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'4 l.t.
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v. r
Action Uokihg Toward Rigid En
"' lnAiiMAiii flu All n..ui!
lUllCllltlll.BJ Mil ruuuud s .
Publismrtd Arrivali : Artd Depar
. -tures of Vcstcls Arouses 1rt- i
tfiOiiallon of; Members v.; .
'Action looking toward th rigid en-
:, , ' Yore'eoieat of $h teeneorshjp! rule at np:
-r . 'illdf to 'nwdpaj)T 'and "dthPr organ
of publicity U xptctd to be take
- aoon y th chamber of ommcre, mem
' ' tier1 af 1 Which . body hav epfed
'' WaMy ;jhaV ladlgnaal',, at flagrnni
.violation, of tha censorship tulo id
. Honolulu. -lT. .JVM
.r Tb nttr will be .laid before tb
;' chamber by it seeretkry, K. C. Browni
incompliance with raqueata that
j,bcen mude of him. . -1 ' 7
The creation that the ' chamber" of
-. ' commerce wiU'ba called upon to pah
,co ii whether or tot the newapapert
hottld. comply with the raeit of the
" I'reeident Of the United Rtatea 4ad ret
.- irain from publiahinj information eon
eralng the arrival and departor b(
' niiTal nd merchant. Veieli.- " "
- i. The! alternative queation ia whether
or net tho-tbamber eh all take atepa to
- try to hate the mtrictiona, which ap
v -plynei only locally but throughout the
'. , United tatee, raised.. :'. ' - J
. tVTaa matter eamo, up 'for dtieueaioa
at the board of retail traded yester
' dey, and- there were only one or two
feebla toloet raised In favor Of defik
"anre or vevaaloa 'of , the 'ceneorehip. ' '
, Secretary R. C. Brown" eaid that' 4
: reqnest had been made of him that lie
, Ifty before the chaubef of eommere4
certnia mainland pnblicatloni which
I jfivO Ohlrtping rDfonnation, hnd - to
; ' compare - theee ' publications ' to ' the
. ; rettrtctiom which at tho reqireil of th
i government the newepapera- have vbl'
: ' untarily impoaed upon tnemnelvea, and
' tret tiro opinio of the chamber. J
Ohaiiibor Act s' " '
' The secretary stated he -eras not la
a poetloa to make any taswer to the
supRTttioTi, as it must soma from the
Chamber itself. ' He asked what pro
oedure should be taken. -m i"J
"a After the meeting the secretary was
Informed, that one source of laforma
tian on the sabjeet would be from the
... . head of the naval intelligence bureau
hrre, which . Is conducted - in- eonjune'
, tien with a similar bureau of the armyL
in the Young building, and that tk4
information,, in. substance wenld b4
that the request had been made of the
iaawipapera by. the President and other!
-.- in, authority, to, impose upon themselves
a aeasorship of any 'marine informal
tion wme wonia . o oi. vame-nr an
enewv. and that the publication of news
of the movements, including arrivals
' and departures and names of veaseU
'Was aonsWered : such an,, aid to the
aaemy.t ;, ,.'-. .' r','
' i -'Furthermore, the intelligence oftie
. ' had ' pravionslv . said,- when the ques'
tlon was Uid before it, -that It was on
' tirely a matter of patriotism and loyal
ty to the country, and particularly to
, the government engaged in waging
, war opoa the enemy, and that after the
war it would be a, father in the cap
, of the- press, generally, if it had ad
. herd striofly to this self-imposed eeni
sorship. .. i.'.ji .,. , t' 1
,i At the meeting, Where the diseussiori
of the subject was informal, there wsrs
some who said that ' tha, in ormation
about shipping should bo given .to the
fublic, just as some disloyal papers on
, the. mainland was . giving , it. - Others
. Were set so eertaia that the news bO
given out at all. .'
- It waa stated by eome thnt the naval
oflTieials here had no direct authority to
compel publications to cease giviag
out such news and could not unless
there was martial law. The same speak
er-snid h had discentqtd.,hisiubllea
tioa Of steamer movements -at the re
quSst of the postmaster, because ' the
lattrr aaid he would bar it from the
saat)a,'Y r ; . . '
f The subjoct promise to be one of
deep interest at the next meeting, par
tfeutarly if statements are' secured
from the local representatives of the
' war and navy and, postoff'ree depart
ments. , ' ' i, '
Jl the organization before which the
' subject was brought informally ye&
terday did hot have the subject op
formally for consideration, and it being
on for the entire chamber to consider,
aO action was talCon.
Advertiser Backs Administration
t The Advertiser has for months strict
ly 'compiled with the request of the ad
ministration to oease publishing move
mwnts of shipping, which accounta for
lack of thaf class of information in
the paper. In doing this, -without at
tempting transparent efforts to dodgO
the obligations involved in the govern
ment's request. The Advertiser, saerli
ilees a, news. eaturo for the sake of
loyalty barking the admiaisttation.
... . '-vt . ; .. , V :
' The largest steamship' order1 ever
plaeed , in Japan was made recently by
the Nippon Yusea Kaisba. It was for
twenty steamers at an approximate cost
of 142,000,000, according to information
senehiuff- here recently from the main
land. . The vessels, it is said, are to be
ships of 0000 tons gross reftj r.
