qilnitea, the crowd. ...being .estimated
all the wsy, from Ave to Aon thousand,
men, woman' and children. Hilo had a
baM4Mlilay nd -torawtieaJlv the wholx
city was out te witness the finish of
the event. . .;. , - : v
Hllo Oelebratee "Joyf any V . ; ".
Word that Carter vaa leading In the
final lap had been sent ahead and when
(he crowd was apprised of the pleasing 1
fadt that Hilo was almost certain ef
carrying off the honors ef the day
there was in tease interest ftntl 'expec
tation on the. part of the.. thousands "
of waiters. As . Carter waa aeett mak-,
tag bis way toward the park end ski
Other runner was ia eight cheer after
cheer went up. .He . finished the, two
laps .-in the park to complete the thirty-two.
odd miles of the relay race.
.Carter was well spent at the. finish,
but admirers lifted him to their shoul
ders and began m triumphant proces
sion about the park. . -
Edward Ha of the "Mills School team
of Honolulu finished, second just, one
minute, and two seetfnds after Carter.
He waa also given, a great ovation,
particularly by the Oriental section of
the audience. The Mills .School time
for the Talar waa three hours; six
minutes and thirty -three seconds, Ha
finishing only one minute , and two
seconds behind Carter. .. f ' ',
Others Also Baa
The team' sent over to HUo by the
Honolulu Japanese Kunners Associa
tion ' finished . in . third . place. Thi
(uiun-Merrick team of service men
came ,in . fourth . and. lest. . The fan
racifie Club', team did not finish, far
James Smith had a bad. fall and eeuhl
not carry the message to bis next team
mate in the relay, i i
While many expected either Mills
Or the Pan -Pacifies to come in first
in the relay, those on the inside looked
confidently te see the Kilauea Seniors
te carry off the honors.
, -Better fcnrwtegde' Of (the. tread and
mere intensive training for 'the event
stood the win a ere in good stead. - A
P. UAlbunh, himself one of the team,
had his men out on the road on every
available occasion the past two months
at. least." .. '
Mills Bchool' team was in Hilo
whole week before the race ad th
Manoa Valley lads, who ere famous
as cross-country runners, profitted by
the knowledge they gained of the
country and, the actual training and
experience they"" bad right oaths
ground. -mlth's
Fall Unfortunate
. The Honolulu Japanese runners, whose
team Unmhed third, also bad a few
days en the ground and this apparent
ly told in their favor. The service
men and the Pan-Pacifies got te Hilo
the morning before, the race and this
told against both teams, for they had
no . time in which to get acquainted
With the course. It was unfortunate
that "Smith 's accident should have put
the. Joe Btickney team out of the run
The Kilauea Juniors were second
string men and baldly any one in Hilo
expeoted' much of the runners, game
as tney. were.
. The men en the winning team, Kllau
ea Seniors, were A. P. Helbush (cap
tain), . George ..Carter, Joha Cabrinha,
A. Machado, B. Forbes and Alee Car
ter. .. I,
An interesting ceremony' was the
readin gof Pele"s Message to Neptune.
Physician Charged With Perforn)-
ing Criminal Operation Facet
'Jury tri,)udob Heen Court
Hearing Reaches Temporary im
passe, wnen Attorneys For
Defense Attack tndictment
T 1 ;
M'ho 'ls the taaat
The question the whole eity has been
asking for weeks past found, new ex
pressioa yesterday when DrH. Homer
Hayes went to trill in the clreuit court
before fmfge' William H. Been on a
charge of having performed a criminal
oyeratioav . While the heaAng 'itself
reached aa impaass in the nature of n
tech meal point of law, delaying further
hearing . for a day, st rik 1 ng develop
nvtnts marked the proceedings.:
The, happenings of yesterday before
Judge Heea have narrowed the. whole
matter-dew tw a point where now but
a single factor remains to be presented.
