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i i r : Y y
Commander" Announces Cain of
Another Mile .in ' His Advance,
" To the North From Jerusalem
Y Strengthening Histoid
Artillery : Engagements and; Ajr
Attacks Constitute Chief 'Act
ivities and Snow and Cold Hold
Back All Offensives
EV YORK, January 5'
(Associated Tress) Al
though heavy snow and cold
weather have continued to serve
, as, an. effectual check to import
ant military operation on tin;
, Western front and in the moun
tain o Northern Italy, the fin
tish in T.alestine are continuing
' their forward progress. Genera !
".' AUenby ' last . night rcjiortcd tf
London that his forces had ad :
var.ee a a ( mile further, in then
campaign . against the Turks in
the country, to the north of Jeru
salem, making still more secure
i their hold upon the Holy City and
taking positions which would.
u. ....... ... ;n irii,,. -a
( tances northward.
V In France, Belgium and Nortlj
!crh Italy the military activities of
the day consisted almost wholly
oT artillery duels. On the West
crt) front , .especially ne Teuton?'
threw thousands of tons of sheik
upon French and British positions
evidently continuing their prep
arations for attempted drives
against several salients. A 1
In Italy iUi enforced dday'-of
aggressiveness , and , the . holding
back of the Austro-German offen
sive is' giving, to the Italians' ap
opportunity- to still further,
strengthen their defensive lines
and it is to interfere with suci
plans, apparently, that the Teu
ton heavy artillery fire is directed.
Each day that the Austro-Ger
mans are held "in these mountain
passes adds to the difficulty of
their positions.
, German claims that during the
week, the Teutons had destroyed,
twenty-three allied airplanes and
two balloons were made from
Berlin T, he oflicjial, claim did not
t-pecify the fronts upon which'
such successes had been achieved
and aircraft have been busy in ail
sectors of the Western front and
in Italy while iitfantfy operations
have been largely suspended.
Thirty-two. , airmen, mostly
members of the I.a,faycttc F.sca
dnlle are . to e mustered out of
tha French and into the United
States service within the next few
days-'::'. ;':
( ! iff :
, WASHINGTON, January 4-(Asso
eiated t'rva) Following the recent
hearings on tbe shortage of army sup
plies end agitation for seeding up of
the i bureaus,' Hsu at or (Jhsmberlain,
liairnmn of the upir house committee
on' jiiftitary' affairs, to. lay introduced a
bill proolng a depart niMit of muni
I ,.jis.,mder nnr 4-abinet head to bo
l.uown 'a secretary of m u hit ions. It
is admitted Unit this bill is a mult of
tlie 1 vest lotion of war opera bioss.
... , -r
-. : '-i';.-; f. ' -a- ' '
.WASHINGTON. January 5 -(Aaao-t
isted Press) President WiUon y
terilny roufi-rrH .with h li-ailcru of
(bo enatt BO'I tbe liouw follnnitiK hia
mlJrpa to tlia joint aeaaioa on railroMl
(i(Tnirta't .WiTKil that there b inmie,
iliata lu)!ialatioa iutroilueed (ookiun to
the development of latent mater pow
er wliivh I14 stiriiate'l to be of. 23,
l'O0,0OO kore' fower auuuullv.
Proposal To Continue Government
Management vf'
War Rouses Objection
WASH mo tOX; Janoary 6-r(A.
dated rirea) follolnt th adih-e
whivh lralJetit WJIaoa delivered yea
tertay to the joint koaaioa of the aea
ate aid bouat of TeprMhtati"r o the
ubiert of roeToieat eoatrol of rail
roadi and the leciiUtion.that ll tei-r-aaary
to farry .forward the plana of
tah eontrot. ' aevrral adm)nlntrattoB
aieasurea looklnc to tkoM eoda were
introdueed and already aone oppotioo
to aotne phkaea of oc)i 'lalatioa baa
made tta attpearanre. . , s
Oppoaftloa Valcod Early ' ; ' '4 ,
Immediately following the Irttrodoe
'ion of the dmlalatratioa Mllway bi)l
here appeared opfxwitioa, whtab la
neeted to Turther innreane,' : to the
dlnnee wtiieh proii?e Von. h ,oatlntftn(r
if the control ladeflnttely fcftor the
eoMtieit of 4he wrr. It a ippnonta
1atm that anrh prevision da little ahort
if a eoaflaeatloa nd govevnitaent'ewa
erahip. ,;' ,
" flo far wa eowfeaartim jpe . the.