During the past year, the Nippon Yu
- sea Ksiaha Is reported to have made a
profit of 80,000,000 yen., equal ia Amer
ican gold eurronoy.le $15,000,000.
' - . '
r'lMKhBOURNEV January-. 10 (Asso
' slated 'Tet)--It Is offittially announced
that Hughes is engaged 4n, the work of
reeonstriu-tiug 'the govemmen't made ne
csary by the defeat of, the eouscrlp
, tion measure the passage f which was
a governmeut policy, .
wmitls ;
Uia .Kcsiccnt. , :
Is . fcllcd;By. Death V:
' . .,..-A ft. r-.xy
Emanuel 8. Cunha of 2020 Halakaut
AvOuua, WaiViki, and banana Valley1,
died at a quarter past ' twelve" o Vloct
yealerday sftesnoo at ia , luuaoa
Valley home, following an illness of
several months'. - ' v;- V !' X: J
i Funeral Hervjcae ' will - be ' nld ' at
Ihe late home of the deceased lnNuu
ana Valley at three thirty this after
noon, Rev. Father Valentin, pastor of
the Catholic Church of St. Anguetine
by -the sea, Waihiki, officiating. The in'
terrtient will be In Nuuanu Cemetery.
"(The 'pall bearers will be J. M. Dow
sett, : Joha Roth well, ' Hon. 'A. 0. jf.
RotfOrtson, Hon.' Antonio 'Perry, . E. .1.
Spalding ami Henry Smith. -' h' f
E.'-8. Cunha Was a oatlv of 'k
Tslhnd' of St. OeoVge, ' Azores,'.' Portn
gal. Where he Was born on March 31,
1S31, "being at the' time of his death
sixty-nix years, nine months' Hud nine
taen .days old. - - , .-. J
Cams )Br In Whaleship ' . ; i I
'Emanuel a Cunha th-st arrived In
"Honolulu in the: whaleahip New Bruns-
wtea ta 1883. The rure or the sea and
the thrilling tales told him la that far
little Atlantic Oeaa island of thi
quest after whales in the Aretie mad
him. -board the New Brunswick' on
evening while, he was but fourteen
year of age. When- the wbaleship left
her . moorings ' in the qulot little ' St
George anchorage young' ' Cunha ' was
aboard. , The . vessel touched at thit
port on her way aorta in SSi. think!
continued da the-trip north where h
apent ;two years whaling. .", , ; i
In 1867. thea'a lad of -sixteen,' h
retomed to. Hoaqlulu. . Leaving the
ship here-he made Honolulu his bom
since,,, the u, .Wn residence ; her eontiai
uing for, fifty-one year.. , ,i j
WeU-Llfced Kamaatna . ; , '..- j
vfr, unha was a-aiaa of lovable dis
poaition and mad friends of all whoni
he met Ue was one of the best known
men ia the whole Pacific. In an W
ostentatious banner he was charitabl
aid' many Worthy causes and many of
the local poor , were the recipient of
his munificence. - ' ' ' ' '1
Mt. Cunha' waa 'a member' 6f th
local Independent Orlor of Odd Felt
-lows and' ranked a Its oldest member
in point of'-, membership, and of th4
Masons. In ' the .day s of King Xala
kaua he Was a court favorite and good
old "Dave'V'as KalakaUa was popu
lhriy'hfloartf, always referred to Mr.
Cunhh a ''tJdlOnet",'" title of fami;
nrity by - which hi old friend al
ways' addressed hlm.-""!
Leave Oonslderable Property
During hts Arbre than a half cent Or)1
residence' in i' HOnnljiilu Mr. Cunha
amassed a respertable fortune, ownipi
considerable valuable property, land
hdd buildings 'ia'fli renter of the bus
inesh -sootton 'of ' the' 'city, ns Well as
telsefwhere. 'It is -estimated that at hi
death be was worth between a quarter
Of a million ''and three hundred thou
sand 'dollars; if not more.
Mr. Cunha is survived by the, widow,
who' was a GilMand, and by two sons
and daughter, these being Albert It.
Cunha, .well-know composer of Ha
waiian aonss) Clarence C. Cnnha, con
tractor, tnd Mt. Murray, wife of Dr.
Harvey V Murray, Who ir now a cap
tain 'in the tadicsl corps of the Ca
nadian -Ato in Europe. -
three 0usiness'vCfubs Have Now
Joined Prohibition Ranks
Completing tha wyele of business
lub, th ' Rotary-Club paed yester
day th ' prohibition resolution by a
tsnding vote in which every member
present joined. "The rhsmber of com
merce and the' Ad Ciub, whose meet
ing cam earlier n the Week, had al
ready dealared themselves la its favor.
' Bv.'I,. IJ. IvObfbourow gave a strong
talk on the advtsubiHty of prohibition
for Oahu,' srk! ng-of the national leg
11tfoa r Washington looking toward
nationil rirohibitioh by Constitutional
ameadment, tho' 'prospect of national
legislation ' affecting Hawaii, and the
attitude of the Antt-Hatnon league to
ward the local movement;
Dr. C. B. Copper told -of' the physi
ological aad itherapuotin effects of ul
cohiJ and made a forceful argument in
favor-of the Resolution a presented by
il. K TloiU(lt. Jargings local prohibition
by nrevidental' erdtr. ,
Without giving- Mm for anv more
speakers,, thr club 'called for the vote
aad passed th resolution aasmimoiiHly.