Public interest ah manifested by open
expressions heard ori all -aides in- aad
about the ert is not concerned parti
cularly with the defendant, in the ease,
or with what may happen te him. What
the publle wanta to know is Who ia is
the maa f r
..Before ft roomful of spectators, avid
and carious, the name of :an unfortu
nate young Woman was read when the
t ".; ', ' t
Fuel Administrator 1laVes Rec
ommendation To Prevent
Furttier foal Srjortape .
8t4 (Asso
ciated Press) -To relieve ee far as
may be the ol fanrlne which prevails
in many sections of the country and
which is aggraVated by the recent fall
of snow and eotdw. weather, Fuel Ad
ministrator Oarflifld will : recommend
that a strict Ilmllstion be placed upon
exports of roal nnttt therei is en band
in this country ami distributed a sup
ply sufficient to preclude ft repetition
of the serious suffering which came in
connection with the terrible cold wave
that held the greater., pert of the coun
try in its icy grip. '. ,
Another coldsnsn has swept over the
East and Middle West , and last night
and today brought Intense suffering, a
condition aggravated by the fuel abort
age among the poor, .
In New York n sleet storm eovered
the eity with n siaae of .ice. One
death has occurred and scores of brok
en arm ami legs, strains and other
injuries are recorded as th result of
pedestrians slipping en the. ley paving..
The slippery footing has also . result
ed in much trouble for homes and'
vehicles, - ; . )
Chleago was busy today digging it
self out of snowdrifts which came
Sunday night so Vapidly that ordinary,
meana failed to keep the streets and
sidewalks dear. . '
Communication and ' transportation
are crippled and tke factories -working
ob war munition orders are aeriously
retarded. -
It will be several days- before pas
sage-ways can be cleared generally
through the huge drifts. .The city is
virtually riving on 'condensed Milk, as
koxqluuj txcz exc: :
""Tlxholrilo, Isnnsry Y 'It'll.
' 1 ' 1 " -1 Zl-' . -
The I. message. Which .was written, bv i'. 1,.. ., . . virtually Hvimi
WilhSabin wnd nubfished in full in . 71.1 vV.t ". IJv .1 Ji. ",."!! milk deliveries are impossible, and
Th AnvMriiuiv. ma am m m .1 I . - . . . e -. nuhllA and Iir,
The Advertiser yesterday, was carried
oy the &.iiauea Beniors irom the Vol
cano 'House, Where the relay race be
gan, at nine o'clock yesterday morn
ing,, and relayed by mnner to runner
until Carter delivered it at Moobean
Park to Rev; George Laughtont pastor
of the First. Foreign Church of Hilo,
whd .read the virile and inspiring poetie
meesnge, from the Goddess of Fire to
KamohoaliL the King of the Ocean, to
the assembled thousands.
Vocal Banners Back This Morning
i The members of the Honolulu teams
ki& 'several Honolul&tis who made the
trip to Hilo to Witness the event will
teurn in the Maun Kea this morning
from (the Bfg Island. , . .:- - M .
While keeping the "bacon".. t
heme and proud, of the honors her aa-
We. lads brought the crescent, bey
"upon, whose shore blest Hilo fs city 1
stands," Hiioitee paid tribute to th
visiting Honolulu teams which mad
possible this sueeeesful race, the first
event of its bind 'known in history. . -Tfourm
Carter r who finished th
great race which won. honors for Hilo,
iir - nephew of John H, Jones of - th
McUMtrnjCrBhoe wore or hisiity. in
other Carter, a brother of Alee, is also'
V lieahew? of ttXn Jobeh. ! ' . ':
Array Field Cletks
Blossom at n
CiviliaV Clolhes Discarded 4n Ac
jcordance With Recent Military
Order Only Exception Is the
Lone Woman At Headquarters
Army field clerks at department head
quarters made their appearance yester
dsy iq the new uniform prescribed for
that, branch of the service, the excep
tion being Miss Margaret he Firteke,
the first young woman field clerk to be
employed in the local headquarters. No
uniform has bees prescribed for women
clerk. ,
ji; Every clerk wore khaki, the uniform
if worn
' Mombers of the national guard have,
bean cautioned against the Illegal use
of the uniform and company . eommanr
ders vVill hereafter be held responsible
forth proper carrying .out of an ofli
rial order Just issued covering. the mat
ter. Commanders of the first and third
battalion will establish a guard at the
armory oh their respective drill nights
to arrest all. guardsmen leaving the
armpry illegally wearing their uni
form or any part of,' their uniform.
