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nuiid iiiunia;
Twenty-five Thousand Reported
To Have Defied Kaiser and Re
fused To Leave For Western
Ruppreciit Loses Many : More
Men In Vain Attack At Bulle
court British . Airmen Raid
Over Flanders :
LONDON, January (Asso
ciated Press) A serious re
volt has broken out in the ranks
of the German army, as serious
as the recent outbreak -among the
naval forces of the Kaiser at Kiel
and Wilhelmshafen, according to
well authenticated despatches
from the Russian front, relayed
on ' to Petrograd by the Russian
field wireless 6crvice. Deserters
from the German lines have also
joined the Russians and have
brought confirmation of news -of
the revolti
The despatches -from the Rus
sian wireless service state that
twenty-five thousand German sol
diers, who have been on the east
ern front for many months, have
shot down their officers and open
ly defied the orders of their high
er commands. They have en
trenched themselves, their posi
tions being heavily defended by
machine puns, while they have an
unlimited supply of rifle and ma
chine gun ammunition.
Socialism Inoculated
'I'll is outbreak took place . timing
the trooH, in the .region cant ol
"Kovno, whero the soldiers of the oppos
ing armies have been f rutcrnir.iti( for
month audi whore tha propaganda of
the Bolsheviki ha been 'listened to
with eagerniyi by the German rack
'.and. file. . .4M . '-I- s,
The (lerma'u.. aui;iUaiuafl-' fmft-
lesa to. handle tha sitoatiosv the. avail
able forces along thia section of the
lino being, too few to attempt to
crush the revolt by direct at
. . tuck, wbiiu to briiijr uns against th-
. mutineers will involve strippiug' othei
portions of the line and preparing foi
'the carrying out of a regular campaign.
It Ih stuted, also, that the ofhrprs are
not anxious to tet the temper of theii
men yet loynl by leading thorn against
their own com mile.
Drafted For Trance
Deserters from thin section of thr
flermun line say that the revolt was
bmujrht to n hem) when order were
Tec-rived drafting nil the men on tbi
enste-n front under forty Hve years foi
'-r ice mii the western front. The regi
ments nt Kovno, when thin order wne
posted, di-clured that they had hud
enough of fl-htin-; and refused to be
transferred for a winter THnipaigii
nffiiinst the Fiench and Hritisli.
The (ii rninn comniu nder is endeavor
i ti K to cut olT nil sources of food from
the mutineers, hoping to force their
bui render through starvation.
Germans Launch Attack
On the western front yesterday the
(Icrinuiix liiuiiclieil u strong local at
t;ick ngniiiHt . the British positions oi
the lliudeiilmrg line east of Bullocoiirt
In Ciinlniti neetor. The attack wan made
lu force, the iufuntry udmncing ii
waws iiinler eover of a heavy barrage
but Ht only one point did the eneun
succeed in reaching the Kritixh posi
tionx. Here tin iiihiiiiced aup wi
denied mid oeeupied.
At all other Hectionx along the from
the (iermaii were beaten buck, the
iidMincing linex being niKed o severely
by iiiM'hine giinx nml rifle Bre that
they f illed to yet grip with the
trench defenders. Throughout the dn
the (iciiiiiuiK xulTcred heavy loxxes with
out coiupeiixiiling guiiiH.
BrltiBh Air Bald
The Itritixh iiir service carried out
a xeriex of r1tb on Friday night
ug'iinxt the Meniii Uoulerx rnilroiul, the
nulrouil xtationx north nud xouth of
l.i ileghcu Mhd that town itself being
bombarded. Considerable iliimnge wbk
tlo'ie, a nuiiilier of the n renounce
I'.iong I he line bi-in,.' set on fire by the
bombs, while nil iiir buttle of emiae
(;uri:ie dewlopcd.
( in ii ii rnai' In n i' roe to the defenxe
of 1 1. i ii i 1 '; 1 ii nd ii si'oie of dueU
were i'ought i;i Ilie night. Kight (ler
luiiu in ii b i ii en were sent whirling down
t" desl ruction, h hile five Ilritixh ma
etiines fulled to return to their blue.
nVWHON, Yukon Territory, .lanuarv
(i i Axxociated l'reH-I.ust December
wiis the eoldext ever experienced in this
eitv. since- ollicinl weather record have
'been lu-pt, the mean temperature dur
ing lln month liaviag been fifty one
deijrees Im'Iiiw .ero. One weather ree
ord ktution n cur here reports a temperu-
tnre on one occaHiou during the month
of eighty ix degrees below, below thu
freezing point of mercury.