aeaaore ia loaaidefwd aattiafaetory M It
jrovlilea for a eompeaaatioa te the
wilaoada fof their, pnifrtj -while, heM
under control -o -a biaai of the net
operating income foe the three yearn
nrJtn( June 30 4aat., . Jkt W provide;
(or npkoop, aiaiatenaooe (and -better-etn.
, '';V' : ,'
IMT Acrene)tt fceaohed ; : y
. Director, Uaneral .UeAdof- laaf -evi-aiinn'
hfnnnnred that the, head, of the
-ailrnad brotberhooda iiad arreed npoti
i plan for the adjuetmeat of Hie wae
tiapute and other labor dispiiten
through an .investigating board which
Till report fta . Investigation! to the
"lireetor jteneraj. ' , ,' , .
Wumb Addresses CotigTesa . '
rreaident Wilson addressed the joint
essien of eonyresa on ,the apecifte ob
MILWAUKEE,: January ,5 (Associated rresa) PaWiotiam . goee before
.Horlaliam and political alliances With Isyortanie) Hoan of this city. He was
lei'ted on the Socialist ticket 'but has refused to comply with the Bocialiirt.
platform adopted at the ft, Leuia convention and bas offered to resign froii
the. Poriallst partv ff this be Ita desire. , ' ' ' . . ,'
T..t WiaMui ttirfra ia a laroji nnVinlatinn that ia atronilv and onenlv nro
tierman." 'There fe 'ahether large element
y pro'Oermaa Sad a Milwaukee the Hoctalist party tn the majority, i'es
Cite thia and flying Ha the -face of these nentl meats t)aniel tioan ha taken,
ia stand, lie bmuel a statement vesterdav which makes clear "his position.
"Mayor Hoan declares that he cannot
it was adopted at 8 1. Louis and p1i)ld the constitution and obey the law d'
tbe United Htatea. He bas determined Ut Is'his duty to 'uphold the; conatitn
Hon knd-enforce tbe laws and will do thia With the backing of tbe Milwaukee
Soeialista if he has it. Otherwise lie Will teader bis resignation from the part
to be central earotntttee U -it xprseea the wish that be ahall do ao.
New York Skyscrapers May fie
tetr irseless "For Tenant j
Today OnlessRelief Comes 1
i -: - 1
NEW YORK, January 5 ( AaaocUl-.
ed fresa) Unless root supplies reach
the city early this tnor;.iug many of'
the office buildings will be closed today
by ordera of the fuel controllers, It
was declared late last night. If coal
should arrive at the terminals during
tbe night,' so aa to be possible for de
livery id tbe morning, the buildings
might continue open.
80 acute hns become the shortage
of coal that the fuel administration de
termined that tbe fuel needed to rub
the elevators and heat some of the
great skvacrn)ers will be pecded to
keep' suffering out of the homes, and
the tenement. The result will be a
serious Interference with the general
business conditions of the city.
'.Even Jn the heart of the ran I dis
Inuk (here a kcea shortage and near
a is Phflfdelpbia te the great anthra
rite coal mines the shortage there ia
almost as acute as in this city.
Though th cold has abated to some
CI tent the suffer! sg continues intense.
WASII1NOTON, January C (Aaio
i-iated f'reas) Indieationa that a
thorough investigation of tbe loss of
the. trahaport Antilles Is in progress
an that already developments are
eemiar ftwVr found vrHterday in
tbe recall of 'two ofiieera, one of the
navy aad one of the Htiny.
