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.i With. Only Ahla Voicinrj Opposi
, , tion Position of Park Super- '
intendent It Abolished
Mayor 'Abandon! Effort; To Put
' Holt Into VierraY Place, But
'Stifl Ha$ Card Up His Sleeye;
, Thirty day Iro'ta date, John Wl,
. superintendent of Keplolanl Turk, wlli
be looking far Job, .With Supervisor
William Ahia alone 'voting Mn 'the
negativt hli position Wss abolished
Inst night at a special parting of th
board of supervisors. : "l ' ' .
" fe 1 . m . 1 f , 1. ' 1 Milium llOVt mil ID
J. fi. LiBhtfoot, ehairmanf JohnJprdee Already Plae4
Mayor; Fern 'a eandidatea for the per
sonnel of the eWil aervlee eom,-
mi anion, were approved by a unanimous
vote of the fall board at the aaina
nxieting. i . .. . ' ' ' - ,
.Uecaose A- K., VJerrn, enperintendent
of parka and playgronnda, according
te law, haa the power to dixmlaa Wiae
the toard eould not order hi discharge)
but they. made U plain, in a motion in
troduead by v Hupervlaer E. A. llott;
ftmith, that be nuat o,
Position Aboliahed ,
"It ii the aenie of thia loRrd that
the offiae -.of ' aupniintendent of Kapio-
lanl l'ark be ebollihed," read the mo-4
tion. A. K- Vierra. waa preaent, and.
immediately he made a note of tha fact
that -the tint thing thia morning aa
wonld impart the aad tiding to Wiae
that he had better look for another it
uation. It waa freely predicted during
reeeaa that the Kapiolaal park keep
er would find ii difficult to aeeure aueh
a. aoft anap again, x
Uaror Fern,, however, ia reported
now to be favoring John Wiae for A.
K. Vierra 'a ' job aa auperlntendent of
public parka and playground.. v He re.;
fuaed to eon Arm or deny the f ant .when
it waa mentioned to him laat .night.
Hollinger and Arnold " were highly
-amnaed .when the matter wa brought)
to their attention.
Fern Abandons Holt , ,
The mayor definitely atated that he
had dropped that name of Valentine 8.
Holt a a candidate far the parka and
playgronnda - management, , He ' de
clined to name another candidate to
aueeeed Viorra, but. Intimated that
Wiae might not be, overlooked.:
'"I waa-never more aurpriaed In my
Jife,.' aaid, Mayor Fern, at the eloee.
ef. the - general meeting indineuiaing
the action ' of the" board" In approving
hi appointment .for .tke nest -e4vu
terviee eommlaaion. - ''I had fully an
ticipated ar heated wrangle, and I am
glad the board haa diiplayed auch eon''
Sdenee in me." f
. .Hollinger and Arnold tried to foroe
the mayor to bring up the several oth
er appointment which are to be made,
but he refused.- He promised,, however,
to have .them ' ready -for . dlaoussion
JueadayniKhL ,
ffldency Flan
la the weaatlmer.the board ia wait
ing . for Bupervisor , Mptt-Smith to
laanch hi "efficiency'' .plan which
would place- the park and playgrounds,
management under the' engioeer's-ofi
fice. '"If he doesn't bring it before
the board at an early date, we will da
it for him," said Arnold. . ,
. There ia a division ia the board over
thia problem, but it. aeems certain thai
Mott-Bmijth 's proposal will be defeated,
and in that case there 'will be live
members of the board ready to support
Vierra 'a reappointment. The two Out;
siders, who apparently are determine
to stand by Fern, are MeClellan and
Fetrie. : i
GENEVA, December , J The , Oer
man emperor, returning with hla ataff
from the Verdun front, had a narrow
escape during the reprisal raid of a
British air squadron on Mannheim,
Christmas Eve, according to a despatch,
front -Basel. 'The .emperor's special
trafn left the station an hour before it
waa partly destroyed by several bombsi
A section of the tracks waa torn up,
cutting aommuaieatioa north.
In fact, the emperor 'a train was
the last to leave Mannheim, and no
. trains arrived at Basel yeaterday from
that city. Two bomba fell on the
palace and one on the luapension bridge
across the Neckar Biver, both struct
tures being badly damaged. An am
munition factory in a north auburb
was blown up. Few persons were killed
at the factory, however, aa the em
. ployea were having a holiday. A conj
niderable number of persons were kill
td or injured within the towa and
several were blown into, thp Bhine.
81HTKANE, January (Associated
Ppvhs) Automobiles used by illicit
liquor sellers in bringing liquor into
tliu Bute are implements' finder the
liquor law, and aubjecto confiscation
' aud sale Jot the benefit of the school
funds, ill the opiulon of John II.
county prosecutor.