Oriental LaborTo Solve r
,var iTODiems is Advised
CUtCAOO, January "-Aaaoelateil I'resx) Importatien of Oriental ta
anlve the nntien ' labor problem during the war wa nrgeil by Klbert H. Oary,
head of the l.'hited Stntee Rtecl Corporation at. banquet at which he apoka
laat night. He was in the Orient only a fear months ago' and while there made
a considerable atudV-of labor condition.
. In hip speech Inat night Judge Uary (minted out that the object of bringing
in Oriental labor would not ba to supplant American aud whitn labor but woubl
be to release Inen who wer needed at the front to flirht the battles nf their
ouutrV and to enable tha nation to apeed
"' mere may im iiiTanne(i i rum some nourcn an liKlustrlal army requisite to
mart the war needs of the rooatry.
The peaior pointed to tha posaibilitiea that the use of Chinese in agrieut
fa nil iKirsuite would otf a and wait mioht be done with
Spanish Revolt Nipped In
the Bud-Crowd Cheers King
' MA I'M D, January (1 -. (Associated
Preas) Thia capital waa (tartled yea
terday when it became known through
the repressive measures being put into
force that a acrioua revolutionary move
ment had been gathering headway in
the army. The : authorities hate al
ready effectually Iqtietchod, th move
ment, it is believed, while the- general
nublie hns been . demonstrating ita
loyalty to the King and the government.
I no orxt intimattnn the public tn
general had of anything ont of the or
dinary came when the telegraph and
telephone connection were hut off
yesterday morning without waraing.
Thia it soon became known waa to pre
vent any communication between the
Revenge Death of Two Americans
Killed Last Vyeek By
German Bombs
January K (Aaxociated Press) Amer
ican aviators curried out their firat re
prisal raid recently, revenging the
death last week of two American
members of the woodsmen regiment,
who were killed by the bomb of Ger
man aviators.
Accompanied by British and French
pilot and flying in the machines in
which the Americana have been taking
their instruction, the Yankee flyers
swept far and wide over the German
poeitions before their sector, dropping
many bombs and observing the effect.
Iti certain that a number of the air
missiles found their mark.
No German fighting machine rose to
oppose the passage of the Entente
squadron, but the machinea were the
targets for many anti-aircraft guns. All
I the maohinea returned in safety.
r- 1
FRANCE, January 5 (Associated
Press) Document found on enemy
wale In anticipation of America adding
thousand of machines to the present
vir forces of the Allies.
This confirms Amsterdam despatches
if earlier in the week which told of
orders from Berlin to incieiise avia
tion forces.
Ranking officers of the American i the Central Powers fouud only them
irmy regard it as extremeiy desirable, selves to confer with. Russian dele
.hat there be a speedy ami complete uate. whose presence is essential for
levelopmeut of the American aero
PARIS, January fi f Associated
Press) The Temps yesterday announ
ced that the French government had
agreed to recognize the ne govern
ment of the Finnish Renuhlic. President
. 1 . .
powers of the Entente.
LONDON, January 6 (Associated
Press ) -Wince- tha beginning of the war,
the British government lias, acconliui;
to figures given out by oltleial Miiines
here, seut military supplies to Itusnia
as follows:
Six hundred and ninety one Willis.
1,5110,(1(10 rounds of nrtillerv niuiiinni
tion, 1.7f!ll,0UH.IHHI rounds of hiiiiiII arms
aniiminitioii, 7(H) tons of eploMex,
2,257 machine guns, 503 tractors, l.tmn
lorries, H.6SM motor-cycles, 101 mr
planes and 4,'tg airplane eutfines.