Hei-retary Daniels has iiic.l orders
for th recaU of Admiral Fletcher and
Merretarv Bakfr han given orders re
calling Ueneful Hibert. ' "
. Neither of the secretaries nor any
members bf tbnir department would
give any iutimat ion yesterday aa to
the signifii-anee of the orilcr.
. 1. ..
8TKAIOHT AT IT. r 1 1 '
There is no use 'of our "beating
around the bush." We might as wen
out with it first lis last. We want you
to try Chamberlain 's Cough Rimed v
1 the next time you have a cough or rrl I.
There ia ao reason to far aa we nan ne
why you should not do so-, This pre
paretioa by ilta remarkable cures baa
gaiaed wofld-wiJa reputation, and
jieople everywhere speak of it In the
b'gbeat term of prala. ' It bi for title
by all dealers. Benson, Smith Co.,
Ltd-, -genjs for Hawaii. Advertisement.
Railroads A fter
Jeet of government railroad control. '
Re made a number of recommenda
tions for operation of the roads an a
war aieasnre. , Bills carrying out his
lda ' hare already been prepared "by
th.depnrtent of lastiee and will be
Immediately introduced la both bonces
with plana Tor their prompt considera
tion. . r. . ;
Tbe Jrcaident nraiAed thb efforts of
the railroad eeeot4vea,'wh6t ba said J
(lid evervthiag poaaiblo, nut he declar
ed that he tk-tbe railroads oat of
their hajids because, the goverameat
can do even more. ' , !
' Only under the government, he In
stated, can absolutely narestrieted and
bnrwibarranaed action proceed, can track
and terminals be aasnred for vitally im
portHnt tralfle. He aald That nothing
naeecnaary won Id be dlVhirbed,' that
or(raniantions and personnel wonld be
mnJn'tninel, and rve- an intnalitd
fuajrentee of the proteetlo'n of stock And
bondholders and an eqnltable' comca
aatloA alike for owners and public.
'One of. the ktforifreat argnments for
roverttmcnt control, he explained, wa
the flnancial argument. - fie aaid it was
nereaeary that values should be jnstfy
and fairly paid, and that no borrowing
by (he ra'ilroads should run nthVart the
borrowings of the .federal treaamr
Perhaps if wonlH "be ner canary to car
equipmertt to 'ak 'eoagrens for evonev,
but nt present he would suggest only
such guarantee end 'appropriations .as
ere neeesenry at the outset of the task.
He hopes, he, made 'it plain, that con
gtena will grant promptly end ungrod
trinirlv the neeeaaary money, and he r
eonfldeat that in dealing with great
mnttcre congress will deal la a reat
" : . ', fc -
that poses aa pacifist bill' ia In reali j
comply with the Socialist platfform a:-
't M "1' -- r M -
-f' t '
lp unmt
LONDON, January 6 CAseociat
ed Press) ermany's policy of un
Deraea warfare against neutral ship- j
ping coat Norway a vessel a day on
aa average for the year, according ,
10 nn rxenange iricgram .rorivru
hre from Copenhagen yesterday. .
Duripg 1917 the Germans destroy
ed A06 Norwegian veasebi and the
aggregate tonnage lost was 508,000. 1
la addition to the great riaaneial
loss eritslled dpon the Norwrgiane
by thia Hun policy, it has cost lives'
that run up into the thouaanda.
Chairman Hurley of . Shipping
Coarj Gives Congress" New
Estimate of Requirements 1
, WASHINGTON, Jununry -(Associated
1'reso) Request uoii congress
for an added $S2,000,m0 for the pur
poses of acquiaitlon and establishment
of government shin biiildiutr planet
i cre -made by t'liairninn Hurley of the
J shipping board yesterday. This appro
priation ia aougnt in auilitien to the
lfi.-),(M)0.(XM) that hail already lceu aak
d for th coming fiscal yean
in making hi request for the adi
tional amounts required Hurley assert-J
led thst tbe appropriation was easeutia
to the continuance or tbe plaun of tbe
gnverumiKit for tbe building of a mer
chant marine which would be capable
of overcoming the aubiuarine peril,
I 'routs amounting to more than a
million dollars have been made by the
Clinchfield Navigation Company in irov
eminent shipbuilding contractu, as the
I toMtiinony before the senate commerce
rnininittce yeaterday during the invest
igatHrg .of'goverument shipbuilding.