This will put ft stop to men keeping
their Uniform at home 'a'ndf 'doming
thorn there . before leaving . if ot drill.
The order will require men to appear
at the armory earlier than before in
Order to doff cits and 'donUnlforms.
". - , .;
w , WAITING FOft US v- ;
Two mrtre titafes are 'needed to muke
tib the hklf-huiiitved ntars for which our
bhtiner' waits. The raw' material for
' them' may be found under the sunset
and "under the north Mar,' ' Aloha nui
to you, IliftiaWI 'Oome .'under - our -na-tiounl
blanket and ''warm yourself,
AluskalLos Angeles, Times. .
Couldn't Even 5et Away Under
Camouflage of Eighth Stew
ard On departing Steamer
C. 0. Ballentyne, late manager 'of the
Honolulu Rapid Transit and Land Com
pany, is still 'in the 'city despite the
fact that he used every possible means
to make good his departure on the last
vessel that sailed for the mainland. Mr.
Ballentyne spent most Of a day in bid
ding farewell to friends of many years
standing, informing all thai he was
leaving for the 'Coast on a vessel which
wss scheduled -to sail some time thst
t', , .... t m '
pemg similar to mat worn vy oiucers, ; atteroeon.
including leather leggios, bat no mark I t)n. -the particular steamer which be
bad in,, mind, there were aooommoda
tion for no passengers in any of the
three classes but it seems he had made
arrangements with some one in the
"stewsrd1 departmedt to "Ship'' as
eighth, atewnrd or some equally Ihi
porta nt functionary. Ho gathering bag
and bapgage he bailed a taxi and de
parted for the waterfront. Hometkiag
had 'gone wrong. He could n t even get
aboard, let alone work on the steame.
. Yet .it was necessary that he depart
at unee he thought, no lumped into ah-
otfhar tal and instructed the driver
to make nil haste to a Japanese liner
i '. i . j i -1 ..I. . f A, .
wgicn was ana to sari witnio ins nour.
There nns nothing dolujf, bowever, and
fate appeared to be against, him. They
graciously explained that if he were
permitted to epgage passage oil this
ship, the company would be subject to
n fine -of 4204) for violating the Coast
wise Law. Well enough, He would
pay Jh.e 00 and. Relieve th steamship
company of all responsibility. ' Tb
question was taken under edvlse.me.Dt
and after an official conference of some
length,, he Waa notified that tbey would
be. unable to seU him passage under any
So Mr. llalleatyne returned to town
greeted those to whom he Bad said
goodbye ouly n short time before, mud
reestablished jhtmsflf as n eitien of
Honolulu.. H said that it was quite
possible he would anil for the mainland
tome time bear the Utter part of the
Week, but -following hie recent -ex
perieoee. be wouldn't really be aur
prised should he be'unable to get away
ootor nxt summer. ..
VM -ii . s en si we y AWiuim'
e l Press). While Iredglrig a river lu
HiiHHin, engineer, discovered sub
tnergoil oitk forest that covered severe
square miles, rrom which logs more
than 100 feet loug have bee tukcu.
',3VW All '.. '; ' .- , ,, y ... ':
are jsorn upon the shoulders. V'Pon hji
collar f.r the letters "UJS." and near
it metal crossed quill pens, the insignia
of this important braneh of arm.v work,
A bill la now before 'Congress au
thorising the war department to givf
these men certain commissioned ranks,
such as first lieutenant and captain,
according to their class of work, length
of service snd present positions.