PAZO OINTMENT ia guaranteed to
cure blind, bleeding, itching or pro-
. i tit tjq i . i7 i
truding PILES in 6 to 14 dins or
money refunded. Mauufactuitd b
J the ' AKIS liKDlCIKK CO. , ht. i..uis
U . C. A
I'oineaire stating that this recognition uu ui-mouu-
would be given because the Finnish, j iBe,nf Bln, k Ht, fleut
Republic had been established "in riht I , Turkey is to retain her active army
as well as in fact." A delegation of !" fone(um of her continuation of
Finnish publicist has been here to Lhke CR1"!,t ,he Entente powers,
cure this recognition. It is expected Tne '"wrier line, are to remain the
that the action of the French K,ern , Wore the war. li.d.vidua
meot will b. followed bv all the other "r I!"" ,e "funded and
up product iou which must Ing and halt
various plotters and thus made impos
Bible any conceited action and serious
Laat night it was officially reported
that, conditions throughout the king
dom were tranquil, with the revolution
nipped In the bud. Fifteen hundred
noncommissioned officers of the army,
it waa stated, had been (legraxeol ami
many of them arrested, for having
furmed "juntas for their self defense."
" Public opinion ia clearly with tha
government and atreet demonstration
were made yesterday before the palace
of King Alfonso by the crowd, which
aunounced Ita loyalty and demanded
the puniahmeut of the plotters against
the throne.
i.. -i i '
imuAiuo Approves nans 10 ng
duce Number of Trains In
East By Twenty Percent
AVASH1NOTON, January ft (Asso
ciated Press) Passenger train are to
be laid off by the wholesale in order to
expedite the movement of freight over
the government controlled railroads
Plans were -yesterday approved by li
rector General of Railroads McAdoo for
tha. reduction of pasxenger train on
the Eastern railroads by twenty per
cent. Huch reductions are to be grad
tiajly extended until the passenger
service in practically all parts of the
country has been similarly reduced and
freight troflic proportionately in
Ia approving the recommendation!
for a reduction of paasenger service or
the Eastern roads and the ultimate ex
tension of the plan, McAdoo issued an
appeal to the public in which he urged
them to refmin from traveling as -much
as possible and to use the railroads not
a a matter of convenience but only
4 where! movement- was absolutely essen
tial.- V '
Representatives of Central Pow-
I . erS Find NO One With WhOiTl
They Way Confer
LONDON, January 0 (Associated
Ireas) In Brest I.itovslc yesterday the
delegates to tin nence conference from
any further program, were aigniflcantly
n risen l, reports from lenna said yes
terday. Instead of the Petrograd dele
gation the' other delegates found a
telegram asking that further sessions
be held in Stockholm instead of Brest
l.itovak. What if any answer will
lie taken on this request the despatches
did not announce. . .'
A despatch to the Exchange Tele
graph Agenry from Petrograd announc
ed that Turkey lind presented peace
terma to Russia tiipl outlined their
Free passage through the Dardanelles
for Russian shipping is to be granted
the Hlavs. und on her side, Russia is to
1 4. "P.. ..i. : ..i. a : .... .i .i i. it
. iriinrsiiiT mwi nut mi rir turninrta n .
tegTrty in the future.
Brightened in it news and improved
in it appearance typographically as
well is the Oardeu Island, copiea of
which arrived from I-ihue yesterday.
1 here is a snap to it that has been miss
ing for a time and it has taken on a
decidedly metropolitan appearance.
Th.- tensons for the changed apnear-
' mice of the Kauai weekly aro that it
Iiiim wcn'-ed and installed a linotype
m ichinc and has also resumed the pub-
lliiiitlon of wireluts news from the out
side v. oild. a feature thiit has been ah-
.1 the plan of the Harden Island
i t" eu I t a dally wireless service by
"lditi'.'n to the l"',,l.i''", 'r
mii. h news in its regulur edition. Thus
i( iH . - huh.,rAli.rt
.service of excellence uud presented
nil i ltr.iclivi- form such us they liae
luvCr lurelolore enjoyed.
(!LEARLV GIVE Fl optN WITH THKATS LONG FORJARltffliY jjp cil flf fen A A-
Lloyd George Makes Able Decla
ration of Purposes of His
Country In Continuing and An
swers, Questions Clearly
Tells What Will Happen To De
luded Russia If. Present Gov
ernment Listens To Terms
Central Powers Now Offer
Complete restoration of the
political, economic and terri
torial independence of Bel
gium, and reparation for
damage inflicted.