1XKO, Nevadn, 'January 5 (Aeao-i
cisted Press) Charles Belknap Hen
derson wss yesterday appointed by
Governor Bovle to fill ths vacancy
in the United Htates senste caused by
the death of Henator Nswlsnda '
Senator Henderson is an attorney and
banker of this city and in politics ia
a Pvmocrst. ,
Ovetcoxli Provided,
Olousts Still ileedr
ditions Improved
- '. i v- '-.'"'i-.yi '
'. ,wi8HiNajPoi Ja'urr wiXt. ,
aedated Proa) Lee discomfort
, for the inea of the national toard
ud the national army In the can-,
tonments for their Uainlag la wa
TJnited State 1 reported by eo
tary of War Saksr.; Tbe shortage ,
01 warm clothing b declare ia be
ting vapidly overom.t . ., v
tn ail tbe catnpa and centonmanU
Vltk She fxcepU.o-& f Oama Bao
regard U LoutsUna where thsre 1.
' the lean need for' overooata, the
shortage , of army 'dvercdaU a
been ovsrcom. Baker says In hl
, weekly, report. Issued yesterday. .
Tber 1 ttlU a shortage of "warn
Weolen 'bloucei, tie repW but. In
r, spiu of this, he bcUsvee that "all
7 of the men nave been ntada pom
fertabl."! . '. ..
. . Tbe week'y health report wtlch
wa Issued in fconneetion with that
Vof tbe aeereury of arar annduncea
that .the general health In tbe
- eampt tnowa a decided lmprtrve
ment and that 4eptte the intense
cold In most section of too country
. tbe death fate ta lower.
Meningitis, which haa been some
what prevalent la, reported to be
abating except fn tbe thirty-fifth
and ,' thirty-ninth guard dlvi- ,
atone. .The thirty-fifth division is
composed of men from Missouri and
Kansas and is located at Camp 81U,
' tklahoma, Tbe thlr y-nlnth, dlvi-'
eion 1 at "Camp Beauregard, near ,
AJcaandria, Louisiana, and there
are stationed th forces from Ar
kanaea, Xmilslaiia nd dildppt. '
The epidemics of measles which
hive prevailed in a number of the ,'
rainps are reported to doorea.
Adviser To 'Cuban . Governmerjt
Tens investigators Dissatis
faction Way Reduce Otherrvise
Bumper: Crop for Year,
-' ' . . ." '
WASttUJOTOfr, January 8 (Aeso-
dated Press--Cuban sugar producers
re by ao lsean'S antisfied with a pviae
yr o4.ou 11 cundrca , pounds . xor raw
sbgnr f. o.f b. Cuba porta " To this
L V. Knitrht adviser to the Cuba gov
ardment, testified yestcrda v before the
nt eotn'mittee that t fitvestigatiiig
the augar shortage. He told tbe com
mittee that this diseathif action would
bav tendency to reduce the produc
tion Hits year although tbe estimates
are ell "for' a" crop materially larger
loan insi ox last year.