A committee was appointed by Chair
man Watkin at the motion of Zeno K
Myers to draft resolutions exprossinx
the regret of the Bojary Club at the
death of Mrs. F. J. owrey.
' ' - ' ' I ' :-M -
. I
lj. I;
PLAIT COOliEtlOil; ,.; j
The' Advertiser is becoming noeular
itt ' France, for ' another subscription
ha been ordered to be tent to J. Tlatt
Cooke, Jr-r eon of J. P. Cooke, of
Alexander V Baldwin, . of Honolulu.
Tonng Cooke Is now on avlatioa ser
vice -la Franc -with the Americah
armies, althouch h may now be con
sider ed a veteran 'of, the war a- he
first served six moath with' the Trans
port' Munition Service of the. French
rmy. before entering the . American
talks .J. P, 'Cooke received, ; la e'abhs
trim 'the young Islander on Tuesday
announcing that Ire had enlisted Itr the
Alf SeVvJc. His permanent address,
from which his mall will be foTWarded
to Ms station, 1 ' Air Service; A. E.
F- Pari, Frane."
' -f- -- i : 1
. rAssEKQEAa armvej)
" llty utr. Mna Ra. Jsnnary B: i
' t iKOM HVAI1 Iiirm A. Kennmtr. J.
N. tmr0, ... W. Uoitern. Mr. and Mr4.
W. H. t'rosler. W. 11. I roiler Jr., C Vrn
ster, Oeorvs It. Curtis, It. Mi-Innan, It.
IL Rentnn, - llev. A. t. linker, K. N.
ITormes, Mr. snn Mrx. J. Ft. Ilarron. lfl-
Mstle Vcnr. Ml V. Hhtrmtaa. Mlw U.
Hockley. Mbia Urn-la, Ml-m LiM-nrtdse,
MIms lii-My. Mr. sa1 Urn. T. Ousrd snd
clill-l, W. Noller. Oiren Merrick, Mlns K.
Ollib. Urn. L. I,. tVjton. Msnter . HIcU
snlson, C 'mplell.t A. K. Wvnian. J.
M. ThniHtoa, . Ml-w )l. Werj, MlM It.
Medinlf. Joe atirknejr, W. H-olt. 'B. I'srey.
II .!. Vllvs, Mr. A. T. Hpauldlnx.
(lumen, K. I'ouke, A. Hnusn. J. Cormc
JOeib ltento. Mm. Anna Kslema. Kala
Kulinatiil, K. WrlKUt, W. W Kdwartlx,
i. i. Muller, Manter C..P. I'rksrt, Mr.
and .Mr, t, M. Jsmle, Mia Jamie, Mr.
snd Mrs. Oeunre. Humphrey, and tw
ennnren, r. w. wentnnn. w. m. Kivnnt
A, W. Drel, lau Martin. Mr. Kdltb
-Hfewart,' Mr. ' llardee. W. J. Short. I.
. Mr. MIm II. Bnldlnc. Mix V. ftsld
liis. Ml Marr Rlnck, Ml I.lisje Blck.
II. K. Tylur. Ralpb Johmvin. I'ul Jntiiv
on, W. I. Artoniw, Mr. ('. Murrnr. MI-
T. Itrsndt, Mr, aud Mr. II. V. Unniioo.l,
W. II; Beer Jr., "pet Beers. A.. P. Lain
Cbln iViick. MaMter I.e, M(ef le, A.
I,. McKenxle. l. Ilawklnt. Jme. .W.
Hniltb. O. rnnrls K.; Ils. (leiirm T-U-Jn.
lift. nd Mnr. YoIiiik Imr V uen.' II,
tlK. Vl. Hot. Mr. Mnry Hatlte,
J. CI. Kerrsn Jr I.. Kernio.
Ki:i)M , MAI I--M1M M. Kdlimklnl.' 'Sir',
aihl Mrv Kula anil cMl.l, A.. HIIth. Vain-
l'hl, MIhs I,. Ksiibakane. R. tllT.. Jth
. Haeiia, r to M. Iler. . H. IJght.
foot. I'srl r'anlen. Clarence Itnlilwln. Mix
O. Kllya. Mter . Preelanrl. I.. H. Hjilnda,
i. r..Kuhii.f llrnry Akl. Wlllliim I'Hhn,
,, A, l!nt. Hr. Kt. Hiure. A. K. rV.llM,
IliSi McCuhl.ln. Mb 1.. tlfxlKe.. Rev. K.
., I NKlire. , . K. ' va Teo'l'xkjr. T. llMi(a
, 'Andrew tnrtlka. Afdnu Aran, A.- Moir
, Mr. Mlna Aihv.W. A. Knmiwjr, II.
JoUnwin, J. Kn tin kill. i. '. Alnieit.
B tr. Klnau from Kannl. January
W. II. Kbe Hr.. Mr. II. 8, Wilcox,
hnd 'suM; Mr. and ' Mr. '. II. Wlk'us.
Mr. V. Klmlwll, Manter It. Klinliall.; Mj-.