Genuine self-government
for the people of Austrian
Hungarian nationalities who
have long desired it.
Recognition of the serious
conditions in Arabia, Mesopotamia,-
Syria and Palestine.
Disposal of the colonies
wrested from Germany to be
made by the peace council.
' Independence for Poland.
' f. Union pf the Julians with
those " of their ' own tongue
and race. ' ' ,
Sanction of established
' Territorial settlement bas
ed on the rate 'of self-determination
or consent of the
Creation of an Internation
al organization to diminish
armaments and limit the pro
bability of war.
LONDON, January (Associated
frees) War aims of Great Britain and
the perquisities for peaee- were vester-
'lay outlined by Premier Lloyd George
ta the United Trade of Great Britain
at a vast mass meeting "where he -was
he chief spanker. . Ha auswered clear
!V and in full the demand that have
been made for a restatement of. the
aims and purposes ot Great Britain in
eoutiuuiug the great 'war. Ilia speei-h
is hailed as preeminently significant and
potable throughout the realm and won
high commendation for the clearness
aud succinctuess with which his utter
ances were expressed,
Llovd George 's speech was essential
ly timely because of the negotiations
tnat were comiucteil at tsreet-L.ttovsk
and the presentation of peace terms by
Turkey to Russia.
Critical Period Hara
The premier said that the war had
arrive1,! at its .most critical period, a
time when onlv the clearest, greatest
mil most just cause could warrant its
continuation with jii" of.it unspeakable
ngonv to the nation Involved. i
Touching cn condition for peace
the i premier declared that first allied
requirements ha always been the com
plete restoration of political, territor
ial and economical independence of
Helgium and reparation for the devas
tat ion inflicted.
Demand are Clear
"We do not demand indemnities,"
said the premier. "We do demand that
there shall be genuine self government
by the people of Austria-Hungarian
nationalities who have long deaired it.
V)e do not challenge the maintenance
of the home lauds of the Turks or the
Turkish government but Arabia, Syria,
Mesopotamia and Palestine arc en
titled to recognition because of their
Pserious conditions.
"Three conditions must be fulfill
ed: '' l.-Hanction of established treaties.
"2, Territorial aettlement based on
the rate of self determination or con
sent of the governed.
".'I. Creation of au international or
ganization to limit armaments to the
end of diminishing the probability of
"For these three conditions Great
Britain is prepared to make even great
er sacrifice."
Let Council Decide
Touching on the pronouncement of
the Austrian foreign minister, Count
Caernin, at tlw Russian conference,
he said thiit mii iudeiendent Poland
is mi urgent necessity for a western
Kuropean stability. The German colo
nies which have been wrested from the
enemy, he continued, must be held nt
the disposal of the pence conference,
whose decision must have a primary
regard for the wishes and interests of
the natives.
Me made it plain, however, that the
democracy of Kritain will stand to
the last by the democracies of Kruiice
and Italy.
Russia' BerlouB Plight
"If the present rulers of Kusnia act
independently,'1 he explained, "we
have uo menu to arrest the ciitas
trophe. Kussia inn be saved only by
her own people. We mean to, stand bv
the French in llieir demand that Ger
ninny rielil (he wrong of Alaace Lor
mine. This sore has poisoned the
peace of F.uiope for half a ceiitniv.
I'nlil it in ii led, healthy condition-!
cliilliot lie refined.
" Kepui at urn mi iiiim n-, nnil ion ol
the wrong dour, aipl reparation for m
Assert They Will Adopt Militant
Tactics Soon -r Charges
Made By Opponents
WASHINGTON, January (Asso
cinted Press) Threats by members of
the woman suffrage party to resume
Militant luetics if the proposed con .
stitutioniil aniemlement giving the suf
'rftge to women shall not be given
speedy consideration and early approv
al by congresi were openly made at
the hearing held before the house com
mittee yesterday. There were suf
fragists of various stripes in attend
ance, some taking n mild and persuas
ive course, others arguing clearly and
with good logic and still others adopt
ing a threatening attitude. There was
also presented s petition signed by wo
men opposing the extension of suffrage.