' Mr. 'Knicht was asked to annear be
fore' th .committee to give details da
tbe Cubad sugar industry, sin mints on
hsnd when the sugar commission first
undertook the fining and stabilizing
of sugar prices had' the prospects of the
coming crop. . . . ,
He told the committee that the price
;jf 4.60 bad hover been satisfactory
vO the augar producer of Cuba and Is
not now even though -aa agreement
Upon bat' price 'was reached between
the international,, federal and Cubnn
-ugar commissions. This ts - especially
m where , the " centrals ' and shipping
points are' remote from Harass and
shipping facilities are not eo good and
freight rates higher. Throughout too
Island, he aaid, there was a -scarcity
of labor and wages Were higbea than
lever before. For this reason the sugar
producers considered tue agreed Ogure
ts too low for a basia
.The witness testified that the pros
pects for a large crop were of tbe best
If labor ran be secured but that tbe
dissatisfaction at the price would have
aa affect is deterring producers from
working for tbe largest possible out
The first cargo of the new Cuban
prop to reneh the United States was
received yesterday and went to I'hila
Jolpbla refineries. J . : ,
. WASlirNOTON, January 4 (Asi-o
listed Pre)-Tlie J'rosident today
eut td the Senate the nomination ,- of
Howard Hatlinway" of Kverctt, Waah
irton. aa rnlleutor of internal revenue
forIlawaU. "t H , 1 : '
IN FRANCE January o-c Associat
ed Preiis")-Aetusl service is draw
ing nesr for the Urst group of young
American that has -been taking its
course of Instr notion in war . avia
tion near the fropt. These young
men have finished their work there
and will now have a short rwtl-
it was nnsounced yesterdsy that
the youag aviators will be given a
rest of s week end then will be
transferred to the actual front
Where their Bnsl training will be
riveu thepi, French aviators again
orvlnn SS their instructor.
North River Waterfront Seriously
Threatened and Calls For ,.'
Assistance Answered ; U
HOBOKEN, .' New Jersey, Jahuary
6 (Associated rrcss) Fh-s which, for,
lim,e seriously threatened the water
front and shipping extending oa the
New 'Jereejr aid of th North River
wss finally subdued with the assistasoe
of tb Jersey City" and, jNew.TV
fir . 'departments Which sent - such
-qiiipment and men as could be. spared
Vora their owa protection at the' call
tf tb federal government Which bad
ah.cn control bf the situation as soon
ts its seriousness becsme. evident. Tbe
reat fire tug of the New York fisrbor
ire service dra splendid aervtce ana tt
a more as th result of their effl
ient eld than that of 'the land depart
nnts that '"prevented a serious spread
md vast . dsrtinge - to wharves, ware'
i onsets nd hblppitag. ..- '. - . ' '
rire Vhlrh Volte out oa the wster
front yerterdar morning quickly 'aa
umed a tbreatcrtihg ' 'aspect and the
'ederal govefnmctft lost no time In tak
i'g control of (b situation. The' entire
Hobohes department was at once call-
si out and rails for aid were sent to
rersey City asd to New Vork.-. De
achmrHits frora the fire departments of
tbe two cities were soon st work but
he low pressure' In the "whttfr. maioe
. roved a Serious handicap. ,
The river Was firlrd lth flouting 1c1
nurh Cf Which wa 'jammed in the ships
,'0t the bij; iirettigs of the New York
sfbor rre department fodgbt their
ay through thia and a few minutes
later each' of them were, tbrowinc eev
Strrsmg or jcy eait anier on tae
. , ': .,4.-.-,-.-.,i.:vt
Ttr bnek from the waterfront a cor-
ion Of gonrd was established by th
ederai omoiaia and these kept all back
from close proximity to 'the fire.- For
t time sever! wtlles 'of. piors, ware
rfnises and shipping were threatened
,y. th bsa, .-. ";.
Internal .Hevehua- Officers, .Arrest
Chin ere and seize Large
. Quantity of Illicit Godze
Within1 hundred yards, of Paws
Junction, a transfer point 4a the heart
of the city, officer of the internal re
venue service bnd members of the.de
tectlve department of the elty yesterday
discovered si moonsbiae whiskey "still
ooer tinir'.foir blast" and In th raid
thst was made Cbin-Cbnn, a Chinaman,
waa captured and tbe' fall' equipment
of the still waa seised. '
a large qnantity of which was seised
by the officers, was found to' be "clear
liquid similar in appearance to the
'white eora .'wbiskeHr of the moonshine
by the officers, was1 found to be a clear
a clear liquid ' similar ia appearance
to the white whiskey of the moonshine
belt of Kentucky and Tennessee. When
the officers entered the shack, Which
is located a short distance bask from
the street, they discovered a mash
in the kettle In .'process of ferments
tion. A number of demijohns of the
lidnor recently distilled was found in
the shack. Tbe Obinaman, who was ar
rested, wss, the officers esy, smoking
opium when they put in their appear
oee. '
('bin Chun, who appeared to be more
or leas under the influence of the drug
when he was brought to the station.