I. Turtle. MaHter . Tiittle. Minn K. rJcott.
Rev; Akalko Aksna. 1. M. Lydirnle. harl-
Hall, II. Vnu lilewa, A.' Itilirt, t. A:
riiC I'.'-tVilmin. Mr. and Mn. k. r'reiner.
Mr. R. Fntintaln. Mr. R. K. Iltme., Mr.
W. Todd. Mr, i'euilx'rton. Mr. T. Kn
kiida.' Ml Pnkiida. Mati-r Kuknita. Mrs.
Nakal'SyaHhl. Ml ftno, K. llHiuaim. Mint
K. . Iinail, M. Wada, W. M. Suilth. Mia
0. TPanole.
. Frimi the mainland Ml h, K. Ahiiln,
. B 'Bowmer. Mr. Ueoree I'mlckMliank
nnd child. J. H, l'nHn. Ml Mary Klilot.
Ml Kate Keener, ' Mill Gregur. James
Owerrleri. :A, . Ilamlla. I. V. Ilnrriiiirn.
Osptiiln HikIkoh. IL L. Kammerer. Ml
Juanlta Mel v hi. V. I. MnlMo. K. W. Fan
rhirt, ' V I. rtdWtlen. Mix ' ftcbreufer.
TIuiiur Bhleld. Tim, N. Klelen.
MfN 1nra Wllllnms, Mr.' lun Wolf,
MUs .rtuy Wnlt k . M j:7
; ;-j jfPA8ENlJ3W pSfJWnx;'
By,. tr'. '. Mauna Kea for Ihalna and
ITIlo,, Jnuimrr l Ir, Rt. fHir. Me.' aud
Mr. ' Barnard, Mr. and Mr. Roliert It,
WatVu and three rhndrsa. II. II. Keu
toa, L, 'W. tie VI' Kortou. Harry I ru in.
11. W. Kinney, V. KtanKe. N. K. Brown.
H.W.'C'rlK. A. A. Kownt, Mr. H. 1.
Birrten i ' .and Infant,. Mr. Hleeiier.
Mater. Burton, Sir. M. W. Wlvbt. MIh
M. O. lf;te. Charle R. rrailer. Ernest
Wlirht, t'barle Travl. MIm I'orey. Ml
William, t'aptaln and Mr. IL Ahhnr',
V. Van 1 ling. r. H. Kim, V. W. I'am-hi.t,
W: M. Ma. WrVen C. YUtt. John Mi
ParlaW fter Mak.mal. Mr. W. K,
MakalnaL JOaepblne KalalilkL, Mr. Nauia
kahelu,, Mr. Alice . Keklpl. -Mr. M K.
Gomes, 'Jr.-Rev. . Tskasi, ii. riHbinio
bK .Mrs,- Atana Kalnna. J. J. Muller, It.
B. Cbiin-h. Mr. and Mr. Knadxeu, Mr. and
Barunrd, . Mr. , snd M.r. Kelly, t K.
Wright, 8. A.'V.-Kenn. Ml Jennet te I.e
lie. Mr. and Mr. W. u. Altken. H. J,
Kawmerer. R. 4. Breen, Kauiuel Kainaka
unl. M. OtdikL W. I). Itun-den,. F. I.
Mullta.'S. flUKSBn, W. rUiMinntu. Mix I..
IlHtelt.'. Juv Bucbajisu.- l-exlle rk-itt.
Mr. John Kxuiclo. J, A. Ilea.
K. Sty Master IVres. Mr. Ores and In
fant. ' Mr. Tim Hln and dana-nter. Mr.
and Mr. H. ruuiiomr. Mr. I). Than.
limn. Henry Kiikima. Jolin Kmnaki'll. K.
H. NknitasL Mr.,Kojs. Mlh ')'. KaKbi
uokl. ; ' J ; "
By Htf Klnau ' for1 Kanal. , Janry IV
J. M.f I,ydimle, T. Brauilt. U II. Bori-lko.
K. Tnhfiiiau. K. Lindner. Mr. K. Voto
(rawa"and Infant. Mix Kehorali Malilkoa.
J-.. ,lKebn-rlrK, II. M. Axs. K. : Taiieiru
ill: A. Homer.; W. Haul.orn. . II.
MritttMoc IjUMnore. '.Mlrni Hoe' kebuefer.
Ml Kate Ken, 11. W. Hpftk. C.:. Hher
man. (leorxe Akana. II. Auilreen. lmm
Kaln. loinon Kniilliea. Ml Kuin. 11.
iMiiiyt. Wohilleil. Hamilel IRallia.
' Measvstomach trolble btops AFtr3SamG
'.t.ltr. .. k Y- t-i.X,. .-V, '. re;
i 'V.::V 7iT (s.A V,iu :.
-The Wohcler Mcdlcliic
Stomack, Liver, Kidney and Olood
'.-;-... ; . v n Remedy . .... .
W Stomach. Troubla, Jndijettlon, , Dyspepaia1, l$our Stomacii,1.
bKK.,.pi Appetite, guttering, 0i the Heart, Qa and ,Win4 on
Stomach, Bloated ..peeling, t.falak In Stomach after Eating, Sick
Headache, DUinea,t -Coated , Tongue,. Biliousneasv .La Grippe.