Chief Clerk Donnelly wss not in his
office, yesterday, being ill but on his
return to his duties which Involve on
of the most Important posts in the army
corfldor, heVJU.alBg wear the uniform.
IS ,
Alien enemy H. A. 8cbroedr, former
ly private secretary to Oeorg Rodiek,
ex-Uermaa consul at Honolulu, who was
called' to San Francisco as a witness in
the Hindi) conspiracy cases, is anxious
thst he be permitted td make replies to
the nucstionnaire queries, and has writ
ten Capt. Francis Green, selective draft
Officer, that he wishes to be remember
ed. , ,
Probably Rchroeder fears he may bo
considered a slacker.
Ho .write that n was registered in
Honolulu, on July 31, 1017, for th
draft "8, and rerfiyed number 51, but
hnvlng removefl to th.e maiiilfttid, and
iint knowing bow long he will "be do
talned.'' he has asked that his ques
tlonnaire cnby ''be sent to him at his
pruuent' residence oV.HanionW Street.
. LONDON ' 'Sariuatf -l.( Associated
Press) I'iglit thousand fruit, trees and
BO,0(MI enbbnge 'lilnnrs - 'wore sent to
Franoe during the Week of 'Deceinlier
$-8 for the village that have been
wrested from the Hermans.
, 1 I, I , .
of the Uwye'rVwhen th 'tf; ' F.., h bM
inrors war helhv lhnan . w ' I -i---- -
One raetor nflsslng - I
The name of the physician who face
the charge bat again been brought un-1
der the public-eye. The identity of the
girl , who is regarded af the essential
witness baa been give. The third fac
tor remains nndisclosed. It . was the
question on alj(lip and in all eyes in
in eour room yesterday. . , ,
.."Who. la. the meat" This is th
qnestlpn that they esked. .,
Uow public .interest 4a the ease has
(rowa waa evidenced whe ease opened.
Not for many months bns each crowd
packed (court room, in Honolulu. AH
or me sears )n; xne room were Tilled
early aad, whfte h ease sUrted ftt it
eftM interentilg-phaee 'the selection of
tbei iurnrai grbnrj. bflsDeetartars HimhI
the walls tuLtood grouped near the
ntmao. X i','.. . .-v
mi . . -. . ..
i, j mm i venr onaay county and etty
and federal .offloUls in the nsaemblaM.
Probably there was ot publi build
ing, in ;th lfy that did flot have Jt
wpwentntiveeprher,;;, ProfeMbtnnl'
nru- uuu yifir omeee, . . p or tors end
All Except Case Against Shoe
Machinery Company Post
poned in Supreme Court
' wionTw'UftM. V.i 'o i
clated Frees) Consideration of nU
anti-trust eases with the exception of
the ease against the United Bhoe Ma
chinery Company, ha been postponed
'by the supreme court at the request of
the prosecation. .
. ...It has been freely rfotecast sine the
United States entered the war . that
most of the pending ease tinder the
Sherman , Anti-Trust Lw wUl be drop
ped. - Wat eonoitioos e Wh that3he
Apparatus In Vacant House For
merly Occupied By Soldiers;
Kaiser's Picture .Therr. ,
J. J. flmiddy, United SUtes marshal,
aeeured yesterday from a house i p
per Fort Htreet wireless apparatus,
several pictures. Including one of the
Kaiser, snd other suspicious looking ar
ticles. The house waa untenanted but
previously it had been occupied by a
number of soldiers.
The names of the enlisted men eould
not be lesrned from Hmiddy but they
have been passed along to the military
authorities who will make further in
vestigations, if It is deemed necessary.