was unwilling or unable to make any
It, waa stated that this ia the first
Case of moonshinioit thnt has been dis
covered in the Territory in manv
months. ..- c
More Than Century Ago Citizens
Fought For 'Sugar
'Recently, during the acute sugar
shortage, these have -been sugar riots
In New Kngland, 'and this recalls the
fnrt that there have been dtlier sugar
riots in thst not supposedly staid sec
tion 'of the'edui.try 1H ettrlier flays.
Bark in 1777 Beverly merchants re
fused to srtl Went Ibdis commodities
ut s stated price. There wss no Hoover
B thosfl WIS Vs, 'but siArr Whs one of
"he commoditlca, Besiaehts Of Beverly
lA'Ctiitie greatly stirred up over the sets
if the merchants sad one col l Not e a
her morning a company of sixty worn
:n, wearing lambidt in coats and riding
hoods and led by three or four of tbeit
wi, each bearing a muakrt arid accom
panied by two ex-carts, matxhed down
Cabot -Btrcet to a WBrchouac on the
vtcrirnnt, belonging 'to Btcphen-Cabot,
The . foreman ssw them eomlng
and.'- ssricipstlng trouble, locked the
late leading to the store. , .
".Fearing that they. would be foiled,
'be women eallud to their sl reen force
munis of tuen, aad with axes battered
down' the gates. Th foreman stood
bis groBiid until some of the women
pulled off bis wig snd gave him a maul
ing. He finally Succeeded in getting
away, but the women held his wig aa a
trophy, i They broke down th doors of
the storehouse, rolled out two bogs
hesds of sugsr, rsrted them to'th
home of one of the lesdors, who kept
store, snd dealt It out to the women.
They psld a fair price end turned the
money over t9 the owner of the sugsr.
... r .(, i lr V.Y ' ' '
'a '.' " t 1
ooeg sii:;iyo
Fire That Had Been Raging In'
Hold Nearly Extinguished
: When Freighter Arrived .
With the fire .that has been ragiag In'
her hdlda since last Wednesday nearly.
extinguished, tbe Toyo Kisen Kaisba
freighter Bhinyo' Maru No. I arrived
otf port at midnight hut night where
she was to remain at anchorage nntll
sunrise -this morning, fth was accom
phirted by two rescuing vessels, 'one of
which act sail xor a cruise in Hawaiian
water a Soon a th Hhinre had been
jafery anchored by the harbor, pilot who
went out to meet aer. . - v.
- Tbere' bad been but little aleep far
iieiii bers of the crew of the big Jspas-
ise veneci, for tncy had been working
oeessahtly 'la kn effort to cntingulsb
tbe blase elm's lat Wednesday mora
ng wlidn 'the fire was first discovered
it the 'highly 'combustible carvo of oi.
and cotton In the forward 'hold. ' k
BSliev Only Cargo Damaged ' 1
hV extent of the tlamoee will urob 1
ably not le fully appertained until thia
morning when a survey of the steamer
will be made, but , from . niessages re
ceived from both the transiiort arto
Shiny bite .yesterday afternoon, it wa
believed that the filates had been- en
damaged end that the fire had 'been
confined mot)y to the cargo through
which It haa aiowiy iieen eating i
way -for several dy. - r -i.'-,-.. . ,-
C'sptain MtHuniHo reported his po
.ition- at -six o'clock laat nlehi.as .be
.n'g about -seventy miles due north Of
Honolulu.: Hh maintained her average
4peed' of nine miles a hour until mid
night and arrived u port st the time
Wirelessed to oy ner master yesterday
morning. ' ' , . ' ' '
Sends Odt 8. 0. 8. ' "
. The Bhinyo "was on her way direct
to Yokohama from San Francisco bp
ay of the Groat Circle and W abou.