DemgUe Fevet, Chifla and; Fever,v Malaria,. Breakbpne. Fever,' That
Tirtd Ff thg, JauArflce." feackache,. ,t)iab?tea, , Gravel,' incipient
BrTght'i' Disease: BladdtrXrpu1'1. Enureses, (Bed Wetting by
Chtlorei)'t JtyelaochpUa, Impure, Blood, Rheumatism, Worms of All
Kinds, Nervous and Female Disdrders, Sleeplessness ; Cures Con
atlpatmo 'and 'anaemic condition. A great Tonic 'for Meri,' Women
and Children. Puts Pefc into the System.
We have thousand of testimonial
It. B. ft restored back to health and
'iiiiMlfifklinlkil.MA-l,lkU.A'w..l I,...
. - v - .v inui,-iviiiiini( ill
ttpecmt advertising pricO, a for a.0O,
wubto xna poopi ara a
kct, from 0 ta 3 every
ri'Hiilts Pu directions
now have the H. II. C. Medicine on
en 4
1. '
ii:rcD riosKctecrs ; s i
Captaint James T. Phillips,' Percy
Swift and - Torri Church Get
' Writer's Cramp Signing Checks
'? Tr Buy Necessary 'Equipment
"' i'.4,Vw-Wv4jV'--'- v.'.,
v 'thlaVa' t4 W .UtUa old tdjech
stgtrlng nY) orgnnistion -lW the
woitd'jsalil Captaii Jimet T. ThlUlp,
V. HL qvMtermkstcr 'corps whlla he
wa scurrying around yesterday from
one department to another of the army
to Hnd ' Woolen uniforms, overcoat and
.equipment ; necessary for use on the
, eoId-blir.ES.rdy mainland. On these lit-
1 . . vl -j. 1. . A .' ....,!
lie lonrneys was accompaaiea dv
Captain Persy Swift and Captain T.om'j
gChorchv of the ' skme branch of the
army, all Of whom were suddenly lifted I
out of th quiet ? civil business life '
less tnan a month ago - tato the en-
(tangled red-taped om of th army. '
It i a toiacidence that these three
business men, all heeds of important
I departments of their respective Bonr?,
j and all members 0 the Honolulu Rot
I ary 1 Club, offered their services as re
serve members ' long before the war
IbVohe "'out. They Were notified that
sometime thy tSipt be called, and last
I month the summon enme from Secre
j'tary of War Baker, at Washington. A
I few day ago they were all three notl
1 fled that the war department wanted
(them for service on the mainland and
jto proteed to the Coast on the asm
wear glaaae and are together mneh of
the time while on and off duty has
caused them to be dubbed "The Three
Musketeers." .. ,..,,!
. Captain Philips, however,' say that
check s signing has almost become a
habit with him in order, to properly
get Into the regular rig arid be utterly
military la Ihe way of equipment, but
ke has hopes thsl it will . not be
-permjtTient', hotby with him or, his a-no'clatesi-,
. 'v. . -.
Kuhio Wants To Attend Session
of Congress 1
'' .' 1 " -v '
' ."When tha .ease in which is involved
the fight, for Abe property left by the
lnte Queen- l.iliookalani was called yes
terday in the court Of Circuit Judge
Clarence Wi! Ash fordJsttorney repre
senting Delegate J. K. Kalanianaole,
who la contesting the will, asked lor a
continuance TO , enable the Delegate to
attend the present session' pf congress.
The court will' pass on' the motion to
day, i: 'j'.-if -; ..',';
Following trie elimination from th
pVobate eourrof--th fraudulent '9i
Will", two'oiToaing interest wefe left
tn- the cake; 'Next In' order "the eourl
f robabty will take up the -petitioa for
he probate of the' 1000 'will of th
Queen. In his effort to hsVe this wil)
and a trust deed fa connection with it
set aside. Defogate Kalanianaole it
contending that the Queen was not of
sound mind arid Was updufy influenced
when she executed the doepmets.
v- 0Af V??W?$ i
MVh. patl UndemAan, r'ne" FTanke,
died at her home in Koloa "Saturday
night after a lingering Illness, and wak
bnriad fihnday ,aftrnboa 'savs the
Uai-deh fsland, )Llhue, -Kaoal," of laxt
Tuetday. .The- service Were 'conduct
ed by Rev. J. M. Lydgate in the Koloa
church, a large '1rimt)cr of frieinN par
tit-Tpati'ng. 4
Mrs. I.fudemaan - came to the IfK
and some Ave years ago fcs a bride,
and has lived in Koloa ever since,
where she endeared, herself to all who
knew her'and by w bom she will be
mrtcTi missed.
: Besides her affectionate arid sorrow
ing husband, she leave "a dear little
orphaned boy who1 will sadly miss the
love andr Vareof 1il"rlvbWd-mbthiir.
Xhe leave also" HVO' bi'dther and two
sister' in tJermanv. ' h
ll.j .
of people in all psrts f the worbl whom
atreuirth airuiii. -!' it and be fouvim-ed.
-forming drugs. No raise in price.' $1.00 jier bottle;
f, rtfor -ig.00,-0 for $3.00. HKN BHl'NS, ogcitt, fa
it corner' Kekaulike and King Hts., opp. the Kisli Msr-
dny,. explaining the M. B. ('. medicine ami bow to get
in nil luiiKunges. All DruguintH uml I'lnntutiiui Hton a
V? . A. t .... , ...
uui, i.u rnise 111
6 for $3.00.