Hi recently brought an action
na'ih tiriNHiifudon machine said
haVkuUwu M bX. nun .who is
rhaVVed with bringing liquor iuto the
HrateVnulaWfully. Humidor. Judue D.
W. Ifj:uigned an order presented by
WbitfeJlireeting the owner of the au
iu -
tomobile to aniMiar, la court and show
whv it should uot be eouflsvated by the
LocaF Grocers Place Orders and
jV-Others Plan To Have Supply."
, IUI IIICII VUOlUllil s 4,
v Maui aornmaal will, aoon, b for aala
by Honolulu grocer, aa an aid to- tha
anpply of home produra, the conaarra
tioo of wheat floor, the aaving of trmna
portatlon at)4 aa an addition of ralue
ra tha homa nenal Phlpmenti are ex
pected neit week;
'Unqaeartonably the price will be
anoeh lower than that of the import
ed etrnmeal iltkongh the' grocer do
not give any price until their hlp
menra arrire." The feet of thi prodoet
being 1 home-grown, home-groirnd,' and
only ahipped from one lilanVIO another,
ulionld " opera ta to invur a Irlra eon
aidrab1y , leka than that of a meal
which U ahipped from California or
the Middle it all tha ay to Hawaii.
- Hhipment of tne Maul meal la ex
pected by, Henry May Co. early Jn
the week, as a supply has been ordered
by . them from W. A. Clark, the origin
ator and first producer of rornmeal In
the Territory, The meal will be sold ta
five-pound bngs." ; -. . - r .
" May 'a price on, imported 'eornmeal
in five pound baga ia 4Ae, And George
Bustard, acting managor in the absence
Of Captain I'erey Wwlft, said yeste,r
Anj( that the island meal would be sold
at ! a price no higher . and probably
lowpr Jhan the California article. May 's
have' also written to Hawaii to learn
if any eornmeal is being ground there.
' C. J. Day t Co.- received a sample
of the moal from Maui a week ago, and
will probably order a supply. At J.
M. Levy's it was aaid they hoped to re
ceive a shipment of Maul eorirmeal this
Week, Yee Hop's have none at present
Quality la Excellent y.
The samples of Maul meat received
here -were said Vy a local grocer to be
of excellent quality. They are slight
ly coarser than the imported meal,
with more unevenness of texture, but
containing all the nourishment and
flavor of . the grain from which , it is
made.; A Japanese whose name la list
ed at the food commission is putting
up. .meal in. three, five and ten pound
bags. It is especially graded and the
name and weight are. stamped on every
bag. Other Maui eornmeal makers
may do the same when the .demand be
comes stabilised.. ' ...
: . , '' '
. Ben Brans, Medicine Man, greatest
exponent.' of advertising pep that ha
ever visited Hawaii, discoursed on his
favorite tubjest to an interesting au
dience at his headquarters. Kekaulike
and King Sts., opp . the Fish . Market.
8id Mr, BrnnSj-''Pep is necessary to
success and ia especially needed in this
climate.' " What axakea successful peo
ple stand out from the common herdt
lep. What ia pept , It is health and
vitality, i Without it we drop into the
'also ran' class, and eventually into
the 'down and outera. What produces
ttis condition! Owsreating, overload
ing the stomach with sweets and illy
eooked, greasy foods in exess of our
requirements until it actually groans in
agony. The condition induces consti
pation, indigestion, impaired kidneys
and bladder; sltrggish liver; alow circu
lation, impure blood, rheumatism, and'
all the' ailments that go with an im
paired constitution. You have that
droopy, dopoy, tired drowsy feeling;
become acnemic, morosa, ni'rvuus and
irritable. There you have it oq. reused
tersely. . Laek of pep, Lock of pep
means laek of care, intentional or other
wise; lead to a, broken down constitu
tion and an early grave many around
tha age- of 40i
. "You think I apeak itroiiftlv. Look
over the list of people you knew who
have passed away and see if 1 am not
right. People, say they are old at 40.
That 'a bosh. .. A person of 40 or SO
should be at the senith of their exist
ence,:'; What brings on permature old
age! Lack, of pep. Therefore pep is
Eternal Youth, no mattes what your
age. - Why, I myself, am past 40, "and
my friends say I look the same ns I
did 20 year ago onl better. A lit
tle Care. I cleanse my system thorf
oughly several times a year with my
B. B. C. Medicine, It is harmless; non
alcoholic,, no habit-forqiing drugs.