nve Hundred nines north or Honoiuii.
when smoke WSa - rtlsrovered comlru;
from her' forward batch. Captain Mat
sumoto immediately reported to Castle
l oose, auu ug time was lost in cem-
miinicating with tbe army and navH
adtborltie. '
An 8.C 8. was later wirelessed
broadcast - over 'the seas and this wss
picked -up by a Dutch ship which w4s
then on its way to - Honolulu. Toe
captain of 'the Neder lander wlre'leasex!
In that he was proceeding under forceil
draft to ths Shlnvo's sssistance'. bu;
he . was. later ' informed that knbtbor
vessel was in tbe, same locality aa that
of the stricken vessel and that he might
better proceed direct to Honolulu.
fee fist Several Days ' '
This wsS wedneedny night and CsrlS
Thursday morning 'the other , 'ship' re
oorted that"sbe was standinar' bv and
t-would escort th Mhinyo into this port
I . a. . . ... . . "
Another Teeeel was despatched to the
assistance oi 'the freighter Thursday
aftcmortlu ' ' . ' .
Tbo'Shinvo. will probably remain heft
for several days,' or until the completion.
or the survey which win be necessary
Bbe will'alxo coal while here.' arranre
meata for bunkering having been niak
oy her agent yesterday.;
'Cbsrles A. Pleirhesd Of th Emer
ginl;y Ficct Corporation, b reported to
have posted notices In all the Kacin
Coast districts, announcing ' the pa?
uiCjlt of a bonus of ten percent to ship
yard workers employe. I upon goverfc
ment shipbuilding work. '
Tbe im-rease is granted ou the rec
oinmendation of tbe Dblpbuilding YVagt
Adlustmen,t Board and is in additia)
0 tne nitnnnuiu wage. scale aunounrei
jri November 4. . The .bonus will b
iieid, however, only te those who work
dx davs a week and not leas thun
.'orty-oigb't bbbrb. and .OS straight time
tVAHrnNOtON, Jim uarv 6 (Asso
dated Press) Hiam is suffering from
the most severe floods the country bi
known since 18)1 according to d
SpstChcS "' received 'vyBterday bv tlie
rtHte department ' from tbe United
States legation st Bankok. The cable
measnge said that erop losses would be
found fo be Immense and the loss of
eartls.wee -very -heavy,
t WcakKidneyi
Age You To Soon
. Too many folks begin to 'suffer afte
middle age with lams, aching .backs
distressing Sidney disorders and rheo
mane acnes ana pains, unen tnis 1
lus to faulty kidney action and ther
is danger of heart trouble, dropsy
travel, bsrosning or toe arteries, 0
BriubtV discs se. Uont let weak Vld
nevs ags you. 4s Poan's Bnoksohs
Kidney fills. They hav restored thou
sands to Vigorous condition.
. " Whes Your Bssk is I.smo Eemcm
ber the Name," (Don't simply ask for
.kidney, remedy aak ., diatinctly for
Doan's packach "Kidney Pills and tske
no '. other), Doan 's Backache Kidney
Pills are sold by all druggists and store,
keeners. or will be mailed on receipt of
price by the Hollister Drug Co., orl
Benson Smith Co., . agents for tho
Hswsiian IslieJs. j (Advertisement)
; .' "i'-:;.;' -V''-":,:r;'.'v).:V
iluD IIUS 10
Chancellor; von- ertnng lens ,
.Reichstag Country In Position
m 1:..- a iiu..j t.-j rn
'.-.10 necepuvc miuiuub ctuu uiu-
?.Ute .Terms ;'";rV;';
' ...1..I( .SSMKSar llSS
Sii.in4 TWnt Iih4h ' tAill Dsonn.
aOpiuiA i iiai- tfopoir ' vi in iikuvu
nize Lemno Government Given
Denial From United, States
Irribassy HI ToWo, ; ; ,
LONUUN, January ..wAsgo
clated rrcssl--Germany ii
n a cheerful mood toncerning the
apparent ' breach' tn: ;tlte peace
nerntiafiofi With Russia and von
Hertling adyised , the rcichstao;;
yesterday that the Centra! Tow
era uicr in 9 crnort rMKitirtn to 4o'J
low a waiting game. On "the other
hand in Russia feeling against
the Teutons rages hotter and
more bitter.