Although practically new, Hmiddy
said thst the wireless apparently, bad
not been used for some time. One of
the wires had been cut and otherwise
it had been put out of commission. The
wireless end pictures were confiscated
ty the marshal. mi M
Honolulu Mails Are
Not Subject
To Censorship
Norte In Effect Now and Postof-
Tire Officials Say There Is Lit
tle Probability of Such Restric
tions Being Imposed . 1
Honolulu malls Irrespective of their
destination are -not subject to -censor-:
ship nder that section ef the trading-1
With-the-enemy act relating to the cen-,
sorship of International mall, waa the
statement yesterday ot lecal tpostofflc
officials. It waa intimated by the same
authority that the possibility of a cen
sorship being Imposed on local mail
was very slight. . . s .'
, Letters posted te European point are
subject to whatever examination ia
thought necessary to safeguard tb gov
ernment 's interests, but euob censorship
is earned out on the mainland, possibly
at New York, from where the mall will
leave United States territory for for
eign, parts. ;
In some instances mails posted in for,
elgn countries are subject to censorship
neror despatched, out immediately on
arrival in Honolulu tbey nr distributed
to the addressees
- -'
.. y 1 . . . a f 1 c; 1 s-
.... . ... j-, .. . ;,! J
j. , . '... )..tk 4 -s i .
lurn III, liinsisssntm ,m .,
Atex. A Batflwtn, Ltd, ..pfTo
c, Jtrawer. .Co. i ,-.,110
Rwa Plantatlnn Co. . ..
Halh Himr 4'v, , .'.,
Haw. Aurt-tl Co. ,
Ilir. IWi H, t!H.
Haw. Hnx. On. . ......
ttosKiksa - Haxar Co, t
it'inoiiiH nuKiir C. . ..
Hnlrkluna Muf. J'lsnt. ,
Ksbnka IHsMatloa Ve. .'
r.ioa fuar i vj.,
M llryde HuXar Qe Ltd..
OntaO . Hat. . , '.. .
(Das nu. Civ. Ltd
Ononwa Rnsar . .,.,
l'asnhaa flu. Plant. C.
fsvlftc -Mnnar Mill ..
1'ala t'tantn. '. ......
!Vtfco Ku. Cv .. ..v
1 Li. urn i y .
. mtiwmv-rr mm , . ... , . . ...
aa Carl MUllaf Ce. .
C. . .,
Tnw.vera, ndr me front their stores government ban been glad to eobet the
found Hme to attend . the triaL ' ' There e""oo numoera . t u o-eiiea
were onlv. two women Diwsent. flie wif
of the,, defendant and. ft womnn . com
panion, who brayed the ordeal.
Attomev,! pas
In th clash over th selection of
jurors both sides exhausted their ehal-
lengea. -.Andrew , and , Pittman and
Leoh M. Strauss . are defend
physician:. Reports that City (Attorney 1
. viuwu nvuiu ibtv . ian in iie
Sroceedingtf i proved, to be, unfounded,
te" Was not In 'the court room, "he
prosecution is1 being conducted by Dep
uty Attorney general Cornell B. Frank
lin. ; .' I
The panel or twelve as f InaTlv chosen
la composed of tl. a . Oousalvoa. J. V.
rrnaude; H. B. Bailey, Ignu Off, C.
C Trrisber, fhristlsn Evertsen, Job
Batchelor. P. J. O 'Sullivan. C. V. von
Hummelatein, ITlulanl F, Lemon, Philip
vnang ana u u. venter. ,
The opening gun of the defense was
tbe.imotitfn which halted the bearing
until nine o'clock 'this morning. The
ttaeVrw directed at the indictment
Itself. Contending that, this, document,
returned aeverujl , -Weeks ajjo by the
grand ,jurt, failed to make a specific
charge, Or. (Hay' -attorney asked th
court to. order the Jury to return a ver
dict, r not guilty. The jury was ex
trusts, and It .1 claimed the govern
trent will not risk destroying; the effl
eleney of Organixations the service of
which it now require. .