In counter to the demand of the wo-
man siiffratte advocates there were
charges made that the time waa inop
portune and that the socialist and
pacifist programs and propaganda would
welcome its enactment because of it
possible effect on the wr and it eon
Office of Radical Socialist Sheet
Wrecked By Mob Headed
By Bluejackets
8KATTLK, January 8 (Asociated
Press) A crowd of civilian, with
whom were between fifteen and twen
ty bluejackets, raided and completely
wrecked the office of the Daily Call
laat night, smashing ia the front of
the building and throwing out and
breaking up and destroying all the fur
niture, books and record.
The Call is a Socialist publication of
radical nature, which ha been featur
ing paeificUt views and attacking the
war policy of the government. Recent
utterances have aroused . the people,
their indignation culminating last night
In the riot which wrecked the place
of publication.
lp until a late hour last night there
bad been no arrests made in connection
with the affair.
Quartermaster's Aoent Says Mil
lion Yards pf Cloth Needed
WASHINGTON,' January 8 f Asso
ciated Press) Effort to plane the blame
for the shortage of warm clothing and
of uniforma of any sort for the soldiers
of the National Army, many of whom
have been working and drilling in blue
aenim overalls ror want of more suit
able clothing was continued yesterday
wUh Col. Klmer I.idsey, quartermas
ter' agent at Philadelphia a the chief
witness. .
The testimony given by Colonel Lid
sey went to shift the blame for the de
plorable condition of clothing supplies
from the quartermaster's department
to the council of national defense. He
blamed them for slowness in making
purchase of good and said even now
there was a shortage of a million yards
of cloth.
; -
WAHHINGTON, January fl (Asso
ciated Iress) Major Kurphy, who has
been Jn France at the head of the work
of the American Red Cross in Europe,
with headquarters at Pffris, has resign
ed and will return to the United Ktatea
to consult with Henry P. Davison, ex
ecutive head of the Red Cross here.
Later, it is announced, Major Murphy
will return to France to join General
' Major James Perkins, vice pre siileut
of the National City Rank, who is al
ready in France, will relieve Major
Murphy at the head of the mission.
sociated Preset At a meeting here to
day of the federal trade commission it
waa indicated that the government may
tnVe over the eniintrv' meat Industry
justice is a fundamental couditiou to
a ieruianeut peace. ' '
Deal ana on Russia
" Nobody, " continued the premier,
"who knows Prusnia and her designs
toward Russia can doubt her ultimate
intentions. Whatever nnsNcs she will
use to delude poor Russia, ' ' she diic
not Inteud to surrender iiuv Kiiskibu
ritie or provinces occupied. I'mlei
one name or another thev will hence
forth lie part of Prussia's dominion
' ruled by the Prussian sword, and the
I rest of Russia will be bullied into
complete eeoiiemicnl and ultimately
political euslavement.
1 "I regard as vital the clniiuH of Itul
inns for union with thn-ie of their omii
tongue and race.
' "Also we should press that justice lie
done men of Kiimniiiaii blood.
"In this way Austria Hungary Mould
becoiuu a power conducive to peace
instead ol' no in-all iiuii iil ol' I 't iix-mh ii
autocracy. ' '
Business Large In Volume Can-
Not Be Heard Until New
Chief Justice Is Named
Supreme court cases scheduled to be
heard duiinj; the January session are
numerous, but no eases can lie heard
until the acnncy ia the chief justice
ship is filled, crested by the resignation
of Chief Justice A. O. M. Robertson,
One of the circuit eourt judges may
probably be called in to make a tri
hunnl. Following is the calendar:
F.dgar T. Anderson vs. llakiian
Dredging Co. Taxation of defendant's
'.iill of costs.
Territorv of Hawaii vs. John Waia
man. et al. Reserved question from
circuit court, fifth circuit.
Territory of Hawaii vs. Hermogo
mes Alcantara. Exceptions from cir
cult court, first circuit.
Wong Wong vs. Honolulu Skating,
Rink, Ltd., et al. Error to circuit
court, first circuit.
Antone Fernandex. Jr., vs. Koclda-
de I.usitana R de Hawaii, a Corriora
tion. Error to circuit eourt, second cir
In the matter of the contempt of Goo
Wan Hoy. Appeal from circuit judge,
first circuit.