Scientifically prepared in a com hi na
tion ef . roots, barks aad herbs, it ha
the juice of i r mvsterious n"-nt of
Routh ; Afrisa, orTginally called the
Sacred Bark,' whose efTert in almost
electrical on tha system, toning up the
atonach, curing constipation, reyulat
ng the kidneys and bladder, purifying
the blood stirring the sluggish liver to
action; banishing aick headaches, ack
ef . appetite, leepls niht, 'nervous
conditions, rheumatiam, ninlnriil ail
menrs-r-injecting pen ami vitality into
the body, which ia the secret of health
and nuepss. I have snore of testimon
lals right here in Honolulu of people
whom my B. B. C. Medicine hu cured
of ailment of long ttitmtliig after only
a few week', use. 1. M. O. removes
worms and all thing of a pniaKitieal
nature from the systom, irnkinrf it es
pecially beneficial to rhildern. It N
indeed the Wonder Medicine and should
bo in every household. Another tli i nv : !
Notwithstanding the cost of mnnfunr.
ture, I have not raised the price li. B
e. is still al.00 per bottle, and while I
! here.te dvertlsing price is fi for
I3.no or 3 for 12.50, so you can give it
a fair trial nd get result. All druu
gists snd plantation stores now have it
on sale. J am at my place, corner Kekau
1 d King. opn. the Fish Market,
every day except Sunday from 9 a. m
I to 5 p. m. to explain the B. B. C Medi
lne snd sell, it to my patrons. Mail-
1 order promptly attended to. Make all
money or express order out to Ben
Bruns, Ak-anU B.B. C HunoluU.. T, H.
'" -- '': (Advertising)
Speaker of House Wants More
. Homesteadjng and Condemns t
V Pfilicies bf present' Day '
l "Ppeaklng of farma'and ? farming,
former Oovernor Trear did more for
Ihe homesteader after tha Fisher in
vestigation than any of his predecessor
or hi successor, and the homesteader
lost a good friend in Governor Frear
when be retired," said Speaker H. Lin
coln Holstein yesterday on his return
to Honolulu" from Kohela to resume
hla duties aa administrator of the
tat of the late Queen LilluokalanL
"Yes, I fought him. aa a Bepubllean, so
did other, to make him come to time,
and when be did, he was the beat Gov
ernor for the' homesteader and home
seeker, that Hawaii has had."
Likes Tann Bart ; ' , . '
The ipeaker of the house, who apent
the holiday on bis farm in Kohala, was
fall of farm and bomeateadiag yester
day, and expressed the opinion that the
best borne a man can have is on a farm,
saying. that the outcry Just now ia for
homesteads' where homt-Jarms msy,be
converted out of government lands.
" "I Appreciate the home life of a
farm every time I go upon my farm,"
aaid the speaker, waxing eloquent upon
the advantages of farm life. "There
1 no place like home, particularly if It
is on a farm. Under proper conditions,
nothing can be more beautiful, or more
attractive, than - farm lif a. You are
under your own vine and fig tree, And
rureiv the lord . of all your survey,
whether you have ten or 100 acres.', In
cultivating the land, all of the moral
Qualities are stimulated, a well aa in
dependence, . self reliance, initiative;
courage, honesty of mind. : , .
"Ia working on the land a man 1
able-te provide hi own comfort; , he
can build his own house with, hi own
bands; he can aupply every article of
food he seeds, and -create a surplus
sufficient, to buy other things. He. re
ceives nothing for which be does not
give, aa equivalent; he , promotes hi
'V comfort, hi own self respect and
U own dignity. .
rmr vu utployer
."Til greatest men of the nation
have eotne from the farm. The great
est Men of Hawaii were taro planters,
more or less, in the daya of kameba
.mehav The man en the farm , who is
eelfciveyrig a small pleee of land of his
own need have no fear of being sud
denly discharged by hU employer and
left. with a family 0a his band to feed,
and no maana to buy food or pay rent
until he"f ind another job. On the farm
there ia ne danger in losing bia job.
This gives courage, self reliance and
those good qualities which go to make
pp good, ituenshlp .Without the pri
vs.te .virtue of the Individual eitison
our country san not rise to its greet
and' honorable- destiny. Let us get
baek 4e the land.
' J? My only hope is that the Hawaiian
who ia wavering between city and
farm life will make a resolve to go on
the land 'and surround himself with the
fragrance and the blossom, and -fruit
Of plant lif o, where 1 be might -raise
healthy, happy children.