It m freely prophesied that there will
be drastic amendments' to the law
which will !rmove ntuy restrictions
fending the j""!, mow 'exist.,
8 i Associated Press) John Brill, 0
year old ipupil at Ht John 'a school here
and a son of Peter Brill, punctured his
heart .while sharpening a pencil this af
ternodn' nt tb school and died Instsnt
ly. Th bey . wa holding th pencil
against his breast and the knife slipped
as 'be hurriedly shnrpened the lend pen
elL , The teacher at ouo dismissed the
elasn. .
. eVASHUfOTON, January 7 As to
eiated Press Francis J. Heney rep.
resenting the government in the inves
eused from the room while the motion titration of the packing industry, de
wss argued
TJ Statute . ... .
. tx ;JL'erritonl statute defining the
ime with, which the . physician i
f harged is peeulinr in some respect. It
is a short law of put ten.linea. Bection
Irja of the. Revised Statute, and it
eovere two phase of jthe ffne of per
forming a criminal operation.. Briefly,
the . law hold that-one guilty of per.
forming such an operation .after life of
the' unborn child j well developed shall
be . punished by .a fine not exceeding
1000 and imprisonment-at hard labpr
not more than five years, T1)0 other
phase, of the law i that one who per
form' en .operation of the kind before
life and movement Is develoftod in the
unborn child shall pay a fine of not
over $300 .and be imprisoned at hard
rubor not more than two years.
The motjon to terminate. the ease Is
based On 'the t-ontentiqu that the in
dictment, which 'does not follow the
wording of the statute textunlly, but
makes the general rharge, is not, spe.
eifis. Attorney PIttmao .and An
dfews argued that th indictment does
hot de finitely specify' that' the accused
eonimitted either; the greater or the
lesser offense of the trute 'and that
therefor he i left without a' def ibite
chargo to answer, j
Answering thi,, contention .Deputy
Attorney General Franklin argued that
the' form of the indictment aa drawn ia
valid nd that in Jilaking .the general
charge It may be. taken us understood
t hntf the lesser offense is designated
since the greater is not, set forth spe
cifically. , ' . '
Following the oral arguments on the
motion the court took a reoeaa of thirty
minutes, after which the jury was
brought back and e.xeused. until iiiue
o'clock this morning. Ifesterday after
noon Judge IJeen beard further argu
ment and tvousiilered law references in
chnmbers. It ia expeoted he will rule
on the motion when the ease is called.
If the motion is sustained it will ter
med teday that the government has n
intention, of . taking , over . the meat
plant of the country.
... '
, WASHINGTON, January 7 (Assool
ated' Press) Th food, administration
ha nrraaged )o- control the supply of
binder twine, WDioh Is oi such import
oca .t fsrmer. - v
i re ;(. "t , . . .
"t'COHlCErirE, New Tork. Jan
uary il Vasssn- College will be used for
war purposes next summer, it was an
nounced her today,. A committee of
trustee ,ba been Appointed to work
out plana' for a school for th intensive
training of student who wish to be
come registered nurses. A committee
on nursing from 'the Council of Na
tivnal Defense will cooperate in this re
spect.1 '
NEW YQBK, January d The will pf
Mrs. Mary Ajwa tianung Ydung, made
puoiio i varmei, ntw lors, loaay,
shut out her relatives and leaves moat
of her fortune to aid blind soldiers
The estate is estimated at between
t500.000 and $1,000,000.
ipinat the case and Doctor Hayes will
be freed of the charge.
When the case was called yesterday
Only witnesses for the prosecution had
psen summoned. There were four
all, as follows: Dr. James T. Wavauu
Dr. James K. Judd, Dr. A. V. Ilodgiua
and Frank I. tfteveneon, who is assist
ant to the-emurgency hospital surgeon.
WaUloa As-ret.
Wallaka Bu(.. Co,
BSmta DevelonsMat Ce.
1st I San AaaM TO rd
flats r. V. Ce,. ltd..
4talk-r P. Co.. Con..