Trial of Sensational Case Ends
With Verdict of Not
, Guilty . ;.
.After dellbt-rating, Jesa than ten
mljuttPt ,Hje jury. In tha lease of- Dr.
it. tfqmer rTAyee, who wa charge in
a; grand jhiry litidtrnmeni, with having
performed a 'rrirrfiaat " operation, re
turned a verdlclvif not guilty at neon
yesterday. 1 . .
After Judge Been had a second time
denied a motion of the defense asking
the court to direct a verdict ' of - hot
f ullty, a single witaet in rebuttal,
r. A. U. llodgln,.waa called by the
Csecntion. 11 repeated testimony ho
I girn( on former occasiana saying
he reuld not say Whether the ' abor
tion, of Which he had found' evidence,
had been produced naturally or wheth
ed it had been induced.-
After an eloquent address by Dep
uty District Attorney Franklin, which
was ' marked by several interruptions
In the shape of objeetiona from tbo
attorneys for the defense, - Attorney
Lorria Andrews addressed the Jurors.
' H dwelt plrtlrnlarly On the weak
ness of the indictment itself,, A was
stated before, the indictment did not
follow the working of the statute. -It
made a specific charge aud . this was
that i while the girl Ta tha ease was
firegnant, the accused physician' had
nduoed ah abortion either by the aso
of noxious drug or by, tha use of an
instrument. (. ,' '. ,
Attorney Andrew again and again
pointed out that absolutely -no evi
dence had beea presented to the effect
thst any noxious drug- bad been ad
ministered. He dwelt with equal em
phasis on the fact that according to
testimony only on instrument had
testimony of one of the prosecution's
been used, a speculum, and -from the
owa witnesses, he showed- that it was
impossible to produc an abortion with
a speculum. He contended also that
aO evidence whatever-bad been pre
sented that the girl waa ever preg
nant at any time. j ; .
After the six of eight typewritten
pag of Instruction from the court
had beea read the jury went ont short
ly after twelve oVloek. When the ver
dict Was read a few minutes later the
deputy prosecuting attorney .was on
of the first to shake hands with the
man who had bee nacquitted.
' WASHINGTON, January iO-(Asso-c
rated Press) Senator Kenyon will in
troduce h. resolution', catling for the
namfnc of a commission -to renort nrjon
a plnn for theinstallaTio of a national
budget ayitem, h announced yester-
ay. '. .. : ... .
,. For several year, the Jiudget .plan
and its extension has had fts advocates
In 'congress.', In the house Representa
tiv Fitiuerald of New York, who re
tired the. flrnt of the year, has been onj
of its most active' supporters. Under
hi leadership' the plan has advanced
steadily and has Won- more and more
support. ,. ,,fiv .
After fighting many hours' in the
hmoke-filled hold ; of. the Japanese
freighter Bhinyo Waru No. 2, firemen
succeeded In extinguishing the fire Iste
Tuesday night, by allowing water to
flow freely into tha hold and keepiug
vuv uuiu air nuai isr aa uussiuie.
Early yesterday mOrning, Harbormas
ter William Fosterwho is now superin
tending the unloading of the vessel's
cargo, entered the bold of the ship end
Inspected it-nnd later reported that the
flames had been extinguished.
The extent of the loss of the vessel
and its cargo is aot yet known, but it
4 belieVed tO reach a large sum. She
Js now lying at anchor at the new Inter
Island dock; whence "she was removed
tfh Tuesday from PicrT. '
Th. B. ,B. C. Medicise Mao, who
Jias -rhafia' all, Honolulu talk i
tha cures made by the won.lvi
ful BB. C. Mediciae. .
Pktux of old
Brother Beujamln,
inventor of B. B
J., must be on
every parhage.
Employe of Local Steamship
Company Is Taken Into Cus
tody By federal Authorities
inieiitoenee oeparimeni um
Say "Oleson Openly Express
ed Hatred oi This Country"
One mor dlsioral rWiiiTent of Hono-
lolo, who openly and vociferously ex
pressed his hatred or the nation, ac
cording to evldeace which the intelli
gence department of the ' army aad
navy snys it has obtalaed, has been
dug out of his hole and placed wher
th federal authorities place men . of.
hat ilk.
John Oleson, who travels also under
svversl other names, employed in the
sail loft of the Inter Island ship
chandlery, was arrested yesterday by
federal officiate rspreaeating th Unit
ed Wat en department, of justice hnd
th United Htate attorney' office, and
hi ease reported to Washington by
ebbs. -..;'.. i -. ',.
Oleson. an he call himself , st ores-
ent, is aeeused of having loudly earned
America, of declaring that hO-woura
net register undr the draft act, and
of railing to declare himself a an
alien enemy, although he 1 said to ba.
a native of Germany.
According to th intelligence depart
ment, Oleson has traveled, nnder msnj
names and several nationalities. Bora
in Oermnnv of Germs a Barents, he has
at various times passed aa a Swede aad
at others as a Russiaa' Fin.