Nina Bertetmaaa, et al vs. Joseph K.
Coekett, et al. Appeal from cirruit
judge, first circuit
M. P. Scott, et al. vs. E. ft. Fllipo,
et al. andC K, Al. Appeal from cir
cuit court, first circuit.
Iublie t'tilities Commission v. Inter
Island Steam Navigation Co., Itd. Ap
peal from circuit judge, first -circuit, '
C. B. Dwight vs. 8. Iehlyama. et al.
Exceptions for circuit eoart, first cir
cuit. Philomena Silverhorn, administratrix,
etc., . Pacific Mutual Life Ininraace
Company of California, a corporation.
Exceptions from eireuit court, first cir
cuit. Catherine Machado vs. T. Kitamura.
Exeptions from eireuit court, firat cir
cuit. .-. !.'.
Lucy K. Peabody, et aL vs. Liuks
Paakua. Appeal from district magis
trste of South Kona.
David K. Kahaulelio vs. Beke Thihl
et al. Exception from eireuit eourt,
second circuit. ., . .
Ia the matter of tha petition of
Morris Boenredtv trustee for Eva Me-
Clellan, et al. to register i tie. , Resarv
ed nuestions from the land edurtj ;
Hawaiian Trust Co Ltd.. trustee Sn
der the will and of the estate of Knb-
art W. Holt, deceased, v. Rosalia Ka
halaoaka Holt, e al. Appeal from cir
euit judge, first eireuit.
W. W. Thaver for the respondent
Georpe H. Holt: Castle ft Withlngton
for the respondeat. Rosalia Kahalao-
aka Holt and' James Lawrence Holt.
In the matter of the assessment of
taxes of the Waiakea Mill Co. Appeal
from tax appeal eourt, fourth eireuit. .,
'. , - , . , ?
Ultimatum Is Cabled To Cohfesi
H Pansnlsaln anil Tlreik ' '
vu vvuspiiaivi oiiu i line
Limit For Action Given
1 "
Pules Georg fiodiek resigns his
vice - perldency of Hackfeld Jt
Compauy he is to be removed., His
time for voluntary retirement will et
pire on Friday morning and unless his
resignation arrives by mail or is sent
by cable or wireless by that time it
is expected that action will be taken
ut a meeting which is planned to be
held that day.
J. F. Humburg, third vice president
of Hackfeld k Company sent. the last
cable to Rodiek calling- for his resisna
no forthwith He had bees asked bv
Rodiek to sec . how sentiment in the
community stood in his ease and hehaa
done so and reported his findinjrs to
gether with asking for the resignation;
Hueh were yesterday' developments
in me reorganisation of tne Hackfeld
company personnel to bring .about its
Americanization, it was learned from
J. . C. Hagens and J. F. Humburg
Mr. Hagens say the reorganization is
going forward as fast as may be rea
sonably expected and upon principle
wtiicn nave his hearty approval.
William Ebeling Jr., of Makaweli,
usual, and utss wtlhelmina Werpa
daughter of Mr. Caroline Serpa, of
14ZU Alapai Htreet, this city, were mar
ried at the home of the bride's mother
in Houolulu on December 2ft, the cere
raony being performed by Rev. A. V.
Simres, pastor of the Portuguese Pro
testant Church.
The marriage ceremony was private,
only relatives aud intimate friend of
the youug couple being present. The
bride was given away by her eldest
brother, M. J. Herpa, of l.ewera k
Following the wedding a reception
was tendered the young couple. Mr.
and Mrs. Ebeling left for Kauai lust
Monday to make their home at Maka
weli. The bridegroom is a former Hilo
resident, where he is well known. Mrs.
Kbeling is well known here and has
been a popular favorite, eecially
among tne young Portuguese element.
When you lisvi n troulilsiuuf rnugli, '
it does not menu t hut yoi have run
sumption or that vuu srt r'"K to have
i. hut it doi-s mHn that your luns arc i
threstiucl, sinl it is just as wfll to b'
on tin- ssfr hiiI mol tsk CliHinlior '
In tr
s Coujjli Keiuedy hefore it Is too
Kor snlr bv nil dealvrs. B.-iis,ii.