HI t
HaW. Con. Rr. a ,1-Ha-w.
VntmT.JUi B ,,,,
flaw. 'Coo. m. KS.
Ha walls Klectele XUcv j. J
iiaw. i inMi'ifM u. ,
lino. B. M. Co. . . ..v
a. ., . . .
nf.ii. uaa. xi.t .in.
. K. X. 4JO. ,
imeniHRm n. V, vai 4 .
Qaha H, L Ox ,
Pahanc Rul.brr -C. .
BrtHSHI-lMtMllar", !.. ;-..s
' Nam Iftftoc !' ........
Vanjoof Ulan Kobt-e. ,v
Pee.cn W. 4. Uv 84 i'..
Hamakoa Ditch Co fta. .
Hswj Con. Rr.'R
Haw, irt Co.; .......
Haw. Ter. 4 IteT. 1SW0
Maw f. 4 tmh. Imp.
mw. icr. run. inf, tp.
trn ini2-iflun .w.:.l
iit amw .).,' A..U. vyo-.l
lioaofeaa .rliimtr Co., Wife,
hob. -uaa uta., e .
KaualiRyi Oo., ......
Mania Imp. Dint., e
Mi'Hrjrde Wu. -Co., fi ...
Mutual Tel. Be . .......
Vaka t. L. IV 5 .(
Osha Kil. Co., if,
V ' n mjmm,9 W ....
Faclflc tinano A F. C-. ftal
Ban Cartoa MW, Cn .:
102 w
101 u
i 1
eve t
. 1 .
Will Recehre Only
Pay ol Thdr Rsnkv J
' 'Iou We got it- all wroBj, Watson,
all Wrong, for th boy of the national
guard who are in the Beserve umcra'
Training Camp, nt Sehofield, will "re
ceive only the pay of their non-eommi-sicned
grades, after alL'.' aaid Sherlock
Hnlmes yesterdsy. ,l ' "
1 Holmes bad kept bis ear to the
.ground ell day snd interpreted ft .de-J
spate h which had been received nntur
day by the nrmy, in far different way
than It bad urst been oedpaered. . ;t .
He learned that the guardsmen, 'in
stead of reeeivfng $100 a montb p
while in camp, in reality will receive
just the jpay they would ordinarily re
ceive as enlisted men of Y'Uole Kan'i
army. The nergea'nt will receive ser
ges nt 'a pay and the corporal the pay
of his rank. ; - -,- '.
"It i .very evident, .Watson, after
hit, that the guardsman who .was for
merly . a commissioned officer in the
guard," added Kherlock, "will eeeeive
very mneh less pay, and it will be hi
sacrifice lo patriotic duty. He first had
to resign as an officer and then be en
tered the camp as a private, but pri
vate first class, ahd receives the pay
or coat mux.
"That 'a patriotism, my dear Wat
Son,, Of the first ( order, Sad I hope the
community appreciates U " ' .
t 1
rrn firrmrn rr .
Jacob van Horn, , formerly, ftn officer
on the interned German gunboat Oeier
which' sought refuge 4a this port 'early,
in the war, and who escaped to the
United ptates more thap two year ago,
naa 'Deen run to eartn oy V. . secret
service men in New Tork and sent 'to
Fort Oglethorpe, t Georgia, for odhfin
meat, according to recent mainland ad
Van .Horn is reported to have figured
prominently in the distribution of Oer
man propaganda in the United Slates.
Following hi arrest he was held at
E1U Island and then sent south -with
twenty-six. other alien enemies who had
been endoayorng to avoid detention.
' ; ' BETWEEN 0HDB '
Olsa, HW, A 10, 100, R R2l: H. H. ft M.
Co.. ft l.V7t Haw n I'Mies.44, 8ur; O.
H. A UOe., Iki, fjlouO. Kil.0. ..
Pioneer, 40, 80.V); Oahs, 1 KIM.