Oleson learned before hi arrest that
he was nnder surveillance and, almost
at the moment th officer were ready
to take him Into custody, he is said to
have destroyed $11 pspers on his person
and ia his room. These, the ottisers
say, were vital to his prosecution as a
daniretons errotaiv. but Hher nay they
have plenty of other evidence to Sub
stantinte their charges.
Oleson, the officials say, made hasty
preparations to destroy all trace of
hi lineage, nnd attempted . to draw his
psy. in advance from the Inter-Island
company with the Intention of leaving
the country. '
Tha man has appeared a Honolulu
on two different occasion, at least,
under different names, it is eharged,
the last time as Oleson, and before at
John Hansen, but managed so to cov
er hi identity that he passed "without
being discovered, and by being em
ployed in nail-loft was 'out- of : tha
public eye sufficiently to keep trouble
soms official off hi track., !'
Th interiigehe department 6f th
arwy aqd navy hero 1 found 'the alum
working in the-kail-loft of th Inter-.
Island company,' but did 1 not. disclose
their Intentions. ; Eer possible Clue
crmeernlng aim was followed np, 'aad
he- wa left t hi work and for a time
without any knowledge of the close
survetllnnee or the authorities reach
In hiaa. I - :v
His real same ia bellfVed to 'be Bob-
rt John, and It has been ettabnshed
that he was bora in ' Hamburg Ger
many, in lft2, -and la therefor about
thirty-seven "year, of age. After hi
arrest and on being confronted With
evidence of the attempt to disguise
his ideatity, he said k first arrived
in the United Btares In iPOl on th
Danish' abip "Oupiter," landing- at
Taeoma, Washington, and that he ha
followed the sea ever since.
He went ta Bnn Frsnrisco and be
came a member of the Hesman ' ITtiloft,
being enrolled under the nme of John
Wbarman, and wa issued his card,
numbered K3?.
At the outbreak of the war, hellv
ing that he would be interned. by th
American authorities, he decided, to
change his name and to SO this he hays
he robbed a fellow seamka hamad John
Haasen, a Hwedish mariner then aery
Ing on the steamship (Shasta. Thia ves
sel touched at Honolulu, and the man
now under atrest eawe ashore with th
stoleq effect of Hansen and called
himself John Hansen, producing the
stolen records to prov it. Those in
cluded eamen paper and hi anion
card, number 1452. ;
He remained here 'for a while and
went away but returned in Berjtetnber.
1017, in the ,blp Kitsap under Ue
name of uieson, and said be waa I
Russian Finn.
He 'did not register as aa alien an
emy under the President's proclama-
tion, had according tq information .in
the hand' of United fjltate Attorney
Hlibwr 'ad Uhited State Marthal
Hmiddy, he gave free utteraaee , ' to
hi Teeling against th United State
by eurslsg it In th presence of
friend, who promptly reported his dis
loyal statements to the authorities. ,
a .
IX)NDON, . January 1f Associated
t'rsa) Th latest food restriction or
der issued here prohibits the us of
Cream, ekcefrt for the tiurrjiue of mak
ing butter or for Invalids,-children or
other persons upon a doctor's order.
Quotations on th fullowln( Naw York
curb alocka, as wlreleaaed to Th A4ver
Uaer bj Btonebam Co., are I
Wtnet Ttiiira-
oar osy
Rid Lettse
Kniiiia 1 'opner
Iriin HIiMnoin
J tin Butler
leronie Verde
Miimb , . .
Miither I.imIi-
Hay lleriiilim
Item-lie Kulu
Ilex Chum
Kllver KIiik ( 011K . , .
Toniipah KuteiiNluii . .
T111H inline
Itlrhiuoiiil t'uiier . . .
Kerr Luke
t-reiuMin Unlit
MiilMlntc . ,
Uldweat OH, couiuiuu
.. l.w
. . M
. . .11
.. .11
. . .H
. . Kl
I. Mi
1 (K
J 7
10 ,
1 4:114
Honolulu stock Exc::r:::
. Ilonoliila. Jaaaary 10, itil.
-i s fiYi
: .',1. j' f
1 t:-.t Y A '.-.i .
Ales, Baldwin. LH. ..U-TO
C- Brewer fk Co. . ....t.
Kwa Plaath. V) Xtii-,
llalkn Miir t'o. .
flaw, Asrn-tL Co. .j.i;
Haw. r"'l Bugs r. Co.
Maw. Ruger- (to. ...,,.
Huookaa horar Ca. '.....
Hnanma Hornr r'o. '.j...
MattbliMmn Hnr. . Itaot. .
Ksbnka Htsnln.'f'ei, .' -..
Keksha. . . ,
1 .
41 S4
MrBryite aaaf Oai lid.
a: ' 4
mill eiiaur t a, i -- j.f,...
naiaf ('... Ltd. ...
OiHiroea Miliar Co. ......
' 0
I"sanhas . ITaat. Co..
laclftc anar MUI . ....
rata llantn. .
repwkeo Knnr Co, . ...
Itoneer VUI . . -
Han 4-arlos Milling Co. ,.
Vl'slslua A an II. Co. .'.
Wallas Sua-. LW. . .....
tt(ts tlevabthawai Oo. .
1st isaae Aaeas TO pa.
Snd Imh I'abl I'n . . .
Ilalks ". iT P. 'T?0es.-.
IfaW. jVm. ii ....
Maw. I'm Hp,, t;v,i,t,.,
Hawansai tn-tri ...