Speaking before the reichstag
esterday in regard to the rejec
Mon 'of the t3erman peace terms
Chancellor von Hertling 5aid:
m. m . . m ' '...'
"vv han sTiAriiiiir awair tup-
further course oi events in this
- - a a -a
'nciderbj." He was specifically re
ferring to the plans of Germany
"or the disposition of territory bc
;upied by the forces of the Ccn
ral Powers. He appeared to have
Confidence that the negotiations
jvould be resumed either on the
late set for such resumption of.
toon thereafter and that the Cen
tral Towers were in position to
lieUte ..terms .as they might de
ire to'the Russians.
BolsheVikl TSftter '. ,
He quit as bitter as at lfrst at the
Central Powers but 'went ahead with
heir plans" hs If there had been no
fvents to upset them. Trotsky Is e-
oortert'io nave sent niessages to ins
Persisn government that Kossia wohll
a nun 1 a ww 1 "vj s saiuai svus
iorr if the Turks would do tbe same.
He is also repotted te have declared
the Boldhevikl Government
eady to recognlKe the ' Independence
f the Ukraine providing it oia not
lindcr the Bolshevik! in their operstoiis
Vgslost the l)i n Cnssscks slid Ksledin.
I.cnino gave indieations of an effort
o ajipeasc the lovalists when be yet
erdsy named M. Bezobrazoff, a former
avorite of tbe former Csar as director
if the imperinl bunk.
Reports that J 111 an hnd decided to
ccrgnir.e the I.enino government wre
leiiu'U from losio. mm. report was
elegraphed from Copenliagcn und suid
list the Berlin I.okal Auxeigttr piiblisli
kI reports from Tokio that thex Japan
"te poverumcut would recognise the
)nlHhriki as t'le govevuing power of
ius.si:r. The t! nit ed Htates embassy
enieil any informntioii to this effect,
vns the Washington contradiction bf
he rnniora.
To Show Duplicity
It wak rcjxM-ted thnt Oca. A. F.
Cerenrky is nlive and well in some
ection of the country where be is isf'J
10m the BolHbeviKi, preparing to
take a detailed report of his aetivl
lea. Kcrcmlty is said to have secured
lurue number of documents when be
:ns head of llin government revesting
he Geroian policy of dojible-dealior
md lo he putting these into form for
tublicatiod. . , 1 ,
1 -rr
WAHHINOTON, January 5 (Asso
ciated l'reaa; Great finsncinl aid for
be farmers of the country through
'arm loHns is provided ia tbe bill which
was passed by ths house of represent
ative yesterday. The measoro pro
vieTes for tbe purchase by the gov
rnment of 1 100,000 ,000 of farm loan
'isnds this year snd sn equal n mount
next. ,
Three Are
In Tritnr
- w - ' 'WW
.ONp()N, January 5 (Associat
ed Vvosa) Three are irominent'y
meutioncd as possibilities for tbe
mnbssHy at ' Washington but Kir
Kdward Orey is Cousidered tbe
strongest possibility. ' Tbe others
mentioned are the Knrl.of Bead
snd Kt. Hoq. Joseph ' Austin
Chamberlain.. '
'All ' three' of those mentioned
wodW4e strong fsvorites in the
V ni ted Ufa tea snd all are well qual
ified 'for the office but the govern
ment appcara to be loaning toward
the appointment ' of 1 Blr Edward
Grey. .
P P f J t l . H : .
-..i -'-i -r:. -.1",) '
r.y .

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