'.;"What can be 'more, beautiful, or
more Vuluable thaa a well kept vege
table garden, filled with all kinds of
foods of every flavor, filled with ber
rifit and .fruit-bearing trees, bananas,
pineapples, grape, and ornamented
with too endles procession of flower
each advancing season affordsf What
more attractive than to be surrounded
by the young .and cheerful life of the
farm youag chickens, ducks, turkeys;
calve, lambs, pigs and pigeons t The
companionship of all of them makes
yon look, up to the blue-vaulted dome,
to thank the Almighty for the re
splendent elements, which are .necessary
and essential to your peace of mind
and to the prosperity and happiness, of
the farmer. i
"There is no plaee but the farm)
where poe.ee and quiet and sound, re
freshing sleep ( follows happy labor;
Where ve can. hear the birds singing
their, songs of thanksgiving in the
early morning among blossoming trees;
where homely joys can give a life of
happiness; where man and women
grow sound of heart and strong of
Place for Hawaiian '
"I would like to see 'Back to the
land be the bugle cull to the youth of
Hawaii, and instead of our government
trying to make a lund office business
from our government lands, help and
assist the homesceker for all that
awaits him when he ia ou the land,
And then again the plantation corpora
tion ought to help, if they desire to
make of Hawaii a lund of home.
"But what i the use of talking and
pleading. : Nothing will be done, I feat1,
from a government which ha placed
faomesteading on it bad edge."
Alan Lowrey, son of Mr and Mrs.
F. J, Lowrey, who ha been in train
ins at 1'ensaeola with the Unite 1
Mtates army's aviation corf i, cabled to,
his parents yesterday tkat he had fin
iuhed Jil duties at Ponsacols ami had
been ordered to Washington.
The young Honolulu avintor added
that he was to assume executive duties
at the national rapitol, and may re
main . there SomQ time before grossing
! i.'. l. tF...
to rrunce for active tiigbt work
Xhe headnuartera of
the aviation
section of the army are in Washington
and bia assignment to duty there is a
source of gratification among his
friends here.'
When W. B. Castle was ia Pensaco
Ia a few weeka ago Mr. Lowrey had
not been up in the air alone, but ox-
pec ted to be. given this privilege soon,
It is apparsut from hi message that
h ha mastered the v control , of tho
alruland aud. .max uow.be cousidorud
tan airman.
OriU ar inreaiens IO.rUBftKg, eiees, doen .79
.fFlniiT'On;; An Industry:
. ; nan A,enuiry uiq
"The dawalsg New Year. looks dark
for the hondred of amall -coffeeplant-ers
along the Hans' snd , wlndwar
coast of the Big Island, for war haa
taken away the supports from under
neath a once thriving industry," write
L correspondent front Hawaii.
. Tbe total Hawaiian coffee crop is,
but a drop la' the bucket, counting the
huge total la whiek eon)meree foot
up the world' production. Braail, the
Central American Eltatea, and the In
flies. East and West, eompnte "their an
nual production by the million . bags,
While the.' highest total thu far pro
duced ia the Island ha not in any
one year-exceeded eventy thousand
The loeal Industry, however, is an old
and well established one, coffee having
figured strongly In inter-island trass
portatlon for over fifty year. Ia the
day before the first steamer ran, cof
fee waa a standard cash erop In. the
sixties and early seventies, a bag of
coffee wa -worth twenty-five dollar at
any schooner ' landing- on the. .Ken
coast; a steer three dollar and a. half
taro and sweet potatoes on dollar, and
a barrel of drangea a rjollar. Coffse,
with pulu, fungus and sandal wood,
were staple in those days, beeause these
products could be' shipped-, abroad,
whereas fresh meat, . vegetables ' and
fruits were perishable. .'
V The -industry, in a small way hss
thrived, after, initial setbacks. ExporU
of Hawaiian coffee marched steadily
ahead gaining a thousand bag one
year and five thousand the next, until
the annual output now stands between
sixty and seventy thousand kegs.
' "But. the Industry has never . beer
big enough to attract tha attention of
larire eapjUl, here being at this date
perhaps pnly one fcr twa 'planUrlons' '
hsving over two-hundred aeres of coffee
under one, management. Coffee la,
small farm crop, with many hundreds
Of : tennnt planters producing fifty," S
hundred or two hundred bags of eleae
offee from five to ten acre lot.. It
haa beenthe. one minor agrieulvara1
commodity that could be called a Wnal
farm "sure thin.;; but. like all thingr
mundane, a world catastrophe qdite be--end
the knowledge of ithese thrifty,
frugal and hard-working home makerr
now threatens to rob them of thpjr
ebt to existeneu, . . i
The Kaiser Did It . -' . -;.
"The . Kaiser did it.'. There are ne
nro-Oermans among the formerly pros
nerons eonV planters of Hamakua nnr
the two Konas.