Una. B. M. K'n.. Ltd.
lien.. jaa, us.
". v -s i ae. -.
inser-iaisaa m. is. to. ..
Milt. IVletihoM 4 'a
ra liana ftalthar fo. .. .,
Mama-tltmllaa-s. 14. t'.
Maaa (ttlWL Jd)
Tanjong Ulak Bnbber ...
Beach V. I.
I, D. -oVMt'W.
Dlteh t'S..
I iia 4
Haw. ,('o. Ky. 5
1lw. Irr. Ool 7. .V.. .'.
naw. jrw. net. lliOO
Haw Tar. 4 pah. lama.
Haw. Ter. Pub, Imp. isr.
erte 1018 rmni 7..T7T
It w tmi ixV
------ -r.i--i
n uo was Ltd. 0..
llsrofcaa' Bnaar .,
itn. ru., I.IU., IM '. ,
Kaeal Rj Co.. '.-...
101 IL
rmum r 1 I az.
itfnm miirar' -.,' )(,-
I'arifle Quano r, Vo.,
nan Carlos WUIlha. V
Olaa. lflo. inn 100. ino. nn. ir. 4nnr n.hn
JSo, 66 no. 13 aS-Oft;-Waliilna. lo, 8, S,
Ml Haw'a -Hues, 100, 100, ,40, tfi, li,
T.OU. ' ' "' - 'i t V a '" . i ' I -
ft.' n.' A 11 , co, u, wa) tman, to. 82.00;
llaar'a Airrvil . Ul. ia:f
tOOv 3.TO; Ilawn Ptne. i. !I7.2.1. , . '
' 'rts ota ia itdvtc. .
, Paritr :
Cent. (Tfer ITsw !WrW V..
mn J ter 1 .
Saw orh J....
rj SmBaamM
Honolutu. January 10. in in.
ROOK. : v . f i
" : -Vo . e
...". : : r
', !..-. tv n i.t-s ;... :
oil"' -.:; ,--'v
Hen.. (.loa. .'.s t. $M A.Wl
.t'.TMiirnfji a - 'f ' ;.'( s
Eagala bonper. ...4,. iftf) ir SjS i t.1
Mineral I'pxlnets k , . , .10 .M
M.mntal Kia . 1.. .l!l -.15 .U'.
Jonta,muaUas.- .-!J , JU . Jil
Madera Ululu . ... M J4
i -1. a .rVans.a .
""MLtrtani ninVhaat li,S2c: lluernl
Pmdui-ta. ,37n, tte: Madera (.Id rMMS. :ii..;
JsjtM.T'fieV wil k- HimrthilBOIl 110A
Uij -Kaasts CBp,rlO-A . r-
-" -- ' - - - - I - '
JKR'vr 'V6rK. January ft-Asscl.ie,l
rre f-ollowla are. the erwnlna ami
closing qoouttoua of ktovfca la tue New
Vork market Teaterdar, - - 1 ..-
. .t t 1 II IV. ui r ,
Anertrnn Bmrr Co.
A u 11 .
7 .
l.u.l.11 .il - -
Alaaha 4tld -. i-hwvi
Amerliaa lMruuntOm.A '..I
AtueWcaa Tl. 'at.
iarrivaiBi nuian vr .
aw-rttwa) Bleat Mr 7
Anacouda t'opiwr
Bajitwlu IK-uinutlre .
Balttiuure lible ;,k,
Betblebesa Htenl i'B",
CalfT6rnU Cetruleuia . .....
(Irntral. Lrattiv? . ',.vA..',
Causdlaa l'avltlc ,
C.i M. A St, Paul vw.;.,
Cruvlnl t4 . f. . . . . . , .
Cuba , nar Can .
AimiMu naitway '. v.
Oeoeral Motors Xnww)"''!!
ii jiwimh sua. , ...
Keaneeott CiHiiwr .,
InternatWssat NK-ket
lnrf,,...l.l 11 "
Lehta-h vailm tunlssad',';.'
feankyi.aiih. '. T.-i '!
Has Coanoll.lared .
Ksadln roannoD ; ....
ketiuMIe Iron rowiuoei
auntbvrn la-!Ac
ntudetiaker . ...... .4,
Texas tll
I w... u 1,.. ... w --,1,-"
hmm v-ai'iiH.- . ii.k.-j.. 114
1 uiiwoj PiaiiM
1 tan
IVcMtera t ulun..
fniiiiiwwv 4-.
sAn FRAiicrsco OU0tATlC:.3
lKSW Y0.U' STCl.i
eft . , .,,. .u',.. 1 X
BAN rBANOISCrt. Wiiarj. It o
datsd Vrssa-Klluwlaf ara tU opMluf
aad cIohIb qootatlous of. mnr and otlwr
atw'ka In th Baa JTraoCLsc asarkst ya-
itawn -ni'l Himar . -Hawaiian
Hnyar Co.
tlmiukaa Buaar -.f . .-, .
Huti-hluNon ar (Hi.
4ih Knac Co. .
Olua Huaar tin.
Ouuiuea Husar Cu. , ,
I'aauhaii Huaar Co. ,
Honolulu till
.1 mi
, .; -
uvuuiHi m tatlllBllutt
.Mi ,

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