, - . .SOwAtt OIKKTATIUM . .
' . i Jaanarjr 2.1ms, ( t
ualyshi nests taondviceaV '
80 Csnt, (For Haw.) Bassrs 6.001
';. " ' 'i KOBBC& TJOTaTlONB '
. DeeemlMsr si, tukT
ntnlrapor. , v...... ........ 4"!Vt
w. irs . ...i....... ...... ...o. wi
Oeorge F. Benton, member of Local
Board, Division No. S, of the selective
draft, has posted a notiee to regis
treats whose' order numbers are be
tween .No. 1 anil No. 400 inclusive, that
questionnaire blank were mailed te
them yesterday, "which you are re
quired by law to execute and return
within seven days from January 7." The
notice adds: "Failure to do so consti
tutes a misdemeanor punishable by not
to exeeod one year's imprisonment;
and such failure may also deprive you
of valuable rights and result in your
immediate induction into military serv
ice and trinl by court martial."
A aimllnr uotice was sent out for
Division No. I whiah sent nut number
botv No. 1 aud 230 inclusive.
!NEW K K," 3a nnarr ' (ii jf 'Am I t. I
ITanat Followtaf ars the uix-ninK i
Closing quotations of stocks In tne v
jot nwirnet yntemiiy.
America Jnmir Oe.-. .....
wricaa itet d...
HMM-lated (IB . '.
A tanks AUA-
AuMrican lAM-omotlve . ...
AUMMlestn 1U Tel v.u.
AmerWatt Btaet rtrf.
Aaamnida Co:er
Atritiaua nmuwtf -r ..
Hnld -in tlcomottv .
laltlmur Ohio
Helliletiea WM "B" I,
- Mll.m UMi . V-vanWMf . . . . ,
i antuiiaa ravine , v,..,,,
r. M. Ht. 1'aul
vUk r'uat A Iron . .......
Cnu-ihle Hteel .
r.ra Hiiiiioa .-'...,,....
iimiffnu wicora ininri i v..,
Onmt. Nlrthrsv lrl.
KeadKitt 'C'onjwr .
IntvnMMIoaal Klrkt w .....
:iHitito -teiier Kniirana r.i
cew mrs
t'eonsylvabhi . , .v. . . .
ilajr Consolidated i,
ieanina irouiauMi .
(epultUc Jrun roiuatoa . . .'.
louthvru lai;iae
rnatf -xtana...'Knbller
uua piaies. nteet v.,.d
. ii'-M,
i :Z
i:u .
I ...
r i
i ..I
. ftAM rsixrisnn,' s.lii a
elated Pra Vollowluk ar tb oie i.i,,
B 'doatakg qnoratlon tot sugar ahd n,, r
u, w. oa a-rasciace aarkt i,
torday: , t) ... .1
. - ......
Haw's CotuT Biinir
-Hawaiian Htisnrtc.
tliUctiluaoh Hiuntr Uo, . ..
w .uar ia .
Katihau rluawr Co, l!!!
5 v
KUKKls copper .. JUi.'.U.rKl
Uuttotul rfaataUun . ..,,.J u
. au
41 'i
Honolulu, iaanary T. 1011.
! i ,
i. OIL .
Hun-.CoaOU ,
Kneels pper . ,.
Mlurral IrMluvt
Muunlala Kins , ,
Mouuna Klnsbaw .
Madera Mlulu . .,
(- .,1
. .!!
3 80
' BALKfi ' ' . '..:
KnrWa, on, t.Tos Monla'aa 1JTO0, tSKi
UU, tigu, HUO, Monuaa. nuu, ., ,
Fritft Xeitter, formerly employed by
the Hawaiian Dredging Cbmpany, who
wa arrested . recently as an alien en
emy, has been placed la Oahu prison
pending n lavetigation of hi cnae.
--f - '
t . ...I I !
... I- i j.
1 .V VM'(.
i .::."M.W'i-.
M llltl SM " j'

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