Too Limited To Standardise '
"Before the war, Hawaiian coffee
had acquired a favorable reputation so
that roasters and wholesale .grocers ir
many markets had, to have thr qaota
of dnliciou 'Konn to mke np-the
blonds desired, by, a discriminating
trade. There 'ha, never been enough
of It, however,, to establishes 'eliU'
demand so firmly, that the trade wonl
raise serious objection loathe ub'tU.
tion of other, and similar coffees pro
vided prjee differences were 'strongly
in favor f the sutvrtitution.
f-'This is one 'ofitb things, thst hat
happened,. The average eoffee drinker
does not distinguish' between our Ha
wniaa eoffee and the product that
comes in hundred thousand,, ttag loU
from, Costa . Bica ' and : Ouate'niala, a
truth which noed not; be surprising
whoa it is rernonibered,.that most of the
original seed' planted, U -Hawaii came
from. Guatemala. These Central Ameri
can coffee, ww now, being' offered ip
the Paeille Coast markets at a cent to
a coot andn half per pound lower than
it has cost the Hawaiian small famarJ
10 grow ineir product,' snd IT the wai
'asta, aa it must, through another sa
son, coffees of all classes are bound ti
become very much lower in price. I ; .
Cannot Compete
"Hawaiian small farmers cannot
coraite(.;wMh t ne coffee grower 01
South and Coatral America. The
standards of living are different. W(
are on a gold basis, while our coaipe
titors ia Latin America grow their
produce, and y for it with ilver, or
depreciated paper currency. Further
more, it would be neither patriotic noi
right at thi time to ask epecinl eon
(deration for American grown 1 coffee
when every citiaen's whole endeavor
must be bent towards the winning l
the war,
, "The problem is s, local one, serious
as it affects a large number of wage
earners, and producers of taxable
wealth, - but a trifle of small moment
considering the, more weighty prob
lonis confronting the leaders of the na
tios Suffice it. to-say that ways au
means must be devised locally to hel
the Ialand .coffee growers tide over i
dangerous situation, by concerted ac
tion of the local business organisation
Market Is Going
' Apparently, coffee is going to bo s
drng en the market for many years.
The very frultfulnesa of the trees aud
tha Tact that a plantation will go on
bearing crop after crop under poor cul
tivation, or none at all, complicates the
outlook, for that is .what is going to
happen in countries where coffee is the
leudiag staple. Low price and re
stricted markets will be met, in Brazil,
ors Costa) Rica, by simply diminishing
cultivation, by harvesting only such
crops as rou be sold, aud only thou if
there U. an assured market for the
product. , The coffee trees will live
through more neglect and abuse than
is. true of almost auy other crop.
1 Jfot -only is visible production steadi
ly piling up great stocks of upsoli and
unsalable product, but the war Is as
steadily narrowing the. market.
million nuin have paid on Eurnnnnn
battlefield the supreme price of loyal-
ty to their. ideals whilst to other tens
of million, of their , dependents ".'the
problem of food and clothing ha be -
come far more Important than the
choice of a beverage, For at least aa
other generation tbNWorld's supply of
8, iollvSEWEPTLY.
Honolulu Wholesale Produce ! Market
y : Quotations : : .
tuvzo mt tan
Wholesale Only.
island Butter, lb................. .50 Hen, lb, . .35 to -17
X- XT , . I . T 1
egg". luca, iloeen.. ............. .nu
Youag Boosters, lb.. 43 to .47
Beana, string, greea...
.OIVs to .03
Means, string, wsx..;.
Beans, I.lmsT In pod..
Beana, Maui reds. . .
Beana, Calico, ewt
Beans, small white...
.... ,OJ to .04
.03 H
. ..11.00 to 8.23
.10.00 to 10.2S
.12.00 te 13.29
...2 50 to 8.00
,....60 to S.00
.78.00 U 80.00
. . 7500 , to 78.00
Beeta, doren bunches .
Carrots, dun. bnaeane
Cabbage, ewt. .......
Corn, aweet M)0 ear.
Corn, Haw. sin. yel..
Corn, Haw. lg. yel...,
Bananas, Cooking, bunch
Banana, Chinese, beh...
1.25 .
,30 to .00
Flge, 100
. .00
Grapes, Isabella, lb..