Ii V, I. td., sx'iits foi llimiiii-
Hunt I
n fin i ri HniinT n t
What Remained of Ruined City
Is Completely Wiped Out By '
Fresh Disasters of Thursday .
and Friday Last
Death List Is. Believed To Be.,.
Even Larger Thn That Which .
Followed Temhor,t;V.That' 1
Wrecked Ci,fQ
WASH I liGTON, 'jarft.aSrf 6 V .
I'urtlier devastation ha -been
heaped uikhi thf fturts of ffhul,,
was once Guatemala Qjr wru'a,
Umata la Nutva. lLy i-ew (
ruins that remained after the.rr
rible tenihlors oi last'tturatfi have, .
been shaWcn down and leveled by
he further sever' tehDck tbtiB .
rocked and tthtWik tl?e ground on s
which those rums Stood. '"Tp.c'se'
occurred on Thal-Mfl'naVl'iSt.y '
last and despatches receij'ediltt're
last night said tha'thlositi' yt , y
life is estimated to,. . hre'ef ti
even larger than in he earlier JtV V
aster when they. were placed ' a. t i
more than...2500.x:-. Messages rer -
ceived by the Matcdepartment
told of the further khd-later"dU-- -aster.
: r.Y-Vrt i'-i" ;. a';,!u
Despatches 'sent ''rv$romSaii:-'
Jose by the Central" American '
Information -at MtaHpoainJjiooi;in
Guatemala City. These said: "Ottf
manager at Snjtoe j:epocts:ilkif ,
the city, of Guatfenlvt rj.what 1
was left 6f it aftepyhc previous
quakets has iUert?i&n?ltitev vVip
od ottt.' . avlcwds'if Wim-art t i i
ing"iofJ hrouh'Hhe 'sfcCi' -sulphurous
vdjKr iri rfcitt'll n s
are rising from, the imruen.se cre
vice and fifiures'thatJiavc ' been
opened up in th earX fcl'at-
red walls of. tht;BrercaUie1dr;l .
h.aye. Jben brought clattering
downf,- Railroads rc out because
i$ the -lapUslidcs and communica
tion .irttlvvthe' daisld'' ik4 Taut
1eerf practically 'cuf off t Khown
isni i tjxji is were juu anij
the list of injured was.tfgj. Suf
fering is intense and the survivors
ire making their ways from the .
ruins as, best .they, can o' other
points of the country,; AJready
numbers have reached San Jose."
.. ,y . ,i, .
nun urrDepfiTiiflr
hiiii in 1 1 i in 1 1 1 f
"H WtUMil
Some Bespitepomcj, Byt Cei;
Shortage . Isvtill Vito
' Crisis lnStag&JoEa$t:c
NfcW T0EI;jaaual4X(U;?Ajs,',s; '
ted Pr..)-AftA yotnVrTii ii
of intense surfx-rinif lrfJriil,wkri''tue
mereury would attM1j thertirtn'om-
tet below or aear tf rrtronrlciit
algbt ant) not ris far ,a.hiye. .daring tho.
daylifcht hours and ven When toe vo
ahona eoldry, there arVii-'stma 'h-tiff
last alght whea It aaa dtnidxjdJyatuHi,
er. Fair and warmer; fpr tQdar.wai.
thf weather foraeaati K '; '" .
While there wera laereaei arrivsl--of
roal at tha t.rnJiial,)-! (hj ,i
fuel erisis haa not, bee passed kn
should another W)ld sllup roma out of''
the wast the shortsgo would agatk'W''
GERMANS SrtdoYiMRiv'i1.'.
A MSTBR DA M?57auary 'ji-Xslw.'a-m
rres) Twaoty-ttltl.ari,iBNjluxl- ? ;
ing four residents of Antwerp and tw
of Ghent, and oae Dutch shipper, bav
been executed at Ghent by the Jer-
man, charged with espionage, A aua- ';
bor of others, arrest ad. a tk Mmfi
chartfe, are beiag held a prisouer uu-
der sentenee. ' -v : ,
TO Kid. Januarr S Vtl.t.
Tress) The admiralty aonouneea that
JniianM aarshipa in tno MedlterratiiH' v
n have ri-pulsed an attiknkribr nboiV
om ttrituu traiwporU, ,j ,;j'.y .
j i

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