Cattle aad sheep are not bought At . live weight. . They are slaughtered aad
paid for on a dressed weight, basis.; ; Hog p 150 pounds 14 te .17
Beef, lb ...J J3 to .18 Mutton, lb 18 to
Veal, lb v,., ,15 te Jf Pork; dressed, lb. 17 to
Meer, No. 1, lb ; 19 Kips, lb.
iteer, No. 2, lb M Goal, white, SO u
atecr, natr dtp 14
Tha folio wing are quotations on feed.f. o. b. Hnetolulni
Corn, lg. yel., ton 80.00 to 86JS0 Oata, ton ......71.00
Corn, Cracked, ton . ... 85.00 to 89.00 Wheats ton . 94. (H) to 93.00
Bran, ton , , 67.00 Middling . 9.00 te 70.00
Barley, ton 6S.00 Hay, wheat 48.00 to 64.00
Scratch Foed . . . . .... 90.00 to 92.00 Hay, alfalfa t 47.00 to 48.00
coffee is, therefore, bound tq be far in
excess of the possible demand.
Help Must Corns , a
li" The .necessity of substituting other
crop jor provndi'ng , other employment
for tha hundred of semt-indppendent
Hawaiian small farmers hitherto de
pendent on the coffee industry is there,
for self-evident,' and, in view of the
many catastrophic hitherto met by
small farmers as a class, la Hawaii, it
would b well te meet the, situation
before the impending catastrophe has
hsd time to develop. , .. ;
"That there must be substitution of
other crops goes without saying but
whether that substitute is to be csne,
cstton, or. any other pf the world '
great .staples, must remain to' the de
cision of men of affairs interested in
the future welfnre of this Territory.
The eoffee Industry Is not going to be
immediately annihilated, for a limited
.market will always remain for limited
Suantities of thia "product,. The , best
olds, more economically operated, wjlj
-ontinne to yield trope salable at dimin
ishing margins of; profit, bMt ths aeer
age n ve acre raraer'. paying , nigh : rent-,
tl and wages, will find increasing diAf
ultie in meeting the ever rising corft
ef living..
"There must be found a way out of
the, predicament in which war has
.ilsced these small. eoffee grower." 1
'. - . - ! ' ',.1 ' t -
The exportable reserve of wheat now
en hand In Australia la estimated at
133,937,000 bushelsr la India 80,538,000
buahola, aad in Argentina, 26,107,000
bushels, according to figures received
by the United States Food Admlalstra
tion today. 'These reserves will be ma
terially increased by the coming win
ter harvest in these eountries.
If. these and other wheat stocks were
available to meet' the. need of the
Allies the wheat problem of the Unit !
ed Btatee would be Immediately solved;
fTom AT.trX
tb, tonnage ,',mt eargo that om
North Ameriea, si nee the route ia three i
time, a Uag, and the extra tonnage!
for thia Durnoas cannot be soared. More-1
.;, :tli sarin. d teaspoon lt. Boil
i ' . in.iwn lwt tbroush a potato nreea 4
iwios a Krone email eftrvuti dl iuii l.;i.l "... r.. " i
wheat, however, ar now being brought fh. 2 t-i.
acrou the Pseifle to Jul weetr e.?gv,l.!-dv.,,,"ti
mostly by sailing vessels, transported
across 1 the continent, snd . resliipped
from . Atlantic port to the' allied eon.
trie.. -;- )
New wheat crop will be hsrvested
in Argentina ia December and January,
in Australia In January, and in .India;
in February , aad March. The. coming
Argentina -crop .la officially estimated
at 239,373,000 bushels, a record crop,
aa against , a production of .77.444 ,000,
bushel for last year? erop. The Ar
gentine ' wheat for future delivery 1
being quoted at 81.25 per bushel.
In Australia sowing for the new erop
is in progress, with a heavy acreage of
plsnting , reported. No estimate from
tndia is given other than the erop is
. '. 1
H. B, Weller, local manager for tlm
Union Oil Company, reeelved a call1.
gram yeaterday from bis head otti. p
stating that the City and County of
Honolulu will hav to be content with
whatever quantity, of oil the eompuny
eaa supply, and that tni will ctepi-n.l
entirely on the amouut of tonnage al
lowed Hawaii by the national shipping
noara. ,
in rcHiionp.-
I inl cable was received
onB despatched to the Union Oil
, Company at Los Anjeles early last
week when the city requisitioned for
13,600 barrels of fuel pi!, a half year 'i
January 4, 1018.
1- I ti. ... as. . Am r
Duck, Muse. lb. .,.
' .28 to m
imekt, lekln, Ins ...
Decks, Hawa. desea
28 to ..!0
Rice, Jap., seed....
, fi.00
.03 to .04
.07 to .08
Bice, Haw. seed,..
Peanuts, lg. lb....
Green peppers,, bell
Green pepper,, chill...
...- "
. . . 1 2.00 te 2.50
1'otatoes, Irish ....
Potatoes, sweet . . .
Potatoes, sweet red
Taro, bunch, '.
Taro, ewt.
Cucumbers, desea .
Pumpkins, lb . . . . .
. .90 to 1.00
.1.1Q to 1.23
.. .05 to .01
. . JS to .44
.02 to .yv.i
...... l.sq
,.02 to .02 VI
.. .25 to JO
.1.00 to 15
Pineapple, ewt.
I'apaia, lb
8taw berries
Island orange, 100
The mutber of a -couple of Honolulu
boy has, learned to look forward with
dread to the rainy season and the in
creased laundry work.. It make. - Thi
boys will run aad stumble and fall,
and knee, or elhow or back of their
wash- suit usually come to wash dsy
Well -.caked witk- Oabu mad. It seem
to be . not only -unduly, adhesive but
alway leave a yellow stsia that enly
boHind seema to, renaove,. and boiling
lay hkves with the colors i the soiU
Beoerrtiyi whea. rempvlng paint stain
wUhfceroseneth suits, - more 'thud
usually plastered with mad stains, .were,
allowed to. remain for an hour in the
kerosene sad, and -It Was- found that
the-mud atains had disappeared s if
by magic. ' , Now boning Is dispensed
with, a tab's apoonfal of. keresens is
added to ah gallon of ends mad with
FelsJCoptka aeap, the mnddy. suits al,
lowed to stand cold in it. several hour,
and with much- lea labor and without
detriment to- their .original eehw ojr, the
fabric of the, good, the suits nre mqch
more satisfactory, wUcir clean. 'v
. w. ,
8weet potatoes mix well with flour
In bread making, and offer the house
keeper 'another- opportunity to cut
wheat, conumption twenty 'five percent.
Try opt the aweet potato breads. Iu
making yeast bread the aweet no tat i
'ecipee gUn below call for milk ami
0t- Chp- V itheM
trths h Prodct' ot
twsetoUtd ilsrnlt
' . .. . ' -
- f!!! rU Z
r T ,U. 8 ,,.MP s ?npoou
anq .ami, to the nauer. If necessary!
add more., flour, enough to make aoft
aougn. , Kpll out on board, cut out with
setter and bake in quick oven.
Bweeet PoUto Waffles
Mash through a press 2 boiled sweet
potatoes. , Ye 4 tablespoons of the po
tato, add t ol melted fat, 2 of sugar.
1 quart of milk and one-half eup of
fiour sifted with 1 teaspoon baking
powder enough to make a soft batter,
Beat well aad add 2 well-beaten egg;
Bake in hot greased waffle Iron. Serve
with butter and a very alight sprink
ling of graaulated augar.
west Potato Muffins
Put through the potato press 1 large
sweet' potato.- Add 1 tablespoon of fnt
and a little salt. Whip potato light
and add one-half cup of milk, 2 we'l.
beaten egg and enough. Rous to make
a soft , batter, about il cups, with 1
teaspoon of baking powder aifted into
it. Bake in greased muffin tins.
Chicken hash makes a delightful ac
companiment for these mufliu or the
potato biscuit.
Bll4 Potatoes With Most
Boil potatoes, peel, and slice. Place
then around the roast fiftoen minutus
before removing the meat from the
roaster. Baste the potatoes with the
gravy several times. Place roast on
platter aud surrouud with potatoes aud
Sweet Potato Trifles
Take , toiled awoet potatoes, 1 cup
0f milk, 1 teaapenii augnr, one half te -
aM)on cinnamon, juice of one lemon..'
lioil the potatoes aud press through a
,ii'r or colander. Mix thoroughly
.with-oiber ingredient. Form I
turn ia diamond, shape ou a
sheet aad brown under the b
rorm tne mix
laser or
in a hut oven.
Burve with chicken r
LibbyvSlle Man Undef Arrest As
Consequence of Encounter
With Nuuanu Patrolman .
Incident Develops Fact That Vat
. ley Guardsmen Have Rifle ; ;
' But Ammunition v .r
Following the issuance of three com
plaint agalast ;. him by a featlonal
guardsman, Balph ' Hamilton of Llbby
Vllle wa arrested yesterdsy morning.
Ths three eomplaints which have been
sworn to are- carrying -' a '. eeaeealed .
weapon, assault, and violating tho
rules of the board of health. The ease
will be heard on January M in the
police court. ,
"Do I look like a man who would
be foul enough to threat two soldiers
la - th perforata n of their dutyl"
Mid HauMlton yesterday after the ar
rest, when ia formed that -be was ac
cused of holding up tw pit the Nuuaau
water guards-with , a loaded revolver'
oa.tka. Pali several day before Christ
mas... lie is a Wg,. bread, tw-ltd
nten who ha bee n undermaaager on
Ubby, MsNeiU and Ubby V piaeapple
plantation on the windward aids of the
ikland for several yeara.:.' Si.- '
Big Oua aad Uttto ; -' .' ' . g
According to Hamilton 'a , tory, he
wa driving ever the Pali December 21
witk,.Ed.,l'ek,of Waipkau and two
Jstitaeoe. . Tbey passed ths first wster
guard with no. trouble, but . when they
cutu U the seeond, they were stepped
and Hamilton, got out of the machine.
Ue ciauus, thai Jis waa -talking with
tb guareamna ,o duty, and that he
aid, ''Ifou have a big gas (referring
t thenfie arried by the aaaa) and i
haye a little gs". aad he pulled out
the pistol which he -carried and laid
it ia the palm of his hand. ? He claims
that, the violation of the health vule
waa permitted by th guard..
He .says that, they taea went on, and
that an- ofUer of th guard . stopped
them' further n but Allowed them to
proceed, and that he had not heard ef
ihe. matter again until he was areatod
yesterday..' -'41' .( , ; .
,.Hamiiion.la the man who caught the
four Filipino murderers who killed thu
Japasese storekeeper and clubbed hi
wite one nigiit some months ao. The
Mcotchmas taught, th four erimlnsU
single handed, and, kept them round,-1
up, at "the point of a shotgun for four
hours qqtil, th arrival' of th police.
Pwrmlttad ! pury Ova ,.;
At .that-' time, no nay a,' Detective
egat Kelien gav hum permission
to carry a revolver, a b is continual
iy em. ir teueds among a large num
ber of laborers the Kaneoue side,
some- of whom are dinowa to be bal
eharactera,,H asked KeJlett to givo
him a gun,-but the' detective did not
do so, so he went to Tbeo. H-Davie
Co. and purchased one, which he has
carried constantly sines that time. It
waa this revolver which as had with
him t tt 'iii ; i '. .., s
The charges contained in the -police
evort. touipuiiut si mor detailed.
I hay ,stti that . Hamilton i aad . his
psity, in whiek the two Jnpaneo only
ur tutnJiined, were passed by 4ae first
guuxd and stopped by the. second, ss
tas -customary. When -stopped, Hamil
ton U allied fa have jumped from the
mstuiue -; snd committed aa offunso
wuUh was against the regulations of
ths board of -hsalth.;, - r. ,,i
He is said to hav flourished hi re
velvijr, meau while, euraisg ths guards
men aud threatening te kill tasm if
tk.v .l.i..r.,i i. i. l:
Oonhl Unarmsd , "':
" The two men on duty word 8ergeant
Gort paJi and Corporal George Kca
we. They say that Hamilton commit
ted th offense despite their protests,
and thnt s one of them ..had only a
pistol and th other a rifle, both with
wut ammunition, they could not arrest
him. siergeant Pall atered tha cois
plainta agaiust Hamilton, ..
Both th gunrdsmea ar to lose their
nohcommissitined.. rank .aa a result of
their, failure properly to perform their
duties on. th occasion ia question, a
it is held by guard officer that they
should have, arrested Hamilton on the
spot,, gun or no gun,, if he eommittad
th ottepso alleged.', i . -
Th fact f h 'gitardsmea'a hav
ing unloaded gna la according to usage
in auch Cases, said a high eOioer of the
guard yesterday.. They ar not expect
ed to shoot, bat in ease of necessity can
nan their bayonets or alui offenders
with the butU of the wespoa.
Not a War.CKiard- , f '
"This as not' a war guard, nut
quarantine patrol," said-Capt, D. h.
MBcaaye, regimental adjutont, yeater
dav. "Tha Birittaa .
'Permit ne one to eom wit a nuisance,'
and that la th extent of th guard 'a
duties. Ammunition wa alway hell
in camp ready for, use, but nun w
given to the petrols, as an improper uee
of it might have resulted is the death
of several irresponsible people." (
Col, W. K. Biley turned in a report
nf th matter to national . guard head-,
quarter on Wednesdey. Th adjutant
general at onee recommended that tha
two men be vedueed to tb rank a a
matter nf discipline, aad after taking
the matter up with the judge advocate
the reduction wss decided upon and
will go J n to. effect as aoon a order can
be issued. . ,
' .i i " . e .'
wauv.v mmy ivaivi.
overstrain th fin membra'
of your throat in trying to dislodge
the phlegm. Chamberlain Cough.
Kerned j v. ill accomnliiih this for vou.
"MU "ur" ""'i eausinir it.
r sal by nil dealers- Benson, buiitk
a- . i agent for Hawaii. Ad

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